Good evening everyone is YY News Yamazaki Today is October 25, 2019 It’s Friday about 1 hour and 20 minutes. Now it’s 9:50 on the night of Japan time. I’m sorry that I was a little late Life, life, and asset freedom of self, family and society as a whole What should we do now to protect human rights peace? The main theme of today is tomorrow’s root study group. The total of the four panelists will have different themes. In my case, the civil revolution government The theme of what to do to establish I’ll cover it, so I’d like to pick up today So I decided on this theme That ’s why YY news live It ’s 2874 times today, as usual with Twicast TV media It means that it is a unified broadcast from the front. At the moment, both video and audio are being delivered smoothly. So if you want to start today’s broadcast, it’s the main theme of yesterday’s broadcast Thursday broadcast Yesterday Hankyoreh newspaper Japanese version article Japanese teen came to study Korean history Directly listening to the damage of comfort women, Netouyo from the site for an organized attack It was a theme that was deleted a Along the theme This is a cover for youtube. This is a girl image This is a museum 8 o
The number of viewers at the moment, but TwitCast is 308 youtube is 414 people, 722 in total And tomorrow will be tomorrow, but the 24th Internet Study Session will be held at YYnews live on Saturday October 26th at 5:00 pm This is a live broadcast guide and this time, four panelists will follow their own themes instead of the same theme It ’s a plan for 4 people to have a free talk in 1 hour of love, explaining 5 minutes at the beginning. At a
Mr. Amano, Mr. Motoyasu, what is the meaning of the consumption tax hike I don’t have the right to dissolve the House of Representatives. Overthrow the self-fascist regime and establish a civil revolution regime This is the theme of this theme, but the cover of this study group I got it made and it was just in time, but it’s interesting. This is the first time 4 people because of the reconstitution squadron I think this is a TV program called Ranger. Well, each panelist is ready to fight That ’s right, it ’s a four-person team with the Reform Sentai Nekko Ranger. And it ’s the theme of each panel Amano and Keiko Otsu From Mr. Triangle with me It ’s pretty interesting. You can use this every time about it And today’s picture is the first of this by Tanaka Ryusaku’s article Hong Kong is one of the anti-government demonstration slogans in Hong Kong is to speak more like China is is not Spain So the fierce repression of the Catalan independence movement Hong Kong n
Hong Kong growth and To the fact that it looks just like a furious policeman dance by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Such a worry about Hong Kong rally That’s why a panel appeared Because Catalonia Izu is Spain It ’s the same well-independent tower in Thailand. Cataconia Spain Catalonia’s independence movement and then Hong Kong’s independence Hong Kong citizens’ fight for freedom is common It ’s very interesting that the slogan has appeared. Like this one-on-one, or Jeba France Or that is the name of Shiina Israel Water resistant to ethnic movements and Turkey All of this has the same structure It would be great if you could have a global solidarity like this. The second is from the topic of influence, but this Mountain 6 of suspects who raped Shiori Ito
