15 thoughts on “1 The pilgrimage of reconciliation-Laurent Nkunda-CNDP

  • When listening to this song, I doubly appreciate Nkunda and his co-soldiers. Because of God, we will continue fighting for peace. Laurent- Nkunda oyeeee

  • Abatutsi congolais ntaho bata bamagana kbs…. Fdlr murayizi ko iharanira ubumwe nyakuri rwa bavuga ururimi rwa ba sogokuru (ikinyarwanda)

  • what is the title of the song which starts this documentary ??? or when can i find it integrally?? thanks

  • Why do you never talk about the FDLR who are killing and raping congolese now? They should be the first ones to answer to the crimes that they still commit

  • this man is just a freedom fighter, criminals are FDLR who commited genocide in rwanda and rape, killed congolese people till now

  • – Gen. Nkunda is not just a rebel, but a freedom fighter who should struggle for peace and friendship among all Congolese people in the DRC and should be supported by all peace-loving people not only in Africa but also the world over against a selfish and less wise type of authority in Kinshasa."

  • Understand, As long as the FDLR(interahamwe) reigns in Congo forests, which Congo allows them to do, Congo is still a major threat to Rwanda and all Tustis. If Congo wants peace, they will have to fight the FDLR within, or if they are unable, at least allow Rwandan strong army into Congo to clear the FDLR. If not, Rwanda must go through the Congo army to get to the FDLR. As simple as that.

  • fkin right.you spoken the truth you r one of my ppls.Amen.this is what the world need to knw that they will be no more tutsi killings in modern histry.

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