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I believe the American Dream is still alive in fact I’ll bet a million dollars on it you my friend were labeled a loser least likely to succeed no one thought I would ever make billionaire Glenn Stearns is betting a million dollars he can take a hundred bucks and grow it into a million dollar business in just 90 days if it’s up any short of a million I’ll put 1 million dollars into it but to keep this experiment fair I’m gonna do it all undercover I won’t use my name my money or my connections win or lose in the city of Erie and the people who help me get there will be rewarded but they don’t know it with a million dollars of his own money on the line Glenn Stearns will see once and for all if the dream is still possible in America [Music] in his first week undercover in Erie Pennsylvania billionaire Glenn Stearns gave himself a goal of making thirty three hundred dollars to cover his living expenses for the entire 90 days felt one ball but fell short just to warn ya with just under four hundred and fifteen dollars in his pocket he’s got 82 days left to build a million-dollar business every dollar counts [Music] feel like crap I’ve been sleeping in my truck for over a week and a snowstorm came in last night I need roof over my head need to make money [Music] I need to get going oh I can’t stop throwing up just scared don’t know what’s wrong with you do you want to keep going what do you want to do they have to go to the hospital I made my first million at 28 years old the reality is I’m not in a 28 year old body anymore I gave myself a goal of raising $3,300 before I get an apartment but if something’s seriously wrong with me I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to keep going the latest greatest it doesn’t look like you can see anything on the x-ray which is nice and you know my blood pressure is back to normal my fever is gone so I hope I dodged the bullet check me out don’t have a flu so put some fluids in me and actually feeling a lot better probably is food poisoning or in fact basically run down the last thing I need right now is a hospital bill but I’m happy to pay $250 to know that I’m okay and that I can keep going I got to get out of strut yeah you just can’t build a business the way I’m living right now I’ve gotta get place I still haven’t hit my goal of covering my living expenses for three months and I don’t have any money to get into an apartment not only that but I’m nine days in and I still have no idea what business I’m gonna start I need my million dollar idea but I still need to make some money I’ve been checking abandoned lots along the rail lines searching for industrial tires and wrought iron to resale I’ve had almost every lot out there but there’s a few left to try fencing tires this is looking a little bit more promising back here find you a buyer first and work backwards I know some buyers are willing to pay four to five hundred dollars for industrial tires so I’m gonna continue searching along the rail lines to meet that demand let’s well look at this tire first here look good right here alright look at this man there we go this is a comedian lower I got these on my ranch finding the freaking needles and the haystacks can’t get any better than this this might be good too hey is uh this Cody yes I was reading your ad about your tires and I think yeah I think I’ve got four or five of them that you may be interested in [Music] hey Cody hey hey I’m not too bad what do we have here that might be a little tiny tractor so this is like a pickup tire is it no that one there’s pretty Ward down how’s that one looking this one’s really old yeah it’s a lot of dry rot on this one man I think the tread see all the dry cracks yeah I said that’s not any good either I think we’ll pass on these two interesting these ones that’s some kind of military tire right yeah Deuce and a half’s this is for like a large loader or a forklift the log loader okay it’s got a lot of life in it still mm-hmm what are you looking to get out of I was thinking about well 1,800 mm with the cuts and stuff right can you go that much your pride you like 1,400 1,400 so you have only me how about 69 I’ll do 15 15 oh you got a deal with hey thank you no cash all right yeah works great matter of fact thank you that’s exactly what I need okay just get beat up beat up beat up working here ass off and I’m finally hitting a big one I didn’t make my goal but I’ve got enough for a place to live I need to make do with the money I have and keep moving forward finally [Music] really speaking count your place ice Popp you said yesterday Bob hi my name is Glen Bryant um listen I’m looking for a budget-friendly apartment and wanted to know if you had anything available [Music] well around $400 a month time perfect um I am available anytime I could come over even right now sure thank you very much all righty my pleasure bye-bye I am going to find an apartment at least hunting for one today when I was first researching living expenses I budgeted 625 dollars a month for an apartment but since I didn’t hit my first financial goal I need to come in much lower than that I’m hoping I can get into an apartment for $400 you know I’m not expecting to be in a great place but see what I can afford I’m gonna show you these two apartments up here this is gonna be one of the apartments number nine here got a decent-sized bathroom nice storage here is wild tub and shower and this is gonna be 405 where’s the bedroom this would be your bedroom this is considered efficiency this would be your living room and bedroom combined I think you’ll like