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  • I fucking love these 4Ds videos. So much value, so many actionable, practical strategies. I've been chewing on an idea for my own business for a while and in this video Gary touched on something that basically validated my idea completely.
    Thank you

  • If anyone want to about bussiness stragedy…. Please WAtch till END…….
    I just Love this GUY…..
    Love GARYVEE

  • The 4Ds videos are my favorite. I go back to work and during the marketing meetings I take Gary’s ideas and look like a genius lol 😂. I get to put his advise to the test to see if it works and it builds my experience at a 10x speed 🤷🏻‍♂️. It’s fucken awesome

  • Gary, thank you so much for this bro. My mum owns and runs a real estate business which my brother and I will be taking over one day and there's so many golden nuggets you provide here to real business owners that we or anyone can apply to their own businesses.

    One thing that had me shook was how you mentioned one day the majority of consumers will be asking Alexa for a contacts in a specific field and Amazon can control which business numbers they give to the consumer but I love how you counter that by building your own brand so people ask Alexa for you specifically.

    Right now that's the big thing I'm focusing on, building my personal brand which takes time but it's slow and steady that wins the race I guess.

    Anyway, I'm just rambling but I wanted to just thank you for this, I love real shit like this.

  • Great Episode. This is so much the "Wedding Crashers" of business marketing 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4D5zScOFKU

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • The level of hustle you've kept all these years is a 'hidden-cost' GV — but you're a soldier, who's turned general, and your soldiers know that, so no matter what happens from here, you'll get your movie

  • Don't judge people that are "in pain at the time". That last 10 seconds were awesome. A lot of bullying in the workplace comes from people who are suffering themselves. Gary's perspective on understanding and deploying empathy with that is awesome!

  • the audio levels of the other people on all of these makes it hard to listen – but I really enjoy these

  • So refreshing to see this as Gary always says never buy a house, but why throw it away on rent. I think I could see the penny dropping.

  • "What if we share all of our knowledge with our employees? And they leave. What if we dont share our knowledge? And they stay."

  • This was such a great experience. I ponied up the cash to show up at this despite watching a bunch of videos like this. I was the Brand vs. Advertising question guy. If you could have seen my face when Gary said amplify the Jab rather than the right hook, my head exploded.

  • As someone whose trial period for Trainual concludes tomorrow: SMB’s running a marathon will see the value in this product off the bat, “sprinters” will struggle to grapple the ROI and end up riding the fence. Gary’s solution to marketing strategy at 1:30 will absolutely hit home to the sprinters. Nailed it. Standard Gary 💪👌

  • Im watching this video, and my Google Home picks up the comment at 34:40 and starts telling me where the nearest chiropractors are.

    Priceless. And a real testament to the validity of this.

  • Thank you Gary for making the move that everyone was afraid to. You are the closest thing I will have to family in this life. Love you Gary #FF

    Thank you. See you relatively soon.

  • I used to follow Tai lopez, I looked up to him. Bought all his courses. Then came grant, same with him. Then russel Brunson. Then one day my boss said to listen to Gary and wow. No selling. No bs. True heart to heart advice and quality content. I Love it. Glad I found him @18

  • 23:49 I don't all out belly laugh much when watching Gary but when you started going to town on your nails for a solid 30 seconds I just realized "that must be how I look!" Thanks for the great content brother, see you at the top

  • Hey Gary big fan i know you are an influencer but I think why you put on tik tok is trying to make others know and install tik tok so you get in needed attention

  • Literally "Hey Google, I need a chiropractor." when you said it, tripped my Google home and had it telling me about chiropractors nearby.

  • Hey #GaryVee, My Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCskK... and my Vertical Hydroponic Microgreen business in Fl is growing thanks to buying your Auible #CRUSHINGIT You're the man big vee thanks for all the great knowledge you give out for free

  • @GaryVee I love your contents and consume everything you create! I was super into it until you start nail biting. I really can't take ittt but still just try to listen only. Thank's for everything you do, big fan!

  • Hey Gary Okay around minute 35 as I’m listening to you while I’m working… (on my iPhone w speaker on)- you just “talked to” “Alexa” asked her something like “what is the number for VaynerMedia” or whatever… (talking about where SEM is going)… well —Alexa just responded!! I’ll have to replay you to see just what she said! ?Geez. That’s also where we’re headed… 😳Siri talking to Alexa!!! What about us humans.

