#1 Secret To Make Over $1Million In A Year

Alright my friends, I’m back. Kris krohn
here and today, I want to share this with you. My number one secret for how you
make over a million dollars in a year. Have you ever heard that adage that you
and I become the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with? Let’s
do some quick math. Let’s talk about that and then I’m going to share the number
1 secret because it’s going to piggyback. Check it out. This is you my friend in
your life and you’re happy. Except you’re also kind of sad because you’re thinking,
“Man, I’m trying to figure out a way to get myself where I want to go.” And I do
this exercise and I say, “Who are the 5 people in your life that you spend the
most time with?” These are your 5 friends. And we say how much do they each
make? Well, first of all, how much do you make? Let’s say that your average
American and you’re producing $44,000 a year. Well, you hang
out with Bob. And Bob makes $50,000 a year. You also really
like Suzy. And Suzy makes $30,000 a year. And this is Jimbo. And
Jimbo makes $45,000 a year. This is your friend Marsha who’s
also really cool. She makes $60,000 a year. And this is
Barney. And that’s a horrible name. But Barney makes $42,000
a year, okay? Now, if I were to take the 5 people that I’m spending the most
time with and if I actually add them up and divide by 5 or the number of
people, let’s check out what actually happens here. Okay. So, we get 50,000 and
we get her 30,000 and his 45,000. And Barney’s 42,000. And my other friends money and we divide it by 5. And look these 5
friends, they average out $45,400 a year. You
have been ripped off. You’re only making $44,000 a year. Usually plus
or minus 10% is the amount of money mean we make with all of our
friends. Now, why is that significant? Well, before I can tell you the secret to
making a million dollars in a year, I need you to understand something. The
group of you all here? You guys, you have very similar thought patterns. There’s
things that you similarly hate and don’t like. There’s things that are acceptable
to you and things that are not acceptable.
There’s appropriate ways to think there’s right societal norms. And things
that basically allow this to be a very special circle of friends. And what that
circle of friends does is it creates a comfort zone. And here’s the crazy thing.
If you want more of what you’ve been getting, it will be found inside of here.
But if you want something different that you’ve never had before, will it be found
in here? Not likely, Money certainly won’t. That’s going to be
found here or here or here. So, are you going to have to get out of your comfort
zone? Yes. Just imagine for a moment if you stop spending so much time with
Barney because you found out that he was the actor on the cartoon and he dressed
up in the “Hahahaha-Hi, kids!” And you’re like I can’t hang out with
that guy anymore. So, you make a new friend.
And this friend’s name is Shawn White. And he’s a snowboarder for the Olympics
and has won gold Olympic medals and Shaun White makes a million dollars a
year. First of all, if you’ve been hanging out with these people all of a sudden
start spending some time with Shaun, things are going to get really weird for
your friends. And also for you because when you hang out with Shaun you’re like,
“this kind of weird. He’s an Olympian and he thinks different. Like, he’s got like
this indomitable spirit. And like, he just I don’t know he has this crazy amount of
confidence. And we don’t have that.” And when your friends hang out with Shaun,
they’re like Shaun’s pretty cool but he’s not like us. Crabs in a bucket, we
pull each other down. Your friends will not like you hanging out with this
person. Why? Because actually Shaun isn’t in here. He’s actually out here.
He’s outside that comfort zone and that’s not comforting for them. Friends,
I’m just telling you about the way society works. I mean, we surround
ourselves with a group of people and we hang out with them until we die. Here’s
the principle I want to teach you. Today, this principle for what you do to make a
million dollars in a year, it’s called proximity is power.
Does that mean? Let me tell you what it means? It means that in the past, when I
joined up with Tony Robbins and I joined his platinum mastermind,
I was with 300 other members. From around the world, we would travel the globe
together and these were people that were making anywhere from millions to tens of
millions. Some of them hundreds of millions of dollars a year. Now, I started
spending a significant amount of time with these people. Many of them actually
became my friends. And here’s what the proximity of power means. It means that
you want to anything that you want Mike that you don’t have. You need to find a
way to spend your time with those people that have it. And your friends? They’re
not gonna like it very much. And for some of you’re going to be like, “Dude, I can’t
ditch my family and friends.” I’m not asking you to. But I’m going to tell you
right now. They’re not going to like it. I mean be honest. Any of you that are
involved in my real estate community we’re out there doing real estate, you
shared my videos with your parents or other people. Dude, there’s a good chance
they’re watching and saying, “Dude, that guy’s a scam artist. That’s probably not
even his house. He probably rented that car and those clothes.” Dude, I had someone
recently… I took a video walking by my hallway and someone’s like, “Dude, that’s
not even your house. Look at look at the pictures, they all look Asian.”
They’re very Caucasian looking. But they’re trying so hard to justify that
the way that I’m living my life is so different from them that I’m bad because
I’m different. And that’s usually what different means. We create this other Mes.
Well, I decided to pay $150,000 just for my first
year membership to travel around the world.
