đź”´Jetblue Is Going To London And The JetBlue Plus Card

going on everybody David here back with
another travel video Travel livestream God just gonna start saying we’re going
live and just believe it at that so I am back and spent a long week I had
to work last night so I wasn’t able to come on impromptu like it’s not planned
but you know it’s alright work is planned but sometimes I work it work
early and then get off so I have some time but this in this case I didn’t so
yeah I increased my mic just a little bit the the amps and all that good stuff
so I’m still working on the audio just make it a little bit louder I listened
to the last livestream and it wasn’t very loud so just want to make sure make
sure you guys can hear hear me so yeah today we’re gonna talk about JetBlue so
we’re gonna talk about jetblue’s new their new route or I think it’s just one
route for right now are actually two routes so two different from New York
and from Boston and they’ll be going to London so we’re going to talk about that
will go on the points guy his article or not his article but the article on his
on his site and will talk a little bit about it and I mean JetBlue is right now
I fly United on most most locations but JetBlue is like my all-time favorite
airline they’ve always been my favorite airline and so I like to use them
whenever possible but lately since I have all these chase ultimate award
points I’m using I’m using United a lot more and then they did that little
partnership where you can transfer points over but the value is really not
good so I’m not I’m not transferring but my ultimate reward points over to
JetBlue but I’ll probably in the future get a JetBlue card and then go that
route so that’s what we’re talking about today if you guys were in here right now
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okay so yeah we’re talking about JetBlue today so that is our topic and I
definitely want to know what you guys think about this this these new routes
and how do you think it’s going to work do you think JetBlue will be able to
compete when it comes to this market there’s a we’ll go over the article that
that’s in the points guy or on the points guys website and they raised some
some pretty interesting things as far as will it work basically so alright so
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top so we can give everyone a shout out so image wire the first guy in the room
what’s going on image David how you doing Lionel what’s going on let’s go
down a little bit further here Maurice what’s going on buddy
you know we should go over the JetBlue card as well I just I didn’t even think
about that but maybe we should go over that card so we’ll do that since I do
like to at least do something Travel credit card related so we’ll go over
that card as well who else is in here kai what’s going on buddy I haven’t seen
you in a while Kenneth what’s going on and blue wings
what’s going on okay so let’s let me pull up I’ll pull
up to article or not to articles well pull up the article and then we will do
the JetBlue card this is a card that I have my eye on I used to fly JetBlue a
lot and I had their there mosaic status and all that good stuff but I I kind of
fell off I wasn’t flying with him that much and then I went over to actually
during that same time period I was flying on American Airlines too so it
got to a point where I didn’t have mosaic status anymore and the
destinations where I wanted to fly to I couldn’t use JetBlue for those
destinations so that’s where I kind of start going to you know the different
airlines and kind of fell off on JetBlue so now I mean I love the airline but I
don’t fly with them very often my Columbia trips in the past I’ve used
JetBlue but my Columbia trips recently have just been I’ve been flying on
United well I’ve been flying on Avianca or Copa but through the United Star
Alliance so that’s kind of how I’ve been how I’ve been doing things but yeah
let’s look at the card too because I think that’s important for a lot of
people they’re gonna want to know okay well if I get a travel credit card if I
get their travel credit card is it is it is it a good deal so and I know they
have two versions I’m just looking it up right now so I’ll just give me one
second that way I can jump from one to the other we don’t have to have any any
lag any lag in between okay all right so let’s look at the article first let’s
pop this open all right the points guy this is the
website to go to at least the one that I go to all the time anytime I have
questions about travel credit card related stuff I usually will go here
what’s going on 7 and what’s going on Jim yeah so this is where I go this is
like my go-to just to get more information and ok so it’s really
happening they say JetBlue to fly between Boston New York and London so
they will be flying to to London so this is the first intercontinental setup for
JetBlue so we’ll see if it happens because there
they’re still banking on this this Airbus a321 R or L R and from reading
the article I don’t I don’t think they’ve purchased these yet they have an
agreement I guess to purchase them but these these planes will be able to get
them to London so that that’s been the the big the big talk so if they can get
the if they can get these airplanes I think they’re looking at getting 13 of
them or something like that then then they’re all set to go so there is a
video here you guys should check the video out I’ll post a link to post a
link of this in the description this article here but they talked about some
really interesting things and let me kind of just scroll down I want to go
through everything one good thing about JetBlue is they have that mint you know
the mint business class which is their life flat seats very comfortable and so
they’ve been doing those kind of low budget like $5.99 is kind of their
starting price for a one-way ticket and this is domestically so they’ve really
been able to compete with some of the they’ve been able to compete and
actually beat American Airlines and United and you know the legacy carriers
when it comes to a business class seat and they’ve been able to offer more
because you know American and and the United as far as their their business
class it’s not always live flat seat and if its domestic you’re gonna be flying
in a you’re gonna have a seat but it’s not gonna be a life flat seat
for the most part so Jeff JetBlue’s been able to compete another thing that I
really like about JetBlue a night they haven’t really talked about this here
yet I don’t know what what’s gonna be on the new plane this 8321
weather I say a 321 LR something like that that plane the even more seats and
that’s what I really like about JetBlue and when I when I was flying with him a
lot to going to Columbia and going to Costa Rica and going to South America
Central America or those areas I was able to just do the even more seats and
it was it’s I mean it’s not quite business class right but it’s the
legroom that’s the whole thing that I have issues with when it comes to
airplanes flying an economy is the the legroom as long as I have legroom I’m
fine I’m comfortable so I don’t need to have the extra wide seat or it’s nice to
have a live flat seat if you are going overseas 10-hour flight or so but if I’m
doing a 6-hour flight all I need is legroom that’s it if I can stretch my my
legs out I’m good so that’s that’s kind of my that’s what I’m looking for so
they have the even more seats and I love that that that featured because you
didn’t have to pay a business-class price you could pay a lot less generally
it’s like forty five to like eighty dollars one way but that’s for the even
more seat so that that’s a real a real selling point I think for me when it
came to JetBlue okay so they talked about so like we said it’s gonna be from
it’s gonna be they’re gonna be fine from New York to to London and from Boston to
London they kind of show you here on this little map here how they’re how
they’re working this out now some of the challenges with JetBlue and they talk
about this one of the challenges is they don’t have any lounge access so if you
like if you’re flying on the legacy carrier United or Delta or or
American Airlines they have their lounges so if you’re flying business
class you can utilize their lounge JetBlue doesn’t have they don’t have any
lounges so they did ask them what what are their plans are they planning on
having any lounges or anything like that they didn’t really they didn’t really
talk about the kind of sidestep the question pretty much saying that they
know they know with her their customers want so they’re not really saying if
they’re gonna do it or not but they know what their customers want so maybe if
their customers do really push for we want some type of a lounge then maybe
they’ll do that now with most people with travel credit cards if you have any
top-tier credit cards you’re gonna have priority pass so you do have an
alternative to having yeah you do have an alternative you have another place to
go to get a loan or to have lounge access so you don’t necessarily need it
with JetBlue but they yeah that’s something that was
mentioned in this article when it comes to IC they’re showing you’re just some
of the the flights to London another thing too is with brexit going on and
all that and I don’t know all the details when it comes to brexit but
mushy can just say it’s unstable right now that region is unstable so is is
this a good time my 2021 is when this is all supposed to happen so is this a good
time to kind of try to jump out there being that you’ve had some other
airlines that have really struggled like the low budget airlines have struggled I
think no region is one of them and there’s another airline that they
mentioned as well that that have they’ve struggled with this with the same kind
of business plan so they’re showing here American Airlines and British Airways
they are a one world alliance so they’re showing here they have the majority of
the flights going into London are coming from the u.s. going to London then you
have Virgin Atlantic partnering up with Delta and then you have United and
thirteen percent and then no region at eleven eleven percent so I think I think
this is good for the market and I’ll say the US market because now in 2021 you
have JetBlue jumping in there you know JetBlue is is for the most part
to be able to undercut these these legacy carriers and buy them
undercutting these legacy carriers it’s gonna drive the price down all the
legacy carriers so we might see some price wars which would be good for for
the consumer and so let’s hope that that happens so all in all I mean I think
it’s I think it’s a good thing I definitely think it’s a good thing I
will be taking another look at JetBlue and I know I’ve talked in other live
streams about the fact that I’m kind of in a situation where I want to get
another airline credit card maybe two on the two that I’ve mentioned our JetBlue
and Alaska Airlines I have the United card I have the American Airlines card
the American Airlines card is one of those cards that I’ll probably do away
with by the end of this year but I definitely want to pick up another
another at least one more airline card so it’s probably now I’m leaning well
see now I can’t say that that this is that this is the tough part about this
this JetBlue and Alaska Airlines the two credit cards the tough thing about it is
Alaska has they have partners so they partner with with some foreign carriers
already so you can still get you can like I travel to Thailand last year and
I used Alaska Airlines points and I was flying on Hainan air and I mean you can
do it so with JetBlue you you can’t do that
now they’re flying it to London which is great but they don’t have those those
same partners at Alaska Airlines has so they’re both strong cards and I would
even say and I and iPhone on both both airline or iPhone on an Alaska Airlines
flight so I mean I used my points to fly at another airline but I have fun on
Alaska before and and they’re nice they’re a nice airline but and their
customer services is really good but do do I go with Alaska or do I go with
JetBlue or do I just get both and right now I’m leaning more towards
getting both because they’re both good so let’s see if you guys have questions
or comments or anything please put it in the chat now about JetBlue will you
beginning will you be fine more at JetBlue will you are you considering
doing the London trip we’ll have to see what the taxes and fees like if you’re
using if you’re using points to get there what the taxes and fees will be
because like for instance flying on on British Airways the taxes and fees are
just ridiculously expensive so that’s something that’s something to consider
as well like how are they going to how are they going to work that how many
points will they how many points will it cost to get there and all that good
stuff so there are a lot of questions a lot of things that are out right now or
we just don’t know so we’re just still kind of on standby and I’m sure more
information will be leaked out and will come out in the in the future but yeah
I’m just glad that they’re in the market now and that are there they will be in
the market hopefully if everything turns out right and putting them in the market
will probably drive prices down flying overseas so yeah let me know you guys
think please put it in the chat now the other thing let’s see if there were a
couple other things and like I said I’ll put a link in here so you guys can check
this full article out I don’t want to go over it word by word but I do think it’s
an interesting interesting jump for JetBlue and I’m happy for him
great airline really I mean I’ve never had any issues with JetBlue and that’s
one airline that I could say I’ve never had any issues I actually and I and I’ve
never done this before but they I actually what do you say put in like a
god I can’t even think of how to say it but I sent an e well you know they do
the satisfaction thing they they they all they always ask you not all airlines
do this but JetBlue does when you fly them they’ll always ask you for like
feedback so they’ll send you an email and I was so impressed with the flight
attendant that I had this is my flight to I want to say it
was to Puerto Rico yeah I think it was Puerto Rico so impressed by the flight
attendant that I put like the note in there and pretty much cuz I you know I
had I got her name and everything and I shoot a lot of video so I wasn’t like I
shoot a lot of videos so I had her name because I could see her badge in the
video and so I put all that information in there just said she was it was
excellent and she was she was really like the the best flight saying I’ve
ever had on a plane just attentive and and really trying to help not just me
but everyone I was sitting in the very front and so she said hello to everyone
who came on the plane and you know they there’s usually a
flight attendant up there but they’ll say hello to a few people but they won’t
say hello to everyone but she’s saying hello to every I I swear to you every
person that came on that plane she said hello to and it was just small talk – it
wasn’t just like Hello was like more small talk it’s like Hello and you know
mention mentioning something unique about the person’s stuff like that so
yeah anyway but I’ve never done that before never and I did it this that time
because it was like wow this she’s way over the top but in a good way
okay so I think I think that was all like I said I know they’re they talk
they did the whole interview so there were some other things that they talked
about but I don’t see I should have wrote down some of the key points but I
think I’ve covered pretty much everything yeah they’re they’re trying
to get 13 13 of these planes and so they need to get the 13 I guess in order for
it to work I don’t know maybe if they didn’t have all 13 they could still get
by but yeah it looks good though very very promising all right now I want to
look at the JetBlue cards so we have two cards here I’m gonna look at the the the
JetBlue plus card JetBlue JetBlue plus card yeah not a very exciting name but
anyway I’m gonna look at that card this is the card that has an annual fee you
can get a no annual fee card but I’m kind of always looking at the
the card with the annual feed only because usually they’re gonna give you a
few more perks that’s gonna push it over the top as long as I get that $99 value
then I’m good so just looking at the car we’ll go for it really quickly okay
looking at the card here you’re gonna you’re gonna first have to pay a $99.99
dollar annual fee and it’s not waived the first year so you do have to pay
that upfront now the earn the sign up bonus here is going to be 40,000 points
after spending $1,000 within the first 90 days so that minimum spend is is is
pretty low okay so people just starting out maybe this is a card that you want
to consider because you don’t know what your spending habits are you might think
Oh dollars I could probably spend that but 3,000 I might I might have some
problems with spending that in three months so if that’s the case this is a
this is definitely a card that you should consider because you’re only
gonna have to spend $1,000 after or $1,000 in 90 days so most people I would
think can do that now let’s see the Earned possibility here you’re gonna get
six points for every dollar on JetBlue purchases so anything’s yet blue related
you’re gonna get six points for every dollar spent that’s really good that’s a
real good earn it’s it far it’s far better than my my advantage card the
American Airlines advantage card which i think is like two points or something
crazy I don’t I don’t even use the card it’s it’s just sitting in my sitting on
my safe I don’t have any need to use it at this point I still have about
eighteen thousand points in that in that in my American Airlines account so I’ll
use those it will pretty much I’m probably gonna buy more points so I’ll
get up to about twenty five thousand points and that’ll give me a round-trip
ticket somewhere in the u.s. anywhere in the u.s. pretty much but once I do that
because I want to use the baggage fees and all that stuff or I don’t want have
to pay baggage fees so I’m gonna keep the card until after that I’ve already
paid the annual fee again so by next year I’ll do that flight before the end
of this year and so then by next year I can go ahead and just cancel that card
out now you’re gonna get two points for every dollar spent at restaurants and
grocery store so this is a unique card where you’ll
get at least two points for every dollar spent at grocery stores so not all cards
can give you that so the this is a card that might be good for you to use if
you’re at a grocery store and you don’t have another card that that kind of fits
that mold you have you do have cash back cards that’ll give you two points for
every dollar spent you do have the American Express gold card that gives
you four points for every dollar spent at grocery stores but if you don’t have
one of those cards then this is a card that you shouldn’t that you can use for
that purpose then you’re going to get one point for every dollar spent on all
of the purchases you’re gonna get the free check bag so that is always good no
blackout dates here so this is kind of like what United’s doing where they
don’t have the they don’t have specific award seats it’s just across the board
well they’re actually United States in there they’re they’re changing up a
little bit but at this point they have no blackout dates with United and now
JetBlue no blackout dates here and they’ve always had that but on this car
there’s no backlight day so that’s good redeem for any seat so any seat on the
plane if there’s a seat on the plane you can use your points to get it your
points don’t expire this is a really really interesting thing or not
interesting but this is something you need to watch if you do get travel
credit cards or the airline branded travel credit cards you need to know if
their points expire okay some points some airline credit cards their points
will expire and if you’re not up on it then you might lose all the points you
have I know Spirit Airlines they do have
points that expire relatively quickly too and you have to use the card in
order to keep keep them going so you just need to make sure you know that so
read the fine print know if your points that expire now let’s see so you get new
points pulling so if you want to pull points together with family members you
can do that so that’s good it might be friends as well let’s see okay so if
you’re a big spender you spend fifty thousand dollars with this card so let’s
say you use it for business or what have you
well then you’ll get there mosaic status now mosaic they don’t have like
different tiers their top tier is mosaic and
the only status that they offer mosaic status is pretty good like I said I had