  • The amount of incredible, actionable, real-world content contained in this ONE video is off the charts. Thank you for sharing Gary, as this video has changed my thinking and business for the better!

  • As a SMB owner, I’m interested in the guy’s service for creating process workflows and operations manuals. What’s his company?

  • Even large sized corporations don't want to sit down and write policies and procedures when they know they need to.

    Put some numbers and metrics to it. Training as a SAS; time and predictable outcomes saving money is the ROI. Show short and long term impacts.

    Not everybody believes the system is the solution and everybody's time is valuable so educate clients well.

  • Tremendous value in this particular video. Not just Gary´s regular anecdotes but specific cases with context. Gives you a valuable insight into some of Gary´s thought processes, never before shared (at least not to my knowledge).

  • this guy can suck a dick and provides nothing of value other than the illusion of knowledge from constantly talking and is likely really lonely with thousands of people around him and not a single friend but he doesn't need friends cause his brain can't process human emotion so good for him but my dude not know much, his brain just naturally produces cocaine 24/7

  • Good one here @garyvee !! Tytyty. You not only reassured me but gave me some miro suggestions for my reverse engineering I'm currently stuck on!

  • Incredible pieces of advice! Eager to wake up next day and put one of them into action right away. Time to sleep. G’Nite ✌️😊

  • 🔥Make content that the people who I want to talk to, want to watch
    🔥Build your brand in underpriced areas
    🔥Spend money amplifying content/the jab
    🔥Win the top of the funnel and solve the problems/provide solutions to the rest of the funnel
    🔥Brand is imperative because you cannot outspend the big guys. Also because once voice dominates, brand is what’s left
    🔥Brand the person AND the company for greater appeal
    🔥Put the giveaway in front/remove the friction
    🔥Be the toll booth

  • fuck Mr.V. You set off Google. But on a side note. Cant believe this guy post this stuff for free. Unbelievable information to apply in your daily life. Regardless of being an entrepreneur.

  • Gary, you are my gateway drug to reality. Wish I would have absorbed you decades ago. I know it's not too late…trying to develop a plan and work really hard to avoid the regret. Love you dude.

  • The fact that he doesn’t have to monetize his business is a major advantage. He has that leverage to jab, jab, jab. Doesn’t need to ask because their isn’t an urge monetarily to do so.

  • This video was AMAZING GARY so good that I need to watch it again because there was a lot of info to get but I would guess you would say reading about six-packs won't get you six-packs so I need to execute too!!! Thank you for all the content you put out there for people!!! Although you say that you are only warming up which I know you are because I believe you will bring even more good things to the world but I just want you to know that you did a lot already!! God bless you @GaryVee

  • Please keep posting your business meetings! This information is super vital for us that are smb!

  • It was such an amazing experience to meet Gary and learn some lessons during this 4Ds session. Thanks for having me VaynerMedia!

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  • As a Jets fan, I ALREADY demand that you own the jets. I genuinely believe u would be the best thing to happen to us since OJ. PERIOD.

  • I liked the pre-roll strategy for the real estate gentleman. Man, how many people would be freaked out if say they are watching a Jets clip on YouTube and you have this guy dressed in Jets gear leading in with "Hey, I know your a Jets fan, I am one too so I won't keep you too long but I just have a question, are you in the market for a new home…." that ad I think would pop because now your getting not only into the heads of potential clients, you are building rapport (kind of sort of). Not a bad approach, I just hope the gentleman knows where to get NFL gear on the cheap because there are of course 32 teams.

  • Your fools just live with your family or low rent until you can pay for a home in cash and have an abundant savings even after paying for house.

  • I’ve learned more from these 4Ds than practically anything in school on scaling and marketing business. Thank you so much for sharing these Gary & Garyvee Team!

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  • Hi,I've been watching your channel. Your work is amazing and
    would love to help with your business loan needs. If you need anything please
    let me know. I am a loan officer in New York City. Thanks for putting out great

  • I adore when Gary is so serious about his advice and the room is laughing. He says it such a way that everyone understands but also thinks its crazy simple.

  • Never thought I'd be someone who watches business strategy videos to relax!! 😂 Great job Gary! Thank you for everything you do 👍

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