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how about the NBA Finals did your team win well one game that we will not forget is Game five when Kevin Durant sustained a major injury it's opened up conversation about what it meant for him to make the sacrifice to play that night with his team of course my ears picked up because this week we're going to study a sacrifice of our own and we're going to talk about it in today's video let's go you hey everybody it's that Sunday school girl of that Sunday school girl calm welcome to the lesson for Sunday June 16th we've got a great lesson this week and I'm excited that I get to study it with you if you're new around here welcome you have just joined the largest cyber community of Sunday school students on the world wide web I peek this morning and we are just 550 short of being 20,000 subscribers strong on this channel we are full of people just like you who love God love his word and want to be our best as we study God's Word and then bring that excitement and energy to our Sunday 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shapes the way that I think and that I moved so love on your father if he's still here let me just interject this even if you don't have the best relationship try to pray about that and work on it I would give anything to have just 15 minutes again with dad so don't take that relationship for granted ask God on how you should proceed and move through that because those relationships are special so again happy Father's Day to everyone do something special to honor your dad and if you're like me it is my prayer that you don't remember this time with sadness but think about all those special things I know that my siblings and I sometimes just do something silly go eat his favourite food go somewhere that you would have enjoyed going with him but remember and remember him well next thing I want to let you know is that if you have not already signed up for step summit 2019 you're late what are you doing come on everyone is getting to step summit 2019 registration has picked up in a major 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all it's a way to open conversations with someone else today so grab yours the link will be down in the description box below and YouTube can be one of the cool people with your Martin shirt alright listen that's it again we have a tremendous lesson on this week so your TSS G notes are down below it's always the first link make sure that you've got those your Bibles your commentaries your pins your handy-dandy notebooks because it's time for us to get into the letter lesson title is Jesus the new covenant sacrifice the Bible basis is Hebrews chapter 9 verses 11 through 12 the Bible truth by shedding his blood and dying Jesus once and for all fulfilled God's new covenant to forgive sins and guarantee eternal life our memory verses verse 22 and the lesson aim is that we will explore the symbolism of blood in the Old Testament in relation to Jesus's work on the cross since our moral shortcomings and rejoice in the redemptive work that Jesus accomplished we live in a society that largely allows us to decide how we allocate our disposable income typically if we want something we go look for it and if we are satisfied with it and the offer and the price we buy it but if not hey if one retailer doesn't have the price we want we'll go down the street two or three places to see if we can find that item lower or maybe we'll just wait it out for the sale perhaps you're like me and you're gonna wait all the way and take your chances and it's gonna show up on the clearance rack just wait for it we look for coupons discount codes and then there are people like my mom my sister and my best friend who just loved watching for it at a garage sale and they love the art of negotiation in the garage sale setting basically it's name your price and so there's this idea that we decide the value that we put on things why did I think about that in the scope of this week's lesson because we're talking about the sacrifice again for the third week the sacrifice of the life of Jesus Christ the highest price that could possibly be paid and in reviewing this week's lesson I throw a question out to you what would you have paid to have your sins forgiven here we are again in the book of Hebrews and I told you a few weeks ago that the theme of Hebrews is really around better greater more perfect allow me to say this this is a middle of the movie kind of thing if you've missed either of the last two weeks lessons it's helpful to have background so pause here and go back and grab that content but we're talking again about this new covenant the new covenant which Christ has made better or greater than the old covenant that was instituted under Moses the issue that the writer is addressing in Hebrews it is the temptation to return to old familiar systems think about it when you are trying something new and maybe you hit a roadblock a difficulty something you don't understand it is so easy to return or default to that which is easy it can be as simple as deciding that you're going to lose weight I'm going to lose 10 pounds but you know in order to do that you've got to meal prep you've got to think about what you're going to eat you've got to be very intentional about planning those times it is so much easier to just grab what you like in what's convenient on the go that is what this writer is addressing and as I look at this issues don't always come out of bad places the underlying issue on the part of the people was really this desire for an assurance as they looked at what it took to please God and wanting this assurance of forgiveness they wanted to know where does it come from and how does it work and so this writer has talked about the New Covenant why it's better why it's more perfect in Hebrews chapter 8 there was a theme of the better covenant through Christ we talked about that having him as our high priest and we're going to continue that in this week's lesson and even in that we saw the importance of worship but most of all we know that God has very specific plans for the world