Good evening everyone is YY News Yamazaki Today is Friday 29th November 2019 Sorry for the delay of about 1 hour and 16 minutes because it was 9:46 on the night of Japan time. Today ’s main theme, but I ’m up in this comment The society where we live now is a superfinancial capitalist society, the final stage of capitalism In the history of humanity, we ’re all number 1 What stage do you live in? This is a pretty bird’s-eye view It ’s necessary to do today ’s Friday broadcast. I think I want to get started. First, it ’s Thursday, yesterday as the latest news. The main theme of yy news live on Thursday yesterday What is the basic policy and society that our citizen revolution government aims for? This is the cover of this YouTube cover I wrote It is one of the basic policies aimed at establishing a civil revolution It ’s okay, I ’m drawn by the Statue of Liberty Revolutionary movement And that ’s the number of viewers at the moment TwitCast has 351 people, so youtube It ’s rare, but it ’s probably 3 weeks off. I think it’s less, but I think it will recover soon. 292 people It ’s 643 people together. And a next time, we announced yesterday, but tomorrow Saturday November 30th, 5th 5pm will hold the 25th roots study meeting. On YY news live It ’s a live broadcast, and the theme is n’t just one theme. When each panelist first proposes a unique theme After that, it is a form of discussion with everyone, so it is the theme of each panelist, but Motoyasu Amano Whether to become Facebook virtual currency vibrato 罠 scheduled to start in 2020 So, Keiko Otsu What is the Emperor System that stops Japanese people from thinking? And then, Mr. Mitsutada, what is the inconvenience of expression that is being asked now? And I am taxing a financial economy that is dozens of times larger than the real economy and ending the agency financial capitalism Ou’s theme is that civil revolution is now essential and necessary worldwide So, if you have time, we will start the live event tomorrow at 5pm. Please watch and spread information to And today’s image, there are 3 images of today, and one is well at the top of today’s topics I picked up an article from the Tokyo Shimbun, but it’s a chart published in that article. This is an article saying lok 12 trillion yen with 3 companies such as Agricultural & Forestry Chukinkin This is a new article on November 27th in Tokyo It sounds like yesterday and it’s a derivative financial product like 4 lo I don’t know what it is. I’m talking about loan-backed securities. So this clo mechanism is similar to the related product of subprime mortgage that caused good man shock in 2008 The Bank of Japan has compiled a bill to encourage attention to risk due to concerns about price drops depending on the US economy. So if you say something like this clo this is Financial investment bank or securities company clo Well, here’s an abbreviation for loan-backed securities and securities issued by a corporate institution that bundles loans for multiple companies. Many financial institutions in the United States have gathered opinions of US companies and some of them are purchased by Japanese financial institutions That ’s why US financial institutions I’ll lend it to a US company I’m lucky to bundle this together And the sub-prime is also a line product derivative financial product for the time of mortgage at the time of loan Dozens of the same Reconstruction into one package It ’s that you do n’t know what ’s inside. So-called 3 units Rating company all 5 years old Russian well Being under the control of the international financial mafia The world’s largest shell company I gave it the highest rating, but I don’t know the only content I mean, the company that hides Oh has given the highest rating again I’m a monk, a global financial institution or individual investor fund manager At last, it was developed, and it burst. It ’s just like this clo. If you do not know the contents well, financial institutions use Ron that they lent without permission and dozens of bundles Put it in one package and put it out just for that New Year What do you say? A shop that writes