দেখুন সবচে ভয়ঙ্কর বাংলাদেশী যুদ্ধবিমান | DEADLIEST Su-30SME Fighter Jet of Bangladesh Air Force

Bangladesh Air Force selected Su-30SME Flanker-C
fighter jet under its new multirole maritime combat fighter
program. In last week of February, 2017 Bangladesh�s
defense purchase establishment Directorate General of Defence Purchases (DGDP)
has issued an international tender for eight multi-role
maritime combat aircraft for Bangladesh Air Force (BAF). Which stated also option for additional four
jets too. Now let�s see, why Bangladesh Air Force
selected Su-30SME Flanker fighter jet while, out there, Mig-35D & Su-35S
were viable options? Bangladesh selects Su-30SME fighter plane,
which is the latest advanced and high performance Flanker version based
on the Su-30MKI. This is the export version of the Su-30SM
which one is being flown by the Russian Aerospace Forces itself. According to sources this �SME� version
is more advanced and have better performance than previous
Su-30 versions. Russia also offering Su-30SME to the Southeast
Asian, Middle Eastern, North African and Latin American countries. The jet is being manufactured by the Irkut
Corporation for the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), the umbrella organization which owns
Sukhoi Aircraft Company. Kazakhstan also operating twin-seat version
of Su-30SME along with Russia. This Flanker version has a complete Russian
origin avionics suit as well as can be equipped with western sub-systems
too. As the Su-30MK, MKI and other derivatives
of the same design has previous good operational records and
it is a proven fighter jet, Bangladesh wisely decided to buy Su-30SME
Flanker-C. It is an efficient, long range, deep strike
deadly fighter jet any country can afford. Now let�s see the specifications and other
special features of the Su-30SME Flanker-C fighter. Data from the Irkut Corporation & Sukhoi. Crew: 2 Weight: 17,700 kg Maximum take-off weight: 34,500 kg Normal take-off weight: 26,090 kg Fuel capacity: 9,400 kg (normally 5,270 kg) Operational range: 3,000 km at altitude & 5,600
km with aerial refuelling Combat radius: 1280 km Engine/powerplant: 2 � AL-31FP low-bypass
turbofans afterburner jet engines Which has dry thrust of 75kN & thrust with
afterburner 123kN each Maximum speed: Mach 2.0 (2,120 km/h, 1,320
mph) at altitude Operational ceiling: 18000 meters Rate of climb: 45,275 ft/min (230 m/s) Maximum g-load: +9 g Weapons & Armaments Su-30SME has an 8,000 kg of weapons payload
on its 12 hardpoints 2 wingtip AAM launch rails, 3 pylons under
each wing, 1 pylon under each engine nacelle, and 2 pylons in tandem in the “arch” between
the engines 1 30 mm caliber GSh-30-1 gun (with 150 rounds) It can carry six R-27ER, two R-27ET, or six
R-73E & six R-77 RVV-AE air-to-air missiles (including WVR & BVR) For anti-surface/sea mission SME very much
able to carry six Kh-31P/A anti-radar/ship missiles, six Kh-29T/L laser guided missiles and two
Kh-59ME air-to-surface missile/anti-ship missiles For air-to-ground mission Su-30SME has a wide
range of weapons options and previously Bangladesh Air Force was in
lack for such capabilities. Among them are six KAB 500KR, three KAB-1500KR,
eight FAB-500T, or twenty eight OFAB-250-270 It also can carry and fire nuclear weapons
too. Su-30SME got thrust vectoring control (TVC)
engine with FADEC and forward canards which makes it supermaneuverable. And air superiority and ground/surface strike
missions are can be done with true multirole capabilities
by this version of Flanker-C. The Su-30SME�s avionics suite has been upgraded
with some of those are categorized as fifth generation avionics
for fighter jet planes. This upgradation of the avionics suite of
this flanker made it more capable combat jet. Sukhoi equipped the �SME� version with the Bars multipurpose fire control radar which can scan and track fifteen targets simultaneously, able to hit four of them at the same time. An �Infrared Search & Track� or IRST and
a Laser Targeting pod has been added for target acquisition and
hit it. Complete avionics set of the
Su-30SME are Russian made and sanction free for those who can be barred from western systems
onboard. Bangladesh has no such sanctions but Armed
Forces are well known with Russian made weaponry
for long. Although new Su-30SME Flanker-C rules out
French made avionics, it features an Electro-Optical Targeting System
(EOTS) which is mated with an integrated system of a laser
inertial navigation system coupled with a helmet-mounted target designator
and satellite navigation system. Su-30SME satellite navigation system is fully
compatible with GLONASS and even with NAVSTAR platforms. This eight Super Flanker heavy fighter jet
will complete Bangladesh Air Force�s No. 8 Squadron which currently operating eight
Mig-29B/UBs. These Mig-29s are going to be upgraded very
soon and a Russian defense company tasked for the job. BAF avoid Mig-35, though it was speculated
that Bangladesh would buy it, because of the alleged incident of corruption
during acquisition process of the Mig-29s in 1999. Su-30SME is very much capable to carry out
�deep strike� missions or pre-emptive air interdiction missions into
enemy territory. For maritime surface offensive it is one of
the best choice for Air Forces around the globe. Sukhoi�s flanker series fighter jets are
the third most favorite all over the world. Bangladesh got a relatively large portion
of territorial control over Bay of Bengal and it needs to be protected for national
interests. Bangladesh Navy has ramped up its hardware
acquisition and add submarine to the force for the first
time. More warships for offshore and coastal defense
has been bought and being built domestically. Besides navy, Bangladesh Air Force will conduct
aerial offensive if needed over the territorial water body
to support the navy. Surely this acquisition will enhance Bangladesh
Air Force�s capabilities to a new height. Mig-29s are going to be upgraded to the latest standard with new avionics package, which will complement the Su-30SMEs. BAF also kept an option for four additional
fighters, for this why experts believe if the economic
condition allows Bangladesh
will buy the additional ones in near future. Previously Bangladesh bought 16 Yak-130 advanced
lead-in fighter trainer jets cum light attack aircraft from Russia to train
Bangladeshi fighter pilots which are serving along with
Sino-Pak K-8W Karakorum and Czech Aero L-39ZA intermediate jet trainers.

