★ Am I partnered with Freedom!?

how can I check if I’m partnered with freedom just go to your video manager and then channel settings and then right there you’ll see the name of the network that you are partnered with it should read NC n freedom any TV limited if your account is not in good standing we cannot partner you so clear up any copyright strikes or issues so that your account comes back into good standing also if you have a disabled adsense account that will prevent us from partnering your channel make sure you have a healthy adsense account and if you’ve disabled it just re-enable it and apply for partnership to see how to get your channel verified click the first video to see George get punished click the second video I hope you found this video helpful my name is george founder of freedom and we have so many good things for you xsplit music and a lot of other cool things that will help you grow on youtube check us out at www.imtcva.org your secrets if you really look at yourself you will be speechless what happened to being doctors and teachers what happened to being your brother’s keeper nowadays

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