067 The Brotherhood of Death – Pirates Incorporated

alright man welcome to the intro for crow triple7 radio podcast episode where are we 67 Jason and I are going to be covering the Brotherhood of death also known as Skull and Bones and we're even gonna track them back to the East India Company for those who are wondering what the East India Company is I suppose when I was in my 20s I read the books by Clavell Shogun noble house Taipan that's all about the East India Company in an offhand way you may remember the supposed history where Britain goes into China and the opium wars that is involving the East India Company the argument could be made that the East India Company is the original maritime law corporation that set the stage for the modern times we live as a matter of fact anyone who's seen Pirates of the Caribbean you're looking at direct references all the way through it's beyond a trilogy I don't know what it is now between the Royal Crown and piracy and the crossover even at one point the crown opening a note where it has actually the British or the East India Company logo on it basically rubbing in your face that these guys are the original gangsters these guys are the original pirates Incorporated and it flows right up into Skull and Bones which is at a major university in this country called Yale to put a fine point on it you know they Disney has put a song in your face for years that basically is the Pirates telling you who they are words have meaning so many of us have heard this but I doubt if many of us thought about it so I will read you the words and I will leave out the drink up me hearties yo ho that's repeated over and over yo ho yo ho a pirate's life for me we pillage we plunder we rifle we loot drink up me hearties yo ho we kidnap and ravage and don't give a hoot then it goes on to say we extort we pilfer we felt we sack we Murad and bezel and even hijack goes on to say we Kindle and char and flame and ignite we burn up the city we're really a fright we're rascals scoundrels villains and nay were devils and black sheeps were really bad eggs goes on to say we're beggars and blighters and Nair do well cats a but we're loved by our mommies and dads drink up me hearties yo ho words have meaning and this is really the modern definition for piracy as is echoed in Pirates of the Caribbean which was put out by Disney which is basically showing you the relationship between the British crown and the East India Company pirates among other things and I suppose both sides of this could be argued because so much of our history is up for grabs at this point but there it is man and maybe I should have opened up this episode by saying ahoy funny thing about the word ahoy did you know that originally that was the intended word for answering a telephone sorry about that got cut off but what I was about to say was that you know the word ahoy to answer a telephone again just demonstrating the maritime ideas which have creeped onto land and have so much to do with our everyday lives particularly if you want to talk about law particularly if you want to talk about corporations it's all encoded of course and hidden under the surface as a bad pun but there it is this episode is very interesting in that Jason did a lot of research at one point he's going to read a an article that was published an iconoclast which is basically in my view again these hidden hands temporarily tipping their hand forward so that we can see what's going on and then hiding it again it was only published once it was published in a publication called iconoclast and of course I break down that word because as we cover again in this episode words have meaning but the next time you're out having a good time at Disneyland and you're in the Pirates of the Caribbean or you're sitting in front of your boob tube and you're watching one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies this is what you're looking at you're looking at the roots of piracy being rubbed in your face these same pirates run pretty much all banking corporation law I mean you point to it and there's influence there and I know a lot of people would argue that but I'm not gonna make any apology here it is what it is simply the idea of having the Jolly Roger flying over a secret society at Yale should tell us all something but anyhow let's jump into episode 67 covering skull and bones or the Brotherhood of death with Jason here we go man Cheers all right man welcome to crow triple7 radio podcast this is episode 67 Jason and I are gonna go a little off the beaten path today and talk about the Skull and Bones secret society out of Yale just another one of the strange things we have here in the United States were major important players in our life all belong to this organization apparently but before we do that I want to talk a little bit on the tale of our last episode which was about free speech and expression and how corporations are coming to control our free speech and to put a fine point on that and actually maybe I'll welcome you first Jason welcome Jason hello crow so Jason you may have noticed on YouTube that the publicly visible numbers have been pretty low but in my google analytics account I think I've had the worst maybe month run now on crow triple7 radio at one point we were getting something like 5,000 visits a day and now we're down to under 500 even on the upload day we barely cleared a thousand and I'm getting reports from all over from people that things like the lunar wave are not very searchable people have told me that they have tried to view lunar wave clips that and gotten the message blocked worldwide and to top it off all of micro triple7 Radio email is now tagged as spam and in some other countries the word used is scam and I don't spam anybody for any reason the only reason that I use that email is to respond to someone contacting me or to let my subscriber base know that I have put up a new clip what do you think about all that man it's just it's kind of an underhanded behind-the-scenes way of controlling information is what it appears I'm gonna go with the old phrase where there's smoke there's fire they they don't like what we're doing I mean that's the bottom line they didn't like all the things you've done before and they probably don't like all the stuff that we've been doing together since you know it's it's we take a pretty measured approach it's very rare when you know we're up in someone's face or you know kicking someone in the crotch purposely we're trying to state things as reasonably as we can some of the things we talk about are just plain and simple unreasonable but not only that on micro triple7 radio site I have had endless reports over the last two weeks at least of people trying to hit my home page and get in 404 errors and 403 errors I've gone back and forth endlessly over this I even have a subscriber whose IP was blocked by the service provider of all things I mean we're getting to a critical point here aren't we yeah and it sounds like they're doing what would we call like underhanded direct attacks not they're not being so blatant about it that they're doing DNS attacks but doing things on a small level that's but multiple times over so it's having a cumulative effect right see the problem is is you know I've been running over a year here and so I can see how traffic has gone both on YouTube and on pro triple7 radio and I can see exactly where the cut point is where things begin to fall but it's a hard thing to prove that you're being screwed with I mean things like your email being tagged as a scam or spam that's just ridiculous on the face of it