دعوة موجي لأجل الحرية | Mooji’s Invitation for freedom

okay so let’s let’s say for instance you know someone said to you if it were possible we don’t know if it is but someone came and said you know yes it was it is possible and that today this evening here now for anyone who’s open somehow that it was possible to wake up or to come into the direct recognition or experience of what you truly are in essence would you be up for it sorry that the back hole is now I can’t guarantee that I mean of course you know I can’t guarantee that okay you know I am gonna make you get I cannot say that I can only say that I’m very excited about it and that I feel that anyone who is open and you can follow what my guidance is it’s very short also it’s very short also but if you follow then I will check in with you what is your experience at the end of this short guidance so let’s say to kick-off someone had come and you can put yourself in the position of this question someone has come and say I would like to wake up to the truth of myself I’ve heard about these things I don’t know if it is possible I don’t know if this thing called awakening is possible but I have heard that you know that you’re saying that it is possible to wake up to the truth of your of our self and without going through a lot of strenuous spiritual practices and I am open to this because my life lived in the idea of just being an egoic identity it’s not working don’t feel I have periods of happiness even of peace enjoy but they all going nothing really lasts is it possible to come to such a recognition and that doesn’t just fade away and can you help me and I say okay from where I am from the from the room of my own being I invite you okay come come in but before you enter please remove your shoes leave your shoes outside you say oh okay leave my shoes outside okay one more thing I ask you can you leave your mind outside you see oh here comes the catch how can I leave my mind outside that is my problem you see I can’t put it down I said no don’t worry all I mean by that is that we’re not going to talk about your mind I don’t want to hear we don’t need to talk about anything from the past or about the future or any idea you have about yourself so far but who you think you are or who you would like to be in the future so I’m going to ask you simply don’t engage with that is that okay with you just for the duration of this guidance fair enough yes okay so we are not going to speak about past and but the future and opinions and who you think you are just going to suspend this as much as we can just just leave that aside okay and also I’m not going to ask you to imagine anything so without getting into imagination or visualizations I say even that I’m not going to ask you to do I’m only going to ask you to give your complete attention just for the short time of this guidance are you still up for it yes I’m also to ask that you can be here and don’t be expecting anything even awakening don’t expect to just be totally empty as much as you can don’t engage with any thought or feelings or imagination or memory we can do this it’s not difficult though they may come up but you’re not going to engage with it just for this duration of this guidance we are good yes so empty MTM T and I’m not going to ask you to pick up any new concepts also I’m not gonna ask you to create you don’t have to create anything so don’t worry you cannot fail at what I’m asking just as you are right now no hypnosis no speculation no imagination just be empty leave your thoughts your ideas about who you are personal identity your belief systems just for a moment let’s see if it’s possible for you to come to a place of total emptiness empty of concepts okay you don’t have to strain so that right now everything is left aside don’t worry at the end of my guidance if you still want the old stuff back I guarantee they’ll still be there waiting for you okay so if they’re not felt to be so precious just leave it aside for the moment because for this I just need you to be entirely empty just like this empty empty empty I had to ask you to follow my paintings by leaving everything until there’s nothing left to leave empty even no attachment to the feeling of I even that it can be whatever it is but there’s no clinging to any idea or any identity at all simple just like this you’re still here aren’t you in this space you know that you exist but there’s no information don’t cling to any information just you’re here you’re still here empty of concepts and beliefs and projections and fantasies and dreams and memories leave them aside so that you know that you can do this you’re just empty now put your full attention on just what is here now don’t create whatever is this whatever this is I call it just the feeling of isness only that is yeah like a kind of vast formless intelligence now I want to ask you just a few simple questions that you can respond to by just saying yes or no but just be honest from here this whatever it is that I’m referring to as just business and does it have any shape please respond no shape or does it have a size no is it an object no it is not object does it have any colors no is it male or female no please just check-in you have the power in the place that you are now to answer these questions can it be sick can it be jealous or can it become depressed can it be afraid can it be controlled or owned by any person or organization or religion no can it be for or against any particular person are you still with me yes very much please just keep on with this does it have any sort of astrological sign or you know like is it Piscean or nothing like that nothing like that don’t they does it have any moods changing moods or any mood at all can it be manipulated sorry no no just an you’re looking all is good I was fine does it need belief No can it become exhausted was it born I need to hear from you know here’s a good one know if you went to sleep and you woke up after seven or eight hours sleep can it go with it to disappear no so it cannot fade can it come to an end suppose you came from another country like you know Finland or United States of America and you have to get on a plane to go home and do you have to carry it with you no no thank you can I ask you this thing is there a place any place where it is not know then can I ask you also can it die this is usually tricky one just stay and don’t think just being where you are right now empty as you are can it die one more question how far away from you is it right now mm-hmm few inches or a few meters and how far away from you is it no distance so just let me try and understand No so you’re saying hmm without conferring with one another that it is not an object it has no size or shape it has no moods does it need to eat no doesn’t become hungry it cannot be possessed by any particular group of people