돼지꿈(1961) / A Dream of Fortune ( Dwaejikkum )

Dreaming of Pigs   Screenplay Seo Chang Geun   Camera Lee Sung Hui   Music Park Chun Suk   Starring: Moon Jung Sook
Kim Seung Ho   Lee Ye Chun
Huh Jang Kang   Choi Ji Hee
Ahn Sung Ki   Joo Sun Tek, Koo Bong Suh
Kim Hee Kab   Jung Ae Ran
Kim Jung Ok   Director Hwan Hyung Mo   Hello everyone! Home to
two million people, this is Seoul.   Look at the flood of cars and people.   What do all these people eat
and where do they live?   Of course they can’t carry their homes
on their backs like snails. They have to build their homes. If I may speak for the Department of Social
and Health Services, There are currently
400,000 families in Seoul, but only 180,000 houses. That leaves about 200,000 families
without a home. That means there are more people
without a home than with a home. Those with money live in luxurious homes,   but those without live in poverty
on top of mountains or build shacks beside streams.   According to a survey birds can still build homes in Seoul but there isn’t enough land
for people to build homes. That is why each year, the government builds 3000 homes
on the outskirts of the city, saying they will give it to the homeless,
but of course it’s not free. The star of this movie lives in one of
these homes built by the government.   This is for the group savings fund   This is for briquettes.   Hmm…   Oh well, I’ll buy those basketball shoes
next time.   Hey! What the…?   Who was it? Huh?   Hey… who was it?   Young-jun! Hey Young-jun! You better get over here!   Now!   Do you know how many windows
you’ve broken this month? Well?   Also, you’ve only worn these shoes
for a month? Why are they like this?   Mom! Don’t you realize
I have to go to school? 3 km to get there and 3 km to get back.
That’s 6 km total. That 6 km a month is 3×6,
which is 18 km. I don’t want to hear it!   Mom, can you please buy me a pair of
basketball shoes? Just one… please? Nope… Your dad makes little to nothing. And you’re asking for basketball shoes!   Go inside and wash your feet! Hey Soon-ja, Soon-ja! – Soon-ja!
– Yes? Did you finish cleaning the room? I can’t until Mr. Son gets up.   Ugh… it’s already well into the day
and he’s still sleeping?   Hey, what are you doing?
Why aren’t you washing your feet?   What are you doing with that? – Mom can’t I buy it with this?
– No, no!   You can still wear these for two months. Two months? I don’t want to…
how can I wear these for two months? You! Mom! I’ll take care of them… please just
buy me a new pair of basketball shoes! Just go wash your feet.   Hurry up! Ugh… look at the state of this room.
Hey Soon-ja!   Stop sleeping and get up.   It may be Sunday
but who sleeps past 10 a.m.?   Honey!   Hey honey!   Just ten more minutes. We really have to clean in here! I’ll do it, just give me ten more minutes!   It’s my day off… just let me sleep. I said no!   Here! Look, I was having a great dream
and you woke me up. Forget it! Everyday,
you talk about silly dreams.   It’s cold. This time it’s for real. Hey… it’s a dream about a pig! A pig! Go wash your face
so you can come to your senses.   This type of lucky dream only comes
once in a lifetime So, in the dream I caught a sow
and am bringing her in the front door… The lucky pig is so huge I have to bring
her inside so I’m forcing her in, and that’s when you woke me up. Oh! So the pig was as big as you. Forget about how big I am.
Her stomach was about this big. Oh, stop being so stupid.   That’s why the nickname those students
gave you makes sense. Pig teacher and what else? These days
they’ve added ‘nylon head’ to that. What? Nylon head?   They call you that because
we can see straight into your head! What a masterpiece! But it’s nothing
to be embarrassed of right? I’ve always been fair and never dishonest
so that’s why they call me that. I don’t want to hear it! They say a lucky dream is best
when shared with someone. Oh, he’s so carefree, it’s no wonder
he looks so pathetic.   Other’s are scrambling
to make an extra buck but… Oh forget it, I’m so tired of it.   Hey? Aren’t they from my school?   Why are you shutting the doors
when I’m cleaning?   It looks like the students are coming,
tell them I’m not here. They made their way here so you should
meet them, why are you lying? Look, any student who goes to meet their teacher
on a day off isn’t one that has good grades. Not only that,
I haven’t even washed my face. That’s why I told you to wake up early. Honey, just cover for me.   Mr. Son are you there?   Oh… hello students   – Hello?
– Hello? So what brings you so far from home? Just came to hang out,
is our Mr. Son here? Oh… you came all this way… so sorry. But something came up
and he had to go into the city. Oh no… But why don’t you come inside?   Then can you tell him
that Sook and Jung- sook stopped by because we wanted to talk about
going to an advanced school. Oh… it would’ve been nice if he was here. We’ll come back next Sunday. We’ll leave this here. You didn’t need to bring anything. Make sure he doesn’t go anywhere
next Sunday. Don’t worry, be sure to come back. So sorry. It’s ok. Well, goodbye.   Goodbye. – Get home safely.
– Ok.   Honey? Honey?   Oh wow!   I can’t believe they came with this today.   I can’t believe him.   Honey? Honey? Come on, get up…   They’re gone right? Just get out here.   And what were you dreaming
about this time?   In your dream a lucky pig couldn’t fit
because the front door was too small. But you have no problem
fitting in that small space. I was writing all night
and just because I slept in, you’re all over me. You spend day and night on a script
that you can’t sell. Please just stop. You use up all the paper and
the electricity meter just keeps rising. If you don’t have anything to do
in the evening it’s better just to sleep. Just leave it alone!   What’s wrong with you?   Take this and go to the office manager’s
house, plead with him to return the money. I didn’t give him my paycheck yesterday. Your paycheck? You don’t get paid
hundreds of thousands of won.   We’re already 180,000 won
behind on our payments. If we don’t pay by the end
of the month we’ll be evicted.   We’ll ask them to be patient and we’ll pay them
two months worth at the end of the year. Wait a minute, you think we’re going to
come into big money then?   Well… I’ll get a winter allowance from school. I need to repay
the group fund money I borrowed to pay off the deposit on this house. That’s why you have no choice
but to go to the office manager’s house. It’s not going to work.   What do you mean? When someone mentioned money
at school the other day, he freaked out saying
that the school is not a bank. Ugh… you may be a big guy
but you have no nerve. Ah, isn’t there any way
to push this body in? That hurts. If they are from the government
just ask them to be patient. As if! If worse comes to worst, let’s just live like normal people until we can sell
the rights to this property. What? And go back to living
in someone else’s house? Forget it! I would rather die
than live like that. But we don’t have any other option.   My friends are all busy building
30 room houses with tiled roofs in the city, and western style homes in the suburbs. ‘But you barely managed to get us government
housing, and now it looks like we’re getting thrown out.’ Does that make you feel better?   Honey. Now that I’ve dreamt about a pig,
things will get better, I’m sure of it.   What in the world makes you so shameless?   Oh whatever… ugh…   What’s wrong with this door?   How is it that this is just like your dream?   Don’t you see this?   You’ve been creating
such a fuss since this morning.   Just get out.   Ow that stings.
