1.8-Poona Pact 1932

in this video I'm going to talk about the Pune pact of September 1932 we all know that jab communal award I a 2 BR ambedkar or Mahatma Gandhi give each make agreement to walkie depressed classes Jo Evo separate electrically they are me he who me – it was mainly about Pune backed off September 1932 so let's talk about it the Pune back was the agreement between Mahatma Gandhi and dr. BR Ambedkar which reached on 25th September 1932 the major points a spark never calculated there are mainly four points you can see here no yes four points are there main point though home when Co discuss getting it 148 feet were to be allotted to the depressed classes in the provincial legislature X orth elicit a depressed classes cozy tiny provincial legislature met this was more than double from 71 seats as promised in the communal award yay a cut 30 degrees Odyssey 20 you can see key get the sea to get TT Jessica chamomile evolving from a scary a turkey 71 c3 angry Government of India British government of india Cape through lake in Gandhiji Nika him up quakes or tally sheet is angry up Camilla vodka Monica do and next is certain percentage of the seats allotted to general non-muslim electorate would be reserved for the depressed classes or Jo general non-muslim electorate may feed hand actually Ungowa coach percentages deserve kalkajaka does depressed classes Kelly or argue about certainty Congress agreed the agreed that adequate representation would be given to the depressed classes in the civil services he bukkake civil services may be adequately a proper representation di rogga depressed classical school the Bella bond hate are you ache sort elicited engage people a kotoba 32-car TT just a communal award more mascara get out to the depressed classes or which percentage juicy to say Jen a non-muslim categories Kelly would be depressed classes grades of gravity again or Congress in Iraqi Civil Services may be adequate representation who naturally depressed classes come depressed classes agreed to adhere to the principle of joint electorate so years of deputy D gain death of geo transitions dak depressed classes go to depressed losses be instead of communal electorate joint electorate Kiryat they are okay we see that the Puna path was more generous to the depressed classes comparing to the communal award hum you'd expect a aqui depressed classes KO punah pacman Zakaria a trendy gay as compared to the communal award the seats reserved for the depressed classes out of the general non norm then seat in the provincial legislature for as follows usual non Mohammedan a section top seeds couple of inch legislature may push make ahankara kipnuk ethnicity community bath care player aqua here now be ready to go he has passed me looking up quick idea of energy madras Matisse peteanddee a non-muslim seed smithy bombay placenta may 15 1 job may art PTSD he Bihar Odisha a Teresita central provinces in be seated Assam massage City Bengal Matisse seated or United Provinces may 20 feet so let's talk about joint electorate I'm gonna get a break like an only communal little great corner car be all joint elected in a summer in Italy they are again taking joint electorate who talk I the election to these seeds was to be by joint electorate this means that all the numbers of the depressed classes visited in the general electoral rule in a constituency would form an electoral college which would elect a panel of four candidates belonging to the depressed classes of the reserved seats by the method of a single vote Joe election thousand seats Kelly a Giulio any award key Goethe moon Gazoo election another was joint electorate key system with Renata if Thomas La Villita could you depressed classes came member and general electorate electoral roll member voter Trangia voter ID junkie registered constancy may wake electoral college form currently or a panel collect currently candidates key yogi depressed classes to Blanca Bianchi de sub seats collegio depressed class facilities reserved on per year play when they go elect carrying a panel loga so we were talking about what is joint elected the election to these ceased was to be by joint electorate joined directorates through election Renata muddled up Joe electoral rolls Andrew voters and whoa open a community see a place representative Scott chin engage you could depress classes to be longer they only hundreds of seeds be single vodka method sing or a char member for members getting the highest number of votes in such primary election would be candid for each such reserved seats by the general electorate Joe char member took these other votes in Coalinga primary election kid wanna go candidate only reserved feed skinny mullet Pareto chart candidate cogenitor depressed classes cause representative on k2v election in electoral rules constancy me or voyage are member primary let's book primary election my candidates only heard such preserves categorically – Auggie to toss a question did Puna Pat divert all attention from the actual fight of civil disobedience movement when it was on its climax he get nakey kupuna packin a domain mo total civil disobedience movement car who say my freedom fighters could every eight carriers of key Asahi Evangeline thaw Posca checker may depress Colossus capable for question of Jetta essa eco-efficient Volta yes we should blame both the Magdy award and the Puna pact huh may Magdy avoid any communal award Puna past dono Kui blame Carnot ie McDonnell award was devised create a dissection among the Hindus and it has a hidden objective of deviating the leadership from the civil disobedience movement to had an objective yeah he thought MacDonald about curfew deviate care civil disobedience movement rates how modified Tesco yeah freedom fighters could British were unsuited were successful and attaining both the objectives British co Donna yup name but they show make amiability depressed classes secured double the number of seats reserved for them in the communal award and also enjoyed the benefits of a separate electorate though in a modified form a procedure depressed classes in a separate electorate banana a communal award milada versa hide our busca versicolor nom de vie agra pune pact does the future of the depressed classes was deliberately linked to the policy of reservation depress classical preservation key policy fail incurred we again in this process the larger issue fade into the background for the time being at least at least could some a collision main issue the CDM car civil disability movement of afraid olga common man was confused with the compromise formula of panipat common mental compromise formula logic una Backhouse was the confused Organa the thought that the agreement and communal award is the end of the movement and this brought a halt in the pace of the movement so to common Admetus key samajis fixed of course it now could do complexity the CBM cube R T total allowable domain motuhake British key common love all come on nany and to a Puna basket ruski leave provisions Vinod a again to fill a boggy technical coach any to go up new protests mayor opening to be movement your videos marinate it pays me coming alley speed Mecca Miyagi or the sauce Mecca Miyagi but it night how about Pune pact of 1932 okay so thank you so much hope you got the points and understand it understood it well so if you want me to make more videos regarding any topic related to quality your curfew or any other subject that you find difficult to understand please comment in the comment section thank you so much all the best

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