🔴How to Become Successful In 2018 & Create A Life Of FREEDOM (Harsh Truth)

all right we are live hey what's up you guys it's Nathan with freedom influencer so first before we get into this I am live right now if you are watching the replay welcome to this video if you're live with me drop a comment in the chat I should be able to monitor the chat with you guys and this is going to be an open forum video we're gonna be talking about creating success online and I want to talk about a few different things also it's going to be open for your comments for your questions and I'm excited to do this with you guys but first I want to know if you guys can hear me so if you can hear me if you can see me simply drop something in the chat and say yes I can hear you yes I can see you so I am monitoring the chat if you guys see me looking over here that's what I'm doing I'm looking at the chat all right so I'm excited to do this first of all you guys yeah it looks uh okay I'm I'm getting good feedback from you guys that you can hear me you can see me awesome so first of all I'm excited to do this live stream with you guys one because I haven't done a live stream yet in 2018 this is my first one in 2018 I'm using OBS so that's how I'm able to record this and then you guys can see the live chat you should be able to see it on the right hand side as we're going through this live video I'm excited so I want to talk about creating success in online business I want to go over some mindset stuff with you guys basically what I have done and what I have practiced to create success in my business over the you know the last few years you know I've been online for almost three years now but this can really be translated to any area of your life or any type of busy okay so I'm excited to to do this with you guys and talk about this I'm actually going to bring the live chat over here so that way I don't have to look away so far from you guys and I can see it here all right awesome so there are a few things that I want to talk about in this video and I think that this is going to be beneficial to some of you guys this this entire live stream this chat is hopefully to give you guys value based on my own experiences and what I've done unto you know until to get to the point where I'm at today alright so hopefully you guys get some value out of this cool I see Josh on here who what's going on brother and so let me just shout some of you guys out ahmud Chuck David Josh dick will welcome you guys Hasim Roxy hello everyone it's good to have you on here I hope that I can give you give you guys some good information on growing an online business and some mindset hacks because honestly if I told you that it was easy to to get where you know I'm at today to build a successful online business I would be lying to you alright and you know a lot of times you'll hear that it's simple to grow an online business it's and you know depending on what type of online business that you guys get into but for me what I do primarily is affiliate marketing all right that's where I've gotten to today it's how I've cleared well over ten thousand dollars per month and I want to share with you guys a little bit about that because you may hear me say that it's simple to to grow an online business right and the reality is that it is simple it is a simple process but just because something is simple does not it's easy and there's an analogy that I always like to use for this and I want you to think about running a marathon okay think about running a marathon and think about the the complexity of that is it very is that like something that is goes a lot into it is it a complex you you know to run a marathon and it's not it's actually a very simple thing to do you simply put one foot in front of the other but we all know that running a marathon is not easy all right it takes preparation it takes dedication it takes hard work in the preparation to get your body into the shape to run a marathon okay so just because something is easy like running or not easy something is simple like running a marathon putting one foot in front of the other all right it's not something too complex doesn't mean that it's easy alright and it's the same exact thing with building an online business and more specifically affiliate marketing so yes the process is simple with affiliate marketing you are simply connecting people with products and services that is all you're doing but when it comes to actually creating success in doing what it takes to create a successful business around that business model it's not easy it is it's more difficult than most people think because there's so much work that goes into it now I want to talk to you guys about something as well more on the the mindset portion of it and that is if you can have a sound mindset a sound belief in what you guys are doing I think that honestly that's why most people fail is because they don't have that mindset and honestly if you want to create success online you have to be working on yourself more than your business and that's an amazing quote by Jim Rohn and it's so true because I purse we believe that you guys all of you anyone can create a successful business online because nowadays we have all of the tools we have social media we have platforms where you can be in nobody you don't have to have a huge following all right you don't have to have a huge circle of influence to create success and create your own business you can start from scratch and I'm proof that this can happen for anybody you know I started like anyone else you guys I started with no subscribers on YouTube I said I started with zero subscribers with an email list and actually I was reluctant to start my email list because I knew that you had to pay money for it and I didn't want to do that when I first started my business you guys in trying to make money online a few years ago now I knew that there were some investments that you had to make to grow an online business but I didn't want to make any alright and if that's your mindset like I had that is a horrible mindset to have if you want to be successful and grow a business online you can't do that alright and because I had mentors and I plugged into other successful entrepreneurs that is where my mindset changed and I understood that I had to go from trying to do everything I could for free to then coming to a place where I knew that I had to make investments in myself in growth and then I also had to make a monetary investment into my business so I also want to touch briefly on this because I've been getting so many emails lately you guys where people are either asking me straight out for money they want me to give them money to start their business or they tell me they don't have money at all and so I want I just want to stress you guys something very important here all right I am NOT going to give anybody