05GGGG: The Crime of Forging Checks – Teens 13 to 17

You You And welcome to cop to america.com where we teach you the elements of criminal law hello teens Well, that’s number 85 forging checks Don’t do it That’s my gorilla sound. You can realize do grab I Grew up near a zoo in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Hey Don’t do it People will frown upon you especially institutions Nobody likes once they buy for the forgery. Oh So tacky you don’t get away with it they catch you they wanna catch you two got the evidence Whatever bench but check that’s you first Okay Which is not the owner signature. It’s yours. You can’t take that remind them banks are smart, but those who get away with it They will catch you and they got the evidence right there in her hands the check itself. I Don’t think about that. That’s why I’m here to help you think Okay, I’ll listen then I’m gonna jump right into it Okay, cuz we got a lot of territory to cover All right Elements making up the crime of forging checks and hello again teens. I’m glad that you’re listening alright one Presents a false document to another person, you know, it’s false That’s why your heart beats like that pay attention to your heart. Let me give you a clue when your heart begins a rapid pace Something is not right When you worry something’s not right. You got to get to a point You got your hands or get a handle get a grip on It learn to think something is Suspicious. That’s why don’t you like them kids when they go some name, right? Something suspicious, that’s right you love them. So you’d be that way tonight They’re very mature you mature up use your street smarts to help someone not hurt someone. Hmm. I Said well Lisa. Why are you so cool? Cuz I use my street smarts To help someone not to hurt someone when I saw a cop running. Yeah, he was a little out of shape in Pittsburgh So what I said, hold on I’m gentle and I flew as fast I’m gonna be I wanted to be a Superwoman an aqua woman. I’ll hold my breath three and a half minutes. Yes, I could as a little girl. I Want to savor life? And maybe get a thank you maybe a little sandwich – All right know what’s beautiful I’ve saved some lives – it’s been nice And you see those people grew up and they remember yes they did They remember nurses two doctors – who when they were in pain, they helped them don’t abuse medication You need that stuff and when you need it, it’s not gonna be available. They’re gonna be restricted or so. Tell your friends Okay, please didn’t okay. Listen You have to be a wise person, ah Chase that person down then I get a hold that monkey Back grab a bathroom because I was a teenager and then go Pittsburgh Police Department says, thank you Well you Well, thank you Lisa, well you will Well, what’s your name, my name is Lisa Well, you sure can’t run fast. Well, thank you I used my talents and my skills and my abilities and my knowledge and my heart in the right direction to help someone never know when you’re gonna need some help and where you can be a Help and you’ll be the community helper the Savior the Batman and the Robin one of the Caped Crusader’s if I loved a hero. Oh, yes they do And I wanted to be a hero. I still want to be a hero Get a lot of love you’re some hugs too They know I’m blogging is there somebody I can help it feels so good it All right. Now why this is Again present a false document to another two with the knowledge that the document contains false information All right in Three with the intent that that person to whom the document is presented believes the false information They believe it You get away with it. What’s what could be false the numbers want to check? The check itself, the entire check can be false. The signatures can be false. The amount can be false All right What else the name on it can be false – who was written – can be false – is written from can be false The watermarks can be interpreted in such a way and they’re false What else the bank alone can be faulted may not even be a bank you’re scavenging for money Can’t do that Every check Has a bank back in it up. It has a rowdy number on it And if that Bank don’t recognize the routing number that check don’t belong to that Bank They go. What is no, I’m gonna teach you something. What is your routing number? It’s the first batch of numbers and like mine It belongs to a particular bank and it’s written on particular Bank at a particular bank banks up their checks so the system Is already established? You know, no no Bank. You don’t Rob you don’t write or design checks with the routing number You don’t go get some check and start filling them out and getting stuff and you ain’t got the money in the bank Now we’ll do that either Okay, you can’t do that until you learn properly how to write a check But the check doesn’t bounce nor fin anymore insufficient funds Then you leave it on It’s not saying that you’re not worthy of writing to check that must mean that you lack some things and you must learn further how to write a check now how to back that check I Don’t write a check. You’re behind can’t cash And if you ever become a Owner of a business. Please. Do understand this one thing you will have a book You want people to rip you off and take your checks? You want people to falsify and create checks and put your name on it and start pulling money out of your account? Oh Hello, how are you doing today? I’m doing fine. Thank you. Yes. I just want to cash this check Okay, where’s the chicken, all right, let me sign Okay, here you go oh Well, thank you, and she’s real quiet cuz she got the figure he’s worked Well, he got the figure, you know, a lot of gay men like stay in the banking business gay guys Whoever you may be. Oh y’all do some good work. Don’t fake. I’m not just saying that for real my brother’s gay I’m not gonna tell you which one I’m proud Um, you don’t have an account with us, yes, I know I just want to cash because it’s on this Bank see people get so crafty and so witty. Oh Okay. Yes, it is honor. I recognize the rowdy numbers BAM. They