05FFFF: The Crime of Kiting Checks – Teens 13 to 17

You Welcome to cop to America calm where we teach you the elements of criminal law Hello teens coming in more that’s number 84 You’re gonna graduate in a few Okay, you have come a long long way and I’m so proud of you and I know others are and your sponsors are as well Okay, I know you don’t have this type of money Loosely run around in a bank account gaining feet in traction and your life. Oh Thank someone okay, cuz you’re gonna find out whoa Cops arrested people left and right and Because people decide to shoot a cop they’re arresting people left and right and you you everybody gonna have to be quiet We are not going to continue to have Police funerals no, you’re gonna be surprised they gonna shut them. Please far down You can be on your own or someone touch each other. You need the police to keep the peace Believe it. Ask your parents only reason why the bad guys haven’t gotten you and haven’t gotten to your things these haters Whores moving in your neighborhoods taking everything because of the police they’re afraid of the police Fences don’t keep nobody out It’s supposed to Only fences are really truly work or electric fences and you’re not allowed to have them Believe me all right you violate the law here on that one and you watch what happens you’ll get sued and you lose everything You you put your money and so wanted to protect Well how to protect myself be if use be kind to one another Be kind Ellen DeGeneres always says that behind you can’t run away to the mountains because fires will catch you there Bobby like the fire All right. It’s so hot somebody forget something. There you go Or some man the largest fire in California. The only reason why I happened because the guy was getting dark and then God so help and so he meant something but like that and then dropped and then there you go old lighter what bic lighter i’m $0.99 bic lighter started all that and killed people as well Wow and people have to start all over again and Insurance companies is tight on getting that money even though you pay for them policies You got to keep your policies up when you get those. I Know you think the up the priority its first shelter over your head is first more than them Gucci bags and everything else that anything else you about a shelter over your head is first walls up around you so you can take a shower and Nobody can see you. How about that? So you can put you a little bit of clothes. You don’t need much the work stuffs won’t take it Feet don’t break in better breaking man. They bring it up in this house it no no period that’s right But I got money in the bank And my insurance policies are up, okay Understand that a Fire may hit your home Somebody might come in and arson that’s next to the last And then there’s abandoned property and it’s over with between you and I for the time being that is So I understand that you gonna have to Grow up and grow up fast All right this hurricane season and the snows getting worse You’ve got to be able to pay your heating bill mama. Can’t take that money and pay it to the court system Right think like that think like that. You can’t just keep going in and out of college with a bad attitude And all the loans, you ain’t willing to get a job That falls in Mama’s lap ruins her credit now if something really do go down she don’t have no credit Your daddy got their credit cuz you’ve been spending all the family money up In and out the court system in and out of debt Wow Can’t be so selfish guys. We’re on kiting checks Let’s get into our lesson cuz we will move on to the next lesson. It’s called forging checks, okay? These are financial crimes Okay elements, making up the crime of kiting checks and if you study business with a two-year degree Okay at a community college, please do the ten Or you go to a four-year. I’ve got someone get your master’s degree your PhD and you study business Corporate law whatever doesn’t have to be long. It could be just the act of business it will speak about Cutting checks writing bad checks. This is the basic stuff passing a bad check Okay forging checks counterfeit money okay, so Don’t want to get caught up into this because you need to be free so you can help your family Funerals ever happen every day. My brother’s a nun take it happens every day Your mother can’t be spending that money neither Can’t your father your aunt your own things like getting you out of incarceration or get an attorney for you? He said what Ernie’s a rich? No fake y’all keep giving them the money Judges have a set salary They don’t work, you know cook the books on the judge don’t get paid. Nothing in attorneys. They work on an hourly wage Okay, you got to have a good attorney mother might have to pick up another job now what happens at the house goes up in flames Then what what happens the mudslide then what and she couldn’t keep the insurance Because your behind is over there acting like a fool and you didn’t have to be that way You just turned out to be that way use that way temporarily too. You can chill sandy back You didn’t have to lose in the first place And let us pray Let me get you calm down to let you know what’s ahead if someone breaks in the house and Ravishes takes things. Yeah, that’s one thing but Watch this if they damaged things like the walls. How does that stuff get? Repaired who’s got the money You have to look at that stuff for months, maybe years they kicked in the door Those locks have to be replaced. So you can live in safety take a shower. You can dress you can eat You don’t have time for cards at the door. Hello. Let’s think kids be a productive a helpful young person It’s a lot to do Let’s get ready get ready get ready as always something happening around the corner United States sunny and be shocked Be shocked cuz it’s going happening alright There’s a bombing There’s a school gonna get sharpness something always happening because there’s people not listening That’s why we gotta get everybody on cop to to listen. There’s other things Besides hurting another person the weather alone will hurt you Season after season after season, there’s diseases get your shots Get your mind on health eat healthy, so You can don’t put no drugs in your system Cuz when the weather gets bad, you ain’t gonna be able to find the drugs. Anyway get that monkey off your back Good Wow Heroin, then