money to start their business and it's not because a jerk really it's honestly not and I can actually remember years ago when I was thinking that you know if these guys are so so wealthy making so much money why can't they just front me the money and I'll pay them back right and for a lot of people that makes sense in their mind but that is not the mindset of a successful entrepreneur being resourceful is is the key to growing success and you guys I see you really active in the chat right here I will be getting to you guys in a little bit and I will try and get all of your your questions answered and then also as we're talking about this kind of stuff you know this is a format hey what's up Linda good to have you on here this is a format where you guys can if you want to talk about specific topics feel free to drop those in the chat and as I go through and look at this chat we will talk about that as well all right but one of the things that I have found to be one of the key components to creating success or at least to where I've gotten to today and by by no means am I telling you guys I'm some guru all right I am just someone who is making it happen that you know that is that's who I am I'm someone who's making it happen and I'm doing that by sheer vision of where I wanted to go of a sound belief that I can do it because I saw other people doing it and so my entire goal with this video with my channel in with the success that I create is to not only create success for myself and for my family but it's to inspire you guys is to inspire other people that have quite frankly more than likely have more Skills than me how are more talented all right and if I can do it I am a testament of what is possible and so I want you to understand something about creating success and making it happen online all right and the reality is that when you start your online business if you understand the mindset that it's gonna take for you to win right to actually win and you can adopt that mindset you are unstoppable you are unstoppable and that is the mindset that I've adapted opted and is it's not in a way that's prideful where I'm boasting it's what I I knew that I had to do and that you guys need to understand you have to adopt this mindset because if you do it's only a matter of time so I want you to picture this whatever business that you guys are you know trying to build online whatever success venture you're going down here's what I want you guys to think about I want you to take a step back and I want you to think about this and I want you to just say what if what if you knew for certain that you absolutely would meet the goals that you you're setting for yourself and you would create the success that you want in your life and in your business what if you knew without a doubt that you could do it would you then give up when hurdles come up because believe you me there are things that are gonna come in your way and you're gonna want to quit it's gonna get tough and I'm telling you there are gonna be times when you want to quit but if you knew if you believed that you would create that success then what would you quit and the answer's no and so that is why that is why most people don't have the right mindset and I know this because I see people quit all the time I see people quit on their dreams I see them quit on creating a life of freedom on creating a business that can give them an income to live whatever life they want and they quit in the reason that they quit is because something along the way it got difficult and it it changed their mindset to go back the other way it changed the way they thought about them for you to create success because at some point somewhere along the line most people who start an online business they started with a belief they said you know what maybe I can do this maybe you know I see other people doing this what if I can do it all right and it's that belief when you first started that you have to hang on to not only do you have to hang on to it you actually have to believe it and actually check this out you guys so I went and got this sign made and it just says believe all right and I look at this every single day when I step into my office in the reason I got this made before I started creating a significant amount of success in my business and I knew I knew that creating a belief was one of the biggest key factors to creating success all right and so I went I got this made and I put it up in my office I put it up in my office because I knew that if I could believe you know what's gonna happen I would start to do what successful entrepreneurs do and that is they don't quit and they show up every single day for their business to grow it and they have a vision of where they want to go so that's why I got this this printed out and why I have it now there's one more sign I wanna share with you guys and this one is going to bring on another conversation that I want to have with you guys hey what's up Terry Muhammad rod so Looby how's everyone doing Linda I wanted to quit a million times yes we do sometimes we want to quit you guys that's why you have to have this belief but I made another one I got another one made it simply says entrepreneur all right and this is going to bring out another conversation that I I believe that this format this live stream is absolutely appropriate to talk about so why why like you know obviously you know online entrepreneurs or whatever the case may be for you entrepreneur I mean that's all it says entrepreneur why why I have that why did I have that print it out and here's the reason and and this is another thing it kind of falls into mindset as well but one thing you have to understand and I also get emails every single day about this all right and that is if you are an entrepreneur you take risks all right you take risks and by definition an entrepreneur is someone who takes risks ok now I I also want to stress here take calculated risks you guys ok I it by any means I am NOT going to ever recommend or advise someone to to make financial decisions that will put themselves and their families in danger of you know being homeless or not being able to eat that is not what I'm talking about but as an entrepreneur and as entrepreneurs we must take risks so if you're trying a new business opportunity if you're trying a different way of marketing and a lot of people will ask me this is it worth it how do I know I'll make money in the outcome how do I know I'll create success you guys I don't in neither do you all right there is a level of risk in everything we do as entrepreneurs you're gonna have to sacrifice your time you're gonna have to sacrifice some of your financials to position yourself in a way that you can create a life of freedom and so you know one of the things that frustrates me is when I see you know aspiring entrepreneurs they want they want to do it yet