I think I scraped my butt. Of course it hurts,
pull yourself together.   Mrs. Son? Hello, you there?   Oh!   Oh it’s Bok-dal’s mom? I was just about
to bring the group fund money. Oh, I’m not here about that.   Um… did Mr. Son go out? No, he’s washing his face. Why?
Do you need him for something? Oh no. I wanted to recommend
something to you. To me? Anyway come on in. – No I’ll just tell you here.
– Please, come in. – No really it’s alright.
– Please.   Oh I still haven’t finished cleaning…
let’s go to the other room.   – Here, have a seat.
– Ok. Why is the window broken? – Oh Young-jun did that.
– I see.   – So… ?
– Um…   Would you be interested in raising pigs? What? Pigs?   Well, the pig that we’re raising
just had 5 babies. I bought two females
and two males for 60,000 won and… made house payments for the next four months. So instead of complaining about
your cash problems every night, you should get a side job! You can’t do much with the meager pay
your husband brings home.   – Of course we’re all in the same position.
– Yes, of course. You know the grandmother with the pockmarks
that lives in the next town? Two years ago she started
to raise pigs and now she has 15- 16 pigs the size of a calf. I know it’s big money, really big. According to the rumors, if you sell pigs
you can buy a big 20 room house within the city walls. That’s why you should raise pigs too.   Sure they smell a bit but what’s a little smell
when you can make money?   Of course, I would like to
but I don’t have the money to buy a pig. I don’t even have an extra 2000 won. Come on, you don’t think
I know your situation? That’s why I came here. If you want to raise pigs,
I’ll give you one – Sure but money is a problem.
– You’re so proper. No one is asking you to pay up right now. Once you’ve raised it and sell it.
just pay me for the piglet. And if you can’t…
then that’s that… Us neighbors have to
help each other out. Really? Is this for real? Hey, have I ever lied?   I’ll give you a sow right away. Come next spring she’ll be having
babies left, right and center.   Hmm… he dreamt of a pig…
could this be…?   Hey! What… what is that? Dad! The ball! Oh son…   Here you go!   Hurry and pass it over.   Oh you!   Should I just give up on today?   Hey who was it?   – Sorry sir.
– Hey you!   Here!   Hey, Young-jun, my shoe!   Here it goes!   Kick it! Go get it, over here!   So, all talk of pigs aside, and I’m not asking this
because I’m helping you… I have a favor to ask, is that ok? Of course, you know
I’ll help out any way I can.   What is it? My daughter, Bok-dal,
needs to go to a girl’s school next year. Ok. Can you talk to your husband
and put in a good word? She’s not stupid,
she just doesn’t study. I ‘m not expecting her
to go to a top tier school, but if she can get into
your husband’s school… Don’t worry about that, we neighbors
have to help each other out. – Ok, I’m leaving it in your hands.
– Ok. Then let’s go and bring back a piglet. – Oh, I feel really bad…
– No! Hey! Who is it now? Who is it this time? Who? It was me.   Kick it! Send the ball over here.
Over here, over here!   Who did this? Huh? Who? I’m so sorry.
Young-jun did it again. – He’s quite the prankster.
– Yes.   You’re not hurt are you? I’m fine. My son may be a big kid
but he just doesn’t listen. All kids these days are like that.   Oh dear! Then, shall we get going? Of course. Soon-ja! Just let me set the table
and I’ll be right along. No problem. Oh, hello. Go with this lady and bring back a piglet,
I’ll be along soon. Pig? Then I’ll need to sharpen
my knife right? A knife… why? Well in the country I was well known
for slaughtering pigs. We’re not killing it! We’re going to
raise it! Stop fussing about. Ok then, don’t forget
what I asked earlier. Don’t worry. – Let’s go.
– Ok. Come on let’s go.   All you have to do is bring it back.   – Hello, how are you?
– How are you? I’m just coming from your house. – Really?
– Yes.   Then, thank you. Uh… for?   – Well then I’ll be on my way. Let’s go.
– Ok. Come again.   Hm… what was that about?   Honey? Honey! Like father like son.
How is it you’re exactly the same? Here.   Just look at what you’ve done.   Anyway, that’s that… but honey, how is it your dream is so spot on? What do you mean? Bok-dal’s mom just stopped by
and told us to raise a pig. A pig? For free? We’ll see next April if we can
pay back the cost of the pig. Wow, seeing our dreams fall into place. It seems like our luck is changing. I’ve set the table so go and eat. I’m going to go and get the pig.   – Excuse me, where is #15?
– Sorry? – Uh… you know, the teacher’s house.
– Oh that’s my house, it’s right here.   Aren’t you Mr. Kim from Busan? Oh, hey aren’t you Young-jun?
You’re so big I didn’t even recognize you. – Is your dad home?
– Yes. – Dad! There’s a guest for you.
– Ok. So what grade are you in? – Grade 5.
– Grade 5? Wow, look at you.   Hey aren’t you In-dal? Look at you Chang-su!
How many years has it been? Everything good? I can’t believe
how big he is already. Come on in! How is Mrs. Son doing? She’s just at a neighbor’s,
she’ll be back soon. Go inside. Yeah, but there’s
someone here with me.   Then come in together.   Well, say hello. This is the Mr. Son
I keep talking about.   I’m Chang-su Son.   Charlie Hong is
a second-generation Korean from Hawaii, we became close
doing business together. His Korean isn’t that great
but he’s my number one friend. You’ve brought a very special guest
from far away. – It’s a bit rundown but please come in.
