Нью-Йорк: Башня Свободы, 3Д лифт, мост Бруклина / New York: Freedom Tower, 3D lift, Brooklyn Bridge

Hi everyone! It’s a bit cold today.
It was quite warm actually during the week but now we are expecting snow So before it snows I wanted to go for a walk And today we’ll go to the place where there used to be World Trade Center there is a new building there now
called Freedom Tower and on the top floor there is an
observatory, so we can look at New York from above. I really want to go there when I was here a year ago we went to Empire State Building
observatory I believe and looked at New York at night And I really want to see it during the day So we’ll go there and I will show you everything I am at a Bus Terminal at the moment,
there is also subway here Look, this thing is so cool and I’ll just show you around So you can see Freedom Tower behind
me, it’s the new building of the World Trade Center and I am waiting for my colleague at the moment who
also came on a secondment but from Wellington. This year the two of us came here from New Zealand. And we’ll go to the observatory It was so cool! Apparently, Freedom Tower is the highest building in the Western hemisphere, but it has a very long spire, I feel like it’s unfair that the spire counts. I thought the observatory will be outside but we are actually
inside the building and it’s all glassed, so it’s really hard
to film a panoramic view but I’ll try to show you something We are at the 9/11 memorial this is where the twin towers used to be and now they built two pools or fountains. And you can see names of people I don’t know if you can actually see.. names of people who died during that terrorist attack And over there behind me is a 9/11 museum I’ve been there when I was here a year ago, so we won’t go there and I won’t film anything. I just wanted to show you the
memorial because it looks impressive here is one and there is another one further down but I am not sure
whether we’ll see it on our way but they actually look the same We are on a Brooklyn Bridge It’s free to walk here by the way It’s probably the only way to get from Manhattan to Brooklyn
by foot. There always are lots of people here because
it’s a bit tourist attraction and it’s so beautiful. If you visit it, make sure you walk from Brooklyn to Manhattan that way you can contemplate the view behind me But right now we are walking this way because we want to go to a pizza place that was voted number one in the USA Ok, here we are This is a queue to get to the pizza place and in front of us there is another pizza place that is also considered to be
one of the best in the USA These two places always compete and you can see that there is a massive queue there as well. So funny that they are so close to each other All right, we are finally inside. It took us 40 minutes to get a table but it was worth it We got a classical pizza with some additional toppings, and this is what it looks like This is a small pizza, they also have a large one but I think a small one will be
definitely enough for the two of us. All right, it was yum and very filling,
and I am almost home. Today’s walk is nearly over. Last weekend I had to work both days so I have to upload this video tomorrow, usually I had a week’s buffer Well, I’ll see you in my next video, on Thursday we’ll have our usual video about
New Zealand, and thank you so much for watching! Bye-bye!

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