it for a year I was able to use it the main reason that I would use it is for
the even more seats so even more seats as well as you can cancel at any time
that’s another another huge perk so I can purchase an airline ticket or use my
points for an airline ticket and let’s say last minute I need to cancel from a
mosaic I can cancel without having to pay any fees or anything like that so
that’s good but also I would use it for the either more seats because it’s only
like nine nine hundred points I think was the highest so we’re talking nine
dollars for me to fly an even more seat pretty much on any on any plane any
JetBlue plane so it that I mean it that alone was was enough for me because I
would always fly even more there was no reason not to fly even more and I had my
little routine down where I would wait until the day because usually most
people won’t do the even more seats which I don’t understand well I guess I
do because it is it can get a little expensive depending on how far you’re
flying I think it does go up to like eighty or ninety dollars for that so a
lot of people are just like I’m not gonna pay that extra just for this extra
legroom but if you’re a mosaic and you’re only spending nine hundred points
it’s a no-brainer right so I would wait until the last I waited until the day
that I was flying out and I checked the seats check the itinerary to see uh
check the plane to see where the seats or open and then I would always pick a
row where there were three seats open and usually there were usually there
were three seats open and like never failed and so I would pick the window
seat there and usually I’m gonna be honest with you usually I would watch
like I say the last week I would check it very often just to see where how many
seats were available because I didn’t want to get to a point where in and now
I’m doing even more seat I’m sitting in the middle or something and it wouldn’t
even be worth it so I would check it and kind of just see okay well yeah this
planes not even it doesn’t even look full right now
I’ll probably be fine and so then at the very at the on the on that same day I
picked that the three row the open three seats
I picked the window seat and usually almost I’d say 80% of the time no one
gets that middle seat and there might be one person in the aisle and then you
have a little extra room so I would do that all the time with with the even
more seats so that’s where I really utilized it I don’t drink very much when
it comes to alcohol so I didn’t really there are a couple of trips where I
where I got alcohol but very few times studies the mosaic for that but mosaic
gives you you can get free alcohol on the plane let’s see so like I said if
you’re big spender spent fifty thousand or more you’re gonna go ahead and get
the mosaic status for the year and no foreign transaction fees so that is good
so this is one of those cards that you can use if you’re in another country you
don’t have to pay any fees and you know it’s it’s funny just talking about that
there are a lot of a lot of like I’m in this whatsapp travel group I know I talk
about it all the time and this is not my group this is a this is a live desert he
has a travel group this is a slave is a youtuber on on he’s a youtuber I was
gonna say on YouTube that’s redundant but anyway he’s on YouTube check out his
channel this is a slide and he’ll give you more information if you want to join
this whatsapp group but it’s a travel group mainly for Columbia because we all
we all have that in common we all like to travel to Columbia but the good thing
about the what we talk about a lot is money and taking cash or using your
credit card or your debit card Charles Schwab card all this good stuff right
and you know I tell them all the time what I do
I’ll bring cash with me but I don’t need to bring that much depending on where
I’m going but for the most part if I’m going to like my favorite destination
Columbia if I’m going there $300 cash is fine 300 or 400 hours cash that’s all I
need I very rarely spend more than that when I go out there because I’m using my
credit card whatever possible not having to pay any transaction fees
or anything like that so that really works out and so I tell them all the
time because a lot of guys want to just bring all the cash like oh they want to
bring all the money in cash and put it in the safe or what have you and then
just get take money out as as they see needed are as a as yeah as they need it
they’ll take it out and use it and I don’t like doing that I like to know
that I don’t have to worry about oh if I spin this money that I’m gonna have to
go back to the hotel room and get more money and have all that money on me as
far as cat I just don’t know I don’t want to be a target like that so I like
using my credit card and just having having that $300
you know $300 cash in my in my wallet I’m good with that that’s all I need
okay let’s see hundred dollars statement credits after you purchase a vacation
package okay so and someone talked about this I can’t remember who it was so I
apologized but they talked about they really use this with their vacation
packages you get on JetBlue has kind of like a portal where you can get there
get on there and book a vacation stay and they get the hundred dollar
statement of credit so that alone that alone get it pays for your 99 99 dollar
annual fee and then looking at some other things too like I said they’re
free bags if you fly two or three times on JetBlue every year then you’ll get
your you’ll get your money’s worth for that so you you know that that $99 no
fee will be waived or not I say waived but you’re getting that that you’re
making that effective annual fee down to zero that’s what we’re really trying to
work on okay 50% savings on eligible in-flight purchases including cocktails
and food so you’re gonna get that as well so let’s say you want to purchase
food on the plane or you want to buy alcohol on the plane you get to 50% 50%
off which is that’s really good they also offer a free wife large wheat why
fly why Wi-Fi our JetBlue so that’s something to that to really think about
you can get free Wi-Fi hey when you’re on the plane you don’t have to pay for
it let’s see zero fraud liability
protection zero ap are I’d never do this zero APR because you know that the
interest rate will really spike up as soon as a zero APRs is done so if you
want to do transfers and stuff that’s not something that I recommend doing
when it comes to any travel credit card because yeah if you don’t pay it off at
that 12 months then you’re you’re really looking at some spike in interest there
okay so yeah just wanted to go over that real quick with you guys it’s just to
show you what’s out there when it comes to JetBlue and their credit cards this
is the one that I’ll probably get I’m not interested in getting they they no
annual fee card it’s just not I mean it just it’s not it’s not appealing to me
in the slightest so I I don’t mind paying $99 and then going from there
what’s going on my Shawn super chat thank you buddy
$5 thank you but I appreciate it he’s in our whatsapp group so if you guys want
to jump into the whatsapp group do it this is a sly Fitz channel go over there
check it out he’s on YouTube and he has information its description all his
latest videos in the description he should have some information about the
whatsapp group and we’ve been like growing really growing when I started
out I was probably in there around 20 22 something like that and now they’re at
least double that by now I haven’t checked the latest but yeah it’s it’s a
really good group there okay ah alright I think that’s it so if you guys have
anything in the chat go ahead and put it in there now and then won’t go to it
right now and see what’s going on oh let’s see okay let’s move all the way
up here and hope everybody’s doing well tonight hey I’m doing good i enjoying
some nice weather out here in southern california no issues at all Kenneth
what’s going on see if you guys have questions specifically for me then put
tec and then I’ll make sure I answer those questions
you have a questions just for the chat just put the questions out there if you
have comments obviously just post your comments I want to know what you guys
think though about this JetBlue this JetBlue thing for them going to London
now and then also the JetBlue credit card is that something that you’re
interested in getting and why or do you have it already and how do you like it
that’s another good question or another good thing to chat about okay so Jim
first time welcome welcome I actually worked for JetBlue okay cool
cool so we don’t want to see anything bad about JetBlue today now
I actually like JetBlue Geo I’ve always liked them so I think I think their
customer satisfaction is pretty high because I haven’t really run into anyone
that’s just despises JetBlue I can’t I can’t say that for all the other airline
carriers as a matter of fact I can’t think the only one le on the only other
one is Alaska I haven’t heard anyone really criticize Alaska but all the
other airlines and carriers yeah everyone has a horse store when it comes
to all the other airline carriers which is kind of sad but it is what it is
right but yeah welcome Jim welcome Lionel
David the person should be attractive but not cheap yeah and I would agree and
I know I know I always get confused just so you guys know my name is David too so
I know we have David in our in the group so every time I see David I’m thinking
they’re talking to me you’re probably talking on the other David but just so
you know yes my name is David too so there could be some confusion but I will
answer or I will make a comment about what Lionel just wrote here as far as
the pricing should be attractive but not cheap they can’t be cheap there they’re
gonna have to they’re gonna still have to compete with with the legacy carriers
in the sense that they want to provide some of the Saints same services so they
are gonna have if the prices will be higher well I’m not higher than the
legacy carriers but they’re not going to be cheap either you’re not going to get
these you know these these Wow Wow airline
prices there it’s gonna be it’s gonna be pretty competitive I would think because
they need to they need to make money right in order to stay in business I
think another thing that they talked about too and the article was the fact
that JetBlue is really banking on their there and since Jim is in here maybe he
can chime in but they’re really banking on their reputation as an airline and
their good reputation with customers and you have loyal customers with JetBlue so
they’re banking on that getting them you know getting them allowing them to stay
stay afloat when it comes to trying to undercut some of the legacy carriers
because yeah like I said there’s concern there’s there’s huge concern about the
fact that you have you’ve had some other airlines that have really struggled
doing what JetBlue plans to do so we’ll see how that turns out okay JetBlue is
so expensive out of Ohio so I can’t really fly with it so ice jeremy saying
that and it depends on what their hubs are so yeah you might be in a situation
where they’re just not you don’t have very many JetBlue planes that come
through there so the prices are gonna be a little more expensive what’s going on
seven see the best thing about it is the majors will lower their fares yeah
that’s in Lionel that’s what Lionel’s saying there and that’s what I think
will happen ultimately you’re gonna have some of the major airlines that are
gonna have to we’re gonna have to compete with this and they will have to
lower their prices and like I said reputation JetBlue has a better
reputation in my opinion JetBlue has a better reputation then then United Delta
and American Airlines that’s my opinion and so I think with that reputation if
they have a price that’s competitive but not you know not more than these legacy
carriers even if it I mean I shouldn’t say this but even if JetBlue had
something that was a little more expensive just a little bit more a lot
of people I know myself if I’m looking at airfare and let’s say there’s let’s
say 50 60 $70 difference between jet blue and United and their flight to the
they’re both flying to London I would fly JetBlue I would I just would so
that’s where that reputation comes in and that that’s where that could help
them out a lot so they could still have competitive prices with with these
airline carriers now I’m hoping I’m hoping that they they do drop the prices
lower that way the majors are gonna have to go go lower just like Lionel’s say in
here okay seven I applied when in late 2017 when a 460k
normally it’s 40k yeah that’s good seven you got it in on a good deal because
I’ve seen it for forty forty thousand the sign up bonus for the jap lou cart
forty thousand for the longest but yeah sixty thousand that’s a real good one a
real good deal there alright let’s see yep last-minute I called to cancel
and retention offer retention offered me 50 dollars in credit ten thousand one
hundred K okay cool let’s see I most likely won’t fly to
London but I want to go to Columbia with David hey come on down come on down and
you’re saying David the other David right but come down with me too yeah you
guys need to go to Columbia it’s a good trip
definitely a good trip okay see Jim welcome you should join the Facebook
group yeah let me post a link again tuned for the Facebook group
periodically throughout this livestream we’re gonna keep posting this Facebook
group I’m really trying to promote it and on there we’re just talking about
we’re talking about travel travel credit cards travel different destinations and
hopefully in the future whenever I travel I’ll tell you this right now
whenever I travel I’m gonna be posting pictures of my travels and giving you
guys some some exclusive you know video of my travels I’m telling you now a lot
of its gonna be well some of it will be Hawaii cuz I’ll be going on Hawaii in a
few months and three is it three months April May
two months Oh in two months I’ll be going to to Hawaii so I’ll post some
video from that as well as when I go to Columbia and august’s will be posting
more video of that so just be aware or just be advised I should say not aware
be advised that you’re gonna have some exclusive stuff that’s not on YouTube
that he’ll be coming to the Facebook group so was I gonna say or something
else oh if you guys are in here right now please hit the like button if you
haven’t done so already and so we can get more and more people in here looks
like we got about 19 people in the in the group right now in the chat and I’d
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happens is if you hit the like button hey the algorithms will allow more
people in basically and I say allow more people they don’t promote it when they
promote it more people will see and they’ll say oh there’s a livestream
going on about JetBlue and about travel let me jump in so that’s how it works
okay and it’s it’s so crazy this whole algorithm there’s no set rule on how
this works but this is just the talk everyone says okay yeah if you hit the
like button and you get more if there’s more this there’s my I don’t know I
don’t know exactly how it all how it all works but I do know when the like button
is hit usually you’ll see a few more people jump in then they hit the like
button a few more people jump in and that’s how that’s usually how it’s kind
of like a domino effect thing okay let’s move down a little bit here okay so
David’s saying that JetBlue card isn’t worth it
elaborate David let us know what you think about the JetBlue or why it’s not
worth it see I’m not a London fan I can handle a six-hour flight in economy yeah
and it wouldn’t be six hours so yeah I guess it I don’t know how long that
fight is to be honest with you yeah that’s a good question I don’t even know
how long that you even asked the question but that’s
a question I’m asking myself I don’t know how long that that flight is from
New York to London if anyone knows please posted in the chat or if anyone’s
done that done that flight pattern before okay
David Amex Platinum five times on airfare yes yes you’re correct but
that’s it well Centurion lounge and then that’s it
Oh priority pass but anyway you guys get the point yeah you get five times points
with American Express Platinum but few other benefits when it comes to earning
like points earning so you probably would want to have the Amex platinum and
the Amex gold in order to really maximize in the US with with points okay
wish the JetBlue card offered priority boarding that would be
nice they do actually didn’t say anything I
know mosaic gives you the priority boarding and the priority check-in but
yeah yeah I don’t think it does and you know how JetBlue does their their
boarding process is backwards which I like
and when I say backwards like the people that are in the back of the plane board
first well the mosaic people board first and
then the people from the back of the plane there they’re gonna board they’re
gonna go in first and then the people you know they work their way up to the
front so a little bit different I don’t mind it
as long as I have a place to put my bag that that’s my whole thing like with any
airline that’s my only that’s the reason I want to be able to play first because
I want to be able to to get my bag in the overhead see we should type of card
offer priority board okay nothing beats the Delta Reserve yeah I need to start
looking at Delta a little bit more but right now I’m happy with with the points
that I’m using with with United and just flying those carry the the Star Alliance
carriers but in the future yeah well look at Delta as well Delta points to
never expire okay so let’s just like JetBlue they don’t expire as well city
doesn’t have that good of partners I have both okay okay we’re gonna move
down a little bit here JetBlue you get 50% off on food and drinks on board yeah
so and that 50% I mean that’s that’s really good considering and you always
have think about this I I’ve never I’ve flown on JetBlue a lot but I’ve never
eaten in their food I’ve never ordered their little boxes but if you really
think about it and I guess I can’t really compare you
can’t compare it to well I can compare to the airport food because for the most
part if I want to get a sandwich or something like that at the airport and
and I’ve told the story before but when I first started out like traveling
didn’t have lounge access didn’t have any of that stuff and my routine was I
would go to I don’t go to a gift shop and you know the gift shop say oh good
because my whole thing was you get to the airport and it’s just people
everywhere and the restaurants you have to wait and that food was started at
like 13 dollars and then went up and that that’s for like a something that’s
really cheap or whatever and then in some cases I wanted to have something
for the plane this is before I really knew that you could bring food through
the checkpoint like I didn’t know like you go through TSA checkpoint I didn’t
know that you could bring food so our snacks or anything like that so I would
wait till I got to the airport and yeah I know I was doing it all wrong wait
till I got to the airport go to the gift shop buy some chips buy a sandwich and
then have that for my flight like so when I’m out when I fly wherever I’d
have it so I can eat it like midway through my flight and then I in some
cases I would get something like then I would go to a restaurant to get
something or go to like fast food usually as fast from that really
restaurant but I go to fast food and get something that that’s hot to eat before
the flight but that was my routine and being that JetBlue if you have the
JetBlue card you get 50% off the the those little box box lunches that they
have or box meals they’re not that expensive I mean I want to say it was
like nine dollars maybe ten dollars and you getting 50% off you’re getting it
for like five five bucks that’s that’s good that’s a good price even if it was
twenty dollars which it’s not but let’s say it was twenty dollars you get 50%
off it’s ten dollars it’s gonna be cheaper than anything you get at the
airport and when I would go get those little go to the gift shop and get this
and get the chips I usually get water too so I’d get a bottle of water chips
and a sandwich and it would come to like sixteen seventeen dollars so yeah that
that’s pretty crazy and of course you can buy a bag of chips if you if you
really wanted to go that route buy a bag of chips and then wait until you get on
the plane out actually I’m the plane they have chips too or mice and so you
can get chips on the plane then order a meal get that 50% off so that’s I think
that’s a real good deal as well something to consider now this is if you
don’t have lounge access if you do have labs actually so you can get some of
that stuff in the lounge and I know David you shouldn’t be sneaking stuff