well I don’t know what the contents are in the form of a lucky clothes, but 30,000 yen is worth 60,000 yen That ’s why the abdomen of Future Day buys the contents. Since there is a lot of trust in the store, it is worth over 30,000 yen I put valuable products inside, but this cl understand the sidewalk etc. It ’s the worst, but there ’s a so-called Yuryo bond I also have bad debts and I do n’t know what will happen In the case of a subprime loan Mortgage loans that cannot be lent as paid lenders The first 3 years and 5 years are low interest rates because they are open to low-income people. And because house prices are rising, low interest rates Where the term ends in 3 years Sell ​​the house you bought It was possible to pay Ron Those who can’t do that, after 3 years Of course, the burden of interest is heavy because it must be attached. The subprime loan is that the monthly repayment is delayed It was the beginning of the bubble collapse, so this 4 lo has exactly the same process. That’s why American financial institutions are doing the same thing. That’s why it’s a basic image, but this article at that time Whether it came out or not Print the figure and get it I’ll forget it from time to time. Yeah, if you bought Agricultural & Forestry Money back to 12 trillion yen That’s what you mean Was n’t it? Here I ’m sorry, there ’s still a gap of 3 weeks off Because there is I can leak. This is somewhere I have to come out Is it okay if it snows like this? I’m going to print it for now. It may be small The BOJ can catch the management warning. This is a small priced car The investment balance of this clo was a Japanese financial institution, so it was 7 points 1 trillion yen in the next round 17 years 2018 is 12.710 yen That ’s why it ’s the reason why it soared after all Commuter Lee In the state that Izaya can not earn If you are working on a dangerous financial product with a guaranteed high interest rate That’s what you mean This is the first And First
Then the second is from next week in Spain’s Belvalro Selona You say cup 25, right? Against climate change World threat World conference to discuss production climate change measures International conference starts and knows how to implement effective climate change for each country in the world That ’s why in Tokyo, it ’s also started in the world home movement. Wintering like this Maneuvering is West Buzzer Planet you
It is said that he gave a demonstration like a placard by picking up something. This is an fp article The third image of the crow’s third cancer In Hong Kong like this flash mob Hong Kong ’s example of being angry University of Science or Technology or Hong Kong University of Science and Technology I said that I was standing up and fighting thoroughly I ’m an incense master. I mean the police are in there. Even so-called flash mobs that protest this That’s the reason for the increased eyes It ’s a sudden high school student like this It ’s a photo of protesting Today we have 3 images today Edo Ishimori’s Yasuhiko Yamazaki-style Ashikoshishishi is surprising news live From Ishimori-san, thank you for delivering love and crows Yeah What is this pan It ’s the same as the dark pot and Mirabe. It ’s a pure one Unemployment income interest rate where money is monopolized by the bank and the rich The battle of liberation from financial domination and the lawless society in Japan and the United States is the battle of liberation from judicial domination after the political society is completed. That ’s why I went to winter. Mr. Yamazaki’s cast is means 1 line 1 and 1 line comment because it is the first time to see for the first time If there is an act of vandalism, the purpose of this ban and this Cass is to spread and share information. It ’s that note every time. Originally Mr. Cub-san sent me Every time I’m very grateful for the ups. The society where we live now is a super-financial capitalist society, the final stage of capitalism bye bye news live The applause from Conti now Thanks for the delivery, push up 23 of them Thank you for the bup heaven god calculation Conti Japan Ichitsuyama 13 The