093 ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam (from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny)

Model number ZGMF-X20A Mobile Suit Strike Freedom Gundam This was Kira Yamato’s new mobile suit. It was developed at the Clyne Faction’s “Factory” base as a state-of-the-art machine based on the Freedom. Equipped with a new type of engine, it also had enhanced armament. Its most distinctive features were its Super DRAGOON mobile weapon wings. These housed a total of eight beam assault cannons, which could be wirelessly guided via quantum communication to perform all-range attacks. Its two high-energy beam rifles could be linked together, and it was also equipped with Xiphias 3 railguns on its hips and a Callidus multi-phase beam cannon in its abdomen. When combined with the newly constructed METEOR 07, it had the firepower of a mobile fortress. Carrying with it the hopes of Kira and Lacus, it joined the final battle to halt the Destiny Plan.

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  • The sound of my palm hitting my face… you should have heard it
    No good series establishs a protagonist only to abandon him, that's what I was talking about. Forgiving Cagalli could have been part of his character development, which he was denied, due to fucktards like you, who insisted we have sir Jesus Yamato of beamspammington reign supreme. Maybe he could have defected, does that mean he has to be under Kira? No, not really. Maybe under Cagalli… heck those two could get together! Ubad.jpg

  • Or perhaps he could have a mentor/student relationship with Kira, like, I dunno, Zeta, the series that this was based off of? Shinn still=protagonist. You know, perhaps he could have seen Zaft as evil, and then turned to Kira and Cagalli to help them. He would still be the protagonist of the series. Plz, stop sticking your head into the ground.

  • Man, this really got out of hand. Most of the comments devoted almost entirely on the series and not about the Gundam itself. Personally, I really like the Strike Freedom. It does its job well of being a successor to the original Freedom. Like Freedom before it, it's a long range suit and the DRAGOON system is a great progression of its concept to equally compliment its brother unit, the Infinite Justice. Like they say: if it ain't broken, don't fix it

  • Well haters will stop at nothing… Very particular group of people going around SEED videos and post disparaging comments… And base on your comment here you're gonna get targeted by 00 and UC fans pretty soon…

  • 00 fans won't be quite as rabid, but let the UC fanboys come. Let them know that most of the stuff they rant about is a result of their very own series

  • i think the reason people like Asemu more is because he killed Desil which quite alot would have thought is epic and so on…

  • The 2 series in between SEED, Turn A and Gundam 00 both have minimal stock footage if I remember correctly. Turn A was hand drawn which is much more expensive than SEED which was done on a computer and it was well funded (Unlike another G-series Wing which had terrible funding from Sunrise) so it has no excuse to be worse then Wing with stock footage.

  • i know this is four months late to suggest this, but perhaps they made shinn as a protagonist and then antagonist because maybe a "good" character goes bad, or perhaps in shinn's case, manipulated, i am sure there are plots that involve good characters turning bad or manipulated? in which case shinn is a protagonist who basicly tricked. but now if you both watched the plus episode where they show shinn meets kira again to be find he's the freedom's pilot, they tell him what they fight for

  • what they're i mean, i don't remember the exact words, remember what shin says?

    "No matter how many times the flower blooms, it alway gets swept away"

    and kira's words

    "No matter how many times the flower is blown away, we can always replant the seed"

    the impression from what i get is they always fight to allow their friends and family and others to live a life of happiness and peace instead of letting them feel the terror of war for eternity. While shinn realizes what he means and

  • read what i said to allen, maybe you can understand from a third point of view, and i hope i didn't come off as some kira fan, i'm mostly an athrun fan, and athrun kicks ***, but i'm not exactly who would win, kira or athrun…. cause I'm get the impression that it wold end in a tie or… kira winning, well.. reason is i see him dodge more beams than athrun, but athrun probably be the same level as kira too, but i'm not sure because of the combat i see from athrun. thought he still kicks butt

  • and for shinn, i say he's skilled, just to hot headed to truly fight a war, and please don't be angry me for this

    I think kira is stronger thena shinn atleast because, remember the episode when kira and athrun talked when athrun was still injured, quoting from athrun, if i remember the line correctly, but i know it something like this
    "I'm suprised shinn defeated you"
    and kira said "Ya, i know, I was… confused, on who i was supposed to be fighting"

  • and not forget the mention, i might be wrong, we're not them, so i don't think we'll truly know, but kira (from my point of view) never really fought shinn with the whole replacing his armaments, it seems he could handle shinn, shinn being very skilled also, if not for the impulse, kira possibly be the one to win, i don't remember how the battle went, just that shinn was able switch to new parts. kira might of lost because he basicly never fought against someone whos skilled using a machine that

  • can switch body parts. I hope i didn't come on as a kira fan or anything, just telling the impression i got from the show.

