34 thoughts on “● Elle & Campbell || She will always hate me [The Society]

  • i shipped in the beginning but towards the end i was disgusting at campbell’s actions. it turned toxic and elle was obviously scared to break up with him because of what he’s capable with. 🙁

  • I was literally on netflix and open this serie to read the summary! But then i close it . Can someone talk me about this show?

  • oh my god i didn't know someone already used the song for them, otherwise i wouldn't have used it for my elle/campbell edit, yours is perfect and really shows how abusive their relationship is!

  • I want Gordie or Harry to be with Elle not only because of what Harry had experienced with Campbell, with the result of addiction and manipulation on Harry's part, and Gordie for the loss of Cassandra. But for Elle to find great happiness and escape abuse.

  • I hate campbell as a person, but love him as a character. I don't want him to die because it is interesting to watch him

  • The actors who play Elle and Campbell are great and very talented, they have a kind of chemistry (even if I know that the relationship of the characters is toxic I mean the actors) just look at their instagram pictures where they're together, they're so cute ^_^

  • I can't ship them knowing how much he abused her physically and mentally. She's scared of him all the time… I hope she finds her true happiness on season 2

  • This video is not about shipping them, its about their toxic and abusive relationship. The person that made this video does not ship them. This video is made to show what their relationship is like.

  • omg this is disgusting, how can you shipp an abuse relationship?? he is so bad for her, she deserves so much more

  • okay so everyone is saying that he is abusive and YES, totally agree.
    but did anybody else notice that in the very end when she sat at the piano and he came home it seemed like they had it all planned out? like after she tried to poison him, he basically said that they are the same so what if they made up this whole plan?

  • I think this video being created and the responses of some people saying they ship it, shows just how much young women are conditioned to confuse obsession with love. Just because someone is obsessed with you and won’t leave you alone doesn’t equal real love. And I hope women and girls on here who ‘ship’ this, truly take some to reflect on this.

  • Lol why would anyone ship them. He's a psychopath. He doesn't love her or feel anything for her. He's crazy and abusive wtf guys

  • Campbell emotionally and physically abused her, DROWNED her because she made friends, this isn't just a toxic relationship its abusive and disgusting. She's scared sh*tless that he'll hurt or even kill her, she fears for her life, that isn't and shouldn't be ship worthy material..

  • Can’t believe the people in the comments that ship them??? He drowned her, hits her, emotionally abuses her and threatened to kill Helena if she didn’t come back to him?

  • No hate or anything cause I love love love your videos but this… just ain’t it. They are the most toxic couple and it’s honestly disgusting to watch

  • this entire relationship is toxic af. thats it. I don't ship it, and im glad that elle got out of there before he hurt her even more.

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