current Bonnie piece, the pointer to the basis of the calculation, and before today’s broadcast it is a little closer to the sand Shim Eun Kyung won the Best Newcomer Award at the tama cinema forum in Japan It ’s Hankyore ’s article. Seeing the cherry blossoms, Uyama Varnish is a must-see for 400m in front of the official residence. Thank you for your hard work-crow first of all with a nhk stay From Jiro Motozawa’s Japanese landscape 35008 times from Ryusaku Tanaka Journal Hong Kong It seems that after entering the studio, I entered the campus of the University of Science and Technology. Washington never betrayed himself, what does this mean? January and November people 10 minutes date Kayuka-san, there are two coins, thank you 4 I will upload it so far The cover of yesterday’s main theme Since then, 600 claimants 43m Wooun And then tomorrow’s 25th Sixth Woman Cat Study Meeting yy news live theme Temisumi and my theme It ’s an image of an iron bridge. I can enter all three -6 so it’s a little impossible I’ll do the second Today’s attention information, but this was taken up before but it is reposted 2050 The destruction of mankind is also a shocking future prediction of the Women’s think tank and this is the Japanese version of the newsweek state If amniotic fluid climate change continues, take no measures If left unattended If it becomes a so-called food crisis, then forests will prove desertified That means that agricultural production will not be able to be taken and it will become a global hunger state and humanity will perish in 2050 I think this is a report of a think tank. Glass with a window bowl 25 In line with this, the other one will change to today’s main theme. I mean this society where we live now It ’s the final stage of capitalism, and it ’s the stage of government financial capitalism. Solution What is waiting if we do not dismantle the so-called town 4-chome financial capitalist system Once the two major economies prove and Play against the world to solve Tero At last, the human race is going to be Akechi Ponzu. There is a commander That ’s why I picked up Australian think tank 2050 humanity will be destroyed The main theme of today is that we issued a warning Well in the countries I have proposed Citizen Revolutionary Forces Establish the Citizen Revolutionary Government and Tax the Financial Economy to Destroy the Financial Economy Real Economy Celebrating the silver rain economy At least a
It will be difficult if you do not reduce the expression to about 1 to 1 in the same way as the real economy To say It ’s the same about it 8
This article Please choose This is another newsweek Japanese version dated 7th June this year. And reading today ’s recommended books This is a warning to Japan about Roger’s assets He is a government bond investor It ’s famous, but he ’s been reading this book for a long time. There are two kinds of investment keys. And of course, he is an original investor who invests for the end of the real economy together with an investor who invests in the financial economy. I mean you have a side. At a
So-called Is it a listed permanent resident Soros? At last, almost 99.9% of the world’s richest government bond investors are investing in the financial economy. It means that you made money by investing speculation. Well he Jim Rogers is the real economy I know that well. So what he’s been reading all the time If he thinks, he is the original investor I think that it is close to the original investor who invests for the growth and development of the real economy. I started thinking So today’s reading is the 47th reading chapter 4 It ’s the last of the nine water laws I ’ve learned to protect my family and money. I ’ll call you here. This is page 3. Yup 8
