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An inevitable question Is M8N going to participate in the Free Fire arabic tournament? M8N: Very nice question M8N: Look, this is not a final decision… Hello everyone and welcome to the channel! In today’s video, the Egyptian legend M8N will be with us. Thank you, you’r the legend You know the principle of the challenge, right? M8N: Yes, I saw your post in the community So guys, if you’re new and haven’t seen the post.. This is a new challenge with the youtubers. We’re going in a duo game, I’m getting eliminated and the amount of kills he get I’m going to ask him about them questions And of course, I bring the questions from your comments from the post I posted Before bringing a youtuber or a famous player I post on my community, and the comment with the highest likes For example, if he makes 10 kills, I’m going to ask him 10 questions What do you think about it M8N? M8N: I really like it, unique and new Are you ready? M8N: Of course, go ahead We’re back again as you saw he made 11 kills, so we’re going to ask him 11 questions You let the last one get eliminated so you don’t get an extra question I just wanted to get to the safe-zone so I can give him a head-shot No! you did it purposely * laughs* 11 questions are much better than 12 So let’s get started I know that you wanted it more kills so you can get more questions to ask So, we’re going to make them 12 questions Oh no, they’re 11 12! No no man, 11 Okay then The first question from Yassen He posed 3 questions in one comment, let’s answer them one by one **Erreur in the voice** Why you went to the Heroshima and didn’t came back to seven H? M8N: Wait wait wait M8N: What’s the number of this question? It’ts only one comment, but he asked a lot of questions M8N: Aha! I understand now. Continue Why you went to the Heroshima and didn’t came back to the Seven H? M8N: If you really remember, in the beginning of youtube I was with you in the clan Yes, right M8N: Then, I joined a friend’s clan. Then I made my own clan. Then I went to the Heroshima M8N: The 7H’s leader is still a friend of mine and like my big brother M8N: We don’t have any problems M8N: We used to go on livestreams everyday And he wrote, the main question why your voice is lagging? M8N: Maybe because I don’t talk too much M8N: or maybe there is a lag because of internet connection. Because I usually have a bad internet Yes, I even noticed that while playing M8N: Is it working fine now? Indeed. Let’s move to the next question M8N: Was all that only one question? Yes The other ones are separated. We’re going to count the previous one as one question anyways M8N: Do you have them prepared or what? Indeed The second question from Mohamed Confusing question. Why don’t you participate in the tournaments? M8N: I’m not used to play as a squad and have the same tactics M8N: In Heroshima, if I play with a squad and we have a good tactic, we can reach the top positions in tournaments M8N: and why not the winners M8N: I would like to play with a squad who understand my tactics M8N: I played a few tournaments with random squads and they did not understand my tactics and the result was horrible So you prefer playing with a good squad or not playing at all M8N: Yes, especially if we have played a lot Let’s move to the next question From Mister Hamza Why didn’t you go to the Brazil in Rio De Janiro? M8N: I had some problems with the passport. It wasn’t ready when the flight was only after one day M8N: The streamers that went there did a great job, I’m really happy about that The next question from Weld Cumura, what’s the secret behind your professionalism? M8N: The secret about it… M8N: Honestly, this question hasn’t any answer M8N: Because, some players might be in my professionalism but they don’t have any youtube channels M8N: and none is noticing them even they’re good players M8N: So the main idea, I’ve been playing for more than a year M8N: I have changed so many devices in-order to find out the perfect one that matches my speed Yes, there is a question about it later aswell We’re in the 3rd question M8N: So yeah, I answered the question then M8N: If you have a good phone that matches your skills and you don’t have lag, that’s one of the perfect keys to the professionalism Let’s move to the next question, they’re 3 questions from Anwer M8N: Hold on a minute, we’re in which question now? What’s the number? The 4th question M8N: Yeah, Mo5less, are you sure? Yes yes, I’m counting them I’m also wondering about this question M8N: a question that has 3 questions? Yes The first question, why don’t you make live-streams and invite some youtubers like they do with you? M8N: Yes right, the question is easy M8N: I did a few times back in the days livestreams but the quality was bad and I had lag M8N: The livestream was interrupted a few times aswell M8N: In the last period, I wasn’t doing livestreams because I have lag in phone and the internet connection M8N: I might in the Future if I buy a computer and mirror the screen, I can start making livestreams M8N: So the frames can be perfect, a few youtubers uses this technology The second question, why you left the seven H. You already answered this question M8N: This question hasn’t any answer, because I already asked 7chich (guild’s leader) about it M8N: Let me give you the answer M8N: A friend of mine asked me to join his guild, I told him that I’m going to ask the guild’s leader first M8N: I shouldn’t leave the guild without informing him, right or not? Yes right M8N: So I asked him, and he said “no problem bro, and if you want to come back you’re welcome” So, let’s move to the 5th question M8N: Is this the 5th or 6th question? The 5th haha.. Alright let’s count it as the 6th. You answered it already The next question from Rayan, M8N: Wait wait Mo5less, how many questions have you prepared? 