You appealed to former tbs Washington bureau director Yamaguchi Noriyuki 1Mr. Shiori has an advisory lawyer in Yamaguchi. Well he’s affiliated with doing hate speech and repeating discrimination hate speech discrimination speech Aichi bar association says he called for disciplinary commission There was an article in the Asahi Shimbun, but it’s an Asahi Shimbun article. A lawyer insulted Shiori Ito on his blog. It’s not just the lawyer’s real name etc. that you voted for disciplinary review I ’m going to hide my real name and then this lawyer This is a face photo Noriyuki Yamaguchi and this advisory lawyer is now a memo scene called Kitaguchi now Even in the so-called civil trial, It is said that he will continue to win after correcting a very insulting or embarrassing statement against Shiori. It ’s like a rice bran that repeats the second and third rapes. It ’s a demon and it ’s something that should be peaceful from the world These two people The third one is from Yuriko Koike. Leave it on the dragonfly pier Racetrack and marathon competition venues from Tokyo to Sapporo Ioc is the decision to move
Yuriko Koike responded to the release I’m angry. I ’d like to do something in the northern territory In the newspaper I hope the Fukushi will do it I mean I started to insist on the wind It’s a commitment cancer raised in the Tokyo governor’s election on July 31, 2016 three years ago. 0
this It ’s been over 3 years now, but in July of next year. Your appointment for 4 years has expired. Seven of zero It’s lined up, but nothing has happened For example, waiting loan loan children zero This kindergarten nursery school Then there was no overtime work and the crowded train 0 pet killed 0 Care leave 0
Metropolitan Tanaka 0 I was ashamed before this so-called 7% 6 Tanaka says that it is not being implemented Drone loss or parie is 100 par in Hong Kong Hong Kong is 100 100 60% If this is Tokyo, this part is real I ’m doing something that I ca n’t do, so I ’m doing a karate bill like this and winning 2 million votes. That commitment for that three years No one asks for verification of how far the seven zero commitments are progressing. Reporter Yuriko Koike, the seven of you You made seven such commitments 43 years ago But what exactly is the current status of the new song? Do n’t you say you ’re obligated to do this? That’s why I was deceived by that manma and 2 million people in Tokyo It’s a ridiculous guy, Emi Koike is a liar Well, this is our commitment 7 zeros and 4th is also the first of today’s topics I picked up an article about Nikkan Gendai nhk Akiko Iwata Company name Quotation Iwata Memo, the rumors of the memo running around Nagata Town And that’s with my close friend Shinzo Abe Shinzo Abe called her when she met directly Dissolution at the beginning of the regular parliament in January next year because the discussions on the constitutional amendment are not going well. I said to her like you said Things are going around as notes It’s a rumor, but the number is this Here’s what Akiko Iwata looks like Abe ’s friend, she ’s Noriyuki Yamaguchi ’s 4th friend. It ’s a typical photo of everyone who ’s in love. That ’s why I ’ll upload below Yesterday’s theme is nice That’s it. I sent out these 40 Japanese high school students from the article of yesterday’s edition. You came to the name of the high school attached to the local university and the teacher of the Corian in Japan. So probably Netouyo is directly in this high school Example double store To the same as after Line or 1500 in about 2 days 3 days
