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there was a small window of democracy in Egypt's long history of strongmen backed by the military that was in 2012 and Mohamed Morsi was sworn in but the triumph of Egypt's first democratically-elected president and the party he represents the Muslim Brotherhood lasted just 12 months the largest representative of political Sunni Islam in Egypt is now labeled by the state as a terrorist organisation which the Brotherhood denies there is no room for any kind of political practice nobody is allowed to express his opinion nobody is allowed to feel themselves as a candidate as a serious candidate in front of Sisi the military controls everything the Muslim Brotherhood has been on the hit list of Egyptian rulers for nearly a century hassan al-banna the first guy general was believed to have been killed by egyptian secret police in 1949 despite supporting Gamal Abdul Nasser who became president the Brotherhood was banned in 1954 thousands of members were arrested or escaped another Brotherhood leaders say at Potiphar's hang on the orders of President Anwar Sadat throughout the 1980s efforts by the Muslim Brotherhood to become a political force failed it wasn't until the removal of Hosni Mubarak in 2011 that the Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party was elected for the first time along with President Mohammed Morsi who's now on death row for ordering the killing of protesters just a year after taking charge he was removed in a military coup led by the current president Abdul Fattah al-sisi Morsi supporters accused the so-called deep state especially within the military hierarchy of not allowing the Muslim Brotherhood government to function in that single layer after the first fully democratic election the main mistake is actually handing over the responsibility of managing the transitional period after the revolution after ousting Hosni Mubarak handing over this power – to the military – to the military and the military had all the time in order to abort the achievements of the revolution like other military rulers of Egypt Cece has ordered the jailing of thousands of Brotherhood supporters and successfully lobbied regional backers to declare the group as a terrorist organization exiled members and Brotherhood supporters say the ruling clique is suppressing moderate voices and warned that could result in an extreme reaction in Egypt Osama bin Javed are there

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