– Come on let’s go in.   This doesn’t feel like Korea, this is
my first time seeing the countryside. – Really? Is it better than America?
– No, not as nice but. So, you set up a drugstore
in Daeshin-dong, Busan? Is it doing well?   It’s just whatever… I get by. But if this thing that I’m doing
with Charlie is successful, then my situation will change. What is it?   – What I’m doing with Charlie…
– Sh! It’s a secret Mr. Kim. Oh it doesn’t matter! Mr. Son and I have been
like brothers since were kids. And I have a favor to ask of him, right?   Did you do something wrong? Actually, Charlie is on the crew
of an American transport ship.   He comes to Busan Harbor
every few months and each time, brings some medicine from the U.S.
and I sell it for cheap.   This time, however,
there’s just too much. I can’t unload it all in Busan,
So I came to Seoul   If all goes well I can change my destiny. Isn’t this like smuggling? Smuggling?   It’s best to stop
doing anything dangerous.   We’re just selling extra military supplies,
Oh! It’s not smuggling. Because they’re military supplies,
it has nothing to do with smuggling. When these guys in the U.S. are loading medicine onto the
cargo ship they give the workers a little cash
and secretly load a little extra.   It’s like we’re almost getting it for free,   and when they come to Korea or Japan
they sell it for next to nothing. So from Korea’s perspective
there’s nothing to lose. In the event we get caught
we have a valid excuse.   Excuse? Well. We sell good medicine
that isn’t produced here. If anything, it helps our country.
There’s no harm done, right? Well now…   Because it’s my father’s country,
I sell it for cheap,   What kind of medicine is it? Vera Myzic SF   In an age where people make their own,
this drug actually works. I’m sure we won’t get any awards for this,
but they won’t throw us in jail, right? Anyway, good luck. But the way we view the law
and how the authorities interpret it is usually very different. You know, for such a big guy
you still have no guts.   Hundreds of millions of won switch hands
in a matter of days. What use is having an old- fashioned
conscience? Geez. You don’t have what it takes to make money!
Just pray for my success.   No, never mind Mr. Son. Um… as long as there is a buyer
then it’s a success.   If we can’t sell it in Korea
we can sell it for more in Japan.   Hey, what do you mean we can’t sell it? If pharmaceutical brokers get word
they’ll be like bees to honey.   Oh, by the way do you know anyone
who runs a large drugstore?   Me? You must be kidding.
All I ever see is chalk dust everyday. You might not be much, but maybe
one of your student’s parents…   Hm… I’ll go and ask tomorrow
but don’t expect much.   You still don’t know
how to use relationships.   A referral will get you 200,000
to 300,000 won, so try your best, ok?   You know I didn’t come here
with much faith in you Good luck. I put the word out here and there
so I’m sure it’ll work out.   Hey! Mr. Kim, look over there.   Isn’t that the Mrs?   Force it towards the house.
Oh we’re going to lose it! That’s why I told you to hold tight
so we don’t lose it.   Put it here! Let’s see,
what should I tie it with? – What rope would be good?
– Honey? Honey! Look at the pig. Honey! In-dal is here. – Oh Mr. Kim?
– Yes. Ok, I’ll be in soon. I need to tie it with something
so I don’t lose it.   – Mrs. Son.
– Oh my! – Mr. Kim, it’s been such a long time.
– Yes. Mrs. Son, it really has been a long time.
You’ve been well? – Yes… everything has been good?
– Yes.   So, what’s with the pig? I’m trying to make some money
raising pigs.   It’s been ages since he’s been here
and you haven’t even served tea. – Have a seat.
– Thank you.   Please sit.   All that fuss just to raise
a big for extra income.   We’re late on our monthly installment
so we’re at a bit of a loss. The Mrs. is different than you.   She’s a go- getter and is resourceful,
so she’ll do a good job. You shouldn’t just rely on your job.
Try something else.   These days it’s no use saving face,
and having a conscience. You need money to live. Money!   Money is number one. Having no money is the same
has slitting your throat. – Yes… that’s right.
– I know.   Oh dear. It’s the country,
so there isn’t anything.   Honey! Say hello. He’s a second- generation American
businessman and close with In-dal.   Nice to meet you.   Thank you for coming
to this rundown place. No no. The view is very good. Oh! Mr. Kim! We need to
get back to the hotel. I think the officers will be waiting.   Well then Chang-su,
we should get going. Really? I’ll come back next time.   – Oh you’re leaving already?
– Yes our business is keeping us busy. Now that I know where you live,
I’ll be back for a visit. – I’ll look into it.
– Yes, look into it. Oh what a shame, it’s been so long. – Come back and spend the night.
– Ok. Let’s have a drink
and reminisce about the past. Ok. If you have time, please come back.   Mr. Son, we need a room with a bed. We’ve rented a nice room at Hanil Hotel. – Then excuse us.
– Of course. You didn’t even drink your tea.   Bye.   – Come back later.
– Ok.   Don’t sleep at a motel.   – You must come back here to sleep.
– I got it!   – Are you leaving already sir?
– Yes, take care. Then you have to come back
once before you leave. Of course. Mr. Hong too.   Now that we’re friends,
I’ll come by on my next visit. And I’ll bring lots of presents.   Goodbye. Oh, sure.   Goodbye.   No, you can’t take that. Take it. It’s ok, just take it.   You need to say thank you.   Goodbye. Ok then, I’ll be back next time.   Hmm… I’ll hang on to this. No way, I want to buy basketball shoes. You can buy them later. Forget it! It’s mine, give it back mom! Just leave it alone. Hey, in our financial state,
a thousand won is a lot.   It’s not like you make a lot of money
so you shouldn’t talk.   This money is different. – Mom! See. Give it to me!
– No! I’m going to use this to replace
the window you two broke.   Go inside and study. Not fair. It’s not like you’re going
to buy me basketball shoes.   Hmm… how much money
does that Charlie have, since a thousand won is like nothing to him? In-dal has a business,
he must make a lot? He did say that he makes
a big lump sum here and there. If this current deal goes well
he’ll make 2,000,000 won.   But that’s just a dream to us. Wow! Can’t you get in on it?   Honey! Can’t you ask In-dal
to let you be involved in this? A person needs to be shrewd like,
In-dal, to make money. Money runs from foolish people like you.   What’s wrong with him?
