🔴Global Entry vs TSA Pre vs Mobile Passport App

all right so we are back I had to switch
all my audio or my mic stuff I don’t know what’s going on I’m not even gonna
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out before it gets too late what’s going on David so what we’ll do is we’ll just
get in and we’ll do more Q&A today I was gonna do more like Global Entry we’ll
talk a little bit about Global Entry but since we’re starting a little late I
want to make sure we get everything everything situated yeah I don’t know so
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good day today so I need to figure that out I need to figure out some other
things but well that’s all not important at this point let’s just get into the
chat so if you guys have questions first off just let me know you’re here just by
saying hello and if you guys have questions and things like that you can
post it in the chat and then we’ll talk about it today we aren’t going to talk
about Global Entry that’s going to be our main our main topic and the reason
that I’m doing this I did another livestream and talked about Global Entry
but I still get and still many people asking questions about it and then I did
kind of a I did the actually I did initial
I did a video on on Global Entry and then I did the livestream on Global
Entry and then someone asked the question about can you get Global Entry
if you’re not a US citizen and that’s some stuff that I didn’t know so I
looked it up and found out yeah you don’t have to be a US citizen in order
to get global entry so I did another video about that and so now I want to
kind of put everything together just in one live stream and we can talk about it
you guys can tell me your experiences with Global Entry as well as I’ll tell
you my experiences and then we’ll go from there so if you guys are here right
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more we can help each other out when it comes to our experiences and things like
that okay so let’s see who do we all do we
have in here right now okay image wire what’s going on buddy that guy what’s
going on David I already said what’s up to you Jeremy what’s up and hip to the
hip today we’re just gonna call you hip all right what’s going on from Texas
Dallas Texas all right so yeah so start thinking about things if you guys do
have Global Entry tsa PreCheck let me know what you what your experience has
been and I’ll just kind of talk a little bit about my experience now I’m running
one monitor down so it’s gonna be a little more difficult for me to do some
of this stuff that I normally do so I usually have two monitors and I just go
back and forth but it looks like probably actually I didn’t even game
playing this okay so when I share my screen I’m not
gonna be able to see the live feed anymore so just be aware of that if you
guys are asking questions and stuff like that I’m not gonna be able to see it but
I just want to go over to the Global Entry website real quick and then and
then we can kind of just go from there and let me know how many of you guys
have Global Entry or TSA PreCheck Global Entry and I’m going over this very
briefly I’d like to do more just to Q&A today mainly because like I said I only
have I’m down one down one monitor so I can’t I can’t do it the way I normally
do it okay and I think we can go from here and just do the desktop video all
right so here we go applying for trusted traveler looks like you know what they
have a new website this isn’t their old website so that is interesting actually
say this is a new kind of setup or maybe it’s not maybe I’m not even on Global
Entry it’s just that the government site no I don’t think it is I don’t think
yeah this is not the government site okay let’s see one more time here and you have to be careful to make sure
you go on the actual site the global entry side because if you go on another
site then there’s probably either they’re there for a reason they’re
probably going to charge you something and say oh yeah you can google inch we
will show you how to do it and then they charge you some kind of a fee in order
to get it done an additional fee so global entry is Global Entry is $100 so
you get Global Entry for $100 but you get Global Entry and you get TSA
PreCheck what you need to do is go to the website so go to the US Customs and
Border Protection website and then fill out the application and then they will
get back to you and let you know as far as a date to come in which you need to
do like an interview interview is very very basic you pretty much just show up
there though and they you know have you sit down then they’ll call you up and
you’re literally standing at a desk it’s kind of like a DMV you’re standing at
one on one side of the desk the customs agents and on the other side of the desk
he’s gonna ask you a few questions or she’s gonna ask you a few questions and
then they’re gonna have a little for me and just look like a little webcam
they’ll take your picture and they’ll just kind of advise you if you have a
criminal background stuff like that then that’s what they’re looking into so you
can be you can be denied because of that and then from that point on they I I
don’t I think they did give me my known traveler number I’m not I’m not a
hundred percent sure I don’t remember to be honest with you but and this was a
while ago that I got it but they will give you a known traveler number if not
on that day then soon you know because they’ve already kind of looked at your
case anyway so they kind of know what’s going on with you but they will give you
a known traveler number and once they give you that known traveler number then
that’s what you would use when you when you apply or not apply but when you book
your flights and stuff like that you put in a known traveler number and then from
that point the airline will link that to your Global Entry and then they’ll give
you like on your ticket it’ll say TSA PreCheck even if your Global Entry is
still going to say TSA PreCheck because Global
does not apply in the US okay so if I’m flying domestically it’s gonna be TSA
PreCheck that I’m using but when I leave the country and then come back when I’m
coming back into the country that’s when I use Global Entry so world.there
program I absolutely love it i-i’ve I’ve had it for ever since I
started back traveling so started up traveling again I should say it’s been
probably and a half years since that since I’ve had it and it’s just it’s you
can see like these pictures here that they’re showing these kiosks and this is
the way they look when you get there let me go back here this is the way they
look when you when you actually go to the airport you’re gonna have a huge
line of people that are going through regular customs and then you’re gonna
have all these open kiosks and that’s where you go so you don’t have to wait
in line at all I mean I’ve never waited in line with Global Entry entering back
into the country never never wait in line I always just walk right up they
have in like LAX ahead I’m gonna say at least thirty of these different little
kiosks all in this little area you just walk right up there my last trip I went
to Columbia so on my way back I came back into LAX and it was it was one of
those things and I talked about this in another video but it was it was pretty
interesting because it was it was funny okay funny for me not funny for everyone
else because we walked we walked at least a mile that’s if it felt like to
get to customs like we were going all around looping around going upstairs and
downstairs and all that good stuff then finally we get to customs when we get to
customs you see the line as you’re walking up so you get the gas from
everyone like you know because they see this long line of customs you know to
get through customs and it’s probably bout 7:30 8 o’clock in the in the
evening most people are tired and they’ve all
been on the plane with me and they’ve been flying for we came from El Salvador
so it’s about a six hour flight and so you have all these people that are tired
they’re just ready to go home and so our get into the country and they
to wait in these long lines so everyone’s going there and you have
people directing you no okay okay you need to go here you need to go here and
then I get to one of the people I always ask any time I go because I’d actually
didn’t see the Global Entry was lost on my left and everyone else was going off
to the right and so I said Global Entry she was like oh yes sir right this way
and so she pointed in there’s nobody there nobody I’m the only one with
there’s thirty kiosks and I’m the only one in there and they’re doing yeah
using the kiosk so then from that point I go to the customs agent who’s sitting
right in that Global Entry area and he didn’t even look at my ticket he just
directed me hey go pick your bags up over here so I go pick my bags up and
then well I shouldn’t say that I go to the area to pick my bags up and it took
about 15 minutes so that’s where they caught up to me that’s the only downfall
so if you do have bags that you check you still have to wait to get your bags
and in our situation the bags didn’t come right away so we waited and so some
of the people that were in on my plane that didn’t have Global Entry they were
they caught up to me at that point so then I get my bags and then I go
straight to I think they yeah they even have a Global Entry area where you can
you don’t have to stand in the other line when you when you’re leaving with
your bags you can go to an to the Global Entry I think it was I want to say it
was Global Entry and like the flight attendants and the flight employees and
so I went through their hand on my ticket he literally is they just take
your ticket and sometimes they’ll look is you have a picture on a takes your
picture when you’re doing the kiosks sometimes I’ll look but this last time
he just took the ticket and I was on my way so really good experience Global
Entry is for travelers so if you do travel a lot or even if you don’t travel
that much you get Global Entry and keep it for five years I believe I think it’s
five years and one of the things about Global Entry that people might not know
is getting some travel credit cards a lot of travel credit cards now are more
and more quick travel credit cards now are allowing you to get credit so every
five years or for years they’ll they’ll allow you to
get this correct thing it’s every four years yeah it’s every four years so
every four years I can apply using my credit card and they will credit my
credit that $100 back to my account so you’re getting global entry and TSA
PreCheck for free so you’ll have to pay anything for it so that’s good but it’s
a real good system so like I said fill out the application you have to have
your email tied to it and then from that point then they’ll notify you when your
application has been reviewed and like accepted I guess you can say at that
point and then that’s when you have to set up your interview and for me I’m
fortunate I live in Southern California so there were a lot of different areas a
lot of different interview facilities available and so I I wanted to get it as
soon as possible so I went I went a little bit out of the way and I went to
San Diego which is about an hour and a half away and I did that because I
wanted to get it done right away so I went all the way to the border to the
Customs and Border Protection facility at the border that’s where I went and so
yeah that’s how I did it it’s it’s a good program to consider there are other
programs out there like clear clears a little more expensive and it’s that’s
more for if you really really travel a lot I think Global Entry is is kind of
that sweet spot and if you have the right travel credit cards you can really
really do well with with Global Entry so all right so that’s all I just wanted to
kind of show you the website I don’t really want to go through everything on
the website if you guys want more information I put some links I’m hoping
that links are on my on there already because I put some links on this live
stream so you can check out the video that I did and I walk you through
everything on how to apply and all that good stuff but yes really a great
program to consider getting and it’s all about when it comes down to it for me
it’s all about just being able to not have to stress
about certain things and I hate waiting in line so that’s one of the things like
you stressed out about what I’m traveling so I don’t like the whole
process of traveling so I’m trying to improve that I’m constantly trying to
improve my whole travel experience I love going to different destinations
once I get there I enjoy myself but just that process that that that travel
process getting soon as you get to not even getting to there before you get to
the airport on your way to the airport when you’re waiting in those lines at
the airport I just try to streamline as much as I possibly can just to make that
experience just overall a better experience because that’s that’s kind of
my that that’s the thing that bugs me most about traveling and I don’t know
let me know what you guys think like it when it comes to traveling I’m all for
it but I don’t like waiting in line I like doing the whole Airport thing and
everyone’s not everyone but a lot of people are stressed out whether at the
airport they’re just I having a good time and I get it because I’m the same
way but yeah I’d love to know you guys put it put it in the chat just when you
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the chat let’s see what’s going on in there
let’s see if you guys have questions about TSA PreCheck or anything like that
please put in the chat and we’ll go over that if you guys have questions about
anything really travel related then put it in the chat as well and we’ll talk
about it but let’s see what’s going on for right now and like I said you guys
don’t have to excuse me I’m a little I’m laughing but I’m little irritated with a
few things to sound my audio whatever went out I started the life came a
little earlier today and I don’t know what was going on with the audio so I
had to change that out my computer monitor broke so I need to figure I’m
gonna have to take a bag I’ve only had this computer like three three months so
I will take it back but I’m down one monitor so there are a lot of different
things that I can’t do that usually I can switch back from one screen to the