Institutional lecture threatening I’m probably doing a terror trailer 9 Internet From the site of the Japanese version of the Hankyoreh newspaper because I wrote It means that it has been deleted And easy to use at the moment 722 And tomorrow Saturday Language study session It ’s 1 and 2 in the image. There are plenty of ions like this It ’s going to be fun. Continuous state And this theme is always before, so individual panelists are separate, so Amano-san Is there a meaning of the consumption tax increase? Wants to take up the situation in Syria You’re saying, Raoh Chikako The prime minister has no right to dissolve the House of Representatives Knitting Diagram 3 What is the truth of the Kansai students con repression by the right power? And overthrow my Shinzo Abe’s fascist government and the civil revolution government is free to establish. It doesn’t mean that Japan has to regenerate that there is no way to Sanuki. 8 Comments from everyone Yukimaru Sho Pumpkin + 3 points Shinako Inspection Yuriko Koike takes the green raccoon dog No one is pursuing the whereabouts of the fertilizer or this high theory theory. His girlfriend is silent about such inconvenient things Still made in the 1930s The so-called Yeosu sewerage sewerage system, which is the so-called confluence system, and the rainwater sewer system together. And well If that rain doesn’t rain, enter the water purification plant through the combined pipe sewer Well it ’s clean water Once it rains, it ’s overflowing directly. It ’s like you ’re going to shed in Tokyo, so if you ’re going to pond, More than 70 years The fact that you didn’t change to the group dragon system as a good modern water purification system has gone wrong. She ’s always paying attention to this It ’s the Tokyo Metropolitan sewerage system. It ’s said that there ’s nothing like being crazy all year round I only do 7% The Abe Cabinet now has a really thick Atsuba Because it has become a situation that has been hijacked by Japanese samurai Everything that comes from In a sense, it ’s a terrorist in the Japanese Constitution and a terrorist who puts in the Japanese Constitution. It’s deep in the roots As usual, Sandzukin Village is a cat ranger. Comment on this Toa Mr. Yamazaki’s cast is for those who are watching for the first time Since the comment of the city shout is a group storm ban, the purpose of alcohol ban and this Cass is that if you want to share the end of information sharing, please share it via twitter Always thank you And today, Ms. Meike is still living, life, and estimation of herself, her family, and society What we should do now to protect freedom and peace of human rights is the number one theme today If it is currently being delivered and the dark child Marisa Yasuhiko Yamazaki is five times news and y news live, aftermatch is tea Thank you for the delivery 3193 Thank you for the coin delivery over here, it’s a Doa net asset I am always grateful for your help And with the Aichi Triennale By This is after yesterday’s broadcast is over. Independence movement overflowing on the street before today’s broadcast What ’s happening in Catalonia, Spain? Peace specialist George W. Bush claims isolationism is dangerous for peace What is written in the report of the reporter who was reportedly detained as a Chinese reporter and reported as a news issue overseas Retweeting whether it was recorded Father Tsuchiya Tokachi movie director Niho The main character Nobukatsu Minakura, whose main job is six or so, has lost myocardial infarction Heisei 492
You are young Isn’t this the effect of exposure? Shinjo Thank you for the trailer you worked on Yes Yup So this is today’s video The talk meeting of Taro Yamamoto, the representative of Heiwa Shinsengumi, was broadcast live in Saga City, but I think it is now a youtube recording That ’s what we ’ve covered today because 2960 people are watching. I’m doing my best Saga Tonight In his case it ’s bi-directional. Wintering Today’s image is up I didn’t upload it today. This is Ryusaku Tanaka first Let’s talk and independence movement Spain is amazing, and the bridge capital of Franco is no different from dictatorship. What they are doing does not