★ Freedom! pays EARLIER than everyone on YouTube

freedom pays earlier than everybody else starting next month March 2019 here’s how it works for your February revenue we will pay you on March 18th three to eight days later is when everyone gets paid by YouTube Adsense [Music] it’s about getting paid earlier yeah really we’re gonna pay you before everyone else twelve to twenty eight days later is when everyone gets paid by other MC NS for their February revenue we are moving our payments up because in the past we were paying at the end of March for your February revenue now we’re paying you on March 18th that’s because that’s the earliest we get the YouTube finalized earnings so we know how much to pay you note we have an even earlier payment option called instant payment slow that should not come up where you can get paid sixty days earlier than everybody else using your YouTube analytics estimated earnings as a basis to get paid click that I to learn all about instant payments in case you didn’t know wait for what Abby we’re wasting time in this video and you can get them approved for your account enabled by emailing support at freedom tm-1 obvious question is if YouTube Adsense pays on March 21st how is it that freedom can pay on March 18th well because we’re paying before YouTube pays us we actually have money set aside that allows us to pay you three to eight days before we actually get paid and that’s called a factoring loan if you’re curious a factoring loan is where we pay a small amount of interest to have money before we get paid from YouTube set aside so we can pay you earlier why are we doing this because many of you have said you want to get paid earlier and now I believe we can honestly say freedom pays earlier than everybody else every MCN even YouTube itself but and there is one but we charge three percent for this payment the reason we charge a three percent fee is as I mentioned we have to pay an interest fee in order to do the factoring loan to have money set aside to pay you before we get paid don’t want to pay that three percent no problem you can just choose regular payments that are not early and you get charged zero percent then instead of getting paid on march 18th in February you would get paid in 30 days on April 18th for your February revenue that’s how you can choose a completely 0% fee payment if you don’t need the money that early hope this helps now we actually get paid by YouTube closer to the end of the month because we don’t get paid by Adsense we get paid using a different mechanism but that’s a different story tell me what you think about this early payment down there in the comments below we’d love to hear your thoughts about getting paid earlier than everybody else and what else can we do to help you grow faster to help you build your career in this digital world tell us down there in the comments below and that is our mission really roll it [Music] one tip to grow faster is always keep your promises I made a promise to make 15 videos for your freedom family here is five of my 15 videos that I’ve promised click that I to see the playlist what you see behind me of the YouTube music checkbox of the we upgraded video get paid 60 days before everybody else managed CMS vs affiliates CMS what’s the difference and our new Dubai house join us in Dubai update we decided to rent that house it is now official we will be moving in on April 2nd 2019 which is in about five weeks to this house to this house right here this is the backyard and I give you a complete walkthrough in the video in that playlist check it out and if you’re visiting Dubai tell me I will happily host you in our house it’s a 3-bedroom you’re welcome to have the third as a guest to sleep and get to know us get to know our kids and so we can get to know you just let us know if you’re in Dubai we’d love to host you this is in Jumeirah Park which is right next to school and shopping centre so if you’re hungry we could just run out and get some bananas or some chicken how many of you are interested in the whole Dubai experience you know it’s a zero percent income tax environment so you save on taxes and it’s an adventure click that I to see all the videos I made about my experience in Dubai I’m the guinea pig I’m the first freedom member who’s moved to Dubai to take advantage of the low taxes as well as the adventure I just mentioned alright freedom family I am Jorge fight no stop rewind Who am I I am your Papa George you’re George son ty you’re obi-wan George no B and many other names you the beautiful freedom family has given me I am the CEO and founder that’s been a long time guys five years we just celebrated our fifth anniversary as a Youtube MCN called freedom in december we started December 2013 so I’m the CEO and founder of freedom for freedom and the freedom family America’s Got Talent watch out I may be there you know first rejection keep safe until my next episode to get to that 15 video promise I’m George and you’ve been watching and it’s 12 to 28 days earlier than other MC ends which may pay you up to mid-april avi we’re talking about something important here getting paid early ivn to subscribe okay you have a shameless plug to talk about your channel avi under has a YouTube channel click that eye to see it and subscribe to it it’s a Minecraft focused channel happy look you’re creating some other it is now it’s gone there was some fuzz from the green screen click that I to partner with freedom and join the freedom family so we can all grow together you get many perks like position music you also get epidemic sound a lot of other access to royalty free videos sponsorships and many things too you grow just click the links down there in the description below to get involved in our community our forums our discord chat servers meet our graphics team meet our community team all of that on discord and the forums what are you waiting for get started and we will grow together as a family because this is the freedom family you are part of it we are all part of it and we’re all growing together to get more Jorge click that big F that will subscribe you to freedom central home of the George show and PewDiePie gave one of you freedom family a big shout out click that video to see the shout out and to see our new 3d sense for you and click that video to see what YouTube recommends you watch next

