★ Payoneer is here for you, Freedom! Family

Payoneer is here a new way for you to get paid freedom family in addition to PayPal and wire transfer if you request pay in the air we will send you a link like this which will take you to a page where you can create your Payoneer account or sign in with your existing one by clicking here and then you can log in with your existing account here is my Payoneer account behind me the key is this customer ID that is what you need to send to us by emailing support at Freedom TM this customer ID and that will allow us to send you the invitation Payoneer does not allow us to create your account ourselves we can only send you an invitation and you need to accept it in order for us to pay you after you do then under activity funding sources and your Payoneer account you will see this shiny freedom Family Limited which means you have successfully linked to your account and we can now pay you by Payoneer why would you want to get paid by Payoneer well some of you can’t receive PayPal payments like in mainland China like in Turkey like in Pakistan and a few other countries in the world some of you prefer to receive money by Payoneer and we’ve had a lot of requests which is why we’ve just today implemented the Payoneer integration it is not present in the dashboard yet we’re still working on that maybe it’ll be ready next month but right now if you email us that information we can start paying you by Payoneer starting next month what do you think of Payoneer freedom family tell us down there in the comments below your experiences with this platform because I imagine many of you maybe have never heard of Payoneer oh that was one of my daughter’s sneaking in behind me share your experiences so we can all help each other grow together as a family the freedom family that is the spirit of freedom any other best practices that you have regarding Payoneer or PayPal or any kind of payment method share them with us down there in the comments below speaking of money did you know that defy media raised seventy million US dollars to accelerate their original programming back in 2016 I mentioned this because there is sad news yesterday that defy media closed its doors they are laying off all of their los angeles-based employees and this article which is linked down there in the description below gives you all the details even in this yesterday’s article they pointed out that defi was the result of a 2013 merger between alloy digital and break media and they raised the seventy million in 2016 to aggressively expand programming and suddenly surprisingly out of the blue I didn’t see this coming why did defi media fail there’s another article from Variety Hayami there’s another article from variety that makes a quote unfortunately market conditions got in the way of us completing our mission us sadly as specific as I could find as to a reason as to the reason of why they decided to end their business so a VN da has brought a chair here so she can stand up and look taller than daddy he is my 9 year old girl who likes to pop in once in a while for these videos I hope you like her guest appearances it’s a freedom family tell me down there in the comments below what you think of this defy media closing its doors do you know about defy media did you know about Smosh I’d love to hear your perspective because as I said this was a surprise to me and I’d love to understand what went wrong with their 70 million dollar raise two years ago that led to essentially shutting down the company [Music] what do you think Abby and you watch Smosh okay in helping you build your career in YouTube we need to offer more payment options like we just started with Payoneer we will be offering more in the future but for now happy how do you get paid on YouTube so Abby has a small channel of her own with 200 subscribers she doesn’t make any money yet because she hasn’t reached the 4 K 1 K rule which means she can’t monetize her videos right having monetize means make money did you know you need at least a thousand subscribers to make money on YouTube ok click that I in case you don’t know about the 4 K 1 K rule that’s the video where I talked about when it first came about the introduction of this rule earlier this year and we will promote it perhaps on the next episode of the George show right alright freedom family Who am I I am your Papa George your George son ty you’re obi-wan George Nobby hmm and many other names new the beautiful freedom family has given me I am the CEO and founder of freedom and father of this girl our own mother of dragons also known as Daenerys this is Daenerys is a news not Daenerys Stormborn CAG and we also have Eve the news here are seven year old and it’s the big family the funny face by Daenerys what do you got there tears it’s like some toy companies all right girls let me finish this video okay [Music] everyone be safe and you been watching click that I to partner with freedom and join the freedom family so we can all grow together you get many perks like position music you also get epidemic sound a lot of other access to royalty-free videos sponsorships and many things to help you grow just click the links down there in the description below to get involved in our community our forums our discord chat servers meet our graphics team meet our community team all of that on discord and the forums what are you waiting for get started and we will grow together as a family because this is the freedom family you are part of it we are all part of it and we’re all growing together to get more George click that big F that will subscribe you to freedom central home of the George show and PewDiePie gave one of you freedom family a big shout out click that video to see the shout out and to see our new 3d sets for you and click that video to see what YouTube recommends you watch next

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