this one here okay this is gonna go into your kitchen and what’s nice about this you got French doors great here nice little fake fireplace what’s this one run this is gonna be about 435 and it’s gonna include just your water sewer trash I would need a first month’s security deposit you have any questions can I give you my first month’s rent and then give you half the deposit and I can do weeks and half the deposit I can’t do that I would need a security deposit up front to hold the unit because if I had another client that came in and put down to a security deposit right on the spot money talks okay all right well I’ll take it so I ended up with the more expensive apartment $435 versus 405 but the reality is I’m off I don’t have anybody on the side of me so there’s a lot of things that make this one just a much more efficient apartment and just something I can live in for the next you know 90 days there’s that for you it’s hard to believe that I would feel so happy to have a place perfect you know when I’m sitting in my car and having to worry about where I am it doesn’t allow you to think about business or growing anything and just in survival mode so having your own place it’s such a huge deal toilet paper no bath towels no so even though it’s not the Taj Mahal it’s a place just to call my own I’ve been so used to living a really cushy life and now every day figuring out how to make five or ten dollars or how to get a job doing anything finding you know some other person’s trash on the side of the road that’s worth something anyway it’s a very humbling experience I’m grateful I have a roof over my head right now but I really need to get to a place where I can start to thrive and get my confidence back [Music] with my living arrangements set I now have to figure out what business I’m gonna start I’m running out of time but I have a plan and I’m hoping this will save me before it’s too late with limited funds living in his truck became too difficult so Glenn Stearns rented an apartment perfect under covers Glenn Bryant he now has 80 days left to build a million-dollar business the truth is starting a successful business is to choose something that the market needs and build a great team identify a need and fill it but I also need to do this in less than three months if I’m gonna build a million dollar business I need to use local resources here in Erie so nice to meet you I’ve heard a lot of great things yeah well we’re excited to have you so you’ve decided to be an entrepreneur and that’s exactly what we’re here to do is help in these new ventures so thousands of communities across the country have a small business development center these centers often have resources for business owners including consulting office space computer access and research the best part of the SBDC is that these services are offered for free this is a shared space we use this classroom we use this meaning we use this conference room so if I were building my team yep I could utilize this space yes okay great this is the Beehive the beehive is all around business development building business plans feasibility of business ideas market research things like that we can’t run your company for you but we can make sure you’re prepared to do it yeah love it I am absolutely excited I mean the SBDC is a wonderful resource I mean it’s like everything you could ever want to start a businesses right there shade it up ladies bye-bye now I need to figure out what kind of business I’m gonna start I’ve done my research and I’ve got a couple ideas that I’m kicking around in my head however I haven’t been to Erie I don’t know you know what’s going on in the area I don’t know what I don’t know so I’ve set up meetings with a few entrepreneurs to see they can help you figure out which is the right industry for me I’ve warned them that the cameras are gonna be following me the first is Hannah Kirby who runs a coffee shop and it’s doing quite well you know there’s a 7% growth in coffee sales which makes it really the fastest growing segment in the food service industry you know I have just arrived in Erie welcome thank you it’s kind of looking maybe just start a business and I did a little research and you pop up just about everywhere so white coffee what was that just a passion you have something I really enjoyed you know you look at our downtown district there’s only one chain coffee shop in town and so it’s like why is there not a local space so I just felt like the environment and the ecosystem was the right timing the hell is your business doing the business is paying for itself we’ve been here like a year now so it’s going well I do think that Glen is coming into the city and a great time we are very focused on growth you know people are really rooting for one another because we’re I think we’re all rooting for the city well my next stop is Chris truck he owns a metal fabrication company Erie has deep roots of manufacturing and if you’re gonna start a business here it has to be something to consider Chris hey how are you I’m Glenn hey Dad Chris nice to meet ya yeah real nice to meet you I’m a custom fabricator we do anything that goes on a truck so steel aluminum stainless we can build anything mild to wild this truck for example will get the Box taken off and everything underneath will be replaced we can cut Bend just about anything and as we buy more equipment we can expand our offerings but the first four years have been extremely difficult but I think we’re on the up side of it and hopefully next year we’ll you know double the business what do you think’s been the hardest part about the last