allow any independence of the judiciary The Supreme Court meets directly It ’s like punishment Spain is a fascist nation then The guns flowed because I saw Shiori Ito on the side of the mountain and Yamaguchi Munyu machine She criminal prosecution That the Japanese prosecution did not take up all that she appealed to the civil court Noriyuki Yamaguchi’s advisory lawyer North exit It’s the name of Mercer Pi Nagoya Aichi Prefecture Bar Association where he is a tribe because he insulted Shuji Ito on his blog Disciplinary dismissal The resolution to request is that the resolution is prefecture east It’s a north circuit, so it’s a ridiculous female bug and then Yuriko Koike c I wonder if she will issue a public question What is the midsummer 0? Say how much eco-commitment can be realized because there are many 3 years and 4 months to buy It is a warehouse in the open questionnaire Through this, I decided to governor in June or April again next year I can’t forgive you to do it. Yukimaruma-san I have to change the venue with the next voice of ioc I don’t see 3 Conti hard on the Sun Moon i want you to go through ioc so i don’t know that only his girlfriend Of course, joc no Mori Shihaku was like that. So I decided that I wanted Sapporo to be good and decided that ioc followed it, so much about the company in Tokyo Even if you usually think that there is a danger It ’s like sprinkling water to lower the surface temperature Or what day is a car Like wearing something like that from your head Or the steam you want I’ll put it out like I want That ’s why she ’s just proposing. There will be a dead story It is that And today her This is summer zero Won’t anyone hear what happened 3 years ago? At the Tokyo Metropolitan Press Club I decided not to ask, it ’s a turbo. This And this is Tomo Abe and this Akiko Iwata’s commentary for nhk Abe Backward This is a picture of Noriyuki Yamaguchi and his friends Today ’s video because everyone ’s right youtube
Today in Saga Labor sponsored by Taro Yamamoto There was a live broadcast It seems that former chairman Takeda was also involved Today, ioc is 40% And explained that the decision was made for the abstention It is that This is today’s attention information. This is the fact that Ryusaku Tanaka’s first airport blockade also learns tactics and says that the same-rate struggle will lead beyond the sea. This is a pretty good girl Yukimaruma-san, that’s right. Arabic is very difficult. Like Russian, it is said to be the most difficult foreign country in the world. 1 year of language Arabic Of the university that is going out and returning home for one year for international students I transferred to the so-called music and I graduated in 2 years and it was the best and I graduated. There was a politics view. Well I ’m not going to lie or anything What It ’s also today Today’s I didn’t have it today, did you up this? I was up today And today’s word is that this was quite a good article. This is the former Secretary-General of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Of Maekawa It is a column called Tokyo Shimbun’s real column, but with 20oct Reprinting this because it was pretty good Countless one One is nationwide 8 Number of elementary and junior high school students not going to school The number of elementary and junior high school students is 164,528 If 160,000 people say they are up 14.2% year-on-year, they are junior high school students That ’s the reality, compared to 2012 Is it 1.5 times in 6 years? Hey you The situation where the most cases are related to the process 37.6 18 points for friendship excluding bullying 27.8 Section 21.6 of Academic Affairs And the problem about the environment with the faculty and