Освобождение: Последний штурм (военная драма, реж. Юрий Озеров, 1971 г.)

THE LAST ASSAULT Screenplay by
Yuri OZEROV Directed by
Yuri OZEROV Director of Photography
Igor SLABNEVICH Production Designer
Aleksandr MYAGKOV Music b Yu. LEVITUN English Subtitles by
Tatiana Kameneva Chief Military Consultant
Army General S. SHTEMENKO Cast: Zhukov – Mikhail ULYANOV
Konev – Vasily SHUKSHIN Tsvetayev – N. OLYALIN
Yartsev – M. NOZHKIN Dorozhkin – V. NOSIK
Vasilyev – Yu. KAMORNY Neustroyev – V. KORENEV
Berest – E. IZOTOV Hitler – Fritz DIEZ
Eva Braun – A. WALLER Goebbels – H. GIESE
Krebs – H. KRUGER – You got a smoke?
– Yes. Roll up a long one for me. – Someone seems to be talking.
– Fritzes? Fritzes… C’mon, blast
is stove to hell. – Who are you?
– And who are you? Artillerists from Chuikov’s army. Is that the 1st Byelorussian? And we’re Rybalko’s motorized infantry,
the 1st Ukrainian Front. Our own! Well, greetings! – Greetings, neighbor.
– Hi! Just imagine,
all fronts got mixed up. Not mixed up, but joined up. The mistress of the house
offers us coffee. Thank you. Comrade Major, maybe we’d better
take a drop from my flask? – Let’s drink on such an occasion.
– That’s right. They’ll grow better. Well, to our meeting. You don’t even know which districts
the Russians have penetrated. Some Berlin Commandant you are! All communications are broken,
my Fuhrer. But the telephones are working. That’s communication, isn’t it?For so long, for so long
we haven’t rested,
We just had no time for it,
By the leopard crawl,
half Europe we have breasted,
And come tomorrow,
the final battle, at last.
A little more, just a little bit.The final battle is the hardest ever.And I yearn for Russia,
home I want to get,
For so long I haven’t seen my mother.And I yearn for Russia,
home I want to get,
For so long I haven’t seen my mother.Four years on end those Fritzes
give us no peace at all,
Four years it’s salty sweat
and blood with no end.
I’d rather fall in love with a nice
and pretty girl,
I’d rather touch my homeland
with my hand.
A little more, just a little bit.The final battle is the hardest ever.And I yearn for Russia,
home I want to get,
For so long I haven’t seen my mother.And I yearn for Russia,
home I want to get,
For so long I haven’t seen my mother.For the last time
we’ll fight hand-to-hand tomorrow,
For the last time
we’ll serve our Russia to the end…
The Berlin Commandant speaking.
Do you have Russians there? We have. What are they doing? Singing. What? Yes, they’re singing, Herr Commandant. Are you the Russian or
the German Commandant? German, damn it! They’re on Wilhelmstrasse. The ring is closing up. My Fuhrer, we’re no longer
able to defend Berlin. I thought that if I stayed here all the soldiers would believe in our
victory and come to save the city. And I’m still hoping for this. General Wenck’s army
is moving to Berlin! The will throw the Russians back. Goebbels, immediately get in
touch with General Wenck. When will his army
approach Berlin? When?! My Fuhrer, you need to rest. No. No, I’ll wait for
the news from Wenck. Wenck! Wenck is our salvation. Forward! Comrade Major, give me a canon
to support us in the subway. The subway goes right
to the Reich Chancellery. Want to take Hitler prisoner? And why not?
You can never tell. – All right!
– Thanks, Comrade Major. The cannon to be subway!
You replace me here! Forward! Forward!
Move it! Do as fine a work at the machinegun
as though you’re jewelers. Fire! Guys, follow me! Forward, boys! This way, quick!
Come on, all together! Hey, brothers, let’s move
this monster together! Follow me! Forward! Halt! Halt! Where’s the Reich Chancellery?
Which way to Hitler? Can you sprechen Russian?
Where’s Hitler, I say? Oh, go to hell. Bring the cannon here. Forward! My Fuhrer, the Russians got
into the subway tunnel and are approaching the subway
station Kaiserhof. Open the floodgates
and flood all the tunnels. There’re hospitals and the wounded in
the tunnels. Women and children. Open the floodgates! If we lose this war, the German
nation will cease to exist. If our nation couldn’t even
subjugate the Slav peoples, it has no right to exist. The new generations will start
from where we stopped. Do you believe me, Eva? I do, my Fuhrer. This is my order – let the Spree
waters run into the tunnels! You three go forward. Move it! Ask him where the Reich Chancellery is
and send him to meet his Maker. All right, Lieutenant, I don’t need
our advice, I can deal with it. Do you want a smoke? Thank you. You studied Russian? Yes, I did. What do you want from me,
Herr Major? Herr Lieutenant gave you a good
advice, to send me to meet my Maker. Why hurry? A Communist must not hesitate
when he faces enemy. A Communist has
no right to doubt. Your lieutenant
has no doubts. You don’t know Communists at all. We don’t need your life. We want only one thing
to destroy fascism. Go. If you take up arms again,
you’ll be shot. Go.
You’re free. Go. The Reich Chancellery is over there,