know their job believe you me Cuz they got miles of homes. They need to feed and everybody needs a job Cuz everybody got children well, so I mean, yes and you made let me tell you who commit crimes single people You need to get married have some chilling and now you got a reason to live and a reason to go to work a Reason to love and the reason to protect someone of the reason to be kind and the reason why and to understand why these things Exist because this world it’s not going anywhere That man up there will get rid of want to help the masses We will lock up The one that the masses may live in peace and harmony We get rid of the bad folk and if you want to go down that aisle you gonna get Two years upwards to 30 years for this crime whether you did it for drugs. I don’t care a lot of forging checks Cuz people don’t have money. I Told you Don’t go on drugs There are functioning addicts. Oh, yes there are but there’s a lot that I’m And you going to mother’s purses? They breaking them safes They get them checkbooks and get them credit cards and stop it Cuz I’m gonna tell you just too much going on on this planet And they kick you out that family you on your own and other people won’t want to know Why are you not with your family? Somebody gonna ask the question? Does it man it was stealing? It’s just there for myself she’s there for my own mother Then she probably used to pulling her mother’s purse when she was a kid taking her mother’s candy and stuff She kept candy in the middle as president. She says you can’t have it. I Don’t care. I can’t even my purse. I got money to get candy I don’t want to hear back to cute you and your girlfriend I dare you go lose it you’re home because old Noddy head over here got a have it. No, I don’t want him around here Right. Yeah. I don’t know what I don’t know what he’s about right You don’t bring strangers So what’s your date this person? Three months people still don’t know what this person is about people have to unwind their lives Or mothers go to find out so you keep the old not again boyfriend. I Don’t care they’re gonna find out I’m Yeah, that’s my son that’s my daughter oh Wow, oh really. How’s the actor? What do you mean did you take advance? Yeah Go off in the room Wow. A lot of meds. There’s a whole lot of problems All right Listen you can’t bring in every straight home mean the home and a place to stay All right now listen Two years, that’s 24 months 30 years. Whoo That’s three another 60 months And I’m gonna tell you what goes in prison stays with people a lifetime it’s like dipping their bodies and Muddy Waters or an Inc ain’t gonna wear That’s with them the rest of their life They may have a flashback like people who went to maybe the Vietnam War god bless your soul And they have flashbacks And all of a sudden there you go they have desires that you can’t satisfy ladies Can’t satisfy everything the man have been the prison understand that You will have you you so hard up. You want a man to address you from the rear? two ways Think about that because if those body fluids and he’s so Up on himself in it He’d go for one place to the next You disease you in trouble and if he got a and like a lot of men in prison who’ve gotten out of prison Gatti’s but you’re not telling anyone. Hello, cuz they’re trying to get accepted back Society chiming get acclimated Back to society trying to get into the flow of things trying to find a job. They need your AIDS medication or HIV and There’s all kind of diseases in people. They they’re not automatically sound and checked out So I have neither brother man role I’m just going to see some friends tonight. Well, baby. I just want you to stay with me for a little while Ya know, I mean I understand what you you know, long time small business a friend. He want to get taken care of He’s hard up See the when you get used to certain things. It’s hard to break a habit. Then you don’t have a habit for about 10-15 years You’d have been used in prison read between the lines Almost sexual activity after a while. I get the feeling real good It’s a lot of shame behind a straight man But they had no business going in now how you gonna satisfy his tastes and maybe he don’t want Some tale some but with breasts attached to it Maybe once muscles in a deep voice and a hard-hitting attached to it And you up here with you little live voice. Hey, baby, what’s wrong? Nothing? Hey you keep asking Edgy it ain’t drugs Maybe it’s sexual innuendos It’s time to see see that life it has its moments Does it happen to everyone but he happens to live just 70 million people With criminal records Hard to find jobs, and it’s 7.1 million Caught up in the system besides them folks that 77 million fold Two million incarcerated with some sentences and is born up in a bit more prisons and about on the average 125,000 hundred forty-five thousand women You think all the people getting doctor’s appointment it’s necessary if people have health care why because people have been in these places The doctors you’re not willing to tell that you got AIDS it’s a secret or we gotta stop this madness. Oh, yeah Say goodness of car accidents do occur to them people that the I feel let’s first got a this first got a bro lock And they find out something she’s got cancer I’m glad she wasn’t that Carson Don’t cause the car accident when you get older but understand that’s how some doctors five things. Yeah I’m excusing me, but you have like coma man. I did That’s probably why the accident happened? No, sir. That car ran a stop sign. He hit me. Oh Okay, we do that glaucoma Oh Things unchanged anymore. Hmm partying Look at him lips got that hair from back. Yeah Mm-hmm, groove tell you what time of day it is and You got glaucoma? Fixing to go blind Well the club got to take a little time out That’s right There’s so many things guys Besides Schizophrenia everybody. I’m burnt that out and she schizo. I heard that enough now that’s gone. Oh she medical I heard that’s gone. He man. Okay, what else y’all wants is that turning everything into a