★ When do I get paid by Freedom!?

when do I get paid by Freda we pay you monthly but the first payment comes two months after you join so if you joined in April expect your first payment in June if you joined in March last month expect your payments in May and then June and then every month after that guys on our dashboard you can see the link when will I get paid click it if you forget and you also see all the payments that you’re owed when you’re owed them and when they get paid did you notice this guy got two payments in march 31st for both December and January well that’s because he forgot to give us his paypal email address before payments went out in February for December earnings and this is called a catch-up payment so if you give us your paypal email address late don’t worry you will get all the money owed to you in the next month’s payment if there are any problems email freedom at support dot TM the link is down there in the description and they will be happy to help this is a very common question when will I get paid and I hope this video answers it even for networks you can see they also get paid at the same schedule but they get paid as a percentage of the channels in their network and don’t worry being part of a network powered by freedom doesn’t take any earnings away from you it just we split our share with the network because they’re doing part of our job half of our job so we share half of our profits with the networks and if you want to become a network click the link down there in the video description we are always looking for good professional young entrepreneurs who want to build a business and a brand around partnering and supporting them and helping them grow so if you want to start your own mini freedom which may turn into a major freedom click the link below and apply as a network let that CV growing together and click that plane out like that play now learn play now buys on our website and partner with freedom click the first video to see George turn to the dark side or at least wear a dark shirt and the 21 designers are now available for you to design anything you need for any freedom partner and click the second video to see how to make better comments using bold and italics so that your comments stand out more and you get more views till next time guys you’ve been watching your secrets if you really look at yourself you will be speechless what happened to being doctors and teachers what happened to being your brother’s keeper nowadays

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