next but now I’m just working on one screen so things might be a little bit
different so I’m just letting you guys know kind of where I am right now so I’m
a little a little flustered let’s just say that okay
alrighty how to build credit TV what’s going on let’s see did I miss any
questions up there okay okay let’s go to that guy hey no yeah
I’ll get it dad I’m gonna get it dad as far as the whole laptop and all that
hopefully we can I’ll work out it tomorrow
not with me personally but you know how it is like that’s one thing that’s
really frustrating and luckily I do have another computer but you you take it to
these places to get it fixed and it’s like three weeks or a month that you
have to wait in order to get your computer back so already I’m already
prepared for that so that’s a little frustrating to me because it’s gonna
kind of set me back but I’m just gonna have to make it work and use their meat
the reason I got this this laptop is because it’s it was faster than my old
laptop and I was getting to the point where my videos were just I couldn’t
edit videos it was just it was ridiculous so that’s why I got this one
I started using it and honestly for the first couple month I didn’t use it very
much I just use it for the live streams and then I started using it more and
more for my for my editing mainly because that all my editing stuff on my
old computer so I didn’t want to like switch at whatever I was just I was
comfortable using my old computer until it got too it was it got to the point
where it’s unbearable and so I just had to switch back okay
let’s go ahead and start talking about some stuff we have in here we need TSA
agent up here yeah I don’t know well and it’s it’s well it’s all homeland
security but customs is the ones they’re the ones that pretty much go through
that that whole process with you as far as getting a global entry and stuff and
they’re the ones that are checking the Global Entry tickets and all that good
stuff so TSA customs would be they’d have more information for us okay watch
it from Houston alright how to build your credit I let’s see miles come from
Chicago let’s move through here if you guys have questions specifically for me
just put Tec before you write your question and then
I will be able to see that and I’ll answer those questions I have Global
Entry and TSA PreCheck that’s Jeremy yep it’s the way to go I’m telling you I
have pre-check I didn’t know when I got a Global Entry included both yeah and so
that’s and some people don’t know that statement saying that some people don’t
know like it’s better to just go with Global Entry because then you’ll get
both and you want to have Global Entry if you leave in the country or you’re
re-entering the country to say because it just makes things so much so much
better and so much faster and I mean it that that’s worth that money just that
alone for me it’s worth the hundred dollars but like I said a lot of credit
cards now more and more they’re giving me this hundred dollar TSA credit so
that makes it even that makes it a no-brainer for me when it comes to
getting Global Entry if I’m getting it for free yeah I’m definitely I’m
definitely jumping on it okay already going to be a pre-check
okay so lion-o I have Global Entry and love it yes I’m gonna love it yeah it’s
it’s the way to go guys it’s definitely the way to go
I don’t have level entry and that’s that guy so yeah that guy you shouldn’t
consider getting it and if you have like you have travel credit cards now see if
one will give you that Global Entry because or give you that credit for
Global Entry what’s going on mark how you doing let’s see don’t send us to
click the robot sites what site did I send you to that guy oh yeah oh when I
was looking at this yeah that’s crazy see how that works and I’m glad I
actually did it on here and talk about it but you type in Global Entry and what
comes up not the Global Entry government site but this third-party site where
they’re trying to get get a little money out of you so make
sure when you do type in the search Global Entry and make sure you’re going
to the government website govt nada com if you see a comm it’s not gonna be the
right site and you might end up having to pay a little extra money in order to
get global entry basically they’ll say oh yeah we’ll set you up and I don’t
even know how the whole thing works as far as how they work it because you need
to fill that application out on on the government website and then they they’re
the ones that contact you so I don’t know how that that works also I did
another video about this and there’s a link in the description in the
description they like the cards you know the little let’s see if I’m here that
would be over here actually that went behind that so I’ll be over on that I
this god I could never be a weather reporter that side right there there you
go I got it so on this side at the very top I put some cards in there hopefully
they’re showing up if they’re not then I’ll post it in the description at the
end of this video but you can you can go to that and then it’ll talk about the
whole citizenship thing so you don’t have to be a citizen a US citizen in
order to get Global Entry which I will I was surprised to find that out so there
are certain countries that are that will there are certain countries that are
kind of in this this Global Entry setup so that’s good for those countries let’s
see and in Global Entry my experience with Global Entry I’ve like I said
earlier I’ve never had to wait line never when I and when I say Global Entry
I’m talking about Global Entry so I’m talking about coming back into the
country I’ve never had to wait in line now as far as TSA PreCheck yes you are
gonna have to wait in line from time to time more and more people are getting
TSA PreCheck and so you do have to wait in line but it’s not a long line I mean
it’s maybe at the most 10 deep like 10 people in front of you at the most and
it still moves faster because when you go through
the in I’m glad they’re starting to have global or TSA PreCheck lines ever at all
airports not every Airport but most airports even the smaller ones like I go
out of Long Beach on occasion and when I go out of Long Beach very small airport
they have TSA PreCheck dedicated lines for TSA PreCheck because when I first
got it two-and-a-half years ago there were some
airports that they would have TSA PreCheck but they might not happen in
certain areas and so I was finding myself going and still having to wait in
the regular line even though I had TSA PreCheck which which is really
frustrating or going through a line that’s combined TSA PreCheck and regular
people and when I say going through the line not just standing in line but when
you go through the security because if you go through the security as TSA
PreCheck it’s different than going through the regular security there are a
lot of things that you don’t have to do you don’t have to take your shoes off
you’ll have to take your laptop out of the bag your camera equipment you don’t
have to take out so it just makes that process a lot better and a lot faster
because you don’t have a lot of people having the you know stop to take their
shoes off stop to take their bags out of the other laptop out of the bag and I
like this stuff okay let’s see so yeah and I did like I said I said this
earlier but I’ll say it again I did do a video or a livestream about Global Entry
before I wanted to do another one because I still get questions asked
about Global Entry and I wanted to kind of combine everything like the whole US
citizens ship stuff I didn’t talk about that and then the other livestream I did
a video about it video after the fact but I didn’t talk about the livestream
so I want to have everything all in one plus I want to see what your experience
has been like in the chat like everyone what your experience has been and I’m
like I’m saying I’ve never had to wait in line coming back into the country and
they usually have they usually let’s see so lax they’ve really improved their
their whole set up at LAX because I remember going back coming to LAX and
they had a maybe seven or eight machines Global Entry machines yeah I still don’t
have to wait in line but they’re like seven or eight of the machines and now
they have a whole new section like I told you I walked it seemed like we
walked for a mile to get to customs but once we got there everything is really
spread out and you go in and they have like 30 global entry machines in there
so yeah it’s crazy I don’t even know why I’m glad they have 30 but they don’t
need 30 because I was I’m telling you I was the only person in that section so
yeah let’s see okay so David said his interview was
like 20 to 30 minutes yeah my experience I had to wait I probably waited about 15
minutes like you know you sign in and all that
you set up an appointment but then you just sign in so I signed in when I got
there and I waited about probably about 15 minutes and then from that point then
I just walked right up and when I was talking with with the customs agent it
was it wasn’t more than five minutes he was pretty much and I know they already
I’m pretty sure they’ve already done the background like they have your
information right so I’m pretty sure they’ve already run a record check so
they know for your criminal and all that good stuff and they know like your
criminal background so they I know they’ve already done it because when I
was talking to him he was pretty much just telling me yeah he did ask me the
question are you felon or anything like that and of course I told him no but he
was just pretty much telling me what to prepare for like okay this is what you
prepared for we’re gonna send you a little card you’re not going to need to
bring that card with you anywhere you have that no traveler number that’s what
you’re gonna do that’s what’s what you need to need to have but other than that
you don’t need to have the card but we do issue you a card anyway it’s good to
have a card though because you have now another government-issued ID so that’s
good and then from that point like I said it took about five minutes from
that point you took my picture and said you’ll you’ll be receiving your your
card in the mail and I yeah I’m trying to just think over my head
now I do think he did give me that know traveling over because I was able to
book a flight using that number prior to getting the actual card so yeah that’s
pretty much the way it works it’s it’s a great great system though great system
let’s see pariah what’s going on buddy yeah back working on the audio still but
this is the way we’re gonna have it today I’m just using a different mic
today okay David I was disappointed today when I saw that I saw that you
since your journey for posting a piece on bank credit cards oh this is oh okay
alright okay so and this is the way I feel about that I did see that that that
facebook chat our facebook chat I’m sorry the Facebook know I if it’s what I
don’t want is like strictly political stuff okay I agree with David on that
aspect only because it will just blow up I’m telling you people have their yeah I
mean it’s like what you never talked about politics and religion because
people have their their their ideas of the way things should be I didn’t I
didn’t hear the actual video I think it was a video clip but if it is related to
travel or in this case it was it was Chase Bank you just use your judgment
okay but if it does get like too much I just don’t want to I don’t want to have
people fighting back and forth about politics on a travel on the travel
Facebook group if you if you get my drift I have a regular Facebook account
and people stuff on there about politics and it just goes crazy so I can see both
sides we do want to know stuff about and I mean we want to know stuff about
travel we want to know stuff about companies that deal with travel so I’m
okay with that but let’s just kind of you know make sure we we monitor that
you guys are both administrators so if stuff starts getting out of hand you
guys can you know take care of what needs to be taken care of I guess I
guess I could say so I’ll leave that up to you guys but if it’s strictly
politics when I say strictly politics I mean one politician that gets another
politician or Trump did this or somebody did this or that kind of stuff that no I
don’t want that on there but if it does have something to do with travel or
something to do with travel credit cards or banking I’m okay with that as long as
it doesn’t get out of hand that’s the way I feel about it so I was gonna write
in there like because I did see the couple of the comments I was gonna write
in there but I just decided to hold off and talk about it in this stream so I’m
glad you reminded this image wire okay Rikka and what’s going on okay Rolo
Global Entry interview was only four minutes and I was approved on the spot I
got the Katy in an hour later via email okay so yeah Rolo said it took him about
four minutes out that was my experience it waited longer like sat there and
waited longer than it actually took once I walked up there and yeah and I can’t
yeah I guess I can’t remember if I got the no travel number then or I know he
gave me something but I can’t remember if it was an old traveler number or not
but Rolo saying that they emailed it to him like an hour later okay
pariah is David a Trekkie fan ok let’s move forward what’s the best
Airport to get that interview so that guys ask you what’s the best airport to
get that interview I don’t know if they do it in airports you can check I went
to Customs and Border Protection that’s where I went now I realize I live in a I
live near the border like about an hour and a half away they do have sites all
over and that Customs and Border Protection sites but they do have some
other sites or you can go and do your interview but I’m fortunate that I live
pretty near I can go like I said in my case I went to the porter I went that I
drove that hour and a half and just stayed the night in San Diego and went
straight to the border so if you do have a border location in your area you can
look you’re gonna be able to once you fill out your application what’s going
to happen is they’re gonna give you information on different places
different sites where you can call up and get your get your interview but I
didn’t want to wait I could have done it in LA County or LA County Orange County