salvation that will come through Christ we are not a passive part of God's plan we saw that even I think 2/4 3/4 back in Sunday school looking at the creation of the world and how it was always God's plan for man he had a plan from the beginning and even to do what was necessary to reconcile man back to himself here are some things that you want to remember that we talked about in previous weeks first the sacrificial system from the Old Covenant we know that this was about forgiveness of sin about having your sin covered and it always required the sacrifice of blood that's important for this week's lesson that God always demanded blood for the payment of sin and it was required to come from a sacrifice that had been determined acceptable now historically notes that was going to be an animal sacrifice but here in this new covenant we saw this last week the death of Christ on the cross not an animal still bloodshed but that was the most perfect sacrifice to be made think back to Adam and Eve in the garden when they sinned they covered themselves immediately with fig leaf so man as always sought to cover up wrong or cover up sin but that was not an acceptable sacrifice God actually provided animal skins for them so even from that time in the beginning something had to die in order for sin to be covered something later became animals last week that someone was Jesus Christ so again from the beginning with Adam and Eve we saw sort of this foreshadowing of what would come and the ultimate sacrifice to be made by Jesus Christ so we're going into our printed text which is Hebrews chapter 9 verses 11 through 12 and we are going to start our group verses 11 and 12 together the concept that we see in these two verses is really what our lesson focuses on and that is sacrifice we just talked about the Levitical system of sacrifice looking at the Old Testament and biblically a sacrifice refers to an offering made to God I know practically we think about what it means to give up something for someone else but this is an offering made to God so giving up something to God in order to acknowledge shortcomings and to have God's blessing under Mosaic law it was largely again animal sacrifices burnt offerings and sometimes grain but now we have learned that the sacrifice of Christ is far greater than any other sacrifice if you look at verse 11 it starts with the word but that always tells you that something is going to be different on the other side a couple of other things I want to point out because they're important as you think about this new covenant remember two weeks ago we talked about the weakness of the Old Covenant it was a ritual it was ritual for them to go in annually to go to into the temple to have the high priest go into the temple to go into the holy of Holy's to lead the offering to atone for the sins of the people but the animal sacrifice was only good for a year it was a temporary answer a temporary covering and it had to be renewed annually this sacrifice now we're gonna see a christ on the cross is permanent and forever so the word but tells us that something is different what's different is Christ has come now Christ has come and he is the lesson says the high priest this work the day of atonement it was previously done by men these priests who entered were men just like everyone else and as they went in they too had to be clean they had to live lives that were holy because there was a danger in going into the presence of God risking the wrath of God if they did not live lives that were clean think about this as well everything about the temple everything about that design was intended to mitigate the wrath of God to be able to offer sacrifices in the areas that they had displeased him the work of Christ though unlike the work of these priests was not limited it was not limited by any human imperfection the high priests could only bring the blood of animals but Christ himself gave his own blood and even the temple itself had limitations that's the but that we see here but Christ came all these limitations don't matter when Christ came why because he was real he was in the flesh and he according to verse 11 is now our high priest and it says that he is our high priest of good things what are these good things it's about our ability now to have relationship directly with the Father not depending on a certain time of year not depending on anyone one else to live holy enough to go in for us not depending on anyone else to go in and atone for us but now this access that we have to Christ Christ bypasses all of these other systems and things that were necessary Christ went through to a greater Tabernacle the lesson says not built by the hands of man I love the message translation that says that this was heaven-sent this is the true holy place not being made with hands anything made by the hands of man is subject to a flaw but this lesson tells us that in no way is the work of Christ or he himself flawed because the sanctuary the presence of God is perfect he is Christ is the great sanctuary he is the perfect temple of God and he goes before the Father on our behalf and again no animal blood anymore but he paid the debt for our sin with his own blood this was the work of freeing us and it was done no more annual sacrifices but we see here that it is done once and for all no more repetition once and for all means that there is eternal Redemption we are forever redeemed by a single sacrifice where he purchased our salvation and paid the price with his blood verses 13 and 14 for me go together looking for if the blood of bulls and goats and the ashes of a heifer sprinkled on the unclean sanctify and purified the flesh how much more shall the blood of Christ who through the Eternal Spirit offered himself without spot to God purge your conscience from dead works to serve the Living God I literally highlighted in here there are so many themes that we see about being clean it is important to recognize that we cannot present dirty vessels to God and he talks about in this writing about how the animal sacrifices before we're meant to cleanse the wrong ways of man but look here