or to use against anyone that it does not need belief to exist am I right in saying yes and that’s how old is it actually you kind of answered because you said it was not born you agreed was it was it born you said no it’s not part then I asked you is there some place anywhere in the universe where it cannot be you say no there isn’t then I ask you can it die you say it cannot die I said if you went to sleep and you wake up do you have to be careful that you have to stay awake because you might lose it you said no it will still be there ask you again where is it in relation to yourself how far away from you is it you say no distance can anything exist outside of it I try again is there anything like the mind for instance can the mind exist independent or apart from it no it must be within it and finally you say I asked how far how near are you to it and you say no distance so and you sure you’re not imagining these answers you’re not imagine analysis so if all these things you say are true and it is no distance all your responses are about you again if all you have set on chorus in response to these simple questions it’s true it is unborn you cannot die its inseparable from you how can you know these things if they’re not about you for the first time mmm you’re speaking of truth but how can this be how can this be because if these things that you’ve said now are true whereas the isness bin all your life did you create this where has it been all this time one till today was it not always here yes then who is having a strange life who exactly is struggling and having these bad relationships and throwing themselves off bridges and who who is who is doing all this thing it’s my question to you some capacity within the isness itself to believe itself into a limited mode of expression called a person we who are the isness itself have somehow painted a self-portrait of ourself called a person and are living the life of the person we think we are and all the while this this has always been here can this ever sin can I ask you has it done anything evil so this I am pointing to is the self of the Buddha it is the Christ consciousness it is the living and imperishable truth inside the heart of every living being now you may try to change your mind now if you want or as I promised from the beginning if you wish to take your old things back that I say leave outside you are free to do that we’ve always been free free to be free and free to be bound but this quintessential recognition we have missed until this moment in your existence from before the beginning you are this throughout all duration this quintessential fundamental no knowing it’s been here and after all endings this remains untouched how can we reconcile that which you are in direct experience of right now with the life that you call yours and the life you think you’ve been living it’s for this reason throughout the world the great seers Saints have been declaring this life lived in the notion of a person is our dreaming your true life your true self and true nature is revealing itself today yeah inside your own heart is this too much for you to bear so just want to take a few moments just to sit with this this is the god nature within every living being this is what is referred to as pure consciousness this is what is referred to as unborn awareness the self truth life holiness the divine the everlasting the imperishable the timeless pure grace is it too much for you to bear know something we call our mind or the psychological aspect of ourselves which we call the mind is going to wake up rise up because it’s role so to speak in this play of life or for existence when from the pure source itself the source itself has manifested somehow the display of consciousness the dynamic consciousness which we call life and the one living it apparently which we call to person and the person seems to be ever-changing self-portrait in time-space that which has been really imagined self the dreamed dreamed self is it to be dismissed no because in the heart of the dream Sun is the same truth you’ve discovered how to reconcile a life that seems so different from what you are directly discovering and experiencing now well don’t try the person cannot do it but in the heart of the person is this truth how can we move with this I will tell you simply let your attention marinate in this discovery what had been it means just like your feeling here perhaps very strong energy of the mind is coming in or whatever it is my becoming yet the mind even in its strongest pulsation can it damaged this can this itself be offended keep the attention here now you may ask but how can one live one’s life in the presence of this knowing well let’s see because this recognition is not in conflict with your dynamic expression in fact recognizing this and honoring it you will find that each day day after day each day is gonna become your best day there’s gonna be the end of depressions Luminess I ask you again can it fade can it go away this is more here than the idea you have of yourself this here is your eternal existence and I want to tell you that your life let it unfold let the life unfold because it will unfold more graciously now when it’s not when your life is not trapped in the bubble of ego knowing this that in any direction you go you cannot come to the end of this something can begin to relax and to exhale all these tensions that we have collected in the name of personhood not in one night maybe that if you’ve really grasped this inside your heart and why were you able to answer these questions that many scientists are pondering over cannot find and you without any spiritual practice you can see from the place here and I ask you again now did you imagine these answers no is this not incredible from this tree we’ll come a fruit the fruit of your life that will keep getting sweeter and sweeter every day but will never become over sweet and who are you that I’m speaking to this same maternal one in its play as time and change in its manifestation as names and forms everything that you see every thought every feeling every action every memory is like a cloud passing in front of the eternal the mind will come it has to come actually the mind is also arising from this and it is here to test your understanding because like a reflex the attention will keep going back to the person but now you cannot unsee what you have seen now I don’t have to ask you to believe because you know will this experience pass can it pass and if it passes what we’ll witness is passing therefore I say to you allow this don’t offer it to your mind to make sense of it because it cannot make sense of this this is before even the birth of concepts is it a disappointing discovery for you I give an example about something no I think most of you are old enough to remember when did this new