  • Nope, it was Mitsuo Fukuda ruined the whole story. His wife and he let Kira's hegemony go in the second half of SEED Destiny story and make Shinn downgraded from protagonist to a small role.

    Even Amuro featured in MSGZ, but he didn't steal Kamille's show, isn't it?

  • Okay guys, we need some new ideas for Gundam. 1) change the gundam's design 2) Add more weapons 3) Change the gundam's colour. And when you suggest 4th idea: New gundam….WRONG ANSWER! haha

  • The Strike freedom is good.I respect that but there was One thing they didint even bother explaining.That is it Wing of Light. The same goes to Destiny gundam.

  • Kira yamato is the worse Mary sue out there. He is place in 3rd place as the worse gundam character ever in gundam fiction.
    And you wonder why Church jesus yamato called Lacus' virgin mary 2.0". I am not fucking kidding thats what they called in some of the comment.

  • Strike Freedom and Destiny use a variant of the Voiture Lumiere propulsion system for their Wings of Light

  • I see your fanboyism knows no bounds. Either that or you're just following the bandwagon like so many other people are.

    For someone who's a Mary Sure, Kira sure does get his ass kicked quite a bit, even in his mid-season upgrade suits and actually has a loss record.

    Yes, a virgin that somehow had sex with Flay. Right.

  • its not the same, Destiny reverse enginer it while Strike freedom version just uses the one stargazer has. Also Destiny allows it to create after images to confuse enemy pilots. Strike freedom is only build just for speed I guess. The only problem is tha Strike Freedom wasn't really designed good. If its on earth the speed is lost since it can't use its dragoon system. When fighting against suits like Unicorn all it has to do is active the NTD system to take control of the dragoons.

  • The DRAGOON system and NTD are two entirely different things. NTD was developed exclusively for NewTypes and Newtype frames and technology, something CE does not have. Even if it could take over the DRAGOONs, they'd have a harder time hitting it now that its Wings of Light can be used and Kira is used to dealing with attack drones already.

  • GOOD NEWS FOR YOU! RG-16 Strike Freedom Gundam slated for release in November 2013 as part of the lineup for the Gundam SEED Destiny HD Remaster Release. Prototype model showcased previously in June this year.
    Hope that it can also release its own version of the Wings Of Light as well.

  • Strike Freedom has had all of three sorties throughout the series and in one of the major battles, couldn't even deploy its DRAGOONs

  • While the Strike Freedom is highly derivative in its design, it still manages to be appealing enough with its weapon variety and abilities to be fun to look at and watch.

    While I personally prefer the more focused blue black white look of the Freedom, I can definitely see why the flashier color scheme of the Strike Freedom appeals to a lot of people.

    Personally, I would have preferred if this suit had debuted earlier in GSD and was replaced partway by a more original design (similar to zeta).

  • I dunno. I never quite got the gold joints and hands. But based on Rey's comment and thinking about it a little more, "Freedom's ghost" is an apt nickname. I think what sells it is that its abdomen cannon is in the exact same spot where Impulse stabbed the original Freedom. The main feature of its frame, the HiMAT wings, are now essentially "alive" as DRAGOONs

  • If you think about it, even in the gundam metaverse, where ridiculous mobile suit designs are abundant, strike freedom still looks silly with those wings…

  • Oh my god, I fucking hate this Ass Pull Plot Armor piece of bull shit

    I pity the X10A Freedom, not only because its pilot is Kira Jesus Yamato (one of the worst Gary Stu characters ever) but that this piece of shit is suppose to be its successor

  • Okay, I have a legit question. When the Strike Freedom linked with the Meteor, we clearly see the Beam Rifles stored on the hips and the Rail Cannons have moved to the back of the Gundam along with the Beam Sabers. But when it does a beam spam meteor style, we clearly see the Rail Cannons back on the hips and firing forward…. Where the hell did the Beam Rifles disappear to? =/

  • I might sound like a fanboy, but I like the Strike Freedom I think it looks cool. It's not the strongest nor the best but it's my favorite. But Wing Zero EW definitely looks better

  • I love this design, but NOT how it was depicted as an invincible God-like being. The pilot is where I'm kind of divided at.