Do n’t let them know what you ’re going to earn In the previous section, if you mentioned the significance of earning the minimum amount of money, would you think that it is necessary to earn money even if you can live with peace of mind? Money is free for me and I don’t want money to buy things, I just want I’ve earned money to be able to do what I want, and I’m going to experience too much in the city life I wanted to experience more than I want to do I had a great time and wanted to think it was so much fun that I was able to make money So, no matter how rich I get, I didn’t want to live in a so-called divine life and I didn’t have a private car for a long time. I don’t like the shopping era when I used my bicycle to pick up my daughter’s school children. What I remember when thinking about the relationship between happiness and money is that I saw Siberia and Africa when I traveled around the world. They did n’t have anything but they did n’t know that they did n’t. On the other hand, it may be because it is hard to work if there are too many unhappy people even if money Some people in Japan may not be able to do it and because they have not found a passion for democracy, If you don’t feel happy when you make money, make a mistake If you are like me, you’re going to travel around the world on a motorcycle with 8 bodies and maybe you will be much happier than you are now Even if I was happy, I continued to work Of course, if you do n’t mind, the puppet is a clear and respectable person, but he ’s still earning money and still working. He is waving as an investor every day for his happiness. If the state where you are an infant may be like that, you haven’t met curry for the last 40 years. An older man who worked for me for a while was commuting to the office every day even when he was 104. It was a misunderstanding to think that I should retire because I am rich about this when I died while working until the end If he did not have happiness because he was doing what he loved, he did not choose the way he wanted If this is the conclusion, you have to choose the way you want if you want happiness. If this is the conclusion, I was traveling around the world on a motorcycle. I think I’ll do it well that I might be killed, but I replied that the plane is no good I was well aware that there was a possibility that I could never have been afraid to go around the world on a motorcycle Even if I was killed, I told me that I was willing to die because I was doing what I wanted to do and I was hit by a bus in New York It ’s unfortunate for me to die in front of a computer in the office, but it ’s not unfortunate that it ’s not unfortunate to die after living as expected I think this is the only way to be happy and happy for yourself. I want to live without forgetting That means It ’s just here. Well, it ’s the first time I ’m going to use it as the right inscription world It ’s not the words of Miyazawa Kenji. If the whole world does n’t become happy, there ’s no happiness. This is what it is It ’s probably 9 different. There is a difference between Kenji Miyazawa and the year This is the difference from me about it 8Only the titles I read today 1-6 a, and today’s main theme It is 33 minutes 20 seconds earlier as 8 hours now It is said that there are 16 comments from 57 people in total for 35 people. Today is the main theme. The society we are living in is the final stage of capitalism. What address is a super financial capitalist society? So whether a communist society will come after a capitalist society So Marx and egress went to the Communist Avant-garde in the Communist Party Declaration announced in 1848 Instructed low working classes in the world should create a communist society by overturning capitalism and overthrowing capitalism I’m going to watch it In short, he was exploited by capitalists and should have been ruled by the working class. A communist society with equality in Japan I insist that I can create the Communist society idealized by Marx and Engels nl led by the Avant-garde Party It is not possible to be a completely new society that has been freed from four things, even if the given working class has extinguished capitalism by the labor revolution Communist society and just one level of capitalism So probably Marx ’s Communism, Socialism, or Marx ’s I chose with the Communist Party youth or finally with the capital The people who have invested in Marxist Marxism for a while If capitalism is defeated by the labor