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something like that alright guys so we are gonna go ahead and talk today about
American Express and some of the new changes that well they’ve already really
announced the changes but some of the changes are going into effect or went
into effect yesterday so we’ll go ahead and talk about that as well
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information we can we can share so I hope you guys were able to catch I just
put out a video a couple of hours ago just about the ultimate rewards program
and how you can how you can use those points so basically transfer them to the
different transfer partners which I always always recommend always go with
the transfer partners if possible because you can get the best value that
way and I’m not saying don’t use a portal at all you can check the portal
and see if you have if you can get a better deal but for
the most part if you’re flying business class or first class you’re probably
going to get the best worth transferring your points over so that’s what I showed
you guys in the video I actually showed you step by step how I go through that
whole process I even showed as far as cash back if you have a cash back card
you can’t use the transfer partners with the cash back card so I showed you how
you can transfer it up to the Chase Sapphire Reserve you can chance to
transfer up Chase Sapphire Reserve Chase Sapphire Preferred and the Chase Inc
business preferred so you can transfer them over and use that as you can use
those credit cards in order to transfer into u98 or whatever transfer partner
you want to use so I want to go ahead and post a link for that real quick so
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American Express cards you know a lot of it was controversial I did leave out one
card that you know and I was in the middle of shooting it was a long day and
for whatever reason I just completely spaced out but I left out probably one
of the one of the easiest American Express cards to use in terms of like
you know ease of use and getting maximizing your mr points and basically
that’s you know I got some I got some flack for it in the comments but you
know they all were presenting it with you know I mean I even I even said hey
you know if you feel like I left anything out from the list let me know
and yeah yeah yeah and they let me know for sure and then and then once they let
me know I was like oh man that’s right and as soon as I finish the video I’ve
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shoot it man that’s a whole nother video right here hey you know what there’s one
car that I really missed I want to talk about it today well now you have another
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of love and that’s you know that’s basically what it’s about you know I
think that’s such a positive thing that’s what keeps me going coming back
and you know trying to put out videos and doing this live stream with you on a
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like that yeah Kay ecology brother thank you very much for the super chat man
thank you very much man ecology what’s up bro man so k ecology you guys know
he’s new to the YouTube scene right he’s got a channel now yeah you need to check
him out he’s got some really good information if you have a business you
you have to check out his channel because you
puts out some really good stuff about getting business credit and yeah really
has me really has me interested because I can get my business excuse me get like
an LLC with my business it’s it’s its own entity at that point and so what
that means is some of the business credit cards I have right now guess what
I can double up I can get up for this for this business as well yeah so it’s
really really something you want to look into if you have a business now you can
have two Amex platinum cards if you wanted to do that or two chasing card
chase ink unlimited chasing cats so you can double up on a lot of those
different cards I think it’s a really good way to way of a way to look at
things so check out his channel K ecology and its K ecology with an eye at
the end okay so check him out he’s got some real good content before before we
start the shout outs I’ll let y’all know like me and take the way K ecology was
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yeah see hold on credit maestro is here so let me let me I told him on his
channel he always has a damn door bill on his on his videos and I swear like I
said back back when I was living in my house like before before I moved I swear
I was watching one of his videos and I was like I’ll sit in here like this like
you know what did someone just ring my doorbell and then I saw no one there and
then I rewinded the video and then the doorbell rang again I was like man if I
ever see you I’m gonna kick you alright so let’s see we’re going to talk about
American Express today right and there there have been a few changes I’m gonna
Jason kick it off with some of the things that he saw I will pull up
there’s a good article and Dali posted this article in our
whatsapp group for those of you who have not gotten into whatsapp group you want
to get in there there’s a few people that came in today I think it was today
but all you need to do is use the link there’s a link in the description just
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there’s a lot of good information there and we’re constantly on a daily basis
putting out new stuff so I put all my videos up there so you’ll guys will know
like any time I’m going live and stuff like that as well as any time I’m
premiering a video and Jason anytime like Jason does it too but when anytime
he puts out a video you know hopefully he’ll be linking it to do what we can so
we can get you all the information yeah yeah for sure I definitely will add it
to the whatsapp group maestro man you know it’s all love man I’m just messing
with you but I thought it was hilarious so he said he said my fault but it’s all
good dude I just thought it was funny every time I hear it I’m like I’m like
man I’m glad I don’t have a doorbell anymore right now all right so if I flip
this screen I know it’s gonna take take you away I think let’s see yeah you know
I don’t even see the alive I just wanted to show this doctor of credit thing here
all right so we’re gonna be chemists eyes you in this way no it doesn’t or is
that late let me see we’re just testing this out
real quick okay so we discussed slides doing like that in the in in the future
I’m gonna have it let you know set up so we’re but on both sides but for right
now we’re gonna do it this way all right guys so here’s the information here from
dr. of credit and this is a pretty good article where he just talks about this
whole thing yeah yeah that’s pretty cutthroat and I’m
hoping that other credit card companies don’t follow suit I mean I know American
Express is a charge card or they have charge cards and and that’s let’s see
audio went out did we lose our audio here let’s see Donnelly just gave me a
message here can you guys hear me is everything okay if not let me know no
audio from flash so flash your audios can I hear you now can I hear you know we can hear you not flash okay let me
let me see if oh you know what no no no you know what it is I don’t think we can
share that screen all right can you guys hear him now hold on hold on then I can
hear you now either okay now can you guys hear can you hear me
kami now yeah they should be able to hear you I hope so all right so I need
to do some things on my end I got it I got a change of place but let me know if
you guys can hear him right now yeah okay so yeah I have to set up I have all
these different scenes and one of the scenes is the the shoulders scream but I
just realized now if I show the screen it’s not gonna it’s not gonna be able to
hear his audio so we can’t show the screen anymore I apologize
the next last Jim I have everything set up so we can show the screen and all
that and we’ll have them all set up but basically it will take him away okay so
should I go ahead and basically we just get started we’re talking about the
American Express car or the American Express changes and so first off let me
let me lead off with this so American Express I think they’re considered well
they’re a smart company and so they they put out the the change
right the fourth four points every dollar spent worldwide at restaurants
they put that out first and I get very excited right but then they say oh yeah
but there’s more in the more that they had they didn’t really want to talk
about yeah a couple of months so people maybe would forget about it and just
think okay well this is the this is the positive stuff right so it’s it’s kind
of been a rumor but I mean you know some people kind of dropped it dropped it out
on on their websites and stuff but basically American Express is like not
wanting any late payments they want everything on time because if you don’t
pay by the due date then you’re gonna forfeit those membership reward points
that you earned and so this can be bad let’s say someone I was saying earlier
let’s say someone is trying to book you know transfer those membership of war
points to an airline partner and basically they’re trying to top off
their points for that you know given month or a month ahead of time whatever
it is and you know they don’t have their account set up on autopay and they
missed the payment date by one day then guess what they just forfeited all of
those membership reward points that they were trying to earn so that way they
could like book the flight you know or whatever it is book their trip whatever
it may be and then now they have to figure out another way out how to get
you know their you know their trip booked or their flight booked so I think
that’s I think that’s a bit extreme in my opinion for American Express to do
that I’m wondering if maybe what they’re doing is they’re either just cracking
down on you know because maybe people are getting the American Express points
and they’re not really doing they’re not really doing anything in terms of making
payments you know so they’re probably holding a lot of debt themselves yeah
yeah and I just hope I hope this doesn’t this isn’t a precursor to some of the
other credit card companies jumping on board and saying okay if you get a if
you have to make a if it’s if you have a late payment then we’re
gonna give you those points for that for the month right yeah well hopefully
that’s not gonna be the case but so so gage he asks a question so you lose no
no you don’t lose all of your points only for that specific cycle so you know
once once the cycle you know you know just turns over and you start earning
membership reward points you’ll be able to earn those points again but it’s just
for that specific cycle that if you make a late payment then you’re gonna forfeit
all of those points earned in that previous cycle so yeah and I mean that
that’s pretty brutal right if you’re using uh if I mean you can earn in a
month time you can earn a pretty penny now what about signup bonuses you hit
the sign up bonus that month because like that’s good question yeah because
like the with with Chase or with any any credit cards you don’t have the signup
bonus first three months you need to spend a certain amount of money
well they don’t show that sign up bonus until you hit that until you hit it so
like with the chase cash the chase in cash cards that I just hit sign up bonus
for it shows the points that I earned that month was like fifty five thousand
or something like that so it’s five thousand for my spin and then the bonus
well if you happen to do a late payment there are they gonna not give you your
sign up bonus yeah that’s that’s crazy that would be I mean that would suck for
one you know you’re looking forward to a sign up bonus and maybe the sign up
bonus is something that actually gets you to the destination that you want to
get to and making a late payment you’re gonna I wonder if that if that you know
include signup bonuses that would that would suck for sure oh yeah absolutely
absolutely so I think there was a let me see so I actually have the Amex business
Bomboy card and I actually do so I have my player two as my authorized user
and I know that with most Amex cards if you have an authorized user they have a
different card number and they have to get their own app like they have to
create their own account on the app and so I know that with the authorized users
well at least for me I didn’t know that this was an actual thing until I read it
in the article about authorized users being able to like accrue their own
membership award points and actually use them for themselves for me all of you
know all of my player – like all of my authorized user points had been
accumulating in my own account so I didn’t know that was an actual thing so
that’s that’s crazy yeah it’s crazy but yeah but the families know you go ahead
yeah they’re getting rid of it is over saying yeah yeah so they’re actually
getting rid of that and I didn’t know that was a thing so after reading this
article I no clue had no clue whatsoever about that yeah I’m making a few
adjustments real quick so who was it did SME SME put out a
video today and I watched it just because it related to the topic that we
had already planned you know to talk about and I wanted to kind of hear what
his take was on it and I guess he emphasized that Amex is trying to avoid
people selling their points and so what you know I knew this was a thing like
you can add an authorized user in the 90 days later or almost immediately you
could transfer those points to someone else’s frequent-flyer account so I knew
that was a thing the only thing is is they say you have to wait 90 days now
now I don’t understand how that’s supposed to stop someone from being able
to sell their points because if someone really wanted to sell their points then
you know just wait 90 days I’d wait 90 days I don’t care you know I’m in no
rush for my I don’t understand is that gonna have someone becomes an authorized
user yeah and what you can do is you can link
their frequent flyer account and then transfer your membership rewards points
to their frequent flyer account okay yeah so that’s usually like one of the
little backdoor you know tricks that people would use
but now they’re making you have to wait 90 days before you can actually do that
and they’re also making you provide the what is it they have to provide name and
social security number to the account just to verify it and I mean if it’s
family sure but I mean honestly I don’t really see anyone doing anything like
that actually you know what whenever I was adding my authorized user
to my account they made them call American Express and provide them with
the provide them with the social security number and the name and address
that is going to be linked to their card so I don’t really think that that’s
really gonna stop anybody I mean 90 days is it’s really not that long you know if
you’re willing to buy the points and just wait like just just go ahead and do
that you know and for the most part I don’t think you’re gonna have to share
your information with someone else who you’re trying to buy points from you
just call American Express and be like hey look I received my card this is the
card number here’s my social and here’s this to link it to that card and you’re
good you know so yeah yeah that’s interesting
let’s see any other stuff on there I saw some other business stuff on there let’s
see I think the for forfeiture is probably the biggest the biggest thing
that people need to know about what’s that yeah I like I said I think
that the biggest thing people need to worry about is the forfeiting of your
point yeah I agree I think that’s probably the biggest thing is yeah I
think that’s I mean come on like what’s the point of having big well I guess
that kind of reinforces good spending habits because you know some people will
will buy stuff that they can’t necessarily afford right then and there
but they could afford it maybe two or three weeks from now but they need it
today you know something like that like finance something but I mean you know if
they’re saying you got to paid in full and and that was one thing because
sometimes American Express will say okay this is how much you have to pay for
this payment period but you know from most American Express cards you want to
pay them off every month and I mean I always try to tell people that on my on
my on my channel as well but you know I’m curious is you know is that the full
balance do or is it just whatever payment that they are you know saying
hey this is what your payment’s gonna be for this month so that’s if if it’s just
a payment or you know if it’s just some or if it’s in fooled and that’s you know
then that’s really gonna make people be a little bit more responsible in terms
of their spending with that card so you know it could be a good thing but then
for those of us who well for me personally I have everything on auto pay
and that’s just in case because you know I have so many accounts in my opinion I
have nine cards and to me that’s a lot of accounts to be kind of managing so if
I’m constantly switching between the chase and the and the American Express
app all the time and with American Express they tell you when your stuff is
due well at least that’s the way it is with my cards like they don’t like if
like you know how so for me on my chase cards all of my chase cards are have the
same due date right with with my American Express cards it’s like I make
a payment and then it’s like sometimes they don’t
and let you make a payment like when you know something is is coming up like if
you made one payment in one day or something like that they typically don’t
let you make a second payment on the next day because though if your if you
paid your balance off according to them then they won’t let you you know
submit another payment so and usually they’ll tell you hey your payment is due
by you know February 7th or February 10th you know something like that so
that’s you know I just always have to watch you know but typically if I make a
transaction I’m paying it right off just for that reason because it gets annoying
just to have to try to anticipate when the due date is yeah absolutely yeah
it’s interesting but then you can also look at it as a and I say that as a way
for American Express to not have to give you points to save money because yeah