currency came the new currency of pounds and new pence came in before it was another currency or whatever your currency was maybe you are trading in liras before and now it became euros and a certain point the government say as of this date we are going officially euros or pounds whatever it is many of the young people made this transition very quickly they could quickly go into euros and think in Euro others were still in pounds shillings and pence or something or whatever it is the same goods were there as were there all the time but new prices were put on them and for a while when they say this is this is uh you know eight euros they were say how much is that in pounds we go back to China to try and assess the value this is a natural thing in the same way the mind will keep coming up and try to see try and make sense of what this is in some way go back to the old regime of thinking which is that the I me person and all of these it will take some time for that to gradually integrate into the new understanding and I want to encourage you to trust and that grace is on your side it will help you but if you cling to the whole identity then you will still eventually cross over but it would be like walking on a bridge that just keeps extending each time we are thinking of the old person and the old person’s ways and so on which is such a limitation on what you are discovering now which is unlimited consciousness if you give your mind this to your mind the mind will keep on yeah but but but and yeah if and when and button.you but you know you stay like this yeah how to stay it’s not a final question as I told you whatever you love whatever you appreciate dare your attention will go as you begin to grow because I tell you my god you don’t know what you have discovered you have no idea of the power of this discovery both of you are still in shock a little bit it is okay but gradually as you keep just staying in this this space of what I call business something is deepening deepening even when you sleep you just life will become lighter more spacious because perhaps we’ll have the great modern sicknesses is a sense of a lack of inner space that space is now open can the isness be trapped inside the bubble of any city can the isness be trapped in the bubble of any scenario no you are never in the box that sometimes conditioning and the mind seems to perhaps wrap itself around its just what we imagined how are you feeling you don’t know you are discovering what sometimes people have spent many many years trying to discover pulling away from you all techniques into this clear understanding the mind will say but how can I make use of it was that what’s the point of it now will they help me to find a new job or get them get married or it’s about what is the value of this ridiculous things what does the isness need the body needs food the mind needs to be exercised or something these functions can still carry on of course everything is just fine but underlying all this is the unchanging does that feel claustrophobic when we live in the state of personhood we cling to things that we feel are I need I need I need but you cannot contain when you know yourself as the isness you’re beyond need of course food fun life has its play I find nothing deeply credible at altering anything of the truth in you but the most interesting time is coming for you to live and be the proof of that blessed is the one whose life becomes the evidence of the truth you must become proof that God is I have not come to give you a job or a task enough struggle but effort will be needed for a time to keep off the tendency to go back into the hold regime of thinking but by and by you’ll find your way more and more you’ll come fully into your light into your power into true presence a person is a very limited mode of consciousness it is okay but it is not enough the person will experience also happiness and joy but mostly there will be momentary and there will be depending upon circumstances situations and so on the isness does not depend that’s why I say it is not it will be or it wants to be or it used to be but then it is if you can conceive of a million years ago the isness is if you can conceive of a million years from now the isness is perfection cannot become more perfect it simply is all our efforts is in the realm of the body mind and personal evolution means the growth of the person and the true evolution of a person is to become more and more empty of concepts and more pure as consciousness what you are experiencing is your own self but unlike other experiences it is not one thing experiencing another it is that experiencing itself so I called you today to invite you to this all of mantas Asha and the beings all over the world who have come into this I’ve elevated into consciousness or are at stages of higher evolution elevation in consciousness if I ever wish if you can call it that for you it will be this it’s the only place that you’ll be lastingly happy and peaceful and open unafraid loving compassionate kind wise but I’m gonna leave these words with you to see if they stay inside your heart or they leave live with this understanding inside your heart say I’m chosen for freedom it’s the only way that I know this term freedom can have any real meaning this that you are in a direct recognition of its beyond believing or disbelieving actually the time is 8:15 in 1 hour and 15 minutes something has happened inside you the fruit of this we will see actually what is arising inside is indescribable there are no words fresh in any language because this is here before concepts were born this is here throughout the duration of the expression and experience of concepts this is here at the end and a passing away of our concepts and so tonight we’re not gonna be talking about questions and answers right now I simply wanted you to have the darshan of your own source to introduce your mind to your heart and it is done there are many ways in which we can look at life sometimes we can see it as a play of light and darkness or the transcendence of one concept over another but right now staying as you are yeah in your effortless self you’re undefeatable to let you know that you can live a life to live above the clouds of the mind in the place of pure consciousness but for a while the mind will come and he will come strong because this collet ever was was to stop the manifest consciousness from recognizing its source to delay for as long as possible because I say delay because every living being must at some point wake up but to delay that awakening for as long as possible has been the role of the psychological self and mind now you are in the light of your own discovery but the show is not over I wish you well and I am with you actually if it means anything to you thank you

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