out but you can sneak stuff out in and get away with I mean they’re not gonna
stop it I just can’t see a lounge stopping you unless you’re blatantly
just taking like you’re walking out with the whole basket of chips or something
crazy like that but as long as you’re pretty discreet about it you can I’m
sure they don’t have an issue or if you have a soda in your hand even if you
have it in your hand they’re not gonna take it back cause it’s like really
you’re gonna take this rubbing then I’m just gonna go open it up I hope sorry do
you want it back now okay all right oh let’s see we skip through here so you
have any questions specifically for me tec just but tec in there and all I’ll
catch on to that you can earn JetBlue points if you link to your lyft account
oh I didn’t know that that’s interesting I didn’t know that I don’t I don’t use I
don’t use lyft very often I used it want I’ve only used it once actually and that
was on a flight to our that was on I was flying out of Long Beach Airport that’s
another thing I love about JetBlue they fly to some of these smaller airports
Long Beach Airport if you’ve ever been to Long Beach Airport it is the most
convenient set up that that’s out there or in this area because you know you go
to LAX and one of the things about LAX that I don’t like is it’s just
everything is so spread out and of course it’s an International Airport and
you got a lot of stuff going on but when you go to JetBlue our JetBlue I’m sorry
when you go to Long Beach you pretty I mean the the little you go
right into the the check-in you check your bags and then you go right out the
door TSA checkpoint is very very small like a small little area I have TSA
PreCheck Global Entry all that good stuff so I’m able to go to that separate
line and you’re just you’re in the airport at that point so they should get
past the checkpoint you’re like at all the terminals and they’re right there
within God maybe a hundred yards so very convenient and it’s one of those
airports where you do have to walk out on the tarmac to get in get into the
plane they don’t have like jet ways or anything like that but it’s a very
convenient way to fly out and you don’t need a lot of lead time like you would
at LAX where they say you need to get here two hours ahead with jet or with
Long Beach you can kind of get in there 45 minutes before your flight yeah I
mean you can make it work it’s not it’s not one of those airports where you’ll
you’ll be standing in long lines usually you’re not gonna stand in long lines
there okay one thing that they don’t have and they’re improving like over the
over the years they’ve improved but they don’t have any lounges so you’re not
gonna get any lounge access there they do have the little restaurant kind of
set up little bar set up area and they have kind of like a fast-food area where
you can order different it’s kind of like I don’t even know what you call it
but it’s you have all the different rest it’s like a food court that’s what it is
quarters is a better it’s a way to explain so they have like a food court
there you can go in there and get food and stuff but yeah it’s it’s a good
setup but I like that JetBlue flies out of there because if I’m going to
Colombia I usually will fly to jet or fly at a Long Beach Long Beach is closer
to me than LAX and I can jump on a lift or both at one time I jump on a lift or
a jump on an uber and get out there so okay let’s move down but yeah lift lift
is something that I I like the experience that I had and lift was
better than the one that I have that I’ve had on uber and I take it over all
the time I just don’t think to use lift I don’t
know I have the app on my phone I just don’t think to use it I always just
think Oh BRR and that’s where I go or that’s when I go with okay let’s see
seven saying I like lift more than uber even though uber has more drivers I find
lyft drivers or a little nicer yeah you know what that’s what I found – when I
when I was on lift the the lady was very nice like very very friendly and I don’t
mind there’s something when I’m coming home
I usually just don’t want to talk just don’t I’ve been on a long flight and
usually I’ve been on a long flight and I’m just tired I want to go to sleep I
probably didn’t sleep well on the plane if at all and so I don’t really like to
talk much when I’m coming home and I’m and I’m sad too I’m back home it’s like
I’m thinking about all the stuff I have to do it work and all that so I
generally don’t want to talk when I’m coming home but when I’m leaving like
when I’m going somewhere yeah I want to talk it you’re excited right you’re
going on vacation and so yeah the lyft driver was very very very nice and and
friendly that was my experience I’ve only done I’ve only been on lift once so
I’m just going from that and then seven is also saying that the the lyft drivers
and the prices don’t fluctuate as much as uber so that’s good so you kind of
know what you’re gonna be paying because yeah over sometimes those prices just
really spike during their peak times and that’s a
little uh it’s a little frustrating with you when you get on there and you see oh
god it’s $65 I paid $45 to get up here it’s $20 more what is that okay Julio
what’s going on and lift you can also earn SkyMiles
okay I didn’t know that either so you can earn SkyMiles with with lift okay
all right let’s move down here I always lose my place and I have to work my way
back so if I do miss a question let’s say if you have something specifically
for me and I don’t answer it it’s I’m not purposely skipping over it
but sometimes my my feed will skip all the way down to the bottom and then I
have to work my way back up and try to find out where I was sometimes I miss a
few questions or comments okay let’s see get uber status and you get price
protection oh I didn’t know that so that’s David saying that if you have
uber stats but what does it take to get over status that’s the that’s my
question and priority Airport pick up okay those are good those are good but I
just see a seven says spend about fifty dollars on uber per month and I would
say I spend less than that like I don’t spend very much money at
all when it comes to when it comes to uber because for the most part I only
use it when I travel and let’s say I travel two or three times a tour – let’s
say I travel every three months every two to three months so I’m not really
using that much I’m not I’m not really using uber that much all right we got a
super chat in the building thank you very much Hardy thank you man HD chillin
another whatsapp group member so I’m telling you guys you need to jump in
this what’s that group so this is a slab go to his channel check it out and he’ll
have information for you guys to join the group and we we talk a lot about
everything in that group when it comes to
mainly when it comes to South America travel so Brazil Colombia and Dominican
Republic those are kind of them the main ones we talk about but I’m saying we
talk about everything we talk about investments be talking about investing
in real estate out in these different country or these different countries
that’s a real good place to be but yeah Hardiman I appreciate it buddy
I appreciate it let’s see ok ok city doesn’t have that good of partners now
they have both ok I’m gonna skip down some of this stuff here ok yeah we’ve
already talked about all that’s pretty picked up yeah and so sevens saying that
the with JetBlue the Wi-Fi on the plane is very slow I agree with you Wi-Fi is
slow on the plane however they have Wi-Fi that you don’t have to pay for so
it is nice like you can just get on there and you can check your emails and
things like that you’re not gonna be able to I don’t think you can really
stream not with not with with or what they have what they offer on JetBlue but
that’s fine with me because what I normally do is I will have all my stuff
download on Netflix and I’ll just I’ll be ready to go when it comes down to it
so that’s kind of kind of how I roll when it comes to to flying I don’t I
don’t I I wouldn’t stream anything try to stream anything on JetBlue but it’s
nice to check your emails and then it’s nice to also text people you can text
people from the plane so that’s good okay let’s see and ever had good luck
with the airplane Wi-Fi yeah it’s still kind of it’s still a work in progress
but I don’t think there the fact that they’re offering it for free is is great
and take it for what it is it’s free give you something to do while you’re
sitting on a plane for six hours so it’s good okay
all right yeah Thank You Marcia I really appreciate that buddy I see Tec did you
like the hotel room this week with the washer/dryer yes
I did David I saw that video so where was that again David I forgot were you
where you were Colorado or something like that so yeah he was he posted a
video on the Facebook group and he was in he had a washer/dryer in the in the
hotel very not common right so most hotels don’t offer that but if they do
that’s that’s a perk I’m telling you I’m all about Airbnb ease now because these
Washington dryers and it just allows me to pack just to carry on and not even
have to think about the whole clothes and keep in mind you know have clean
clothes and stuff like that it really really pays off like the last trip that
I did when I was in Columbia and I went to Carnivale man if I didn’t have a
washer/dryer I didn’t have a washer/dryer when I was in carnival but
I was only in carnival for four days but if I didn’t have a washer/dryer I would
have been I would have had to take him like I would have had to take my clothes
somewhere to get him washed because what I didn’t know about Carnivale is when
you go and you go to the events they spray foam on you they throw powder at
you they put powder on your face so powders all over your clothes
you have foam all on all over you and so I heard before I did a little bit of
research and I heard that they do this but I wasn’t thinking it was gonna be
like all in your face kind of stuff but yeah it is they’re not shy about it and
women will just come up to you usually huh I can’t see a guy coming up to me
putting powder on my face you know that would that would be that wouldn’t work
but women will they were they’re not shy about walking up to you and just putting
powder all over your faces rubbing it off and then just they have these these
it looks like a spray can but it’s long it’s long and thin and it has foam in it
and they just a spray and the foam just goes everywhere so every day I would go
out to the carnival my clothes from that day would be just
totally ruined right use not even like you know you might travel and you were a
shirt one day and then oh you know what I can wear it again it’s it’s still fine
it’s but these you can’t I mean you’re just completely you’re done that shirt
is done and so every day I was going through two pairs of clothes because I
wear him out and they’re all dirty so and it wasn’t just when I say two pairs
I would go to the carnival in the daytime get all dirty and then at night
we go to a block party and get all dirty because they do the same thing at the
block parties actually the block parties were worse because everyone is real
close together and so you have all these people that are just doing throwing all
this stuff and spraying it on in the in the crowd and everything so yeah it was
it was worse so every day I was going through two pairs of clothes and so by
the time and it was only four days by the time I got to two meta-gene which
after I stayed there for four days and what the meta-gene after that then I
stayed in the Airbnb and I had a washer/dryer the first thing
that I did that first day was when out got detergent and started washing my
clothes because I didn’t have anything left I had just enough to get on the
plane and get there then once I was there I didn’t have any other clothes
all right okay but I did yeah David I like that
washer/dryer that’s that’s a that’s a good setup if you can get that in every
hotel maybe hotel should start doing that I don’t know they could probably
really hurt everybody’s business okay so Jim Stan we hear that a lot and
I was probably about the comments I was making about JetBlue just be there
customer service just being really really good I have never flown JetBlue
they are so crazy expensive out of Cleveland yeah and that’s unfortunate
but if you fly like let’s say and you can still what I do too sometimes they
fly to Florida leave Fort Lauderdale I think this Fort Lauderdale I was
flying out of so I’ll do like I’ll use points to get me set up in Florida so it
may be a good example is like I was saying I have these American airline
points and I want to use them I have 18,000 now so if I just build it up to
25,000 I’ll probably just buy the points I think it’s like 170 bucks or something
like that so buy the points do a round-trip ticket
from here to Florida and then from floor and once I get to Florida like so let’s
just say one-way ticket sounds a little bit easier for to explain it but so
let’s say I have a one-way ticket from LAX to to a Fort Lauderdale so I thought
I’ll I get there and then from there I can catch a JetBlue flight to Puerto
Rico or catch a JetBlue flight to Colombia or anywhere else I want to go
not anywhere but you know where where JetBlue goes in in those areas and then
come back on JetBlue to Fort Lauderdale and then from Fort Lauderdale back to
LAX take another flight whatever the flight is about American whoever their
partner is or if it’s Americans is flying American but I want to get rid of
those points and so that’s why I would do that and then that JetBlue flight
from Florida to Columbia it’s it’s like 200 maybe at the most 250 it’s like a
two-hour flight too so yeah that’s probably what I would do but you so you
do have options I guess strim is what I’m saying if you do fly to an area
where JetBlue is where JetBlue is more readily available then you can fly them
I recommend I mean I think they’re a good airline ok 7 I don’t like the
Barclays JetBlue app I have not used that app so I can’t really give you a
comment on that but you do like the card though right 7 you just don’t like the
app ok let’s see TC have you did a review on the Southwest rewards card I
do have a review what’s up s in P life I do have a review on the Southwest cards
I don’t know if it’s the one there there there a couple of I did –
two reviews of those cards so if you check out this was probably about two
months ago if you check out my channel you can go through it I have a couple of
Southwest card reviews okay I should change my youtube name so there is no
confusion no no you’re fine you’re fine David I but I just I just get confused
that’s and I get it now but sometimes they say David I’m thinking out there
talking to me but no no don’t change your name and see give me – those off
with each first youtuber it’s accepted so David just post that in that in the
Facebook group that post that you did and we’ll go from there
I just don’t want to have too much like of that kind of stuff on just in the
chat some people get a little a little annoyed with that kind of stuff so put
in the Facebook group and I’m sure I’m sure that’ll work out let’s see is six
hours okay so it’s a six-hour flight huh so it’s interesting because well I guess
I guess a 320 once that’s kind of the cutoff then maybe that’s six hours
because this a321 l/r whatever the the new plane is it’s it’s it can get you
there to London but I guess I’ve flown on like maybe five hours okay I’m
thinking of the different air buses that I’ve flown on and I think maybe about
five hours five and a half hours on the on the planes they have nails what I’m
saying okay what’s going on Tasha how you doing she’s saying six hours as well
Amex Platinum is the single best car here we go David
so if you guys don’t know David is a avid Amex what am I trying to
connoisseur or I don’t want to call I’m not gonna call you a fanboy but he likes
an Amex he likes American Express what’s going
on Rican how you doing buddy let’s see the boarding process has changed has it
since that method so what was the last time
I must must have in a while let’s see now half groups I fight twice a week
mosaic first then even more space than groups okay so they have it the regular
way now I wonder why is there anything that you could tell us about Jim why
they changed that process because I guess it’s I guess it has been a while
but I want it I had JetBlue maybe three maybe was three years ago was the last
time that I flew on JetBlue and that was I mean at that time I was mosaic so I
didn’t I guess I didn’t even really maybe I had changed at that point but I
was mosaic so I was just I was the first one on the plane but yeah that’s another
thing too so mosaic you’re the first and then if you get the even more seat which
I really recommend doing and that’s what I would do for even if I wasn’t a mosaic
I would still try to get pay for the even more seat and so use points for the
flight and then wait till this the same day and usually they promote it like on
their on their app they’ll start promoting hey you can pay forty five
dollars more and get even more seat and so I would usually get the even more
seat even if I had to pay for it it’s just it’s just so much easier as far as
flights and not to mention you it’s split up the the pricing so it kind of
works a little bit better so for instance I’ve already paid for my for my
plane ticket up maybe a couple months prior and so now it’s just an additional
$45 right right so it doesn’t make it seem like I’m paying a lot more it just
kind of it works out a little bit better I think let’s see okay we got another
super chat who is this Susa Dominican repair service – so my
bad Sosua dominican republic richie rich in the building what’s up buddy
alright alright buddy yeah thanks man I appreciate it appreciate it
a man in Europe your video your last video that you put out the one with
tailor-made drains man that was a good video so he did an interview if you guys
are interested in I’m gonna I’m gonna post a link to that
I’ll find it right now if you guys are interested in like going
to the Dominican Republic this this cat right here is a guy you need to you need
to check out his channel so so sewer Dominican Republic
he’s got a YouTube channel check it out subscribe to the channel it’s got a lot
of good information on there he put out a video yesterday I think it was
yesterday that is where he was talking to tailor-made dreams and if you guys
don’t know tailor-made dreams just kind of he’s the he’s he’s got a lot of a lot
of clout when it comes to the dr the dominican republic he’s got a lot of
information there and he had a channel going for a while and i guess he kind of
he’s put it on hold for right now it’s just so he can get out all his other
stuff in order he’s got a lot of other things going on but he did a good
interview with them rich rich did a good interview with them yesterday and
where’s that link man I can’t find you I cannot find it give me one second
gentlemen and ladies and you’re not coming up yeah let’s see here
if you are let’s see you guys have to give me one second cuz I gotta get I
want to get this out this is important but yeah if you guys are interested and
you just if you don’t believe me about Columbia you don’t believe me about I
haven’t been at the Dominican Republic yet but if you don’t believe me like
people I think someone said last weekend it was it was it was a great a great
comment like why should we believe you over believing other people who say it’s
unsafe because we had a we had a real heated discussion well got heated
because of one guy got in here was just really really just bad-mouthing Columbia
and I didn’t know all the information at first because I was talking about some
other stuff so I didn’t see everything that was going on in the in the chat but
once I saw everything was good on the chat and he’s calling people out and I’m
like what is this all about so I I you know I bought them from the from the
group a rich rich put a put your link to that video in the in the thing you put
the link to your channel to I’ll open it up for you because I can’t find it I
can’t find it down here but yeah so but someone raised a good point like okay
why should I believe you over what other people are saying right
because some people are saying some good thing some people are saying some bad
things all right here we go alright so here is
his channel I think is that the channel is that the anyway go to this check him
out he’s doing some real good stuff on this
on his channel and Oh gonna open up huh okay let’s see yeah but check it check
it out it’s he’s got some good stuff on there and I almost had a thousand right
rich almost had a thousand so we got to get him over to a thousand get him over
a thousand subscribers should be pretty close let’s see here alright
I’ve lost my chat I’ve lost my chat this miss wow I don’t know what I just did