I could have done it in the areas where I live but I had to wait like three
weeks or four weeks and I wanted to get it right away so I was able to book it
on a Friday I call it on a Friday and I was able to go that Monday so that’s the
way I wanted to do it that’s the only reason I know I did that
let’s see price it mine was less than five minutes
okay so we’re kind of about that five minute at five minute mark it’s not very
long you’re gonna sit you’re gonna spend more time sitting in the waiting area
probably pariah I don’t mind it II WR or I got I did
mine at ewr okay so you can’t do it at airports I didn’t know that okay enjoy
that’s nothing to do what’s banking a credit only had to with
the big bad corporations people I hate other issue okay so and like I said I
didn’t read or not read I didn’t listen to the to that video but look I’m gonna
leave it up to you guys if you’re posting stuff and are a few see stuff
that’s really not appropriate than yeah you guys have
the power to take that down if you want but when I say you guys I mean I mean
the administrator so I have three guys David Jeremy and in Lionel so you guys
can kind of monitor that I don’t always catch it so and my thoughts on it
I want to see where it goes if that makes sense obviously there’s certain
things that are just straight up straight up politics right where they’re
trying to get a reaction and I don’t know this was it was a congressional
hearing so it could have been a lot of grandstanding I don’t know let’s see
image wire I tried to respond but eventually okay so it was already shut
down all right we’ll talk about this offline I don’t
want to just keep going back and forth on it let’s see I didn’t I should tell
the article okay yeah well we’ll talk about fine about this so mark so what do
you think about the TD Bank credit card god mark you always ask me these
questions about cards that I have no idea about 3% at restaurants 2% back at
grocery stores and 1% back on all categories I would look like so the Tiki
card is this my whole thing when it comes to travel credit cards is they
have to have a good system set in place so the urn possibility looks good with
those cards but looking at you at the points that’s basically what the way I
look if I can transfer those points to transfer partners and that’s what I want
if I if they have that strong ecosystem built in where you have the tractor the
travel portal plus you have the transfer partners like American Express doesn’t
like the the chase Ultimate Rewards program does that’s the those are the
type of programs that I’m interested in some of these other programs
I’m not really a fan of programs that really push the points but you don’t
really you can’t really use those points for anything or you can do the cash back
I don’t want to do that I want to be able to transfer the transfer partners
and like city states the city thank you thank you points is another
program that they have things already set in place and then now Capital One
they have transfer partners too so they have things set in place those are the
cards that I’m looking for so that’s what I think about that but mark on
Saturday that’s when we do more the travel credit card stuff so I’m not
going to pull that up right right this minute but yeah that’s that’s how I feel
about credit travel credit cards and and I didn’t know any better like back in
the day when I first started I got I got like a Wells Fargo card it wasn’t like
the propellant if it was another one and there there there’s a rewards card and
I’m thinking oh I can get points and all that you hear about points but that card
is you don’t get anything with it’s like a cash back card so it’s not anything
that I can use for travel and that’s what I want to use my points for travel
okay I Rolo saying MCO so he got his in Orlando by the TSA PreCheck or the
Global Entry okay that guy WR okay and price and I only have travel cards okay
it’s the image ones okay let’s get over the whole whole post thing for now let’s
talk travel travel right now and I did not promote the Facebook group that’s
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so let’s see okay there we go so alright there is our link so if you
are here and you have not joined our Facebook group please consider doing
that we do a lot of talk in there and it will definitely benefit you definitely
help you out when it comes to travel credit cards
especially if you’re new if you’re new with travel credit cards there’s a lot
you’re gonna have a lot of questions and we’re all we all are focused on using
points for travel and so you can get a lot of information and you’ll have
people that will walk you through things and if you have questions specifically
about travel credit cards I can help you you have a lot of people in here that
that have travel credit cards as well and they can help you because it’s
difficult like travel credit cards are it’s a whole different beast right it’s
like it’s giving these points and stuff like that you can get up and then you
don’t know how to use them and so there are a lot of questions that there are a
lot of questions that I had when I first started because I didn’t know what I was
doing with these points and and then you always don’t want to be that person that
uses your points and or uses too many points because you’re trying to you’re
trying to do it for as little points as possible so you don’t want to be that
person that uses too many points and you know they you get what I’m saying you
might have a lot of questions and if you do then this is the perfect place for
you to to to get those questions answered okay let’s move down here right
let’s keep going and what’s going on man how you doing okay so alright okay so that guy said I
used it a couple of times here in Paris because the AMX wasn’t working on some
stores so what are we talking about what are you using here or any of my master
cards so I guess it’s a credit card that you’re talking about using in Paris I
didn’t okay let’s keep moving on there’s not travel cards it’s at least for me so
yeah price and if it’s not travel cards and it’s a waste for him and I agree I
definitely agree when it when it comes down to it I want to use my travel
credit cards I want to get points on those I want to I want to have a strong
set of point I want to have points that are strong and they can that are
flexible I can do a lot with I don’t want to just get cards that have earned
possibility the UIC those aren’t possibilities being good but you can’t
really do much with the card so okay to do it smooth down what’s the process of
getting Global Entry if you already have a pre-check
well unfortunately I think you have to pay the hundred dollars which the only
good thing I guess is you’re renewing your TSA PreCheck as well so you get
Global Entry you’re gonna get TSA PreCheck and now you have it for an
additional five years so that’s the only real benefit that I could see with with
having to do it but yeah you’re gonna have to pay globulin you’re gonna have
to pay all over again I paid $100 let’s see that’s what I that’s what I’m
thinking I won’t say that 100% because I meant now I’m thinking about it I
haven’t heard any any other way of doing it
being that Global Entry does cost $100 I don’t think they give you a discount
because you have TSA PreCheck already I think you still have to go through that
whole processing and and get Global Entry and TSA PreCheck at the same time
see those it’s garage or Chara he ja he I’m gonna call you Howard how’s that
what’s going on it’s going on all right David I got TSA PreCheck first and then
Global Entry okay so how’d you do it Jeremy how did that work out for you
let’s see Jeremy said what I did to do is just pay extra or did you have to get
it interview let’s see I have so many credit cards that give me those benefits
that I didn’t that wait benefits that I did it backwards
unfortunately okay and that and that’s a that’s a good thing I didn’t think about
that as well but like like I was saying earlier if you have a credit card that
will allow you to get Global Entry or TSA PreCheck then use that credit card
you get the credit so you’re not paying for Global Entry and then you just renew
everything let’s see 7 TC clear is like four to five more for tough I don’t know
if you’re saying 4 to 5 more expensive or 4 to 4 4 to 5 times more expensive
yes it is now I think Nika Nika talked about the fact that she has our head at
one point clear I’m good with Global Entry right now I
don’t really see a need to go to clear clear this for people who travel a lot
so right now I’m good I think it I think it was like $200 or so I might even be
more I don’t know to get clear let’s see now that I’m in a credit card puts game
for a few years I’d know better okay so he’s just talking about getting the
whole Global Entry yet so I highly highly you know I can’t I can’t say this
enough because I don’t want people to get out there and get this get TSA
PreCheck and then be upset because oh I got TSA PreCheck I could have gotten
Global Entry and TSA PreCheck $400 but I paid $85 and I only got
so yeah I can’t emphasize that enough get the global entry that’s where you
want to go even if you don’t travel outside of the country gate Global Entry
you never know and you might want to take a trip outside of the country and
you get them both so pay that extra $15 and just have it just in case you need
it and you will you will I’m telling you you will be grateful that you got it
when you’re coming back into the country it it is an amazing feel that’s probably
one of the okay coming back from anywhere like you go travel you’re
having a good time you’re on vacation and then that trip back is always the
worst time right for me it is it’s always my worst time because I’m leaving
vacation I’m now on the plane ride home I’m just thinking I got this to do I got
that to do and I guess I’m gonna do that flying usually long distance maybe five
six hours or coming from Thailand it’s thought it was a thirty hour from the
time that I left Thailand chillin at home and so all that stuff’s going on
you’re not really you’re not really you’re you’re irritated probably and
then you get down to whatever airport you go to and then you go to that
customs line and you’re just like oh my god so that’s one of the things that I
like and I get down there I’m always looking I’m looking I’m looking for that
Global Entry where’s the Global Entry where’s it go of literally I know it’s
empty I know it’s empty and then you get there then you see this big long line
and that’s like up that’s not my line and then you go to the Global Entry it
just it just feels good so it’s it’s worth it even if you if you don’t think
you’re gonna be leaving the country in the next five years
still gate Global Entry you will be you will be happy you did because you might
leave the country and when you come back in it’s just like okay I’m I’m good
alright see the credit card points Game+ clears
available after your airport so 7 yeah 17 clear is available at fewer fewer
airports yeah and I would think that they’re gonna expand just it’s the same
thing with Global Entry and TSA PreCheck actually say in the u.s. TSA PreCheck so
and and well yeah Klobuchar is where I can say both because Global Entry wasn’t
accepted in all airports either so you go to some airports and they didn’t have
little interest so you couldn’t go to the kiosks and all that and like I said
LAX this was the first time and with the
last time I left the country all it was Thailand so last time I left the country
was an oddly so it was a little bit of a little a little while away or a little
time period away but this last time I went they had like 30 kiosks prior to
that they had like eight like eight or nine kiosks and it was like in the
corner so yeah there the system now is so much better and it’s all nice and new
and yeah it’s good okay image wire American Express
Platinum pays you back for Global Entry yes they do they do and have the card to
do as well Chase Sapphire Reserve and there are a variety of different cards
now that will they’ll give you that that heard all credit so definitely jump on
that let’s see pariah I got mine with the
Amex platinum good for you now when I got mine I did pay I paid I didn’t use
my credit card because at the time I didn’t have a credit card that would get
me global I did I was just starting out I didn’t have a card that would give me
that give me that hundred dollar credit so and literally like I’m telling you
when when I decided that I’m that I want to start traveling the first thing that
I was was thinking about was like okay how do I make the travel experience
better that was my focus and the the credit cards I was still looking at the
travel credit cards and seeing which one ones I wanted to get and I got a few at
the time I think I had I think I had the American the American
the American Airlines advantage card and the city thank-you card I think those
are the two cards that I had a man might have had the Chase Sapphire Preferred to
that time as well but I didn’t know any better I didn’t know you get credits and
all that stuff with with different travel credit cards and so I just jumped
on it and got my global entry and I paid the hundred dollars but yeah definitely
if you can use your credit card to get it that’s where that’s where you want it
that’s what you want to do okay let’s see I lost my place here so let me back
up here okay I missed a lot here okay questions specifically for me just make
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okay let’s see anything else we have here
rain it’s still to lounge I still haven’t found my place shit okay okay and like a mobile password thank
you for reminding me actually let’s move back up higher I’m
still I didn’t realize I dropped down so far okay okay all right I’m gonna skip through a
few because I’m trying to find my place back up at the top it dropped me all the
way down but I kind of want to skim through so if I makes your question I
apologize and what you what you could do is if I didn’t miss a question that you
were asking me specifically just type it in again and and then I’ll go over it so
if you think oh you know you missed my question okay so seven saying that that
he was able to get or you can’t get the no traveling over the same day I
remember him giving me paperwork and telling me stuff but I’m all you know at
the time I was just kind of thinking okay and I don’t think I even use it I