yeah they’ll get you with the late fee and they’re gonna get you with you’re
not you’re not gonna be able to to use those points so now they know they’ll
get their money on time and even if they don’t they’re gonna get the late fee
plus there’s no you know no points for you yeah so I see let me see yeah all right guys please go
ahead and do what you’re gonna do I just wanted to say this real quick and the
like button guys please hit the like button we got about 17 likes about 33
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check us out so I see Brian and Vic saying that you have to give your social
and date of birth after 60 days yeah yeah so when I was explaining everything
like I know I didn’t say it but like yeah I knew that but you know I just
wanted to make sure that everyone knew that that’s what you know what it was in
case they’re not looking at the check so thanks to Brian and Vic for reminding
me about that so it’s after 60 days you have to submit your social security
number and your date of birth for the authorized user you know so you know if
you want to add an authorized user to the account cool cool
all right let’s get some more shoutouts we got a few more people in the room
crypto what’s going on HD chillin what’s going on brother
Jeremy what’s going on nice to see you Alex what’s going on thank you for
stopping by start doing questions you guys have questions go ahead and put it
in the chat so if you have any questions or comments about American Express or
just about anything go ahead and put in the chat we’ll go ahead and do some Q&A
right now yeah so my show said paid-in-full keeps me in
check now maestro are you talking about the movie paid in full that’s probably
one of my favorite movies to be honest now I know you talking about just
messing around yeah so if you guys have any questions hit hit the chat’s up and
I’ll be on top of them how long should someone want to apply I think I meant
wait so the Jason experience how long should someone wait to apply for a new
card it depends honestly how like your credit score I think and if you’re doing
different banks if you’re doing different banks maybe 35 days I’d say
that to be safe whenever I got my chase ink cards I waited about 35 to 40 days
in between my applications just to be on the safe side because I didn’t want it
to seem like I was trying to get too much credit too quick and basically
that’s that’s what I did and there’s only been one instance where I did
technically like an Apple Rama that’s what it’s called like where you apply
for multiple cards all within like like a 10 minute time span or less actually
some people like to do it all you know together where they’ll just hit submit
submit submit like on different computers or different you know
devices and so that way it doesn’t look so suspicious to the you know to the
card issuer but I did that with my Chase Inc unlimited and with my Hilton Honors
surpass card so that’s the only time I’ve ever done two applications within
like a two minute time frame yeah and it depends – it depends on what your what
are your goals like are you yeah because you have some people out there that
that’s their thing they want to churn cards or they just want to get a bunch
of cards all at once but for people like me who are really conservative I don’t
get cards unless I unless I really feel a need to get one so it’s not a it’s one
of those deals where it’s not a say this I’m not looking to get the next card
when I get a car I usually wait a little bit and then I’ll go from there so that
s how it works Chase’s van yeah I think your mic is
there’s a lot of feedback no no there’s just a lot of feedback like I’m like my
office is literally right next to my a/c unit so if you hear any hissing it’s
because my a/c my air conditioners kicked on and it’s
just like super loud I need to get better sound quality or just like a
better microphone in general so I’m just waiting until I can monetize my channel
to start up in my you know my production quality exactly exactly so make sure you
subscribe you’re at what about six you’re almost 700 right also seven
hundred and you know this I mean I posted two videos did one livestream
with you on the channel and I’ll you know I had like four hundred and eighty
before my you know before I even started those through that’s good it’s pretty
quick but you know if I can get a thousand by November it would be nice so
I don’t have to you know something to reapply for that whole YouTube thing you
know you have to reapply for the YouTube membership or you know the partnership
program so you have to really be you were already applied are you already I
don’t know how yeah so you know unfortunate
for me like I’m on ‘t eyes a requested monetization for my channel too soon
right so I did it in November I didn’t start posting until January and
then all of a sudden I started looking deeper and deeper into the YouTube rules
and it was like you need 4,000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers and I know
before that wasn’t the case yeah but now it is it’s like new rules implemented
and I’m just like dang like I don’t really have a lot of time to just shoot
videos all the time like you know you see people you see stuff come out and
not automatically they’re like putting a new video out and it’s like like with
the American Express article like I think it came out today or yesterday and
all of a sudden you know like Sebby and a whole bunch of other people were like
popping you know their videos up and I’m like yeah I don’t have that kind of time
so yeah but the good thing about lives though is you can jump on live and get
it out there you can get out there before anybody really if you want to
just come on a live stream and say hey I just want to talk about this and
ultimately that’s where I want to get like I want to have my regular life and
then we do our live on Monday and then when things happen I can just jump on
and you know breaking news right and just do a live stream but I just need to
you know I need to have enough people to get in there when I when I go live so we
know they’ll make it make it all worth it but yeah ultimately that that is what
I want to do it yeah so here’s a few questions one from Brian Brian is saying
any ideas what to do with the airline feed credit now that the gold card or
the gift card heck is closed so I just actually had some experience with my
airline feed credit and basically like my nephew is a senior in high school
he’s I just found out that he just signed for the Marines and so as a
thank-you / senior gift like I’m bringing him to Chicago with me on
Thursday and I actually just got his points well I got his points
I got his flight booked with points and then I had to pay the tax which I mean
it’s not a lot but I paid the tax with my gold card just to kind of experiment
and basically that’s what you know I’m looking at it and they credited me that
back because I have Southwest as my flyer you know that you know as my as my
airline and basically when I paid the tax to Southwest that it was like 11
something they credited me that so I would imagine like if you’re going to
book points and you have to pay that tax paint with your gold card or your Amex
card which ever one that you’re gonna get the credit for and just try to get
the credits that way or probably you know if you want to upgrade seats see if
they upgrade will will help with that which most of the time I’ve heard that
it does or if you need to check a bag if you don’t have you know free check bags
or anything like that then I would suggest just doing it for check bags or
something like that you know and then also I’ve heard of small small purchases
like in terms of like a inexpensive you know flight that you might book like
somewhere around $100 or or less that they’ll automatically credit you that as
well so I haven’t tried that just because I don’t want like I’m not gonna
be flying anywhere else this year and so there’s no reason for me to book a
flight and then just to test that out and then I tried to get them to charge
me for some drinks on the damn flight when I was going to Mexico and they were
like nope it’s free and I tried to get like three or four you know like like
try to give them a reason to charge me in yeah didn’t didn’t charge me my card
out like I’m telling you guys like I was like this I was like I was like all
right come on come on and then they were like oh no sir it’s free I was like god those machines are down anyway and it’s
a little funky machine – they’re like oh sorry sir it’s not working
you know so yeah that you but I swear I was so hot somewhat Gavin just got the go card a
couple of weeks ago does it take a month to categorise so
and my experience yes it does and if you’re in the app you can basically just
go to let’s see you can just go to like the little icon where it has your like
member account or whatever and it has like the little person and usually it’ll
show you like Membership Rewards it’ll tell you how many how many rewards you
have and so yeah so you could go right there and then you could go to where is
it oh no just go to membership yeah so it says the word membership and then you
can just click on your membership rewards right there and so I mean that’s
showing you my Hilton Honors hopefully it doesn’t show you my any of my stuff
but yeah I got a hundred and seventy five thousand nine hundred and nineteen
Hilton Honors points right now but yeah if you click on it for most times if you
just click on it and or go to yeah that’s pretty much it if you click on it
it should pop up right there or if you’re on the website if you go to like
click on your my membership rewards like it’ll save you them and then you can
kind of see like all your points earnings like that it’s pretty simple
shouldn’t be too hard to access all that yeah so yeah but usually it does take
about a month for them to process like it’s it’s like yeah it’s like behind him
one so yeah okay Braveheart has a question he wants to know what would be
an ideal credit score to apply for the Platinum and which credit bureau do they
use mostly I’m not sure about the credit bureau and I know Braveheart I know you
have the Chase Sapphire Reserve so you’re probably good I mean let’s say
700 credit score 720 good so okay so let me see about about two years ago right
my credit score was probably about at a and this is from obviously like if you
guys watched the first live stream you guys know that my identity was stolen
like my credit score was in like the 400s and I was trying to recover it I
was trying to all this legal crap taking off my credit
and off my credit report and everything like that so about two years ago my
credit score was at like a 680 and you know I use Credit Karma and then I used
the free Experian app and you know Credit Karma they’ll suggests cars
they’ll tell you like the odds like hey you have an excellent you have excellent
odds of being approved for this card and before I knew anything about points and
miles I was already looking at an American Express card I was like I have
the I have the financial means like to pay my cards off on time like you know
I’ve never put myself in any kind of unnecessary debt and so I started
looking I was like okay I know my credit score is not that great right now but
it’s around 680 I’m going to start looking at you know possibly getting
more trade lines or more lines of credit and so sure sure enough like the
platinum card actually popped up it was the platinum and the gold and then I
just started doing my research and I was like I wanted to get the Platinum but
then for me I was just like real big on not paying high annual fees at the time
I just couldn’t see the rate or the logic behind getting a $550 annual fee
card and so I went with the gold card and sure enough I got approved for that
and so they were both telling me that I had excellent approval odds so I mean I
guess your mileage may vary but that’s how my experience was with the platinum
card so I mean it could I always recommend seven you know 720 or higher
if you’re gonna get that it’s easier to get in the chase fi Reserve from what
I’ve been told so yeah yeah just fi Reserve is one of the harder cards to
get so yeah Amex gives their cards out like crack like they’re just like here
you muscle crack free throw it at you and then they stop like you can get a
card and they they’ll stop doing hard pools – yeah a house to think about so
not every time you get a card are you getting a heart pool yeah so let me see
here’s another question from Jung mo Kang what is your favorite points
currency and why I’ll let you go David oh you know what
that is isn’t it I mean I’m kind of right they’re the same I’m same with you
I mean so David and I are both chase guys in terms of points like I feel like
they’re just so easy to earn their you know like you can just accumulate so
many and such a short period of time so I I always go with Chase you know I I
was I was talking to him I think I was talking to you last night on your live
stream and you know I put in the comments or in the and the chat that I
actually don’t mind using my points for domestic travel and the only reason for
that is because you know I have a player to who doesn’t earn points so I paid for
her I paid for her travel too with points yeah and then at the moment you
know I’m a father so I don’t have to pay for any points like I don’t have to pay
anything for for my for my daughter to travel with us because she’s still very
young she’s still a baby so I don’t have to worry about any of that but I do have
to worry about my companion coming with me on those trips so I have to pay those
extra those extra points for those trips but you know so that’s why sometimes
like it just seems a little bit more ideal to do domestic travel for anything
compared to you know trying to take a trip overseas or anything like that like
you know I so I don’t I don’t actually mind using those chase points for
anything domestic within the US and you know I always feel like I’m gonna be
able to recoup those you know pretty quickly compared to American Express
points yeah and and and just like Jason was saying it’s it’s so easy to use
Chase points and they have some really good signup bonuses I mean some of the
best right now especially if you’re going and get the chasing card the chase
ink business preferred 80,000 sign up bonus for that card
then you have some other cards of chasing cash cards at 18
eliminate card 50,000 abilities and then it also comes down to what do you like
like what do you like as far as his cards are concerned are not cards I’m
sorry as far as Mike it killed me man yeah so
I’m gonna lower it down when you’re not talking and then I open it back up
so yeah it’s like I like flying on United right now so it works for me
chase works for me I like staying at higher property so chase works for me
with that as well and it the main thing comes down to it’s easy to earn my chase
fi reserve I’m using that card anytime I go to restaurant any time I travel and
with a would look like I was saying the signup bonuses it just makes it it makes
it worth it all around and get that card or not getting that card just to stick
with that Chase ecosystem I’m distracted it’s funny though when you give feedback
and you try to talk to you picking and you’re talking don’t worry we’ll get
through it man we’ll get through it let’s see other questions out here so
ups what one more thing I want to put out there – I’m doing we’re doing a poll
here ok so those of you didn’t catch it on the on the stream so we’re asking
people what did I want to say with the poll okay with the new changes of
American Express do you think is that gonna stop you from getting the card yes
or no so you put exclamation point vote yes exclamation point vote no and then
we’ll we’ll see the results of the poll at the end of the show okay so questions I think you said
Jeremy had won or James had well yeah so actually the Jason experience said house
MX outside of the US acceptance so generally overseas I you know I always
hear that it’s not always except I mean it’s not always
accepted even in the US so you know so I would imagine like you just have to kind
of gauge your area maybe do some research on how American Express is
accepted around your specific area or in your country I should say but for the
most part like it’s not really accepted worldwide even though like they’re
saying hey now you can get now you can use your gold card like at restaurants
worldwide like now well it’s really not worldwide because not every restaurant
is going to accept American Express in terms of like just if you’re outside of
the US fortunately left for me whenever I went
to Mexico they did actually accept the gold card there and they accepted
American Express a lot actually at pretty at a pretty good amount of places
that I ended up going to and buying a few you know buying a few things so
that’s good to hear the only thing is is I honestly I guess
your your mileage may vary I mean it’s really up to you if you want
to risk it and then you know all of a sudden you’re not really finding
yourself able to use the card as much as you’d like to so yeah yeah and it’s yeah
just like Jase is saying it and not all cards are except visas accepted pretty
much everywhere but you’re gonna go to some places where they’re just not gonna
accept credit cards at all so there’s always that that possibility as well I
like to use my credit cards when I travel I like that’s like my my go-to
and I’ll have a little bit of cash as well but I like to use my credit cards
another possible main reason for that is I don’t want to bring it I don’t want to
have all that cash on me so I would rather have a little bit of cash on me
and then use my credit card whenever I can so yeah that’s my strategy plus no
foreign transaction fees so that makes it makes it better to use for separation
right yeah for sure so James had a question as well so James
go bears bear down for sure 100% dude but he had a question asking about the
best MX travel partner in my opinion in general now
I’ve yet to experience MX travel partners only reason is because like I’m
just hoarding my my gold card points and they always say in this game you want to
earn and burn or turn and burn but I’m just I’m just holding off until you know
until I’m ready to use them so I actually have no experience with the MX
partners quite yet but yeah so unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to give
