๐Ÿ”ต TD Jakes 2019 Sermons – “Freedom From Your Tight Place!”

Matthew 26 36 through 46, when you have
it say Amen. Then cometh Jesus with them unto a place called Gethsemane and saith
unto the disciples sit here while I go and pray younger and he took with him
Peter and the two sons of Zebedee and began to be solved for and very heavy
then saith he unto them my soul is exceedingly sorrowful even unto death
tarry ye here and watch with me and he went a little further and fell on his
face and prayed saying O my father if it be possible let this cup pass from me
nevertheless not as I will but it’s now will and he cometh unto the disciples
and findeth they were asleep and said unto Peter what could you not watch with
me one watch and pray that she enter not into temptation the spirit indeed is
willing but the flesh is weak he went away again the second time and prayed
saying O my father if this cup may not pass away from me except I drink it thy
will be done he came and found them asleep again for their eyes were heavy
and he left them and went away again and prayed the third time saying the same
words then cometh heed to him to fight with my faith unto them sleep on now
take your rest the whole the hour is at hand and the Son of Man is betrayed into
the hands of the sinner’s rise let us be going behold he is at hand that does
betray me I want to talk from this text remain standing we want to pray but I
want to talk from the Tech’s I believe that there were three
extremely significant moments that propel Christ into his destiny three of
them and I believe that these moments reflect moments in your life in between
you and your destiny the wilderness the garden and the cross the wilderness the
garden and the cross the wilderness is a place of personal temptation the cross
is a place where carnality is destroyed but the garden if the place where God
begins to take us through a tight place if you’ve never been through a tight
place then you won’t understand what would make you keep saying the same
prayer over and over again god it’s it’s me
again I don’t have anything new to tell you I
just want to say the same thing I said yesterday would you fix this or fix me
or fix something the next day Lord it’s me again
nothing has changed and I need to talk to you about this again I have no
updates I have no new information but I’m coming to you because I have nobody
else you are the god of my type places good
god I can sit down now because I can tell first of all before I
preach let me tell you that that that you can’t preach this text from a
seminary you have to have come back from a cemetery you have to have been between a rock and
a hard place and and had trouble on every side of you
to know how effective your relationship with God becomes in tight places and I
sense that there are others in the room who understand what it’s like to cry
under God from a tight place it is to them that we minister this morning
father I thank you for your goodness and grace I thank you for your presence in
this building I thank you for your faithfulness and your commitment to us
humbly confess that you’ve been better to me than I’ve been to you and I thank
you for you been faithful when I wasn’t faithful when I got tired you didn’t get
tired when I gave up you didn’t give up I thank you for being the god of tight
places bless all around this room those who got up this morning and came out
purely to seek your face just just shine on them and those that may have just
wandered in don’t really know why they came invited and pushed in and coerced
in let something supernatural happen while they’re here today in Jesus name
we pray somebody shout a man you may be seated in the presence of the Lord sometimes my greatest problem is not
knowing for sure how things will turn out several years ago doctor all Roberts
came to this church and began to minister and during our time of
fellowship I said to him dr. Roberts it must be wonderful to be you and he said
why I said because you’re an old man if nickel Confed what’s wonderful about
being an old man I replied because you know how your
story ends and you live long enough to stand around and see the grand finale of
your effectiveness what you’ve done how your children turned out how your career
has progressed your books written your message accomplished and you’re still
standing on the stage taking an encore in the winter of your life it must be
wonderful to know how your story is now I know you say you know but everybody
thinks they know people have babies and will them houses and property at six
months old because they think they know how the story will end they spend
thousands of dollars in elaborate weddings because they think they know how the
story will in they pack up and move from one end of the country to the other end
or from one part of the world to another part of the world to take a job they
pull up all of their stakes leave everything they know to take a job
because they think they know how the story ends but it’s a long ways from a
six month old to a 36 year old and a lot of things can happen to little junior
it’s a long ways from a wedding-cake to a silver anniversary cake and a lot of