suppose you sent a letter and the post office took it upon itself to write scam on the envelope that it was delivering I mean that's basically what's going on here you know we've we pulled into the Internet age and all these things that we accept as normal man we need to reframe our minds because it really is no different than then a letter going out to your mailbox and having the post-office label it in some unhelpful way that's exactly what's being done the real issue at hand here is I've never spammed anybody for anything I don't do that but anyhow we've got a heck of a list to get through you want to add anything to the woes of corporate censorship before we move on here yeah actually I do because I've been dealing with my own bit of insanity here in Baton Rouge the ATM tea service has been out without the internet service I mean make myself clear it's now day ten and I've literally been on the phone for hours at a time getting transferred around and getting literally zero information just that there's an outage I've had multiple tech calls coming to my house cancelled but I don't even need that because there's nothing wrong with the ones in my house there's nothing wrong with any of the lines it's its exterior and the only reason I've gotten anywhere at all is because I've literally pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed to find out that there's some sort of power outage here and that's still all I can find out and I even went into an AT&T store to confront them and say what is going on and they've got these corporate conglomerates these giant corporations so compartmentalized and like like the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing because even when I got to somebody who was on problem fix her on the phone she kept getting sent back to the Philippines to the call center and she was getting after an hour and a half she was so frustrated she was actually really nice lady that you know that this is what they're doing man so it's it's so obvious when you you have one of these problems to see how they they're gonna do things to mess with us because they've got everything so chopped up and disconnected internally that they can do something and no one else would be the wiser for it because Here I am on my cell phone's hotspot again and thank goodness I have a good signal here that the we can record shows on yeah you know this this is just symptoms of what's been going on you know a few decades ago in America if your phone went out it was expected that those dudes got on it and your phone line came up in a reasonable amount of time and it happened most of the time the vast majority of the time what we see now is system failures power outages all these things cropping up all over the tree and it's a bit like an indoctrination to get used to the fact that we're supposed to buy into America circling the drain and I don't even know why I say America I guess I'll hold on to that word even though I know it doesn't exist in the way we think it does my point is it's part of the larger scope of things you know they've already kind of moved all the manufacturing out of this country over to China and other places they've gutted just about everything when Detroit fell in Flint Michigan where all the cars were made that's really where I marked the start point of the plan to really demote America but I think what you're seeing down there in Baton Rouge is just more of the slow boiling of the water to get people used to the idea that we're not going to be what we once were and it's a sad story but it seems that's where we're headed and you know all this social engineering seems to go right along with it because we've talked about things like this before just what you were saying about Detroit and all that I know I've said at least two or three times that it's even obvious with the way they steer our culture what they're doing to us because right the 60s was the end of the happy colorful wonderful Americana and then just within the first few years of the 1970s everything changes and I've still been looking into that and I pointed it out to people and once I actually point my finger and go look does that thing from three years after the original star check look better than the original Star Trek and the answer is no it's greater you know and then you have the original Star Trek that's colorful and bright and looks good sounds good they intentionally have steered things to reflect what it is they're gonna do to us and of course the nineteen seventies is when we had all these plant closings and you know they started getting all of our industry out of the United States just as far as what they did to us and I don't even know what they did to other Western nations but I'm sure was something similar and this is what we see well there's no getting away from the social programming it's funny on television I record a couple things here and there – look there's one program on PBS or somewhere I forget where it's running called America and color the ironic thing is is they've now colorized footage from the supposed 20s and 30s it looks better than the JFK 60s footage which is all grainy you can see the construct of it but they were also not too long ago running a program called 80 the 80s the decade that made us and I began to consider this and in in a way it is the decade that made them if we consider like the Rodney King into the OJ Simpson thing when the whole of American culture changed all of a sudden every station is running this ridiculous slow speed stage chase of supposed to OJ Simpson the Kardashian father is involved in all this and you know it was a vast departure of what had been all of a sudden there were network television in courtrooms it had become open entertainment but in fact the the the programming that we see from media is absolutely feeding into this idea like I just saw a pizza commercial where they're using the word bestest when's the last time you heard someone who wasn't five years old used the word bestest look at shows like The Big Bang Theory where the best and the brightest among us PhDs with their doctorates are interested in toys and comic books it is the lowering of a world mind and it is a lowering of expectation an attack on the way things used to be but the problem is is the animal farm ideas are being brought to bear here and in the same way America colorized being blasted out to a million homes right now is rewriting history the people watching it can't quite remember what happened some of them don't even have a prayer because they weren't born yet but yeah man we're in dire straits until people begin to understand that media movies news all of it exists for one reason for social programming and for people listening who can't accept that I would point out before there was ever a movie theater before there was ever a television set before there was ever a radio in this world the kings and queens or whoever the rulers were absolutely knew the power of messaging to the point where if you look up the word actor just talking about theater here no television no radio the word actor it's Greek roots of the word actor goes back to the word hypocrite it is said that they could not be buried in public cemeteries because hypocrites were known to be two-faced they could not hold public office because you see an actor could be one person one minute and another person another minute duplicitous not fit to hold the role of as in the case of Ronald Reagan or Arnold Schwarzenegger an important public office but to top it off women weren't even allowed in the acting profession you want to know why because the men knew