you an opinion on that just because I haven’t really looked into the chase
travel partners as much but I know that most of the time like if you’re gonna
use MX points you’re gonna use it for an airline and most of the time you’re
gonna want to use it for anything that’s you know long-distance travel so like
anything to Europe from the u.s. to Europe or you know vice versa from
Europe to us whatever it is that’s probably how you’re gonna get the best
use of your Amex points in my opinion alright guys I see some people trying to
vote so if you if you want to vote put exclamation point vote and then space
and then put yes or put no capital in and then regular size o and then capital
y and then regular size and then you know just you get a capital y and then
rest make sure you don’t put the little equal then lesser than whatever sign
don’t put that on there just put a vote yes I vote no if you put anything else
in there it’s not gonna record okay let’s see there you go mark that’s
perfect so Natan Jess had a question are you
gonna there I guess that suggests to me are you gonna snag the Southwest
companion pass Jess and I ended up getting the business card to get
companion pass to hit up some family travel while our son is still eligible
for lap see now that’s one thing that I’ve actually considered especially
since I’m now at 4:24 because now you can get to Southwest business cards to
be able to get the south companion pests it doesn’t have to be
one personal in one business ever since they allow or ever since they you know
created that new Southwest card what is it the performance plus or the
performance card whatever it is they’ll now allow you to get to business cards
so potentially I could get three but I don’t want to use a personal slot like a
five twenty four slot on the personal Southwest card so I may get one of those
I may get one or two of those but I haven’t decided yet because I really do
think there’s a lot of value in the Southwest companion pass especially if
you get it in like January if you get in January you get it you get the companion
pass for two years so yeah you know that’s that’s free flights for your
companion for two straight years so you’re only having to use you know well
you’re you definitely using less points you know the rest of the way so because
you only have in a book for yourself yeah so I mean that’s a that’s
definitely a great strategy right there for sure to get the companion pass yeah
and I don’t have a companion so I’m not interesting getting the campaign fast
right now but when I do have a companion in the future yeah then I’ll definitely
be looking at the Southwest I’m not a big huge fan of Southwest but it works
come in handy yeah it works with the companion pass I’ll suffer through a
plus if it’s two of us it’s a little bit different because we can kind of trade
off window seed you know yeah yeah and and then the other benefit to the
companion passes that you’ll have all those rapid reward points from the
signup bonuses on top of your spend but then you can also transfer the chase
points to Southwest and so you know I mean if I mean honestly I don’t see a
situation where only one person would burn through you know so many points in
two years I mean you think about it if you’re you know I think the Southwest
cards are probably like soccer cards in my opinion I really wouldn’t put too
much spin on them just because with all airline cards are all
you know you get crap for for using the cards oh yeah so it’s a lot easier to
just redeem the chase points in that sense so yeah yeah and it’s funny too I
mean this is a perfect opportunity for them to like an airline branded car to
really just step out there and give us some real good earn possibility and
people will go nuts over that card and they fly on that airline even more but
the reality is airline cards are terrible they’re terrible for earn the
only real thing that they’re giving you is they’re giving the free check bags
and they’re giving you a priority boring for the most part but other than that
they’re not giving you that much delta cards I think oh the furthest when it
comes to benefits but the American Express United it or American Express
I’m sorry American Airlines United even the JetBlue card they’re not that they
don’t give you much so it’s a perfect opportunity for one of these companies
just to just step out there and see where it goes and if it if if they lose
a lot of money than hey you know I guess they could devalue their card just like
everybody else does but at least launch it that way and see where it goes with
people and I think people would be more receptive and jump in there and use
those cards as everyday cards earn points with those cards and now guess
what they’re gonna be flying on your your airline a lot more now granted it’s
gonna be using points so I mean I know there’s a partnership so you chase I
don’t know exactly how it works financially who’s paying you know how
they figure that out as far as if you’re using points where does that money come
from is it between the two of them or way what do you mean who’s paying for
are you talking about with Jason like yeah let’s say you have a branded deal
so you have JetBlue and neurochip boots let’s say you have Southwest on change
because I mean I don’t know man because I guess you have to ask United for that
those are your people happy with their deal well but but because it’s a
partnership where it is like who who pays for the points
I use points to fly on a trip who’s paying for that seat I would imagine I
would imagine chase buys a crazy amount of points you know from whoever it is
and then you know they allow you know those points to be distributed however
they want yeah you know so I’m not I’m not up I’m not exactly sure how that how
that whole business deal goes down but there is a question for you from jeaious
and experience yeah I see that can you do solo travel
how often do I do solo travel pretty much all the time
most of my trips are solo but I do meet up with people so there are a couple of
groups that I belong to travel groups many times a year would you say so I
travel usually three to four times per year I would say out of the three let’s
say I’d travel four times a year probably at least two of those trips
will be solo trips but I’m meeting up with people so when I say I’m meeting up
with people I am a part of these different groups and so like Colombia is
a perfect example I’m going to Colombia in October it is a solo trip I’m flying
out there by myself but I’m meeting up with people when I’m there Jason I don’t
know if paisa gringo was in here earlier though he was in the premiere that I
showed earlier so he’s gonna be out there he’s part of the whatsapp group
Colombia and so we’re gonna meet up so I usually do things like that so I will
schedule my trips around times when I can meet up with different people James
James I adds in here he wants to go to Colombia so he’s planning a trip the
same time so we’ll meet I’ll meet up with him so I like doing it that way
because if I go with someone then now we have to do everything together and I
don’t want to sound really selfish but if I’m going on a trip a solo trip is a
lot easier for me to kind of plan my yeah and you don’t get like there’s one
thing I remember back when I first my first solo trip wasn’t was to Paris and
I remember when I took that trip and I was really really nervous of
Wow I’m gonna be out here by myself like what am I gonna do I don’t speak the
language how am i I’m gonna get bored I’m gonna want to come home man I got to
Paris and I was only there for five days but I loved it so much I wanted to stay
even longer and I didn’t get the stuff done that I wanted to get done not all
the stuff done because there’s so much that you can do like if you think about
it if you plan you’re like so you do a solo trip if you plan your days before
you get there and you have excursions set up and you have like for me I’m big
on photography so I set up photography tours and and things like that so I was
occupied when I got there I had things to do every day and so and then plus
when you when you travel solo you you make people amazingly you’ll meet people
like when you’re traveling with someone usually you guys are just into
yourselves I mean you’re talking with each other and you’re kind of doing
things like that you might meet people but it’s not really the same as if
you’re traveling solo you’re gonna meet a lot of people just on the street or if
you do an excursion everybody’s on vacation right so you meet different
people that way if you stay in hostels I’m not a big fan of staying in hostels
well actually I’ve never stayed in the hospital but that it’s just not my style
but if you even want to go that far like so you’re doing a solo travel most of
the people in hostels are so I pretty much say all the people in hostels are
solo travelers so I’m not sticking me people that way there’s just so many
different ways that you can meet people if you’re in tourist areas you’re gonna
meet different people that are backpackers or that are traveling solo
so yeah it’s really not that bad let’s see yeah so I probably have about time
for one more question all right sounds good okay so let’s see
make it a good one you got any questions yeah so far no I haven’t seen any new
questions coming out I just see you know people voting and then you know people
just kind of saying what’s up okay any other questions guys Nate Jess
I’m on Team Southwest yeah I saw that one I saw that other people ask him for
an invite to Columbia hey brave right you’re always invited man you’re always
invited James actually hit me up James side hit me up I told Matt I was going
in or I in the in the in the life that I was gonna be going to Columbia in
October and he had never been to Columbia wants to go to Columbia so he
hit me up and asked me when I was gonna be going so I’m always open to meet up
with people so anytime because if you want to go out to Columbia come on down
we’ll have a blast brain fart you can fly out there man you
could be the man so I see a question do you see the last question down here you
know the war travel example yeah that’d be a little tough with it you probably
have to do that live on when it’s you by yourself yeah that’s a tough one though
yeah if you guys look at my video if you look at the video that I put out
hopefully go over there look at it I post mostly forward but because a lot of
personal information is hard to well yeah yeah you can’t you know you can’t
cover it up while you’re alive so it’s almost impossible to do the only thing
that I can do is like screen shots and then have it all blurred out and
everything and then just kind of go over like kind of like a PowerPoint and show
you what I do which that that’s that’s always a that’s always something that I
can do but that’s the only way I can’t do it like live live it just wouldn’t
work out all right all right guys I’m gonna stand a little bit longer so we’re
gonna we’re gonna say say goodbye to Jason real quick these little babies
they’re so you gotta take care of baby dude yeah yeah yeah guys but I’ll see
you guys next time next Monday for sure so I appreciate you guys stopping by
yeah oh look at a baby yes don’t subscribe to his channel go
subscribe his channel make sure you guys do that and thank you very much Jason
for coming on and Matt coming on for participating in our our show here for
sure man it’s always fun getting to do this with you so you know we’ll
definitely do it again for you next Monday
so he’s going you’re going to Chicago Thursday right yeah going to Chicago
cares day morning and then you know it’s just a short trip so I’ll be back you
know what Saturday I’m going for the Bears game but then I’m also gonna you
know take my daughter to go see some family that she hasn’t seen yet so
that’s pretty much it yeah cool cool all right so yeah well we’ll be on Monday
next Monday it’s gonna be on on adjacent Channel so yeah just stay tuned we’ll
have all the information for you guys we’ll put it in the whatsapp group as
well as the Facebook group so you guys will you guys won’t know what’s going on
like I said I’m gonna stay we’ll do a little after-hours right here and and
that’s it I guess right yeah yeah that’s it I’ll stay on in the chats and okay
yeah but as of right now like the streaming for me it has to end
got it got it yeah I know what you I know to me man yeah you can happy home
man keep a happy home alright brother alright I’ll talk to you later man I
meant you guys peace alright guys so Jason had to go there because baby the
background let’s see okay so I just wanted to talk a little bit more see if
we have everything everything is good here with if you guys have any questions
or anything like that feel free to put it in the chat and how’s the voting
going let’s see about six votes huh no six nine votes there we go let’s show
you guys this real quick open that up so you guys can see what I’m looking at
here why this screen there we go there we go so will the new changes to
American Express stop you from an Amex card and most people saying no
which is I guess that’s good that’s good that that most people are still gonna
get the card this these changes aren’t really gonna deter them from getting it
and one of the biggest changes of the the whole thing the biggest one of the
biggest changes is the fact that that the four times points worldwide at
restaurants I think that really kind of made that American Express gold card
even stronger and that card is is a very very good card to get I don’t have that
card yet but that’s one of the cards that that once I get into that American
Express ecosystem that’s I think it’s a must-have card so American Express
Platinum is a good card but I think the American Express gold for me the way I
would use it it would work really well grocery stores for points every dollar
spent and then the restaurants for points every dollar spent so yeah so you
guys can continue to vote if you want we’ll keep that open for for a little
bit longer a few more minutes there’s another poll that I want to do
and let’s say we’ll keep this open for two more minutes and then I want to open
this other poll up so one of the hardest parts of doing this giveaway is trying
to figure out what card teeth what gift card to to have for the next the next
giveaway so I thought I might start it early start the poll early and what I
did the last time is I put the poll on the YouTube community page but I was
thinking you know what why not put it on here I think it’s a little bit better to
have it on here because you guys are the people watching and if I put it in the
community page it’s not necessarily everyone that’s watching live stream
which is it’s out there to anyone who’s a subscriber I might they might even put
it out to people who even aren’t subscriber so I want us meaning the
family the TEC family to make this this decision and so I’ve put tin cards ten
gift cards on there right now but we can add cards to this list okay so the tin
that we have on here we will have that for right now and if you guys say oh
yeah put this in you should put that one I
can add it and we can just have an ongoing poll and then every every every
livestream that we have I can have that poll running in the background so people
can can vote on it up until a certain point right before the the the the next
one so just wanted to put that out there now I didn’t have I don’t have the
Amazon one on there okay I’m gonna close this poll off right here and then we’re
gonna open their new one up I don’t have so this is the new poll here these are
this should be showing up today okay these if you look really so closely I
have 10 on here and I’ll read them off real quick and you have to write it the
way that it’s written on here in order to vote so it’s gonna be
exclamation point vote space and then hi it so hi it’s one
United Airlines is the other one American Airlines JetBlue a delta
priority pass Marriott Hilton C target and IHG so those are those are the cards
right there or the cards I’m sorry oh yeah those are the gift cards that I
hope that I’ll be getting now I haven’t decided on how much yet but those are
the gift cards so we can add to this list so if you have other ideas go ahead
and put it out there and we can add to the list and we’ll just keep it but
it’ll be an ongoing thing okay so we’re gonna go ahead and start that one right
now of course it’s not letting me because I have one going so we’re gonna
complete this one and then we’ll go ahead and start this way alright so that
is the way it’s situated there’s only one word okay so and I’ll just go over
this real quick so you guys can know how to know to vote it does it say
everything on there yeah I think it does okay so the voting will go just like
it’s gonna have to be exclamation point vote Hyatt vote United vote American
vote JetBlue fo Delta vote Priority Pass one word it’s there’s only you can only
use one word so that’s the way that it that it comes
out so Marriott and then Hilton target and then IHG now I didn’t put Amazon on
there this time if you guys want Amazon on there that we
can put it back on there but I decided since it was the last the last one that
we did maybe we should give it a break but that’s that’s gonna be up to you
guys okay so like I said I want to make it about you guys so just let me know
just let me know in the in the in the chat what you what you think okay let’s
see did we have a question ah can the winner pick I I would much rather have
it like we know what it what its what it’s gonna be then just then have the
winner pick I think it’ll be better if we all as akin you know we were all able
to to decide prior to that way I can promote it out that way but yeah I’d
rather do it that way excuse me okay let’s see
Braveheart saying yes Amazon so if you guys do want Amazon okay now make sure
James you put a space in between so it’s gonna be exclamation vote and vote is an
all lowercase and then space and then height so that’s yeah just like Jessica
Jessica did it do it the right way and Braveheart you put United if it’s not
this is this is one thing I don’t like about this thing I guess it did take it
if it’s lowercase it I think it’s tilt still takes it let’s hope looks like
it’s showing up on here and let me go back to regular screen here okay
so yeah so that I just wanted to put that out there and we’ll do some more
Q&A for for about ten more minutes that way we can get the votes going and see