things can happen in between it’s a long ways from taking a job to getting a gold
watch after 20 years and a lot of things can happen between men and the truth of
the matter is part of our agony lies in the uncertainty of not being sure things
are going in most people don’t really get engaged in their life they stand
like lawyers with their nose pressed up against the window plane watching their
life not completely attached to it trying to protect themselves from it
because they’re not really sure how the story’s going to end I believe that most
people have a wedding years before they get married that they’ve had the wedding and they
stay together and they are legally attached but it takes a long time for
them to really be joined together what the Bible says for this cause shall a
man leave his mother and father and take them to them a wife and they so cleave
that cleaning process is not done in a 30-minute ceremony it takes years for
people to clean to the point that they’re really what I call all-in yeah
yeah they’re physically there but just become somebody’s physically there that
means that they’re mentally and emotionally their people can be there
and still not be all in some of you sitting here now still have your nose
pressed against the windowpane of your relationship just in case not really
loving with your whole heart you you you attached to a degree emotionally but a
certain part of your heart you have protected and encased in a shrine of
protection to keep yourself from being hurt just in case and they don’t even
know that a part of you is just a single as it was before the wedding because I
don’t want to mess with you this morning I know it’s Sunday morning I’m not gonna
bother you you work the job you come to this job you punch the clock you do the
assignment but they’re really not getting the best out of you because
you’re not really sure now whether you are as excited about being there as you
were when you started because you’re not sure you have a certain insecurity about
how things are going to end and insecurity can give you terrible torment
insecurity can keep you up at 3 o’clock in the morning insecurity can make you
leave a way of escape out of a place that you enjoy being in and security can
make you angry insecurity they can make you overreact to situations insecurity
can change your personality and security can escort your position on any issue
not because anything terrible have happened but perchance it might happen
insecurity can bring out strange things even in good people
and it will play havoc with evil people insecurity is not something you want to
minimize and so I’ve been in some tight places places that that made you wonder
am I gonna make it through this alive and I I just don’t know whether I can
make it through this I made it through that I made it through that and I dealt
with that over there but this thing that I’m facing right now is so overwhelming
and I’m tired see see can you feel me see if I wasn’t
tired if it would have caught me 10 years ago or 20 years ago it would be a
problem but it caught me tired and disenfranchised and disoriented then and
somewhat cynical can see when things catch you early you’re optimistic what
we call being optimistic is often naivety because you don’t know what all
could happen you know young people they do crazy things because they don’t know
what could happen and and and they don’t understand why as you get older you get
careful it’s not that that age has made you timid it’s just that after you’ve
seen what could happen all of a sudden I used to I used to drive at 140 miles an
hour screaming and laughing with no seat belt on but after I saw enough car
wrecks happen I buckled my seat belt and back down to 55 it’s not that I don’t
like the excitement anymore but I know what I used to not go to the doctor when I
saw an odd or dark spot break out in a strange place but after I saw so many
people develop cancer and die now when I see something I start shaking it every
day because because because it could be a bruise but it could be something else
and I don’t I know now what could happen and then you find yourself in a tight
place I wonder have you ever got tired in a tight place a tight place is a
place when you’re not there yet you’re closer than you were but you’re not
there yet and now it’s a challenge to get to the next level and you’re not
sure that you got the push that you used to have and you’re in a tight place add
to that have you ever secretly been in a tight
place yeah secretly secretly still smiling good morning oh yes it’s a hot
one today isn’t it this is gonna be a scorcher I don’t know how long it’s
going to last oh I tell you and it’s soon they walk away easy just smiling at appropriate times bowing
when you’re supposed to shake your hands when you’re supposed to and and
surrounded by people who do not realize they don’t have a clue that you met me
in a tight place that I’m smiling from a tight place that I’m that I’m working
from a tight place and I’m doing a PowerPoint presentation but my mind is
not even on the presentation I’ve just done this so long that I know how to do
what I do what I need to do like I do but I’m really thinking about what’s