  • My thoughts on the Strike Freedom?
    "The Art of Beam Spam!!!!"
    Nice design, but honestly nothing unique, other than beam spamming.
    It's overrated seriously

  • I'm like Strike Freedom, but sorry..u will never beat Akatsuki Gundam..if SF got Beam Sword or at least "Armor Schneider" Combat Knife..SF can beat Akatsuki…

  • One of the biggest reasons I preferred Strike Freedom won gloriously is because after Kira defeated Rau, there was no real competition. Athrun is the only other person who can compete in Destiny, and with him on his side, they were basically invincible. Especially with what Athrun has already shown in his time with Minerva. He shows how well he is at support. We all know Rey was a joke compared to Rau, and it's been 2 years since that time. After relaunching, it seemed Kira only got better, and Durandal was just doing everything the same as first season. Shinn only won the first time because of Rey's data and Kira's doubts, and couldn't keep his shit together when he saw Strike Freedom. No data, no more doubts from Kira, no Rey, and Shinn is a goner.

    I always did know I had every good reason to have Kira as my favorite character, but remembering "why" is what keeps me here.

  • How to pacifist w/ Kira Yamato
    1. Charge in with this mobile suit
    2. Beam spam everywhere while shouting "STAHP FIGHTING!!!!! "
    3. Done

  • I don't dislike The Strike Freedom, but it genuinely hasn't earned the right to exist.

    They should've given Strike Freedom an actual "Ability" instead of just being an upgraded Freedom with pseudo Funnels that can only work in space, a rip-off Getter Beam, & golden joints.

    SF was one of my most lethal units to play with in SDGO, but the mechanical design is horribly lackluster. Wasted potential.

  • Strike Freedom would own as a unit, if it was X10A to begin with, but it being the successor just sucks because i honestly could tot see X10A pwning X20A without a problem…

    The point of upgrades, is the suit is supposed to be significantly stronger, not slightly more equipped.

    Nu Gundam is significantly stronger than Rx-78-2

    00 Raiser is significantly stronger than Exia

    V2 Gundam is significantly stronger than Victory

    Zeta Gundam is significantly stronger than MK-ii

    Hell EZ8 is significantly stronger than BALL Type-K

    Strike Freedom is slightly more stacked with weapons than X10A Gundam, it has golden bling, and it's got remote weapons that don't even work in the atmosphere…


  • Well to be fair, if you had a giant robot that has a literal aimbot installed and unlimited firepower, I'm sure all of us would beam spam

  • This suit wasn't as crappy as the hate it gets suggests imo. Many suits are just as, or even more OP than Strike Freedom in relation to their respective series… 00 raiser, Unicorn, Barbatos Lupus Rex, Nu, etc. Strike Freedom just had the unfortunate luck of being in the clusterfuck called SEED Destiny. Unlike the previously mentioned suits, the Strike Freedom didn't have a worthy adversary, so all its fight were boringly one sided and Seed Destiny was the time when it was decided that Kira and Athrun were gonna be perfect.

  • DYK: Strike Freedom was originally called the Super Freedom, which could explain the Super DRAGOONs and Super Lacerta Beam Sabers.

  • I think the strike freedom is actually a pretty good gundam.

    It has a good design, it's used the way it was supposed to be, the wings are articulated unlike the x42s destiny, and I like how kira pilots it.

    (Im don't think the this gundam or its pilot as a god I think it's just a good gundam with a skilled pilot.)

    I know of the backlash people have bin giving kira about the constant beam spam but let's be honest there would be less complaints if seed destiny didn't use so much stock footage.

    I personally don't hate kira at all. In fact he's one of my top favorite gundam pilots behind Setsuna, Mikazuki, Herro, and Amero. I have no problems with kira.

  • The only Mobile suit thing I really hate was….

    VIRGOS series and it's Overpowered Planetary Defensor…
    Can block both beam and solid ammunition

    Annoying GRUNTS ever… Really a nightmare to fighting large battalions of VIRGOS without Funnel/Bit/Dragoon/Fangs

    Luckily they're not have any MAP weapons 😅

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