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  • bangladesh need more modern air craft to strong our air force recently burma buy 16 jf 17 from pakistan.this is real threat for our nation.

  • su 30 sme ke mig 29 squadron er modhe ontorvuktoo kore ekoi squadron bola sothik noi…….karon mig 29 holo light fighter aircraft. …….su 30 sme holo heavy multirole fighter aircraft. …….shadharonoto ekta airforce e 3/three dhoron er multirole fighter aircraft dara shojitoo thake. …..jemon light, medium & havey multirole fighter aircraft. ……light aircraft holo mig 29…….medium aircraft holo mig 35 & su 30 abong 35 holo heavy multirole fighter aircraft. …..shutorang su 30 sme, bortomun bangladesh airforce er mig 29 squadron er ontorvuktoo noi………eta hobe notun squadron. …….mig 29 squadron purnoo kora hobe mig 29 m/m2 diye. …..ja bangladesh airforce er plane e royeche. …….su 30 sme hobe maritime squadron, arekte maritime squadron kena hobe lebukhali baje er jonno …..ja su 30 sme ba su 35s hothe pare. ……

  • India na thakle to freedom pati na… seta kno vula jas…r hospital ar dorkar hole to India te asis..China ta ja nahole Pakistan a ja…ra India na thakle more jeti sob….. son tora India r bal ar o joggo na…switch tip lai tor des map thake clear hoa jabe…. India is the 4th superpower of our world…. muta dila vese jabi… todar ki okad ache j India r name kotha bolis….fuckofffffff

  • But Bangladesh has no one sukhoi jet they have mig 29 and other is Chengdu J-7. this is a false video

  • Su 30 SM is a Russian localised version of India's version of Su 30MKI. SME is the export version of SM. 8 units of this is not going to impact India. Even the Aircraft Carrier carries more fighters in it's deck

  • Ammadar dashar jonno aro yadhonik fitar 4++ ar muoto fitar kina proujon..minimam 1500 Fitar..ar moddha500 aittak halikaptar thakba…are…aittak fitar..thakba 1000.. karon ammadar countre jatha india nd pak…aney other.s country er upor nirvor korta na hoi…ammadar dashar ja prakitek khoneg asa ta rokkha korar jonno proujon

  • Su৩৫ হলে অনেক ভালো হতো।এগুলো কবে নাগাদ দেশে আসবে।

  • বাংলাদেশ এ আকাশ প্রতিরক্ষার জন্য 12 পিচ রাশিয়ান S 400 হলে ভালো ও শক্তিশালী হতো

  • OMG রাশিয়ার S 400 এত মূল্যবান জানতাম না। তাহলে আমাদের দেশে এই আধুনিক প্রযুক্তি আনা অসম্ভব ?
    400,000,000 USD = 32,268,000,000.00 BDT

  • Thank.s bangladesh govamant ka arokom fitar kinar jonno….and wellcome bangladesh airforios ka arokom strong fitar add hoare jonno….long live bangladesh..

  • ভাই এটাক বিমান এবং পাইটার বিমান এর মধে প্যাথক কি এই সমপকে একটি ভিড়িও দেন

  • bujlam na su35 kenar option thakle keno su30 kintese cause india ar 230+ su30 ase amader uchit silo 12ta su30 na kine 8ta su35 kena

  • excellent.সুখয় সুপারসনিক এর জন্য বাংলাদেশের প্রধানমুন্ত্রিকে অভিন্দন ও শুভেচ্ছা রইল।ধন্যবাদ।

  • Defense Update Bangladesh vi, su 30 sme hocche su 30 sm ar export version. tar mane ai noy je ata asole su 30 sm ar downgraded version?

  • Bd airforce have some toys and they r no match to even myanmar……..8 new fighter jet doesn't make any difference………

  • My Question , Is Bangladesh acquiring the Su 30 SME fighter Aircraft from India or from Russia .I think these Su 30 SME fighter Aircraft are Russian but built or made in India .