dried up Yeah Didn’t you hear it was a hurricane? Yeah. I know you over one part of the state. No other state is just ravished No, Karen, we’re coming up a heading let the planes fly all over the place And you Have the fit and then all of the shelters they filled up Are you HOT is you don’t need to be on that stuff if I thought you needed to be on it? I will send some to you home But nobody needs to be on drugs not this time No, it’s too much going on Yeah We need everybody to be healthy Our country may be under attack We need everybody to be let me tell you if you have you become like a Piece of baggage it just sits there Then people remember those things and they get away from you man, I’m in last time this thing went down Man, you just around for the trip. You want no help get out of here. You just want to sit around and get high We’ll sit on the drink get out of it. Get out Get out Leave no friend like you This is what a party 24/7 get out Make sure they only let you in the club no more Maybe the club got messed up. We’ve gone down here to fix it up use hanging how you need a drink? I see that’s why don’t want homeless people around cuz they’re never even help And then after a while homeless people learn better help out Okay, we will I’ll stand around on war Ladies to get your mud boots on and get rid of the lipstick cuz there’s a whole lot of things gonna need to be done All right, get the shoveling going. Am I sitting in the house watching TV? You better get your hands and your feet busy forget pretty We got storms now Don’t don’t and you don’t need to find out if somebody smart to find out what the world is making all this bad weather it Is hitting so hard It’s hit hard. So forget your enemies anybody need to be friends Police officers are apart. Now. I’m teaching and all officers know being teaching mode What do you do? when there’s an emergency see You got FEMA you have police officers You have EMS Okay, you can’t wear them people out you have hospitals you have nursing facilities You got colleges Think about that people North Carolina and the hottest thing another place is you learn how to think now oh, yes Those women’s systems go down Folks is in trouble. So trying to build them systems up Yeah, they used to give but they can’t give cuz they got get ready for hurricanes or tornadoes They learning from a place called, Oklahoma Wow Cuz every year gets torn down or the possibility there, uh Okay, come on. Let’s get into it now Got to hurry up Cuz if there’s a storm I won’t be able to get you guys your lessons So I have to hurry up and get all these lessons record it and these lessons are not evident. No, are they rehearse? Just a remand you Okay, you still gotta get your lessons in cuz when everything calms down there still is the law in place The law is permanent and it permeates It covers everything okay, you mean the person next door and a person behind me on top of me below me everything do not touch Nisa and then It covers you to the first verse I on either side top and bottom all around Do not test Jamie and it connects like that. So the loss it’s like a hovering around everyone don’t exclude or include yourself Just remember what I said the law covers everyone even the ones you’re mad at the law still protects and vice versa All right, all right now like clothing the loss I clothing how about that everybody got more That was simple, it’s like skin the law is if I got skin if you can get the clothing Like hair on your body If I got here To the people who want to rape folk that was a fine let’s then kiting checks There are six elements and please follow up I know it’s a lot to remember keep up with your test Review review review make this a part of your life as we are coming in for a landing, and I thank you All right. Come on. It says the accused must be a covered person ie an officer director agent employee of or element number two connected in any capacity with Ellen’s number three a particular Federally connected institution like a bank or savings and loan all right or a federal Coastal either one, you know, it’s a bank you put your money there. Oh, that’s stupid like silly All right, listen The accused is the number four must willfully misapply monies funds or credits, uh or number five entrusted to such institution number six with the intent to Injure or defraud that institution when you injures when you take its money you don’t use Kiting you have money over here here and here you take Peter to cover Paul don’t do that you write a check and Stop. I don’t want to tell you how to do it. Don’t do it. You get one bank That’s what they said one Don’t go flip-flop of money Don’t write a check You think you won’t cover just a lot of people they get caught up in the kiting checks Sitting the check over here and send a check over there to catch the check over here. Now look at a kite. It goes everywhere everybody wind blows Don’t do it. It’s against the law Okay, the law says don’t do it don’t go against the law The losses do not do it and you won’t do anyway. That means you’re going against the law. You tell long-gone. We’ll do it anyway All right The long tells you what you can and cannot do there’s a whole lot of cannot do and you do you’re in trouble 30 days To 90 days upwards to three years for this crime now Like I said with all this going on besides people dying people getting hurt People driving cars trees falling on broken branches, whatever people taking chances in life funerals weddings burst Injuries disease all this stuff going on Wow And you want to break the law? There’s enough excitement in Areas, just life itself can bring so much. Mayhem you Don’t need to create none Life itself can bring so much injury just like alone Natural life can bring such sorrow You don’t need to add to it. Hmm. Did I got that right? the penalty for kiting checks Damages that are currently cured you get a 100 core and ankles started a dollar whenever this was written honey. It was a really long time ago And conspiracy charge can be at the most crimes which increase and make double your sentence That was easy lesson for lesson number 85 forging checks Don’t you put your name on nothing that don’t belong to you? Let’s move forward. Okay. Alright Don’t let it bring you down How you feel but I don’t wanna bring you down You

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