fellas I just mess up the note okay I don’t know what I did all right so we’re
gonna have to I have to pull the chat out I don’t know what I did I just lost
my chat up here so we’ll just improvise and put a little chat up here okay so if
you guys are here right now please hit the like button if you haven’t done so
it’ll help us out and push us up in the and the algorithms and allow more people
to see what’s going on here all right so I show them both of those so both those
links go to him and like I said tailor-made dreams he did a real good
interview with him and like I said if you’re interested in going in a minute
the dr check out a Sosua dominican republic check out his channel he’s got
a lot of good stuff and then TaylorMade dreams like I said he’s he’s he’s got a
lot of information although his channels not up right now so hopefully in the
future he’ll get it going again and he’ll be able to to give you some more
information if you want to go there I don’t not understand what I just did
well I don’t have the chat box anymore that does not make sense to me get
things going and then all of a sudden like I told you every time I’m on here
something goes something doesn’t work out so it is what it is
but anyways buddy thank you for the super chat man I appreciate it alright
let’s let’s move back and talk a little bit more about let’s pick up where we
left off here okay okay so yeah we were talking about the whole structure first
JetBlue how you how you board the plane so they
changed things so I kind of liked how they did it before the only thing was
that like I said the overhead seats but are the overhead bins being available
and some people man you get on these planes and I’ve seen it happen with with
JetBlue maybe that’s why they changed it but you have people that will get on as
soon as they get on that plane their way in the back right there their city is
sitting way in the back but before they soon as they get on that plane they’re
putting their their bags and the overhead bins so they can just walk all
the way down so when they come when they exit the plane they can exit and then
just grab their bag on the way out but now you’re taking up spots from other
people so it gets it gets backwards right so now I have to put my bag like
if the the front bins are full then I have to put my bag in the back and I
have to wait for everyone to exit the plane so I can go back and get my bag so
it’s just but you see people doing that they don’t care they don’t think about
other people and they just get on the plane and just put their stuff in or and
maybe they don’t put it maybe they probably don’t put it in the very front
usually but they’ll go half way half way you know you’re the halfway point of the
plane you know you’re sitting in the very back and you just throw it up in
there I hope a flight attendant doesn’t see you but yeah people man just
inconsiderate it’s ridiculous all right okay now if you guys do have channels
YouTube channels feel free to you can post it that you can post your link but
it’s not going to show it on there but if you do have like something
travel-related posted in the in the just posted in the chat and then I’ll open it
up as long as it’s your channel you’re not like promoting other people’s
channel but if it’s your channel yeah I have no problem with with putting that
out okay you’re making me hungry okay you guys are the reporters so as
far as JetBlue transfer partners they don’t have any that that I know of so I
guess Jim would probably be able to answer the question for you but I don’t
I don’t think they have in the transfer bar I’ve never been able to to like
booked on JetBlue and fly on another air carrier so and generally when it’s
JetBlue for it’s usually South America Central
America that’s where I’m going with with JetBlue okay let’s see Tec calling me
out about the lounge haha I think they’re – yeah I think we all do I think
we all take stuff out of the lounge it’s just so convenient but I do I’m very
discreet about it I’m not I’m not one to try to take a whole but first off you
don’t need a whole bunch right it’s just me that’s flying usually so I’m just
gonna take whatever like maybe a soda and a bag of chips or something like
that but I’m not gonna go overboard and when I’m in the lounge
realistically I don’t I generally don’t snack on that much stuff when i’m in the
lounge if they have food and I’m hungry then I’ll eat but I’m not really big on
just snacking on stuff I’d rather eat a meal so generally when I’m in the lounge
I’m there because I get free internet and then I can I have water beverages
and stuff to drink so that’s usually what I’m there for
it’s usually not the food but I will bring snacks because you never know
you’re sitting on a plane for six hours you might want to have a snack or
something so I will bring that just for for what I when I get on the plane okay
you can’t judge a company like lyft based off a ride
one driver yeah no I agree with you David I agree with you I totally do
he’s just talking about lyft I said yeah I had a good experience with the lyft
driver and yeah it’s not fair for me to kid because I’ve gone on uber I’ve taken
Ebers a lot every time I travel I usually take it over to the airport and
they haven’t been bad I haven’t had a bad experience on over but I just
noticed that lift that lyft driver was was she was very friendly and a lot
friendlier than any Hooper driver that I’ve been on any over driver any uber
fare that I’ve done I’ve been on so but yeah I can’t compare it I’d have to go
on lift a few more times in order to really give a good experience as far as
lift goes but I did hear in the past that yeah that they are a little
friendlier and I guess it was someone else on here who I think it was seven
that said that they had a good experience as well okay
nice drivers will come out and open the trunk nowadays jurors are working over
and lift yeah that’s true they come out they open the trunk and I
think lift if I’m not mistaken I know when I the the time that I used them
they would allow for tips and I think at that time uber wasn’t allowing for tips
but with lift you could so maybe that was the reason why they’re a little more
friendly a little more helpful because they were working for a tip we’re back
in the day we were Hoover wasn’t set up like that okay and so we went over the
super chat with HD chillin I appreciate it hearty I appreciate a lot 47 uber
status based on spending I am WeChat one okay seven are low any of those things
are I’m a wee chat line and yeah I don’t know what that is
it’s a hotel it’s why should I it’s okay so it’s apartment that you can rent okay
let’s see okay so Michael’s asking and I don’t know the answer to this question
he’s asking David this as far as do you get VIP status uber VIP status with a
platinum card let’s see you see I was at the Marriott
autograph collection hotel in Park City Utah okay so in that autograph is that
is that through was that through like a American Express Platinum like their
unique whatever they call their hotel you can book through their hotels or is
that directly through Marriott like through the Marriott card or bond voice
are or something okay and so David’s answering Michaels question they did
away with the VIP recently and came out with a whole new wide range rewards
program okay so they don’t offer that anymore with uber uber VIP with Amex
Platinum so they have something new there
okay let’s move on down let’s move on down do you get back home okay like oh
okay let’s keep moving okay they need to spray cool air in the club what club
were we talking about like they do in Vegas
I’ve never been to a club all right let me skip down what you guys are talking
about here hey what’s going on man how you doing Jeff little London is nice but
I’d rather fight American Airlines Delta Air Belgium operating for British
Airways since operated wide-body planes versus
JetBlue a 3-2 a321 LRS okay so main is basically and on on the plane and I’ve I
have not flown on an a320 one LR before so yeah I wouldn’t know what that I
don’t know I mean I guess it’s probably similar to the air at the a320 ones that
are out right now but I mean you raise a good point like it does but the plane
matters like who you’re flying on matters as far as not the airline
carrier but the plane like the the setup of the plane so okay see hold two Suites
Hotels a free washer/dryer there mid-price brand similar to Marriott
Fairfield Inn okay that’s good to know Lionel you know what I don’t I don’t
even think of and I know some I want to say I want to say at a higher place they
have at least one higher place I went to they had washer/dryer now I don’t think
it was free I think you had to pay for it but they did have washer/dryer there
and maybe like they have Hyatt House as well and I’m saying hi because I expect
kind of the proper my go-to property when I’m when I’m traveling and I do
stay in a hotel usually it’s gonna be a higher place or
height house only because they’re a little less expensive than like a Hyatt
Regency and you also get free breakfast so
with Hyatt you have to be top tier you have to be global as in order to get
Club access which will allow you like a continental breakfast or if they don’t
have a club access like at their hotel then they’ll give you the free breakfast
so just like a regular free breakfast they’re very staging when it comes to
that that’s one thing I don’t like about them when it comes to Hyatt Regency Park
Heights and when you move up the up the chain but when you do when you do stay
it like a Hyatt Place you’re gonna get free breakfast which is good okay let’s
see main but I hope JetBlue will get the price the pricing in shape yeah I agree
main hopefully they will if they if they have a lower prices and maybe that will
drive down the market and it’ll be a better experience for all of us okay okay so Lionel’s saying that the a321 LR
has a 4,000 mile range so that’s Oh so L R equals long range they can get it got
a gym so yeah because I’ve been on a three to one eight three twenty ones
before so I’m guessing it’s the same body type plane I mean not much
difference there but it’s just uh it just goes further okay kind of move on
down here yeah I didn’t see this so rich you which is just talking so I posted a
video it’s funny and I got a little flack I usually don’t get that many down
votes when I put videos out I posted a video Parker yet it’s I’m gonna I’m
gonna put a link to it because you guys have some time check it out just let me
know what you think most people probably already seen it that have that have been
in my like in a Facebook group because I posted a link on there but parking yet
is in Columbia so Parker Yanis is is an area or to park but it’s an area
of Columbia where all the nightclubs and bars and everything it’s kind of a
central location and so you’ll have you’ll have all the bars and the clubs
and all that stuff so you have a lot of Americans here it’s and it’s in an area
of Medicine called El Poblado and so I posted this video and like I
said I think I got like four damn votes I don’t give very many down votes in my
videos usually then maybe two one or two the majority of them her likes which I
think thank God but this one I got a little more down vote and I actually had
someone and I don’t even know like I don’t know maybe she maybe she left the
channel but she threatened like she was gonna leave the I say she you know what
I don’t know if it was it was a woman or a man
but I was just I’m basing it off the profile name it wasn’t like it wasn’t a
person’s name but just kind of what they wrote I can’t even remember what the
profile name was but it was something like sunshine something whatever but
yeah she threatened to leave like the channel if I if I posted the video and I
actually I initially I I like posted as a premiere and then I realized that I
forget I left some stuff out and I had to I had to pull it back and then I
posted it that that evening I think something like that but yeah she she or
the the subscriber threatened to leave and the whole reason was because look
I’m gonna tell like it is when it comes to when I travel okay I’m gonna tell you
how it is so if I’m in Parque Yanis and there’s beautiful women everywhere and
their dress it’s a club I mean it’s a club atmosphere its bars and everything
so you’re gonna have beautiful women they’re gonna be wearing you know
dresses and dressed up just like we’re if you were to go to a club so I’m gonna
show that that’s part of being out there right that’s the experience because what
I don’t want is people to think oh yeah we should hang out in Parque yetis
bring our kids and all that and then they get there and they’re like wow this
is not what I expected this is not Disneyland so yeah I mean it tasteful
but I did did you know show women there and you know just for clubs right
nothing nothing crazy but yeah so I got some flack with some people about it but
it is what it is yeah so it was funny but check it out check it out after this
after this livestream I had a really good time one thing when it comes to
Columbia when you go out and you go to clubs and stuff like that you can really
do it right but when I say do it right I mean your money goes so far there that
you can get bottle service for the most part alcohol is not that expensive
depending on where you are now the clubs that we went to that night and in Parker
yetta’s it’s a tourist area right so they will hike the prices up a little
bit I stayed in the lower Ellis area when I say to lure Ellis it was a lot
less for for alcohol stuff like that but yeah check the video but he’s just the
Dominican Republic is just mentioning the the fact that they saw a video and
they liked it and I used that Osmo pocket and like I said man if you like
traveling or if you want to get video when you travel the Osmo pocket is it is
it is perfect it’s something that you should have if you want to do some video
and not lie not necessarily do YouTube videos and things like that it’s great
for that but let’s just say you just want footage to bring back show your
friends and your family or you just want to have footage for later down the road
like 20 years from now you look at the video and you can remember what you did
and where you were and all that so if you’re just kind of documenting your
travel it Osmo pocket is perfect because you you don’t have to worry about like
you can just walk and you don’t have to worry about it my holding the camera
steady am i holding a camera level you can have the camera like off to the side
canted to one side or the other and the gimbal is gonna adjust and make it so
it’s you know so it’s a still straight you can hold it down kind
of like a flashlight and walk and the little Osmo pocket will adjust and move
straight out but the thing about this Osmo pocket that’s crazy is people don’t
they don’t recognize that you’re holding a camera in most case in most cases they
just don’t they don’t see it unless they’re like right up on you and they’re
looking and they’re thinking okay what is that they don’t see especially if you
have it like a flashlight and you’re just kind of walking down there’s a
small little camera so they’re not really paying attention so it’s it’s a
good camera just to walk around with and not raise a lot of attention and when
you’re traveling the last thing that you want to do is bring attention to
yourself with camera equipment because you don’t want someone to try to run by
and snag it from you or something like that so it’s a real good thing plus if
they look at it they’re kind of like yeah this doesn’t even look like it
would be expensive just looks like a little little camera so they probably
stand they probably steal your phone actually your phone is worth more then
it’s like $350 for the Osmo pocket but they would probably grab your phone
before they grab that okay oh okay let’s move down they changed and improved the
time performance okay so Jim saying that they changed the whole grouping process
to improve on-time performance I can’t say too much past that all right hey I
don’t want you to say anything as gonna get you in trouble but know that that
that doesn’t make sense and that’s one of the graphs that I had like I said as
far as JetBlue’s they’re they’re boarding process people just walk get on
the plane and halfway through they’re not even close to their their seat and
they’re throwing their their luggage up taking other people’s space because I
mean we should be able to put our luggage right above us that way if we
need to get to it it’s right above us when we leave it’s right above us all
that good stuff but some people yeah they’re they’re just all about what’s
more convenient for them which is unfortunate okay
very picky posted on Facebook group from the Centurion lounge yeah that was a
good picture who’s that was that Germany or was it
lyonel right the Centurion lounge yeah and I encourage you guys in the Facebook
group if you guys are traveling and some of these guys travel a lot for business
but if you’re traveling take pictures or your you know your experience is
different experiences the lounges and things like that these are things that
not everyone really gets to to see some people might have travel credit cards
but they don’t have like a top-tier car that get some priority pass or they
don’t have an American Express Platinum card that gets them Centurion lunch I
don’t have that Centurion lounge access so I like to see it like what’s inside
what am I missing maybe that will kind of push some people
into thinking hey maybe this card is something that I should consider okay this is the SU Dominican Republic seeing
Taylor daddy our godfather yeah he’s he’s done a lot single-handedly he’s one
of the guys that like I said never been in a dr i in the future i will go to
dominican republic but he was kind of the ones that got out there i started
watching his channel first when it came to dominican republic and just
experiencing different things and he bought an apartment out there or like a
condo out there and I think he since moved to another another area but yeah
he has a lot he had a lot of information on his channel I’m hoping he he does
open a channel back up I don’t think he deleted I think he just like put it on
hold for right now so it’s not showing up but he has a lot of information on
that channel alright let her die my status would help you okay let’s move
forward here alright let’s keep going here okay let’s keep on moving so we’re
talking about Hilton points here and the only thing about Hilton points I have
this this this it maybe we’ll start it on here too but I have this I have a
buddy that that swears up and down with these swears by these Hilton points but
the only thing about Hilton points is they don’t go as far as some of the
other hotel chains mainly hi although you have more properties to choose from
the points it’s you have to use more points in order to stay a night so
that’s my only kind of gripe when it comes to to Hilton and you can get the
signup bonuses there like 100,000 some of them are over that but the points
just don’t go as far and they’re not even as valued it they’re not valued as
high either as some of the other hotel chains okay all right we’re gonna move
move on down here I’m taking JetBlue to Las Vegas in June first time because
that’s etosha yeah you should have a good time where are you coming from
though are you coming from LA or yeah you’ll have a good you’ll have a good
trip on JetBlue let’s keep moving down here redeeming Hotel points Asia hotels
give you much lower Redemption rates okay so Lionel saying the a8 that the
Asian hotel chains or Asian hotels give you much lower Redemption rates so
that’s good that’s good to know okay so I think our degrees you that guy
but if I didn’t formally greet you welcome to the chat just trying to move
through everything so Jim saying ya know transfer partners with JetBlue but I’m
willing to bet that they will change soon because we do have co-chair
partners your okay so there might be something coming
down the pipe when it comes to some JetBlue partners but yeah that would be
that would be really a big big deal if JetBlue did that
like I said Alaska that’s one thing that that I do like about Alaska and I’m
considering getting both cards anyway and probably will get both cards at some
point but the the fact that Alaska does allow you to use you some transfer
partners is really a really key for me because if I have points in Alaska I can
still travel outside of the country even though they don’t fly outside of the
country themselves well they do but they might not fly to the destination that I
want to go to so okay let’s move down down down so let’s see so that guy are
you in Paris now why did I see something on here how’s Paris that guy okay and
Davidson that lots of hotels have laundries somewhere in the hotel okay
and that’s that’s really good to know cuz all I go by usually when I stay in