not far from here. Comrade Major, they opened
floodgates. We must leave. There’s an exit on the left,
from where we were attacking. We won’t make it. – Blow up the grating.
– Yes, blow up the grating. Get down! Down! Comrade Major!
Comrade Major, we must leave! We must leave! Quiet. Calm down. We must leave! Yartsev! Come here and hold back the crowd,
let only women and children through. Back up! Let the women and children through. Hold them back! No panicking!
Hold the crowd back! No panicking!
Calm down! Get out of the car! Commander of the 150th Infantry Division
Major-General Shatilov Comrade General, Captain Neustroyev’s
battalion has reached the Spree. The Reichstag is ahead. Yes, there it is, the Reichstag. Well, Lieutenant-Colonel Orlov,
we got to the center of Berlin. That’s right, Comrade General.
The last nut to crack. The Germans are fighting like
the devils. Not going to capitulate. One way or another, but we’ll have to
force the Spree and take the Reichstag. – Where’s Neustroyev’s command post?
– Just next to us, Comrade General. Attention! Look more serious. Look in the camera
Get ready. Ready. One. Two. Three. – Have you snapped.
– How could I? It’s a Party assignment,
not some tourist snapshots. I understand. Let’s do it once more.
Sit down. The general. Comrade General, the battalion is
tidying up after battle. I can see.
Sparing no eau-de-Cologne. That’s right, Comrade General. – Take me to the regiment commander.
– Yes, Comrade General. What’s going on here? Making photos
for Party cards. Deputy Battalion Commander for Political
Instruction Lieutenant Berest. Where do you plan to award Party
cards to our young Communists? We’ll do it in the Reichstag,
Comrade General. That’s right. Good for you,
political officer. Comrade General. Commander of the 756th Rifle Regiment
Colonel Zinchenko. Now, Zinchenko. I’m handing this banner to you. Your regiment is to hoist it
on the Reichstag. Thank you, Comrade General. Who will carry the banner? Scout Yegorov! Here! Scout Kantaria. Here! Hoist this banner
on the Reichstag dome. BERLIN
April 29 Battery commander! Commander of the tank company Vasilyev
is here to be at our command! You will assist us with fire! All right, I got you! Dorozhkin, go to the battalion. I’m sending you a radio man! Comrade Captain, I can’t swim. Don’t worry, you’ll be all right.
Come here. My Fuhrer. The Russians are 600 meters away
from the Imperial Chancellery. We don’t have ammunition. No provisions. The last airfield has been
burned by Russian artillery. And where’s Wenck’s army? Where’s Wenck? My Fuhrer, Wenck is waging
a battle in the Potsdam area. He can’t break through to Berlin. Is that all? That’s all, My Fuhrer. Thank you, gentlemen. You can go. My Fuhrer. I was delivered a radiogram. Benito Mussolini and
his girlfriend Clara Petacci were hanged by the partisans
upside down, in the Piazzale Loreto in Milan. What a terrible cruelty. My Fuhrer, there’s an opportunity
to breakthrough out of Berlin. I have a tank detachment ready. No. Leave us alone. I don’t want to die
as our mistress. All right, Eva. We’ll have a wedding. Leave me alone!
What wedding can it be now? Leave me alone! Comrade Commander. We caught their priest. He’s weird,
seems not to be in his right mind. Koshelev, find out
what this priest wants. Yes, Comrade Commander. Commander of the 8th Guard Army
Colonel-General Chuikov Concentrate all fire
on the Reich Chancellery. Yes, concentrate all fire
on the Reich Chancellery. Did you find out
what this priest wants? He keeps talking
about some wedding. He says it’s time
to stop the bloodshed. And he’s right.
A politically conscious priest. Send him to the antifascists. Let his God speak
to the German soldiers, if they’re still believers. It’s the National Committee for
a Free German speaking. We’re calling on you to lay down arms. Thus you will save your lives. The new Germany needs you.
Surrender! Surrender! Father, this is a German patriot,
comrade Willi, an antifascist. He’s been transmitting for two days. Join, Father,
in the just cause. Germans, my brothers. It’s I who is asking you, the pastor of St. Georg Church. Stop. Stop. Does the groom wish to say anything? I’ve decided to choose
as my wife Eva Braun, with whom I’m bound by many
years of true friendship. And she will go with me to death of her own free will
as my wife. Does the bride wish
to say anything? I’ll be happy to be
Adolf Hitler’s wife. – Do you belong to the Aryan race?
– Yes. – Do you have any hereditary diseases?
– No. Seal your answers
with your personal signatures. I congratulate Adolf and Eva a new happy family
of the great Germany. BERLIN
April 30 – Berest, go ahead with the 1st company.
– Yes. Forward!
Follow me! Forward! Boys!
Follow us, forward! Follow me! Tell the colonel that
we’ve secured the first floor. Tank-man, come here. Connection with the colonel, quick! What?
The first floor taken? Good boys! Connection with the general. You’ve gained the first floor?