the duplicitous nature of what was going on take Japanese kabuki all the men playing the female roles up to a certain point so people need to catch on what media is for it is not to entertain you and while it does do that the main purpose is to socially program us all but anyhow Jason we got a heck of a list and if we don't jump in here pretty quick we're gonna be scrambling to get through it absolutely so let's talk about the reality of Skull and Bones and the reason I wanted to do this was I wanted more information to present to people about what goes on behind the scenes in how these elite power structures maintain their control generation after generation and looking at this fraternal / secret society at 8 and Ivy League school showed me just how they're doing it it's actually not too tough all these people these old money people are holding on to their money and just passing it from the torch from one to the next well when you said you wanted to do this you told me this a while ago and this isn't really my main bailiwick but when we last talked about it after the last episode I said okay let's do it well before you jump into the list I think you're gonna open up stating that you found something like 19 secret societies I actually found 41 secret societies associated with Yale and I'm just gonna run down some number values of a couple of the secret societies that are reported there are reported values which i think is probably spurious information but I'll do it right before you jump in here the st. Elmo Society is worth 90 K the Berzelius is a million point nine and apparently they're called bulla bulla – also licensed under a public domaine via commons whatever that means skull and bones which we will be talking at length about is reported to be worth 4.1 million the Elizabethan Club set up incidentally in 1911 or 1911 let me count the ways the Elizabethan Club is worth 4.2 mill the book and snake club or whatever you want to call it five point six mill wolf's head six point eight mill scrolling key ten point seven mill and that was the highest value listed for any of the supposed 41 secret societies but I suspect the 19 that you found are the main players anyhow I'll kick it to you and let's jump into this thing absolutely so Skull and Bones is indeed one of 19 secret societies that I found listed at Yale University and it's the oldest although Yale considers itself to have 40 or so clubs and societies their total so there's your ears your number that you found there it is yep so others of the secret societies besides Skull and Bones are named the Lindo nian Society brothers in unity spade in grave Saint Elmo are really an honor society Torch Honor Society Nathan Hale decimos manuscript Society mace and chain myth in sword Shabtai cup and crown scroll in key book in snake wolf's head Eliyahu Caelius makes you wonder if there's a Dungeons & Dragons club I mean look at the names of these places right it does man it's a bit much but anyhow go ahead keep pumping through we need to get in a ways here so trying to look into this is interesting because the members of Skull and Bones over the years have seemingly intentionally allowed a series of conflicting mythologies to surround the creation of their order now some stories say it is its own unique creation and another says it may have been an outgrowth of Freemasonry in one way shape or form but the most likely explanation is this big thing I'm about to get into with a bunch of folks from the colonial era and then pre-revolutionary war and then of course after the Revolutionary War so I've said this before on episodes where we've dealt with Freemasonry and other supposed secret societies it is my view that none of these kind of secret fraternal organizations are doing much different than the one next to it but I would further say that most of these things in the West appeared to me to be watered-down versions of what Eastern masters kept alive and it's hard to know how that may have happened but I've even gone so far as to surmise that the eastern masters recognized what the white people were doing with the information and purposely limited what places like Freemasonry actually got their hands on so it looks to me like maybe places like Freemasonry certainly do have some secrets and certainly it's encoding the more old natural ways alchemy ideas these kinds of things but it's not the whole enchilada and I suspect the reason it's not the whole enchilada is because the eastern masters recognized its misuse and that's just kind of an educated guess on my part but anyhow go ahead Jason well before I get into the very very specifics of all this the people behind starting Skull and Bones and all that had a lot of money so if they wanted information or they wanted to set things in a certain direction they had the money power and influence to do it so and as I start reading through the the information that I found you're gonna see just how much influence they would have had right the point I was making previous is if you research way back and try to get into the eastern mindsets of these supposed I don't know what what the allegory would be the yogi on the mountaintop who spent his whole life you know detached from society trying to figure out a deeper meaning to life a lot of those teachings were said to be mouth to ear it is further said that the traditions were not passed on until people were proven worthy I've even read accounts where people would be in their 20s or 30s before they were allowed to move forward on spending a good part of their lifetime proving their worthiness to go down this road and I think there's something to it because if you look at the Eastern philosophies a lot of it has to with altruism with the benefit of all living beings and when we come down to Freemasonry and other secret societies we can look at Skull and Bones is no different these are not altruistic societies and I think you're about to cover that so I'll let you get into the Brotherhood of death here so Skull and Bones is an undergraduate senior secret society at Yale University in New Haven Connecticut it is the oldest senior class landed Society supposedly founded in 1832 although I had seen the years 1830 and 1831 as well but those don't add up with the other information that I found so those on the inside of the society call it the order it is also known as chapter a three-to-two of a German secret society possibly linked to the original Bavarian Illuminati the Society is known informally as bones and members are known as bones men for legal purposes it was incorporated as the Russell trust in 1856 at one point on and off through its history it was known as the Brotherhood of death the last couple of lines there the bones men so what they're all gonna go get important jobs and spend the rest of their life boning society to make a bad but you know I would ask the Russell trust why the hell should we trust Russell but really to top it off it's the Brotherhood of death idea and this really plays into the alchemy thing that we've been talking about the more that I research at alchemy and each week that goes by I try to have enough time to get back over to keep going down the alchemical path what we find is the idea of being detached from natural system shortens a lifespan even things like you know the supposed Ponce de Leon Fountain of Youth that's actually an alchemical idea the the aqua Verte the water of life which is kind of encoded and allegorized in the bottle in the bible but here you have these people flat-out calling themselves the Brotherhood of death and I would suggest that these are members of the