where you see these these cleansing concepts there's the word unclean historically people have not been allowed to approach God when they were in unclean states what is our connection that we today cannot come to God we cannot approach him any kind of way living lives that are unclean what does it mean to clean it means to purge or to purify we see in here the phrase to purge your conscience that's the idea of sanctification it is when you are clean on the inside that is what separates how you live it separates you from dead works and again when you are clean on the inside things show up differently on your outside to sanctify means to live in a way that is set apart sanctification is not the type of church you go to it is not the type of attire that you wear it is being set apart in your deeds and in the way that you live and then you also see a reference to being without spot that is being unblemished think about the animal sacrifices in the Old Testament they required a sacrifice that was without defect and today that is a connection for us that as we present ourselves for God to God the sacrifice that we make in ourselves is to present without spot or blemish to allow Him to clean us in a way that we can live lives that are unblemished so the argument here is that if an animal sacrifice was good enough to cleanse and the ashes meaning that that was left over after the burnt sacrifice was made then how much better that theme better again how much better is the blood of Christ now I made a connection here this was my aha and I'm gonna get proper credit to pastor Michael McWilliams Dominion word Ministries Church of God in Christ in Denton Texas hosts up steps I'm in 2019 but in his sermon last week the Pentecost Sunday sermon he shared with us that God is so much more concerned with who we are becoming and not what we are doing and I thought about that because in the scope of the Old Testament the Old Covenant it was focused largely on external systems of repentance and again they had to be renewed annually by something being done but this new covenant I think we saw this in last week lesson this wasn't any longer about doing but about who we are becoming it is a change of the state allowing God to clean to cleanse your heart and your mind and when you're changed in your being again who you are on the outside presents differently you do differently as a result of who you are so God is more interested in who we are becoming and not necessarily those things that we are doing out of ritual cleansing on the outside versus cleansing on the inside you see this phrase the cleansing of the consciousness visit of the conscious this is holiness its sanctification it is a cleansing on the inside giving you the ability to execute right versus wrong and again getting away from this idea of ritual and service and outward looks and titles and outward appearances and I continue to say that you can go to all the church that you want to go to you can have every bumper sticker and t-shirt in the world but if your life is not a life that pleases God those rituals those outward appearances those things that just get you status likes do not impress God because God sees and takes note of the deeds that we do and he is not pleased when we are given to wicked deeds so these are the things that must be eliminated from our lives this is the cleansing process we are to live lives that are Christ centered lives that serve God we see that the end of verse 14 that all of this is done cleansing us from dead works giving us the ability to be Christ centered and to live a life of victory in Christ Jesus and here's my aha that this is an active and continuous service and living your life for Christ this is not a one-time altar event but we are required to continually live the life that is pleasing to him verse 15 it talks again we saw this word last week Jesus has identified as two things in this verse he is both media and a redeemer he's our redemption last week we are two weeks ago we identified the Redeemer as a middle man one who works in between too often estranged or opposing parties his or her job is to bring peace to restore friendship to ratify an agreement to help get them on the same page and that was the job of Jesus he restores peace quite frankly between God and man he resolved the differences between the parties he's also identified as our redemption some translations say I ransom what is that he was the only one who had the ability to buy us back for a price again it did not matter think about the top of the lesson where I talked about pay offer your price what would you pay we didn't have enough to offer and yet his blood was the payment of debt for our sin he released us from captivity of sin and now we are free we are reconciled back to him here was my aha we're not forced to accept the love of Christ we're not even forced to accept his sacrifice God initiated this out of the love that he has for us God initiated and it is ours to freely accept but acceptance is by our behavior it is how we respond in our faith and in our gratitude based on just how much we appreciate the sacrifice that was made for us the offering made to God for us verses 16 and 17 why was all of this done in short it was necessary God always required blood and blood was necessary for there to be a new covenant and for it to be made effective if you think about basic contracts once you have a contract in order to go back and redo a contract the parties have to agree to new terms there were new terms what at the simplest one of the terms is man would have direct access to God no need for it in between so in this new agreement there were new terms it was necessary and it was necessary to cleanse us from sin again in verses 16 through 18 we're looking at very legal concepts it even makes reference to a Testament which is the same as a will a will does not take effect until someone dies until the person who wrote the will dies it does not take effect so don't start spending big and thinking large because someone told you that you're in their will the person has to die before the will takes effect and just the same