they are unwilling to take any risk at all zero and so you know by definition those people are not entrepreneurs and so this is a constant reminder that not only do I have to make risks but also as entrepreneurs we find answers we are resourceful and this is one of the biggest things that I can say I'm an expert at all right if there's one thing that I will tell you you know I'll be honest most of the time I tell you I am NOT a guru at this or that at most things I'm not a guru I'll tell you that I'm honest but one thing I am an expert at is being resourceful because I know how to go to the internet to find answers and you would be surprised at how many people ask me questions send me emails message me on Facebook and they ask me questions waiting for an answer that they could have gotten just by going to Google or YouTube and doing a quick search and getting the answer themselves and as entrepreneurs we must be resourceful sharra you like my hair huh so I hope you guys understand that okay that is why I have this I'm a cop it's a constant reminder that I am an entrepreneur I will find the answers and if I can't find the answers I will find someone who can find me the answers but you you better believe that I will look for that answer myself first and if I can't find it then I will seek counsel to find that answer in someone else all right so that's a little bit about some of the mindset you guys for for belief level and for mindset and then as entrepreneurs being resourceful I can't tell you you guys how many times I didn't know the answer to something every single day every single day I don't know the answer to something but the key is to not stop there don't just say I don't know the answer and then not do anything about it go look for it go look for it so I'm reading your guyses I'm reading your guys chat here so yes you guys I recently shaved all of my hair off because I'm going bald like I'm going bald I've been thinking about this for a couple of years I ro gained for a couple of years you know using the Rogaine and honestly I was just sick of it I was thinking about doing I was thinking about doing the what do you call it the the the procedure where they move the hair up but you know I just said it is what it is and I shaved it off so I want to talk about vision and goals you guys feel free to drop comments on topics that you guys would like me to talk on you know I do affiliate marketing but I also I do know a bit about growing an audience okay growing an audience YouTube marketing so if you guys want to know anything about that let me know in the chat but what why let's talk about why in having a vision why am i doing what I'm doing why should you guys pursue online entrepreneurship here's why here's why I started this to begin with I am completely honest with you guys all right I don't hold anything back here as my motives for starting my business okay I started my business because I knew that I could create an income that could give myself in my family a life of freedom so we could become financially free we don't have to stress about it I know that my wife and I want to have kids in the future I want to see them grow up I want to be at their events I don't want to have to answer to anyone because of financial reasons so that was my my first initial reason to start my online business okay the second reason and the reason why I'm in the niche I'm in now which is make money online sort of personal development and basically creating an online business that is my niche or it could fall under the niche of wealth and the reason that I'm in this niche and the reason that I'm so passionate about it is because yes I can create a significant income for myself and for my family but the second reason that I chose this niche and why I'm in it now is because I can inspire others to change their life as well and so when I see you know success reports back to me when I see other people winning in changing their life as a result of marketing that I have done that that is I can't tell you how rewarding that is because not only now am I am i creating a significant income but now I'm actually doing something that can help other people that can change their life that is rewarding to me that's why I did this that's why I am doing this so the reason that I share this with you is because you need to know you must understand why you're doing this why do you want success what's the reason and one one thing that I encourage you guys to do I don't know if you Jerry Adam so what's up how's it going one thing that I encourage you guys to do if you've never done it before is I want you to mentally put yourself in the position of the success that you actually want to create all right I want you to I want you to picture yourself there where whatever that means for you if that's you know financial freedom location freedom spending more time with your family whatever it is quitting your job I want you to figure out what is it that I want okay we have someone saying financial freedom figure it out what is it that you want I want you to literally mentally put yourself there and create that feeling what would that feel like and then I want you to take it a step further and say now what now what and I think this is where we can truly find our purpose our purpose for wanting to create what we truly want because it you know yes money is nice having financial freedom is nice that is not the true reason why most people want financial freedom they don't want it to just simply to be free they they typically have a deeper desire a deeper purpose in their life and so I want you to think about what is your purpose if if financially there was nothing holding you back if location you could travel the world if you could go wherever you want you could do whatever you want what would you do with your life and I think this is where we can truly find what am i passionate about what do I want to help change in this world what can I do to help make this world better because I have no restrictions anymore all right and that is something that I have done and I've practiced over the last it's a year or so and it's helped me it's helped me and also there is some psychology behind this when you actually think about the success you want and not only think about it but you create the feeling of success you're literally training your brain for that success you're telling your brain that you have it and so I'll give you guys an example of this and this is along the lines of attraction right attraction marketing in in in bringing things into your life not just mentally because honestly you guys I don't believe that you can meditate and you can just bring things into your life and say oh I want money I want money and then it just shows up I don't believe that I do believe however that focusing on you want in creating the feeling of success is very important