hotels I pull that little every you know they have a little bag and you pull it
out and you’re looking at the prices and it’s like $6 to wash a pair of jeans and
I’m like now I’m not gonna go that route but yeah they have laundry that’s that’s
that’s good that’s really good I still yeah I’m still on these Airbnb so I’m
liking them if possible I’d like to still stay there and when I say like
depending on where I’m going like where I’m where I’m traveling to but yeah the
I don’t know I’m kind of hooked on these Airbnb because it’s just a I feel more
like I’m I’m in I’m in a house like I’m in an apartment or yeah it’s not like
I’m in a hotel when I’m in a hotel yes I feel like I
in a hotel when I’m in an apartment apartment I feel it feels a little
different it’s it’s uh you feel more connected to the city year I don’t know
it it there’s a different feeling there and you feel a little bit like more like
you’re on your own in the country where as opposed to if you’re staying in a
hotel you just kind of you’re in a hotel still so yeah I don’t know we’ll see but
it’s good to know that if you have the laundry and that’s something that I will
look for more when I when I am in a situation where I’m booking a hotel
I’ll base it on that like I said hi it I almost want to say I’m trying to think
of what high it was it was okay I know where it was it was in San Diego so I
stayed in a Hyatt Place in San Diego and they had a laundry room in there and I
don’t know how much they were charging but I don’t think it was free but they
yeah they did have laundry in there let’s see TC the day when you’re going
haven’t been there myself okay so I missed the discussion here I don’t know
about the whole Paris thing let’s see I lost my place all right now’s a good
time guys to go ahead and hit the like button if you haven’t done so already so
we can get some more people in here let’s see if we can get 30 likes tonight
if possible that would be great and if you hit the like button and
you’re gonna bring some more people in they’ll be able to see that we’re doing
a livestream right now the only travel livestream that’s out there that I know
of I don’t know like I don’t see any one
talking about travel I don’t know that not in my live stream I mean you’ll have
people talk about travel the do travel vlogging you have a semi and you have
credit Shifu and the points guy they have their YouTube channels and they put
out stuff on a regular when it comes to travel credit cards and things like that
but just talking about travel in general you don’t have anybody doing
it live and I don’t know why that is because I think travel is kind of a
community thing or it should be a community thing where where we share our
different our different experiences and I just think it’s it’s the perfect
platform like YouTube is a perfect platform for it because one I can do the
vlogging thing so whenever I travel to a destination I can show you show you my
hotel room I can show you where I ate dinner I can show you the nightclubs and
stuff like that that I went to and and all that good stuff and then I can come
on live and I can talk about my experience right there or when I come
back we can have a discussion about about different travel experiences so I
know if I want to travel to a destination and we’ll use my favorite
destination will use Columbia so let’s say if you’re from the outside looking
in you’ve never gone to Columbia before and you want to travel to Columbia well
you can check out my channel and I have videos on Columbia different places that
I’ve eaten and all that good stuff and then I come on live and I talk about
different things and then you can ask me hey so what did you like about this
Makuta restaurant that you went to what was so good about the fish and this and
that and we can have that dialogue back and forth and where did you stay and why
did you stay there and all that good stuff and not just me because we’re on
the live chat we can chat back and forth with each other and talk about different
travel destinations and then after that we can go offline and go to you see how
the plug I plugged it in I connected it to the Facebook group oh did I put the
right one in there I think I did oh no no I put my video again that’s not it
but we can jump in the the Facebook group and we can talk about it even more
so it’s just so much I don’t I don’t know why more people aren’t doing live
streams when it comes to travel but that’s fine more for me right I get on
here and if I’m the only one doing it then then I get more people watching me
hopefully so yeah hit the like button though so
that’s the Facebook group I just posted that link as well so you can check that
out if you have not joined if you have not joined jump in there and we’ll
accept you in and and we’ll talk travel okay let’s see know where we left off
here Susilo de vinegar if I lose that don’t worry about the downloads people
always wanna control free speech yeah it’s funny man and people threatening
like ah but if you don’t like if you don’t like my channel you don’t like my
channel that doesn’t hurt my family or anything but like to threaten people
like oh I’m gonna unsubscribe this looks like I can’t remember the word that the
person used wasn’t anything vogue or anything but it’s just this looks like
something I don’t know but that’s what you see I guarantee if you go to parking
yet is what’s today Saturday right now if you go after partying is that’s what
you’re gonna see you’re gonna see that women dress dressed up right yeah it’s
any club I can go to a club right now and it’s gonna and I’m give it I’m gonna
see the same thing you know so I don’t think it was in poor taste or anything
but but this was even before she saw the video she saw was a thump the thumbnail
and from the thumbnail she was I keep saying she I shouldn’t say from the
thumbnail this person was already judging is in it that they were gonna
unsubscribe if this is what I think it is or something like that no wow okay so
that guy says Tec download equals upvote equals YouTube in case yeah that’s true
yeah more engagement pushes it up in the in the in the order of videos to be
promoted okay lie down here Barcelona Barcelona has some fantastic
architecture yeah Spain is a place where I’d like to
go definitely that’s that was I was trying to plan a trip family trip
my parents and I talked about this before my other didn’t going on a cruise
to Mexico my parents I’ve never left the country they just got their passport to
was a two years ago about a year and a half ago I think so I’m really still
trying to push them to to travel somewhere outside of the country but you
people get comfortable right and we have a lot of people that have never traveled
outside of the country they’ve never used a passport they’ve never had a
passport stamped so I find that amazing because there’s so much more out there
places to experience but yeah some people get they get comfortable and
they’re in America and they don’t care and they don’t care to go anywhere else
but I think it’s it’s something that I enjoy not everyone’s gonna enjoy the
same things but I definitely enjoy being able to to travel leave the country and
experience things okay let’s see Lana’s asking does the Osmo pocket have a
tripod mount okay so it doesn’t and that’s one of the I don’t I do not
understand like I thought I had it with me right
here I don’t understand maybe I’ll grab it so I can show it to you guys all right so here’s the Osmo pocket let
me take all this well I’ll just leave this on so this is the bottom it has the
little USB C charging port that’s at the bottom there so no no tripod mount and
so you have to kind of rig it now there’s so much stuff out there and when
I first got this this Osmo pocket I got it in December I believe so I got
it as soon as it released actually a day before no two days before it was
launched or two days before it was said to be released that’s when I got it and
yeah that’s I don’t I don’t understand how you designed something like this and
not put a tripod mount on it it just doesn’t make any sense to me so I don’t
know what these guys are thinking like when they’re when they’re designing
these things because that’s something that to me it’s a no-brainer put a
tripod mount on the bottom there so it’s a quarter twenty basically quarter
twenty thread and you just put it in there and you can tighten it up on a
tripod if you want so what I did is I just you can buy this little device this
little piece here and so I put this little piece on here so now I can put it
on a tripod if I want honestly I very rarely put it on a
tripod because I got this little wireless module thing this is if you can
see it’s not it’s not a square at the bottom it’s kind of rounded so if you
sit it on a table it can kind of rock a little bit and if the table is not
sturdy and you hit the table it could knock it over so I use this little this
little thing here this wireless module and I just pretty much just have it on
here this module so I can control with my phone I don’t have to have it plugged
into anything so it’ll wirelessly control it and I can
move the camera head around and all that and then it’s a nice little tabletop
here so you can just put it on the table so that works so that’s how I use that
but yeah it’s amazing to me when they’re designing these things they
I don’t I don’t get it I really don’t like what what are you thinking that’s
that’s a no-brainer if I’m in that me if I’m one of these
people I don’t know what do they call the people who are doing all the
research and all that stuff that’s like one of the things you have to have in
your in your on your phone or in your phone on your asthma pocket I guarantee
the next one that they release it will have a tripod mount on the bottom
because that was a real big a real big disappointment for a lot of people
although it’s excellent hot smoke pocket is excellent if you want to travel and
just get some video and like I said that the main thing about the Osmo pocket
that I like is the fog wall it doesn’t take me much time to get the footage
that I’m looking for and I did a video on Valentia the actually the first when
I first got off the airport or got out of the airport I was sitting in a taxi
you guys can check the video and I said in a taxi talking the backseat driver
and all that had the Osmo pocket with me I was able to just flip the screen
around and we were talking about the police officers in in in Barranquilla
and then also when I got to the hotel I did a nice little pan from the ground
like from the the name of the hotel actually the name was on the side of the
building so from the name of the hotel I was able to pan up to the hotel one shot
where that would have taken me with a regular camera I probably would have
been standing up there like 10 minutes just trying to get the perfect the
perfect move where it was steady and not kind of like shaking as I was moving up
it would have taken me a little while to do that with another camera but with
that camera one shot all I did was just turn it to where I wanted and it gave it
a nice little nice little pan to the top of the building so if you check out the
video you’ll see what I’m talking about this is Ibis hotel so I had it on Ibis
Hotel and then I panned up to the very top of the hotel so it was pretty neat
alright if you guys are in here right now and you have not liked the
livestream please do so and that will help us get more people in here and if
you’re new to the channel please that are subscribing and then hit that
little Bell notification that way anytime I go live you’ll know generally
I will go live on my schedule is Saturday Sunday and Monday so Saturday
we do live stream we talk generally about travel credit cards and then
Sunday we’ll do we’ll talk just about travel travel related stuff period so we
might talk about travel gear and variety different things like that and then on
Monday we’re talking about South American travel mainly so Colombia is is
a popular destination that I talk about a lot and just kind of then you guys
know what’s out there when it comes to South America travel not too many people
really think about South America when they want to go on a trip and there’s
some really nice places to go to in South America as well as it’s very
reasonable than most most of these places so if you’re looking for a budget
trip where you can have a really good time and not have to spend a lot of
money let’s say you have a family and you don’t want to just be you don’t want
to travel to Paris or some of these other places where you just come home
broke or spend $10,000 on a trip you can do Colombia really reasonable everything
is reasonably priced there so the hardest part is just getting there once
you get into the into the country things are just so much cheaper even if you’re
traveling within the country you can get flights that I just fly business classes
it was a hundred and thirty dollars for a business class ticket so um you need
everything is a lot cheaper out there so your money goes a long way all right
I’m dropping the churning game way I’m dropping the training hint
so no more churning David’s that were you saying see not even going to get the
Apple credit card yeah you know what’s funny that card had a lot of buzz a
couple weeks ago right when they launched it or not launched it but when
they announced it I guess maybe I’ll get some more buzz won’t say once they
launch it but you don’t really hear too much about it anymore it’s kind of it’s
taking a backseat now so I don’t know we’ll see
we’ll see what happens if that card but yeah not too many people really
talking about it oh let’s see let’s take a break now – unless something pops up
so why don’t say it’s taking a break – as far as cards and I do that – like I
don’t have any cards that I really want to get right now all right I shouldn’t
say there are cards that I want to get but I don’t need to get so when I need
to get them then I’ll get them but right now I’m kind of content with what I have
I just got the last card a guy was a united Explorer a card the business card
and that yeah it’s the last one I got that’s the only thing that I need for
right now and I already have two more trips and I’ve the two trips that are
planned and also already be taken care of as far as points and I’ll still have
points left over so I can wait until maybe September September October to get
another card if I really need to get another one
there is a possibility I like I said the JetBlue or the American or the Alaska
Airlines card I might get one of those but I don’t have to get anything right
now okay let’s see Hilton it’s way too high
with points some high-end hotels are now a hundred thousand points and night Wow
let’s Tasha saying that yeah you need a lot of points to to do the the Hilton
the Hilton stage using points it’s it’s pretty scary let’s see I’d rather not
say but I used to work at the airport seven years ago held a lot of position
since now I am in the corporate office okay so he’s answering David’s question
I don’t I didn’t get what David’s question was but yeah well it’s good to
have you here Jim I appreciate you stopping by hopefully you like the like
the discussion you can subscribe to the channel so you can know when I put out
stuff because I think you would have a lot of information that we would be
asking or wanting to know about from the inside we have one other person on here
Nica she’s not in here tonight but she works for an airline as well and
we won’t that she doesn’t I don’t know if we’ve I haven’t confirmed where she
worked I’ve never asked her actually I don’t I don’t want to get into all that
but but yeah she gives us some some information not information I shouldn’t
say that she will mention certain things and she can come from that that
perspective and like I said all I want is the more people in here the more
knowledge that we all have as far as experiences I think it really will help
us out in the long run make better decisions when we travel what’s going on
here I messed up my yeah I’m having the time with this this live chat here the
window okay let’s move on down see if there’s anything else if you have any
questions specifically for me just put Tec actually Nika is here how you doing
nikka I hadn’t gotten down that far yet so I
didn’t see that you were here we have another person that works for an airline
in the building Jim here let’s see okay I haven’t gotten down this far yet now I
want to see what you guys are talking to talking about down below so I’m trying
to get down there so that guy Lionel I’m at an air B&B so that guy you’re staying
air B&B right now huh I missed a few questions I’m sorry if I missed anything
that that’s important just repost it I’m kind of screwed I want to scroll down
and get down to the bottom here hey Lionel saying that I’d be proud yeah
everybody’s all the way it’s not the only thing I do I do want to I gotta say
that I I will stay at a hotel every once in a while okay I’m the guy reporting
you to YouTube for saying hey all right let’s get down here okay let’s see here Jackie is welcome to the
Facebook group welcome to the Facebook group thank you
for joining there okay so yeah Nika is here what’s going on Nick are you doing okay let’s move down here cuz I’m trying
to get down I like being in the conversation when everyone’s talking and
not like coming in that I don’t like that delay I don’t want you guys to have
to wait for a response from me so I’m trying to move down as fast as possible
I’m have to work out a better system but yeah let’s see all right let’s move down so if you guys
have any questions specific specifically for me he just hit to eat or just type
into EC or at Tec and I will make sure I go over those did you have the freedom
unlimited this David a mix black a cart nice I hope you are successful so as far
as Amex black does anybody know any pointers on how to
get invited because I’m not interested in getting the carpet that you guys are
talking about that trying to get the AMX black I’ve only seen the card once I do
have a friend that has the card I should say he’s a co-worker but he has a he has
a business on the side and he was able to get the card I just know it was
expensive it was like I want to say he’s like seventy five hundred dollars for
him to get the card and then he has like an annual fee I think it’s like twenty
five hundred or something that I wouldn’t be comfortable thing let’s roll
oh what’s going on just need to chats going yeah that’s alright I want to see
what you guys are saying so okay so as far as like what we’re talking about
today I got all the way down to the bottom which I’m glad someone to make
sure I’m not missing anything so as far as what we’re talking about today the
whole JetBlue thing as far as I’m going to London now I think it’s a really good
a really good opportunity for all of us because I think the prices will be
driven down and if they can drive those prices down with the with the legacy
carriers then that that’s a good deal for all of us as well as I like flying
JetBlue so if I’m considering flying overseas to London I would consider
doing the whole JetBlue and maybe I’ll try to do one of the inaugural
flights you can go out there and fly one of their first few flights to to London
I don’t know as far as London goes I I don’t know if I’m gonna go there like
how no that’s not one of the places that’s on the top of my list it’s just
to to city I don’t know yeah I’ll have to see how I feel about it later but I
like traveling places and I’ve talked about this before but I really like
traveling to places where it’s not common for people to travel to and then
see what what the experience is and that’s where I usually enjoy like like
Colombia is not a popular destination for most people but they have so much to
offer and so I like going to places like that they’re kind of hidden gems I guess
you could say so when it comes to the big cities the Paris and in London in
all these big places where people usually kind of just go there to go
there I mean I don’t know I don’t know if I’m always like London is not not
really on my list but I I I will go there and I’ve been to the airport
that’s as far as I’ve gone but I will go there I just haven’t gone there yet and
then Nick is putting in here go to Africa that and that’s definitely a
place I want to go so Africa is on my list definitely on my list North Korea
yeah let’s do that so yeah North Korea won’t be on my list
and with North Korea you have to have like someone with you the whole time
that you’re there you can’t like do stuff on your own I’m not I’m not in all
that I wouldn’t go to North Korea anyway just I like to to look at places that
have US embassies and a US presence let’s just put it that way they have a
US presence and I’m a little more a little more comfortable being there but
yeah there’s no US presidents and it’s kind of a lockdown like North Korea