staff is 3.1% bullying is 0.6% different. The Ministry also announces this, but children who are out of school due to bullying say that it is a lie that there are only 0% 6% red However, because it is a report from junior high school, it should be considered that there is a bias in the convenience of the school. You said you should think that it is not applicable to school for children who are not attending school, but not to school children. It ’s basically uncomfortable for kids. I ’m not going to force it. 5Cool or just tell your parents 160,000 people It should be considered a thick tree 8 for school children, not for non-attendance to non-school children The school isn’t a comfortable place for children because it’s not invincible. And the other is suicide The number of suicides in elementary and junior high schools in FY2006 was 332, a 32.8% increase over the previous year, etc. 332 means that one person committed suicide per day. I do n’t think there ’s a country like that. Choosing Digi4 is like that for children who have lost their home or school They say they need a warm place, and this is exactly the top of the Ministry of Education I should be A song fascist who seems to be a terrible guy Is sitting down A is Mr. Maekawa who was today ’s word He is like that If the Taro Yamao administration was established, the chief secretary would be good because it was a bureaucrat I know all Japanese bureaucracy. Today’s Mizumura recommended book is a recitation-this recommended book Jim Rogers This is the 41st time today because it is a warning to Japan Chapter 4 Ninety-three success laws I learned to protect my family and money I read here 8 I thought that I would never make a child, such as rushing to give birth, and I grew up as the eldest son of five brothers. Childcare takes a lot of money, time and energy because I thought I didn’t want to have the extra effort of raising children So in the past I was very sorry for the people who had children, and what a stupid thing And now, two daughters who were completely wrong when they found out that they were wrong If you want to be together 24 hours a day, your feelings of happiness will increase after you buy the book after your daughters leave it. Many people say that life will change when a child is born, and the opportunity to feel the joy of life and tears has overwhelmingly increased. It wasn’t new that I couldn’t believe when I was young, but now I know that the word is believed However, my daughters said that I was against being involved in things like marriage and childbirth as an asset from a young age. I’ve said many times that I shouldn’t get married until 28, and if I want to get married before that, just Tochikun-kun in the room until a good age and most people don’t know anything when they are 22. The day when I am 23 years old I know nothing about myself and the world Waiting for a marriage until you can understand what a partner’s dense fog might not be easy to understand When I was in my twenties, I had experienced a stagnation failure with regard to marriage. The first marriage I experienced was a big failure and I thought of suicide, and what a marriage would be a tragedy for a young man who didn’t know anything about me I had my first child in my life after I was over 60 years old. If I had a child when I was 30, It would have been terrible for the child, the mother of the child, and myself. That’s pretty good That’s right When I was younger as a parent Isn’t it true that it’s correct to say that you’re going to be fine with your daughter until 18. Ishimori-san I wanted to study when I was in elementary school, but the school teacher I think that elementary school is not just a place to