where we are when it comes down to what people what people want where people
wanna let’s see does it show me how many votes you act a poll okay yeah it does
show me how many votes and I would what I would
really like to do which I guess I could probably do that right oh that’s kind of
too big yeah and the future I’ll set it up and maybe we’ll have like a little
somewhere on the screen I’m losing screen real estate because I have all
this other stuff on there but somewhere on the screen we can have the poll going
maybe at least the the top that the top vote-getters I guess we can we can have
that on there okay so let’s see okay so Rashad I guess you had a
question or you made a statement I don’t know I know flash points it called the
reconsideration line let’s see it I think I missed the question I applied
for the case F I reserved today was denied okay so Rashad were you what was
what was the the letter that they gave you was it or the email that they sent
you did they say that you’re in pending or did they just completely deny and
Flashpoint gave you so good at good information you can you can call the
reconsideration line now if you are put to pending that doesn’t mean that you
were denied it just means that they need to look into you into your your
information more so you still have an opportunity to get the card it’s just a
matter of they need more information so I would always would always recommend
calling just to see like what if they can give you any information as far as
why you were declined if you were declined now if it like I said if it was
one of those deals where they you’re just pending they need more information
then you just call him and and that’s exactly what you asked them like I’m
just calling I applied for the car today was there any other information that you
need and I’ve been put to pending twice with Chase and it’s the business cards
that that always that they always put me depending on and so I’ve called twice
and both times that I’ve called I was able to I didn’t get like I said I
didn’t get declined I just got pending I got like we will
respond to you within 30 days or something like that so
just something that to think about but even if you were declined I would still
want to know why like what are what was holding me back was it my credit score
was it my didn’t make enough income was it what was it that that that’s what I
would want to know did was I not approved because I couldn’t meet the ten
thousand dollar minimum credit limit or something like that
they can give you more information okay let’s see the war on it’s JW’s okay I
just ordered the Sapphire Preferred card how soon can I upgrade to the reserve
it’s gonna be a year you’re gonna have to wait a year in order to do the
upgrade so after right after you hit that 95 or right after you hit the
annual right if you pay the annual fee again then you’re able to to upgrade the
card what I would do is call them ahead of time just to confirm that and confirm
that you’re eligible to for that for that upgrade and then right after they
charge you the ninety five call them and say I want to upgrade the card and then
see if they can we’re not really gonna waive the fee but see if they can add
that $95 to the $450 at you that you’ll be paying to get the chase fi Reserve okay
Jessica’s saying I had to sin chase some additional paperwork for the Chase
Sapphire reserve but it was pending and it eventually was accepted yeah so like
Jessica saying if it isn’t pending then you still have an opportunity to get the
card it just means that they need more information okay let’s see I always
watch your show while I’m looking at my stock options and while in the finance
forms a great show by the way new credit card in my arsenal seven thousand
discover discover it card okay cool man cool I’m glad you’re watching I live for
business I appreciate appreciate the support
there okay so voting house voting going so right
now ones like the high card everybody’s liking the high card one vote for the
Hilton we have two votes for the United and one vote for American Airlines so
make sure like I said you do it exactly the way that it’s very very finicky so I
see I vote United one here I see a vote United how many votes are United yet –
I’m just trying to check to see if this is okay so yeah it looks like very far
you you made it a capital so I don’t know maybe in the future I’m just gonna
put all caps that way when I tell people okay when you vote when you do it just
do all caps I think that would be easier than tell people okay do it this way do
it that way because it just looks like it’s very vinicky if you put exclamation
point vote you a space United and you don’t put United in you you don’t put
that you capitalized then it doesn’t take the vote so yeah I think in the
future what I’ll probably do is edit these out and make them all caps just to
make it easy and that I can just say just all caps
alright guys if you’re in the room right now and you have not hit the like button
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Ben what’s going on thank you for stopping by will what’s going on thank
you for stopping by okay and at Braveheart I’ve been a subscriber for
months okay alright I don’t know where that
came from but thank you for being a subscriber for months
let’s see Rolo what’s going on man I’m gonna ask chase for an upgrade to
the chase F I reserved tomorrow I’m hoping chase can move around my limits
so I can get the ten thousand for the Chase Sapphire Reserve yeah I mean the
Chase Sapphire reserve is a great card I don’t know what other cards you have
with Chase but definitely if you have to chase up I preferred your get that taste
fi reserved it’s just it’s worth it it’s it’s a it’s a better card all-around
better card and if you’re travelling at all you can really use the lounge access
to travel credit all that stuff that’s one other thing I didn’t mention to when
someone was asking about like what is your your ecosystem of choice and that’s
another reason why I like chase they don’t they don’t give you the runaround
when it comes to the the credits like like American Express they give you the
there’s different little loopholes you have to jump through and and you you
need to register your airline before you use the credit and they’ll give you $10
a month or $15 a month towards uber or restaurant credits and all this stuff
like that they’re these different little loopholes they don’t give you all the
money up front chase doesn’t do that Chase will give you that $300 travel
credit with the chase after I Reserve you’re gonna get the 300 hour travel
credit and you use it as you whenever you want to use it there’s no they don’t
just kind of give you a little bits and pieces and stuff like that so that’s
another reason I like chase a there they’re doing that the right way and
American Express needs to change that and if they want to be competitive and I
mean I shouldn’t use it American Express is already competitive I would say
they’re both neck-and-neck when it comes to the both brands but if they wanted to
have a leg up because they merican Express has been around for forever I
remember when I was a kid like don’t leave home without an American
experience don’t leave home without it that was like the big thing but they
need to get rid of these different little loopholes they’re making it hard
for people and on purpose they’re making it hard for
to use the credits and that’s so they can save money but by you making it hard
you’re losing a lot of customers customers because people are just like I
don’t I don’t want to deal with this what you have a travel credit over
here’s $300 and you can use it for whatever you want to use it for compared
to a travel credit where I have to tell you what airline I’m flying on if I
happen to not be flying on that airline well now I can’t use it and I could make
a change I think you can make one change per year or something like that yeah
it’s you they need to they definitely need to change that okay ah let’s see
what city would you suggest visiting in Canada you know what I’ve never been to
Canada so I don’t know if that question was out to the group or just to me
specifically but I’ve never been to Canada so I I mean yeah it’s always good
to visit the capital city because that’s where pretty much you know everything is
as far as like the government buildings and all that so it’s always nice to
visit like a capital city at least visit the capital city but uh yeah I don’t
know anything about Canada as far as what cities to visit okay other
questions here so Quebec City is is what Natan just is saying there as a city to
consider visiting Supreme deals what’s going on I think people should also note
that a semi preferred is also a great card if you don’t travel as much yes the
the the Chase Sapphire Preferred is not a bad card I’m just saying when you look
at everything it’s worth it to go with the Chase Sapphire reserve even even
when you look at I mean look at the annual fees on both carts you have a
ninety five dollar annual fee for the Chase Sapphire Preferred $450 annual fee
for the Chase Sapphire Reserve and I know you’re looking at that you’re
saying that wow that’s crazy so there’s a big difference right but with the
Chase Sapphire reserve you can use that travel credit and not only for travel
outside of the country and all that you can still use it you think about it this
way and just think the average person or just think the person that doesn’t
travel that much you probably stay in at least one hotel room per year maybe two
even if you’re not traveling any more far you might be going somewhere with it
with the with family you might go up to Vegas you might go on a road trip
somewhere you can use a travel credit for that four different flights any
flight anywhere you can use the travel credit for that so there just because
you have just because like when we all say Chase Sapphire Reserve is great if
you travel you can still use that travel credit so let’s say you’re able to use
that travel credit every year so now that drops that that annual fee down
from $450 down to one hundred and fifty dollars and then now that’s where it
does pay off if you travel more because you can use the the lounge so the
airport lounges you can use some of the other benefits that the card offers but
even still think about this how many times do you run a car in a year even if
you’re not traveling you might either you might have a reason to rid of car
you use that Chase Sapphire Reserve you get primary insurance so that little
money that they tack on every day if you want to get their insurance you don’t
have to do that you’re able to use your Chase Sapphire reserve for that so there
are little perks that you can use to really bring that annual fee down to
maybe down to zero if you really work it out but bring it closer to that ninety
five dollar annual fee that you would get with the Chase Sapphire Preferred
and just using the card so having the card
and using it we all eat so well like we you might not go to restaurants too that
often me myself I go a lot but yet you’re also thinking about fast-food
restaurants too so it’s not just restaurants not just restaurants where
you go and sit down but it could be like a fast-food restaurant you can be
creative in the sense that you go with family birthdays usually you go to the
restaurants stuff like that take care of the bill
have people give you cash if you want to do that and then that way you’re you’re
earning points with that with with those purchases and your
getting your cash back so you’re not paying anything extra you’re just it’s
going on your card so just different things like that but if you’re using
that card at all you’re gonna be able to easily hit that $150 that’s left over so
I mean let’s say you spend 10,000 on the card and and I’ve said this before let’s
say you spend 10,000 on the card in the you know for the whole year you spent
10,000 and so we have a $3 for every dollar spent or three points for every
dollar spent and a one point for every dollar spent at the low end so we’ll
average it out to two points for every dollar spent right so two points for
every dollar spent that’s what you do with with 10,000 $10,000 so that’s what
is that 20,000 points so equivalent to $200 so that’s already passed so you got
the $300 credit plus you have the $200 because you use the card you put $10,000
on the card which I’m telling you is I’m not gonna say that that’s very very
doable and I spend more than that right now I’m single I don’t I mean it’s just
me but I’m just saying if you use the card at all you’re gonna be able to put
some money on that card and you’ll easily be able to hit that annual fee
with the Chase Sapphire Preferred however you’re getting two points for
every dollar spent on restaurants and travel and then you get one point for
every dollar spent on all other purchases so really you’re gonna average
that probably like 1.5 it’s gonna be a lot lower so are not a lot lower but it
will be lower so just just think of it along those lines I always tell people
you it’s good to have the Chase Sapphire reserved because when you do travel you
you can travel your travel experience will be a lot better lounge access and
restaurant credits I’m telling you these restaurant credits are a big a big a big
benefit and when I say restaurant credits for those of you guys don’t know
Priority Pass has partnerships with some restaurants at airports and so you’re
able to go to the airport and it’s you plus one so you can go to the airport
and you can get a free meal and that meal could be up to $30 so what they do
is they just give you a credit so they give you a credit for
for the the meal and then if you have someone with you they also get that
credit so now that $30 becomes actually it’s really supposed to be $28 I say 30
because I went to PF Changs in Los Angeles and it was a $30 credit so
depending on I guess what restaurant you go to it can be a $30 credit so if you
have someone with you that may get that credit as well so you guys can eat free
at an airport which is that is in itself is a huge benefit because we all know
how expensive it is to eat at an airport I don’t care where you go an airport
it’s really expensive okay let’s see anything else here you guys have
questions go ahead and put them out there oh let’s see it’s David in the room I didn’t see him
in here oh yeah it’s right here so David right now is in so David Amex
King he’s in he’s in Spain right now so thank you for stopping by man taking
some time out of your vacation to to check out the the live I really
appreciate it man I hope you’re having a good time out there man and please post
some pictures in the whatsapp group so those of you don’t know we have whatsapp
group we have a Facebook group so you guys want to you guys want to jump in
those you can get some really good information if you want to talk with me
directly the face are the whatsapp group is probably the best place for you to do
that basically for those of you don’t know what’s app whatsapp is it’s owned
by Facebook but it’s it’s just like a group chat so people share information
and pictures and video and all that but it’s more of a like a group text message
is what it is so say group chat it’s more of a group
text message but really you can get a lot of information there and you can
also talk with people privately too so you don’t have to put everything out in
the group but if you want to contact me for any reason it’s easier it’s easier
for you to contact me there because I’m checking that periodically throughout
the day Facebook I check every once in a while but not not half as much as I not
at half as and as I check what’s that alright ah
let’s see and will Walker say in Toronto for sure so hopefully that’s given you
some good information I see I hear that the reserve gives you access to select
amount way to a select amount airport lounges well it’s priority passes is is
the they were just going through priority paths or whatever Priority Pass
has available that’s those are the lounges that you can you can use so for
the most part I haven’t had too many problems finding a lounge at an airport
it is select yes who it’s whoever they’re partnering with so but I haven’t
really had a problem like there’s certain airports that I have gone to
that yeah there they don’t have when I was in Hawaii where was I Maui
there was no Lounge Hawaii has some really small airports but Maui there was
no lounge let’s see in Kona there was no loud there was no lounge P if I didn’t
stay in the lounge at all when I was there now there might have been a lodge
at one or two of them but I either couldn’t get there because I couldn’t
had to go out out of the terminal back in or something but I just remember I
didn’t go to lounges there you might go to places where they’re not gonna have a
lounge and that’s just just the way it is but yeah they go through Priority
Pass that’s how they work and all your top two your cards so your Amex platinum
your city prestige they’re all gonna have that same thing the priority pass
access so you’re gonna get that same thing the only thing is American Express
now they took away the restaurant credit so you’re not gonna be able to use a
restaurant credit but all the other stuff all the other lounges you will
have access to that now American Express goes a step further
because they have the Delta Sky Club and then they also have the Centurion
lounges so they do have a little bit more more but even with the Delta Sky
Club you need to be flying on Delta in order to to experience that lounge so
it’s not open to everyone now if you have like I have the United
explorer card so I have two passes to United the United Club lounges but I
don’t use them and that’s kind of an emergency thing so if I do go to a place
and they don’t have they don’t have Priority Pass lounges and I really need
to go to a lounge or want to go to a lounge well then now I have I have that
option if they have the United Club Lounge here okay and Rashad Santo Cal
called them they said lost my place they said it wasn’t pending it was denied
I’ll wait on the letter and see why yeah you yeah Rashad you you can do either/or
obviously they will send you a letter but I don’t know just me the way I work
I want to call them like hey you know what what can I do to get this card and
in the future they might send you a letter that letter might not have that
information in there they might tell you something but they don’t give you like
the full details I would want to know I would pick their brain a little bit and