where like I said you have to go on like these
tour like tours you can’t just be out and about on your own and with me you
guys know I’m a photographer I like bringing all my camera equipment I’d
want to vlog about it it’s not something that I think would be accepted so yeah
it’s not really I can’t really share it with others so I just be there kind of
experiencing it on my own but not being able to share it so that’s that’s not a
it’s not something that’s high on my list see Budapest is a hidden gym okay
what’s going on altered illusions yeah Budapest
Budapest I mean there’s yeah there are so many different places let’s face it
but I definitely want to I like I like the hidden gems that’s that’s kind of my
thing I enjoy that because I like this I don’t know I like being able to come
back and say I went to this amazing place and they say where’d you go and I
tell them like let’s say I tell them Budapest they’re like Budapest where is
that and that kind of stuff I like that kind of response it’s like oh my god you
gotta go to this place and just open it up and YouTube is like I said YouTube is
perfect for travel like YouTube channels are perfect for travel because you can
go to these places get footage talk about the places and then people get
they can see for themselves I think it’s why when Anthony Bourdain was doing when
you know he knew who’s doing his stuff it was it was such a hit like his show
was such a I mean he had a couple of different shows but they all dealt with
eating in different countries and I think that’s what was so amazing to
others because he didn’t just go to the the big cities the popular destinations
he would go to some tough areas some tough places Lebanon and and you know
places that were having civil civil wars and things like that he would go to some
of those places and really open people’s eyes up to the
beauty that that you know that that’s in those countries so that’s what I like I
like I don’t know don’t get me wrong I don’t want to go to a place it’s in a
civil war or a place that’s dangerous but I definitely like going to places
that are not popular destinations okay oh you’re serious and I sorry David yeah
so and I’m sure they’re nice parts of Syria but I wouldn’t go there because
they’re having some civil civil stuff going on Civil War stuff going on let’s
see Nika I’ve been to Morocco I don’t even know what that is
South Africa yeah I don’t know where that is in South Africa Nigeria Ghana
Egypt cool so you’ve been to a lot of places Nika let’s see I would visit
North Korea I want to see yeah I’m not big on North Korea no I don’t need to
see it I don’t know like I said I want to experience it from a photographer’s
viewpoint and I just couldn’t I would be so limited I wouldn’t I wouldn’t enjoy
it and I’d be like fearful if I take the pic a picture of something and go to
jail and I’d be in that work detail and end up like that warm beer guy so yeah I
have no real desire to go to a place that’s that’s locked down that much okay
go to Antarctica Antarctica I could go there
I could go to Antarctica definitely yeah so Anika saying that she’d want to go to
Antarctica but the the tours are very expensive yeah another place on my list
New Zealand I’d love to go to New Zealand I think there’s some really good
landscapes to take pictures of in New Zealand
so okay so we’re not gonna talk about politics Greg so I’m not gonna show that
that link that you put or that comment that you put so just keep it simple guys
all right keep it civil we don’t need to talk about fake news and all that stuff
this is about travel let’s see very few Americans travel to
smaller Asian countries yeah that’s probably true
I mean we’ll go to Thailand we’ll go to well Vietnam yeah there are a lot of
different Asian countries that are the smaller ones that aren’t traveled to and
I have my eye on a few of those but I’d like to do it in like I’m gonna be a to
wick a two-week trip and kind of just travel around throughout Asia I know
when I went to Thailand I had a really good time and the only thing is we were
constantly on the move even though we stayed in and who get we were constantly
moving around from place to place so we didn’t really we didn’t really have
enough time to settle in anywhere we was on the move and going to different
islands and stuff like that so it was good okay so Lionel says his favorite
country is Cambodia okay and that’s another one that’s that’s kind of a
hidden gem too I don’t think many people know too much about Cambodia or I’ve
traveled there and one thing and I want to say this too like it was kind of an
eye-opener for me when I went to to Thailand and one of the reasons South
America is so appealing to me for one yeah it’s it’s there a lot of places in
South America and Central America that are like hidden McCadden gems but it’s
still in America meaning like it’s kind of the same if you’re staying in a large
city you’re you’re gonna have this lifestyle when I say lifestyle how can I
say this so you go to Thailand right and Thailand is developed and they have a
lot of a lot of stuff going on in the the major the major cities but you still
will run into some weird situations and I went to the Buddhist temple in Phuket
they call it Big Buddha so we went to the the Big Buddha and really an a great
play like a great place to go and experience just because the sounds the
people like you hear that like they’re doing they’re saying like singing
something I don’t know like about their religion but there’s they’re constantly
saying saying something and so when you’re when you’re walking up you can
hear this it’s it’s powerful because it’s really loud and everything and
there’s a lot of worship I guess you could say going on in there and but the
only thing is I had to go to the restroom and you go to the restroom and
it’s not like a restroom that you would have in Western Americas you know it’s
not a toilet let’s just put it that way it’s a hole in the ground you have these
two little foot things or you stand and you can squat and yeah so you those
things are a little like whoa okay this is different
haven’t experienced this before so that’s one thing I like about you go to
South America for the most part there’s gonna be a toilet there they might have
the whole thing with what am I trying to say the whole toilet paper issue and
that this is a lot of a lot of other countries where they tell you don’t
flush the toilet or don’t flush paper down the toilet and that that goes for
like Columbia says the same thing I always just I use use the same method
that I do in the US I put everything in the toilet but they do kind of promote
that but it’s not like a real big stick they’re not a real big stickler on that
in Columbia words and some of the other countries in Thailand is one of the
countries where they’re very very a big stickler on that if you stay it
this is David you’ll be happy to hear this if I’m staying in those countries
like in Thailand I’ve learned that yeah I should probably I should probably I
should probably stay in a hotel especially American Hotel because they
usually don’t it’s not an issue I stayed or we stayed for a couple of
nights in a smaller chain smaller hotel chain and it was more of an Airbnb kind
of thing my buddy booked it but it said in the
bathroom it said do not put trash do not put toilet paper in the toilet so they
were telling you that it’s not they were telling you not to do it so yeah for
what it for what it’s worth now did I did I listen no no but but that’s what
I’m saying so like if I am in in in another country
I want that country to be close to home when it comes to different traditions
like that or at least be open to the way that people do it in the u.s. so you
know this is really bothering me the fact that I can’t pull this up so let me
see if I can’t my chat I’m still working on this whole chat thing I don’t know
how I got away I got away from me but I don’t it is not allowing me to pull it
up okay and this is a good time guys if you are in here just hit the like button
so we can get more people to join in on the conversation and we’ll be on here a
little bit longer just talking about answering any questions or anything like
that this going on here yeah that’s a bit way okay we’re just
gonna leave it leave it alone all right and where did we leave off to you you
would never ever do a 30 day trip let’s see
I miss something here yeah so Lionel saying it’s it’s shocking that few
Americans venture to the east I see so many Europeans and Australians yeah we
don’t travel as much as I don’t know like yeah you see a lot of and I think I
think it’s more cultural to like we’re we’re more were more work like you’ll
have people who will work and have vacation time but never use it in the US
and that’s more accepted but in other countries I think it’s it’s it’s kind of you are you’re you’re more out here how
can I say this they push it more like you give a keishon time you need to take
your vacation where we can carry over our vacation time so we can build it up
and cash it out do different things with our vacation so it’s not I’ve seen in
many cases it’s not really that a priority like it is in other countries
where they tell you you need to use your vacation every year and they have long
longer vacation longer vacations so I don’t know yeah in the u.s. we don’t
really the occasion isn’t really pushed and I know one thing like not only do I
think it’s not pushed but it gets to the point where people that you work with I
don’t know if this is ever happened to you but it’s happened to me people will question why do you take so much time
off why are you traveling so much do you work do you have a job that kind of
stuff which I really don’t like look I hear people criticizing people for
taking time off I mean you earned your time off just
like you earn your sick time and all that good stuff
you’ve earned your time off go ahead and do it do with it what you want and
travel and do whatever but yeah you’ll have people that will will question that
almost try to discourage you from taking time
off it’s just crazy yeah it’s yeah it’s it’s unfortunate but
yeah I’m still trying to work on this chat it’s not coming up okay so we’re
just leaving alone they have flights to Fiji for $400
round-trip wow that’s good mica that is good and that’s coming from probably San
Francisco or the West Coast thing and would you ever do a 30-day trip
I love slow travel so ultra-religious is asking me if I’d ever do a 30-day trip I
would love to and I can I can do that in my current job if I wanted to I could
take that time off I’d be honest with you if I did do a 30-day trip it’s gonna
be in Colombia and that would allow me this to travel throughout the whole
country but yeah I could I don’t know I don’t it would have to be more than just
it would have to be business as well so if I’m doing a 30-day trip it’s gonna
have to be business so going out for vacation but then also having me some
business stuff lined up then I would I would spend more time out there and do
that one good thing about Airbnb s not to keep pushing Airbnb ‘z but one good
thing amongst many good things about Airbnb is that you can you can kind of
do stuff offline too so let’s say I’ve stated Airbnb already in in Colombia and
I know what to expect and I’m planning I want to stay there for a month I can do
it offline if it I can’t look I’m gonna stay for a month you know give me a
better deal $600 for the month as opposed to twenty nine dollars a day or
something like that like thirty dollars a day so instead of paying $900 for a
month let me do it for 600 or 500 or something like that in most cases
they’ll do it because that Airbnb is not always it’s not always being rented so
it can be you know they they know their numbers they know how many how many
people how many days people stay and if they can get a person in there
for three for a whole month for 30 days and get $600 out of the deal
I’m sure they would they would jump on it so you can make deals like that with
them whereas if you’re staying in a hotel you’re just gonna pay whatever the
hotel rate is and you know that rate does fluctuate so it’s not going to be
it’s not going to be let’s say if it’s fifty dollars a night it’s not gonna be
fifty dollars a night for every night it’s gonna be $50 a night one night on
the weekends it might jump up to eighty five or $100 a night so yeah that is a
good thing if you’re doing long term then the Airbnb is is a good fit okay
Fiji is definitely on my bucket list that’s what Lionel’s saying they’re off
topic Tec I was wondering why audio sounds different and now I just saw you
can see this big mic in my face you’re back in the cardioid mic yeah didn’t see
it on the tiny youtube phone okay yeah I changed my mic I had to and I think I
talked about I don’t know if you were in here that guy when I talked about just
the audio just for whatever reason it was just bugging me oh for good reason
most people we we really tuned into audio more than video like I can watch
bad video but when it comes to audio if it’s bad I just can’t watch it it’s just
it gets annoying and especially if it’s a long a long if you’re watching
something for a long period of time and you know audio is just all messed up I
just can’t I can’t watch it and the thing with an audio if you guys are in
here right now please hit the like button we’re building up so hopefully we
can get a little more some more people in here if we can get up to 30 and so
one of the things that that I was finding or one of the things that I find
is when I do my regular videos I can edit and I can fine tune like sweet in
the audio make it really sound good but when you’re doing these live streams
it’s just kind of fly by yeah I mean you’re on there you’re talking you don’t
really know what the audio sounds like unless like I have a thing where I can
check it now but I put it I have to put something in my ear to know if the audio
sounds okay and I was hearing a lot of background
noise because I’m dealing with a computer that’s sitting right in front
of me and the fans going and so it’s making all these different noises and
everything so I was hearing all that in my playback and so that’s the reason why
I wanted to go with something else and of course I see a lot of people on
during their live streams because I’m starting to look at more live streams
mainly like the gamers and stuff like that but they’ll have like cardioid mic
they’ll have mic like this or they’ll have something something else that
they’re using and it sounds really good so I’ve had this mic for a couple of
years yeah it’s been a couple years I’ve had this mic for a couple of years I was
doing some voiceover stuff for a few videos that I did and I got this on B
and H it was it was on sale so that’s why I picked it up and so I just never
used it and then it got to the point now where it’s like hey you know what maybe
I should try to use that thing again and so I pulled it out and it sounds good
and I don’t know if last week you guys saw I had like a another little screen
over the front it was like a pop filter that thing was bugging me because I was
behind like it had to be up higher because I had to talk into the pop
filter so I was behind it it was like covering my whole face like my mouth you
couldn’t see my mouth I didn’t like that so I went with the just getting like a
little a little wind muff thing here that way I can just talk down into it as
opposed to the way I had it before so anyway yeah thank you for the compliment
about the audio hopefully it sounds ok and I was able to raise up the amps to a
little bit so it should be a little bit louder I don’t have to have it all right
in my mouth what I’m talking okay let’s see oh we got some good stuff coming out
of here let’s see I missed a few where are we now okay okay so ultra illusion says I sometimes
will record sound only on my phone yeah and that’s actually a good the
phones now are really good where you can just open that up open you get an app
and then plug it in plug a mic into it and then you know do it separately so if
you’re doing videos you can do it separately and then sync it up and with
Premiere Pro it’s it’s so easy to sync up audio if you’re doing like edits it’s
so easy to do it now if you’re doing a live stream it just doesn’t work or if
you do a live stream on your phone then yeah you can you can do it that way
but I don’t do live streams on my phone let’s see okay yeah so you’re talking
about while traveling instead of photos all the time okay yeah that’s that’s
cool okay so that guys are talking about okay so you guys are talking about
Europeans traveling to Asia more than Americans I guess that’s c-tec
hanker what is a photographer’s dream okay so Angkor yeah I’ll have to look at
it I have to look into that in Cambodia but yeah one of the things I really like
about Asian countries is they have different traditions when it comes to
like religious traditions and they also have like these different structures and
where you can just take pictures of some amazing landscapes when you have these
different what am I trying to not not a Western Western structures like you have
different different type buildings so yeah I do want to do like I’ve gone
Thailand but I want to go to some definitely go to some other Asian
countries for photography yeah it was it would be it would be amazing or I should
say it will be amazing when I go and when I enter a lot of competitions you
do see a lot of landscapes from Asian countries will
and a lot of rewards because it’s unique it’s it’s something that that you don’t
see on the Western Western countries okay and that guy’s saying anyone ever
done capsule hotels no I have not that would be interesting too I don’t
know if I would want and you’re talking about capsule hotels I’m thinking you’re
talking about like these little small little uh I always think of like Airport
hotels which I almost did like I want I knew they had it I want to say it was
was I in China I think it was China that I was looking it up looking up the
information because I had an eight hour layover and I was I wanted to just rent
this small little space that I can go in and take a nap and I’d have to be in the
terminal or even in like a lounge and I couldn’t find it I don’t know if it was
maybe was in the other another side part of the airport but I couldn’t find it
and I looked it up prior to going and I saw that they were available but I
couldn’t find it and then I didn’t have like I didn’t know how to explain to
someone even the Google Translate like I asked one person they didn’t know what I
was talking about and they worked there so like they worked at the airport okay
but I haven’t had any experience with that let’s see you guys should see all
the America see all of America before no I disagree David so David saying you
guys should see all the America before you you go international I don’t agree I
don’t agree with that I think you should do both but I don’t think you should say
well I need to see all of America before I go to other countries yeah I’m not uh
I’m not onboard with that because you can spend your whole life see in the
u.s. like what I mean is you can there’s enough in that in the u.s. just like I
said my parents have never left the country and they’ve traveled within the
US but you can spend the rest of your life traveling in the US and then never
get to the point where you travel outside I like to do a little both
because or I like to do a lot of both are possible
but one of the things that I really enjoy about travelling is one or there’s
a there’s a few different things one is getting out of your comfort zone so I’m
comfortable I’m comfortable in the u.s. I speak English if I’m in the US I can
communicate right anywhere in the u.s. so this is my comfort zone I don’t care
where I go in the US I pretty much know what the expectation is right I don’t
have to find’ for anything when it comes to when it comes to the US like I know I
know what’s going on right but when you travel outside of the country especially
if you’re traveling solo you’re out of your comfort zone in a lot of situations
and so you have to you learn so much about yourself when you travel outside
of the country because you have to figure things out on your own and you
have to ask for help if you need it we’re in the u.s. I don’t know if I’m
traveling I don’t need to ask for any help I pretty much know I know what’s
going on but if you’re in another country yes you need to rely on people
sometimes you need to be very observant and read signs and and try to figure
things out just by kind of trial and error maybe step back you see what’s
going on like III did this video on when I was in Colombia and I was buying these
skin these they were scalping tickets so and if you see my video you know what
I’m talking about but there was one point in that video where I walked up
and so for the first thing like let me just give you example if I’m in the u.s.