going on back over here cuz I’m I’m in a tight place and don’t mess with me right
now cuz if you do I’m a really just on you you won’t even know why I reacted
like that because you never had a clue that I was doing the presentation but I
was really in a tight place it’s very human has nothing to do with being poor
or rich or black or white or male or female it’s just a human thing to have
uncertainty and anxiety and to live your life from a tight place and I can
understand it quite clearly when it comes to me and you but but but today in
my text this is not an ordinary person this is Jesus and there are several distinctives he is
the only begotten son of God he is the eternal son of God he is in the board
room of the Godhead and the counsel of God’s own divinity he was there when the
worlds were framed before there were the where or when or this or that he was the
word that dispatched from the father’s mouth when he said let there be Christ
with the proceeding prevailing word that came out of the mouth of the Father do
you not remember in the beginning was the word and the Word was with God and
the Word was God all things were made by him and without him was not anything
made that was made he knows the beginning and according to
John the Revelator he knows the end he’s not just alpha
he’s Omega the first and the last the beginning and the end according to the
scriptures he is omniscient online science all-knowing since to know all
now all he knows all things the one thing we are clear Jesus knows how the
story is going to end he is not doubtful as to whether he’s going to come out of
this he knows that when everything is said and he says things like if you
destroy the temple in three days I’ll raise it back up again he knows who he
is even as Jonah was in the belly of the
fish for three days social the Son of man be
in the lower parts of the earth he knows he will rise again he knows it he knows
it he has the assurance that if he will get out of this yet face to face with
the process that precedes the promise sometimes you can have the promise have
faith in the promise believe is going to happen but when you
run head-on into the process the process is so staggering and so painful that you
say Lord I wonder and I know I will but I wonder I know what you said but I
wonder I’ve already seen it but I wonder I’ve already got a vision but I wonder I
already saw myself put them out of debt but I wonder already saw myself
overcoming but I was a bit uncertain I I think it I still believe it’s true that
the Garden of Gethsemane was about the alignment of human will with divine will
that all we are saying is is a needle coming to a 12 o’clock position that
that the will of the Sun is just lining up through prayer with the will of the
Father like 12 noon when two ladles meet at one point I used to think I used to
think that the whole process the ticking it’s just the minute hand lining up with
the hour hand until they become one at 12 noon pointed in the same direction I used to think that that the whole
process we got to watch its watch how difficult it is to bring your will into
alignment with God’s and it really is it really is it really is difficult to
bring your will into alignment with God because sometimes God wants things for
me I hate to say this because maybe you
won’t want me to be your pastor but but sometimes God wants things for me that I
don’t want so myself and and sometimes God makes choices for me without asking my opinion and it seems like I would
like for it to be a time in my life where sometimes he would be the minute
hand and I would be to our hand and he would just bring his power and his
resources and his money and his potential in alignment with what I want let him do some moving up in this mother
cup because I already know how I want this Fattah why do I always have to be
the one to lose why do I always have to be the one that gives up on my plane my
dreams and my goals and who said I wanted to be a preacher
anyway who said I want to move to Chicago and who told you I want to be in
this marriage and I want to drive this same car so on one level is quite clear to me
that we are watching wheels coming into alignment to form that 12noon vertical
position where everything both me and God are both looking toward the same
direction at the same time that is enough to drive you into fervent prayer
that alone but it occurs to me that there’s something deeper going on here
than that that in reality of what is really going on is I am getting an
opportunity to see what it is like to walk with God who has shown me the end
from the beginning but didn’t show me the middle and and sometimes
face-to-face not with the end not with the beginning but faced with the middle
it becomes stressful now Isaiah has said I’m not born Yemen I their affair they
that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength they shall mount up a
wings like eagles they shall run and not be weary they shall walk in my frame and
it’s wonderful it’s wonderful to wait but but waiting can be great pressure
and it seems unfair that I have to wait when I am a finite individual dealing
with an infinite God when I am a temporal man dealing with an eternal God