20? To be honest, I prepared 15 and I was about to get more, but you have made 11 kills I’m going to ask you 11 M8N: Hopefully I haven’t killed more than 11 players The question from Rayan Ayari, who are the youtubers you love? M8N: Arabians, right? Yes This is not favoritism, but the one I watch and follow No the ones you love M8N: I love? Right, you can love them and follow them aswell M8N: A lot a lot, wallah alot M8N: Machallah the Arabians youtubers are alot Atleast give me the top 3 M8N: 3? alright then M8N: Azoz The legend, yes M8N: Shiro M8N: And who else, who.. M8N: and BNL Yes, they’re great players M8N: But, there are a lot I forgot.. alot.. there is Mokafha M8N: There are a lot, and I apologize if I haven’t mentioned anyone. I don’t have any names in my mind M8N: Greetings to the rest of whom we did not mention their names We really have too many Arabians legends Alright, this question is almost similar to the previous one, but in a different way Why you went to the Heroshima and left your own guild? M8N: Great, in my guild I hadn’t the members with the capabilities of team working M8N: Not the cooperation that I can with it a tournamenet or do something M8N: So I went to the Heroshima. In the hope of reaching the top positions in the tournaments M8N: So I joined the Heroshima, so I can participate in the tournaments. it has many legends and I preferred Heroshima M8N: Just to mention, I was about to join the Heroshima, before making my own guild Yes, and you have the right to join any guild you want Let’s move to the next question M8N: What’s the number of this question? 7th? No, the 8th From Ahmad, are you thinking of changing a little bit of your content? Like doing some spins or opening some packages M8N: I used to do the spins Yes I remember you doing that M8N: but, I didn’t like it M8N: It’s not my content to spend diamonds or explain a skin or something M8N: My preferred content is the game-play and the highlights So, are you thinking of changing it in the future? M8N: But, probably in the future I’m going to change the content M8N: yes a little bit of diversification Yes, because it helps the channel The 9th question from Youssef, what’s the type of your phone? M8N: It’s the Iphone 11 PRO, 256 gb M8N: and 3GB RAMor 4 GB, I don’t really remember Alright, let’s move to the next question This question is from Grandi, why you have named yourself MST83DIN (M8N)? M8N: Oh no! this question I don’t know the answer M8N: Every youtuber in this world has a nickname, right? Yes, right M8N: Why none asked them about their nicknames then? M8N: Or just because my name is weird a little bit? *laughs* so this question has no answer? M8N: I really don’t know how the idea came M8N: It just came in my mind and I liked it So you were just chilling, and the idea of the name came to your mind M8N: No no not at all, the name has so many meanings in the middle east M8N: M8N means ughhh… I really don’t know M8N: MST893DIN (M8N) it means someone whos drifiting M8N: Something weird in his mind to do But, when you have chosen it, it had no meaning right? M8N: No it had a meaning, but I didn’t care about it, because I didn’t know that someone is going to ask me why you named yourself M8N M8N: But I saw that name is nice Yes, right Let’s move to the 11the question M8N: The last one? Oh no, we’re going to have 12 questions *chuckles* M8N: So this is before the last one? Yes 12, because you let the last one get eliminated M8N: Alright then A question from MFS Games, are you going to come to Tunisia? M8N: If I ever come to Tunisia, it it because to meet you and 7chich Welcome bro M8N: and also BNL Welcome anytime Let’s move to the last question An inevitable question Is M8N going to participate in the next Free Fire Tournament? M8N: A very beautiful question M8N: Look this is not a final decision, I might participate and I might not M8N: The idea is, before the tournament there is training M8N: In any guild, who wins in the training then he is going to participate So you mean, if you win you’re going to participate? M8N: Yes, if I win in the guild’s training, I’ll participate and I might not, this is not final So we reached the end of the video, I really had the honor to have a q&a with you M8N M8N: Thank you Habibi, you know something? Yes? M8N: This is the first time i do a Q&a with a youtuber M8N: I haven’t even made it in my channel. not yet… I’m very thankful, because you came with me in the first video M8N: I had the honor Guys, write down in the comments if you liked the Q&A and which youtuber I should bring next time Don’t forget to like, subscribe and PEACE! M8N: I really had the honor to be with you today habibi and good luck in the next videos Thank you very much

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