don’t know if I use a number or not before I got the actual card okay I’ll
come back today over using mobile phone okay so that guy’s talking about the
mobile passport that’s another thing that you can consider getting so mobile
passport will there’s separate life for mobile passports as well but I’m telling
Global Entry is probably the premier that’s the thing you want to get because
mobile passport is good it’s an app it doesn’t cost any money and you can do
the declaration form and everything on your phone and then just have it so when
you walk through you go through the mobile line and then you give them that
information through your phone so it does streamline that process so that’s a
that’s an alternative so if you don’t have Global Entry then definitely get
get that mobile passport that old that will help you out okay as far as person
Amex platinum is the best okay so we’re gonna start a debate about the Amex
platinum versus chase and you know what I say about that like it use the cars
network for you find that the the program or the the companies that you
like to deal with as far as the airport or airlines hotels the places that you
like to stay and then get your cards that will complement those places and I
say that because for me I like staying at higher properties so I like the whole
chase ecosystem because it allows me to do that now like I said you guys know
more and more really like in the air B&B s but when I
initially and I started my ecosystem initially that it was I was focused more
on I liked the high properties and so that’s why I wanted to to really get as
many chase cards at that time as I could but get the cards I worked for you I
mean you’re gonna have cards we can give you different benefits and AMEX will
give you this chase will give you this and city will give you this just get
what works for you and you’re also looking at airport airports to like
where where these Airlines where their hubs so if you have an airline that has
a hub near you then you might be more inclined to go with that airline because
you’re gonna have a more variety when I say more variety I mean they’re gonna be
going on all these different destinations so that means that you’re
if you’re paying for airfare it’s probably gonna be a little less if
you’re using points reward seats you’ll probably have a more available award
seats so also look at that so look at what airports have what hub or what
error airlines have hubs in near your area at those airports that’s important
as well okay you get $80 off clear if you are a SkyMiles member okay that’s
cool but it’s still up there though Howard it’s like what I think it’s like
$200 or something it might even be more okay Cece needs Amex Platinum yeah
hashtag Amex Platinum main they’re all at $95 cards gives you GE now come one
ventures David okay let’s keep moving down guys okay so price it I’m afraid of the the AMEX
Platinum annual fee yeah I am afraid of it so I have a $550 I’m not afraid of it
but you want to be able to get that value right so that’s the main thing
that that that you look at it it is hard with the AMEC just the AMEX platinum now
if you have the AMEX platinum and you have the American Express the the gold
card then I can really tweak those and get get value out of both those cards
that will give me that effective annual fee because there are possibilities so
good with it the AMEX gold but yeah there you have to do a little bit of
work with the Amex platinum to get that annual fee but you do have credits and
you do have some other things that you can work on that will allow you to to
bring that 550 down to zero let’s see I think I’m busy that day chairman okay do
you use the gold platinum often okay so we’re talking about the cards we’ll move
a little floor move on let’s see my goal is my groceries fast food card okay so
I’m gonna skip down some of these and see if we have any other questions that
are more related to the topic of today okay so Mays asked more the mic is I
talked about I’ll tell you guys again so the older mic that I was using it’s not
the mic I don’t I don’t know I I’m actually trying to figure out exactly
what it is because it’s not the mic I’ve used other mics and they’ve worked fine
with it with my camera for whatever reason my camera gets glitchy or
something and it starts the preamp just goes way up and when the preamp
basically the preamp is it’s trying to adjust for me talking so it tries to
block out the background noise but if I’m not saying anything that amp goes up
because it’s just there’s there’s nothing so it was just all messed up and
it was I don’t know I don’t know what’s going on I didn’t I don’t know what was
going on so I hooked in a different mic and that Mike’s working fine so I’m
using the shotgun mic today but that was the issue with the shotgun
mic is it’s further away from me so because it’s further away from me you
can hear the computer and things like that so that’s why I was really trying
to get something that I could have like right in front of me that way the audio
would be a lot better so still working on it and ultimately I’m probably gonna
have to figure out what I’m going to do with my with my camera maybe get another
one sometime in the future the near future okay and I’m thinking I’m
thinking it’s the camera I don’t there’s nothing there’s nothing else that it
could be at this point so we’ll just have to kind of run with that but it’s
weird like I could do it now it’s fine and I’ve done it with this same shotgun
mic and I’ve had that same issue where I’m getting like this this noise but
it’s a loud noise it’s not just like it is probably right now there should be a
little bit of noise now but before it was just they’ll tell you because I came
on early and people are like I can’t hear you blind your blend of here
you’re right making me deaf I can’t hear so alright let’s see five years for five
years 60 months okay we’re gonna skip down here that guy see Mike went on
vacation okay so he’s he’s telling you guys yeah so we’ll move forward alright yeah and the best thing you guys are
just talking about the different chase and and MX the best possible thing is to
have like different ecosystems built build up different ecosystems now it’s
gonna take time if you want to get a chase ecosystem you’re probably going to
start with that one because that 5:24 you want you’re gonna want to start with
them and get that and then from there then you can jump into some different
ecosystems but that’s the ideal thing to do because that will give you an
opportunity to really have a variety of different programs that you can jump in
different airlines you can transfer your points to all that good stuff so that’s
your ideal situation and I’m in a good place now because I have to chase chase
ecosystem and I have points still so when I do decide okay yeah let me jump
into a mix I can jump into a medicine and work that ecosystem as well and not
have to worry about the 5:24 thing okay any other questions specifically for me
so yeah you guys still talking about the mobile passport so what’s going on Raven
how you doing buddy let’s see mobile passport or Global
Entry what’s the difference so I talked a little bit about it the mobile I I
personally well I guess some I guess I’m biased because I have Global Entry and I
paid for it so I look at it like this if you now in today’s market you can get
the travel credit card that gives you that hundred dollar credit if you have a
travel credit card that gets you a hundred dollar credit then it’s a no you
want to get Global Entry okay now if you are strapped for cash and you don’t
really want to go forward with a hundred dollars for the Global Entry then then
mobile passport is it’s an option now what you do need to understand is mobile
passport is just for re-entering the country so you don’t get TSA PreCheck or
anything like that with with the mobile passport so just be aware of that and
TSA PreCheck is great so I’m traveling within the US
even if I’m leaving the US anytime I go to the airport
I can use my TSA PreCheck so anytime I go to the airport in the US I can use
TSA PreCheck so you go through that separate line and that’s that is that’s
great for for just that whole experience because you don’t have to wait in a long
line usually don’t have to wait in a long line and you treat it a little
better – I’m not saying at TSA treats you bad but they’re a little they’re not
on you as much and I guess they don’t know they have to be because there are a
lot of different things you know they don’t have to remind you of things like
you need to take your shoes off and you take your laptop out they don’t have to
remind you of all that stuff because you you know have to do it right so if you
go to the other lines together you’re constantly telling you you gotta do this
you gotta do this so yeah it seems like a little less you know less I won’t say
they’re shouting but less telling you different things that you need to do
when you go through TSA PreCheck so yeah so the answer question Rea that I would
most I would probably get Global Entry just just get it to 100 bucks it’s good
for five years and it’s it’s worth it or good for five years or four years I’m
anyways I’m kind of I can’t remember now I’m pretty sure it’s five years but yeah
it’s good for five years and it will you’ll you’ll think you’ll you’ll be
glad that you got that right but mobile passport is is your other option and
maybe do it like this get the TSA PreCheck or get the Global Entry get it
going and then if you have a trip coming up and be prior to getting your your
interview then get a mobile passport on your way back to the US or get it before
you leave to the US but then on your way back just use it for that that one time
and then Global Entry after that okay maybe wear a business plan on the first
credit card ever guards you know especially
okay I also really appreciate it reading Express customer stories okay alright so
Jeremy’s just talking about the globe or American Express compared to chase the
customer service which is huge that does make that does make that is good my
customer service is like one of the things that really focus on two I
haven’t had to really deal with Chase too much when it comes to calling up
like customer service and stuff like that I really haven’t dealt with them
that much but you don’t want to be out of the country and run into some issues
and then now you need to to use them then you find out that their customer
service isn’t good that’s what you don’t want so okay let’s move on down the list
here anything else let’s see all right and I think that the Amex platinum that
big seller is their their Centurion lounge you guys see you guys are talking
about that a little bit I think that’s their big selling point at this point
they didn’t have Centurion lounge I think they probably probably would be
hurting because this is an exclusive lounge for people who have the Amex
Platinum which is something that chase doesn’t have and I mean they should get
something like that but they don’t have it so it really makes people think oh
yeah you know what I want that now that they’re building more and more Centurion
lounges I think it’s just gonna help the image glad to be even more popular that
lives into your lives all right so let’s give just skip down so they would say it
main $200 for the airline credit $200 uber $100 sex with Avenue okay so that’s
500 right there but you have to be able to use all those things so the airline
credit is you have to designate an airline I believe it’s incidentals I
don’t think it’s the I don’t think you can book a ticket using that
then the $200 uber you have to be able to use uber every month
I personally don’t I can use like it’s like uber eats I think you can do that
but yeah you have to you have to use those things one thing I do like about
the chase Chase Sapphire reserve is that they just give you that three hundred
dollar credit and when they give you the three hundred dollar credit is pretty
much for its broad so I can use it for a lot of different things and so I like
that because it just gives me an opportunity to like I don’t have to
really think okay well I can use it for uber I can use it for airport or airline
internet incidentals you can just pretty much use it for anything that’s travel
related so that’s good $100 sex with Avenue that’s good but not good for
everyone right I mean I I’ve never been to a sex afternoon
I don’t know how expensive it is but it just sounds it’s just expensive to me so
you might not be able to get much with the hundred dollar credit but you can
get something so that works for men doesn’t work for women I don’t know I
think with sex with a there’s like a men’s they they sell men’s suits I think
right I don’t know I’ve never been there I guess I shouldn’t speak on that but
that hundred dollar credit that could be useful definitely but now they’re
getting you into their store and will you spend more than what you would spend
more than a hundred dollars that’s the thing and I guess you have control over
that but I’m just saying like is it enough for you to get in there and get
some stuff and leave can you go in there buy pair of shoes and get out with $100
credit oh let’s see let’s keep moving on down the line here okay any questions specifically for me
to put Tec before you write the question and I will address those questions and
then I’ll skim through everything else to see what’s going on what you guys are
talking about and then I might add my two cents
anyways customer service is really great okay travel insurance is a gimmick okay o TC I got it was two different cards
okay okay okay I just lost my place again okay so David’s any posters in the
livestream thank you David I appreciate that
I lost my place I went all the ways I’m trying to work my way back down to you
see it makes button gives you global entry and you up with the referral yeah
Jeremy pushing me to get that hey mykes Platinum yeah let’s see let’s see let’s
see okay I hope I didn’t miss anyone but I did lose my place again so I’m trying
to come back down I don’t know why it does that it doesn’t make any sense but
and I can’t figure out how it’s happening but it just drops me all the
way to the bottom and so once it does that it just messes me all up here let’s
see if we have anything else 5:24 just turned me totally against
chase a ridiculous rule yeah it that upsets a lot of people it does it does