study if you just trace a textbook without knowledge. The quality of teachers in Japan is bad, and I also have that. Looking back, facing the blackboard, the so-called textbook of world history today Revised on blackboard The ridiculous teacher said that he almost never sees the student’s face If such a teacher is taught to you, you will not like the textbook subject itself Child elephant 8 Former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama held a meeting in Tokyo on the 25th and expressed his intention to form a new party. Is n’t it too late? There is Taro Yamamoto and he is going to go up the mountain Would n’t it be nice to work as an advisor to the Labor Shinsengumi? Also When you make a so-called new party That ’s why you do n’t share it. What ’s a woman today? If this year is not good, he will divide Labor Cannot be seen in the form of launching a camouflaged opposition party Mirror mirror camera is good Nowadays I ’m so happy. Well, my two sons are thirty. I’m a Nikkei French person and I’m working with a few worries That means a Well, you read today, Jim Rogers This Color Shuna 13
My elementary and junior high school also Study like this gorgeous blonde teacher It seems to be just a hot-blooded teacher What happened right now, the Nikkyo group was destroyed and the organization Isn’t there a little ability to speak? That’s why today’s main theme Today’s main theme Life, life and trial calculation of myself, family and society as a whole What should we still do to protect freedom and peace of human rights Namba 1 First of all, what we need to do is to protect the lives of ourselves, our families, society as a whole, life investment, freedom and peace of human rights is a few jobs that are of the highest value as human beings. What color we all recognize Secondly, each of us must thoroughly implement a way of life to carry out this most valuable and sublime work. Yonei Well then, what is this way of life? The first one is the way of life that protects the life, life and assets of oneself, family and society as a whole.1 A good understanding of the basic structure of rule and exploitation in Japan and the world Shake the second value because it is necessary to learn the mechanism well Don’t contribute to a financial economy that doesn’t generate value by contributing to two major economies that generate value If you live within the third income range, you will not be in debt, Looks like The 4th government and the bank advertises a cashless society, but don’t make tricky decisions in the rain It should be well understood that a cashless society is the final form of a financial city by the government and banks From the 5th Hara, you should be thorough in cash principle. If you stop credit cards and switch to debit cards, debit cards are Because there is no strict prohibition, the revolving payment of 15.5% per annum should be stopped immediately Understanding that the global financial crisis due to the collapse of the sixth financial economy will surely come in the near future, and at that time bank deposits first Deposit blockade is ah Since it will be carried out, bank deposits will be kept to the minimum necessary and cash will be in the vicinity of the hand and that day Long time in Cyprus or Greece during financial crisis The bank’s shutter is already closed because Min High School is blocked I can’t put it closed The only thing is atm