because because when you do that right and like I said when you believe it there's going to be something else that happens yes Linda says thoughts become things absolutely but the reason that thoughts become things and a lot of people miss this part they completely miss it they they do they do say thoughts become things which is absolutely true but how how do thoughts become things and it's not just by thoughts alone and so I I want you to pay close attention to this you guys because this can literally be the difference between you practicing this and getting zero results to practicing it and then adding the next step in creating results in your business in your life to hopefully create freedom in your life and that is this yes focus on you want you know with your thoughts but those thoughts must do something else they must they must drive action alright they have to and that's why it's so important first of all to think about the things in your goals that you want to achieve but with the understanding that your thoughts will drive action alright and I've said this in other videos it's because i 100% believe it is the only thing between you and the success that you want to create is the actions you have yet to take in and when you dumb it down to that level it's very simple to say okay i understand that i need to take more action alright and it's the thoughts that drive those actions so really understand what do you want and there is there's an amazing book that i have that i read hang on one sec you guys so this is an amazing book if you guys do not have it I highly recommend it if I remember I'll link it down below after the video but it's called the science of getting rich by Wallace D wattles alright now here's the thing so many people will look at mindset and personal development and so many people think it's a lot of mumbo-jumbo and that's just cuz they don't understand the power of it and if you understand developing yourself in in reading books in in developing you and working on you it's gonna change your life and honestly being submerged in personal develop development is what has allowed me to understand that I can do all of all of what I've created already and where I'm going but this book by Wallace D wattles a science of getting rich there's something in this book that I want to share with you all right and it can change your life as it has mine okay and that is this in in this book he makes a single reference throughout the entire book many times and he talks about the certain way now before I talk about this you guys drop in the chat what do you think the certain way is and in this case he's talking about getting rich alright this book yes it is about financial gain about creating the life you want financially what are your guys's opinion or your guess on what the certain way is he talks about a certain way he referenced references it a lot of different times throughout this book about getting rich to the certain way so I'm just curious to see what you guys think drop a comment in the chat right now and tell me what you think the certain way is and then I will reveal to you my interpretation of what the certain way is and by the way you guys if you haven't grabbed this book go to Amazon right now or I'll drop a link down below after this if I remember go grab this book and read it because it is amazing and if it's it's short it's not like a crazy long read but the certain way you guys he talks about the certain way all right Rich Dad Poor Dad yes give me some money no Aquarius yeah you guys won one thing I'm gonna share with you excuse me he's amazing and I'm not saying this to brag or to boast but I hopefully it inspires you to to become an online entrepreneur because you can do it since we've been on this livestream I've made several sales so it's passive income and you anyone can do it that's what I love about it alright let's talk about this okay to not just be busybody but do things in a certain way such as doing them in the way that your future would do it okay I see what you're saying Rakim that's a great answer all right think you retain more okay audiobook yes that's a good recommendation all right will says on changing your mindset on money absolutely all right Rakim to become the best person become the person you want to become all right so I'm going to talk about this and give you guys my interpretation of what the certain way is too for financial gain but also this can be interpreted to create success in anything that you want life if this is with your family if it's with you know relationships if it's with your body right getting in better shape and I've known this to be true when I've when there's times you know my weight has gone up and down over the years but every time I implement this certain way I lose weight when when I'm trying to lose weight and in the case of me growing my business to scaling to an amazing amount of money to where now I'm able to make more in a single month than most people make in a single year it was because of this certain way that I learned in this book in this book that's why I tell you guys go read this book because of implementing what I learned here I was able to do what I'm sharing with you so what is the certain way the certain way to basically create success in anything in your life in the certain way is very simple this is my interpretation you guys take it for for what you will all right the certain way is more literal than what people think and what I mean by that is the certain way is just that is being certain about it and I know that may sound simplistic but I want you to think about that what is the difference between someone I want you to think about this a lot of times let's just say UFC or boxing or any type of fighting sport right a lot of times the person who comes out on top the victor of fight almost 99% of the time is the person who is more certain they will win the fight and I want you to think about that because it absolutely prey plays a role in your life in anything that you do and in this case creating financial gain for yourself is to be certain about it 100% be certain and so I want you to think about this if you started to create a business right and I get this all the time and I see it all the time well I tried that it didn't work I tried doing this it didn't work I tried this diet I tried losing weight it didn't work it's not for me right I tried putting on muscle I tried to prep for a marathon I tried creating my online business and so when you when we say these words outlaw out loud and we have these thoughts of trying and we're not certain that we're going to do it of course where are our chances of actually doing it go down they they plummet tremendously but now I want you to to flip that around and think about what it would be like and this is almost what I talked about at the very beginning of this and a lot of