people are scalping tickets okay I know and I can look at the ticket okay yeah
it looks like it’s legit or whatever I know what to expect right and but when
you’re in another country you’re kind of like okay I’m in another country I don’t
want to buy first off I don’t want to buy a ticket that’s not good
that won’t work and second I want to know that I’m getting a good deal I’m
not paying twice as much for a ticket and so and you’re dealing with the
language barrier too and so there was a point where I walked up and
instead of like going straight to the scalpers which you could see there the
scalpers were all out there as I’m walking up they’re all like you know
asking me if I want to buy tickets I walk up to the gate and ice and I asked
them where can I get tickets knowing that they’re not selling tickets they’re
just taking the tickets and so they’re the ones pointing to me hey you can buy
tickets from any of these guys here and so what I did is I went back so then
when I see when he pointed like they’re standing like 10 feet away from me so I
went back over there the guy comes up and he tells me how much I’m like that
or he tells me how much he wants for him I’m like no no it’s too much and the guy
at the gate already told me how much the tickets were worth and so so I was
sticking to that price and so they would tell me something higher and I would
said then I would say no no then I tell him how much I wanted for and they know
no so we’re going back and forth but at one point in the video I stepped back
and I like they were still because there was a lot of people around there like
buying tickets and so I stepped back and I was just observing and I just wanted
to see I wanted to see people buy tickets and then go into the gate and
use those tickets and that was the guy that I wanted to buy the tickets from so
it wasn’t this gonna be anybody I wanted to buy from that guy because that guy’s
giving out good tickets not to say the other guys weren’t but I wanted to make
sure because you don’t want to buy tickets and then you get in that line
and then they tell you up no these tickets are no good and then you turn
around and the guy is God he’s got your money and he’s gone so it just it makes
you and you start thinking differently where it’s like okay I need to protect
myself here so let me step back see what’s going on and see who can get
tickets see how much they’re getting them for cuz they’re going you know
they’re talking back and forth and so just kind of do that so you have to step
back sometimes and it just it makes you more I don’t know I I enjoy it I like
the challenge of going to a different country and not knowing the language and
try to fend for yourself and when it comes to Spanish I do speak some Spanish
write very little but I mean I understand
and I’m now getting more comfortable speaking like before I I would I would
speak I wouldn’t speak Spanish because I was embarrassed that I was saying
something wrong but now I go to spanish-speaking countries more and more
and now I’m more comfortable just just saying it even if I say it wrong
even if I realize I say it wrong I’m still more comfortable saying it saying
different things and so yeah it’s just so I yeah I don’t agree with you David
but you know that’s fine if that’s your goal to visit every you know visit the
u.s. first and that that’s fine but I think you should you should get a little
bit of both definitely and I don’t know if you were
on here but I talked about like my dream one of my dreams as far as the u.s. is
concerned I want to go to all the national parks I love going to national
parks I want to go to all the national parks but that doesn’t mean I’m I’m
gonna say I need to go to all the national parks before I go to another
country now I’m gonna do both in experience both so and have you travel
David have you travel outside of the country I’m pretty sure you have right
so yeah I just there that’s that’s the way I feel about that let’s see okay
they would always question myself and that since I’ve been more
internationally than the US yeah I don’t think yeah for me I don’t I don’t even I
don’t look at it like that I really don’t yeah it’s all travel is all about
experiencing different things yeah I’ve never been to Vegas never been to Vegas
you don’t need to go to Vegas Vegas is I went to I went to UNLV my
little my alma mater here a little mug yeah I went to UNLV
so I spent plenty of time in Vegas and you’re not missing much you’re probably
saving your money see you go to the Grand Canyon of Vegas in the same day
yeah that’s true you could do that this is life work balance you’re very that
guy I find Americans are very leery of
venturing out of their comfort zone that’s Lionel saying that yeah I just
think it’s challenging you get out your comfort zone and it challenges you and
that’s a good thing like it shows what you show the kind of person you are are
you resourceful enough to get things done if
you you really really had to in another country yeah plus it’s fun it’s just fun
it’s different and different foods different cultures it’s just it’s it’s
all it just makes it really interesting to experience just the whole thing you
know it’s I don’t know and then you then you discover things like I said I the
the first time that I went to Colombia I was afraid like going to Colombia I was
afraid and only reason I went is because my buddies were like and they picked it
like my well I won’t say they picked it but we had a list or we had three three
three countries on the list so we had Costa Rica which they had already been
to so they didn’t really want to go there
Peru and Colombia those are the three on the list I had a buddy that used to go
to Colombia or that was going to Colombia at the time he was going all
the time and he was just telling me how beautiful the women were and everything
so that was kind of that’s what piqued my interest but the first time that I
went to Colombia which was was ten years ago I was I was afraid I was scared I
was scared but it opened my eyes to wow this is really a beautiful place and you
know that I just went from there let’s see I think only 10% of Americans have
passports yeah I don’t know the exact number but but I know it is it is low which is which is unfortunate and and I
talked about this before like having a passport u.s. passport is is
such a powerful thing like we have a passport that allows us to go to a lot
of different countries and I mean if you don’t want to use you don’t want to use
it but we have that advantage being an American that we can we have treaties
with a lot of different countries we can travel different countries for the most
part you’re safe in in most country most of these countries because of the
treaties and everything that’s that’s tied into to travel and your money goes
far like you can go to these countries and you don’t have to take that much
money and you can still have a really good time plus with me and I’ll be
honest with you when I travel to other countries it allows me to it allows me
to decompress like all the the things that are going on in the US I won’t say
problems but all the things that are going the u.s. my job the politics the
all the stuff you see on the news when I travel all that stuff I don’t even I
don’t even well first off you don’t really see much of it on the news and I
just kind of forget about all that for the time that I’m out there and then I
come back and then you know your work is there and all that but you can kind of
decompress case you just get away from all the stuff that’s going on in the US
and not all bad stuff like I’m not saying I’m not saying it’s bad to live
here but you guys get what I’m saying like if you go let’s say you were to go
let’s say you were to go to an area you can go in the u.s. you can do the same
thing go to an area where there’s no internet connection there’s no so you
don’t have your phone you don’t have like when I’m when I travel generally I
have data but I don’t use it like I’ll get on the Wi-Fi whenever I can get
Wi-Fi but I don’t have like the data that I have is very minute you know I
don’t have that much data to use so I’m usually not using my data and I’m not
watching TV I’m just out having a good time experiencing that what the country
has to offer so there’s a lot of that stuff that I don’t you know I don’t get
I’m not plugged in basically so it allows you to kind of just
decompress same thing with national parks to some of these national parties
I don’t have Wi-Fi and stuff like that so it’s the same so if you’re going
camping you can go out to a national park and you can decompress because you
don’t have there’s no access to a lot of that different stuff no TV it’s unless
you’re like a motor home or something like that okay I got pulled over honey
in Yosemite just outside in an unmarked Honda or Hyundai Electra you got pulled
over so you got pulled over by the police and unmarked hyundai elantra okay
I don’t know what you’re talking about here that’s Anika yeah I believe this is
the statistics especially knowing that Americans are very unaware of
geographical outside the states yeah and it’s some people just like I’ll tell
you my my mother doesn’t like to fly like she she’ll fly she has to but she’s
not big on flying so you have people that have other other things that
they’re just not really comfortable like I remember we were flying to Hawaii and
you know when you get a five I fly a lot so I kind of know no routine but my mom
doesn’t fly very often like the only time she’ll flies when we go to Hawaii
and for a long time we weren’t going on why this for the last six years it’s
gone if it’s every other year so we started like six years ago going every
other year because our parents have timeshare out there but I remember we
get in a plane and I think it was American it was American and so we got
on it was late it was delayed right it’s American American Airlines delayed not
not a shocker but so we get in the plane and we’re we’re taxing
and the the captain is saying yes you know we’re a little delayed but we’ll
try to make up some time in the air and my mom was like what time in the air
like you don’t have to fly any faster just give us their value they always say
that right they get up you know yeah well we’ll try to make up some time in
the air so I mean I’m sure they I don’t know if their speed limits with planes
I’m sure there is there’s got to be some kind of speed limit but but who’s
watching yeah I can get pulled over Rocky but uh yeah so when the plan that
said that which they normally say right like I’ve heard that before where they
say yeah we’re gonna try to pick up some time you know in the air because they
know they’re gonna try to get you to that connection so you won’t be too late
if you try to get you that destination because so you won’t be late to your if
you have a connecting flight or something like that but when they said
that my mom she freaked out me pick up time in the air just hit co your normal
speeds you don’t have to go any faster yeah I remember saying I’m big it’s okay
but yeah there are the reasons why people people don’t travel outside of
the country because they don’t want to do that they don’t want through a long
flights either and I’m one to attest to that
now that I know how to travel like I I kind of have my my routine set and I’m
using points that’s another thing so I can travel business class it’s no sweat
to travel for ten hours or twelve hours but a lot of people and I’ll be honest
I’m not comfortable flying in an economy flight ten-hour flight or twelve hour
flight I’ve done it once and it was rough it was tough so that’s another
thing too that you should think about like as far as Americans traveling
abroad to Asian countries generally you’re gonna be flying for he flat for
about ten hours so a lot of people aren’t comfortable with that and I don’t
blame him I really don’t like I said if I didn’t have this whole points like
using points and being able to fly business class and first
now I look forward to it because I’m thinking okay I need to get this many
points and then I can fly a business class for first class and have that
experience on the plane like I’m looking forward to getting on the plane whereas
in the past I was that was I was dreading getting on a plane and flying
for 10 hours or 12 hours so yeah that’s another thing too that I think is a
that’s definitely a factor okay um where are we here I think I skipped ahead of
some stuff here did okay so David say he’s been in ten plus
countries alright so you actually Dave you’ve been to more countries than me
and I know you have it let’s see I already been every so you’ve been to all
50 states but that’s not most people have not and you probably did a lot of
that business you probably did a lot of that 50 states on business it wasn’t
like you’re traveling to 50 different states for vacation so I don’t know I’m
I’m more on the I’m more on the hey I want to go here so I’m gonna go here I
don’t have to go to all 50 states in the US and honestly there’s some states that
I’m probably like yeah you know I can do without but there might be a destination
and there are a lot of countries that I do I could do without as far as going to
different countries but if it’s someplace that I’m interested in going
to yeah I definitely would do that but you’re you’re you’re asking people to
say oh yeah I need to do 50 states so that’s 50 trips I have not gone on 50
trips period you’re saying do 50 trips before you do an international trip
that’s yeah I don’t know I personally I don’t know what everybody else thinks to
the chap I personally think you’re asking too much for people to be like
yeah I’m gonna do all 50 states and then within a state honestly there’s so much
I mean major major cities that you’re gonna want to travel to in that state so
it’s not like I might go to New York but I want to go to upstate New York and
and go to go to the city of New York in California I want to go to San Francisco
and then I you know want to go to South Southern California and then even Nevada
you want to go to Vegas and then you might want to go to Reno just to see
what Reno is all about and so there’s so many different places to go and like I
said national parks that’s a whole new animal that’s like 50 things like 57 or
59 different national parks in the US I’d like to visit all of them but that’s
gonna take a long time to do so anyway but that’s good that’s good you do you
know you do you when it comes to travel light and and that’s my whole thing is
this when it comes to traveling when it comes to travel credit cards when it
comes to all this good stuff do what works for you but I’m gonna do it works
for me and everyone else is gonna do it works for them we shouldn’t feel bad
that we’re traveling outside of the country I mean we should we’re going for
experiences that’s what I’m doing I’m doing a further experience and honestly
my experience in California or let’s say this my experience in Los Angeles is not
much different than my experience in San Francisco and it’s not much different I
lived in Las Vegas for four three and a half years it’s not much different than
my experience in Las Vegas so I want to go for the experiences I want something
different like I wanna I want to feel like I’m like I’m really traveling like
I when I went to Costa Rica that was one of my major gripes about Costa Rica is I
felt like I was in the US everything was there they had Applebee’s they had
Popeyes Chicken in the head like all these restaurants that you would have in
the US was in Costa Rica and it’s like yeah I feel like I’m in the u.s. I want
to be I want to feel like I’m somewhere else so all right so that’s my spiel but
yeah good on you travel within the US but for me yeah I’m definitely gonna do
do for and travel let’s see that guy I’d like to visit most Hawaiian Islands but
I know there’s a couple that’s not allowed
yeah they do have what was that that I can’t remember the name of that Island I
know there’s one that’s not really kind of like a it’s more of a locals only
island I like Hawaii myself I like to go to
Hawaii nice and quiet so Lionel said that’s fine accomplishments I’m talking
about the 50 states and you’re probably the only person that I’ve ever heard
that’s traveled all 50 states I’ll say that right right out of that I don’t
know of anybody else none of the people at that eye none of my friends or
anything like that I’ve gone all 50 states
let’s see Iceland is beautiful have you ever been to Cancun or Iceland so that’s
HD chillin asking that I have not been to either I have never been to Cancun
and I haven’t been to Iceland I had that Wow air ticket but I’m just kidding
no let’s see neither what Iceland looks amazing it does look amazing
let’s see Nika I did Ireland it was so card did Iceland it was so cold and I’m
not big on the the cold weather but I think for a photography it would be a
good place to go good opportunity there oh wow that guy I didn’t know that let’s
see to the Blue Lagoon okay so Nika say cheese is t-mobile and
has free international data yeah I have Verizon I’ve just have Verizon all this
time and so I’m not willing to switch but what I have what I’m interested in
doing is getting the Google Phi so getting like a an older like a pixel two
phone just buying it on like a broken not broken but
or they call it whatever with a yeah broken when they break the phone where
you can you can use it whatever they do I don’t I don’t know how the lingo you
guys gonna help me out but anyway getting one online
I think Amazon sells them for like – you can give them like for 200 bucks maybe
refurbished or something and then get a google fight card and then you pay I
think 20 dollars a month to have the service and so have two phones so when I
travel internationally I have a phone that I can use this last time in with
Verizon I got move I got beat up really bad as far as the as far as the charges
I had just got my bill and I was like oh but good so I need ice till need to call
them on that because I don’t know if all that stuff was right that wasn’t what
they quoted me but I very rarely use my phone for data but when we went to
Carnivale I had to because we couldn’t we had to communicate and we were all
staying in different hotels and so I needed to be able to communicate with
them and say hey where are you guys I’m standing over here right in front of
this building okay and then we’d meet up that kind of way so I I had to have my
data so I used my dad at this time and I had it like I got an additional like
plan so I had some calling time and then I had some data but I went over way over
on my data so next time I’m gonna spend just spend the money and have an extra
phone that I can use out there okay oh this have made so main said why’s the
the hashtags still about the chase freedom so the hashtags and I always
forget to do this I need to meet I’ll change it right after the video and yeah
that does hurt because people are looking now they’re they’re you know it
hurts people coming in new people come in because I see it’s you know the chase
freedom but it’s in the description so you put the hashtags in the description
auda matically populates up to the top so if I have the same description which
there’s description stays the same but you can change it for each livestream
we’ll just automatically do that so oh I will change it yeah that’s that’s bad on
my part I can probably change it right now huh honestly yeah that looks bad
people are like what is this all right what are our hashtags let’s pick
hashtags here JetBlue we talked about the JetBlue plus card and JetBlue to