Ugh… so annoying.   Honey, if your friends come by,
restrain yourself from drinking. You need to finish making this pigpen.   Don’t worry! And about what I said earlier…
Be decisive and put it into action. It’s a beautiful day.
You should take a walk and go see Charlie at Hanil Hotel. I feel like something
good is going to happen. Well! Your pig dream was accurate
and In-dal brought Charlie over to our house.
This is a good opportunity. I got it! Honey! I got it. You need to
reason with your sister. Until the end of the year… Stop talking about
the end of the year.   Anyway, I’ll stop by
but don’t expect anything. Soon-ja! Bring my shoes. – Oh that temper.
– Soon-ja!   I’m going out. You know how to handle
the government people, right? Yes. We will pay two months worth
for sure at the end of the year. And you should beg her to be patient And if Mr. Son’s friends come over? You are not to serve alcohol. You’re
especially not to buy alcohol on credit. And you need to make food for the pig. I said don’t worry.   – Dad, where’s mom?
– Why?   – Hey Dad?
– Go over there.   Hey, don’t touch the pig!
Why are you playing around? I said stop! Huh?   Stop!   Young-jun! Did you finish studying?
Come on son, hang in there. Dad, I’m thinking of demonstrating. What? Demonstrating? It’s because mom is such a dictator. Hey! You shouldn’t say such things. Everything we do is because we love you
and want to give you a better life. When this pig gets bigger we can
buy you those basketball shoes. Really? Of course!   I wish it would hurry up and get big. Oh right! Young-jun, I was supposed to go with you
to the playground, right? I can’t go with you, so you go
and have fun by yourself.   – Thanks dad!
– Good boy!   Young-jun! – Yeah?
– Hang on.   – Here’s bus fare. Watch out for cars.
– Ok Also, here, buy some bread
if you’re hungry. – You’re the best, dad!
– Oh you… watch out for cars! I don’t want to see you
hanging off the back of a car. Ok!   Oh… that pig!   – Hey, Young-jun.
– Oh, hello. Where are you going? To the playground. Is your dad home? Yes, he’s in the yard. Cute kid!   What are you doing?   Come on in. I’m making a pigpen. What? A pigpen?   – I brought some alcohol with me.
– Good call.   Look here, the perfect appetizer. – Hey! You’ll get yourself in trouble
– Why? This pig is our future.   I thought you guys would be back
Sunday to have a drink.   Is it Sunday already It is!   According to Mr. Kim at our school, he got in big trouble
for drinking during the day. Oh man. At our school they banned drinking. Any teacher caught drinking
before the sun goes down is fired! That’s too much.   Excuse me. I’m here
from the government office.   Pork cutlet.   – Welcome.
– Is the owner of the house in?   Hmm… it looks like you’ve got guests. The lady of the house isn’t here,
she’s gone out. But she said she would pay you
two months worth at the end of the year.   Ok. I’ve got something to tell the owner
so please tell him I’d like to see him. I have to quit drinking,
unless I want to get fired. Have a drink.   Hey! Go get some more alcohol. Ok. Go take this empty pot
and get some alcohol. Please hang on a moment.   Alcohol?   Soon-ja, what are you doing?   Go to the store and tell them I said
to give me some alcohol on credit. Mrs. Son told me not to run
any errands related to alcohol. especially not to buy it on credit.   – Come here! – Just give it up   Hey, are you trying to embarrass me?   Don’t be like that. I’ll pay it back,
just go and get another bottle on credit. I can’t. If I ask for credit
Mrs. Song will be furious and I’ll get in trouble. Then buy it with your money. – My money?
– Yes.   Well, you’ll have to pay 10% interest.
Is that ok? What? 10% interest? It’s 5% for Mrs. Son, but because
it’s my first transaction with you I have to charge more interest.   Fine. I’ll give you 10%, even 20%. Oh, I forgot you have a guest. Who? A guest from Busan? No, he’s a collector
from the government office. What? A collector? Tell him I’m not here.   Ohh… Mr. Chun. I’m so embarrassed.   Why don’t you come in. I really don’t have time.   Let me just tell you here. It’s Sunday so just come in
and we can talk over a drink. – Oh no.
– These are my friends. Oh no. I really don’t have time. Just come in. We’re both hard-working men right?
Here you go. I really don’t have time. – Hurry up and come back!
– Ok.   I really don’t have time.   I’m so sorry, things are tight which is
why we haven’t been able to pay on time. I see. These are my friends. Why don’t you say hello. This is Mr. Yoon from Northeast Central. – I’m Mr. Yoon.
– Yes, yes. This is Mr. Park who works at my school. – I’m Park Lee-wool.
– Yes. This here is Mr. Chun
from the government office. Ah, is that right?   You look like you can hold your liquor,
let’s have a drink. I can’t even drink a single glass.   If I could briefly say something, your payment record is the worst.   There is talk at the office
concerning your eviction. If I could briefly give you one suggestion, cut down on the drinking
and pay the monthly installments. – I’m sorry.
– It’s ok. Let’s discuss this over a drink. I really can’t drink at all, and I’m working. Really? You look like you can drink.   Here. Don’t be like that,
just have one drink. When you’re stressed, this here is the best. Drink up. Well… since you’re offering,
just one drink! Go ahead. Ah! There’s no alcohol.   What are you doing?   Hang on, I think there might be…   Aha! Here it is. Left over from last time.   Here, just one glass.   Go ahead.   See you can drink.
Please let me pour you a glass, too.   Well then, just one more.   I really don’t have time. And I’m working.   Give it here. Oh. You have to drink
three glasses to catch up so here’s one from me. I really don’t have time.   – Well then.
– Drink up.   Mr. Son! Don’t worry
about the payments and have a drink. I have feelings too. Don’t worry
about the government directors!   Just leave it all up to me!   I’m so sorry. Sorry, what’s there to be sorry about? Besame, besame mucho. Send me the scent of the lila flower. Domino, domino, domino who loves me. A sela se rosa, a sela se rosa. Que sero sero, que sero sero. Mr. Chun, don’t mix different songs together. Try singing them one at a time. But I sang them one at a time.   Que sero sero, que sero. Oh, Elena needs to be here.   Come on let’s go to Myungdong,
I’ll buy another round.   Here… here, I’ve got lots of money. Let’s go… oh, who hit me?   Open the door!   Honey! Hey!   Young-jun! Open the door!