joke? You gonna fix and a half children a lot of y’all you want people saying that bout your child. Nope, then hush Y’all teach people could turn things into a joke Make it fun of everything let the comedian’s do it after a while. I will put them out of business Okay They got it, you know at one point Comedians just didn’t help our society now they’re helping out Singers used to sit on stand on the board not help for now You can’t nobody is the king or queen and nobody gets a chance to just sit around anymore No, our earth would look like a trash can Our United States would look like a trash can Nobody’s that grand. Is there nobody that fabulous are they I Don’t find myself throughout honey, I get down and dirty with all the rest. I’m let’s pick this up. Let’s do this That’s munis over here. My mother taught us how to wear out cow good lookin pretty you may be And I might know Already both. Oh Maybe I was having a flashback child and you must be and mother cuz I got the shovel. I mean right now Come on let’s get on with the pills if we get on necklace and this number 86 It says penalty for forging damages forging checks that is damages that occur in the Cure were beginning $1,000 remember what I told you things would be constantly happening and You will need that thousand dollars saved up Gasoline if you bought a generator or you need to buy a generator you know be sitting up one time me and my husband didn’t I have we were young and Getting our experience at least me. I’m not from North Carolina happy I came here with the college But he never told me we need a thing called a generator They were used to a certain way But when you get a generator honey, they’ve run about Five six hundred dollars invest in one but you want these some gasoline to run it so you’re gonna need some pocket change What happened is the gasoline station? Gets hit and that gasoline says you only one around you gotta need some money to go way out there and you need to budget Cans and you better drive safe, they’re coming back I think you can’t hand them order to can but it’s a diverse situation officer. Yeah. All right, go ahead. I trust you one Next vehicle. Hey you give it Azeri? No. I’m just coming to be nosy. You can’t come here Back turn the car around Any time to play? Oh, I’m just coming to take some pictures, sir I’m with the Daily News. I don’t care where you from turn that car around And go back where you came from. Oh Yes, sir, that’s all you guys say don’t keep the conversation going and piss the cop off He’s out of the heat in the door Nate on the bus The Maxis bike that you’re here because enough no more at the nest are broken up cuz the wind was blowing the ornaments and the rain whoa Oh Right And would happen if there the now virus the West Nile virus that is Are you in trouble? You got to find shelter cuz those mosquitos and those blood sucking little fuckers snuper’s around here and those Nazi Hey, they keep squirming around they looking for a place to stay tuned They might get in your hair They do what create a mess. So you need something to cover your head. Yeah by looking cute you’re reeling wheeze and With about all of the ticks that get blown around And you laying down there? You won’t crawl up your leg cuz you ain’t got no better sense No, kill it So it just gonna crawl back so learn how to kill at it Each one teach one Okay Get out don’t Forge no checks. Your families will need you not locked up. You’re no good to them Hey, the spirit charge can be after most crimes was increasing make double your sentence in it will They’re gonna find out and you’ve got to return those people their money and like I said the evidence is the check itself And you can’t get into counterfeiting money that goes along with 4G checks, you can’t create that stuff. What are you crazy? there’s not a hustle stop it you won’t get away with it cuz people and that’s putting up with it anymore and once everybody all these 100 that’s all it’s learning you’ve watched what happened? You ain’t gonna be able to get away with nothing. Just chill Man, I want to leave no life crime. Anyway, man can’t get away with anything Anyway, I ain’t gonna go sitting somewhere with that Johnny. Yeah, Johnny sure is big. Yeah. Oh, yeah How you doing nice to meet you my new cellie we go do it tonight Um the world oh It’s your first rodeo who we never Benny Got the pledge got to pledge each other. I love you He sees me I Love you You don’t want to do look we could just do it anyway We’re gonna be open here. I’ll koster here some pleasure some time away and You my silly they chose you for me You know get this I’ll teach you now get locked in one of them He gonna be man You gonna give it up in a nice way Or you won’t do him I Think you’d be better out here at family reunions. And what amongst your friends? Don’t go in to therefore try to make that decision. I’m not gonna go anymore Just don’t go in at all and don’t have don’t be a fugitive All right, so leave These crimes alone cuz they last a long time because the paper trail is here paper trail paper trail paper trail Passing bad checks kiting checks forging checks. Oh Lord white-collar crimes Then what else hold on baby? Hold on Employees step. Oh paperwork. This is paper trail Hey the way around it As soon as you’re committing that crime you’re bringing evidence against yourself, why would you do something like that now There are cameras as well Put your mind put your eyes Set them on good things Well my mother I don’t care what your mother did my daddy I don’t care what your daddy did don’t you do it right You’re not gonna be excused coz I’ve taught you not to do. All right, let’s move forth. Take the test Come on, guys. We want a next one passing bad checks Multiple checks the other one was passing a bad check one. This is multiple Come on. Meet me humping it hope You get your diploma? Start sending you some nice things. I’m so proud Depends on how I feel, don’t let it bring you down How you feel but I don’t you You

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