and you asked me to wait you asked me for something I have the least of you
asked me for time you got eternity you don’t have nothing to do for eternity
I’m getting old while I’m waiting now I know I know y’all don’t have a
talk like this but this visit my Sunday to confess something I tell look look
you got all of eternity to wait for this you can just take a bath and eat a
doughnut and drink some coffee you don’t have to worry about this but why are you
waiting to heal me waiting to bless me waiting to bring me
out of death waiting to send me a wife waiting to send me a husband have you
noticed my leaves going out my back is hurting
my head didn’t break I got crows feet on my lips and I am didn’t Oh you know y’all when you when you get pro
feed on your lips you know when you when people walk up to you and say you’re
smiling and you’re not Jesus does not go into the garden to
find out how the story ends he’s trying to deal with the middle and most of us
in here are struggling to deal with the middle we know that somehow or other in
the end we’re going to win but but in the meantime while we’re waiting on this
happy ending what about this hateful middle oh I got a happy ending covered
but this hateful middle is a mess this hateful middle I mean that’s what you
write stories about a novels about it books about this hateful middle not
happy people say but what makes a happy ending hateful middle and some of you
right now God has promised happy ending but you gotta come to the Garden of
Gethsemane a garden is supposed to be a beautiful place isn’t it funny how you
can have an ugly problem in a beautiful place finally got the how fitting it lovely new drapes floral arrangement that
picture you put on layaway you finally got it out and put it over the fireplace
isn’t it beautiful and before you could really enjoy how nice it is now you got
an ugly problem going on so bad that you don’t even look at the picture anymore
because you may be in a garden but you got an ugly problem the garden is called
the garden of gethsemane it literally means the place oppressing the place of
pressing the place where olives crush and oil is secreted the place in
the middle the place where pressure mounts is different from the wilderness
because in the wilderness we have an enemy that we can argue with in the
cross we have a physical problem we can see in the garden there’s nothing to be
seen just pressure there used to be a bridge in West
Virginia Point Pleasant I believe called the Silver Bridge it collapse one day it
collapse no bombs no explosives it collapsed one day cars have been going
across this bridge for years just coming and going just go come on go on rich
just doing what it’s supposed to do and one day our cars were going to cause the
mover it collapse from pressure too many things had gone across it too many times
without inner support the great strong bridge collapsed without dynamite or
explosives or enemies or assassins this too many things had gone across it too
many times and Old Faithful became old falling because of pressure Jesus is in
the Garden of Gethsemane trying not to crack the five thousand that he feared
down by the sea that pastor Owens was preaching about Sunday night they’re
gone out of bread out of fish people get where they can
get nothing else from you soon as you run out of them twelve
baskets full you got left baby gone so did you stop handing out free lunch there because I thought nowhere to be
found the 70 elders after they cast out Devils and got their positions and got
their titles they were gone the twelve disciples he says wait right here and
about said he went on a little further because as pressure gets tighter you
begin to separate more and more from those around you because pressure
separates you from fellowship and fraternity because little by little you
begin with a real life ain’t nobody going through this with me in white it’s like his violence patience
with my wife was having a baby she was having a baby and she was in labor and I
was checking on her and going back go get from need come back check on her
again okay come on back make a few phone calls
come back check on her again and whenever I came to check on her I get
about a hand Sam with you I’m with you and they say I’ll be Jake’s what are you
doing in town I said we’re having a baby have you ever heard them say we’re
having a baby they’re lying we’re having a baby we are not having a
baby she if having a baby I was looking at the machine to see when the
contractions came I was telling her here comes another one that was okay for the
first three hours but at four hours she told me shut up I know I hate to look at
a machine to see something that she was heaven because she could feel the
pressure of the contraction on the inside and when you are under pressure
came about it feeling oh God y’all don’t hear what I’m saying hold in
my hand and saying cute stuff does not make you connected to the level of
suffering that I am going through shit and me a card doesn’t mean that you are
with me when the pressure is on is there anybody in here who’s going through the
power and people don’t seem to understand so Jesus drops the 12 and he went on a