four years I’d say funds are tough anyone who talks to somebody that owns a business thinks that they’re rich but we’re really rich for about 10 seconds as one check passes it goes to pay another bill as I continue to build out a team I’d love to talk to you about more stuff hey I appreciate this so much I really great to meet you truth be told I’m not gonna start a metal fabrication company the amount of startup capital I would need to buy that heavy-duty equipment it’s just cost prohibitive but man is Chris talented so no matter what business I start I know that I’m gonna need someone like him in my court I’ll tell you a business that’s really taking off here in Erie is the craft beer business it’s been growing about 10 to 15% a year so I’m meeting with Chris Siri Ani who owns the brewery at Union Station I love to see and that’s an industry that’s worth getting into we do about 500 barrels a year 3 days a week we’re back here [Music] making beer and besides our beer you know twelve twelve or fourteen beers on tap we have another forty bottles from PA Brewers really back here we have six seven barrel fermenters and whatever we make in two to four weeks is on top it’s usually gone in another couple of weeks so very quick turnover which is a lot of planning down the road make sure that the pipelines are filled and the pints are fill at the bar in theory I think entrepreneurs in general especially the young entrepreneurs are on the same page and working together and collaborating but the Brewers especially what’s the advantage of being so collaborative two things we all the same issues and problems and a lot of us have the same goals you know we’re all brewing the same thing water yeast hops and barley right you know we’ve done as much as incubator a local brewery to help them open up as far as somebody that wants to open a business Erie’s the right place in the right time now for craft beer craft beer looks very promising these local Brewers seem to support one another and with their help I can get my product to market very quickly but I also see the potential in coffee it can fill the need of a local community and has the potential to compete nationally I’m gonna get in touch with the Small Business Development Center and have them start researching coffee and beer so I can determine what the best business is to start [Music] whether I land on coffee or beer I’m gonna need some serious startup funds to get this business off the ground the best way that I know to make big money is in real estate so I want to buy a house to flip it to cover the start-up costs for my business but for now I need to think on a smaller scale so my goal for this week is $10,000 for the down payment for the flip house and the best way to do that is by purchasing assets and then using them to make more money my idea this time is I want to go to car dealers and I want to see if I can’t buy some of their trade-ins dealerships take hundreds of cars as trade-ins every week some get reconditioned to be sold on the lot but cars that are older or have high mileage get sold to auto auctions for a fraction of what they’re worth if you can buy these cars from dealers before they send them to auction and turn around and sell them yourself there’s the potential to make a hefty profit climb low sell em high and hit my goal of $10,000 I am gonna stop into this dealer you guys just stay where you are car dealers get freaked out when a bunch of cameras show up how you doing my question for you do you guys sell any or trade ins Thanks he says we’re not selling anything so it must have gone under too bad I see some dealerships up here hey Greg hey Dan I’m Glenn just curious you have any cars that you might be sending off to auction that I could purchase here yeah okay we just don’t feel comfortable selling you know in three or four or five or six thousand dollars no big deal all right thanks guys all right well that was a bus I can’t believe they’re not interested in selling me a car that they’re gonna take the auction hopefully it’s not the case of the other dealers I can’t wait another day to choose the business that I’m gonna start so I’m headed over to the Small Business Development Center to check out the research that I asked them for well excited to delve in and see what you guys have found you have a variety of options here time is ticking away in it’s decision time this is it [Music] you to prove the American dream is still alive billionaire Glenn Stearns must choose the right business to build if he’s going to reach his goal of a million dollar series the the right place in the right time now for carfare with only 78 days left he’s asked the local Business Development Center to pull market research on his top two picks excited to delve in and see what you guys have found most people don’t have experience deciphering complex charts and figures so having a resource like the SBDC can help potential business owners learn what they need to be successful you mentioned the particular industries that you were interested in were breweries and coffee we pulled from a number of the resources that we have available so you have an idea of the competitive landscape as well what would you say are the pros and cons of these in this well coffee we want every day so when we are looking at the desire or need or want in the community our customers a coffee shop that’s a very big problem con is the environment can become convoluted because there are so many why don’t we do breweries the IBISWorld report is predicting that it’s going to be a higher growth over the next five years and you see you know what what