✩THRIFT WITH ME // goodwill✩ (EP. 1)

hey there guys so right now I'm in the parking lot of goodwill and on the way in here I did not hit the huge pothole I hit it like every time so that's how I know it's gonna be a good day anyway today I'm doing a thrift with me video you guys have really requested this so if you did request it or if you just like videos like this give it a thumbs up to subscribe if you're new here and let's go in to Goodwill look at my cute shoes I'm styling today dancing heading into my home or my second home I guess how sad oh these are so soft maybe therefore like a five-year-old pretty sure I had those in fourth grade that was my style when you're athletic changes over time just a bit honestly these are kind of cool but I bought pants like this actually at this store not too long ago sir pick this font reminded me of Calvin Klein's so I saw it from right here oh not like that so I saw it from right here was like Calvin Klein mmm nope role model and talent City shirt oh I love this song so much I don't know it just makes me so happy hand clap by Fitz and the Tantrums listen to it okay round one of items are right here okay this is low-key like everything I already own but it's this Christopher and banks t-shirt and I really like it it's a size large but it's not all too big I'm normally like a small medium so I feel okay more stripes please don't hate me but this is can totally see that an olive and black stripy shirt from Dress Barn and this is super oversized as you can see but I really like it I could work the bed or just a lounging around with leggings any of that this is just so comfy I want to like lounge around I want to just leave this on honestly it's okay so this yellow t-shirt and I actually tied it up and it's a little big I have no idea what this is but it's just kind of 7news ha and I I don't know why I just really really like this so gonna get this okay back through this I'm really excited to show you guys I'm just lucky so this is an oversized pullover but luck sorry I make that sound too much I just got really excited but I like this a lot it's really really comfortable and just cute in general but you know that adds to it I don't know if I'll end up keeping this or not because I have a lot of polymers and stuff like that but I think it could sell for a pretty good amount because Calvin Klein does really well and it's just thank you like gonna do some alright this last item I don't think I'm gonna get it's just this black or that's called racer back Tom I feel like it's just kind of under flattering in my opinion and the biggest issue with this okay look at the UM arm thing it goes up too high and getting this little pocket of arm fat which I know what everyone has I don't know it's just excessively tight under there and makes it pretty dang uncomfortable so won't be bringing this one home this is pretty tight though so I feel like it has a very body suit look when it's tuck in which I mean we all like but those are not it's getting hot in here I spent ten seventy and I got all this stuff I tried on in the kerosene room – that one tank top I'm pretty sure they were having a 50% off day wait let me check my receipt and see what it says I'm sure this I guess not I guess it was just shaped this is exactly why I love good well like I got a Calvin Klein shirt another cute t-shirt wait I think I got three t-shirts plus the Calvin Klein for 1070 this lady was talking on her phone and just walked in front of me and she saw me talking to myself and like took a double take so yeah guys I hope you enjoyed this vlog I think I'm gonna go home and drink some iced tea because I need it I'm sweating a ton if you've never gone through thing before I would totally recommend it I have a thrifting tips video if you haven't checked that out you can watch it all the link down below but yeah I would recommend that everyone go thrifting at some point it's just like the deals here's some good comment down below if you want another video like this or if you want more thrift hauls or honestly any video ideas that you want to see also please give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it subscribe if you're new here pressing notification Bell to turn on my notifications I know never could I guess that's what happens check out my social media if you would like to and I'll see you all next time bye the Empress

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