what I was talking about belief imagine being certain that you could do it imagine being certain that you'll win that fight now obviously are you going to 100 percent of the time in everything that you do no but if you come from a place of certainty your chances of obtaining anything you want in life absolutely skyrocket they go through the roof and so I want you to think about the advantage that you can have and this is the advantage I have and that I've implemented it's it's why I've created success in my online business and other areas of my life is because I understood and I didn't know this and I didn't think about this until you know I started to submerge myself in this this space of of personal growth of self-development and it's not just about money even this book you guys it says the science of getting rich and it is very literal it's talking about getting rich in money right this can be translated to any area of your life so I want you I want you to really take that to home and think about that is that the advantage is that you guys can have by being certain that you can do something you have an advantage over everyone else in the marketplace all right so I hope that you know you guys got something out of this mindset and skill set yes Linda so now I want to talk about something what was it there was oh yes I want to talk about obviously because you guys are watching me right now if all of you who are in the chat and you guys on the replay I appreciate you you're watching me on YouTube right and so I want to give a tip here real quick about YouTube also a mindset hack because I have had several people ask me not just in this specific niche that I'm in but in other niches so this doesn't matter if you want to create a YouTube channel create success using the power of YouTube and actually it's not just YouTube it's it's in any niche online whatever platform you're using and I want you to think about this because this can change everything for you if you understand this this process of thinking right here okay Aquarius love you to be the 1% man I love that you guys are active in the chat I appreciate you all for being here hopefully I've provided value and I continue to do so and that you guys walk away from this video being able to implement something that can change your life all right like I said that's the whole point of that's the whole point of this right here so Aquarius Neeley there's your shout out yeah so let's talk about YouTube real quick and growing in online business and and here's here's the the objection that a lot of people have and they're kind of scared about growing in online business because they say well the the the the market is rated it is completely saturated actually I was on a conversation real briefly last night with someone on on Facebook and they said how do I is it too late is it too late to get on YouTube or mark it on Facebook or even a blog but they said is it too late because there's there's gurus on there already creating valuable content there's people who are just crushing it is there any room for me to create success and I want to share something with you guys that can change your business can change your life if you understand this okay and there's two sides to this first there's the YouTube side and and then there's the influencer side so I'm going to talk about the influencer side first and then remind me to come back and talk about the YouTube side to creating success on YouTube alright so first so yeah if you guys are still here remind me about the YouTube side but first I want to talk about the influencer side of creating success in a saturated niche because trust me you guys almost every niche is saturated alright does that mean you can't come in and make money does that mean you can't create a life of freedom in any niche that you want no that's not what that means and how how do you do it if the NIF the niche is saturated with a bunch of gurus and against a bunch of people creating content on a regular basis and here's how you do it you have to understand the process of human connection okay and here's how this works and I'm gonna give you an example and the person I use for this is is someone who's really well-known in the personal development in business space so we're just gonna use Tony Robbins as an example alright how many of you guys know Tony Robbins so I want you to think about this I want you to just tell yourself and picture this happening all right that you are gonna go to a seminar okay and there's going to be Russell hey from Africa I want you to to picture yourself going to a seminar alright everything's already done for you as far as your slides what you're gonna talk about you have a script so you don't it just think of it brainless okay all you have to do is be charismatic be yourself whatever that means to you present the information and then give a call to action like I said it's following a script everything is done to make some high ticket sales all right and then I want you to then think about your competition being Tony Robbins or a guru in whatever niche that is and they have the same exact script it's the same exact audience and you're both selling the same exact thing okay now here's the thing whatever niche I want you to think you know my examples Tony Robbins think about whatever niche you guys are in and think of a guru or top performer in that niche and I want you to understand this that you will make sales with specific people over that guru so even though that person is more well-known than you they may have never even heard of you they're more well-known than you they may have better they may be more charismatic than you they meet maybe even better on stage right and you go up there and if you knew that you would sell to certain people that changes everything and that is the case with growing an online business and here's why because people connect with other people and it it's just a DNA it's a human interaction it's a human connection and so what you have to understand is that there are millions of people out there millions who will connect with your message who will connect with you over me over Tony Robbins over the President of the United States over everyone they will connect with you they will follow you and they will buy from you because you are you and they connect with you and so that is what changed my mindset of going about creating a YouTube channel about putting content out there is that I knew that there are people out there millions of people who will connect with me so even though I was going into a saturated market I knew that I could still create an audience with sheer hustle and then being myself just be me alright just be me and that I could grow a successful business and that's what I've been able to do and that is why I preach and I teach that anyone anyone can use the power of the Internet to grow a