so but when I when I actually started with chase that whole 5:24 rule wasn’t
was it know it they might have been you well no I don’t even think it was going
on yeah I don’t think it was going on at the time and then they started they
started talking about this whole 5:24 this unwritten rule and and all that but
at that time I had already had already I think I had three cards already three
chase cards and I just kind of waited it out I got a couple more cards I don’t
even know where I am to be honest with you what I’d have to check my credit to
see how many new accounts I’ve opened because it’s only been man the last two
cards the last two cards that I got were business cards so those don’t count so I
probably still have some sluts I know I have slots open for Chase but I probably
have like homeless all the slots open to be honest with you because it’s been a
while since i I’ve only gotten two cards in the last like eight months
so and they’re both airboat business cards okay two separate car insurance is
better than platinum all right wow that’s David saying it okay okay
okay let’s move through any questions for me specifically just put Tec and all
address those questions let’s ease the Lowcountry
of these three which you go to in October or November Austria Italy
Germany with the tour group like Globus I don’t do tour groups and I’ve never
done like a tour group I’m not really I’m not that kind of a traveler but if
you’re asking me the country I would like to go to Germany I’d like to go to
Italy so those two probably Italy first though for the the photo opportunities I
would go to Italy first but I definitely wanna go to Germany as well Austria I
don’t know enough about Austria too I’d have to do some more research on
that but those two just looking at this right now be Italy first and then
Germany but I’m not that I’m not that the travel let me know you guys do as
far as do you do the travel groups and I know I always talk about this what’s up
Travel Group but it’s not like it’s not a tour group like I’m not big on tour
groups like I want to I want to experience a country like at my own pace
I don’t want to have to get up at a certain time go and then they take you
here take you here take you there and you eat dinner then you come home and I
don’t like that kind of stuff I want to have the flexibility to go out when I
want to go out if I want to sit at in my air B&B or sit in my hotel all day and
then just go out for the night life just do that that that’s the kind of life
that I wanted that’s the kind of vacation that I want to do I’m not yeah
I don’t I don’t I don’t want to do the whole like the tour group stuff
and then when it comes to for me a lot of what I like to do is take pictures so
I want to be able to go and take pictures at my leisure and not have to
worry about all I got to jump back on the bus so I don’t even like doing the
excursions the group excursions I would much rather do a personal excursion so
pay someone to take me around and me and my buddy we do this all the time when we
go we travel we did it actually in Aruba we rented a car because rubus small
little island and it’s Aruba is just like the US I mean as far as the
amenities and everything is there’s not much different when it comes to Aruba in
the US so we rented a car there so I generally don’t rent cars especially if
I’m in a major city I like to just go with the Cavs because they’re so readily
available but when you’re on an island it’s a little different you don’t have
they’re not readily available taxis so renting a car makes more sense so we
were in a car we’re in Aruba but a lot of these different places I’ll either
hit up a taxi driver which a lot of them will do excursions for you uber you
could do like these these guys that do over a lot of them they’re not doing it
full-time so you can just pull them aside hey you know I want to go here
here and here can you take me there how much would you charge then haggle the
price with them and then do it do that so that’s what I like to do I like to do
things in my own pace I don’t like to go with travel groups at all if I can avoid
them I don’t I don’t deal with them let’s Ste move on down here so yeah and
you guys are talking about the car insurance oh yeah chase does have that
primary car insurance which is a real big big selling point for them let’s see
what does dude say can we all agree that the chief Sapphire Preferred is a
terrible quarry even worse than Schafer’s all right so that’s David
saying that I like to stuff our reserve I like the Chase Sapphire Preferred as
well but the reserve is a better card but that
that if you do rank cars a lot the having that travel of the the car
insurance is a big thing it’s a primary car insurance so you don’t have to get
it with the with the rental car company you don’t have to use your own insurance
to cover cover anything you can use that the chase insurance which is good okay I
think capital venture is also giving you primary car insurance okay I didn’t know
that and venture I mean they’re they’re starting to make some noise I mean they
have the transfer partners now and I should say the travel partners now so I
mean they need to they need to improve that earn possibility there aren’t
possibilities on the card at least give you some categories that are in the
threes or fours or fives would be really good that would really make the card
stand out but they do have the travel partners now
so they they are there in the game let’s just say that okay let’s move on down
any other questions for TC when I was 15 I had TSA agent a hunk guy finally
talking about this David and you making confessions now or what
okay that’s unfortunate but yeah let’s move on let’s see
so yeah David you are I think the statute of limitations is probably up on
that but yeah that’s something that you should have been or you should address
if you can still you can address that with the proper authorities
let’s see $100 is completely worth it so I guess what is that camera over
what’s going on camera over camera lover is saving $100 for the Goulburn trees is
totally worth it so it’s evening then
ever low-current cheese cards let’s stay away from okay all right let me skip
down here guys yeah I think across the board everybody hates the 524 if you
guys are in here right now you haven’t hit the like button please do so so we
can get more people in here and please consider sharing it with your friends
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okay Julio what’s going on actually let me see mark had a question first
it’s – okay so you guys just talking about the cards I tried to global global
it you’re three times already with no luck due to the old mistakes I
had made prior so I gave up on global entry and try TSA PreCheck and was
approved okay all right so yeah they do do a background so they will look into
your to your history and if you do have some stuff on there I don’t know what
they’re looking for honestly but if they do find some stuff
then I guess they can not allow you to get that but it looks like you couldn’t
you can still get TSA PreCheck in certain situations and then ultimately
if you can’t get either of those then you can go with getting that mobile
passport and that will help you out a lot and they were doing I don’t know if
they’re still doing these promos but they were doing promos where they were
giving people TSA PreCheck and when I was in Hawaii this was a year and a half
ago yeah year and a half goes in Hawaii with
the family so I have TSA PreCheck I was flying on a separate plane at a separate
flight because I was using points to fly on my parents they weren’t they didn’t
want to use points or anything so my parents have a car they have the taste
that I prefer they have points on that car but they they just they’re
old-fashioned they want to go to travel Asia they just like calling up Costco
and you booked and everything through them and not having to worry about
things but when I was when we were when we checked in
they got TSA PreCheck and maybe part of it could be my father’s he’s 84 years
old so that could have been a part of it but they got they all got TSA PreCheck
and they don’t have TSA PreCheck and so we were able to you know go in the same
line together and everything so that’s nice I think it was a might not actually
it might have been three years ago I think it was three years ago actually
not a year and a half ago so because I I was at three two and a half years ago I
all I remember is I just got I just got my TSA Peter my Global Entry so I just
had the TSA PreCheck so I was all excited to use it and they
gave it to it I’m like what how did this happen okay right okay let me scroll through and like I
said if I miss a question that’s directed at mean just just repost it I
apologize because I try to skim through these as fast as I can
and I want to make sure I do get all the questions what’s going on HD chillin and
he says he prefers solo travel yeah I’m more and more like in solo travel I’ll
agree with you and with one of the good things like like I was talking about
especially if you like going to a destiny like a certain place over and
over you meet people there are you’ll be in like like hearty this.hd chillin he’s
in the the group with us oh I see the group I mean the whatsapp group he’s in
that group with this so when we travel we can kind of still travel together but
travel solo if that makes sense so a good example is in August I don’t know
of HD chillin I don’t know if you’re going in August but we’re all going to
Colombia in August and I say all but there’s gonna be a group of us going so
I already know that so we’re already planning where we’re gonna stay and all
that good stuff but it’s still solo travel because I’m going to have my own
air B&B and or I’ll do I’m doing Airbnb for this one and then they’ll have their
own air B&B and then we just meet up meet up for dinner meet up to go to
clubs and meet up to do what have you but we’re still traveling kind of solo
and then at our own pace so if we don’t want to do anything yeah you know what
I’m gonna I’m gonna hang out tonight or I have you know a friend coming over
we’re gonna hang out and do that kind of stuff so hey I like it I like it because
you do things at your own pace now when you travel with people like with you who
it’s a little you got to do what everyone wants to do right you can’t
really just do what you want to do and so yeah I’m with you when it comes to
solo travel HD chillin let’s see Julio okay we’re talking about something
else O’Casey yes but I didn’t allow me to okay so that’s collections I missed some
stuff up here let’s see let me go back up here only reason I had a chase is
because I can’t get any of their courage due to being blacklisted
okay so Julio saying that he was blacklisted by Chase so it looks like
something went to collections that’s what you see in there yeah that that
that could definitely happen that’s unfortunate and that’s I mean you just
have to be on top of your stuff and make sure that that doesn’t that doesn’t
happen and they can show your cards down at any time that’s another thing too
just to be aware of like you want to make sure you’re always in good standing
because you don’t want to have a bunch of points all built up and then they
shut your account down for whatever reason so that’s it that’s another thing
too I mean you can kind of look at how you want to look at it but charge cards
in my in the in the research that I’ve done I don’t have a charge card
currently but I hear that they’re much stricter when it comes to being late
with payments and they can just shut you down
whereas credit cards usually they give you a little bit more leeway and you
know give you the late fee and then then they’ll give you another late fee the
next month that kind of worked with you a little bit more I’m willing to say
work with they’re not working with you but they’re giving you a little bit more
leeway it comes down to it okay right let’s see 19 years
let’s go around Nica how you doing if you guys are in here please hit the like
button if you haven’t done so already so we can get more people in to join the
conversation let’s see everybody saying hi Anika I don’t okay so Nica saying that she doesn’t
have a mobile entry she has that mobile passport how is that working for you
that mobile Passport let’s see main guys don’t forget to like the stream yeah
please like the stream and Facebook group Facebook group put up the link
stop by join the Facebook group and join the disco in the Facebook group join the
Facebook group and participate in the discussions let’s see okay so Jeremy is
asking what is global passport or mobile global and that’s a new one global
passport when you start that one ah let’s see I’ve never looked up there so
mobile I’m just gonna pull up the pull up information they have online about it so I get Global Entry I don’t get the
mobile passport I get the Apple Store but I don’t want to go to the Apple
store so we’re gonna go to the Android store okay alright so it’s an app it’s
an app that’s on your phone so basically you you get the app here and it says CBP
so customer Border Protection authorized and so once you get in here I have not
used global I have not used the mobile passport I don’t have a need to use it
because I have Global Entry but they’re showing you here kind of
let’s see can we move here with this I guess not
okay so they’re just showing you kind of the steps that you would take what you
get I guess sneak it could probably give us a little bit more information to but
basically you have it on your phone I believe you take a picture you take a
picture of your passport you answer a few questions just like the declaration
form that you that you fill out when you come into the country it’s the same it’s
a similar similar questions it looks like you take a picture of yourself and
then they give you that barcode and then you use that barcode so that’s kind of
how it works it’s from what I’m hearing it works like people really they really
enjoy it but it’s still not a global entry you know it’s not global entry in
app products from 1199 to $14.99 I don’t know what you would have to pay I think
I believe the mobile passport is free and then you might be able to pay
additional for some other little things offers in-app purchases yeah there’s
some in-app purchases I have no idea what they are but yeah it’s it’s an
alternative they’re showing you here the different airports that will allow you