revolution, the next society will be a communist society. I really believe that there will be a meaningful society without repression. I think there are many people but When a completely different communist society comes after defeating a capitalist society, I think this is a mistake or an illusion and is wrong Capitalism remains the same What changes is that there is a historical stage in the historical process That means that all human beings depend on things. It’s my theory that you can’t be freed from capitalism itself, although the stage of capitalism is different. So what is the historical stage of capitalism? Human history is the second esoteric of capitalism that used nature and human nature to collect, exploit and final hunt capital Final data Starting from the economy and going through the following historical stages If we are in the sixth stage of a capitalist college, we are now living Super-financial capitalism is the final stage if I say that capitalism is the sixth stage. It ’s like this when you ’re coming to the place. What is the historical stage, and the first stage of the true heart is well collected Or it ’s an economy of training Hunting is a self-sufficient commodities exchange type Starting from there and the second stage agricultural economy and I think that it is a self-sufficiency exchange society by agriculture That’s right for exchanging things when the flower pattern starts to circulate. I prefer something that is long lasting and light So there is no existence of God, so-called metal Stone or metal Is used as money and this second stage of agricultural economy The third stage is the cliff of agricultural capitalism Agricultural capitalism is the so-called The lord and concentration class It ’s happening. The research paper monopolizes the land, and it ’s no good. In the European countries From the secular power of absolute injustice The filling power appeared in the power of the Vatican Pope as the right of the Serious God That is the stage of agricultural capitalism So at that time a so-called craftsman appeared and he The material is gold I thought it was a solid and sturdy neighborhood for storage. And people left valuables in the suburbs, paid the deposit fee, and deposited small You have a certificate of custody So this is the beginning of the story Gold and silver deposited by people Toto’s valuables are It ’s impossible for everyone to pick up things all at once. Because it is an experience field It ’s a deposit certificate and if you issue it and distribute it The beginning of the bank becomes the first stage of the bank To the stage Billing English for this gold The goldsmiths have started banking 4th stage This is commercial capitalism, which is the stage of agricultural capitalism After the development of merchants, the superiors controlled the production and distribution of goods, and increased consumption and realized the accumulation of commercial capital. That means commercial capitalism and this is a big choice for Mr. Dekarazak Banker from gold enforcement day Kaneka Master’s Book In 1694, the world’s first bank, the Bank of England, was established and established as a sanctuary because it began to flow into the market as banknotes This is the stage of this commercial capital revenue Lippi, 5th in 1694 The representative of the fifth capitalism Nankai industrial capitalism Banknote money This Shiho banknote money is mainly due to the rapid increase in printing You invested in industrial development and expansion, so you realized a dramatic expansion of the real economy. The Russian clock was in 1881 when it controlled the bank of England in the United States and took control of the currency issuance and administration in the United States. That’s why industrial capitalism marks the time when Marks reinforcements ns wrote the Communist Party Declaration. Like Russia It is the time when it has appeared, the sixth is financial capitalism Banknote money by the credit creation of the bank If this winter imitation economy surpasses the tongue economy because it has increased rapidly and produced enormous speculative money