little further he went all cuz he didn’t have any choice
this was his baby his pressure his contraction his stress nice doctors
his inner circle his inner circle these your boys these are your boys your inner
circle your confidence and he says I want you to be agreeing with me and
prayer you know you know church people we played it we free the nicest things
when you’re really going through I’m agreeing with you in prayer
don’t worry whether I’m interceding for you and and they walk away if they bless
them Lord because because they don’t want to forget to pray for you now the
reason that they run the risk of forgetting to pray for you is that they
don’t feel the pressure see I can’t forget to pray for me because I feel the
pressure I’m trying to push this sucker out but you are so comfortable if you
don’t hurry up and pray you could forget I got a cancerous tumor you could forget
that they’re coming to get my car tomorrow at 4 o’clock you could forget
that this is my second eviction notice and I still have no job you could forget
I can’t forget so Jesus went I want to go further and that’s what pressure does
for you it makes you go on a little further
he sits to the three he says pray with me he goes into the garden to pray he
comes out just just the way we vacillate when we’re up under pressure looking for
somebody who connects he just comes back just just not that he thinks that they
have more clout with the father than him but for the fellowship of suffering just
would you suffer with me oh that I may know him in the Fellowship
of his suffering you know anybody wants to know you in
the power of your resurrection but have you ever suffered to the point that you
just wanted somebody fellowship with me in this yeah don’t give me no quick
answers no simple solution if you come in and I’m groaning and crying you groan
and cry when I grunt you grunt if my legend disturbs you put your legs to the
stir because it would give me some comfort
just an oldest somebody else can you feel me and he walks up on him and
they’re asleep and his frustration is obvious have you ever walked up to your
closest people say you wanna just you love them you love them but she
still because you don’t seem to connect with what I’m going through 10 you watch
with me one hour he goes by getting prey because when you’re up under pressure
you want to connect on a human level this just be with me come sit in the
hospital and the waiting room with me just wait with me go go to the
courthouse with me I know you’re not alone you I know you didn’t even finish
high school just just just you don’t know anything about law litigation you
don’t know anything buy anything just ride down there with me be with me your
presence the presence everything every support base around you disappoints you
everybody you call it line is busy everybody you reach out to they’re
distracted by something else and and the pressure is mounting and you are alone
and lack a carpenter with a piece of wood in a vise every moment it gets
tighter because you’re in a tight place whoever I’m preaching to today
you are in a tight place normally you don’t break normally you don’t crack
normally you can be sociable normally you’re connected normally you are given
but right now you’re in a tight place and when people are in a tight place I
always say desperate people do desperate things when you touch it you know can i
connect hey hey you wish me you wince me you with me okay all right I’ll come
back and check later ya-ya-ya-ya-ya what makes you keep going
back to something that ain’t working have nowhere else to go I know you sleep
you probably gonna be sleep when I get back mama check you later
just in case because when we’re up under pressure we have a tendency to reach for
stuff that really don’t work wonder what you’re reaching for they really don’t
worry have you identified your sleepy soldiers because that’s the pressure
mounts one of the things that God has to get out of you if a proclivity that we
all have to need one another to be something that we will not be and God
can’t really give the glory out of your life until your expectations are removed
from things that don’t work now I can’t tell you how long that’s
gonna take because Jesus went back three times
checking on folks who were somewhere else while he was under pressure he goes
– he goes from talking to them to talking to the Father father if it be
thy will past this bitter cup from me ain’t hear nothing over there would you
watch with me one hour and get nothing over there not my will but thine be done
go back out there are you sleep again but the third time sometimes you have to pray through a
process and a period to find the god of your tight places this is not going to
be no microwave quick fast slam-dunk johnny-come-lately evie obtain
breakthrough in your life you have to go through a process to finally get to the
place in your life where you have made that level of contact the Bible says
Paul did it two three times he prayed Oh take the sword out of my flesh get this
thing out of me this is driving me three times the Apostle Paul had to pray about
the same thing before he made contact with God and God said my grace is I’m