Just atm once a day Because there is a restriction that it can only be about 1000 yen or 2000 yen or 3000 yen To a strange couple Always say inconvenience is well known Because there is, after all, you have to put the minimum amount of cash in the wheeling course After that, if you put it in your hand, it ’s a safety deposit if it ’s a cashier deposit. Somewhat heavy because of anxiety It ’s in the suburbs, so I ’m selling Dainichi Jinjiang. It ’s important that you work continuously. It ’s necessary to put in some documents. Second, second, the basic structure of Japan and the world’s rule and exploitation, whether it is a way of life that protects freedom and human rights as well as the family and society as a whole. It ’s learning, it ’s necessary to study. The second kind of true democracy is direct democracy. Currently we have three types of parliamentary democracy: our representative politicians once every four years. Giving to the Parliament once every four years The choice is almost A member of the parliament becomes a faction to create a political party Democracy is only indirect democracy now that you decide almost on your own Japanese direct democracy is unlikely, so democracy is 二つあるということをすらも知らないということで 直接民主主義こそが民主主義なんですよ本心のいいだから我々は 真の民主主義社会をつくるには直接民主亜種で間接民主主義が中の社会 首都中膿社会今はもう99%間接民主主義しかないんですね まあ民主主義なんて言ってても尿憲法に民主主義なんて言っててもほとんど機能ししてないっていうのはすごいですよ 直接民主主義の国民投票制度とかあるいは署名が10万女の署名が集まったら 少なくとも国会の委員会でそのことが周囲されるとかあるいは 推しみたいに国民イニシアチブということで10万表 10万票10万の人たちが国民投票 を憲法改正 ができるテーマで国民投票を10万人の有権者が集まればですね 政府はたとえその内容が政府が反対したとしても1年半後には国民投票にかけると いう風になってですねそれでへ投票者の過半数の支持を得られるが そのテーマな 正式に認められ憲法も改正される 直接民主主義なんですね から直接民主主義民主主義っていうのは直接民主主義なんですよ間接民主主義というのはあくまでも 10時しかないということをんですねー それでへ政府や権力者による個人の自由と基本的人権のを破壊するということに対しては 徹底的に抵抗するとこれが使用せながら今香港の市民あるいはカタロニアの 集3
あるいはパレ c なの 範囲知られるどうぞ あるいはジェイジョンドフランスの 黄色いベスト運動と To say やはり徹底的に抵抗したんですよ から3つ目自分と家族と社会前提の平和平和を守る行き里ことで日本と世界の支配と搾取の基本構造をよく理解すると特に軍事司会の仕組みを よく学ぶとから真の平和とはないかと他人を殺さないと他人の土地を侵略しないと他人の所有物を 略奪ない他人の自由を奪わないと他人の人権をその蹂躙しないとすなわち人間の尊厳を尊重することなんだと いうことなんですねで政府や権力者による平和破壊と戦争いうドン 誘導には徹底的に抵抗するということである やはり一家凸して個々人はこのような言い方を徹底するということは知ってるんだよね私はこのような生き方徹底した生き方をする人が1000万人いれば 市民社会市民革命政権は充実できる世界でおそらくボーク人ぐらいがこう言う 生き方をすればですね世界各国でへ 市民革命政権が充実される私は思ってるんですけどね というのが今日のメインテーマでした 8位閉まりさん勉強材料はこれから市民の手で作る電子図書化 でと得るという作戦でした だから私は小中校大学まで入らないという極論を捉えていますそのんだ 下井さん投資を受けるという 言葉もあり教育というのは 限られた人には役立つ場合もありますがその他大勢には退屈なものといやでも双方向教育っていうのはいっぽうつうこうだからつまんないんですよ 双方向の教育だったら面白いですよね知的興味があってだから再生これは何でこういうふうになっていること 子供がありとあらゆるものに対して興味を持ってで聞くわけじゃないですか それに対して日本の教育先生っていうのは 教科書を中心ですからくだらない質問は後にしろと こっちは今日教科書を進行表どおりに進まないといけないんで 無駄なことはしもう済んだということで一方大津港なんですよねだから 子どもたちのすごくだにも松任の良い者に対してまともに答えないから退屈なんですよ もしく面白くないと学校は面白くないと先生は答えてくんだよ u 2ちゃうんですよね 砂是研鑽早期の投稿しろー夜間の About 雑務でも教職員は裁量労働急いでかわいそうということで いわゆる共有教師として本来の子どもと向き合う双方向でも向き合うことがどんどんなくなって いわゆる校長に対する報告書とか教育委員会に対する報告書とかtoto のいわゆる事務的な作業が膨大なグッズあるいは部活の先生なんかは大変 ですよねただややめればいいですよ部活なんか やるんだと外部の専門家に委託してお金払って部活の指導してもらうとわざわざ担任教師が 部活の担当になって貴重な時間をですねくだらない部活活動に費やすんじゃなくてあくまでも子どもに向かうと子どもにそう 対抗葬送方法で向かい合うという本来の教育 だからあれですよね スウェーデンとかフィンランドとかtoto の教育というのは そういうことなんですよね日本よりも授業時間が全然少ないんですよ フィンガーのんかだいたい午前中で授業終わって後は 祝剤なしとあそあ染めた子供はその癖だと言う ほんとそうなんですよね 日本はもうか賞をとってとしてその中間に各教育いい考えてたたケールずだから 学校の校長なんかは常に上を向いているわけですね枚目なんですよね 裁判官と同じように最高裁の事務総局にみんな目がいっちゃってると いうことと同じように生徒に目が向かないで教育委員会あるいはもう菓子ような方に目が合う 入っている鮃狂しまったということで生徒にとっては何なんだというふうになろう 山本太郎さんもこさかのぼとさんも中足中卒であそこまでいったぞそうなんですね 勉強材料がこれから市民の手で作る dc 図書館で得ると 7まあ個人て勉強する場合とそれからいわゆる教育者というかその分野の専門家 教育者に指導を受けて双方来て勉強する場合と2つあっていない yuka さん興味あることに 自発的にもまあ学ぼうとするとそれを手助けするのが教師の役目であるかをすることですけれど 教科書なんか要らなくて生徒が手作りデーその都度テーマを決めて いわゆるガイドラインのポイントを お渡してそれに対して生徒たちが自分たちでネットを使ったり本文 みたりしてまとめてそれを発表してそしてみんなで通るにすると そういう教育方法が一番子どもにとっては面白いんですよね 石森したんです幸いにも文科省は まあ今日文科省は公文書改ざんで解体することになるだろうし えっと教科書をも廃止でいいでしょうとそうですよね よる教育指導要領だんっていう分厚奴っていうのはいらないですよ教師の指導的あの自発的な 教育現場主義に任せればいいんですよねそれでへ各学校とか教師に必要なものを 6カ所が予算を取ってあるいは人に入り波人員を 確保していわゆる Hey you 先生と生徒学校のために奉仕するというのは本来の昔を主 仕事でしょ上上にいて 偉そうにですね細かいところまで支持するっていうのは逆ぎゃぎゃ区なんですよね 一番下にあるべきなんですよ 10日 It is that ということで今日のメインテーマもう1時間 6:01ですね mica さんみたいな役人や教師ばかりだと子どもも野火止と巣立つだろうなと言う そうなんですよ子供っていうのは本来は 新井事に興味を持って何でこうなのなんでこんなんなってんの説明してよっていうふうに大人に効くわけですよね