are people drinking craft beers where most of those growth comes from you know when I found in this industry what at least was exciting for me was they’re not as opposed to new people coming into their industry they actually welcomed it and they try to help you can start it yeah it’s a new industry so it makes sense for the players to work together to grow it a big con and I guess we need to call it that are the barriers to entry because you do need licenses and it can take a while to get that done equipment costs go along that right and the pro is you’re in a community that likes their beer and they also like their craft beers an average household spend about $100 more on beer away from home than they do on coffee so beer it’s maybe more profitable but after hearing all the research I’m definitely going to open a craft beer business people are spending money on it the industry is in continual growth and it is a potential to scale nationally plus it’s a collaborative field so my plan is to connect with other local breweries to utilize their infrastructure which will help me with my savings on equipment cost I know that I can make craft beer a million dollar business I want to start finding team members so I would appreciate it if I could utilize a computer because I want to put a ad out there for recruiting some more people absolutely would love to help you with that once you have a direction ahead in one of the most important things you can do is surround yourself with people who can strengthen your weaknesses I’m gonna post an ad online saying them looking to build a team for my brewing business I want to target people who are passionate about bringing a new local business here to Erie I want to hold an open interview I want to look for an experienced Brewer and then someone who can really help with website design if I don’t have the right team I’ve gotta figure this out [Music] now that I figured out that I want to start a craft brewery I’ve got to see what it takes Chris suriani from Union Station brewery put me in touch with a local brewer named Brian Sprague is gonna show me the ropes hopefully I’m not in over my head what’s vital when you go into business is making sure that you know all aspects of the business that means know you that’s why I’m gonna learn more about the brewing process today I want to know what I’m talking about when I speak to people about the craft beer business we’re gonna make a beer today we’re gonna mash in you’re gonna help these guys mash it perfect okay well there are many different styles of beer there are four key steps to brewing first is mashing malted grains are steeped in hot water which activates enzymes that cause it to break down and release its sugars the liquid drain from that mash is called wort which is basically unmade beer similar to how dough is unmade bread so this is basically sugar water at this point yep second is boiling the wort gets boiled while hops and other spices are added for flavor that’s more the flavor that’s kind of next is fermentation the wort goes into a fermenting vessel where yeast gets added it’s stored for a couple of weeks while the yeast eats up all the sugars turning them into alcohol and carbon dioxide and finally the beer gets kegger box theater and that enjoy it’s so much more you get out of it once you see what’s put in to making that batch of beer a little more involved that a lot of people think yeah I’d love to know some of the pitfalls some of the struggles your heads the taxes insurance you know that’s something I guess you can’t avoid no matter what you have to pay tax to the state and federal government on every barrel you make of course you’re hopeful to sell it and make that money back there’s a lot of regulatory bodies that are involved building codes and all that stuff you work with an attorney if you have anyone that’s the business that you work with you know as far as like you know law tech Zellers the kind of main guy and they will help you with licensing okay I’ll do all that having a lawyer that can help me with the permits that I need to open my business quickly is so important I’m used to having a team of lawyers they handle this type of task but now I can’t afford them I’m gonna go find a car to flip so I can make some money step having selected what he believes is a million-dollar idea billionaire Glenn Stearns undercover as Glenn Bryant is building a team for his new craft beer business I want to hold an open interview I want to look for an experienced brewer to race startup funds Glen plans to flip a house but first he’ll need to raise a downpayment I can’t believe they’re not interested in selling me a car that they’re gonna take the auction I need this car flip you know most people don’t realize that these big dealers when they get trade-ins with high miles they want it just to get rid of them so this is my opportunity I want to take them off their hands and be able to turn around and and sell them for a healthy profit so it’s online and I saw a guy that is going out of business with this car lot hopefully he’s gonna sell me one or two of his cars hey Glenn right Jeremiah Jeremiah yeah nice to meet you a nice seat me too so what happened you just guys just finished you’re done yeah this is my dad shop actually he’s like get rid of everything okay well maybe I can take this off your hands you got the old five Honda and then the Escalade in the back okay what’s uh how many miles are on this thing only 150 two thousand miles just under what are you asking for this this one is 1,200 my dad just wants to get rid of it you know we take it for a spin yeah how does