That stage is financial capitalism. The gold standard system limits the speculative money economy and the real economy’s economies of scale to the total amount of gold. So it ’s linked to gold, so it ’s credit creation issued by the bank. Banknotes issued by soldiers were linked to gold, so the total amount of money the bank has It was a big deal that was limited to This became financial capitalism and Russian wells in 1913 frb to America It is Russia that it was established violently and violently established and got the right to issue and manage US money 1800 Bank of England It was under the control of the Bank of England in 1981 and established frb violently in 1913. It’s not a fusion if you have US currency issuance and control And the current stage of super financial capitalism This is due to the so-called Nixon shock that announced the suspension of gold conversion that President Soviet Nixon took in 1971 The speculative money economy and the real economy were able to expand unexpectedly without the support of money. I think the beginning of superfinancial capitalism was in 1971 So the central bank of each country dominated by the Russian mafia Printing to imagine a large amount of banknote money Ban on huge speculative money market banging economy The financial economy was expanded to honorifics even with dozens of times the tongue economy This is how we live now There is only the sixth stage of super-financial capitalism in the back as a result, which helps people around the world The real economy that creates value has begun to be destroyed by the bang-out economy that does not produce value As a result, when a large disparity society was born, terrorism was born until after the war, poverty was born and refugees were buried ou That’s a big deal when it’s being expanded and reproduced So number 1 is over, but number 2’s challenges Whether the current stage of capitalism, the sixth stage of capitalism, is the final stage It’s a serious theme, but this is what it means when you follow number 2, so today’s theme is Well in human history When capitalism continues, In that way Have changed their personality at each stage Because there are many children, capitalism is driven by the Communist revolution After defeating capitalism, it is only an illusion that the ideal society of communist socialism is Maren. That’s the main thing today When And just a point Main After capitalist society, Hashimura society is the head 12 units Defeat It ’s a situation where you should build the next Hashimura society. The company class in each country that is exploited and controlled by capitalists is avant-garde Sponsored the Communist Party Stone temple and labor revolution From the capitalist This The working class that is oppressed, exploited and controlled by capitalists 団結して労働者革命を起こして資本家が独占する生産手段を労働祝階級は所有管理できれば自由に平等な共産主義社会を作り出すことができると いうことを主張したんですねしかし人間がもの資本に依存して生きている場 資本主義を超えることはできないんだとかすみかなんか食ってれば 資本主義を超えることでいいんですけどね すなわちマルクスエンゲルスが理想とした共産主義社会は労働者党に率いられた 労働者前縁と2匹みられ太郎寿司解禁は労働省革命によってしまう修行だと証明させてもの資本から解放されたまったく新しい社会ではありえないと それは幻想なんですよね 協賛し車社会と赤間でも資本主義の1段階のことを言うんだと じゃあ資本主義の歴史的段階とは何かという 人類の歴史というのは人間が自然に存在するもの資本を採取修行して利用した資本主義第1段階である搾取狩猟 経済から始まり以下のような歴史的段階を経て現在我々が生きている第6段階にきたと いうことなんですね で第一段階は修行ですね狩猟採取 ピラーカットさんお茶バク転 こっちにこいですね砂除菌さ根底に声 から第2段階 これが農業経済ということで農業による自給自足物々交換型座社会 でどうかなどの花柄が流通し始めると 次に農業 第3段階農業資本主義とということでへ 農業の中から力を得たものが 栃尾支配すると そしている領主の封建領主と が得土地を独占し能見を支配するとヨーロッパ各地では この世俗権力としての封建領主とそれから 真剣である バチカン老婆の強行 の二重支配構造が登場し日ということ でこの時からかなザク滋賀 持ってた頑丈な近郊に人々が金とか銀とか 大事なものですね預けると貸金庫みたいなとしてで預かりしを渡すと いうことですねで後にこの預り証が紙幣になると ことで可能細工師が金貸しから銀行感があると言う 農業資本主義あ農業神本主義を 所して農業資本主義から商業商業資本し だからの産物を の流通を支配する商人が力を持っているんですね かな細工師が金がしか金貸しから銀行家となって小問が紙幣となって流通し始めるということで イングランド銀行が1694年に世界で初めて銀行が同従者と 次に第5段階だと産業資本主義ということで銀行の信用創造による紙幣マネーが 急増したとこの司法紙幣マネーは 主に産業育成と拡大にいい愛おしされ舌経済の飛躍的な拡大に貢献したという ロスチャイルド家は1881年にいるイングランド銀行を支配下に置き 英国のを知っ通貨発行権と So far 産業資本主義っていうのはああ銀行が産業実体経済の育成に投資したんですね だからまともなんですよねそれやって産業革命が 雄琴とnse プロシェルが1881年にイングランド銀行を支配下に収めて紙幣の発行権と 管理権を手中に収めたと 第6段階金融資本主義と is not it 銀行の神よ創造によって 紙幣マネーが急増して莫大な 冬季まねを生み出し投機マネー経済がジッタ経済を 漁場ショット ということで障害 そしてしかし金本位制度によって その投機マネーの経済と世界舌経済の規模というのはその銀行が持っている金の総量に制限されると