What are you doing? Oh dear. Oh Mr. Son, you’re drunk again. That’s your house over there. – I’m sorry.
– Good night. What’s going on. Oh dear.   I can’t seem to find my house
when I’m drunk.   Oh, there it is.   Honey, honey, open the door. Don’t honey me! What is so exciting that you have to stay out drinking this late? You drank four bottles
and overturned the table, but apparently that wasn’t enough,
so you had more? I did nothing wrong. – Is In-dal here?
– Why would In-dal be here? He said he was going to sleep over. So annoying! I’m so fed up. You’re no help.   I just want to die, I’m so embarrassed. – Oh, ouch!
– Watch out for your son. – I’m sorry, I’m sorry.
– I just fell asleep. Go to sleep.   Why do you keep going to
the neighbor’s house? All of these houses look the same,
somebody should mix them up. This has happened
more than just a few times… Who knows what’s going on
inside a man’s head.   We’re about to get kicked out,
and yet you have no worries. Where on earth did you
get the money to drink? Today was special. Special… again?   Do you know why I’m working so hard? I’m just so sick of it.   I can’t even afford fashion
that maids can buy on their own. Just thinking about myself
growing old like this, really makes me sick. I just can’t take it. – Pull it off.
– Give it here.   You’re saying that because of
my drinking, right?   Then what else would it be?   Tonight I only used up two bus tickets. – As if.
– It’s true. Who’s going to believe you? Who will know if you drank on credit
in some dive bar?   Ugh… so, so, so sick of it!   Look. Today really was special. Just listen to me. While we were drinking at the bar we met someone who wants to buy the medicine. Really? Are you serious? Yes. Keep going. Take out the business card
in my jacket pocket.   It’s in the top pocket. The top pocket.   Aju Pharmaceutical Corporation,
Executive VP Choi Do- shik? He said would buy
all of Charlie’s medicine. Tell me everything
from the beginning in detail. – We were at a bar in Myungdong.
– Ok. Now, as I was drinking
I mentioned what In-dal was talking about this morning. A man who was drinking at the next table
got up and came beside me… – and he gave me that business card.
– And? Before I could say anything he clapped
his hands and asked for champagne. He popped the cork and it was the first time
I tasted champagne in seven years. Stop talking about alcohol
and tell me what he said in detail. Well, he said he would buy
as much medicine as he could and asked me
to introduce him to Charlie. So we’re going to go
to the hotel tomorrow. What do you think? Isn’t this plenty of reason
to say that tonight was special? Wow, not bad.   But honey. You should go to
the hotel alone tomorrow. Why? If you go with those people
the commission… You might not get that much commission. Hmm… you’re right.
I really am a ‘nylon head’. Then as soon as school is dismissed
tomorrow, I’ll go see Charlie alone. But what if all of the medicine
has been sold, then what? A few million won worth of
medicine sold in one night? Don’t worry, just go.   Ok.   There’s something else, the collector from
the government was there too. He drank champagne with us.   For now, there won’t be any problem
with the payments. Oh really? You’ve really honed your social skills.   If your drinking always
turns out this prosperous, then bottoms up. Really? Well then go get me a bottle. – With what money?
– Hey… Ok, it’s late, let’s go to sleep.
Have another good dream. Yeah, let’s go to sleep.   Honey! My dream last night
was right, wasn’t it? It really was.   If we make money, we should make
some housing payments first, and then buy Young-jun a suit. And I want a new skirt. That’s ok right? Honey. Oh, you’re already asleep.
You’re dreaming of pigs again right?   Um… excuse me. Yes, welcome. Um… what room is Mr. Charlie in?
He’s a second- generation American. Hang on a second.   There is nobody like that here. What? That can’t be. He told me yesterday
that he was staying here. Maybe you heard wrong? I’m positive this is the place. He’s pretty tall and his nose is a bit big. There is no second-generation person
staying here right now.   Really? Hm.   – Sorry.
– Have a nice day.   – Oh, Charlie.
– What are you doing here? I came to see you but they said you weren’t staying here.   – Mr. Son, I told you a white lie.
– What? I’m staying here under a different name. Oh… ok. If people know I was here,
brokers would constantly bother me. Korean brokers are driving me crazy. Is that right? Well, I’m here because there’s someone
who wants to buy your medicine.   I too have a lot to tell.
In-dal is a very bad person. I didn’t know he was like that. What?   Let’s go inside and talk.   – Oh, hang on.
– Sure.   Mr. Lee?   Have a seat.   No thank you.   In-dal is a really bad person. While I was sleeping, he ran off
with all the money we made. I don’t like Korea because there are so many bad people. I don’t think he ran away. Because
he made some money off the medicine he’s probably having
a drink somewhere. No, first of all,
his luggage is gone and I can’t tell the police. I would
like to chase him down in Busan but our ship is leaving
from Incheon today so I can’t. In-dal? I can’t believe he would do that. Are you leaving today? Yes, the next time my ship comes
to Incheon, we must work together. Yes, that’s all I ask. In-dal is a crook.   Well then, I should get ready to leave.
I haven’t much time.   Mr. Son!   – Hey Mr. Son!
– Oh.   How are you?
I’m sorry about yesterday. No, I’m sorry.   I hate to do this
but I need to give you notice.   I understand. If I can’t make my overdue payments
by the end of the month, I’ll be evicted as per the law. Simply put, yes. I tried to plead with them
but it’s such a large amount…   Thank you for trying. I’ll do my best to come up with the money. Yes, please do your best.   If In-dal was in Seoul,
there might be a way.   Friends don’t mean anything
in the face of money. They’re nothing. He stole their money. All of it.
It’s probably over 3,000,000 won. I would have swiped it too
if it could change my future. Charlie can’t go to the police
due to the nature of the product. So it’s essentially free. No, but In-dal isn’t that type of person. Like I said, friends mean nothing
in the face of money.   That said, what are we going
to do about this house?   Charlie said he would look for me
if he comes back to Incheon this year. If I’m lucky, then who knows?