it feel how do you like the handles them said I really good what I’m looking for is I want something reliable that someone else can buy and feel they got a good deal okay at the same time I could make some decent money on it you know right I mean we want to try and get the best deal still but yeah everything has to go Honda Civics have a high resale value the fact that this is a hybrid makes it even higher so if I could pick this car up for $500 I’m gonna make so much more on my resale I’m interested you know kind of I think 500 bucks is probably a good deal for the car actually there’s no way I can let it go for 500 how about $600 that seems pretty fair thousand yeah we had a thousand give you it beat me out of thousand uh uh you’re killing me how about $700 yeah I do have one more thing I want to also be able to buy your other car because I’m gonna work my tail off and I mean I’ll help you out of basically I’m working for you and I look at it that way I like that like that $700 for the Civic is a good deal the Blue Book value on this car is between two and four thousand dollars if I’m gonna hit my ten thousand dollar goal for this week I need to get as close to four thousand dollars as I can this is the start of the big money I am going to pretty this thing up get it ready to sell all right come on now I think you can put a new set of tires on there for me it’s working it’s working [Music] everything’s starting to get shiny and new starting to get exciting you always find change in the cars all right I gotta forget a lot of eyeballs on this car this looks like a good spot it’s coming I can feel it I could see it happening now big day today Small Business Development Center holding open interviews to build out a team one of my most important business principles is human capital I’ve been successful because I’ve surrounded myself with people smarter than I am but my most important criteria for hiring someone is their personality you know in opening a brewery I’m gonna need people with managerial skills know people obviously with brewing experience and there may even be a food component into this the problem is I don’t have any money to pay these guys it’s all about sweat equity that’s how they’re gonna have a piece of this company hey Chris I’m Glenn come on back all right Ashley how are you we’re here to be good all right what’s your background broadcast communications actually initially tell me about yourself my specialty is custom furniture woodworking I’ve been doing that for this can be 16 years no my job was sourced overseas circumstantially a local Brewer here in Lavery’s brewing had lost their Brewer and started learning more brewing on a much bigger scale I’ve been cooking for a long while now I have like OCD and like sometimes I get like real nervous like this dress do I love it I mean no like I’m probably gonna die early of a heart attack or something but do I handle it well no I don’t you know what I mean man I’ve been in the web design or any of that a little bit I feel confident with my content creation ability when I do an interview I care about if somebody is gonna fight hard they’re gonna stay long and they’re gonna believe in the company I’m looking at their eyes I’m seeing that they stare back at me I’m seeing how long they blink it’s really not so much about making a whole pie money probably for the first two months it’s gonna be planning it’s gonna be behind the scenes and that’s gonna be without pay I’m looking for people that I hope see kind of the dream and you know look back on this and go how isn’t that fun what we did you know what we created I have a mortgage – two sons I got a wife money’s kind of like the necessity something like this would be a great experience for me as well and watching someone you know kind of build a business from the ground up and it’d be kind of cool yeah very nice to meet you very nice yeah Armando he feels like a good fit nice to meet you yeah you too and Chris I think he’s ready to jump in with both feet it was a great start today I met some wonderful people and I’m excited to see if we can’t get to the next level with them see if they’ll make the team or not [Music] come on my way to go meet a guy named Chet who is very interested in the car I listed it for 4,500 so hopefully we can get somewhere close to there and I’m down to my last hundred dollars so listen I’m pulling up just do me a favor and hang back I don’t want him to think anything funny’s going on Chet yes what hey doing good saw you post about this yeah no well it’s 2005 okay it’s got a hundred and fifty two thousand miles on it okay and everything is running well you’re asking 4500 is there anything anything you can do it retails for about 4,800 so you know I thought 45 when it was pretty fair but you know make me an offer and I’ll see what I can do can you do 3,300 I think we could probably not 300 off how about 4,200 how about 3,400 you know you know how about if we do 3900 we’ll just call it a day can I do a test drive well of course I am desperate I need the car flip right I’m an animal in a corner injured ready to come out and fight my heart was pounding I’ve never been one that needs to shop at some fancy place it doesn’t really matter $39 it’s too much money I just need a sleeping bag I might take this looks like my type is all I need for a bed right here perfect I think I’m done that everything I need got my bedding pillow plates much were they 79 cents each a dollar ninety-nine for this hand slash what is it what’s it what’s a coat again yeah 32 thank you sir oh sweet home you know I got everything I need it got a nice comfy place