with this new covenant someone had to die for it to become effective that someone being Jesus Christ when a new will is enacted the old one is ineffective it is out with the old and in with the new and that's exactly what we've seen with this new covenant the old obligations are canceled in the New Covenant there's also a connection that we can see here as we think about legally what it means to be an heir of a will it means that there is a benefit that is going to be conveyed or received here's the connection the Jews inherited the land they inherited it by birth but we have something much greater because we inherit salvation by faith not through our works not through anything that we have to do but simply by our faith I group verses 19 through 22 together as it references again the work that was done in the Old Testament and how they executed all of those sacrifices but here we see that the blood of Christ ratifies the New Covenant verse 22 was familiar we hear it quoted quite often that without the shedding of blood there would be no remission of sin this is a reference back to verse 16 God demanded blood for payment it was necessary what does the word remission means it means without blood being shared shed there would be no forgiveness there would be no ability to let go to have our debts canceled or to be pardoned this is the joy that we have in the salvation of Jesus Christ and it is also our lesson for this week if you have Nuggets bullets that you have in your notes that are not in mine please leave them down below because you know that I always add those to mine I also have about 10 discussion questions that my young class will be walking through as we study this lesson we're a very discussion area class and so we're going to talk about that talk about what this lesson means and how we live this out every single day because we see that in the lesson that that's what this is all about is the ability to live it out each day before I run here my key learnings for this week the first is that rituals do not save us and we have to be careful about falling into habits that are just full of appearances and presentations but realizing that every single person has a need for forgiveness we cannot forgive ourselves we didn't have the price to pay we didn't have enough money enough resources enough education we cannot have attitudes of self-sufficiency believing that we can correct on our own no matter how many great habits you try to put in place God's forgiveness is necessary and the love that he has for us is so great we need God in our hearts and in our minds not just a list of rules but we need to be purified from the inside out and when you get clean on the inside it shows up on the outside I'm gonna say again when you're clean on the inside no one has to tell you what to wear what to put on where your feet should go we learn that song as little kids watch your feet watch your feet where they go because you're aware that there is a father up above who is not only looking down on you but he lives on the inside of you and it changes how you move next Christ came we saw that in verse one and that is exciting news but just the same it is assuring it is reminding us again and again exactly what makes Christianity special it's what makes us different it is knowing that he came and made sacrifice and not only that but because of this new covenant we now have a God that we can go directly to for our needs our struggles our issues and to know that he will be our help God brings peace he brings resolution Jesus resolved the space and now we have the peace of God available to us and in him in Christ is all sufficiency he is all that we need remember the previous sacrificial system had no end we had to do that over and over again but because of Christ he did it once and for all and that means that we can rest in Christ we don't have to work to figure out how to be reconciled to God Christ did that for us Christ did it all there is nothing else that we can do or that we can add he has secured our deliverance eternally we are forgiven we are justified how do i define that being treated just as if I had never sinned because of the work of Christ next our works are purified not so that we can say how wonderful we are but rather that we live lives that glorify God remember just dealing with the outside doesn't change your inside so watch paying more attention to those external things that people will celebrate or will like you for but think more about who you are becoming versus what you are doing because again thank you pastor McWilliams God is more concerned about who we are becoming versus simply what we are doing Christ loved us first and he purifies us so that we have relationship with him our love back to him it's not just an obligation but it is the way that we move as a response in love and gratitude for what he's done for us lastly the power of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ I hope you'll think about it is so amazing and I hope that as you study that these lessons are impacting you in deep and profound ways say this quickly last week in our teen class at my church as we were studying the sacrifice of Christ and those teachers really really made that moment on the cross come alive for those young people the next young man who was asked to read literally began to weep a teenage boy began to weep thinking about all that Christ took on for his sins personally and literally that same child made a decision for salvation later in the worship service do not take these lessons for granted but most of all teacher do not take for granted the opportunity that this may be the thing the moment that opens up salvation for someone in your class in a new way ask God to show you how to make these lessons impactful at the end of the day Sunday school is not about our numbers it's not just something we do on a Sunday morning but this is transformational learning in the lives of God's people that's it for the lesson everybody have a super fantastic week don't forget to give me a thumbs up like me if this video was helpful I will see you in Sunday school bye everybody