45 thoughts on “★ Freedom! pays EARLIER than everyone on YouTube

  • 0:14 – 1:06 – 6:21 – All Aviendha appearances!

    0:47 – Get paid even earlier based on YouTube Analytics, up to 60 days BEFORE everyone else

    1:24 – If YouTube pays on Mar 21, how can Freedom! pay on Mar 18? – George answers

    2:51 – YouTube pays Freedom! not by AdSense, but a different way

    3:35 – One tip: always keep your promises as George is keeping his promise

    4:01 – New Dubai house for George! – We are moving in Apr 2, 2019

    Freedom! now pays 12-28 days earlier than all other MCNs and 3-8 days earlier than YouTube itself.

    Feb 2019 revenue breakdown:

    – Mar 18 is when Freedom! pays

    – Mar 21-26 is when YouTube AdSense pays

    – Mar 30-Apr 15 is when other MCNs pay

    Mar 2019 revenue breakdown:

    – Apr 18 is when Freedom! pays

    – Apr 21-26 is when YouTube AdSense pays

    – Apr 30-May 15 is when other MCNs pay

    And so on.

    You can also get paid up to 60 days BEFORE everyone else with Freedom! Instant Payments based on your YouTube Analytics estimated earnings.

    Learn more ➜ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtGIX-fBMf4&list=PLxLYo5_7D3SdgAFYzYETPDDVBt6DRqVE0

  • This is awesome, I’m glad I joined freedom. I’d love to see other payment options besides PayPal but I’m happy with how it is now

  • I got my channel ready for invitation on the F! Dashboard and it's up to YouTube to accept my in their YPP (:
    I'm ready lol

  • Thank You George, The Wifeyish person says that she sees a lift in my spirits when I hear the Obi Wan Georgenobi… see says it improves my attitude for about 2 days… So is there anyone who is focused on audio only platforms like Anchor

  • alos que entiendan español aca les dejare el link de beneficio es un paso que tengo que hacer

  • Congratulations for your move to Dubai, that's awsome , I have a small new YouTube channel and d like to know more about Freedom and how it works ,

  • I have a question. It says I was accepted in a email. Was a video link saying click the "learn more" button and basically accept it. But I don't see the learn more button. What should I do?

  • Sir ,i have 25k Subscribers and total views in my channel is more then 3.5M ..and i got 2k views in overrall in my all vieos but my monitization is not enabled..Can i join Freedom MCN..?

  • I am a bit confused. Do I have to be a youtube partner with AdSense income in order to even get paid by networks like freedom? Or is it an ALTERNATIVE to the youtube partner program?

  • Ok please let me get this straight (i am not only talking about Freedom but any network).

    I thought, that networks were an alternative to the youtube partnership, especially for smaller channels that dont meet the youtube requirement for ads (right now: 1k subs, 4k hours of view time). I thought tat networks were the only way for channels who dont meet YTs requirements to make money through ads on their videos.

    However I always read or hear that you already have to be monetized my youtube to apply for a network. Is it right? In that case it wouldnt make any sense, since I would already be monetized by AdSense.

  • How many days freedom take to review channel. I am waitung for 10 days. No mail or firther notification yet received

  • um so this is an automatic thing? how we pay 3% out of the blue without us saying yes or no to it in the 1st place?

  • 5:40 I just reached my 5th year in May. Though youtube now tells me it's only been a couple months since I apparently got moved to a different part of freedom randomly.

  • ahhh….I am not downloading your dashboard….why should I have to install software on my pc to use Freedom?

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