movers and shakers who do the social programming who allow this kind of thing to go on and I think one of the main goals of people and groups like this is to literally shortened lifespans of the people they rule over but that's just me it's thing to prove anyhow back to you yeah it is a tough thing to prove so let's do a bit on Yale University itself it's an American private Ivy League research university located New Haven Connecticut it was founded in 1701 and is the third oldest institution of higher education in the United States it is one of nine colonial colleges chartered before the American Revolution and just to add some context here when we did the weaponization in the attack on the young generation of the 60s we demonstrated that the CIA had call it this was one of the listed universities of the 70 or 80 that the CIA had co-opted anyhow go ahead yes and the thing we're gonna see as we go through this is that Yale pretty much always had ties to the intelligence community which just grew and grew as time went by so the original university was originally chartered by the English Connecticut colony which was known at first as the River colony this was to go on to become the state of Connecticut it was organized on March 6 1636 for a Puritan congregation first established as the Collegiate School in Saybrook County to educate Congregational ministers it moved to New Haven in 1716 and shortly thereafter was renamed Yale College in recognition of a gift for the British East India Company governor Elihu Yale in the beginning it was restricted to teaching theology and sacred languages but expanded the curriculum to include humanities and Sciences throughout the 1700s in the 1800s the school introduced graduate and professional instruction and awarded its first doctorate in 1861 it was organized into a university in 1887 after 1890 there was rapid expansion of the faculty and student numbers and this led to massive growth of the physical campus as well as as its scientific research endeavors boy a couple of key points here Jason let's start with the organization date of March 6 1636 of course March 6 is approaching the vernal equinox and we've talked at length on this show about the importance of having to start all chemical processes near the spring equinox or the vernal equinox but what's even more is their founding a and congregation in 1636 which of course and code 666 but just to keep it brief so you can keep moving you introduced a very big deal here in the East India Company the East India Company of Britain of British Fame that was in China and other places is probably the first example of what corporations are going to become in this world not only are they maritime organizations not only are they allowed by the British crown to form their own militias and militaries and and to govern over other provinces the East India Company really seems to be where the woes of the modern age begin in my view anyhow back to you I would like in the East India Company after looking to all this again and I'd looked into it before kind of like the Google of today where they've they pretty much controlled the narrative for the most part you know all over the world and Stevens in in whatever direction they damn well please because they had the money power and influence once again to do it well what you have here is seafaring ships with captain's you know so there's your maritime law going into places and basically taking them over and they're doing it under the rules of incorporation which appear to be being fleshed out in the first meaningful tradition here in the East India Company you know when I was in my 20s I liked Clavell the author Clavell because he wrote the book Shogun and I was into Japan at the time that was before I'd ever been in the Marine Corps and gone to Japan don't feel feel the same way about Clavell now that I did then but anyhow in the Clavell series there's the whole seafaring tradition and the founding of Hong Kong and the opium wars in China which is all an exact allegory to the East India Company and of course I don't know where you're gonna get to in the list but this has an exact mirror up in Canada with I think it's called the North West Company which is a similar thing going on but anyhow I'll let you keep pushing well and this is a direct mirror to the same nonsense that they do today you know with the way the opium coming out of the Middle East and all that opium and heroin is what they turn the opium into so the same crap that they were doing in the 16 1700s which is about as far as I feel we can go back and still have fairly accurate records of what was going on good point that's a good point Jason because we may be looking at people who played an integral role in jacking up the historical timeline what's kind of ironic with the East India Company is they make no no attempt to hide the fact that they basically drugged out China with opium even when China stood up to say we don't want your dope here they said screw you and they bombed them and fought them and basically forced it down their throats at the same time they were stealing what was going to become the most popular drink in the world tea it's it's it's almost beyond the merit of common sense to show how openly they they show the sinful nature of what they were up to and yet at the same time we may be looking at the point in the timeline where history is really beginning to be rewritten and swept away so there it is well because let's not forget who was in control of these companies you know East India is one of them but there are others as you mentioned it's again it all ties back to these elite families and what we're getting into a skull and bones and yo University it's just all the same stuff man like this is one to do this you can once you start looking at it the spider's web you know you go closer and closer into the center and you see the same little group of bastards doing the same stuff to everybody well what's funny is is I was doing some of the research I found actual stupid articles written by places on a NOFA was NBC some some major false news placed like that stating that Yale had changed its rules because so many students at Yale felt left out because they couldn't get tapped into a secret society they were gonna change the rules so that everyone could get into some secret society or another I mean it's all just ludicrous ridiculousness and by the time you start naming the people who came through these organizations and the positions they held it begins to draw a picture and it really really shows as we get into this the reach of those who ruling through corporation and through maritime law yeah now it seems that all of these fraternities slash secret societies seem to serve as a recruiting ground for young men who are destined for careers in such places as government law finance or some other influential sector of Western life but to call them fraternities is kind of a joke there there's nothing about them that you can compare to other colleges and universities fraternities which is usually just an excuse to have big ol parties as a matter of fact you're not allowed to have alcohol in the tomb of skull and bones which is their meeting place so that just tells you how serious they take their meetings well I would point out you know we know George Bush was through skullenbones so we have one of two options here either the man that we think is George Bush whoever he may be is one hell of an actor or is basically a dimwit there's two options there if we say he's a good actor well then you're looking at one hell of an operative on the world stage if