17 thoughts on “📚🙌🏾❤️Sunday School Lesson: Jesus The New Covenant’s Sacrifice June 16, 2019

  • This takes care of those high-minded people who are more concerned with accolades then they are of praises to God. To God be the glory!

  • Awesome lesson! Thanks for sharing the testimony of the young teen who wept and later gave his life to Christ. It made me shed tears of joy. I'm very encouraged as a Sunday School Teacher! Thanks and God bless your ministry.

  • I purchased the, “I Love Sunday School”, bag. Everyone loves it and it gives me the opportunity to invite Church Members to join the Sunday School Girl’s weekly lessons. I study and listen to your lesson weekly.

  • Reading verses 11 and 12 at lunch today, and my "a-ha moment" was that the Old Testament sacrifices definitely were useful in that they did show people in a gory demonstration just how damaging their sins were and how much they needed God. But, the killing of calves and goats could never actually restore the people's hearts or morals toward God, repair the people's relationship with God who was offended by every sin, or renew the intimacy with Him that God has designed. Doing those things took a better sacrifice, it took JESUS! And JESUS alone.

  • Here’s my learning points for my class this Sunday:
    1) At His death on the cross Christ gave His innocent blood in order to remove our sins and to reconcile us with God. His blood shed ushered in the New Covenant. It proved that a death had occurred thereby enacting His last will and testament.

    2) The New Covenant is not only the will of Jesus, it’s also the will of God. In John 6:38, Jesus said “For I have come down from heaven not to do my will but to do the will of him who sent me.”

    3) The blood of bulls and goats was never able to cleanse the conscience of man but the blood of Christ was and still is able to save completely, because it cleansed us thoroughly and we are now without blemish or accusation before God.

    4) Jesus came to preach the gospel, free the prisoners, restore sight, release the oppressed and announce God’s favor to mankind. This was the will of God concerning the life of Jesus. He came to bring us into fellowship with the Father through the gospel. The good news is that our sins are forgiven and paid for through Jesus, and that we have been redeemed and purchased back by His blood.

  • Thank you for this wonderful lesson. What a great thing Christ did for us…redeeming us back to God once and for all. Continue to share the Word. God’s blessings to you for your faithfulness 🙏🏾😇❤️🌹

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