★ Freedom! branding kit required?

do I need to use the freedom intro in all of my videos if I'm a freedom partner and where do I get the freedom intro no if we forced you to use the freedom intro we wouldn't be calling this freedom now would we you can choose to use the freedom intro if you want to of course we encourage it and to get the freedom intro go to WWE IM TM / branding that will take you to the page where you can get the logo the intro and cards and a bunch of other things from freedom this is the freedom FAQ to get more questions answered click here that I will take you to the new freedom FAQ playlist where you can get everything answered in video Who am I I am George CEO and founder of freedom and I hope you enjoy what we are building for you take care it's idea and we will grow together as a family because this is the freedom family you are part of it we are all part of it and we're all growing together so grow with us and partner with freedom that play Now button right there on the video bar is all you need to click to get started your secrets if you really look at yourself you will be speechless what happened to being doctors and teachers what happened to being your brother's keeper now

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