not gonna move it your marriage will not be better your child don’t stare like
crazy but my grace appreciated you don’t need what you thought you need
who you thought you needed hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah
hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah my grace is
sufficient but Lord I’m not a walker my grace is sufficiently long I’m in a
wheelchair I understand but my grace is sufficient for thee I’m not going to
heal every blind person I know you blind person doesn’t get healed every Lane
person does start walking but my grace sometimes the happy ending is not that
everything works out the way you wanted to
sometimes the happy in me it’s walking with God till you come to a place bet it
doesn’t bother you anymore we gotta stop preaching this magic
Christian religion where everybody becomes a millionaire
everybody’s riding a Porsche if everybody gets a degree
nobody ever gets sick all your children turn out wonderful it everybody’s
marriage works a demo if some of that stuff is not gonna work out I want to
tell you this Sunday morning that there is a grace for every garden you’re in
there the grace for every Gethsemane you face there the grace frame and press are
you indeed there the grace for every tragedy that process down your human he said you’re saying to God I’m just
like that silver bracelet if one more car goes across this old bridge I’m
gonna crack I just cannot deal with another thing but God is saying no man
built you built you to my divine specifications
and I took in the consideration every car that could come across your bridge
and I built you in such a way you might not be pretty you may be rusty you may
be the paint job you may not be the finest technology but I got strength in
places in you that you haven’t even seen all of your sisters and brothers had
beautiful children you picked up a bassinet painted a room got wallpaper
and birthed a child with Down syndrome your child’s born deformed can’t send it
back this isn’t Spiegel catalog brought them up for prayer condition persists
what do we do when things don’t turn out the way we expected we find ourself in a
tight place and all God says is my grace it’s sufficient for you
you got married got marry thought everything was gonna be wonderful never
thought that your husband would be invalid that your wife would end up in a
wheelchair and then you are rolling somebody you expect it to be hugging and
God says my grace is sufficient for thee a widow at 25 and God says my grace is
sufficient for thee 25 years you’ve been by yourself God says my grace is
sufficient for thee didn’t think you could raise their child by yourself did
you but God said my grace is sufficient and by us got a husband a helper but God
said my grace is sufficient for me anybody else got somebody they can go to
but God said boy am i preaching – I just wanna know
who ended throw your hands up and think the God of your tight places right now if you’re in the tight place your honor
you got to learn how to pray them from a tight place China balsa Oh God oh my god
oh my god oh my god oh god oh god it’s me again it’s biggest I’m in your face
again I’m looking for you again I’m calling your name again Here I am Lord
the pressure is mounting the storms arriving the enemy’s ruined but lord I
thank you because you’re the god of my tight places you’re the god am I not
enough you’re the god of my wilderness experience you’re the god of my
disappointment you’re the god of my circumstance I
thank you for being the god of my tight places the god of my suffering cloud the
god of my failing marriage the God of my unemployment the god of my failing
kidneys the god of my diabetes god oh my god bitch shit I won’t tell you know I’m
always getting these people come up who want my auntie Lauren told me he was
gonna give me TV Jason’s anointing I’m preaching places and you throw my
handkerchief out I couldn’t get it magnet take your handkerchief fuck it’s
annoying that handkerchief take the handkerchief home oh my god
he’s anointing in many sweat pretty much seem like sweat to me but they say in
the 90 of in this way then there’s some people come on lay your hands on me
brother just let your anointing I think please what kind of justice would it be
for you to get in a flash what I suffered a life what kind of justice would it to be for
you to take my handkerchief without sickness without pain without agony
without rejection without betrayal without groaning with our loneliness
without death and destruction and in a flash I said the next time somebody
asked me to pray that they’d have my anointing I started to pray that their
childhood would be wrecked that the past would be crushed and broken then they’d
be raised in a hellacious environment with all kind of confusion and suffering
beyond human comprehension that they bury their father in their teens and
their mother be sick half of their life I’ve talked to really pray can you
imagine let me let me agree with you in prayer that you would lose your car and
lose your house and suffer in a house with no lights and no water and work
your fingers down to the bone and be rejected and be ostracized a lien Aidid