I might get a nice chunk of cash? Whatever! Why would you put your faith
in someone going back to America?   Honey. Why don’t you write
a letter to Busan. Who am I writing to? What do you mean? To In-dal. What if you hinted that Charlie came to visit us before
he left for the States?   You’re asking me
to blackmail a good friend? This is not the time to worry about that.   Anyway, he’s come into a lot of cash so ask him to lend you
300,000 to 400,000 won.   Move over and give me a pencil.   Here. Hurry up and write the letter.   I can’t. I’m not going to sell
my conscience because I’m poor. Like I said, you may be a big guy
but you’re so narrow- minded. I’m so sick and tired of this.   Dad, I want to go to sleep too.   Hey, honk the horn.   Oh my goodness! Mr. Charlie?   Welcome. Hello, Mrs. Son. When did you get here? Us Americans are good at
keeping our promises. Well then, thanks for
keeping your promise. Send the car back and come inside.   How do you do? Oh! Have you been well?   – Um… please hang on a second
– Ok.   Where did you learn to speak english? Look at you, there’s nothing
you can’t say.   I brought you that present
I promised last time.   Hey! Go and finish
what you were doing.   This is makeup from Japan.
It’s the most expensive one in Tokyo. Here you go. But it’s such an expensive gift. Mrs. Son? I told you I would bring you
a gift so please take it. Well, since you insist.
I’m happy to accept. Please, send the car back
and come inside.   I’ve got luggage in the car. After
I take this to the hotel I’ll come back.   Since this was your first stop
why don’t you just leave it here. Please.   Such expensive makeup,
I don’t know when I would use it. Oh no! Someone as attractive as you
must use products like this. It’s the most expensive makeup in Japan. You’re such a kind man, Charlie. It’s not like we’ve done
anything for you. Well, you can help me
sell these products. Of course I’ll give you a commission.   If we’re not careful,
they could get confiscated.   Are there any police or customs officials
in this neighborhood? Don’t worry I’ll put it in
our cupboard and lock it. It will be safer than leaving it
at the hotel. Just leave it with me.   Ok then.   What’s in here, it’s so heavy.   It’s expensive medicine.   Oh, this is even heavier. Sorry.   Oh dear, look at this mess.   Please have a seat.   Oh, I heard about In-dal
from my husband. Oh, no comment. I can’t even tell you
what a bad person In-dal is. – He ran off with three million won.
– Gee,   and you left him alone?   It was too much of a hassle
to tell the police. I will never do business
with Mr. Kim again. I don’t deal with people I don’t trust.   Oh, you must be starving,
won’t you have something to eat? No, no. I’ll eat at the hotel.   I came straight from the ship in Incheon
so I have to book a hotel. Oh my! Well, you must be hungry! Soon-ja. Soon-ja! You can tell me all about the States
while you enjoy your meal. But what do you like? Fried eggs?   We sail all over the world,
so I eat pretty much everything. Korean food, Japanese sake,
I like it all. I see. Take off your coat. Please, sit back and relax. Oh, where did she go? Hey Soon-ja!   What are you writing? Please, just relax.   I was calculating
how much the medicine cost.   What did you bring this time? A couple of boxes of Theramycin SF,
10 ladies watches and 30 yards of silk
I bought from Japan, and lots of other things. Oh. Look at me…
now where did I put it?   Ah, here it is.   Umm… this person wanted to buy
all of your products. After you left for the States
he called a number of times.   Isn’t he a Chinese boy? No, he’s Korean. Aju Pharmaceutical Corporation
Executive VP Choi Doo-shik.   – Choi Doo-shik.
– Choi Doo-shik? What do you want me to do,
should I call him? Well, it’s ok to sell it to him but I don’t
have that much product this time. It won’t be much commission.   Ah, if you buy it and sell it yourself
you can make a much bigger profit.   You should do that.   How much is it altogether? For you Mrs. Son…   – Oh! I’ll sell it for 600,000 won
– 600,000 won. You can sell it for a million won, easy. So that’s 300,000 won in a day. Oh! You can make 400,000 won. This business is very good.   Um, Charlie. How about
if I give you 300,000 first and the other 300,000
after I sell the product?   That’s how In-dal cheated me last time. In America we like to do business
by getting paid before we give you our product.   Sure but it’s not you can’t trust us. If it’s 300,000 won…
and today is payday So the paycheck
and winter allowance… and we can use our deed
as collateral. It’s possible. Is there no way, Charlie? Umm… Come on, I’ll keep my promise. Ok, I trust attractive people like you. But please give me
300,000 won by tomorrow. The rest, you can give me after. Oh wow! Thank you. I promise I will have
the 300,000 won by tomorrow night. By tomorrow night? Ok.   But if you let me down,
I won’t work with you again. Don’t worry! You’ve accepted
a difficult request, I won’t let you down. I’ll most definitely have it ready.   Is anyone home? Anyone home? Please hang on a moment.   Oh hello.   Hello, how are you? Let me be brief. Your eviction date is coming fast.
Any luck? Don’t worry, just be patient
until the end of the month. If I can sell the medicine
during that time…   Um, like I said, I’ll get it to you.
Don’t worry. You’re putting me in a very difficul
position so please, I beg you… Now, now… don’t worry. I’ll take care of all the overdue payments
in the next few days. – Now, please excuse me.
– Ok.   Is it done? I hope it tastes good. Of course, I’m the one who made it! Sit down.   Charlie, please eat. I made it.   Oh, udon noodles!   I ate a lot of this in Japan. I really like this. Go ahead and eat.   Hey is the pig feed ready? I’m going to do it now.
Charlie, please enjoy.   Oh… I’m so sorry.   I’ll go make some tea,
please eat slowly.   These noodles are very tough
and very very long.   Oh no! That’s yarn!   Oh no… what to do?   I’ll go out to the front with you. I’ll call my husband.   You’re leaving already?   Yes, yes, this is
Dongkwan girls middle school. Oh yes, hold on a moment. Mr. Son, it’s for you. Oh, ok.   Yes? Oh honey? I just got paid. What? Charlie’s here? So? Charlie brought some medicine. I said I would sell the whole lot
and he accepted. But it’s not like we have money. What? 300,000 won… where would
that money come from?   Um, well I can ask, but… well… I’m not sure I can. It doesn’t matter what you think,
you have no choice! I gave Charlie my word. I can’t
suddenly change my story, can I? I don’t care how long it takes,
just get it done and bring it home. If we don’t have it by tomorrow morning
he’s going to sell it to someone else. What? But this good fortune
just dropped in our lap. If we sell it in the market we can make
an easy 1,000,000 won. 20%, 30% interest is fine. Just get it.   – Thank you.