Good for you! Go on! – Connection with the commander.
– Yes. You’ve taken the first floor? Why does it take you so long! The banner, quick!
Hoist the banner, you got me? Commander of the 3rd Shock Army
Colonel-General Kuznetsov Get me the Marshal! You’ve taken the first floor? It’s slow, you move
too slowly, General. Put me through
to Comrade Stalin. The Fuhrer must die not from poison, but from a bullet, like a soldier. If we don’t hear a shot, you will
go in and do what has to be done. Yes, sir. Linge! Linge! The Fuhrer has shot himself. Follow me! Tank-man!
Give me quick connection with ours. Will do. Let them fire
at the upper floors. “Boxes”! “Boxes”!
I’m “Reichstag”! Our brothers ask for fire.
At the wolfs lair! More exactly, at their head! Did you copy?
Over. They did it. Never mind, in a tank it can be
even worse. Sure. What’s the matter?
Listen, boy. BERLIN
May 1 And Jesus said to his apostles: For whoever exalts himself
will be humbled. Germany wanted to exalt herself, and she has died. No, father, Germany is not dead. It’s not the end,
but the beginning of a new Germany. Who are you? I’m a Communist. Please cease fire! We’re sending out truce envoys. You’ll recognize them
by a white flag. Attention! We ask to cease fire! And these who heard His words
kept them in their hearts. And He said to
the apostles: remember… I’m Chief of the German Army
General Staff General Krebs. We’re listening, General Krebs. I have to inform you that on April 30 Adolf Hitler committed
suicide in his bunker. Grossadmiral Doenitz has been
appointed the new head of state, Dr. Goebbels the Reich Chancellor. The former German government
no longer exists. Reich Chancellor Dr. Goebbels has authorized me to ask you
for ceasefire for one day. To what purpose? So that Grossadmiral Doenitz
and the new government could arrive in Berlin. No, General Krebs. We won’t agree to any ceasefire, either for a day, or for an hour. Only complete and
unconditional surrender. I’m not authorized to conduct
negotiations about surrender. There will be new thousands of victims. Will you pass on to Moscow
our request about the ceasefire? The answer will be the same. How will know about the answer
from Moscow? We’ll establish direct telephone
communication with the Reich Chancellery. The signalman! Comrade General,
Senior Lieutenant… Translate to the German that
the senior lieutenant will go with him. You’ll go with the German general
to the Reich Chancellery. – To the lair?
– Yes, to the lair. May I take grenades? No grenades.
You’ll establish communication. Yes, Comrade General. You got a really lousy place here.
You can get rheumatic alright. Go, go. Here. “Stalingrad”, “Stalingrad”.
I’m “Berlin”. It’s all right. No capitulation. If we recognize
unconditional surrender, the German people will lose everything. In these tragic hours for Germany
I’m ready to follow the Fuhrer’s example. Bormann, try to break through to
the west, to our friends. Krebs, tell the Russians
that there will be no capitulation. Are you ready, Magda? Not yet. The doctor is wavering. I’m sorry, Frau Goebbels,
I can’t kill children. Maybe we’ll pass them under the
protection of International Red Cross? Don’t forget that
they’re Goebbels’s children. Give me the syringe. Excuse me,
where do you have a toilet here? What do you want from me? Go away! There will be no negotiations. – Well, all right, no negotiations
– Go away now. You’ll shoot at the back of our
heads as we walk up. It’s more than I can bear,
Herr Reich Minister. You want the Russians
to hang us upside down? Do it! Yes, it’s a really lousy place
you have here. BERLIN
May 2 Georgy Konstantinovich,
Chuikov’s on the line. Chuikov? What? Comrade Marshal. The Hitlerites put out a white flag,
they’re surrendering. Repeat it. The Hitlerites put out a white flag
in the Reichstag, they’re surrendering. Congratulations to you, Chuikov! Congratulations! Is it really the end,
Georgy Konstantinovich? Four years. 1,410 days. And nights. Comrade Marshal. The Berlin garrison asks you
to tune to frequency 440. Attention, Russians! Tune to wave 440. We ask you to cease fire. We ask you to cease fire
and enter the negotiations. Go over to transmitting. Transmit. We have only one condition – an unconditional surrender. Cease fire in 15 minutes. We’ll be taking prisoners at the Brandenburg Gate. We guarantee life to everybody. We guarantee life to everybody. Well, you alive, infantry?
Congratulations. Haven’t you seen Dorozhkin,
my radio man? Is there Dorozhkin here? Dorozhkin! Dorozhkin! Dorozhkin! Dorozhkin! They killed him. Vaska. Vaska! Vaska. Why are you crying? It’s victory! Comrade General, it’s victory!
Congratulations! Victory! Victory! What has Fascism brought to the world? Died in World War Two: 520,000 French people 400,000 Italians, 320,000 British people 325,000 Americans, 364,000 Czechs and Slovaks 1,600,000 Yugoslavians 6,028,000 Poles 9,700,00 Germans 20,000,000 Soviet people. YOUR NAME IS UNKNOWN,