successful business because all you have to simply do is show up show up every day be an entrepreneur show up do the work and trust me you will grow a successful business alright alright Ahmed I'll get back to you soon on your your question for young people in advice but before I forget you guys I do want to talk about YouTube and that aspect of it because that was the influencer part and I want to share with you guys real quick about YouTube alright YouTube is so amazing you know I can't I'm so grateful for this platform you guys I've made so much money through this and it's like I said it's not about that it's where I'm taking my family my life and then the impact that this platform is allowing me to make on other people and I'm so grateful for it but you have to play the game alright and I'm gonna share with you guys in this video if you want to use YouTube please pay attention to this part of this video of this live stream if you're watching live and then if you're watching the replay what I'm about to share with you is the reason that I've just crossed well over 3 million views it's how I'm getting well over 10,000 views per day on my youtube channel actually I think it's over 20 now it's insane and how I'm making a full-time income from YouTube alone alright I'm making a killing off of YouTube but I'm talking about just those YouTube ads right so here's the thing you guys you have got to play the game you have to understand you have to understand that YouTube every single day there are tens of thousands of people starting a new YouTube channel every single day all right every day someone's starting a YouTube channel and YouTube knows this all right you have to understand hello YouTube is a business all right so they see people creating all these channels every single day knowing that 95% of them they'll fail alright the as in they're not going to be consistent they're not gonna put out valuable content they're they're gonna quit anyways and so YouTube knows this they know that there's so many people like that that's why you have to be different that's why you got to play the game and I call it a game because it really is and so I say this YouTube basically has a built-in filter alright all these people coming in at the top a funnel all these people coming in at the top all right in it it's a funnel and filter alright because everyone's coming in only a few come out at the bottom and what they do is I want you to think about this YouTube has a built-in filter tell yourself this they have a built-in filter I need to get through the filter okay and think about it that way and if you just know that you can go through that filter and make it to the other side but what YouTube wants from you is to show up be consistent provide valuable content that your your subscribers not only subscribers that people will watch they will interact with and do this over and over so be consistent okay but what you have to understand and I can't tell you the psychology about why some channels like even a year ago there's a video of her channel that blew up I think he's almost got two million views now in one year and then how I've been doing this for a while and it does it depends on your niche as well but understand this that it's gonna be harder than you thought and so right when you get frustrated you say I'm not growing the way I want I'm not my business isn't growing my channel is not growing I'm getting not enough views that I want is this worth it is it worth it and my answer to you is yes 100% it's worth it and that is what successful entrepreneurs do is they push through that hurdle they push through the YouTube filter okay YouTube has a filter in place it's because they want the people who are going to continue to contribute to their platform to stay on and you know whether they will admit this or not I believe that YouTube wants people who they think are gonna quit – quit early quit now quit early get them off the platform because they only want people who are willing to stay long-term to contribute to this platform and if you can have that mindset that you know I'm gonna make some killer videos and you know I sucked when I started in the beginning and I'm not saying I'm perfect now but there were some videos where I would post the video and then I'd wait because I thought it was awesome I spent all this time on this video and then I'd wait and I'd watch and I want I'd want to see more views and that is not how you grow a business or how you grow a YouTube channel you guys here's what I can give you as a huge tip that I learned when you post a video and you hit publish on YouTube on to the next one get ready for the next one do not put everything you have into a single video hoping that it's going to go viral hoping that you're gonna get a lot of views post that video knowing that you did what you could to make it a good video post it and move on to the next one because that's what YouTube wants that's how you grow a successful channel on YouTube so that is it my friends I'm gonna open up this for Q&A I know you guys have been talking just saw Tony Robbins on the news something happened at one of his centum seminars was it good or bad alright man with a plan alright good Linda awesome Linda I'm telling you you have already told YouTube that you're here too so continue to grow continue to get better continue to pump out valuable information and mimic alright go find other people who are doing what you want to do and then copy their success what are they doing alright what are they doing that's exactly what I do you guys I go find other channels who are farther along than I am I take a look at their content I get ideas and I recreate it and make it my own alright so the creativity in my bones is almost nothing it's home almost not there so just understand that you don't have to reinvent the wheel alright everything that you want to top talk about in whatever niche it's more than likely there's already content out there that you can go find get ideas from and recreate it make it your own and start making videos on a consistent basis that is one of the things that I struggled with and I won't lie to you sometimes I still struggle with oh what am I gonna make a video on easy go find other videos that are successful in in your niche and then recreate them make them your own that's what I do that's what I do now sometimes I'll do videos like this I mean I know I'm live stream streaming but for those of you guys who are watching the replay that's what I do is I go get inspiration elsewhere but like in the case of this one this was just off the top of my head because I wanted to share share this with you guys live and I haven't been on my channel live in a very long time so alright can you do affiliate marketing without promoting through YouTube or a blog and still succeed I believe so there are other ways to do it you can