🕉😀 Freedom and Acceptance – Adyashanti

One of the most important things
in order to live harmoniously in this world … … and it’s absolutely necessary that you give the world and every single being in it
the freedom to be exactly as they are. Everyone in the world gets to be exactly as they are.
The world gets to be as it is. In other words, the freedom must be returned to the world, to the whole universe, to everybody in it. Freedom isn’t just something that you have,
that you contain in a certain way, it’s not just something you feel. When it’s much more mature,
it’s something that is granted back to all of humanity. And sometimes even people that have had
a experience of a deep state of clarity without really being conscious of it,
they can be get caught within a resistance
to people being the way they are. ‘I don’t connect with them in the same way,
therefore, I’m resisting it.’ ‘I don’t know what to talk to about them.’
Therefore, they start to feel this resistance. If it gets more obvious,
then you’ll start to see there can even be a judgement. And of course, judgement is very separating,
resistance is separating. So these are the two things
that are often easily missed … the resistance to people being the way they are. Who says that people should be
any other way than the way they are?! Who says that you should be interested in them
or they should be interested in you?! That is only a mental, conceptual idea! So, this may sound simple,
but it’s so important and transformative when you really have granted the world
and everyone in it to be as they are. You’ve given the freedom that you’ve realized back,
you have completed the circle. You’ve given it to all beings everywhere. When that – and I’m stating this in a concrete way,
you have to get the spirit of what I’m saying- when you’ve actually granted the world
and everyone in it to be as they are you’ve given the freedom back,
you’ve completed the circle of freedom. Then what you tend to feel is total acceptance
and when there is acceptance there is love, there is great love, there is great understanding. Because you’ve granted the world and everyone in it
the freedom to be as it is it doesn’t mean that you stop being who you are,
it doesn’t mean that you do or don’t do anything. It means that – by granting everyone freedom –
you feel a deep acceptance and a deep love. So, this isn’t like a spiritual fantasy where everybody
is going to love you and understand you. Part of really being free
is finding your own independence! I don’t mean separateness.
I don’t mean to become an island unto yourself. But a really truly free being is a being who has granted the universe and everyone in it to be as it is. Because to do otherwise,
is literally to resist life as it is, to resist reality. And you will only lose when you resist reality! You will only create conflict
when you struggle against what is! I don’t mean that you have to agree with what is,
in the sense of agreeing with something
that you don’t actually agree with. What I mean is: you’ve given everything
the freedom to be as it is. Because it is that way! Because anything else is insanity! Anything else is expecting the universe or something/someone in the universe to change for YOU. And by and large that just doesn’t happen, does it?! So when we’ve granted everyone and everything
in the universe, in life to be as it is you start to discover an authentic independence. An independence where you’ve let go of
asking the world to understand you, to confirm you, to accept you. That you’ve let go of all demands that we often
put upon the world, put upon people in our lives, we’ve let go of those demands
– to be understood, to be agreed with, to be liked. Of course, we let go of it
when see that it’s actually a toxic addiction to go around, expecting the world
to agree with you, understand you, or love you. It leads to toxic emotional experiences, a toxic life, suffering in other words. When we see that we start to let go
of those wants, those demands. When we see that they don’t actually come
from the fullness of freedom, they come from some sense of lack. So, basically by granting the world and everybody in it the freedom to be as they are then YOU find a deeper state of freedom. And as I said, it opens you to true love,
to an unconditional love. From the love that comes directly
from the center of being, a love that is synonymous with being, with existence. It’s the love of what is,
it’s the love of what is the way it is. That’s the love that comes from our true nature,
from our deepest source. That’s the wellspring that flows out of pure being
into the world of time and space. When there is that love, when there is the experience of that well-being, that contentment that comes with it then we are truly free. When you come from this place of fullness,
you have no expectation that people will be other than they will be,
that situations will be other than they will be. And that opens everything up tremendously! It opens up this avenue
for true connectedness, true understanding, for truth, for love!

3 thoughts on “🕉😀 Freedom and Acceptance – Adyashanti

  • Well-intentioned but ultimately a bit muddy. Acceptance of all things as they are on the level of the true self is the essence of reality. To argue with "what is" is futile struggle that leads nowhere. However, the true self's ultimate acceptance of "what is" must be differentiated from the ability of mind to see and respond appropriately, with intelligence and love, to actions or behaviors which are the product of diminished consciousness.

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