you choose on the other hand to say he's kind of a dimwit it goes to show the message control around these places and the idea that people could go up and pledge one of these places to get in I mean you're gonna go through the list there's too many mover and shaker families who had their kids inserted here and you know I forget what the number you know the stated value of the thing is four million something how many universities have clubs that you have neighbors that are members of they're worth four million something and that's probably a ridiculously stated number in the first place anyhow don't let me sidetrack here Jason yeah now George Bush jr. W may not have been the brightest and the best but it didn't matter because he was part of a family that was completely connected and integrated into all this so he was just yet another cog in the wheel to keep this whole thing going he doesn't necessarily have to be a mega genius or the best speaker the divest of anything they just he was there at the right time and they used him in my view it's no different than watching a pizza commercial that uses words like bestest and it's not just that one pizza commercial I witnessed I think five recently were the lowering and dissembling of languages going on actively where 10 15 years from now Lord only knows it's a bit like the rap community thinking it's cool to say the word teeth as teeth and you know that's not a racist job it's it's a very simple thing like here on the East Coast ours get dropped from words and I was talking with someone the other day you know asking her an honest question when children are in school there's there's a road that I'm aware of a ways from me called bull gar Marsh here they pronounce it as bull Gamache ok that's how everyone around here says it as a matter of fact someone from the west coast who wants to pronounce it right it's a real mouthful bulgor Marsh is what you would have to say and I was talking with someone saying well how did the kids in school handle that when they're sounding out a word learning how to spell and that's the whole idea behind what we're talking BC the presidency of George W Bush is no different than that stupid pizza commercial pushing the word bestest it is the lowering of the standard of what a human being can be to accept a dimwit whether he's acting or whether that's actually who is doesn't really matter we accepted that guy as the top guy in this country a dimwit and he's not the only one there's plenty of other dimwits that are propped up in these high positions this is part of the social programming that plays literally verbatim into the Animal Farm idea but anyhow go ahead Jason and that's just it it doesn't matter whether he's brilliant or average or below average it doesn't matter because he still was the President of the United States for eight years the highest office in the land of our country so it is what it is man they're still gonna program you and say hey this guy is considered the leader of the free world that's right the most part from the point of view of most people who would ever see him in their minds he would be the most powerful man in the world that we know that's nonsense the point is that's the perception and you know belief and perception are magic you know it's no different than going to Las Vegas and seeing the white tiger fly across the stage well did a white tiger really just fly across the stage no you were fooled into thinking that's the way it appears that's magic and in essence that is true magic so it's no different then when you put a dimwit in an important position or the highest position in the world in this case we're told and people accept that you know you're not looking for your best in your brightest anymore you know what was the phrase that went along with Bush I'd like to have a beer with them you want to talk about lowering the mindset or knows how many people it was genius let's just leave it at that it was genius absolutely so Skull and Bones is views Dazz the elite of the elite among all of these fraternal organizations at Yale the only other one that can come close to claiming near equal influence on American fares in the last 160 years is scroll in key which was founded in 1842 which makes it the second oldest there's also a third Society at Yale that is considered part of the big three of the secret Yale societies and that one was established 50 years after skullenbones at first it was called the third Society very clever in thank you but five years later it was renamed to wolves head so the oldest there is is the highest you know scrolling key listed as the oldest is also listed as the highest valued little Club there on campus at ten point seven million which I suspect are nonsense numbers but anyhow those are the publicly available numbers go ahead keep on keep on keeping on well scrolling key seems to do a lot more than Skull and Bones skull and bones keeps more to itself where squirrel and key is seen doing a lot of more public work with Yale University and and the and the public in general so that could be why more money is exchanging hands but who knows I don't know man they run an interference it's a hard thing to know even even as you go through the information on these places you're really kind of biting your tongue the whole time just wondering you know how much value is to any of this public information it's a hard thing to know but anyhow go ahead so the number tapped for all of these senior secret societies is always 15 and I don't know what the significance of that is and maybe you do but that is what always happens in the junior year they're there tapping 15 students to be the new group for their senior year well the average person would just use simple numerology to point out that it reduces to six I don't know if that's valid here it could simply be that the size of the org is organization dictates how many people they want to tap but it could also create a hierarchy suppose you have 25 very rich powerful families and yet it's known that only 15 are gonna get tapped you create that scarcity thing which is so important in royal life you know the idea of ladies-in-waiting and all this other nonsense where there's only so many slots open this kind of thing but that's just a guess on my part right and maybe they feel that they only need that many each year of the best and the brightest from whatever their point of view is on that and to get in is considered an absolute honor so if you made it it instills in the student this sense of accomplishment right from the get-go well I would imagine once you get into an organization like that you know money's never gonna be a problem but on the flip side of that you know I'm big on freedom I'm big on doing whatever the hell I want whenever the hell I want and I have no idea what it would mean to be an actual member of a group like this have you surrendered your freedom I mean do you have to go out and play the rules that are required I suspect probably you do you know it's no different than a supposed oil court back in the day before electronic anything where they're controlling the message and if you can imagine the king or the queen saying okay all you serfs out there we're gonna go to war with the country next door for this side or the other reason what you begin to realize is it's all messaging and that messaging to get the messaging out all these rules are required there are all number of people within the Royal Court that would have to play a role in painting the grand illusion that allows all these things to be facilitated so there it is it's a hard thing to know but I suspect