Hi everyone, welcome back. This is a mirror with a mirrors love oracle cards, which are available on my website For purchase, let’s have a look at your daily read for the 20th to the 21st of july 2019 lots of beautiful energy flowing Ok, that one. Why don’t you jump out the work card? What are we working on working on a fare mail? Somebody lightish for their cultural background Farish or wheatish. So let’s have a look 22 21 22 21 Let’s see what comes up in the cards today you like to build a personal session with me You’re most welcome to do. So on my website or through instant low instant go is now available also for android Instant go chat messaging chat readings, okay Let’s see everybody Okay That one wanted to jump out gossip hearing about somebody or something through the grapevine twin flame true love connection So once again today we have the twin flame card coming up pretty much in the same position as the previous reading so true love connection coming in on you know with a lot of passion hearts floating on air Twin flame love twin flame connection feeling connected to the person that you want to be with Feeling like you’re in love with somebody or falling in love with somebody or being in love with somebody Raising your vibration with somebody as well. There’s an element here of vibrational sort of ascension or raising your vibration Mature man Ice King somebody who is a father figure and entrepreneur somebody who’s a boss could be coming in and around your kind of area of You know life At this point in time. He might be raising a topic of question He could be coming in for relationship as well or somebody that you’re already with You could be the brunette female or attracting somebody with dark hair female dark hair dark eyes Or have this person around you could be a mother even could be a sister could be a friend somebody who is around you Who’s influencing you in some way could be somebody around your work because she is next to the Ice King So she could be a work colleague or somebody who’s influencing your status in your job. You might be also elevating yourself to a situation where you are working more independently opening a business launching a project or Being an entrepreneur because we’ve also got the import-export card long distance can also be long-distance Relationship as well this reading is sort of like Merging in two different scenarios here between work business import/export and also love relationship So there’s a lot of freedom here to set you free You’re going to feel free if you are wanting to meet a twin flame a true love When you feel the most free is when it’s going to happen So try to release yourself from anything that is, you know, emotionally or psychologically or subconsciously holding you back Karma, being released doors opening lots of opportunities coming through these doors feeling like things are being shifted past love could be revisiting you for some reason you might feel that you are releasing your energy from a past love So when you do that you can often feel free so it could be just an old Situation an old pattern. I don’t want to finish off with the past love So let’s put family on top of that The family is all about soul family connection Knowing that your past love or maybe healing from your past love through connection with your family through connection with soul family members through friends who are like soul family or Knowing that the past love was just a soul family member who had to come in and out of your life for whatever reason also, maybe Some of you not all of you. I feel it’s a small percentage might be Revisiting the past love the past love it’s not really the season to be doing that with the Eclipse seasons Eclipse seasons are really About it. Keep Singh in and out people people who are no longer serving you Toxic relationships people who no longer want to be in your life will be eclipsing out and new people will be eclipsing in so whatever you’re attracting is eclipsing in and whatever you don’t want is eclipsing out and if you’re in between or up and down or 50/50 about something then Most likely that thing person or situation will eclipse out of your life over the next few months or weeks post the eclipses and It’s an exciting time It’s a time where you know, it’s about you really setting your sights on your own personal freedom Whether that’s financial freedom emotional freedom freedom of bondage of self Freedom of something that has been maybe Tying up a lot of your time You might also be going on a trip a distance trip to meet a twin flame true love connection you might be going on a Hearing from somebody from a distance who is a true love twin flame Potential moving into your life as well. So it is a little bit of a very varied sort of complex reading today So I hope that makes sense to some of you and lots of blessings to all of you If you’d like to book a personal session to look into your own personal situation you’re most welcome to do so or join my Mediumship Academy and let’s have fun on the inner circle with the mediumship circle. Ciao for now


  • Thanks Amira for your daily reading I’m a brunette with long hair it does make sense to me , bless you ❤️🌹

  • Thank You Amira ❣️Lots of Blessings for you. This reading and another reading that you did (I can't remember when you did that one?🤔 I have to look it up) resonates with me and I feel that it starts revealing in my life ☺️ So when I met a cute man wednesday evening and later we were making out 🥰 (feeling like teenagers again 🙃), I had to think about your reading 😂 haha (the card young boy with sports car).

  • I use this Oracle deck for personal daily readings, and I've noticed the twin flame card often appears to reflect a combination of two peoples efforts for a common goal.

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