criticized thrown out of churches put out a building ostracized said he has no
ministry hey priest came to him come on come on I want you to get this in
morning I want to come out come on I want you
this anointing the truth of the matter you until you had the vise gethsemane
the place oppressive was the place where the olives were crushed we need some
consecrated or it’s a place where the olives were crushed the place of
Gethsemane the place of refinement this this decanter is filled with oil
that’s been prayed over and we call it consecrated oil and we buy it in the
store you can get it and it’s gorgeous olive oil but maybe about three or four
dollars and then you can put it in the bottle of your choice and pray over it
it’s consecrated oil and when somebody asks you how much you cost you can say
because you four dollars because you’re not the olive somewhere somewhere behind some oil
refinery in the trash can in a dumpster if some bruised beaten discarded half
pulverized olive who could tell you how much it costs for every drop of this oil
something had to die and be up under pressure and deal with agony and be
ostracized UK did this with no $4 something has to be pressed above
measure and beyond strength and at the breaking point and every time something
hit it another drop came out of that olive and some people in this room this is how he gets glory out of your
life by crushing your flesh crushing the parts of you that you like the best and
the parts you need it the most this is how it gets it out of you drop
by drop by drop by drop you don’t know the cost of the oil in my alabaster box
you don’t have a clue what it costs to do what I do you don’t have a clue what
it costs for the person standing next to you and before you get envious
I said I would like to be whore and I would like to be him you ought to ask
them how much it costs to keep smiling when all hell is breaking loose the thing the thing that fascinates me
most about this text and I preached out of this text a long time a lot of things
different stages and ages he went on a little further I preached about this
cemani the place of peril I preached the threefold prayer I preached calling him
father while the son is bleeding I preached
about the sweat a blood that came out of the pores and his skin pressed to the
point that blood began to come out of the pores of his skin what do you do
when you’re bleeding in strange places I preached a lot of things out of this
text because I know what it is to have blood coming out of places I never
expected it to come from not literally but spiritually and emotionally and
financially and every other kind of way thank God not literally but the thing
that alls me this morning is to finally come to that place I’ve gone back and
forth to sleepy people looking for something that they can’t give you to
finally get to the place where he comes to them the third time and he says two
words that made me preach this sermon sleep off sleep oh I know you’re tired get some
rest it’s all right now no more pull it
against you for something that I now know you don’t have if you keep talking to the god of your
tight places you will speak to the place of your frustration and say sleep on a
nigger if you keep talking to the god of your tight places you will finally come
to speak to the place of your frustration and in two words resolve it
all sleep off today this Sunday morning in every
person in this room who’s in a place of pressing every person in this room who’s
up under pressure anywhere there’s something that you’ve been looking to
for consolation that you need to look at and say sleep on you’ll never be free you never behold he’ll hold it out for that ex-husband to
come back with ten years you’ll never be free to get what God had in your future
until you can put away his pictures put them away and say until your feet I’m unfinished with you but I feel something in this room I feel
God on the other side of your sleep on saying now I’m gonna take you through
what you thought you couldn’t go through and now I’m gonna bring you out of what
you thought you couldn’t come out of now that you’re finally looking to them to
be to you what I wanted to be to you I’m gonna give the gold and if you talk
about a happy ending early Sunday morning he got up with all power
it is Han said that where is your spinning cry where is your victory and
then he said I’m not just somebody walking around here that was dead tell somebody I made it I made it
watch this sis it was only when I prepared this message that I realized
what could have been Jesus reason in the truth when he rose from the dead finding
nothing to wear he spoke himself a gardeners outfit and
came stepping out of the tomb dressed of a gardener I finally realized that the
cross was settled in the Garden of Gethsemane and when he stepped out in
the garden of soot he looked like somebody just working a garden so much
so that Mary didn’t even know who he was until he turned around and said Mary and
she heard his voice she said rabona federally I recognized
that he had gone through his garden but he rose up as the gardener to help me
through my you

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