at least they could tell me oh you know what you’re over 524 oh you couldn’t get
approved for a credit limit of ten thousand or whatever they that they can
give you some more information and hopefully that will help you out Darrin
what’s going on thank you for stopping by the AMEX Gold is a better card for me
I use it more than I do my platinum yeah you know what Darrin I would yeah if I
had both cards I would be using the Amex gold a lot more because the only time I
would use the Amex platinum is if I’m booking airfare but other than that I
would be using the Amex gold for for everything else so and then with hotels
depending on what other cards you have I guess if you use the the Amex what are
they called Amex travel like they’re calm whatever their little website is
you can go in there and use that but for the most part yeah Amex Gold grocery
stores and restaurants I would be using that all day but that’s what makes those
cards good as a tandem because you you can get the benefits of the Amex
platinum and then you can earn a lot of points
with the AMEX gold American Express is really smart with the way that they
marketed these cards in the way that they they have the cards the way that
the cards are because chase doesn’t have that Chase has the Chase Sapphire Chase
Sapphire Reserve and that’s it when it comes to how can I say this I should say
that’s it because you have the Chase Freedom Card so you can use that it has
rotate category rotating categories you get five points every dollar spent
but it’s capped it’s capped at $1,500 every quarter whereas it would be nice
and I and I’ve said this before and I’m gonna keep saying it until Chase listens
to me but that Chase Sapphire Preferred like
if you have the Chase Sapphire Reserve they need to have something else another
tandem car just like the Amex gold and the Amex platinum so have a Chase
Sapphire Preferred plus or something like that you can raise that annual fee
up to 250 dollars make it comparable to the Amex gold and then give us some of
those similar categories where you’re giving us three or four points for every
dollar spent on groceries and restaurants that I think they don’t even
have to they don’t even have to address the restaurants they can put it make it
another category make it gas or something like that so it would give up
heat give people a reason to get a Chase Sapphire Preferred card right now that
Chase Sapphire Preferred is trumped by the Chase Sapphire Reserve so why get
the Chase Sapphire Preferred at this point really you can’t get it now if you
have the Chase Sapphire reserve if you can’t get you can’t have both cards so
you’re pretty much handicapping a card because of the way everything is
structured so make something else that will make people jump in and say okay
yeah I’ll get that card $250 annual fee okay yeah that’s worth it then give us
$100 credit it was $100 travel credit that’s a regular travel credit not
anything where you have to jump through hoops in order to use I think they have
a really good a really good opportunity to pull some people in to a new card
because right now and I always say like you have you have the chase ink or I’m
sorry you have the Chase Freedom Card the chase freedom unlimited you don’t
need two of those cards you don’t need the chase you don’t need the unlimited
card you really don’t they could get rid of a
could do away with that card keep the Chase Freedom Card I like that rotating
category set up so keep that card and then so get rid of the the the unlimited
card and then create this chase Chase Sapphire Preferred plus card and give us
some extra benefits and I’m glad I’m putting this out right now because when
they do that because I’m pretty they have to be thinking along those lines
because you I know they’re losing a lot of people on the the Chase Sapphire
Preferred I know they are so if you know I’m glad I’m doing this now because I’m
gonna roll this tape back and roll this tape at some as an old-fashioned but you
know we’re gonna play this over a year from now when they do decide to make
this change and I you know I think that’ll be cool anyway let’s see what do
we have seven what’s going on brother thank you for stopping by I also a mix
also offers access to escape lounges okay yeah that’s true I didn’t mention
that so you do have some other lounges there too all right let’s see do any
other cards offer 10,000 chase hates to be your first 10,000 plus card well and
I guess yeah yeah that that does make sense so if you if you have another card
and you’re already you’ve already been approved for 10,000 then you know that
that you’re in that ballpark like you can get approved for 10,000 on a credit
card but if they do look at that they do look at that let’s see let’s see okay so Nate and Jesse say Rashad they
might want you to lower some of your limits on other credit cards or
sometimes you can have good luck at the branch overturning denials yeah I would
just go at it Rashad I would go at it with with yeah what can I do to get this
card like what what are you looking for like what do I need let’s see where
should I see it not quite ten thousand but I do have a one at 8,000
yeah so they might be looking at that that could be the reason
yeah please guys hit the like button we’re at 40 right now and the goal is 50
so if you guys can if you guys are in the in the building right now and you
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well as when we all knew the rebroadcast comes on I don’t know I’m having a
prophecy of the rebroadcast oh gosh oh okay so let’s see your och a semi I
prefer it is good for people who do not have the credit score or income for the
Chase Sapphire reserve yeah that that’s fair that’s fair and I always tell
people when when you’re looking at when you’re looking at getting cards and I
always I always push chase first and we all know the 5:24 rule is it’s the main
reason for that I guess I don’t need to have this this in my ear anymore I
always push chase first but that doesn’t mean that you have to get the Chase
Sapphire Reserve or Chase Sapphire Preferred or reserve some people will
say well yeah and that’s you know Rolo’s is correct like some people don’t
they’re not gonna get approved for the Chase Sapphire reserve right off the bat
so maybe go with the Chase Sapphire Preferred first but there are other
cards out there that you might want to consider that you’ll probably be able to
get a lot easier like the world of high card the United explore card those cards
the threshold was even lower than a Chase Sapphire Preferred and they’re
still gonna work in that Chase ecosystem because I always say you’re gonna need
you’re gonna I won’t say need you’re gonna want to have a hotel branded card
and you’re also gonna want to happen I’m branded card in within your chaise
ecosystem because it just makes things a lot better if you have an airline
Brandon card you get two free check bags you get the priority boarding you’re
gonna want that if you travel if you if you get the world of high card you get
the free the free night you’re gonna want that if you travel you if you don’t
like it and even if you’re not traveling a lot having one free night where you
can just go let’s say you tell your your your wife or your husband hey you know
what let’s go away for the weekend go away for the weekend you use that free
that free night that maybe pay for another night that that works right and
we all need that little getaway and we all take that at least at least a little
getaway every year so I always tell people look at those cards – those cards
are good cards as starter cards those cards are really good the United explore
card is an excellent starter card if you’re if you want to travel at all the
United explore card is an excellent first card to get and if I look but if I
look back if I had to start today that would be the card that I get and the
main reason for it it’s it’s easier to get than the Chase Sapphire reserve okay
so and you don’t really know where you’re at when you’re first starting out
right I don’t know if I get caught if I can qualify for the Chase Sapphire I
reserve right off the right out of the gate and so why not get some cards that
I know I’m gonna need so that shape that United card you can get the United cards
you get the TSA PreCheck Global Entry which global entry is what you want to
get but you’ll get both and then you get other the other little perks you’re
getting the sign up bonus you have a card right now you don’t have to worry
about transferring points over to United you have points are United already so if
you want to do a trip right away so that you hit that sign up bonus and you’re
able to do the trip so there are a lot of things that that the United card has
to offer that really will work in your in your benefit plus you get the what’s
the two points every dollar spent on restaurants and travel or something like
that so you’re getting that as well so you there’s some benefits of that card
and I know the two points every dollar spent is not great
for someone starting out it gets you on the right track it’s the same thing
you’re gonna get with the Chase Sapphire Preferred but you have you have an
airline branded card that’s easier to get minimum spend is lower what is it I
think it’s two thousand two thousand dollars within the first three months
something like that I don’t even know the exact numbers and all that but it’s
lower than the Chase Sapphire Preferred which is four thousand so it’s it’s an
easier card to enter into the chase ecosystem with so I recommend that card
and I also recommend the venture card venture card I think it’s a good card
but the only thing is ventures not in that ecosystem with Chase so you’re kind
of losing the slot they’re starting off you’re losing the slot and it’s a little
harder but they’re transfer partners it’s a little harder to the value isn’t
there yet they’re transfer partners some of the
transfer partners aren’t one-to-one so i transfer points over and guess what
chance for fifty thousand over I’m not getting fifty thousand over you know the
airline that I transfer it to like JetBlue for example you’re not gonna get
that you’re not getting the full value so just something to think about but
definitely you don’t always need to say oh well I’m gonna get the Chase Sapphire
Preferred because I don’t know if I can qualify or probably won’t be able to
qualify for the Chase Sapphire reserve and then I’ll wait a year and then try
to see if I can upgrade you don’t you don’t have to do all that you can get
some other cards and see where you are with those cards and then maybe just
just jump to the chase Empire Reserve and not have to worry about getting to
chase that when I referred at all okay 77042 watching 42 likes yes yes
that’s a hundred percent hundred percent but if you’re in here we have 44 people
watching now so if you’re in here you have not hit the like button please do
so so we can get up to 50 likes so if you want me to go away get us up to 50
likes and then I’ll leave I’m kidding I’m kidding I’m kidding I’ll go into the
question style but I’m just saying hit the like button please so we can we can
get up to 50 likes thank you very much okay revenge revenge Atari Vinton
let’s see try to may try it Amex many times but got declined how a complicated
critic credit file many cards installment loans etc score seven thirty
plus a conclusion Amex likes to accept first-timers with the within file
thoughts I don’t know I don’t have that much experience with the record I’ve
never applied for American Express card all my cards right now a chase okay so I
can’t speak on that but have you do you have any other cards like is American
Express or those little cards that you applied for do you have any chase cards
if you have chase cards then it might be an issue of there might be something
some reason why they’re not or where I American Express is not allowing you to
get cards but it might not have to do with the thin files so that’s what I’m
saying there okay seven saying if you want lounge access go ahead and get the
chase fi reserved yeah okay and Dolly’s asking revention is is are you keeping a
balance on your cards and that that’s a good point dolly to so you you guys want
to you guys want to make sure you paying your credit cards off and if you if you
want to get into this travel credit card game you have to play the game and
playing the game means not giving them giving them money basically so when I
say them I mean the bank’s don’t don’t carry a balance always pay it off every
month that way those points that you’re earning you’re able to keep and you’re
able to use them for travel so yeah you you wanna you you want to be you want to
do that every time you don’t want to be in a situation where you’re not paying
your credit card off even I mean people will say well I’ll just pay the minimum
balance no you don’t want to do that travel credit cards you definitely don’t
want to do that because the interest rates are real high so if you are doing
that you’re you’re just giving those points away right you’re giving those
points to because basically it goes to the bank
and then when the bank has to pay out the bonuses and all that there that
that’s how they’re they’re taking they’re taking me the the interest from
that and then they’re using it to to pay people who are paying their credit cards
off every month so you want it you want to do that don’t be that person revengeance saying under 5% usage
I’m excited Lexx messes like Lex Nexus for my denial okay I don’t know man I
don’t know what to tell you ah let’s see Alex listen
Alexia I think let’s see I am let’s see I’m at four twenty four and I got the
chase biz and trifecta which of the chase Hotel airline branded cards should
I get the annual fee is not an issue for me okay so you’re in a situation now
you’re 424 I would go okay so you have a business card already so I got the chase
biz and trifecta so I don’t know what business cards you have with chase
already but if you if you do not have the chase the United the Explorer
business card that’s a card that I would go for and then I would get the world of
hayek card that way you have for 24 so you only have one more slot but if you
get that business card and you need to get the business card first so you need
to get the United explorer business card first and then get the world of high
card that way what you don’t want to do is get the world of high cards if you
get the world of high card then now you’re at five twenty four and you will
not be able to get any more cards period I don’t care if it’s business or any or
what so you want to get the United explorer card first but the business
version and then the world of high it that’s what I would do both cards are
great world of high it is it’s a really good I mean that if you if you like
stated Hyatts and maybe you should stay at a high at first but if you like
staying at high properties through the world of high cards a really good card
to get alright let’s see ATC quick question
I have the Chase Sapphire Preferred and JetBlue plus a card should I get the
world of Hyatt card so anytime people ask me like should I get this car should
I get that card always know what know what you’re getting like know if you’re
getting a credit card you’re gonna need to have some type of commitment with
your gonna or you’re gonna want to have some type of commitment with that hotel
chain or the airline right so stay at a Hyatt if you’ve already stayed at Hyatt
you already know how the customer service is you already know pretty much
what you’re getting with the property or with the you know with the with your
room and everything then go with a world of high card if you don’t like world if
you don’t like Hyatt and don’t get a world of high a card because you’re not
gonna be able to use it the world of hayek are the only other benefit that
you can kid is the gym membership you get two points every dollar spent other
than that if you’re not staying at Hyatt you’re really not gonna be using that
card at all and then you’re gonna be getting three nights and if you don’t
like staying there you’re getting a free night I’m sure even though you don’t
like staying if it’s a free night you’re still gonna stay but I’m just saying
test the properties out see if it’s if it’s something that that you like okay
let’s see Jam what’s going on thank you for stopping by I gotta prove for the.45
Amex cards and thirteen months to our charge cards good good congratulations
all right let’s see your shot if they don’t turn it around I’m going to go for
the ink referred so I have a car to transfer all my points – okay so Rashad
is basically saying if they don’t turn it around I’m going to go to the ink
preferred so I have a card to transfer all my points to I already have that in
cash in ink and the freedom card okay and what they might do – and some people
have put this out there so you might have some cards that you can kind of
take some credit from those cards and move it to get your your credit up there
– ten thousands so you can get approved for the Chase Sapphire reserve you’re
just not gonna know that unless you call them and they tell you okay yeah you
know what you need to move some credit around so if you already have some cards
maybe they can do that for you but yeah I mean I don’t know how often
you use the Inc cash card but do you really need a large credit limit on that
card probably not the freedom card the same
thing you probably don’t need a large limit on the freedom card that they cap
it out at what 1,500 a quarter for the rotating categories so that would just
be a card that you use just to hit that you get that five points every dollar
spin in whatever category it is and then you’re then you’re done you know so I
think that would work out all right we got a super chat in the building thank
you very much how to get an 800 credit score all right this brother has a
channel too and I think he was doing a livestream I guess he’s not doing it now
but he was gonna livestream earlier so make sure you check his channel out I
think he does live streams on Wednesday every Wednesday so talks about how to
how to build your credit so those of us that are in the room right now that are
struggling with their credit and thinking oh I don’t know if I can get
this card I need to get my credit up then this is a perfect channel to go to
because he has a lot of information there for you guys so yeah please check