  • আমার বাংলাদেশে তোমাকে হাজারো ছালাম আমরা প্রিয়ও বাংলাদেশে

  • sotti bolte amader defence onek durbol. and politics er jonno amra sobsomoi backdated fighters kini onek high price e cause amader politicians ra taka marte pare…]

  • এই ঘোড়ার বিচি কিনা কি লাভ । পরে মিসাইল কিনব কি দিয়া VAT দিয়া ?

  • nice. but bangladesh air force need su 35. because, now india, china, pakistan, every country order su 35 from russia. so we can,t get air power with su 30 against nearest country.

  • এই পর্যন্ত দেখলাম না বাংলাদেশের কোন বিমানকে মিসাইল ফায়ার করতে ৷ শুধু বিমান ই কিনছে ৷ মিসাইল নাই ৷ ভাইজানে কি বিমান ফ্যাক্টরীর মালিক৷ বাংলা ডাবিং কইরা আমাগ এত জ্ঞান দিতাছেন মাগনা ৷ আমনের কতা কেউ বুঝতাছে না কামে লাগতাছে ৷

  • I'm confused bangladesh asola kon biman kinba mig 35, su 35, su 30. Karon ai bisoyta niya onaka onak rokom news dicha. Please aktu confirm korban.

  • ভাই শুধু শুনেই যাচ্ছি । কিন্তু কিছুই হচ্ছে না।

  • বাংলাদেশ su30sme কটা কিনবে বলুনতো? বাংলাদেশের ছেলেরা জেভাবে ভারতের বিরুদ্ধে গালা গাল করে কমেনট করেছে মনে হচ্ছে বাংলাদেশ এক সাথে 200টা F22 রাপটার, 20টা সাবমেরিন ,s400 মিসাইল,5000 হাজার টেংক ওয়াডার করেছে , আরও মনে হচ্ছে 100টা পরমানু হাতিয়ার বানিয়েছে বাংলাদেশ ।

  • I pray for Bangladesh Air Force for its further strength to perform its role in the prosperity of Bangladesh, Insha Allah soon Bangladesh Air Force with the help of Chinese and Russian friends will be able to challenge its unfaithful neighbors like India and Myanmar and will get its due economic share in sea, air and on land.

  • su30mki a bromhos missile chore….. ki kore apnara su30z er tulona kirchen. India nijer dorkar moto kore baniache…

  • বাংলাদেশ তাদের বিমান-বাহিনির ক্ষমতা বৃদ্দী করতে হোলে, অবশ্যই তুরস্কের, পাকিস্তান, রাশিয়া, ইরান ও মিসরের সাথে প্রতিরক্ষা চুক্তি করা আবশ্যক। আর সেই সাথে ভারতের সাথে প্রতিরক্ষা চুক্তি সমূহ সীথিল, অথবা প্রয়োজন-বোধে পুরোপুরি বাতিল করতে হবে..

  • ২০৩০ বাস্তবায়নে জন্য, Rotter 22,F-35 এগুলো প্রয়োজন।এগুলো su-35 mic-29 থেকে ওনেক উন্নত মানের।

  • ভাল জিনিস! আরো উন্নতমানের প্রযুক্তি চাই। বর্তমান বিশ্বের সাথে তাল রেখে সবচেয়ে বেস্ট কেনাই ভাল। আর অদূর ভবিষ্যতে নিজ ইন্জিনিয়ার দিয়েই যুদ্ধ বিমান তৈরি করা চাই। যেহেতু ওভারহলিং নিজ দেশেই হচ্ছে।

  • I come from a defense background and i can say one thing
    Su 30mki is the best Variant of su 30
    and Su 30 SME is also good but with Russian avionics
    where as Su 30mki has avionics of India ,France and Israel
    India ,France and Israel
    make one of the best avionics along with other western countries
    something which Russia and China lacks in comparison with them
    (though china makes better Avionics than India)
    but over all one thing can be said by comparing these two flanker variants that Su 30 mki is marginally better than its counterpart
    Su30 SME would be best for Bangladesh
    its better than any other jets like Mig35 or other Chinese jets

  • Mr admin Su30 mki is far better than Su,30sme. Recently Bramosh supersonic cruise missile has been integrated in Su30 mki by DRDO of India & make it more furious .

  • india ra bangladesh thke onk kisu seksi ai defence site thake …karon arkm kno defance site amr jana mothe nai…ora jantho plan faka thake kina…dekben opotidin onk indian bangali ase sudu janar jinno.. amraa tader gan pori di barassi…

  • আচ্ছালামুয়ালাকুম ভাই. J 10 C মিয়ানমারের 17 এর উপরে একটি ভিডিও বানান দুটির খমতা কত।

  • SU 35 কিনতে বলেন আর T 50 আর SU 57 আর চাইনার J20 আর J31 কিনতে বলেন

  • সবচে বানান ভুল। সবচেয়ে।আরো অনেক ভুল আপনার ভিডিওতে পাওয়া যায়।

  • আমিতো শুনেছি বাংলাদেশ ভারত হতে মিরাজ ও তেজস কিনছে

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