to to use the mobile passport and lax is one of them so Los Angeles so if one of
your airports is in here it would be something to consider so when you’re
coming back from wherever you’re coming back from you do have that mobile
passport so the only downfall of mobile passport are the only real main
difference well there’s two things you’re gonna go to it through a
different line you’re going through a kiosk if you do Global Entry whereas
this one you still have to wait in line but you wait in a separate mobile
passport line and then the other thing is you have you don’t get TSA PreCheck
with the mobile passport you just get the mobile passport so those are the two
major differences all right I hope that explains what that is
Jeremy and I I like I said I haven’t used it Nika Nika has used – so maybe
she has more let’s see mobile passport is an app you scan your passport and
take a picture and answer all the questions on your phone then you get the
barcode that customs can scan no lines no kiosk cool no lines there’s a line
it’s gonna be a line maybe it’s faster maybe there’s five
maybe we just need to get rid of the glittery yeah I don’t know they’re both
they’re both they both streamline things so what you don’t want to do is not have
either one let’s just put it that way so if I’m coming into the country I want to
have at least a mobile passport if anything and then I still prefer having
the Global Entry to cut back in let’s see Nika see chase up the referral bonus
to 15000 I don’t know what were we talking about
let’s see yeah so niggas are saying that mobile
entries for entry back into the country so that’s what’s important to note you
can’t just use mobile passport within the US you have to make sure it’s only
for coming back into the country it’s only for using it with your
passport that’s what it’s for let’s see Michael what’s going on once my passport okay so Michael saying
that you had a low blood tree is overrated it works for me I’m telling
you I’ve I’ve enjoyed using it yeah and you could say that the appointments are
backed up they are in certain areas but if you could find like depending on
where you’re living you might be able to really just go like go straight to the
border if you need to if you can get global free they get it but only my home
airport the Global Entry line is long okay and Nikas at a major airport she’s
in San Francisco so that’s a major major hub or a major major airport I should
say I think it’s yes I think it’s even I think it’s larger than our it’s busier
than LAX Los Angeles you can schedule appointments online I
think I did so when you say schedule yeah you can do the scheduling online
but you still have to go down to a facility see ya so if you have credit
cards you can get it for free just have that on the back board like just get it
still use a mobile passport and then once you do actually have the Global
Entry then you can use it and it’s nice to just like the mobile passport you
don’t have to fill out that declaration form on the plane and you can just kind
of sit back and just enjoy the ride then when you get there then you just answer
the questions on the kiosk okay and so Nika said she’s gonna do a video
on mobile passport yeah mobile passports yeah that would be actually a really
good video actually I’m gonna do one too I haven’t done a video on that but yeah
that that’s definitely I did a video on passports that I put out a couple Probab
out a month ago and that one’s it’s pretty good it’s over like a thousand
views so people are receptive to it they liked it and they were leaving a lot of
comments and stuff so yeah when it comes to just travel in general just knowing
how to how to navigate this whole travel system getting your passport mobile
passport Global Entry tsa PreCheck all this stuff and stuff that you would want
to all this stuff is good information I should say and there are plenty of
people that will go to youtube specifically for to get more information
about these things because I had no idea what Global Entry was you see the signs
and stuff winter when you’re at the airport but I had no idea what it was
mobile passport I didn’t have any idea what that was and the thing the thing is
the government doesn’t really never really advertise stuff too much like
it’s not a business like a business to put it in your face all day you get on
YouTube and you just see all these different advertisements about different
things Global Entry and and things like that they don’t really promote it that
much don’t promote it at the airport but they don’t really promote it elsewhere
so you’re not gonna see a commercial about well I haven’t seen a commercial
about Global Entry because that’s just kind of the way the government works
they don’t really promote plus its I mean budget – they can’t just spend a
bunch of money on advertisement okay so maintain he uses quote our
mobile passport and it’s work it works for him okay okay so pricing yeah if you can set up
an appointment anywhere so as far as global entry is concerned you don’t have
to be in your hometown you could set up an appointment like I told you I drove
down to to San Diego and just made a weekend of it went stayed there for the
night got up in the morning went down and did my interview and then headed
back home so you don’t have to be you don’t have to be near where you live you
can you can go you can’t be on the trip on your way back and set up an
appointment and then show up wherever so because there are certain plate-like
good example you come down to Los Angeles for vacation or something like
that you can do Global Entry there there are a lot of different spots in LA that
you can go to or San Diego oh okay I don’t know what that is what is just
like oh I shouldn’t have done that just what I did last time I hate the
forbidden button oh man okay give me one second guys I’ll hit these link buttons it takes me
out of my my feed my um my comment section and yeah I don’t know how to get
back to it okay okay did the same thing yesterday just in this not a lot of fun
oh yeah I wish all right well we are gonna have to go
back to another one I don’t know why it’ll make these things a little easier
to navigate through so what I did is I hit a link think main put a link on
there and I hit the link and it takes me out of my chat and it doesn’t allow me
to get back in my chat which I don’t know why it’s it does that it’s a
weirdest thing it just puts all these advertisements on here and I can’t go
back to my chat all right okay let me let me just put you guys on hold
just for one second and then I’ll come right back you all right we are back so let’s go ahead
and finish up these questions here and sorry about that I don’t know what I hit
a button and it’s gone my chat is gone so I just have to use this other chat
here no biggie this is probably my worst stream as far
as just happen things go wrong the whole stream so just have to improvise I was
trying to fix it on the fly but it’s just not working so oh well ah let’s see let’s see let’s see let’s see okay so
yeah let me show that so what I did is in the like I hit a link that main link
that link that main has and it takes you it takes me away from my the software
that I’m using OBS and I just couldn’t get the stream to come by though the
chat to come back in the window it just it it takes it away so I don’t know how
to navigate through that so oh well but I did show that link so let’s move on
here okay yeah so Nick is saying it’s always empty
that mobile passport line because no one really knows about it and like I said
the government they don’t really advertise things very much so it’s kind
of word-of-mouth that’s how people are finding out about it but definitely it’s
a it’s something to have so if you don’t have anything it’s good to have it’s
good to have something Nika likes it so it will streamline the process that’s
the main thing so let’s see fingerprint scan the face scan they’re on their way
yeah it’s priced and then well clear already has like I don’t think I’m like
I recognition or something like that and Global Entry you have the fingerprint
you put your fingerprints on there and it does take a picture of you so let’s
see eighty already has faced a recognition okay It’s Made saying that
80 out of that air line it’s like our Airport is I think that’s them it’s one
of the largest in the u.s. if not the largest
okay guys hit the like button please hit the like button and share this video
with others your family members friends all that good stuff so we can get more
people in here let’s see in JFK there are also no Lions mobile passport okay
so we can roamers that sneak is wet or Channel or YouTube channel so check that
out have you put that have you put a video
up recently I’m pretty sure he’d your bail notification so I would get
notified but I don’t remember seeing anything
let’s see your equivalent refill of course they got back from London to JFK
less some more all the cows were dead wow that’s bad so champ how you doing
champ so it looks like he had Global Entry fail on him I haven’t had that
experience no they’ve always had a kiosk open but he said that like the kiosks
were all down yeah that would be a problem I have had once I was coming
back from Paris and I went through Global Entry in
I want to say it was Florida or something like that or maybe it was
Houston and then from there I had a flight but I had to fly to Las Vegas and then catch a flight from Las Vegas back
to LA so it was just a weird a weird setup but I wanted to fly first class
and so that’s why I set it all up that way and so anyway when I get to Las
Vegas I I want to say yeah I had to recheck so I had to go back through a
security and so I had to get my plane tickets and all that and then go back
through security well I didn’t have I didn’t have TSA PreCheck for whatever
reason it wasn’t on the ticket and so I wasn’t able to go through TSA PreCheck
and it was a little this at this time I still I had my card I had my Global
Entry card I was still carrying that with me I don’t carry it anymore but I
was still carrying with me I just got in Global Entry so I was all excited about
a TSA PreCheck Global Entry so I didn’t have the number so when I get to the the
TSA the TSA agent there you know they usually check your passport and or check
your ID and then check your your ticket so I told him hey there’s no taste if
you check out my thing he was like yeah well it’s not guaranteed like it’s what
was he saying I can’t remember the verbage he used but obviously it’s kind
of herbage that they tell everyone it’s not guarantee I said well I have my I
have my Global Entry card and he’s telling me that they can’t go by that
they have to it has to have TSA PreCheck on your ticket so that was a little
frustrating because it’s like okay well you know I paid money for this I should
at least get yeah you just say that’s not a guarantee so just be aware that
you could be in a situation where you’re not able to go into the TSA PreCheck
line because you don’t have it on your ticket even though you have and to make
matters worse and this is what kind of frustrated me even more I went through
the TSA PreCheck line there weren’t very many people in the line and when I got
to the front he told me oh no you have to go over there
and I said well I have TSA PreCheck and I showed on my Global Entry card and
said no sir you still have to go over there it’s not on your ticket so then I
go over there and then when I go over there then they check it and then I tell
them the same thing hey why do I have to come over here if I have my my ID my car
why give me a card that’s what I’d be like don’t give us a card
just give us a note traveler number if it doesn’t work if it’s not on the
ticket and you don’t you gonna get through why give us a card and like the
guy was telling what I did the customs agent was telling me when I went there
to the interview he was just saying like yeah you’re never gonna use this card so
why give me a card why pay the extra money to have this card generated if
it’s no good like you can’t use it for anything because that’s the only thing
that I could think of using it for other than the fact that you have another
government-issued ID which is nice to have but yeah that was a little a little
frustrating to me so that was the only situation that I’ve had but I as far as
Global Entry know I’ve I’ve always been able to use the kiosk there and I guess
if the machines are down what do they do they just have the separate line then
you go through and probably answer the questions verbally I guess at the at
that point you haven’t filled out anything right you don’t know that the
machines are down into you’d get there so it’s probably like that kind of a
verbal thing where they’ll ask you different questions okay
let’s see let’s keep going here please hit the like button guys let’s get more
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algorithms see that okay he’s doing live streams every Saturday Sunday and Monday
and it’ll bring more people to the to the conversation okay lines are long in temperature so NICUs
and the global atlanta along at san francisco and i see why would you risk
getting in trouble for youtube video what is Nick a single issue
I don’t you’re not allowed to fill the customs oh yeah that’s true no I don’t
think your camera in there do that so that’s what the government
yeah you can’t sneak you can’t have your phone on or you can have your phone on
but you can’t have your phone like out and I suppose to use your phone and
you’re not supposed to record anything in customs in that area so I and I
wouldn’t do it anyway like because if you if you record it and then you post
it on YouTube yeah you can you can you can get in trouble
I remember this has happened too so because I fly drones as well and I
couldn’t got that part 107 the whole certificate to fly and like fly fur for
for business purposes and people were getting in trouble for flying their
drones in areas that they shouldn’t be flying the drones and the FAA would just
look at the drone footage and they get like if you’re flying like a DJI drone
it records all that information so the government can get access to that
information and find out exactly where you’re flying but they would just see
the footage and they’d know okay this guy’s fly right near an airport right
near a major airport and so they were they were catching people on YouTube