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  • 8:27 Вот он, истеричный призыв Гитлера:
    "Армия генерала Венка идет к Берлину! Она отбросит русских! Геббельс, немедленно свяжитесь с генералом Венком! Когда же его армия подойдет к Берлину?! Когда?!!"
    И ведь Гитлер не знал, что так называемая армия Венка состояла из жалких остатков Гитлерюгенда, фольксштурма, "белых билетов", которых не призвали по состоянию здоровья. При этом танков – ноль целых, ноль десятых, орудий – ни одного, зато панцерфаустов и самоходок – предостаточно. Вот только самоходками танки не заменишь, фаустпатроны же – семечки против орудий. Надеяться, что такое лоскутное одеяло накроет Берлин и спасет Гитлера, мог только полный идиот или сумасшедший. Сразу видно, что Гитлер дошел до крайности, если он уже ставит не на полноценные армии, а на ополчение. Агония продолжается.

  • Мне очень нравится этот момент в затопленном метро, когда советские и немецкие солдаты вместе задерживают толпу чтоб не было толкучки, когда советские и немецкие солдаты несут раненых гражданских и солдат вермахта, забывая в этот момент что они враги.

  • Мой дед дошол до воршавы и вернулся 51 вом деда низкий тебе поклон и твоим товарищам ребята победа над фошизмом нас все ещё обеденяет вечная память кто не вернулся к своим близким

  • В этом войне яростно сражались граждане 15 республики СССР.

  • СОВЕТСКИХ людей погибло 20 миллионов! Вы представляете? Я и Вы погибли там!
    Когда Вы видите оправдание фашизму, когда Вы видите ОПРАВДАНИЕ этой сволочи – знайте, что вы оправдываете эту мразь.

  • Excellent series with a great cast! I thought the b&w cinematography added more impact to the film's storyline. Thank you for sharing something that many of us have never seen before.


  • Не егоров не контарин ставил флаг над рейхстагам ставил казах и татарин.

  • Ани. За. 16-республикам. Сражались. За. Наш. За. Детей. Ани. Щас. Панять. Не. Хочеть. И. Не. Панимають. Как. Деди. Голову. Жизн. Дали. Нацысти. Галубые. Пусурман. Вахависьи. И. Аррабисти. Капиталистам. Систему. Учить. Тупие. Маладие.

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