London I don’t know if this changes on the fly though we’ll see and new JetBlue
route routes all right let’s just all save all changes saved so it might have
changed it if you refresh it I guess it might change it so yeah thanks thanks
for telling me that main that does hurt it hurts the algorithms because they
think it’s something else they come in they see it’s not and they leave it’s
like oh I wanted to learn about that card but he’s not talking about it okay
let’s see decompressing is a great thing so that is L and loose under this
learning so you teach Spanish I need to learn help me yeah I need to learn the
messages you have a channel and they lose learning it’s the other illusion
isn’t it may be the same yeah and as far as decompressing yeah I just like to be
able to kind of get away in getting away it helps me because in my job there’s
some stress like in most people’s job you’re dealing with stress and it’s it’s
good to get away another thing and my uncle taught me this he was a
firefighter so he was on call from time to time and I’m on call as well and so
he used to go on cruises all the time or he would leave the country
and he said that he would do that because if he’s on vacation he wants to
be on vacation he doesn’t want to be like taking time off and be local still
because now people still calling you up and usually I mean in in most worlds if
you’re on call they all call you up they’re still gonna expect you to hey no
you need to call so and so or they really want you just to help them it’s
an easy quits an easy answer right so easy question I just have a question can
you just answer for me real quick so one of the things he would do he’s gonna
he’d get on a boat cuz if he’s on a boat he really can’t do anything right so
he’s on vacation or he’d leave the country because if he leaves the country
hey I’m sorry I left the country I didn’t get your call but I’ll take care
of it now oh it’s too late oh darn so he taught me that long time ago like when
you travel like if you go on vacation go somewhere leave like leave the country
or leave go on a boat that way you’re not easily accessible where people can
call you in for different things or just call you period right like if I’m if I’m
on vacation that’s another good thing about being on vacation really you very
rather than like you tell your friends in your family so they know you’re out
and you might talk to him every once in a while but like yeah you’re just just a
way you’re able to decompress then come back to work and and usually me my work
perk that productivity goes up when I come back let’s put it that way but if I
was traveling within the u.s. I’m still I’m still here if I go to Vegas I’m
still here like I had a this happened to me about three years ago like I said I’m
on call so I wanted to go to Vegas it was just a weekend trip I wasn’t on
vacation vacation was just like a weekend trip we were going to Vegas
every year we go for the Superbowl so I told my co-workers hey you know I’m
going to Vegas but I’m still available by phone shouldn’t say that but I am so
anyway I’m in Vegas and actually it wasn’t the Superbowl it was I was going
to a convention WPP is a wedding in professional photographer
convention or portrait photography convention so I was there and it was
like Friday night and having a good time getting ready to go to the like they do
these happy hour break out things sessions so they were doing a happy hour
breakout session and so I’m there and I get a phone call and it’s a phone call
that I had to deal with but I had to use my computer my work computer so I had to
actually go back up to the hotel room luckily I was in the same hotel the
happy I was in the same hotel that I was in it was at the MGM Grand so I had to
go up to the hotel room put that info that I needed to put a you know into the
computer and then go back and enjoy my my happy hour so yeah sometimes it’s
good to get away decompress hey I can’t have my computer when I’m in another
country I don’t even bring my work phone when
I’m in another country so yeah you get to kind of get away from all that all
right oh let’s see let’s work our way down
here Lionel he says he buys a local SIM card
when I get to the destination I’ve heard of that like you know I’m big on
technology when it comes to camera equipment all that stuff but I don’t
know anything about phones it’s kind of sad I need to really rush up in and get
that but if you have an unlocked phone that’s trying to think of it before a
broken phone an unlocked phone then you can you can use the SIM card get a SIM
card and use that but I just heard that Google Phi is just a little more
convenient because it’s like $20 and then you pay you pay per gigabyte or
something like that so it’s it’s another phone that the way I look at it another
phone that I can just have I already have a Google Voice number so in my mind
I’m thinking I can have two phones and just pay that $20 a month so when I’m in
the u.s. I’m paying $20 a month when I leave and I go to to a different country
then I can just use it there and then whatever data I use is what I use
certain countries like Colombia I know like you there they’re their data plans
they don’t have like unlimited like we have here well not all of us
have well I have like unlimited data with my Verizon because I’ve had that
account like I was grandfathered in when they had the limited data and they don’t
like ramp it down like it’s just a regular but I paid a premium for that
I’m paying a lot more than you can get a better deal if you if you get the
unlimited data that they’re offering now but it does ramp down after so much use
I don’t use my dad a half as much as I used to I used to use a lot more because
I used it as a like a Wi-Fi hotspot I would use it for that
back when let’s see if there if there they used to have an app that would
allow you to do it and then they they block that app verizon blocked it
because they want you to purchase their their Wi-Fi hotspot thing let’s see
but yeah Lionel buying a SIM card is something that that I would look into
definitely look into but I think Google Fire I think that that would actually
work for me better because then like I like I said I can have two phones I
don’t mind having two phone actually it’ll be three cuz I have a work for
them too okay t-mobile Sprint have free data internationally okay that’s good to
know and I’ve been with Verizon forever it’s been years and years and I just
keep them I don’t know I’m I’m fine with them so going faster burns more fuel
okay yeah you know what I guess they do so if they have fuel to burn they can
burn more fuel but yeah my mom she she’s all scared of a blade I’m thinking oh
it’ll be okay they always say this you know try to make up time in the air you
know what they usually do make up yeah let’s see these see it’s hilarious yeah
it was pretty funny oh okay yeah one of my favorites yeah one of my friends has
never flown past seven hours for anything longer yeah so that guy said no
yeah one of his friends has never phone past seven hours it’s tough man
that 10-hour flight and I’d like I said I didn’t want an economy that was a
tough flight it was really tough and I generally if it’s a six hour flight
I can sit I can sit for the whole you know III usually I’ll usually get up at
least once to go to the restroom but I could sit for six hours and not like be
and still be okay but that 10 hour flight man I was up and down in that
last three hours I was walking back and forth going back to the galley and just
hanging out there yeah it was it was pretty tough it was tough
that was the economy now business class yeah I was good I want it to be a little
longer can you make a couple extra laps for us and see okay booked a flight to
the Philippines 14 hours non-stop 60,000 Amex points for November oh good good
for you that guy congratulations that’s a good deal really good deal
ten hours is not so bad yeah it’s bad for me
I believe you may be able to get a business let’s see I’ll get a business
SIM card you’re saying our business Kanika like at the city that guy was
sitting in the philippines manila going to manila 60,000 the senate bonus for
platinum i would do that all 50 states for personal all repeats or business and
that so how long do you take your 50 states that’s what I want to know that
may be used for that already maybe five to ten ships I never said you have to go
to every state I thought that’s what you were saying go to every unit say go to
all 50 something you said going off 50 states
maybe I wasn’t mistaken I No ooh let’s see level dica why not
main there’s usually no speed limit in the air unless it’s around an airport
but there are limits to how fast a plane could fiscally fly okay yeah that makes
sense kind of like a car right so if you drive
your car faster then you burn more fuel like we have the what the economy
whatever that light is that the efficient fuel light or something you
guys aren’t talking about are going full power in a case of the headwind
okay Dec just said it’s hard to compare up to the u.s. it’s hard to compare the
u.s. two countries if you’ve never left your hometown in America just as hard to
compare to the US countries wait I’m reading this wrong but I did I
don’t know it’s in my eye too let’s see just said it’s hard to compare
to the US two countries if you’ve never left your hometown in America okay all
right I agree with that my economy limit is eight to ten hour
yeah eight to ten hours a smile saying his economy limit yeah mine isn’t even
oh I I made it I made the 10-hour flight so I guess I could I could manage a
10-hour flight in economy I work with a lot of Filipinos I said Manila is a city
like of the city like in business I want to go to the I was in Cuba yeah there’s
a lot that’s one thing in the Philippines in Thailand when I went
there a lot of different islands and go to and those islands are just beautiful
what’s going on pariah let’s see I’ve been to nine countries
that’s main saying that and I’ve been to I mean I had some repeats but I’ve been
to seven seven or eight different countries something like that but like I
said Colombia not counting the repeats but Colombia
I’ve been there four times so I’m a repeat customer there I guess I have
high pain tolerance my longest travel was also to Manila and it was 38 hours
four stops $4,400 wow that’s crazy yeah the Thailand trip that I took that’s
that that guy say in ISO thirty eight hour flight four stops that Thailand
trip was three stops and it was thirty hours but one of the layover was like
eight hours which was just nuts I think I got thirty countries under my belt Wow
good for you Nika you have to think about it let’s see vanilla is there’s a
city Sony can watch the boat Greenland and see you like in a day in New York
Singapore the flights that stopped the frame food so pricey and the AT&T has
international plans $10 a day for a limited voice and data wow that sounds
really good the one that they quoted me with Verizon was something like $25 it
gave me a certain amount of minutes to use the phone and then the data was like
one gigabyte or something and like I said I need to call him just to find out
exactly but I went way over that the data and like my bill was $70 higher I
don’t know I need to I need to find out what happened maybe they can take some
of those charges off because they told me that it was gonna that after that one
gigabyte was was done that they were it was over that they were going to send me
a text telling me if I want asking me if I wanted to increase it and I never got
that text but I had to have gone way over because I paid 25 an additional so
that’s another $50 that that I went that came from something so I have to find
now okay let’s move down this stuff here okay okay so we’re talking about
different phones here I’ll go ahead and move down just a little bit see if
there’s anything else talking about prices he loves Google what am I missing
here you’re talking about iPhone Samsung
phones Apple skipped iPhone 9 for everyone okay so main city
he’s down 12 flights on u9 and so these long-haul flights or you just say never
again and I’ve never flown that Economy Plus I guess that would be something
like that JetBlue even more seat seat experience okay sidekick phone back in the day ya know
one of those like I didn’t have one but I remember those sidekick phones I
should weren’t like you just think of where phones of God like count like how
far they’ve come I should say seven were the first phone that I got and I got it
it was one of those phones were it wasn’t quite a brick but it was pretty
big and I only got it because when I was traveling back and forth from college
when mom wanted me to have a phone that way if something went wrong I could use
it for that but that’s the only time I use it I left it in the in the car just
put it in the in the glove compartment but that was the first phone I had and
then you started getting the flip phones and the razors and all that good stuff
and then they started making these smart phones the blackberries I guess first
and then they started getting into the whole smart phones and and I’m I’m with
I think pariahs talking about Samsung I’ve had a Samsung phone they’re like
all the Samsung phones I pretty much have but I will try the Google pixel
next but I like like the the stamps on the note I like those phones so I just
like to be able to pull it out and jot things down when I need to so that’s
what I use let’s see I have 35 countries so far so lying on 35 countries well
that’s good yeah I’m Way behind you guys I need to catch up I’ve been traveling
for what two on a regular I’ve been traveling for about two and a half years
so I still have a lot of time to to make up when I say travel I’m talking about
side travel like I’ve traveled within the u.s. I’ve been going to different
places but going outside of the country let’s see all right let’s move through we get it
we’re talking about a lot of different things here talking about Walmart what
the heck yeah kind of me clothes it’s like too
much more like too much more so that guy’s saying that Economy Plus on United
it’s like two inches more like room but actually two inches is good I don’t know
if you’re saying that as two inches is fine it’s better because my knee hits
the front of the out of that seat in front of me on a regular economy to
start like a regular pitch like I don’t know like 31 or whatever that is yeah my
knee hits the the front so I have to kind of like move my foot down cuz if I
have my knees up they’re gonna hit and I’m I’m six foot so I can’t imagine
people who are taller than that are really really pushing all right I don’t
know how we got on the TVs I missed something okay
yeah so alright guys I am gonna go ahead and take off I appreciate everybody
stopping by will be back on tomorrow so Sunday night livestream I haven’t picked
the topic yet but I thought I think line I’ll put a post up and we’re definitely
gonna talk about the post that he put on Facebook the Facebook group if you guys
have not joined the Facebook group jump in
join the party join the conversation here’s the link here and just join and
then we’ll we’ll accept you in and you can see what we’re talking about we’re
talking about travel stuff we’re talking about travel credit cards we have an
area where you can get in there we have referral links and things like that of
differ for different credit cards you can hit us up like hey what do you think
about the Tea Sapphire reserve you haven’t you’ve had it for how long what
do you like about it what don’t you like about it so that kind of stuff we can do
a lot of dialogue dialoguing when it comes to that so it’s a great place for
you to get information with about travel cred
cards as well as travel and we can talk about we can have David talk about all
the places he’s been to and in the u.s. if you’re interested in going the US as
far as leaving going outside of the country you can talk about that as well
you talk about American Express car all this good stuff we just talked about
everything so it’s a good place for that ah let’s see you can chase afar sir
sucks alright it’s gonna be team chase team Chase Sapphire and team a mix let’s
see okay a little tease ever I preferred alright guys so if you have any other
questions just put in the chat right now if you don’t then we will go for the
night and we’ll be back on tomorrow and then we’ll also be on Monday too so you
guys can stop by on Monday Monday we’ll be talking about Columbia we’ll see if
we can have a heated discussion like we did last time I never got that guy never
contacted me again but yeah we’ll see if we can have another life lively
conversation about that about Columbia people have some some opinions about it
so we’ll talk oh let’s see explanting them is harder to make up now for the
annual fee that you suffer sir okay you guys are getting a pig all debate about
this hey you know what use the card that works for you don’t worry about what
other cards everybody else has you have an American Express and you like it and
it works for you you’re able to use it the uber credits and and you you mainly
work with in the US as far as is uh who they work with in the u.s. travel with
in the US and you use the AMX gold and you know you can go that route alright the contact year if you block him how is
who how does that guy supposed to contact you if you block blocked him I
blocked him who did that block did I block that guy No
what is he laughing I don’t know what’s going on I missed the joke if there’s a
joke out there yeah oh how is that oh how is that guy supposed to contact me
if I block him from the I don’t know how it works if you block someone from a
chat can they he could still he could still reach out to me in other ways but
I don’t know if he if I block them from because they’re different let me see
what it says on here I don’t know exactly which one I did like let me see
if I can so there’s and I’m just looking at the different features there’s a
report there’s remove there’s put a user in timeout there’s a highlight a user on
this channel so I can’t remember which one I did I might have put him on a
timeout yeah I don’t I don’t think I hit him completely but yeah I might have put
a lot of time out so you don’t have to like completely blocked him like you can
put it in where they can still come back in later time okay guys I will talk to
you guys tomorrow thanks for stopping by and if you guys do have any other
questions on your way out though please hit the like button and if you are new
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now and I did I’m doing another I’m changing my if you go to my page for the
first time you have that little video that plays automatically so I’m changing
that it just making it because back then when I did
that it was more travel photography related I’m still gonna have that travel
photography aspect but I’m talking a lot more about travel credit cards and stuff
now so I just wanted to update it so I will be doing that all right
what do we have going on here you guys are still talking see okay all right you guys are having a blast
all right so I’m gonna have to take off though and we’ll be back out tomorrow so
we’ll be able to continue this discussion tomorrow all right guys thank
you for stopping by and I don’t know if you guys can keep track chatting after I
leave but I’ll leave it on just for a little bit so you guys can chat but I am
gonna go to the go to the in screen so come back tomorrow please subscribe to
the channel like the video see you tomorrow bye

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