– Come again.   You’re going to have to see the grandma
with pockmarks for that kind of money. I want to help you
but I just don’t have the money. Why? Do you need it
for your housing payments? Uh… yes. Oh dear… Ok then, I’m off. Ok.   In this day and age,
you need to have collateral. Nobody is just going to
hand over money.   Oh, these pigs.   Come on Mary, eat slowly!   This is Mary and that one
over there is Johnny. I see.   Like I said, I’ll give you
the deed to our house. A deed to government housing
is not considered collateral but because it’s Mr. Son,
I’m going to trust you and lend you 150,000 won. Come by tonight with the deed, in the meantime
I’ll get the money together.   Can’t you lend me
an additional 50,000 won? Hey, I’m doing this
because you’re in a tough situation. I can’t give you anymore though. If you don’t like it, then forget it. Oh no. I’ll take it. I’ll come back this evening
with the deed. So long.   Um… grandma?   How much does a pig this size go for? About 50,000 won.   You want to sell your pig? No, just asking. Then I’ll see you later. Ok, come by later.   What if this deal gets exposed?
What will happen? A fine? No I’ll be sent to jail. A teacher at a girl’s school
charged with smuggling. Arrested… Oh, the shame.   But… it’s better than getting thrown out
in the middle of winter with my son. In-dal made two million won
in one night   and it’s medicine
that cures people so it’ll be ok.   Honey! Honey! Honey!
What’s with the sleep talking? Huh?   Honey, what’s wrong?   This time, I had the most unbelievable dream. This is a dream your average person
couldn’t even dream of having. So you dreamt of money? Yes, but in a dream getting money
is considered a bad thing.   This is the opposite. Let me explain. If you fall into a toilet
or a corpse is rolling around or if there are maggots,
then it’s a good dream. The best dream is when your house is
being carried away by a flood. Then you didn’t dream
about coming into money, you dreamt of falling into the toilet? It wasn’t just feces. It was feces and
a pig all mixed with a flood. In the dream, after Charlie left, I opened that bag over there out of curiosity, and, well… feces and urine
came pouring out of the bag. In an instant our house, room and yard were all transformed into a sea of feces,
there was yellow feces everywhere. You would think a pig
would be able to float on it, right? Ew… the smell. Honey, stop talking about
that disgusting dream and go to sleep. What do you mean disgusting. What’s so disgusting? All of that yellow stuff,
that’s all money. Money!   You always interpret everything
in a positive way. Must be nice. Charlie’s bag is here safe and sound. You, who can never
lay your hands on money, managed to borrow 40,000 won
on top of your paycheck and I got 150,000 won. Now all I have to do is get money
for the pig and we’re all set. But what if he sells the medicine to
someone else under the same conditions. The medicine is here. He can’t sell it. Charlie isn’t that type of person, he gave me his word. He’ll be back tomorrow
to give me the key to the bag and collect the
money, you’ll see. How great would it be
if it worked out that way. Then we could take care of
those housing payments right away. It’s all going to work out
so stop worrying.   – Why aren’t you turning off the lights.
– It’s cold. – Hm?
– You turn it off.   – This is 20,000 won and this is 30,000 won.
– Yes. Have a good day. – Good job.
– Thanks.   Oh you!   Where have you been? Wow, is this the money
you got from selling the pig? Yes. It looks like there’s enough
to buy me basketball shoes! No! The American man is going
to take all this money. But why? You don’t need to know. Having lots of money,
makes more money.   Then you’ll buy me basketball shoes
for sure, right? Yes, I got it. Go and study. You have to buy me
basketball shoes for New Year’s! Ok. – Dad, you promise! Ok?
– Yes, I know.   He’s still not here,
maybe he’s not coming at all. Stop it! Stop having doubts, you don’t
think he’ll come for his bag? That aside, there’s a huge problem. Even with your paycheck
and the winter allowance, we’re still 10,000 won short. We have no choice
but to reason with him. Americans are very particular. I don’t think there’s
any use in asking him.   I’ll have to go borrow 10,000 won
from Bok-dal’s mom. Go.   Hey! It’s that house, I’ll be right back. Just wait here. Ok, hurry up and come back.   – Hey Mr. Son, it’s Charlie.
– Ok. Oh, Charlie’s here.   We were waiting for you. Sorry I’m late. Oh! Honey!   – Oh Mr. Son.
– Ah yes. – Is it ready?
– Yes. As promised, I’m here.
Is the money ready? Of of course. Please, come in.   I’m sorry but that lady over there is
begging me to sell her the medicine. If you don’t have the money
then please give me my bag. I promise I’ll give it
to Mrs. Son next time.   What! What are you talking about? The money is all ready,
300,000 won as promised. I’ll have the rest ready for you
by tomorrow afternoon.   Ok ok, if that’s the case
I’ll give it to Mrs. Son, as promised. We don’t have much time, please hurry. Honey, go and bring the money. Hang on a second.   Good.   Here… here.   Oh. Here is 200,000 won and
if you add this, that’s 300,000 won. Oh it’s so heavy. Can you change it into
1,000 won bills or checks? Sorry.   Well there’s nothing
we can do about this, but make sure to give me
the rest in checks. Yes. Of course.   Well then, I need to give you the key.   I forgot I changed suits. – The key is in the other suit.
– Oh I see.   I’ll give you the money back
and bring the key tomorrow. My apologies. It’s ok Charlie just take the money. We can just get the key
from you tomorrow. Ok, then.   Us Americans like to be totally
honest when we do business. You can just give it to us
when you come back tomorrow. It’s alright.   Since you insist.
I’ll bring it tomorrow morning. Sure. This is the first time
I’ve made a mistake like this.   I’m sorry Mr. Son. – Don’t worry about it.
– Well then, if you’ll excuse me. Goodbye.   – Mom, is the American man leaving?
– Yes. Honey, that was a close call right? We nearly lost it to that lady.   Hey honey, what’s wrong?   What if this deal gets exposed?