him out and thank you very much for the super chat man I appreciate it all right
let’s see any other questions and make sure you guys vote too on this little
poll it’ll be ongoing but I kind of want to get get a good consensus tonight if
you have cards that you want to add someone did say that they want the
Amazon card back on there so we will add that one to our list here one thing I
like about doing this list and just just so you guys know let me flip over to the
screen real quick so you can see this so this is where we are so far with it with
the giveaway so we’re we’re doing a vote for the giveaway so every livestream
that I come on I will open it up at least at some point so people can can go
ahead and vote on what card they want gift card that they want for the next
the next the next giveaway so right now we have Hyatt we have you nine do we
have American Airlines we have JetBlue Delta priority pass and priority pass
I’m gonna have to do a little bit more research on that just to see like if you
can get my whole thought was to get a free free pass like
day pass or something like that so you can at least experience it if you don’t
already have a priority past Marriott Hilton target and IHG so those are the
cards that we have out right now the way that you vote is just like this right
here you put I or exclamation point vote all lowercase and then Hyatt or whatever
you know whatever the bread is make sure you capitalize the first letter so they
so they will take your vote okay if you don’t do it exactly the way it’s on here
it will not record okay so you might be looking on here and saying well I voted
for this and everyone for American Airlines but there’s only one one vote
or not wait is it American yeah I’m voted for American Airlines there’s only
one vote but there was like two or three people who voted for it well if you
didn’t put it exactly the way that it that it’s shown here then it’s not gonna
it’s not gonna record okay and there’s nothing I can do like I can’t really
change it the only thing I’ll do in the future is I’ll probably put all caps for
whatever you’re voting for that way I can just say all caps when people write
it in there yes it is case case-sensitive so it will not give you
that information or it won’t record if you don’t have the right information in
there and we have 46 likes so please we have four more likes four more likes to
hear 50 and that’s that’s our goal for tonight so please if you guys are in
here you have not hit the like button can you please do so that way we’ll be
able to promote it out to more people and we want to make these live streams
as large as possible I want to have as many people in here the more people in
here the better because we can all share information right
we had Rashad here that he applied for the Chase Sapphire Reserve he wasn’t
able to get it and the good thing about it is we have a lot of people in here
that we can all share our experiences because we’ve all been there at least
most of us has been there or we’ve applied for a card and got pending or
got declined so we could share with you what we did and that’s one of the
reasons why I love doing live streams because it gives us an opportunity to
just talk about it right put stuff out there we can talk about it and it’s much
different than if I put out a video and then you guys are calm
down below there’s a there’s a time you know there’s a lag in between where you
write a quote you were at a question or you say something and you know there’s
there’s a time in between but here this is pretty instant if you have a question
you can put it out there and most people will will be able to help you out right
away okay let’s see Oh Rolo let’s see gym membership points on a
world of Hyatt it’s worthless since most of it most if not all gyms take money
out of your checking account ah I have gym membership and they yeah they they
take my credit card it’s so I don’t know I I have I go with choose fitness so
that’s my experience they they they take it out of my credit card so I don’t know
I I understand why they probably were they wouldn’t because they don’t want
that expiration date on there if it’s coming out of your bank account then
there’s no expiration date you need to re-up your card and all that but choose
fitness does it I don’t know if you guys have to choose Fitness in your area but
they they do it okay supreme deals what’s going on see
could I ever downgrade the world of Hayek card no you can’t there’s there’s
no well I shouldn’t say no to my knowledge I don’t think there’s a car
that you can downgrade to they don’t have like a no annual fee card so that
would be something that yeah I don’t I don’t think it’s possible I really don’t
you can call chase to find out it’s a chase card so you can call Chase to find
out if there’s a downgrade path for that card maybe you can do a product change
to a freedom card or something like that that might be possible but if you want
to get like a high card like downgrade to another high card there aren’t any
cards that are available but supreme the the world of high card pays for itself
every year every year without you doing anything it pays for itself because
you’re gonna get the free the free night and you’re paying what ninety five
dollar annual fee you’re getting a free night most hotel rooms if you should
stay and I’m going be at least $95 at least I mean that I
can’t really think of too many unless you’re out of the country and you’re
staying in a really affordable destination your that annual or the
annual fee I’m sorry the the hotel room might be might be cheaper like Thailand
for example I was in Phuket Thailand I stayed at Hyatt Place it was $50 a night
but if you’re in the US and you’re staying in a hotel
usually it’s gonna be around $95 or more so and if it’s not then wait until they
like you could be selective of when you stay right it’s a free night that you
can use so make sure it’s it’s a good night like it’s it’s one of those times
where the rooms are 200 or 300 dollars a night and then use that to book or to
stay our stay use you can use a first for family members too so you don’t have
to just use it for yourself okay let’s see so yeah so my whole thing supreme is
that’s a good card to get because you’re gonna get your value every year without
touching the card you don’t have to use a card at all you’ll get your value now
if you do use a card then you’re gonna get even more value so if you’re staying
at high properties you’re gonna get even more value out of that card because you
get nine points every dollar spent using that card a hotel so that’s a that’s a
pretty good pretty good set up okay James let’s see I know you don’t
recommend credit card churning I’d like to know what your reasoning behind it
thank you okay so I’m not a fan of credit card training because it’s it
puts you in some some really questionable situations let’s just put
it that way so let’s say I’m turning cards I’m I’m spending above my means
for for one if I do it that way like if I’m if I’m not doing the manufacturer
spending which is a whole other thing but let’s say I spend on average three
thousand dollars in three month yeah let’s say three thousand dollars in
three months well if I’m churning I’m getting a bunch of cards so I’m getting
maybe two or three cards a month and now I need to do some type of manufactured
or something in order to hit the sign of bonuses with these cards and then you’re
also you’re you’re putting yourself in a situation where you could be blacklisted
from these different banks because now you’re getting all these credit cards
you’re hitting because what churning is you’re getting credit cards you’re
getting the signup bonus and then you’re shelfing the card or putting in your
sock drawer and then later cancel in the car but your whole idea is not to use
the card to earn your idea is to hit the sign-on bonus and then go on to the next
card so credit card companies hate that right they’re not getting their chance
they’re not getting a chance at their money like I’ll give them a chance I’ll
give him a chance I will tease them by using the card and they’re gonna think
okay well you know one day one day he’s gonna slip up and not pay that that that
the credit card off and then we’ll get them on interest
they’re never gonna give me on interest but I will tease them so they’ll think
that they’re gonna give me like you know I will use the card the way that it’s
intended and if I pay it off every month I pay it off every month right and
that’s that is what I will do that’s you know there’s no question about it that’s
what I’m doing I’ll never spend beyond my means when you start getting into
these these churning and and getting a bunch of credit cards now you’re
starting to pay or starting to spend above your your normal spending patterns
and you’re not doing anything with those credit cards after after you get the
card and come on credit cards no our credit cards our banks know they know
when people are turning and when people aren’t and that’s why they have the 5:24
rule and that’s why they have all these different rules in place because they
know how people some people are doing this so they’re trying to put a stop to
it that way if that doesn’t work then they’re just gonna start pulling points
from people and you see that they have like tiered bonuses now world of high it
has a tiered bonus where you have to spend $3,000 within the first three
months and they’ll give you 25,000 points and then you spend another 3,000
in the next three months and then they’ll give you another 25,000 points
so they know they’re onto the game and if you keep trying to play that game
eventually you’re just gonna shut it down for everyone
and and start taking points away from people when they suspect that they’re
doing something they should be doing so that’s my whole thing and you have a lot
of people who will do this turning to try to get to a million
points so now they have all these points and they can do this and do that and do
I’m I am satisfied with the travel that I’m doing now going three or four times
a year I don’t need to churn I don’t need to churn and I’m able to still fly
business class first class whenever I want to I’m able to go on trips whatever
I want to and use points for those trips so I’m more conservative when it comes
to these cards and I don’t want to be put in a situation where they’re in vet
you know they’re investigating me they put my they freeze my account so they
can look into to see if I’m like trying to do manufactured spending or or
something like that so that’s just the way I feel about it
I just don’t think it’s it’s it’s a good strategy some people it works for them
we have we have some people people on here I don’t know if in the room right
now but we have some people that they churned that’s that’s what they do they
that’s what they do but you can get to a point where think long term think I mean
because churners they’re not thinking long term but think long term
if I get solid cards that I can use year after year after year after year and
still earn enough points to travel three to four times per year I can keep doing
this for twenty years or more but if I’m churning cards I’m getting the card and
I’m just turning it over and then I’m waiting for another two years when I can
get the card again and hit the sign up bonus and waiting and it doing that I
mean it’s a lot of work and some cards you only get to sign up bonus once and
then you’re not gonna get it anymore so once you use it it’s gone so the
longevity you might get those points all upfront but guess what
five years down the road ten years down the road you’re not able to get those
cards anymore and so now you’re gonna be you’re gonna be doing what what I’m
doing now or you the the conservative method because
you’ve run out of all the cards where wouldn’t it be nice if I can do this and
then maybe twice a year get a new card hit a signup bonus and I can just keep
doing that I can run it out for a lot longer than than the Turner’s can but
they think oh yeah you know I’m getting all these points up front well that’s
that’s fine you get all the points up front but you might you might how can I
say this you might not feel a need to work using the cards anymore you know I
mean like trying to think like if I had a million points right now I would
probably be using a lot more points but now I’m more selective and you know what
I use my points for and we’re like I guess what I’m saying is if you have a
lot of points then you might be open to just say okay I’m gonna use points for
the whole trip there are a lot of situations down were like the Grand
Hyatt I’m going I’m gonna be staying the Grand Hyatt in Bogota I’m not using
points for that it’s a hundred dollars a night
points the value is not there it’s twelve thousand points in order to stay
at night so I’m giving less than one cent per point if I were to try to book
it as a free night but if I have a million points I probably like I don’t
worry about it you know what I can just go ahead and use points for that so just
things to think about but yeah I’m not I’m not a big fan of churners and I’m
definitely not a fan of fan of manufacturer spending I think that is
like if you can churn and not spend above your means then I think you’re in
a better situation than people who were churning but they’re in there doing the
manufacturer spending I think that ultimately is they’re they’re gonna get
caught up and at some point they’re gonna they’re gonna they’re gonna have
to pay the price so that’s just where I look at it okay let’s see and that was I
know that was a long answer long answer James let’s see how to get a
girl okay LT what’s going on thank you for
stopping by new here ace live sent me cool man cool yeah I was watching this
life yesterday I don’t know if he put one out
today and I’ve been on here but yeah those of you don’t know this is ace live
so this is a slob go to that channel this brother is out in where is he right
now he’s in Thailand he’s in Pattaya Pattaya Pattaya Pattaya Thailand and
he’s been traveling he’s been traveling for about I think he said eight months
but I think it’s longer than that I think he’s been out longer than that but
anyway man he’s been out there just traveling and that’s what he does he’s
got his YouTube channel and he’s making money on his YouTube channel he uses
that money to travel and he’s just been going nonstop I had an opportunity to
meet up with him in in Colombia in Barranquilla for Carnivale and really
cool dude man really cool down to earth and so you got to go over his channel
but he’s got some real good content on there and he he’s doing lives now he’s
doing a lot more lives live stream so he’ll be on and it’s cool because he’s
just walking the street talking and so you get to see Thailand and and see see
what’s going on there and you’re seeing it live so it’s real cool but yeah
thanks for stopping by man I really appreciate LT and let’s see do you have
any question here how many credit cards is it okay to have dirt or does this not
apply in the chat well yeah we talked about credit cards so I have right now I
have eight credit cards and there’s no set and limited or set amount they it
really doesn’t work that way what I would say though is don’t get a bunch of
credit cards at once so I say in a year’s time I think it’s safe to get
four to five cards in a year but you don’t want to be one of those people it
tries to just open up all this new credit because if you want to get a car
if you want to get a mortgage they look at that they’re gonna look at what
what’s going on with your with your credit and they’re gonna see all these
new accounts that have been open in a short period of time
and what banks look at the way banks see that is they see that as someone
unstable or someone that might be trying to like open up all this credit so they
can just blow all you know like maxed out all their credit cards and
then run there’s nothing like that that’s the way banks see it so you don’t
want to have a bunch of credit new credit open at once plus any time you
they do a hard pool your credit score will drop a little bit usually from five
to six points so you have to be aware of that too so if you spread it out a
little bit what happens is your credit so let’s say I apply for a credit card
my credits gonna drop five to five to six points and then two or three months
later my credit is gonna it’s gonna go back up okay and in most cases it will
go up higher than what it was before because now I have an open line of a new
line of credit and that new line of credit will mean that my credit
utilization so credit utilization is basically how much credit
I have available compared to how much credit I’m actually using and I always
I’m always telling everyone don’t don’t carry a balance on your credit card
always pay it off every month so if you’re paying it off every month you
should be fine your credit utilization will stay around where it is and then if
you get new credit cards you’re just in you’re just increasing
the credit available but you’re not increasing how much credit you’re using
so I hope that makes sense so credit utilization is 30% of your FICO score so
if you’re able to keep that low keep it under 10% then your credit will really
benefit from that the lower you get your credit utilization the higher your FICO
score will go up and like I said it’s a big part 30% that’s a huge part so the
only thing that’s that’s higher than that is late payments so if you have
late payments then that’s 35% of your FICO score so those two things if you
can handle those two things your credit just that alone will improve your credit
so yeah so as far as the exact number depends on how long you’ve been been
getting credit card so let’s say every year you get five credit cards so in ten
years time what is that what’s my matte no in five years time you have
twenty-five credit cards that’s not bad because you spread it out throughout
that that whole thing now if you get twenty-five credit cards in a year and a
half yeah that that’s not gonna look good to to to
creditors okay yeah but good question I’ll take good question
Darren let’s see I may cancel on my platinum all right Taryn I always
recommend that cancelling cards but if that’s something that you have to do
that’s something you have to do I understand it’s $550 annual fee I would
look for downgrade paths before canceling but yeah that’s that’s one of
those deals where yeah you don’t want to cancel if possible because you want to