that while you never have to worry about money you're not going to have the freedom that people like me have what I noticed from looking into this is that skullenbones is very much like free masonry especially the higher-end of free masonry where there is an integration and they all look out for each other and and that that's what it is you know you're part of the club and you do look out for each other and you do things for each other throughout your entire life right I think that's what you know the kind of thing they were making fun of in the Simpsons episode where they Mont Freemasonry but I would amend what I just said you know you're also looking at a group of people who probably don't need passports they jump on private jets that kind of thing that is a modicum of freedom but the point I would make is you're being trained for a role you know on the world stage and so I would imagine that you're expected to do many many things you know we've already talked about Bush look what he had to do what was that eight years he stood in as either a great actor or an idiot one of the too hard to know men well let's let's not even joke around here if you have a substantial amount of wealth and I don't know what line you would draw to say if you have this much but if you have a substantial amount of wealth you pretty much have the freedom you want as far as being able to go where you want to do what you want without being stopped well you also have to maintain the status quo you know it is really no different than the kings or queens of you or if there was such a time ordering the serfs off to war you see you have to be able to say you guys are going to do this and have them do it all these people are above the law basically so to keep that intact they have to do all these things I mean look what we see in the news in any given day all the false news even the stupid pizza thing I've been mentioning where they're lowering the language using the word bestest and you know it's it's happening across all these fast food places it's a concerted effort to keep control over the people at a lower level you see these people do have freedoms we don't have they can travel all over the world they can stay in the most expensive hotel but they also have to maintain the status quo and that requires that all these tables are set and all these stages are created and all this messaging is constantly going out so I mean I would suggest there is a trade-off when I look at it I wouldn't be willing to participate I value my freedom above all things and I would not be willing to trade being rich for having to do all these nonsensical things so that someone could maintain power but that's just me go ahead man well I have no doubt that they have to play the game now as far as a stomach down thing that these people do not participate in let's just look at some of the things that have been integrated into culture already for instance people will say the word ask as acts now right you know a XE instead of a SK or just the way a lot of people will intentionally spell things wrong to go along with what's cool accented pronunciation like you know instead of saying uh they'll say duh da or yeah and all these things that's deliberate folks they're coming after you you would never see these people that these Ivy League people would never partake in this well there's a there's a reason Jason you see what you're pointing out here is couched in culture it shows the aspect of culture that is social programming but what people may not be catching on to is every word has a meaning the fact that a word has a meaning means that it has an atom ology there are roots to that word when you take the word teeth and make it t for the word the and make it you're beginning to lose the breadcrumb trail that you would have had if you ever want to understand what language is about if you want to know the etymology you have to know the proper usage of the word if you want to know where that word came from you have to be able to track it back and so in essence by changing words through culture this way you're adding another place you would have to track back through to get back to what a word means and let me tell you something words have meaning and if we all took the time to look carefully at language we would all be a lot better off because so much is being told us just on the face of what's being said that we've been taught by culture and school and other things to not catch it's unfortunate but you know I wanted to point that out this is not just about whether you say a word right or not it's about the value of a word what a word can mean and what you can derive from you to change words and malformed them and turn them into something else that's just another part of a maze someone would have to go through to get back to what it originally meant so any others that and let's not also forget by doing this they are drawing a definitive line between us and them I mean right no one who speaks with this slang that they've integrated is gonna get a high-end CEO job for instance or something like that you know I mean despite what they dress like and look like they couldn't even speak and communicate in a way that would be acceptable to hire society and that's not on purpose well it's the idea of the old you know what was those movies they used to make in the Golden Age of Hollywood where there's a cockney girl and you know the bet from the lords is that they can teach this cockney girl to fit into higher society it's exactly what you're pointing out my wife and I have had this conversation about the difference between the East Coast and the west coast we've laughed that when you're on a beach in California you really don't know most of the time whether you're standing next to a trash collector or a CEO but here on the East Coast you damn well know ya damn well know there's all these tells from dress to mannerism to speech to everything the kind of class society here on the East Coast is much more visible than it is in places like California or Hawaii but anyhow I'm kind of digressing here go ahead man so the selection procedure for the new members of Skull and Bones has been the same since 1832 each year fifteen potentials are chosen as we stated this number does not deviate on average about 500 to 600 members of the order would be alive and active at any one time roughly 1/4 of these take an active role in furthering the objectives of the order the others lose interest or perhaps even change their minds about what's actually going on those are considered silent dropouts yeah it almost seems to me like the whole 15 thing is just a calculated way to keep the numbers if those are even accurate between five and six hundred members and again when you have a real insider group of people like this the people at the top are going to have ironclad controls you know you can't have a person in one of these positions go off the handle and do things that they're not supposed to do you just can't have it so I would imagine that this is all just part of the ironclad maintaining membership of certain level and in the whole game that's got to be played so looking at available biographical data on the early Skull and Bones member members the the money required to sustain the secret orders campus affairs and its broader role in placing its members into key positions of influence upon their graduation from Yale seemed to derive as we were discussing from the opium trade in the Far East and that trade was set up by the British East India Company and was flourishing by the time the Treaty of Paris was signed in 1783 that ended the