And I spent time in multiple countries with a whole pile of new friends. In fact,
earlier today, I had one of them that lives in New York that was actually out
here visiting with me. We were doing some skiing together, he came in for a YouTube
video. We’re doing some business together. I got one of my other friends I met in
this community that I’m doing some business with. A really big deal. My first
friend that I made in the community, I made $600,000.
Meeting him and working with him for a handful of months. I mean guys, I just
want you to understand something. If you want your circumstances to change, if you
want your finances to change, the power of proximity is all about spending time
with the individuals that have or have already achieved what you haven’t.
When you make this brand-new circle of influence/individuals where this person
is making let’s say a million and this person’s making half a million and this
person’s making 10 million. And this person’s making $600,000 and this person is making 30 million, do you know what happens to you?
I mean to be frank and honest’, right now I’m going to tell you. Come spend
several days with me at my next event. I put on a financial workshop. It is days
of you locked in a room with me teaching you the entire blueprint for the
financial laws of Destiny. It’s teaching you the blueprint of wealth creation.
It’s giving you a million-dollar game plan. It’s teaching you the rules of how
to create wealth, it’s teaching you how to build your cash flow machine. It’s
giving you the systems of wealth creation. All of those specific pieces?
Those are just a part of everything I do in my events. And when you do, you’re
actually getting in my proximity, to someone that’s done 3500 deals. And I
need you to understand something. People that spend time with me end up doing
more real estate than when they don’t. Why? Because I’ve done almost a billion
dollars worth of real estate. If someone says real estate is high I’m
going to build wealth, you don’t get it. You need to get as much proximity as you
possibly can to those individuals. You’ve got to hunt, down, search, find, pay
whatever price. You want to know what the real money is?
People are living so freaking check to check that at the end of the day, they
don’t have the money to invest in the only thing truly worth investing in. And
you know who that is? That’s you. This right here. What you learned in college?
That’s designed to give you a career, a job. It’s about paying your bills.
It’s not designed to give you financial legacy, financial freedom or empowerment.
And if that’s important to you then you need an education you haven’t gotten
before. You do everything in your power, you save your money and whatever you got
left over, you should be investing that in the assets that grow you financially
and you invest it in the people that you can gain proximity to. You should be
paying to go to events, you should be paying for flights. Most of us are living
life according to Parkins law. Parkins law says that we live within 10% of what
we make. So by the way, if you were making 50 grand a year and you watch my video
on doubling your income and then made 100 grand a year,
you would also increase your style to around a hundred grand a year.
Now, you might be saying, “I wouldn’t do that. I wouldn’t I would save and I would
invest the difference.” I hope you do. Almost nobody does that. A conscious
trained person would do that. What you really are needing right here in your
life is to take that money and you need to invest in who? In you. You need to put
yourself into the proximity of people who have what you want. Not 1 person,
not 2. You surround yourself. Now when you do, I’m going to give you a heads up
here. You’re definitely going to have some people, family and friends that are
gonna poopoo it. They’re going to say, “No way. You’re making the wrong decision. This
isn’t what we taught you. You’re wrong.” Because remember, they’re they’ve trained
you to honor their belief system that they got from their parents and it just
continues. This is why the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. Once in a
while you find someone that says, “I’m a transitional character.” By the way, in the
comments below, if you’re a transitional character, I want you to comment right
now. I’m a transitional character. It doesn’t mean that you ditch your family,
doesn’t mean you did your friends. But it means that you are absolutely making
room for proximity to people. Not a little bit more where you want to be. Not
a lot more. People, you want to reach up as high as you possibly can. That’s why I
have mentors who are billionaires. I paid $100,000 to go to an event next month.
And it’s just 6 days. Why would I pay $100,000 for a 6-day event? Well
friends, I’ve done it in the past. And it made me over a million dollars last year.
Wouldn’t you do that? How many of you would trade 100,000 for a
million dollars. Would you trade 1,000 for 10,000? When you
invest in yourself, you give yourself the opportunity to grow the most. So friends,
thank you for watching this video. I hope you’ve been getting great value out of
it. I want to tell you something. You’re watching this because you want to be in
the game of real estate. Now, if you’re curious, you should subscribe and keep
watching videos. If you’re serious, you should click the link. You should learn
about the date of my next event and then you say this: “No matter what, heaven or
hell wide or whatever is going to be. I’m getting to that event no matter what. I
don’t care if I’ve got finals. I don’t care if I’ve got class or school
or anything.” It’s time for you to make an investment into yourself that works. And
whether it’s me and my event or the next event or somebody else, bottom line is
you’re not going to start changing your
circumstance of life until you start changing this. And the way to change this
is by gaining proximity to the individuals they can get you there. So,
you want to know how to make a million dollars in a year? Simple. Hard for many
to do, you get to decide. You’ve got to find a way to start hanging out with
multimillionaires. 5. And when you start hanging out with 5
multimillionaires, watch. Will not take a lot of time before you figure out the
key. And all of a sudden, you elevate to those that you’ve surrounded yourself
with. Choose your friends wisely. And if you know I’m one of them, I better see
you at my next event.

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