keep that credit line open you want to keep that that credit line open so yeah
all right let’s see here other questions and I don’t even know Amex platinum can
you downgrade that card I don’t know I don’t know the answer to that question
but yeah if you can downgrade then then try to try to downgrade instead of
cancel and 7cn don’t say it too soon they will get you I don’t know what that
means mr. Chaco what’s going on Cho ko so Cho ko if you look at our little our
little scroll down there it just says right there right now I know winning
winning so I have you in my little scroll for the wind so anyone that wins
the month prior yeah the month prior will be in my little scroll so you’re
gonna be there for the whole month until we have another winner so Cho ko one the
one the giveaway that we had on Saturday so for those of you don’t know we do
have a giveaway okay so every the last Saturday of the month we do a giveaway
and the way that you earn points is by watching the show that’s all you have to
do if you watch the show every ten minutes you get ten points and then
you’ll also get points if you’re in the chat you’re chatting back and forth
you’re gonna get points for that if you subscribe to the channel so if you’re
new here and you have not subscribed to the channel do so you get 50 points just
for subscribing and then at the end of the month then you’ll be able to buy
raffle tickets and right now we have the raffle tickets go to about $50 our $50
cash I’m sorry 50 points it’s not money it’s not money at all all you need
his watch so you pay for it by watching but if you subscribe to the channel you
get the fifty points that’s enough for one raffle ticket okay so and then
depending on how many points you have at the end of the month you can buy more
and more and more raffle tickets and you have a better chance at winning
so mr. choco had four before raffle tickets anyone some other people bought
twenty raffle tickets so he got really lucky so good
good on him though he’s got his Amazon gift card we’re also voting two so if
you put our exclamation point and vote then you’ll be able to vote on the
different different things if you look at the scroll here stream Labs is a
little bot that I have working here and he will let you know what you could vote
on and how to vote for them so what what we have available hi eight American and
United all that okay but yeah thanks for checking in choko the new Amex Oh lost
my place here alright I always tell myself I’m not gonna do an hour and me
and Jason talked about this earlier yeah we’re just doing our we’re doing our but
then I get caught up in these questions I like to at least go through all the
questions see if there are any questions that people have that I can answer
before I in the live so that that’s just a whole like the role so if we have to
go a little late we have to go a little late but I don’t want to make I want to
make sure that people aren’t asking questions and I’m not able to at least
address them okay and I definitely lost my place here let’s see Bruce what’s
going on buddy thank you for stopping by yeah I don’t know where I was oh man
okay the new MX rules on losing points if you don’t pay on time maybe a new way
for Amex to try to curtail churners yeah but usually churners we’re gonna paying
off I mean they’re they’re gonna they’re good Turner’s will
the card and I’ll pay it they’ll get the sign-up bonus and then they just they
just shut those cards yeah but III would agree with it like I think this is a
good way for them to save money I mean you put that you stipulate that now up
you don’t get your points and if you don’t get your points then you know that
they can save money in that because you now you can’t redeem points if you don’t
have them right so yeah but I think most people most earners are and they’re
gonna make sure they hit the sign because all they’re looking for is to
sign a bonus so they’re gonna pay every month
get that signup bonus and then they’re gone and they’re onto the next card let’s see seven saying you should tell
credit card companies to make cards that we want to keep yeah they know they know
they’re they’re not gonna give us all everything that we want
but yeah obviously if you make it if you make it like United had this this this
problem with the Chase Sapphire reserve so the United Explorer Card had a
problem with the Chase Sapphire reserve they’re both chase cards right but one’s
a co-branded card to United and then you have the chase fi Reserve and they were
upset because United was upset because they can’t compete with the chase fi
Reserve and you’re right they can’t compete with the chase fi Reserve but
that’s their own fault right they could be competitive the one way that you can
be competitive is by saying okay if you use the United card on United purchases
you’re gonna get five points for every dollar spent well that beats anything
that the chain that chase can do or chases fi Reserve is doing so in those
cases you’re gonna use the United card they can open up different categories
that chase doesn’t chase fi Reserve doesn’t have so give us grocery stores
three points every dollar spent in grocery stores I’m gonna use the united
car for grocery stores because i get three points every dollar spent where i
don’t get that with with the with the Chase Sapphire Reserve so you can get
rid of like United can get rid of some of the stuff that they’re offering like
the the restaurants get rid of restaurants okay you’re now if you
gonna have three points every dollar spent in restaurants don’t use even if
you had three points every dollar spent at restaurants people are still gonna
use the Chase Sapphire reserve because those points are more flexible so go use
something else grocery stores so don’t have restaurants anymore have grocery
stores three dollars for every dollar spit at rest grocery stores now you have
something so they can make a better card they’re just choosing not to and then
complaining that no one’s using their card and then they force you United
forces you to use their card if you want to get their free check bag in the
priority boarding so if you’re booking your airfare you have to use their card
in order to get those those benefits and they will check when you go in and you
try to get when you get your boarding pass and all that they’re gonna check to
see if you use that that card for your purchase and if you have it then guess
what you’re not gonna get the free check bag in the priority boarding so they
need to make better cards bottom line don’t complain make better cards let’s
see Jeremy saying I’m thinking about the Amazon business prime card any thoughts
I have not looked into that card so I don’t know the benefits of it but yeah I
know one business prime the only problem Jeremy the only okay so I’m really stuck
on travel okay and if you’re not then I get it in and some of these cards will
make sense for you you can use them as cash back or what if you want to do with
them but I’m stuck on travel and that those are the cards that I focus on so
I’m always looking for a card that will give me an opportunity to transfer
points over to these different companies airline hotel so I can travel for free
or almost free right so that’s my goal so if you have a business that might not
be your goal if you have a business you just want to spend and get this cash
back and use that cash back to make purchases and stuff like that I totally
understand that so I’m not really up on these the business cards like that but
like the business cards I am interested in are like the chase ink cards because
now I’m earning points with those cards and I can use those points for travel so
yeah that’s kind of how I that’s how I roll
what’s going on Charles thanks for stopping by let’s see ie the city
prestige was an awesome card until slowly removing all the benefits so
that’s seven say that yeah you know what the city prestige card is still a good
card and I’ve changed my strategy when it comes to travel now and I’m open to
that card still because I’m going third-party about travel insurance now
I’m no longer using the credit card travel insurance that I have I I mean I
still I’m still using the credit card so I’m still using United card when I
booked for United and I’ll use the Chase Sapphire reserve if I’m booking for
Chase or booking booking anything that’s not United but third party travel
insurance is good to have because the medical emergency insurance is always or
and I want say always it’s much better in most situations so the Chase Sapphire
reserves the only card that I know right now that gives you something for medical
emergency it’s like twenty five hundred dollars but when you get these
third-party insurance go to the third-party insurance companies it cost
me thirty seven dollars and I got a hundred thousand for medical emergency
so god forbid something happens when I’m out on a trip I’m I know I have some
money that I can that I can use for emergency situations and if I need to be
medevac out of there to an area where they have where they can treat me like
let’s say it’s out of the country let’s say it’s back in the States
well I I have that I have the insurance that I just got it’s a million dollars
so they will pay up to a million dollars to get me back to the US or to the
closest place where they can have adequate equipment or what have you to
do to treat me so yeah I’m all on it now when it comes to that I’m all on the
travel insurance getting the third party and then so that that in itself City is
still the city perceives card is still a good card you still get that for tonight
free 49 or 50
just for God the fourth day right you still get that you still have that
benefit twice per year and the earn possibility that card is really good so
it’s still a card that you can use but you will have to go go the route of a
third party travel insurance which like I said is it’s something that we should
be doing anyway I think and I mean just for just for medical alone it’s
something that we should be doing now if I want to use my like let’s say I use
the chase F I reserve some of the benefits on there are better when it
comes to losing your bags or mister when they misplace your bags bag baggage
delay fees and cancellations and all that stuff so I can still use it as long
as I use a card I still have access to that but on top of that I have another
another more travel insurance too that I can draw on if I need to all right guys
let’s go ahead and move on here if you have anything else yeah please guys hit
the like button please hit the like button and also subscribe to the channel
if you are if you have not subscribed please subscribe to the channel we’re on
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will let you know that I’m doing a live stream okay and 7se nice I’m going to
Pattaya in late October okay 7:00 you have to jump over to aces channel he’s
out there right now and he’s found the time of his life and like I said he’s
live streaming it so he’s walking down the street with his phone and just live
streaming the whole thing so go to this is ace
I have all one word and you’ll you’ll see you’ll see his videos he’s also gone
to Colombia Mexico he’s Vietnam and now he’s in now he’s in
Thailand and he’s just traveling he’s as he says he’s on the run he’s travelling
all over all these different countries he will go back to Colombia I’m gonna
meet up with him again for Carnival so yeah you gotta go over
his channel he’s got he’s got some really good content there all right
let’s see okay well go ahead and move on through here
Braveheart 150 TC points uh-oh all right thank you for the update on
the the likes there 52 likes or now 54 Wow okay so if you guys are here and you
haven’t hit the like button please do so the more likes we get the better if we
can get as many likes as possible at some point I’m gonna start raising the
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that we’re doing live streams we’re one of the only channels I mean Wohlers
wallets doing some lives now flashpoints doing some lives with me he hasn’t he
hasn’t done a live on his own yet we’ll shop he’s doing some live streams too so
we have a few people in the the travel credit card space that are doing live
streams we also have how to get a crate 800 credit score he does live streams
and so we there’s some people out there but we’re going with that that’s right
but yeah but anyway yeah hit the like button that way they’ll promote it out
and people will get to see okay yeah they’re doing live streams on I want to
be a part of the live stream so it really helps okay Jeremy saying yeah TC
has taken off I’m glad to see that cool Jeremy Thank You Man and yeah like I
said we’re on that road 10,000 we want to hit the 10,000 subscribers it will
just allow me to do more things when it comes to the channel once you hit that
milestone of 10,000 YouTube really starts to to help you out with workshops
and things like that things that you’re not able to
do if you’re if you’re under 10,000 and you’re saying workshops where you do a
workshop well they have YouTube spaces and there’s a YouTube space in LA which
is about 45 minutes from me and they they do workshops so they will teach you
how to do YouTube like I would be a better youtuber they also have it’s a
studio so you can go in there and you do collabs and all that stuff so it will
just allow the channel to grow even more because now I’m learning from the
YouTube professionals how to make better YouTube videos and then I’m you know
hooking up with different people from from different channels and then we can
do different collaborations and stuff too so that is the focus get up to
10,000 once we hit 10,000 and if we can do that by the end of the year that we
can start off 2020 on the right track and really grow the channel and the
larger the channel grows the better because that would mean that this whole
community will will be able to help each other when it comes to travel travel
credit cards and travel – and just so you know when I go out when I go to
Colombia I’m gonna be on here lat now well I don’t know about like she was
like I’m gonna have to figure this out and I probably have to use my phone more
than than anything you know I’m I’m gonna get a new phone before I go I’m
gonna try a different I don’t know if you guys have ever tried Google Phi but
I’m gonna get one of the pixel I think the pixel what is it pixel 3a I think
it’s like $400 phone so I’m gonna get that phone and because it has a really
good camera on it and start using that phone for live streams when I’m out out
and about so when I travel is what I’m saying so that is a plan so I will be
out there when I’m in Columbia you guys are gonna be seeing me doing some some
lives so okay let’s go see here okay so supreme deals the same did I see
do the anniversary world of Hyatt nights rollover question mark they give you a
date they give you an expiration date on the I don’t even know what my expiration
dates are they do give you an expiration date on it and so you have to use it by
the expiration ah let’s see all right and terms just saying yeah no
they don’t so yeah like I said they give you the expiration date once it’s over
it’s over so they’re you’re not gonna be able to accumulate yeah like let’s do it
for five years and then have five nights that you can use okay oh and we do have
a subscriber oh it’s or is it okay we’ve got two
subscribers so Mike thank you for subscribing and holiday thank you for
subscribing thank you both for subscribing you guys just got 50 points
too so if you check your points right now
exclamation point exclamation point points and then it will show you how
many points you have so you should have at least 50 and then depends on how long
you’ve been watching you’ll have more happy show what’s going on I applied for
the bar-kays aviator card and they told me they
needed more time to decide but they’re not sending any emails or okay so I
don’t know how long it’s been but I would I mean you could contact them you
can call you can call and contact them with the the consideration or the
reconsideration line you can use that and see let’s see all right let’s see
here all right I had a Adam message there had to look at okay so anything
else guys I see dude the city receives two offers the
fortnight free but you can only use it twice a year yep yep yep
portal heart rate you can use hotel status yeah so I mean they’ve cut stuff
I totally agree with you seven when it comes down to it I’m just saying it’s
still not a bad card it’s still the the benefits that they that they’re cutting
are benefits that maybe you should be looking into third-party insurance for
anyway just to cover all of your you know all of your insurance most most
medical insurance is not going to cover you outside of the country so being able
to get some third-party insurance for medical
I mean that that’s the most important thing like you only have one body right
so you want to be you want to make sure you take care of that okay so and maybe
that’s one other their strategy they start thinking about things okay we need
to cut stuff what do we cut well if we cut this they still have access because
they can get they can get the third party travel insurance what would have
been really nice is if they would have given us credit for that maybe give you
a hundred and twenty dollars travel insurance credit or something like that
that would have been really nice okay and ain’t just saying where do you
recommend going for taking a trip to Hawaii so if I’m going to Hawaii it
depends on what you want because Maui Maui is a nice place for boat like both
you have you can go to kind of a big city life or you can you can live more
of a city life or you can go to more of a laid-back you know laid-back areas of
Maui Oahu is gonna be big city life everywhere for the most part that’s how
that o is so Honolulu it’s gonna be pretty busy if you go to kawaii kawaii a
really laid-back area I like one quiet myself because it’s just laid-back
everywhere and everything shuts down like seven o’clock so it’s a good place
to go for like if you’re on a honeymoon or if you just want to relax and and
just be away from everything it’s a really good place to go plus if you like
hiking and stuff like that it’s a great place I have not hiked there but they
have a lot of good hiking trails and like 80% of the island has is is not
inhabitable or like you can’t they’re not houses there so you have to hike in