do it through other social media so I know I personally know some entrepreneurs who use the heck out of Facebook and they're killing it with Facebook I don't do Facebook Facebook marketing I know of some strategies and tactics like using Facebook groups people do use groups and then just growing an audience alright it's growing an audience and ultimately you can create success in anything you want by growing an audience you just got to pick a platform pick a platform and stick to it and what I mean by platform is are you gonna are you gonna use YouTube are you gonna use Facebook Instagram what are you guys gonna use to create your success alright so awesome exactly what I do on my channel Rakeem recreation oh yes awesome Rakim says that's exactly what he does on his channel by recreating content and honestly that is one of them in my opinion one of the most no-brainer things to do alright is to go to other channels see what's working recreate it and then you can create success as well so you guys I don't know if I'm going to but I'm considering doing it this year for those of you live in the chat and on the replay drop a comment I have a question who is interested in creating success on YouTube if I were to create a course a course of everything that I know about YouTube and I put all my knowledge in a course and made it more step by step on exactly how to do YouTube marketing how to grow a YouTube channel would you be interested in that because honestly you know I would be willing to do that if I knew that there was the demand for it but I don't want it to take away too much of what I'm already doing because what I'm doing is working right now alright so I don't want it to to take away from what I'm already doing but I could spend some time here and there to build a course that I believe in that I could you know give you guys that will help you I would charge for it not give give you I would charge for it but who's it who's interested in YouTube marketing like I'm doing and I it looks like a lot of you guys are so yes I do see several of you guys would like to know more about YouTube sweet all right Chuck Amanda will rod alright yes so okay so this is great it's someone saying to at Amanda it's free advertising so here you guys I want you to understand something about YouTube why did I choose YouTube and why is it so powerful first of all I want you to think of whatever business anyone can grow honestly I think that every single business should be on YouTube even if it's brick-and-mortar startups anything real estate doesn't matter online entrepreneurship everyone should be on YouTube why because YouTube is a search engine all right and I think if people knew how much traffic that you could get with YouTube they would be on YouTube so let me share something with you guys if you knew that you could have tens of thousands of people or hundreds of thousands every single month looking at your products to sell would you do it and would it sound good to you if it was free okay and that is what's possible with YouTube okay it's absolutely possible with YouTube and so I'm just gonna share some of my results with you guys real quick as inspiration not because I'm telling you to join my thing right now this video it doesn't matter what I want to share with you is so incredibly amazing but hopefully it inspires you so I'm very close now I think I'm a few days out for a two-month a two-month window in almost in two months between multiple income streams I'm almost right there at six figures in two months and what you have to understand is most of that income has been from YouTube as in from my youtube channel alright not from YouTube like the ads it's from YouTube and so I want you to think about that and I also want you to think about the stuff we talked about earlier okay yes we're talking about income here because a lot of times income is what can give you the freedom to do what you you want in your life so if you could if you knew that you could make that kind of money remember we talked about for certain if you could do it would you do it and that's why I started on YouTube because I I knew you know I I have a strong work ethic I knew I could push the excuse me I knew I could push through and that is what you guys have here on YouTube is a platform to reach millions of people and I quite literally mean that I have over three million views on my channel now so I've reached millions of people and I've been able to make a significant income and the reason that I've gotten to this point isn't because I'm a guru I'm nobody special you guys I'm just a bald dude now on YouTube who's creating an income for himself and a life of freedom and sharing with others how to do it all right and I started that's at zero square one just like anyone else but when you have a mindset that you know you can do it it's insane all right so ODI productions YouTube channel he says saying is BS on affiliate marketing Darien I'm not sure what you're talking about because I know of ODI and his whole channel is about affiliate marketing and his course is about affiliate marketing alright man with plan I've inspired you awesome become a motivational speaker we'll see ya I mean if if I feel I mean if I don't you guys tell me have I inspired you I hope so and I hope that not only have I I've inspired you as in just a feeling but I've also inspired you to take action because remember that's the only thing that's going to change your life is to take information that you see on videos like this or live chats if you're live with me here now is it take the information or read books read books soak in the information obviously you're not going to remember everything but take out what you know that you want and apply it in your life that's what's going to change your life is applied knowledge knowledge is not power applied knowledge is power or you could say knowledge is power applied knowledge is freedom all right because of his brand Eric hey what's up oh no III think ODI is great I mean he's an excellent marketer you guys so yeah I would I would not talk anything about about ODI I think he's amazing awesome will awesome all right you guys I'm gonna give you guys just about one more minute to ask some questions while we wrap this up that'll put us at about an hour hey I appreciate every single one of you guys who stopped in to hang out on this live chat I really hope that I provide value provided value to you guys and that you guys can have a better understanding of this year 2018 to make a decision that you can do this I don't care where you're at is where you're at in your life or your business is that just get started just get started some people ask me how do I get started with my youtube channel what do I start making videos on what are you passionate about what do you want to accomplish what what niche are you interested in because it's important