people that were putting their videos up on YouTube and contacting them if you
know what I mean so yeah don’t it’s not it’s not even worth it people don’t need
to know what goes on or see what goes on inside customs we kind of all know but
the main thing is having a global passport or the mobile the Global Entry
or the mobile passport just having that will will streamline that process let’s see Jeff I only have a video up
but a lot more to come yes I want to come so get those out Nika
so we can check your channel out ouch link was to a different video I
made saying I’m sorry don’t worry about it I and I it’s a habit like I see it
and then I just hit the link and it’s like oh I shouldn’t have done that
because what it does is it opens up whatever that link is right in that in
my chat window and so I lose it and I haven’t figured out how to get it back
yet the only way I do it is by turning off my turning off the application I
turned it back on but I can’t do that because we’re on the live stream so no
big deal I just need to remember not to do that I did the same thing yesterday
let’s see when I was an individual question the border into Jordan I was
snapchatting the custom lady helped at me she let me keep my video after
looking at that so she let him cute in your snapchat and customs yeah I don’t
mess around at customs and that’s pretty much across the board like any place
where I go from one through customs always don’t have because I like to
record everything believe me I have cameras and want to record and you know
document everything and you know we all get that’s a good video you’re coming
into a country and boom you hit this line its customs line you could talk
about it in your vlog right I had to wait in line for an hour or two hours so
you want to show footage of the line right but yeah I don’t do that just
traffic especially when you’re trying to get into a country they might they might
not let you enter see yeah yeah fry said he could cause the
International it’s okay okay so champ saying anyone in the chat
have an American Express Platinum I’m thinking of applying tomorrow worth that
fat fee or overrated I’m sure that people are gonna chime in on this one
yeah there are several people who have the MX platinum right now I personally
would say it’s worth it you can you can make it work but you just need to you
need to need to travel if you don’t travel that often then it’s not going to
be worth it for you let’s see and maintain yeah Atlanta is the busiest
airport in the u.s. so price handed instant it it’s Tom balls instant oh
gotta I can’t say the word it’s never right is it Easter Easter ball oh my god
I can’t rewrite kid say you know and you can’t say something and then you know
how to say it but now you can’t see it because you just keep getting tied up
anyway this stove all Istanbul is the largest in the world the biggest airport
in the world yeah that’s so silly I can’t say that oh oh let’s each have
American fish to the lounge access to turn lounge okay still need to upload my
Brazil video colombia video Amex platinum unboxing yeah a lot of stuff
you gotta get going in Colombia see Olo nikka co loa MBIA
make sure you honor your title you don’t put Cielo CEO Lu because you’re not
gonna get that many people feeling it because some people get upset Colombians
who they get mad you spell their country wrong with you whatsoever no they get
mad about that kind of stuff and rightfully so it’s like you should know
but I think it even Otto like in the US in Auto populate our auto corrects to
Colombia with EU which is irritating like when I do when I do a video I do
the closed caption so I do the video and I do closed caption that’s net it’s nice
now because YouTube will actually it will recognize your voice and it will do
it for you so it’ll it’ll give you the closed caption so you don’t have to do
it like word-for-word but the thing is every time I say Colombia it puts you
there and says CL with our Co L oh it says CEO Lu and so I have to go through
and correct all those so alright TC you will have to use your asthma Python V
turned that couldn’t assign operation so image where I saying that she’s my
husband pocket no it’s not worth it if there’s nothing in there
there really isn’t there’s nothing there to record we kind of know it’s just a
it’s like Disneyland just picture a Disneyland line it’s like that and
you’re just in an airport and then you have will blend tree where there’s just
nobody just think of kiosks with no one standing there that’s what it looks like right don’t travel number so Katie in so
image is saying that Katie yet to no traveler number and that’s what you get
so you’ll get a non traveler number with Global Entry and TSA PreCheck so you
just you just need to make sure when you set up your profile with with an airline
when you’re booking your airfare they’re gonna have that little section when
you’re putting all your information in as far as your name and address and all
that good stuff one of the questions or one of the yeah one of the questions on
there will be do you have an own traveler number and that’s where you put
that note traveler number in there and then you save everything to your profile
so like United it’s already saved to my profile so that no traveler number will
stay with anything that I booked that no we’ll come up and so that’s what will
give me when they print my ticket out that’s what will print out the TSA
PreCheck or if I do it on my phone it still will show TSA PreCheck so it has
to show that on your ticket even if you have just like I said a Global Entry
they printed out my ticket I didn’t notice that it didn’t have the TSA
PreCheck now I notice every time because I felt kind of I was I was irritated
because I’m standing in line for TSA PreCheck and then once I get to the
front of the line that guy tells me no you have to go wait in this line he’s
pointing to that line and of course that lines and a lot of people in that mind
and so then that’s when I was like oh well you know I have my he’s like no you
still need to go to that line so now I always checked because I would think oh
I don’t know I shouldn’t since I have a known traveler number they might still
be if I go and you know go check in and one day when they’re printing out my
tickets I might be able to go back and say yeah but don’t travel a number like
you didn’t it didn’t print out the TSA PreCheck and they might be able to do it
then reprint it out with the TSA PreCheck but that’s all they look for is
it a little TSA PreCheck on your on your your airline ticket okay let’s see okay
guys hit the like button hit the like button let’s get more people in here
I’ve got about 18 right now see if we can get up to 30 and share the video –
if you have friends family members that travel or like to travel or are
interested in travel or you’ve been talking to them about points like I
always talk to my friends about points a lot of them just they’re just they don’t
want to take the time to learn but there are some that are like yeah you know
that’s interesting the thing is that the big selling point is they see you’re
traveling all the time and they’re thinking either you’re wealthy which
they know I’m not or something’s going on and so then is when I start telling
them I’m using points that’s how I’m doing it and then that some people get
interested that way but I don’t know it’s kind of weird because I think we
if we don’t want to do things we tend to make excuses so yeah I hear a lot of
that and I don’t hey that’s more points for me the way I look at it because more
and more people we have with all these different points
I think the point values will just continue to rise and so yeah you want to
promote it but if they’re not if they’re not interested they’re not interested
let’s see I’m a little busy I work 40 hours I have you have fur you have fur
children Wow what are for children they’re your
little animals or do you have actual children like for children but I’m on
this life change so it could be doing this dad yeah you know you can watch the
live stream have a live stream plan in the background just so you can hear what
we’re talking about and then edit your videos at the same time or I should
motivate you to edit your videos that way you can get them out and say come on
the live stream and say hey I got I just put out a new video see I got confused
when using mobile passport cause the our Custer was a sign saying that you’re not
allowed to use your phone yeah you just not allowed to record so yeah you can
you can have I think you can have your phone yeah I think you can have well
obviously you’re gonna have to have it out if you have the mobile passport but
I think it’s the whole recording thing are answering and I think answering the
phone to they don’t allow you to answer the phone like Oh like you can’t be on
the phone I think I don’t know like when I say on the phone I mean like on the
phone microphone up to your ear but obviously if you’re using the mobile
passport you’re gonna have to have your phone out you’re gonna have to be
physically using your phone someone asked me a question I thought I want to
be like me if you want to go okay other which characters okay all right I’m just kind of skipping
through some of these questions specifically for me just by TEC I’m talk
texting and it always spells Columbia to you yeah it’s autocorrected but I’m just
saying yeah if you if you put out a video make sure it’s put that over there
let’s see it’s learning Spanish for Columbia yeah okay see you know these
best friends what’s going on Clyde how you doing Tec think in terms of staying
on topic this is the most successful street head yeah everybody’s got
something to talk about when it comes to global entry and mobilepass where i
should have added mobile passport as a matter of fact in the title i am gonna
add mount mobile passport cuz we did talk a lot about that but they’re both
yeah they’re both they’re both good one cost money one doesn’t one you can get
credit for if you have a credit card that will give you that hundred dollar
credit so they’re both viable okay Chase
Sapphire Preferred has its benefits main for babies or kids let’s see right for
babies pets yeah I don’t think you’re allowed to
talk on the phone yeah I don’t think you are
yeah I’m pretty sure you can’t talk on the phone but you’re obviously gonna be
able to use a phone my friends don’t get the points game either one friend is
getting married and spent $30,000 on a wedding I keep telling him you can have
a free honeymoon yeah that makes so much sense
put it on your cards Nemo well listen yeah yeah it’s good thirty
thousand dollars for a wedding granny you have that thirty thousand dollars
right but when I say have a thirty thousand dollars you don’t wanna just
put it on your card in and not have the money to pay it off but if you think
about it yeah that’s you can you can get a trip out of that a honeymoon so let’s
see mark why do you like it’s okay so you guys are talking back and forth
about a card I have fur babies yeah little doggies
our little dog David Sencer I know free cards suck they do a few well they don’t
suck if you can use them right like if you have like the chase freedom or the
chase freedom unlimited both most cards are good cards to have and and by the
way I wasn’t able to get the chase the chase chase freedom unlimited card with
the 3% I wasn’t able to get that one so I didn’t do anything I’m gonna get the
Chase Freedom Card and just use that one I was hoping to get that that 3% for the
for the first year but since it’s not gonna happen I’ll go with the Chase
Freedom Card and do the rotating categories but now some some know I know
free cards are fine as long as you use them if you can use them in tandem with
another card so the chase ecosystem I could speak for that because that’s what
I have I could use that Chase Freedom Card get the cash back points traps for
those points up to Chase Sapphire Reserve transfer over to that account
and then from there that I can use travel partners so that’s what I do and
Magnus and David get the Chase Inc unlimited I do have the chase think
unlimited now so in reality I have that Carter rate like I have a card that
gives me the same value I was trying to get that bonus they not really the bonus
but the 3% for the year I was trying to get that that’s why I
was looking for the the chase freedom unlimited because they were giving you
that 3% for the first year so that’s the only reason that I was
interested in that card and what I wanted to do is I have the Chase
Sapphire Preferred I wanted to downgrade and try to still get that that that
benefit and it didn’t work out okay oh let’s see anything else guys
that’s our government at best you don’t I need this but I require to give you
see because we have all right without getting too political but yeah he’s just
talking about the mics is talking about the the card like they give you this
card but you can’t use it there’s there was no you the use that I
would think I would be able well like I said I think the other thing that I
could have done if I would have known like noticed it notice that TSA PreCheck
wasn’t on my ticket I could have gone back to the line again and told them hey
you know what TCP checks not on here I do have TSA PreCheck here’s my card
here’s my note traveler number that might have worked and then they would
have printed out on the ticket so that could have been the way that I could
have used it but actually going to a government agent and telling him TSA
PreCheck agent say hey look I have my card yeah that doesn’t that doesn’t work
and he had that auto response it was it wasn’t like he thought about it he had
that auto response so it’s happened before where people come up and say hey
i you know i have my no traveler no numbers like yeah we don’t guarantee
with with every flight exactly like that and when i first got it it was a little
frustrating where like i said you go to some of the and i said this isn’t
earlier you go to some of these airports and they don’t have a dedicated line for
tsa PreCheck so it really defeats the purpose you go
through a line you get through quicker but once you it funnels in with everyone
else and so when you’re going through the actual security you still have
tickets use off you still have take your computer out all that you have to do all
that stuff anyway so that defeats the purpose of having the the Global Entry