こういうことだったんですね てロスチャイルドが1913年にアメリカ連邦frb を暴力的に設立して米国の28発行権と管理権を 支配下に置いたと思う is not it 暴力的にっていうのは要らないと合法的なんですけど謀略なんですよ 応力 1913年 そして第7第7段階だ間違えましたよ私数 これはニクソンショック1971年でドルと金の打感を停止するって言うんですけど停止弱て辞めた辞めちゃったんですね 第7 ライナー段階ですねあ ニクソンショックによってえええ 要するに今までは金の総量の制限があったんですけど信用創造の制限が枠が突破られたと eh ということはロシアどこ草木マフィアが支配する各国の中央銀行これ中国以外は全部そうですね 中国唯一中国だけがまだ六シャードが金融市街できてないと 政府に干渉されることなく投機マネーを 大量を上札して莫大な投機マネー 4以上 爆死経済である金融経済を実体経済の数十倍規模に膨張させたとこれが現在我々がすっ生きている生活している 超金融資本主義のたんかいと ダイナー段階なんですね でその結果何が起こっ世界各国で人々の役に立ち価値を生み出す実体経済が 価値を生まない罰まくち経済出る金融経済に破壊され始めたという その結果第格差社会が生まれ その結果戦争とテロ難民が日々 生み出せるいう大変な 社会になっちゃったということで で次のテーマですねなぜ資本主義のこれ第六じゃなくてたいなぁ 第7第7弾絵画 資本主義の 最終段階なのかと でここマンなんですね今日もん ということですえっ えったまにはあれですねあの俯瞰的な視点から人類全体ので歴史の中で我々が一体 どの段階を今生活しているのかということを二巻 とりま目で見る必要がああるんですねぇ ということですえっと時間が62本 53秒56秒38名様85名さまコメント39件ですね 今日のトピックスで先ほど画像でお見せしたリーマン類似 投資急増農林中金など3社し lok 12兆円と東京辛抱 やばいよということでした ニューマンショックこれと空区 トムジョーンズが私が思ってた以上に 金融危機世界金融危機 の到来が早まると数カ月以内だという彼は言ってんですね インタビューの中で対談の中で 空これが合うんじゃないですかアメリカでいわゆるclo みたいなデリバティブ金融商品がもうマン a しちゃってると もうパンパンなにあって膨れ上がっていると 加担し始めているという情報彼は使うないんですよね次世界各国で 気候変動対策訴えるデモとっコップあコップだコップ25回マグマイトいうことです リーマンショック 以上の規模でくるでしょうねライナー がすでにその予兆がああ始まっているということで彼は 自分の安定なんですねジムロジャーズは自分の安定なで捉えているんですねから自分が思ってたよりも 早くクートゥ前から言っていますますよね 未曽有の世界恐慌金融恐慌がクードゥ それはいつかわからないけど来ると必ず来るとそしてこのインタビューの中で昨日紹介したインタビューの中で 数ヶ月からこの 世界経済の破壊が始まるんだというふうにはっきり言ってんですよ これが1
22かあれ 機構返答 ブラックマンで暮らすでしょうスムーズクイーンスルー えっと1929年のニューヨークの株価暴落による世界恐慌 それ以上じゃないですか これがありですねコップ25 来週会社今江に世界各地で 気候変動対策訴えるデモが大行われたと この3つ目は香港ですね flash マム のでもまあ 香港各紙で行われていると言う それから仲宗根ん 元首相が101歳で死亡したという ほとんどすべての記事が彼の業績を称賛してるんですけどふざけんじゃないと本来だったら国注視すべきような 権料が犯罪者ですよなんか備え ロッキード事件も本来だったら彼が防衛長官防衛庁長官の時にアメリカの 米で米国ロッキード社製の紹介キーを防衛庁が調達してそのリベートを彼はポケットに入れたというのが本命だったんです ねでそれを アメリカが何かソネは爪に問わないと免責するということでその代わりに他の書く絵がい気になったと ロッキード事件の真相はそういうことですよ101歳で 獄中でへ死を迎えるべきに権力犯罪者が なんで権力犯罪を免罪免責され 逆に日米同盟強化にものすごく貢献したとあるいは 国鉄の民営化とうとうで構造改革を推進したとyou ことで賞賛されるようなツイート記事バッグが出てくるというのはおかしいになればと 彼が首相の時にレーガンと仲良くなって1985年の いわゆるアメリカの貿易赤字財政や徒歩 を解消するために円安を一年で by の円高に持っていくという 協定を結んだんですね as a result 急激な円高不況が来るということで日銀が金利長部そして大胆な大幅な金融緩和をして 平成バーグが発生したとそのきっかけを作ったのがこいつですよ 彼がその前まあ一番先所の彼の権力安全っていうのは 今日も注目記事の中で で取り上げましたけど従軍慰安婦彼が主携帯かの花の時に 占領している東南アジア各地で従業自分慰安婦 いやいやんじょ設立する資金を金が ケアと一緒というのを自ら自慢してるんですよそして2つめが After the war 防衛地方じゃなくて科学技術庁長官になったときに アイゼンハワーが唱えたいわゆる 各の平和的いいよ大キャンペーンに彼は 日本側の受け手として大キャンペーンを張って原発 原子力の平和利用ということで 原発の推進に 中心中心的に役割を果たしたそして3つ目が プラザ合意ですよね1985年のそれによって 急激な円高普及はくると いう企画を作って平成バブの 到来を彼が仕掛けたという そしてあそうかその前に黒エコ苦節の民営化ということで 新自由主義んの旗振り役をして 総評を解体し 日本のロードを9名の中で一番戦闘的だった国労を解体すると そのために民営化をやったんだ彼は本音を言ってるんですよね それからロッキードということでもう彼の犯した権力犯罪というのは一つや二つじゃないですよ で一つ一つが物凄い日本国民にとっては重大な損害を与えているとんですけどそれが全部面材免責され医師かも 獄中で死ぬことなく101歳まで ながられたといういったいどういうことなんだと でしょうねだからいまの安倍晋三につづく自民党の 一党独裁体制の中心人物ですよ 仲宗根が国鉄を潰し小泉氏が何これ ゆうせいか優勢をつぶさなければ日本のブラック企業は今この無知はできないと そういうことでしょうね 原発の拡散も仲宗根そうですよ原発もはそうですよねすごいですよ彼のやった権力犯罪という それを一切どこだどこのメディアのその後と言わない いうことでしょうねのこのこ車家やバク転つ 生きているうちにいや付 の進数を語ってほしかったと いって言わないんじゃないかい自慢をするんですよね 国労解体したのは戦闘的なロースを 粉砕するためだったとコッカーの 国労の民営化民営化の木て本当の目的は自分が6
あの自慢するに関しては 本能言うんですよねこれはね then 中洲ね そして a
Earlier シムウンギョンさんが日本のtama cinema forum で最優秀新人女優賞を受賞したという ハンギョレ新聞ですね日本の新聞記事にあんまりで出てこないんじゃないですかね これし夏菜ずきんさんもをアップしてくれてましたけど いわゆる新聞記者 無知月 記者を日本語で 熱演してたんですね で本来だったら日本人の10 u が勤めるべき薬 だけどみんな断られたらしいですね要するに政治的過ぎると もしもそんな映画に出たらその後のキャリアに気がつき頭がつくということで みんなが辞退したということで 逆にイ金にとって良かったですねシムウンギョンさんにとっては は良いチャンスがあ訪れたということでしょうね 死なず銀さんマイカー計算の 例ではあるけど うんということとそれから最後ですね今日の注目情報 これ中曽ねー 死去であらためて振り返る慰安婦自分や船がそれのイアンショーを作った 正面と土人オンランを集めたい暗所建設解説防衛相文章ということで 防衛省に文書が 中途秋冬 What is this 合宿とかであそうなのなんかその辺っていうのはないかー ka さんの州都なのhey ということをない中曽根の娘と結婚したんですよね 恐ろしいなろうと と今日も 自由情報これはれっ子とした公文書として防衛省が持ってるんですよ ドチ日本の集めてい暗唱作ったとその要素予算を俺が隠したんだというふうに自慢話をしている んですよねからねぇ about it ということで今日の放送金曜日の歩数はこれで多いですね時間が 1時間17分23秒40名様全体で100名様コメントが52かと いうことですということで 現在日本時間でヘあもう重鎮な夜の中13分ですね ということで遅くなりましたけどおつかれさまでした今日の放送これで終わります沢山のコメントたくさんのコンテにコインとたくさんのギフトですね でありましてありがとうございましたおつかれさまでした その時にさんですねということでへ 8明日土日土曜日ですけどご案内しましたように午後5時から7時まで第25回目の ねっこ勉強会を中継しますのでぜひ5時間があればお時間があればご覧くださいと ようですそしてまた月曜日ですね よろしければまた流してくださいということでおつかれさまでした今日の放送これで終わります

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  • 資本主義なんて国際金融資本連中の儲ける為の仕組みだ。既に破綻している。儲かればいい、売れればいいから武器でも兵器でも売りたがる。良心主義に基づいたモノでなければ価値は無い社会にしなければならない。

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