to choose something that you ultimately you would more than likely you you want to be passionate about it but even if you just like something that's better than not being interested in something and just picking something for the money never do that because you will quit I'm telling you you will quit because it's a lot of work but you start simply by creating videos of like I said go find other channels out there in a niche that you're interested in that you're passionate about and just start creating videos on those topics that's exactly what I did to get started you guys that's exactly how you do it and for most people the videos are gonna suck at first maybe they won't maybe you'll be great on camera alright then you know that that wouldn't be me I sucked at first and I still don't claim to be the best alright but I know that I have what it takes to hopefully say something show someone something that will you know give them that spark to make a decision to change your life and if they've done if they if just one person does that and that's worth it to me how do I sell an affiliate product on Facebook Ads that is a a great question so with affiliate products okay here's the thing you guys I'm gonna give you guys something that if you are into affiliate marketing or a program if you're doing an affiliate marketing program like I'm doing this is what you all you need to understand is you need to be branding yourself okay you need to be branding yourself what do I mean by that in your Facebook Ads if you're gonna do a picture ad it needs to be a picture of you it needs to be sure you can use copy from other programs right but then you need to make the copy your own a little bit and then also if it's a video it needs to be your video now yes a lot of programs a lot of affiliate programs will have a sales video well what you need to do in a sales funnel is place yourself in that sales funnel on the bridge video we call this a bridge video so instead of just having someone opt into a lead capture page going straight to a sales page you're putting yourself in the middle okay because they're gonna come off of your content your ad and then they're gonna see you after that and then in that that bridge video you explain maybe some of the benefits of the product on the next page that you're gonna sell okay so if you do Facebook ads understand though you know so many people in disclaimer here I've never ever ran profitable Facebook ads never okay but I have in the last month been able to run profitable YouTube ads okay so if you've seen some of my ads I've been able to run profitable ads now if I could do it again on Facebook I do believe I'd be able to run Facebook profitable Facebook ads based on my knowledge and experience of what I've been able to do with YouTube and so here's what you guys need to understand first of all you're targeting everyone knows that you need to target people in your niche so you're going to run a call to add to new people all right and the best way to make money is to warm up an audience so you run an ad okay and this is what I would do if like I'm probably gonna run Facebook Ads in the future this is how I'm gonna do it I'm gonna tell you straight out when I'm talking about the cold audience people who have no idea who you are you run an ad a video ad and then you retarget them with another ad for people who have watched over 50% of that video so if people sat down they watched or on their phone and they watched over 50% of that video retarget them with another ad so the idea is not to be profitable on the first ad it is simply to grow an audience so if you don't want to spend time on YouTube and if you have a budget if you don't want to create content you just want to create ads you can create your own audience by paying for it you run ads on Facebook to a video and then retarget them now it's a warm audience they've already seen you and they're more likely to buy from you okay so that's just a little bit about Facebook ads and what I know okay just like you know incite people to okay there was one up here didja – all right book recommendations Kourtney you still on here Kourtney all right so more book recommendations all right I've got a few for you let me go grab a couple and this will take two seconds actually I already know of one first of all it depends what niche you're in – as far as personal development I don't think that's you know across the board everyone should be doing personal development books but there are a couple of good books that I will show you right now actually I was just cleaning up a little bit and I put them right next to each other but the first one is dot-com secrets so if you haven't heard of this it's by Russell Brunson dot-com secrets and I've recommended this before and it's because it's amazing so if you know nothing about sales funnels building a business building an audience online this is an amazing book so that's a book I recommend another one is uh Neff your self it's a it's a great book and this is basically you know a lot of us do this I do this Think and Grow Rich yes I have that over there as well amazing book for this book it's getting out of your head in doing doing what you know you need to do I mean if I could sum up this book that's what it's about is we we get so wrapped up in our head you guys a lot of times and and we we create problems in our in our mind and that book is it'll really help you out and he's very blunt I mean I'm sure you can tell even by the title of the book but if you want to kick in the pants about creating success and in getting in your life to making it happen read this book right here because it's amazing but hey it got a new subscriber goes drew great to have you we're just wrapping up here but you guys that's that's it for this video I appreciate all of you who are on here live in for those of you on the replay if obviously I'm going to give you guys call to action all right I have a couple links in the description one is my number one recommendation to make money online it's exactly what I'm doing and then also through that that exact link I will send you my ebook called affiliate marketing riches okay and in that ebook I go through eight steps for creating success with affiliate marketing for the long term alright not the short not the short game a lot of people wanna do short game well how do I get a product like you know a phone and then sell it okay that is short term that's short term and so in that book I show you how to build a long term business using the power of affiliate marketing alright you guys this is Nathan with freedom influencer I appreciate every single one of you thanks for hopping on drop a comment if you guys are on the replay watching this and I will try to get back to you all down there and I'll see you guys on the next video bye for now

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