American War of Independence now the East India Company during this period was controlled by the baring brothers bank toward the closing decades of the 17th century the British House of Rothschild where we heard that name before would supplant the baring brothers as the controlling financial interests in the China opium trade through the sponsors sponsorship of the bearings and also the Rothschilds a number of New England families some of whom had sided with Great Britain during the American Revolution were brought into the opium trade as junior partners these merchant families ran fleets of clipper ships and became in many cases fabulously wealthy as a result of their association and business dealings with the British East India Company now here's a bunch of names of key New England merchant families that some of which are gonna be very familiar to a lot of people Cabot Coolidge Forbes Higginson Sturges Lodge Lowell Perkins and Russell now that this is kind of the original line these New England merchant families founded the United Fruit Company and the Bank of Boston and these original families have so it heavily and are married and and basically got in bed with each other that they are like a an intertwined power network all to their own right you know for the average person listening that's never really been to New England where I live now having left San Diego for a while it is really a unique place and there is no getting away from the maritime the seafaring kind of foundational roots of this place to the point where you'll be cruising through to go shopping or something and you'll always see the pineapple sign the pineapple you can look it up online directly associated with you know something only the seafarers could bring with them because pineapples didn't grow here and there's there's a whole thing behind the pineapple but to this day even on you know just the next-door neighbor's house there will be a little painting of a pineapple and that has its direct routes in the seafaring trade there's no getting away from what you're being told in this bullet point you know think of the idea of legalizing marijuana or the supposed opiate addiction problem in this country which is coming through drug companies basically what you're looking at here is powerful people taking over a drug trade making it legal for them illegal for everyone else lacking out an entire country on opium and becoming filthy rich because of it at the same time they are legislating for everyone else a different set of rules so you can kind of see how the Pirates are coming to bear here and that's exactly what these people are they are pirates go ahead Jason Sharon that is the whole point why they use the skullenbones logo that's right they're above the law and that's their their telling you that we are above the law we can do what we want we will do as we want why I would point out anyone who wants to go back and look at those ridiculous Disney movies with Johnny Depp what do you think is being portrayed there they're showing you the British crown as one of the maritime forces and they're glorifying the Pirates on the other side if you pay close attention to the narrative in those movies what you're looking at is an echoing of the piracy we're talking about in this episode that's all there is to it okay so going back to explain all of the things that we've just gone through in more detail there are three aspects that could be said to have converged on Yale at the beginning of all this and that would be espionage or the intelligence community drug smuggling which we've been discussing and the international drug trade itself as a whole because this has been integrated into everything for a very long time and of course secret societies so we're gonna start with explaining who Eli who Yale was go ahead go go ahead I was gonna make a reference to the movie The Godfather that really shows how these kind of organizations use drugs on everyone else considering everyone else to be lower anyone who's interested can go look at the original Godfather movie where they're pushing drugs into the black community listen to how those people are referencing the black community and and using the drugs because that's basically what's going on here at a much higher level anyhow go ahead Jason well the Godfather character in there didn't like the drug thing and and had to accept the fact that this is this was the way of the future this was happening and he finally said put it in the black communities they're animals anyway and that's exactly what did happen that's that's just kind of a on-screen persona version of the reality of it well was it was all in the way the way I walked away from because I watched that a couple times that one little portion I went back and looked it up just to watch that portion I think the idea behind it is is if we make these drugs available and you fall for it and you take these drugs you've identified yourself as lower than us and that we're gonna call you an animal this plays into the alchemical idea in a way where an individual is responsible either you're going to be a higher minded individual or a lower minded individual these people knew from probably hundreds of years ago that drugs would lower individuals it would cause addiction it would cause all these things which would prevent that segment of society from becoming a higher minded Society which is exactly the pizza commercial on spades the lowering of languages is a similar idea in a lesser vein but anyhow I don't want to track off too far go ahead and get into what have whatever the hell this guy's name is Ella who they yell Elihu Yale he was born near Boston on April 5th 1648 he was a British merchant philanthropist slave trader and he became president of the East India Company settlement in fort st. George in Madras India in 1687 now obviously he became very wealthy as a result of all this after receiving a request from the collegiate school in Connecticut he sent a donation and a gift of books which actually would be a pretty nice gift at the time after later bequests Cotton Mather who was a socially and politically influential Puritan minister in New England at the time suggested the school be named Yale College in 1718 Cotton Mather is also known for his scientific legacy due to his hybridization experiments as well as promotion of inoculation for disease prevention he is most frequently remembered however for his very vigorous support of the Salem witch trials you know it's too bad we don't have a place named hell that last guy you just mentioned cotton being behind inoculations I'd be a good place for him just the other day I was out at a Rite Aid and there's a big sign promising seniors that they will get 30% with an immunization off their next purchase on top of the 20% they will already get from having been a member in other words you come in let us immune as I and immunize you we will give you 50% off your purchases it is such kind of the most evil thing I can imagine to be putting these things in older people simply because they can't afford to buy the things that they need in life and they need to get the 50% off and here we're looking at the roots of it and Cotton Mather you know here is the promotion of inoculation anyhow go ahead Jason I see giant signs everywhere here you know out front of there's a chain here called Albertsons everyone I go to there's giant signs out front and so you go in the door about getting your immunizations and flu shots blah blah blah blah blah man they just push it and push it and push it and push it it is so bad here that there's a place called Fall River