or TSA PreCheck so they were doing that for a while now I’m noticing when I go
to the airport I I have it even the small airports they
have that dedicated line and they have the dedicated security where you go
through another security point that’s only for TSA PreCheck you know that they
have their own little section which is good but yeah that that got a little
frustrating too and I talked to somewhere about that too another one of
the TSA agents saying you know it’s kind of its kind of you know in a nice way
but just it’s a little frustrating to get this card and then you you can’t use
it or not this card but to get the TSA PreCheck in you’re not able to use it
yeah our fully use it I stopped the way in line but I I have to go in with
everyone else so let’s see mica when I signed up for the freedom unlimited I
had 20,000 sign up bonus December 2018 yeah and that’s a good bonus that’s
because I think it’s what average is like 15 15 thousand or 15,000 points
which we like $150 but yeah we’ll we’ll see what happens with that I have some
slots open so I could just jump in and and get I could jump in and get the the
global what am I trying to think of my kids god I had completely lost my train
of thought I can jump in and get the Chase Freedom Card brand-new so I get
the signup bonus instead of downgrading the card and not getting a signup bonus one of the most nicest hi hi it’s called
you have different ones but Park Heights are nice you have the and AHS those are
nice I even like Hyatt centric and they don’t have very many of those but Hyatt
centric is kind of a eccentric it’s like an eccentric I don’t know it’s a
different kind of vibe like I like them there’s one in Long Beach you know and I
stayed in that one a couple of times yeah but it’s a different vibe right now
they have one in San Francisco but it’s more of a modern
modern vibe I don’t know how to explain it I’m not really I don’t know about the
interior design and all that stuff for the hotel but it has a different vibe
but the one I love which is nice you go up to the top the roof and they have the
the pool on the top of the rooftop and yeah it’s a nice little a nice little
spot and then they also have a see another house do we have those are the
main ones though and then you have the height regencies which are a little
older but they’re still nice for the most part you have some newer high
regencies like the one that Nikko went to in Cartagena that’s a brand new one
but for the most part you have the Hyatt Regency and high regencies you can see
in some nice they have some nice height regencies but like when you get up to
the Park Heights that’s when you’re at the the top echelon of of Hyatt
properties but me personally I like to stay on the cheapest ones I like to stay
in the Hyatt Place those are my favorite let’s see that happen to me Alaska I
didn’t have TSA PreCheck on my ticket and the regular line was so long and and
when I would have missed my flight luckily I can’t wait to have traveler
over my notes okay so were you able to go back and get it on there I guess and
he gets a question I’m always like yeah we know you’re always late
I don’t even know you and I know you’re always late could you say I’m here all
the time like is there like TC why are you not travelling to Europe there’s
quite a few countries that are nice cheap including Ukraine Poland Romania
uh you know what I I will travel be traveling to to Europe my thing right
now is when I travel Europe it’s only gonna be one trip I already know that
per year one trip over to Europe or over to Asia that’s kind of the the way I
want to do it but I can travel south america as much as i want like
it’s not far it’s not expensive but when you’re doing the when I say expensive
like expensive money-wise and expensive point points wise so that’s my main
reason for and I and I like South America I actually like go to South
America and I’m kind of on this this this whole learning Spanish tip like I
want to learn Spanish and so it helps me every time I go out there I learn more
and more and more so it’s just I’m enjoying it right now but I do I do know
and I do want to do some outside trips like I want to go to when I say outside
I want to do some trips outside of my comfort so like my comfort zone right
now South America that’s where I go a lot so I will I mean I’ve been I’ve been
to Paris I did that two years ago so I’m I’m due to go back to to Europe so but I
don’t know like Ukraine I’ve heard some good things about cream Romania Poland
yeah a lot via Bulgaria yeah we’ll have to we’ll have to look to do some
research on some of those Heinie’s 9ht see put me onto height and they’re nice
there are some nice properties they they usually have a clean like a clean set up
and you know what you’re getting that’s what I like okay ah the points
gotta what is this tiny toiletry I don’t know what bottles these are I’d
have to read that article yeah so there’s that link there so you guys can
check that out if you want and you know I clicked on that and what happened it
popped out my okay there’s my chat there all right
oddly enough San Francisco does not have TSA they are one of the couple of dozen
airports in the u.s. that use private contractors they don’t have TSA what is
that true has to be true being said it right who said it no image why I said is
that true I didn’t I don’t know like I don’t even remember now that time I went
through last thing last time I went through the checkpoint in San Francisco
was the last trip that I went in San Francisco was it very long ago but is
that true though I I have no idea I guess he could probably know more about
than any of us when you check in on the app you can add your no travelers number
so I just rechecked yeah okay so and that’s probably I can’t remember fight
to use my app to check in or not when I did it but yeah that’s what I was
thinking if you just reprint your ticket or redo your check-in process on your
app then you get that TSA PreCheck on there but with me and I and I could have
actually when I went to the first line TSA check the TSA PreCheck line they
told me oh you can’t go you have to go over there I guess I could have stepped
out of line got on my iPhone and reprinted because I had the actual paper
app I could have paper ticking I could have just I don’t know if you can do
that read book I don’t know how it works but let’s see TSA at every school is a
private company it’s not the government okay
I didn’t know that I did not know that check-in desk for my baggage trapeze and
yeah company is called you should I guess they are contracted by the
government but those are not government workers Wow that’s interesting but there
it are they in like the Homeland Security the TSA PreCheck close wow
that’s interesting I wonder why it’s that way too because San Francisco is a
pretty busy airport I wonder why it’s why they’re contracted out yeah that’s
that is news to me no idea see alright guys hit the like button if you can if
you haven’t done so already don’t just keep hitting the like button cuz then
you like then unlike this anyone but if you haven’t done so hit the like button
and if you guys are interested in learning more about travel and travel
credit cards all that good stuff join the Facebook group also if you’re new
here please subscribe to the channel hit the little Bell notification because
that will give you that will notify you anytime that I post a video and I’m
gonna have to do some work now because I don’t know what I’m gonna do yet and for
those of you who came on a little later I broke my computer I revoke my computer
screen so my screen is not working and so I’m using another screen up here
right now and I’m get I need to take my computer
and get it fixed so I have another laptop I’ll be using that for now but
the thing is I was editing videos on this one so I need to figure out how I’m
gonna navigate through that I don’t know I haven’t I’ll figure it out right now
after after I get off here but yeah so that’s pretty much all that I have for
you guys right now if you guys have any other questions we can talk about those
yeah that’s good to know though about TSA I didn’t know that that was a
private company I never really paid any attention
see the government is a private company I forgot it’s 6:00 a.m. and no traffic
let’s see you know fours but they do not say TSA PJ okay our Nick is saying they
do say TSA appreciate that’s weird I don’t know
yeah that’s I wonder if the I’m sure the pay is last – yeah private company it’s
probably paid less and no government benefits let’s see yeah I spent three
hours in Budapest waiting for it to check and to open so I feel your pain security clearance okay and I would
imagine Anika saying that they start to have
security clearance to work there I would imagine yeah they can’t they can’t get
around that they have to that has to be a priority okay so I wonder how many other airports
around the u.s. have have private like private screeners that guy TC once had
an argument with with what I don’t get what you guys are writing
here earlier the airport let’s say I’ll post an article tsa on Facebook yeah
please do that yeah I would I’m just curious to know what airports two dozen
airports in the US okay there was a truck bus on TSA in San
Francisco they were letting people think it’s how God is that that I remember her
hear her story but I think that might have been Atlanta maybe it was San
Francisco I don’t know I remember hearing about a flight
attendant that was was she was smuggling drugs into the country and they caught
they caught her but she got it like she was able to get away and they caught her
later but they stopped her and that she was able to get away there there made it
sound dramatic like she ran away in the airport but I don’t know how far she
could the guy that she ran away like at the airport but she was detained at the
airport and booked got away and then they got her later but I don’t know if
that was San Francisco if that was somewhere else but yeah that’s that’s
crazy and David’s and the private screeners do
a way better job look at the facts yeah I don’t have any facts to look at more
than I’d look at an article the thing if they have articles but yeah I when it
comes down to it I mean I remember they had you know they’ve caught some flak
TSA it’s really catches flak every once in a while when it comes to the
screening but I remember when they were doing their whole talking about
different screening where they were they do these tests I guess like to see if
they can get things in and they were getting knives and I don’t know I don’t
know if it was guns but they were getting weapons in passed there’s the
screeners and so yeah that’s that’s pretty crazy but it was people people
that work for Homeland Security and stuff they’re the ones that were
doing these tests I I believe something like that so it wasn’t like just average
Joe was bringing stuff in yeah Anika said she heard about that flight
attendant I can’t repair it was she to hit a run hopefully yeah she took off I
think she was from our was where’s she from I remember that story though I just
thought that was a great thing but she coming from Jamaica or there was some
connection I think with Jamaica or something was a JetBlue let me see now
I’m curious yeah it’s so crazy and it’s just not worth it to do stuff like that
Oh ex-lax it was Los Angeles yeah yeah I remember
this I mean yeah let me open this okay what are we doing here skip this ad open
this up so you guys can see it yeah this was it when did this happen so this is
last year April of last year so one year ago yeah former beauty pageant
contestant sprinted down escalator and out of LAX after she was selected for
security screen okay so I guess when they selected her for the screen and she
bolted so they didn’t know what she had until like she just bolted left her
stuff there and then they probably found out older strug’s here and then they
went after her but she’d already gotten away yeah crazy craziness yeah
miss former Miss Jamaica yeah I remember this is a JetBlue it’s not a JetBlue
flight I just talked about JetBlue yesterday I still like their airline but
yeah that’s that’s that’s crazy what is this video here
this video of her it let’s see yeah and the feds don’t mess around when it comes
to time she could be facing a lot or could to have faced a lot of time I
don’t always she got it are you guys everybody to hear the audio I don’t know I don’t know if the audio is coming
through I can’t hear it let me know if you guys can hear the audio see can’t hear it okay I’m just gonna I’ve
already dealt with enough of my audio so I’m not gonna mess with you anymore
you guys see the article I’m just I’m over it but yeah that was the article and I
think you guys remember I remember it when it happened but yeah sorry about
that it’s just I don’t know what’s going on with my audio I had everything dialed
in yesterday today it just seems like it doesn’t want to work so we’re gonna have
to get back on the the chopping board and try to figure out what’s going on
with this oh let’s see why is Facebook group active now what are we saying here
what are you asking me but C’s there another comment talking about the
Homeland Security okay I don’t think anybody talking bad about the government
but see here does it at least they got here and at the end look at the drug
busts and TSA San Francisco oh there’s another one there huh let’s see she’s
the down it makes business platinum critical portable projector right now
there is a Facebook group posted a link about private screeners okay all right
guys I’m gonna take off now and I think you guys all for stopping by and if you
have any questions or anything like that jump in the facebook group with that
stuff out there I guess they just posted a something about the private screeners
you can learn more about that I will be back on tomorrow I’m gonna have to
figure out all the stuff that I got to deal with that I need to take my
computer to get fixed and hopefully that will I will have it done you know how
they work they’re gonna take a long time in order to to fix this they’re gonna
take their time but that’s all I have so thanks for stopping by and I will be
back on tomorrow 7 p.m. Pacific Standard Time
and we’ll do it all again and we’re gonna talk about Colombia tomorrow so if
you’re interested in Colombia please join in all right talk to you later

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