それを繰り返してほとんどが全然答えてくれないとあるいははぐらかすということは続くともう 相手にしないちゃんと答えてくれないということで興味自体を失っていくと で極端になって絶望して自殺すると大谷が日本の教育でしょうねぇ 学校教育は基本的に人間をダメにしていると思いますと系さ ラマー今も学校教育はダメにしてますけど いわゆる戦前の軍国教育愛国教育から解放されたああ昭和20年代30年代はまだ日本は 民主教育ということで先生たちも一生懸命やってたんですよねそれを破壊したのが自民党でしょう文教族でしょう し6さん電波が悪いですねと ネット聞こえないということですかね 8の話そうか今日のメインテーの ポイントだけです 計算よ聞こえています まず by 日に 命と生活と資産を守る自由と人権を守る部屋を守ってことは人間として最高に価値あるすん高の仕事なんだと いうことを一人一人が理解するということないん 時々止まると私だけと 皆さんどうなんですかね停まります から第二にこの最高に価値ある通行な仕事を実行する生き方を一人一人が決定することだと中途半端じゃなくてもう決定すると いうことなんですね ユカイさんこんちに強いですねー未だに えっと何同会の組体操で人間ピラミッドをやらせる学校 なんか公務名刺がまあ強制的にやらせているバカみたいなこと なんですよねぇですごい気がするわけでしょ ペラ1あんま目やって何が面白いんですよ 命と生活と示唆を守る生き方とへ回るかと 金融とか経済を中心でしょそうすると日本と世界の作詞はいと搾取の基本構造よく以外するとそのためには金融 支配の仕組み 信用創造築3ですよね 信用創造特権を銀行家たちが独戦車というと いうことによって金融経済が実体経済を 破壊するほど大規模なって 二大経済をどんなママを侵食している いう基本構造ですよでその最高 最高の12のがロシアの国際金融マフィアということでしょ yuka さんえっと運動会自体が競争をそうですねをヴァイス教育だから 亡くなった方ば亡くなった方がいいといっ 運動会もそうですよね今日そうなんですよね 赤組と白組に分けて常に競争させるということですね が入らないじゃんな収入 収入の範囲内で価値を生む 価値を生み出すか実体経済に貢献するとして買って価値を生まない 爆死経済の金融経済には与しないとから個人収入の範囲内でへ 生活し借金しないと第今は必ずあの 収入以上の生活をするように仕組まれたんですね借金してた解禁日を 銀行に波乱ということで銀行が儲かるような仕組みになっていますね キャッシュレスというのは坂に売ってますよねこれに騙されちゃいけないとキャッシュレス社会というのはまさに銀行と これは権力がんだ 金融支配する最終形態だということでいわゆる That’s right 現金主義を徹底するとクレジットカードは持たないvivid カードに切り替えると そして年利15.5%のにボルビームはただちにやめるとすごいですよ融合店もですよ 知らないで使っていいんですよね便利だ から金融経済の崩壊による世界金融恐慌が必ず将来やってくるとジムロジャーズさんの坂に入ってますよね その際真っ先に銀行預金封鎖が実施されると銀行預金は必要最小限にして現金を 手元に置くとしっかりした金庫思い近郊勝手ですね そこに入れておく マイクロチップを埋め込んでえっと 医療情報金融両方なる個人情報すべてそこに入れて 社会から抹殺することも穴ことも出来る時代にそこまで来ていると ですね猫とかペットにあのチップを 義務付けるという間も始まったんですよね 後米軍の兵士ん言わ義務づけられてんじゃないですかチップ埋め込み地 それから自由と人権を守る生き方ということで日本と世界の死骸と搾取の基本コードおよびかするとそのためには 政府支配各国政府の いわゆる政府支配がどのような仕組みになっているかをよく勉強する必要があると から新な民主主義とは直接民主主義直接民主主義を主任間接民主主義を10にする新な社会へ非民主社会を実現することを 目指すべきなんだとそうですね 日本は直線民主主義がほぼゼロですからね一番進んだのはスイスでしょうね ゆかちゃん私も氷市の住宅ローンがあるから 金貸す気をしなければならない日々を暮らしますそういうことですよね住宅ローン30年で倍外周するという システムができちゃったんですねあ政府や権力者による個人も自由と基本的人権の破壊には徹底的に 抵抗すると個人で抵抗数たとえこうされても抵抗するというぐらいの 気迫が必要なんだね 8
砂時にさんマイクロチップ 端子にの日和単身身寄りのない高齢者 資産家の財産を狙うことも可能と8でしょうね全ての情報が筒抜けになるというと から自分と家族と社会の部屋を守り食い方とそれは基本構造作詞と 違うとサクション基本構造をよく理解しています特に軍事史生えの構造ですね仕組みを学ぶことが必要なんですね それでえええ真の平和とは何かと他人を を殺さないと他人の土地を侵略しないと他人の所有物を略奪しちゃ他人の自由を奪わないと 多分他人の人権10:00樹林蹂躙しないと砂人減の尊厳を尊重するということ音ですよね 思うかなそれでへ 政府約400社の平和破壊と戦争誘導には徹底的に抵抗する というのが今日のメイン越冬もう愛12分ですね 39名さま全体で179名様コメントは78件ですね ということで今日のメイン8トピックスですね最初nhk 岩田明子氏に解散明言 長門地を駆け巡るメモの噂ということで日刊ゲンダメ 来年の1月通常国会冒頭に解散すると思う岩田メモが出回ってると これはおそらく本当でしょうね阿部がわざとそういうふうに 会社ムードを 前もって情報を慰労させることによって 準備させるとやとビビらせるという 解散権自体は首相にはないんだと言うそのことですよな絶対に憲法違反の大曽 も首相には主義のあの 解散権があると線専権事項だという大草を絶対 認めないとて阿部が おそらく最後になる彼の任期中最後になる大仕掛けですよ 憲法改正を大義メモにした朱民解散総選挙は絶対阻止すると いうことですよねゆかさんマップ microchip まずペット可そしてへ 業卸定式化させてイクイクは人間にもと言うならえ合いそうですねそういうことですよ から弁護士がブログで伊藤史織さんを侮辱と釣果へ審査を求める議決が出たと言う朝日デジタル これですね北口というとんでもない弁護士ですよ 計算2009年の新型インフルエンザのワクチン接種の時にアメリカのバージニア州の女性兵士が マイクロチップがワクチンで体内に入れられるということをなにこバスト 兵士にはもうやりたい放題でしょ 上官の命令に従うんですから いるから終わりなき戦争を終わらせるこれは デモクラシーナウですね久しぶりに米国の無謀な軍事力行使が今の危機を招いとという 中東もいわゆる戦争ですねー それと同じで昔 now トランプの違法行為に対する不利益な詳細がさらに明らかになる中 今日後ギーナ大統領弾劾公聴会を妨害したと言う 我はあがきがトランプとトランプを新する今日は同議員が 笑わ窮しているということですね私は 主要2月失明するということですね配信に感謝しますと鈴木さんですね そしてトランプ氏は人を打っても逮捕されないは種撒く 弁護団出張にいうニューヨークシティを反応とトランプもあの弁護団っていうのはとんでもないねトランプが人を打っても大統領だ から刑事訴追されないということを なんか正式に言ってるみたいだけどバカじゃないかと思う公的な大統領の職務上の行為に関しては刑事訴追されないと いうことでしょだらし的ないわゆる トランプが拳銃持って人を撃ったと で刑事訴追再燃も当たり前じゃない えっから今日の 重要情報ですリーてるわけですね road 何かというと恋恵梨子がー五輪マラソン 札幌提案を落ち潰すために 今更て東北開催を持ち出したとさんまや渡辺謙も批判してきた 東京五輪の 際被災地計4個 That means ということです今日のメイン今日魔法数はこれで多いですね1時間77分ですねよ入地秒 主張されるというかどう同時期で36名様全体で185名そのコメント90回ですね沢山のごめんと頭たくさんのコンティにポイントたくさんの ゲームとですねいただきましてありがとうございましたということで今日金曜日の放送はこれで終わりです 現在日本時間で are yunho 11:07ですね何がした夜遅くなりました申し訳ないですね ということで明日は放送ないんですけどない24回目の 猫眼鏡かやりますねよもしよろしければご17時で選び中継したいということです そしてへに縹渺休みでまた来週月曜日 よろしければ合流してくださいということで今日の放送怒ると怖いですつからそのでした

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