which at the height of the mills in I don't know maybe less than a hundred years ago was a very rich place now it's not but there's a big billboard sign that we drive by sometimes and it says this what inoculations do you need I'm not even kidding that's what the sign says but anyhow bacteria all right so next we're gonna talk about Nathan Hale he was born in Coventry Connecticut in 1755 he attended Yale College with his two years older brother at the age of 14 they are both members of the Llano nian Society he graduated from Yale at 18 with first-class honors in 1773 and became a teacher by 1775 Hale was in the Army and shortly after along with three other Yale graduates Nathan Hale was part of what was called the culper ring this was one of America's first intelligence operations it was organized by major Benjamin Tallmadge under orders from General George Washington in the summer of 1778 during the British occupation of new city now this would have been at the height of the Revolutionary War Nathan Hale was the only operative to have been discovered by the British and he was hanged in 1776 the legend although it's not historically proven is that he spoke a very famous quote that we get taught in school a lot of times right before his execution I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country Yale College later Yale University has always had ties with the intelligence community since the founding of this republic yeah it's funny you know hearing the bullet point the way you just read it you know everybody knows the hale quote I regret I only have but one life to give for my country everything you read about him would suggest the exact opposite about this man that he's one of the guys that's not out there to give his life away he's out there to pull the strings but there it is man that's just my take now the third person to tie in to this in the early days is a man named Samuel Russell born in 1789 in Middleton Connecticut he was an American entrepreneur and trader he founded Russell & Company in 1832 which was the largest and most important American trading house in China from the years 1842 until its closing in 1891 this company was established for the purpose of acquiring opium in Turkey and smuggling it into China along with trading in Chinese silk and tea Russell and company merged with the Perkins of Boston syndicate in 1830 and became the primary American opium smuggler many American and European fortunes were made as a result of the China opium trade as we've been discussing many well-known families were tied up with all of this many of which as we know still hold power to this day yeah as a side note where I am there's a big triangle where it was supposedly slavery for sugar and rum the idea of using the things that that made people drunk or high but you know as I was looking at the research he did here Jason I began to occur to me that we really appear to be looking at the long game here here you're mentioning dates like 1832 where America's in China Britain's in China all the people associated with this kind of shipping conglomerate have places in China these are not the only countries it almost appears to me like the shift we see now where China is gonna be on the ascendant and kind of Trump not to make a bad joke what America used to be a China is going to be the new boss in town it almost looks like we're looking at the groundwork planning for this all the way back to here and that's just an educated guess but if it's right can you imagine talk about the long game man well we always hear that these elite people have a very long game and it would be easy really to do that if indeed you had all these little micro secret societies passing that from one to the next as the years go by you can see how they would have set this up and if you're a young impressionable fellow being brought into one of these organizations and you're being given this long-term plan that you get to be a part of man that's gonna play into your ego big time yeah I agree but I would ask you know someone alive in the 1800's being told that you know it's gonna be 20-something before we really start to do all the things we're laying the groundwork for why would they be willing to spend their whole life and this plays back to the alchemical idea that I've been going out for so long it appears that the top people in this world live a lot longer than everyone else how much longer I can't tell in the Bible we see you know Methuselah being listed his longest person what's that 996 years or 99 years I've forgotten almost a thousand years from Methuselah encoded into the Bible in popular music you know we could live for a thousand years and I'll make wine from your tears again echoing the biblical idea we see these ideas echoed all over the place but what's the real truth here is it possible that some of these people are living long enough that they could have been alive in the 1800s to realize what's going on now for the average year that would seem a million miles away but I'll tell you what the more I look into alchemy the more I begin to wonder what the possible lifespan of a human being is and if it's possible that the richest and most powerful among us got ahold of these ideas Lord only knows and the real problem here is it it begins to sound a bit insane but there's no getting away from what you find when you begin to look anyhow that does bring us to the top of the allergy do you want to add anything before we bring this to a closing and prop up for our – well of course in our – we're gonna go over the rest of the history here and see how it all ties in to what's going on today but without trying to sound like a commercial I hope folks realize that what we're doing here takes a lot of effort and with the constant attacks on everything we're trying to do it hurts us it hurts us in a big way so signing up for the show basically helps us to continue doing this work because obviously if it got so bad to the point that we couldn't afford to do it anymore then it's gonna be gone so that's pretty much it think about it I mean it's not very much it's it's more of a cumulative effort if enough people subscribe it keeps everything going and man we want to keep doing this yeah you know it almost in my mind is and reflects the reality of the time we live in if enough people see value and are interested they'll go support this and it will go on if we reach a point where enough people don't see value then it won't work anymore unfortunately as we pointed out in the opening of this show we're getting hit from every which direction and it's from behind the scenes it's not even like you know we put a strike on you a publicly visible thing it's this other thing going on that's really beginning to rear its head and it's ironic that it that it's hit so hard this last week on the tail of our free speech episode that basically attributed the control of free speech excuse me to big corporations like Google anyhow that does bring us to the top of the first hour we've got so much to cover and we're even going to begin to list all the people who are associated with these secret societies that hold important positions in our life and that sets aside all the stuff to do with the maritime law the East India Company and all the things that set the stage for the very existence we all live now so there it is man that brings the first hour to a close of crow triple7 radio podcast episode 67 to a close and I hope to see at least Samia over at crow triple 7 Radio signed up as members for the second hour there it is man Cheers you

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