What will happen to us? We’ll probably go to jail, pay a fine
and be featured in the paper. Please stop talking like that. We’ve already given him the money. Other people make tens of thousands
of won and don’t skip a beat, and you’re shaking in your boots
over two little bags? Now that we have room to breathe, just think about how to sell it
for as much as possible.   – Dad, should I sell it?
– Oh be quiet!   – Are you sleeping?
– Huh? It seems like our luck is changing
and fortune is shining down on us. We need to sell it for as much as we can. I wish it was already tomorrow.   – Aren’t you happy?
– Huh? Huh?   – Honey?
– Yes? – Give me your hand.
– Why? – Just give it to me.
– You’re going to wake the kid.   Isn’t it strange?   Really? Is this for real?   I’m three months along. I think your dream mixed
with one about having a baby. It seems that way. You know, this is the real fortune.   Come tomorrow, everything
will take care of itself and I can breathe easy.   You have to smarten up now. Of course! I’m going
to quit drinking now. Honey, it’s a boy right? Oh you. How can I know that? Money is all fine and dandy
but you need to take care of yourself. Dad!   – Is he sleep- talking?
– I don’t know.   Mom!   You have to buy me a suit and
basketball shoes on New Year’s day. He’s sleep-talking. Don’t worry,
mom will buy it for you!   Chang-su. Chang-su!   Hey Chang-su.   Is that you Soon-ja? Hey aren’t you the man from Busan? Yes, it’s me. Is Mr. Son awake? He’s still sleeping.
What happened to you? – Hurry up and come inside.
– Ok.   It’s so cold.   What happened to you?   Don’t ask. I’m too ashamed to
even look at you. What’s with your clothes? Huh?   Getting into bed with Charlie was… So it’s true?   Yes, it’s true.   I’ve been in jail all this time
and just got out today. Have you gone crazy?
What are you doing? I don’t believe you.
I’m not sure what to make of you. I know. If I listened to you I would be fine. I thought I would be a big shot and scraped together money
from here and there and gave it all to Charlie. I can’t believe I was duped by him. What do you mean, duped?
What are you talking about? Charlie said you took off
with all the medicine money. – What? Charlie said that?
– Yes. Look here! I found out he’s not
a second-generation American, he’s nothing but a big fraud. What? What are you talking about?   I gave him money in return for goods. What? You have him money?   Fraud? Wait a second.   Honey, move over.   – Oh!
– Hello? – Hey, what’s going on?
– Well. Hey, what are you doing with the bag? How are you? I need to get this opened in a hurry.   Charlie is a well known con artist. What? Did you go senile this morning? Young-jun! Go bring me the hammer. – Hurry up!
– Yes sir Even so, how can you go into
someone else’s bag? Here. You’ll see when it’s open. Here give it to me.
Move over and put it here.   You’re ruining it.   There!   See. You made me worry for nothing.   Look! This is how he tricked me too. I gave my friend his money back
and was arrested instead. Oh my. I can’t believe him.   What are we going to do? What are we going to do? I can’t believe this.
What are we going to do? No, no, this can’t be for real. What are we going to do? Mom. Don’t cry, mom. We were tricked. He said he was going to come today. – Mom!
– What are we going to do. – Don’t cry
– I can’t believe this.   Mom. Don’t cry. I’m so angry I don’t know what to do.   Are you making fun of me?   Don’t you know why this happened? We’re in this mess because
you don’t make enough money. Your incompetence makes me sick.   What? Hey you! What are you doing?   I have to find this guy.   Dad. I’ll go find Charlie. Please don’t fight with mom. Please? Dad?   Young-jun! Young-jun!   If I just came a bit earlier
everything would have been ok.   Hurry and get out there,
I think Mrs. Son left the house. Leave her alone. I got my own ideas
about dealing with her.   This is a big blow to my wife. Of course I’m at fault too.   We both need time to for self-reflection. But still! Like I said, don’t worry. She’s probably at her sister’s house. She’ll be back in two to three days. You’re pretty sure of yourself. That’s why they say a couple is of a single mind. Wanting to have a better life was her sin.
Other than that she has no faults. Of course not. This alcohol
suits people of our class. We tried to drink whiskey and got burned. That’s why there’s that saying ‘caterpillars need to eat
pine needles to live’.   Are you really leaving? – You remember what I said?
– Yes. You can give him alcohol but no more
than a couple of liters a day. And? Make sure he changes
his socks every day. And? Feed Young-jun one egg a day. Then I’ll leave it in your hands.   You have to come back
in two to three days.   Hello? Hello? Yes? Who’s there?   This is Son Chang-su’s house, right?   Yes.   Please wait.   There’s a police officer here to see you. What? A policeman?   Is this about Charlie? Maybe. But if they caught him
there would be a bigger commotion.   Well go meet with him.   Go ahead.   – Welcome.
– Yes. – Are you the owner?
– Yes. – I’m from the police station.
– Oh I see.   Is Son Young-jun your son? Yes, he’s my son. There’s been a car accident.
We need to go to the accident scene. What?   I can’t believe this.   Um.   Young-jun.   Young-jun. Such a cute child. Look at you.   I should have gone after him. You shouldn’t have been
trying to catch him. Now look at you Young-jun.   He just appeared out of the blue. He was shouting something
and running across the street. I slammed on the brakes
but… I’m sorry.   Young-jun, you should have stayed
home like your dad told you to. You shouldn’t have felt like
you had to go after him. Even at your young age, you too were angry and sad…
now look at you.   Young-jun. It’s my fault.
It’s my fault.   Now what am I going to do. Stop. Come on, stop.   What am I going to do!   Look at Young-jun.   Don’t look! Don’t look!   Young-jun.   Young-jun.   Young-jun.   Chang-su. You should go out there. It was all our fault. So we should all share the pain, ok?   Mrs. Son is probably in more pain than you.   Don’t cry. I’m at fault too.   How can I be forgiven by you, by Young-jun?   We were poor, but we were honest. If we made money off of Charlie we wouldn’t have been able to
live with ourselves.   Young-jun… in the end, Young-jun just wanted us to live an honest life. Live an honest life,
that’s the lesson he left.   I never got to buy him those
basketballs shoes he so wanted.   The end Korean Film Archive presents
Korean captions and English subtitles are sponsored by Google
Translations and subtitles by Free Film Communications  

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