to sleep so I can focus on building my business can I do a test drive of course I am desperate I need the car flip right I’m an animal in a corner injured ready to come out and fight that is a very smooth Drive yeah 3900 I’ll definitely do it I won at 4,500 but you always have to leave enough that the other person feels that they got a deal as well that is I’ve sold merchandise on the street I’ve sold tires I’ve cleaned people’s toilets all to get me to the point where I can have a little breathing room I’m on my way back now to get myself my second car so my goal for this week is $10,000 I’m gonna take the profit I made from this Honda Civic and flip it into the Escalade so tell me about this thing here it’s gonna run you 2,500 okay a couple things it’s an all-wheel drive car right so if one of these tires are bad we’ve got to go replace them all that’s probably a thousand bucks I’m buying it as is so you know I think we should look at something closer to 1200 1200 is a little low can we do 1500 got a deal the Blue Book value of it is anywhere from sixty nine hundred to 88 I’m hoping to get at least 75 hundred dollars out of it so I’m gonna go put it on my lucky street corner cross my fingers if I can get this sold I’m gonna make my ten thousand for the week [Music] [Applause] [Music] so I’m headed out to meet the people that have made the first cut to be team members we’re gonna do a bar crawl today I’ll learn who kind of stands out maybe as a leader since I don’t know the area well this is my chance to get feedback from locals on the idea and how to make this brewery stand out here in Erie and I’ve got to keep reminding myself it’s not only that I’m evaluating them but they’re probably evaluating me just as hard instill confidence if your team doesn’t believe in you you’re going nowhere so part of writing a successful business is to make sure your team believes in the vision as much as you do RJ Chris when I was working with RG last week I told him that I wanted to start a business here in Erie and he agreed to come down meet everybody and learn about it he’s someone I really want on the team good to see ya and I asked Matt Sanders to join us Matt reached out after the open interviews and here’s the background in Liquor Distribution so he could be a great asset to the team yeah the older you get you get more conservative because you’re gonna I don’t want to start over again well I thought I’m gonna start over again I mean why not I don’t know what’s gonna happen but I don’t want the nine-to-five job right now you have a dream and a vision and you go for it I want to do a brew house but also brand it and get it bigger so it can go statewide and then see if it can go bigger than that and I tell you I really couldn’t think of a better place than Eric even in the short amount of time that I’ve been here I love URI all right let’s move to the next one so I think the most important thing that we can do is make this brewery about the local underdogs the hard-working people of Erie one concern I have is okay so this guy not from here he wants to come the area starter brewery who knows nothing about brewery kind of wondering if someone is gonna be like well wait a second I could take from your market share but we’re like you know this is our town and ya want to make it work so I think that’s already got a huge advantage yeah that’s true you know you could have brought in a bunch of outside consultants like that wouldn’t have worked most the time when somebody says you know I should start this business blah blah blah and it never goes any farther and here Glen is at 55 and he’s like no we’re gonna do this you got to have respect for that and I would love to be a part of that because that’s awesome thank you all appreciate everything it’s great hearing from the team and I love their enthusiasm and they sound invested and I think they see the vision and that’s important this is going to belong to them [Music] time is not on my side I will need to find a recipe through my beer work on permitting find a location and open it I need to start moving on this now so I reached out to the lawyer today that Brian Sprague recommended Ted Zeller he was gonna give me some advice on how to open a brewery but before he talked to me he needs a thousand dollar retainer a thousand dollars out of my pocket right now it’s very hard but you know I need the advice Ted could you start me out from kind of zero and explain to me what I’m gonna need to do so before you can apply for a state or federal permit you need to have your site yeah because they don’t have the lease if you do not attach your lease with your federal app and then how long does that take to get stabilized to take 60 to 75 days if you’re lucky the federal you know back in December so processing times went from 40 days to over a hundred days and you cannot operate your brewery permit from the state without your federal license as well that’s a problem when there’s just no way you can brew your own beer under your own brewery permit for at least 90 days your no way no way no way all right well again / – alright thank you so much I am so screwed on the next episode of undercover billionaire I need to be creative and find a business where I can sell beer without a Brewers license how you doing we’re gonna make something very special what I need to know is are you with me are you with me the best way I know how to get the capital that I need real estate I’m on a different time schedule to fix this house up how fast do you want to do it six weeks Wow oh crap I know let’s see

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