to a large portion of of Hawaii so yeah it’s it’s a nice place really really
good and you see like here you see a lot of backpackers and stuff and people
hitchhiking and stuff like that it’s pretty amazing okay mr. choco saying I’m the live King thank
you in the credit card community Thank You Man I appreciate that we’re gonna
keep doing them we’re gonna keep doing them guys let’s see very far saying get
the note ten ten plus I’m not the reason that I’m getting that the pixel is
because the pixel works best with Google Phi and this is gonna be a phone that I
use for travel that bottom line like I I’m tired
I would rather pay up front and get you know get this this then pay it’s usually
costing me like eighty dollars sixty to eighty dollars every time that I travel
because I’m changing my plans every time that I travel and I have Verizon so it
gets a little pricey and so that’s the reason that I want to
just get another phone and and have that phone I already have you know the phone
that I have now I’ll still keep but having a having that Google five bonus
is good because I can set it up whenever I want and and use it like that so that
that’s that’s just my goal all right Michael that’s just my plan so we’ll see
how it plays out I might get that pixel phone and I get so much that I just
think it rid of my verizon phone but yeah that’s a play so I’m not trying to
get like the best phone right now I have a note right now I’ve older one there
like a note five so I’m not trying to get the best foam at the moment I’m just
trying to get a phone that I can use that has a good camera and that I can
have google fly on Google five works best with with Google or Google phone okay Bruce law what’s up let’s see all
right guys we’re getting down to the end here okay so any other questions guys go
ahead and put him in the chat seven saying a San Diego similar to Hawaii
I’ve never been to Hawaii you yeah San Diego’s not Clinton that similar to
Hawaii no San Diego is yeah Hawaii is a lot more tropical so you’re gonna have
all the green green grass and like almost like a rain forest it rain
pretty much depends on where you where you’re going but like in Hawaii it rains
every day but it’s like for an hour and then it’s all the last time that we went
it pretty much rain the whole time we were there but that’s unusual usually
it’ll rain for like an hour and then and then the Sun will come out but yeah it’s
it’s not like San Diego I I don’t know I don’t know where you travel to but I
compare Hawaii to like when I go to managing it’s very similar that there no
there’s no beach in meta-gene but certain parts of managing is very very
tropical and it does rain a lot there as well okay and maintenance is saying is
there a Hyatt in Kauai yes there’s the Grand Hyatt I actually stayed there on
my last trip I stayed there for a night actually I need to I need to sit down
and do a video on that just that experience so yeah I stayed at the Grand
Hyatt a beautiful property beautiful property
twelve thousand no no no 25,000 a night 25,000 points at night so that that’s
what they’re asking for for that property but it’s very nice and you’re
right on the water like you’re right on the beach they have a really nice
property nice pools the pools are a it’s nice
it’s definitely worth staying I’ve stayed there and I say that the garden
in the hill a Hilton property and I didn’t like the Garden Inn at all so
yeah it just gives you an idea but they do I think they have some other Hilton
properties to at least maybe one other okay where we think I missed something
here can we sing didn’t you say you wanted to call something else besides
Tec I thought I saw that in one of your other live streams yesterday
wait I know it was tech I think it was – it was tech so Kay ecology was calling
me tech which I was like that’s cool yeah I didn’t even think about it but
yes it’s just Tec same thing with just tech let’s see what is Google five
supreme asking that so basically Google Phi is you’ll have to just Google and
Google Google Google Phi well basically it’s it’s like a SIM card that you put
in your phone I don’t even know if you have to put them in your phone anymore I
think you can just program your phone to have it if you have like a pixel of
phone but basically will allow you your pay I think it’s $20 or $25 a month and
then you pay for your data so your data I can’t remember the exact numbers like
ten dollars for every certain amount of gigabytes but it’s one of those phones
that you can turn off so if I’m not using if I’m not traveling I can have
the phone but just have it off and then I can turn it on and of course you pay
the $20 for that and then you can use your use your data that way so just
something I want to try out I’ve heard a lot of good things about it and I think
for travel if you really be good for me if it doesn’t work it doesn’t work and
then I’ll have that that pixel phone and it’ll be unlocked so I’ll be able to use
it with both my verizon so if it doesn’t work I can just that’ll be my new phone
for Verizon so my big thing when it comes to phones I’m not really all into
all the bells and whistles when it comes to phones I just want a phone that works
and allows me to text and my one thing that I that I do notice when I travel I
like to be able to use whatsapp and on my last trip when I was in Colombia we I
mean we were meeting up like we had there was like nine of us out there and
Carnivale and generally I don’t in the past I haven’t gotten data like our get
data but I get you know I have that much data that I can use but it was crucial
to have data on this last trip more in Carnivale because we were trying to meet
up with each other and so you weren’t always around places that had Wi-Fi free
Wi-Fi so having data is was was something that I needed and I didn’t
have or I had I didn’t have it at first and then I had to call them and say hey
I need any data and I had to pay who I was paying a lot of money for
so yeah just something I’m looking into we’ll see how it works all right guys
let’s go ahead and get it down here okay so seven saying Google fire is good if
you don’t use a lot of data and use and use out of the country yeah so and you I
think may max it out so the most that I would pay okay so right now I pay I
could pay easily eighty dollars for when I when I travel if I’m using data pretty
much unlimited Google five will max out so I think it’s sixty bucks is the most
that you’ll pay for data like if you’re paying $10 in increasing your data the
most you’ll pay sixty bucks so sixty bucks plus two twenty dollars so that’s
80 bucks for that for that time period but your your unlimited data at that
point right I don’t know if they ramped the data down they might do that I don’t
know if they do that or not but it’ll least gives you a little bit more let’s
see I like Southwest flights they let you use what’s up over Wi-Fi for free
without having to pay extra that’s cool I didn’t know they let you do that that
is cool and I need something that’s a good benefit there that’s kinda guess
kinda like JetBlue they have the the free Wi-Fi let’s see when you are
getting an a mint or way when are you getting a mix I’ve been following you
for like he here and I’m waiting hey you gonna get anything right now I’m on hold
with everything because I’m looking to get a mortgage so that that’s kind of
what I’m what I’m where I’m at right now their cards that I want to get obviously
but right now I don’t need any cards I’m in a good place
let’s put it this way I’m going to Columbia right now I’ve already used my
points for that I have plenty of points for my next Columbia trip which will be
in in February and then the only other trip that I’m gonna be setting up is
going to be for summer of 2020 and that’ll that will be the next trip that
I haven’t really planned out yet but that will be in the summer and then
maybe maybe yeah maybe May made you probably around that time and then I’ll
want to do a one at least one more trip at the the tail end of the year so right
now our points are fine like I have plenty of points and so I don’t need to
even really consider getting another card until probably around March April
time of next year so one thing you do want to do like if
you know one thing you don’t want to do is if you know that you want to get if
you’re looking to get a another mortgage or get a car or something like that you
don’t want to have a bunch of credit card inquiries right before that because
they look at that they frown upon that I should say okay but I mean it’s in the
works yeah and it’s one of those deals I’m in a good place like I don’t I don’t
need it like I don’t need those cards right now so that that’s good when I say
I don’t need them like I don’t need any additional points right now in order to
to make these trips work so when I do get to that point it’s like okay well
now I have another whole ecosystem that I can that I can explore mr. Alexander
what’s going on okay so he’s asking what do you think about cities customer
service overall user experience quality I’ve only had one city car the city
premier card and I made the mistake I know I tell you guys don’t cancel the
card I actually cancelled that card I had actually I’ve also had this city I
also have right now the City advantage card I will say city’s banking I don’t
recommend I’ve gone through I’ve done okay city does this thing that they will
they will actually chases the same thing if you sign up get their bank account
and then you go through a few steps the pot direct deposit in and bill pay
and all that stuff if you use those they’re services for a certain amount of
time whatever time they give you then they’ll give you points for that
so 50,000 points 60,000 points I’ve done it a few times and I just don’t know
like their Bing their bank seems they don’t there are a lot of things that
they don’t how can I say this I had to really call him on a few things like you
you you sign up for the the there’s the promotion you get your checks but you
don’t get your ATM card and and I had a calm about I had to do this twice where
I had to call them up and say hey I never received my my debit card and you
need to use a debit card in order to make purchases and stuff like that
because you have to do these certain things in order to to get the the 50,000
points and so that happened a couple of times and then they sent me checks but
instead of sending me just one set of checks they sent me like three or four
sets of checks so every week I was going to my mailbox and I had and I have more
checks I’m like what do they do it so it didn’t seem like it was very organized
I’ll just say that and so yeah that that’s my only real experience with city
but as far as that like thank you points and all that I haven’t really had any I
had a haven’t had a experience with them with that and $0.07 I’m waiting for the
Centurion lounge in LAX I am waiting for that I think that would really get me
kind of like oh man I want to go in there right now there’s no there’s no
like yeah I don’t really have a reason well and I should say I don’t have a
reason I don’t see it’s not my face yet when I walk past that Centurion lounge
and it’s there and I see people going in and out of there probably be like oh man
I want to go in there so the thing though about LAX is they have some good
benefit or some good they have PF Changs i will go to PF
Changs anytime then I go to LAX from here on
out as long as I’m close enough to the international terminal but I will go
there because you get the free and get the free meal and I like PF
Changs so I will I will I will go there as much as I can and if you’re flying
business class first class you’re gonna get lounge access anyway and usually
those lounges are gonna be comparable to what you would get in Saturnian so it’s
not like a regular lounge like for example I’ll be flying out United well
I’m gonna I’m gonna be flying Avianca but it’s a star alliance partner so I’m
flying business class so I already know going to LAX I will be in the start
allowed I will be able to go to the Star Alliance lounge and I will be getting to
the airport really early probably five hours before my flight on this this
night this trip that’s coming up in October because I already have this set
up so I’ll get there I’m going to I’m going to be of chains I’m getting the
meal first thing I do when I get there clearly get a meal and then I’ll go
upstairs to the lounge because the lounge is right above the right about PF
Changs and then I’ll hang out in the lounge for a little bit and then from
there then if I have time I’ll go back down and get a meal to go and it’s a
red-eye flight so actually I won’t have time never mind
I just yeah just talk because it’s a red-eye flight so I’m not flying it
until twelve thirty years or 12 something 12:05 a.m. or something
something like that so I can get there early get a meal but then I won’t have
another meal so what I’ll probably do is I will eat half of my bill that have
actually it’s two meals I can get two entrees so I’ll just have one entree to
go yeah I’ll do it like that so I’ll have food for my flight actually
I’m gonna have food anyway I’ll breakfast so anyway yeah I so I have a
plan that already all right guys we’re gonna go ahead and move through and wrap
this up here thank you guys all for stopping by like I said and keep the
voting coming I’m gonna keep putting that keep reminding you guys to do that
just because I want to know what what you guys want as far as the as far as
the next gift card here chuckles cigarette I haven’t gotten a
new mortgage yet I’m looking into getting it I have not gotten it yet so
I’m just slowing that all down for that all right let’s see here a live stream
on your mortgage processes experience ah I don’t know I kind of want to keep it
travel-related if that’s something that you guys are interested in then maybe
maybe we can share a little bit let’s see see chuckles saying that you can
delete inquiries after 90 days I don’t know about that a hard pool I don’t
think you get in delete because it’s gonna be a hard pool like it’ll they’ll
do the hard pool and that will show up as a new account so when they’re looking
at my credit they’re just looking at the new accounts so they’re gonna say okay
well they he got like three four do credit cards why did he do that
and then they’re gonna they’re gonna ask me about it oh okay then seven saying
that city customer service is okay but City website is worse a separate logins
yeah I I don’t like that I I agree with you 100% seven they have a different and
they have the the bank so you have the bank login and then you have the credit
card login and it’s it’s it’s confusing so you have to have two different and
you know two different login number or IDs and oh yeah it’s it’s there is a
mess oh okay he said you still write checks question mark no I don’t write
checks but they sent me the checks like it’s automatic like I guess you sign up
for a checking account and they still send you checks most banks do that still
no they’ll send you the checks but instead of sending me one set of checks
they just kept sending them and I had like four checks for four different
checks and before checking Elyse in like not
they sent two checks for different times and then they never sent the debit card
so then I had to calm about the debit card and it still took him a while
that’s in the debit card so just things like that it didn’t look like they were
organized James I said I’m really considering getting the Lyon credit card
for some flash dalle let’s see PF Changs is great let’s see yeah I agree it is
tell them you are unhappy ecosystem okay okay guys I want to just kind of get
through this so we okay so we’re down at the bottom here and one more question
the hard poll will be or your history for two years yeah that’s what 7c and
the hard poll will be yet the hard polls are gonna be there and they’re gonna see
the fact that you have a credit card when you open the credit card so that
that’s my whole thing youyou don’t want to have a lot of stuff going on with
your credit when that when they’re looking at when you’re looking into
getting a mortgage so and I I’ve always been conservative anyways when it when
it when it comes to credit cards I’m always conservative so if I don’t need
to get a credit card I’m not gonna get one and I’m kind of in that situation
right now I don’t need I don’t need a meeting point wise I’m good and I can
earn I can earn more but like usually Mike these are the cards away I’m using
them now I’m earning I’m getting some good earn with the cards plus referrals
and things like that just yeah so if you guys don’t know I have referral links to
all the credit cards that I can’t have referral links for Chase Sapphire
Reserve you can’t get referral edge for that card
for whatever reason but Chase Sapphire Preferred I do have I still have the
Chase Sapphire Preferred and I have just on that card alone just so you guys know
like referral links they do they work i I’ve gotten 45,000 points on the Chase
Sapphire Preferred alone just on referral links so talk to your friends
talk to your family if you I mean I have a YouTube channel so it’s a little bit
easier I can put the referral leaks there and
hopefully if you guys you know are so kind man you’re gonna get a credit card
then go down and see what the referral links I have to offer in in use those
links I always recommend it even if it’s not me if you’re on the Facebook group a
Facebook group their referral links there go there use those referral links
and then put your referral link in there and hopefully someone will use yours but
it’s a good way to to help we can help each other out that way and it doesn’t
cost the person anything extra it’s just a way of saying thank you
you know like I’m on here talking with you guys and we’re all helping each
other out in the chat when they have questions and stuff like that so I think
it’s a it’s a pretty good putting a pretty good trade off all right guys
we’re gonna go ahead and take off thank you guys all for stopping by and we will
be back on what is it today back on Saturday so we’re back on Saturday and I
might be on sooner if something else comes up but I’ll let you guys know so
make sure you’re in the whatsapp group make sure you’re in the Facebook group
the links are in the description also when you subscribe to my channel please
hit that little Bell notification so you can get future updates
all right guys talk to you later bye

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