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hi friends welcome back to another episode of generation films my name is Alan I apologize if my voice is a little bit raspy I've actually volunteered recently for a gene therapy program conducted by the US military where they're basically trying to adapt humans for underwater combat the side effect of this operation is that I might lose complete control over my vocal cords and in their place gills will basically develop and I won't be able to breathe underwater at which point then the military's probably gonna arm me with the spear gun and then you know no dolphin will be able to escape my wrath anyway it seems like on this channel in my absence there's been a lot of discussion about which Ben is better on one hand you have American Ben on the other hand you have British Ben now I don't really like this conversation because I I think we're focused on the wrong thing when we're trying to compare which Ben is better because that's not really what humanity first is about it's not really about the fact that one Ben likes the e people and the other one routinely drives on the wrong side of the road and is a danger to everyone around him what we really should be focusing on is the fact that both Ben's are human and like most humans they have flaws flaws that I think they can help each other improve we should also be focusing on the fact that one Alan is always going to be better than two Ben's anyway today we're gonna be continuing our best space Navy comparison series with a pretty interesting faction they're quite different from the more human centric factions that we've covered so far this is actually going to be one of the first alien factions that I talked about and not just any alien faction but a coalition of different aliens they've joined together into one group we of course we're talking about the Covenant which are basically the very thing this channel is fighting to eradicate it's a faction that I hate so much that I'm gonna get American bent to do the advantages version of this video simply because I don't think I can spend an entire video talking about how good they are and a lot of that is due to the fact that I don't really like aliens but it's also due to the fact that despite the covenants advanced technology they actually have a really backwards culture and society so just the warning for those of you tuning in expecting us to break down the technical weaknesses of the Covenant Navy immediately their Navy actually has very few weaknesses from a technical staff but instead we're really gonna be looking at is the cultural problems that the entire covenant organization has now there are certain people out there who are gonna tell you that every culture we encountered should be respected no matter what their values are no matter what their beliefs or actions are I say shenanigans to that but the Covenant are made up of a variety of different alien species and they're actually segregated into different caste based on their race in their case there are definitely different racial traits between these different aliens a jackal is most likely going to be smarter than a grunt just like an elite will be physically less stronger than a brute and before any of you covenant sycophants reply that I'm not calling them by their native names well I'm a human so they can all go to hell hashtag remember reach anyway what this in post caste system actually does to significantly decrease the efficiency of the Covenant military and Navy and imposes many strict artificial divisions that puts this otherwise advanced force and a huge disadvantage so the first problem we have is racial segregation the covenant were actually a spacefaring species they didn't really have a homeworld instead they had a home station that traveled from one world to another now they were a pretty religious Society and they basically absorbed new cultures they encountered and forced them to adopt their religious practices but instead of uplifting each alien race they encountered a strict hierarchy was established based on valleys assigned to them by the Prophet race these weren't really intrinsic values based on the true potential of each one of these alien species instead it was based on prejudice stereotypes and very shallow examinations of these cultures for instance you had species like the grunts who were a tier six civilization stuck in the Industrial Age when they were encountered by the Covenant their world was actually on the brink of collapse due to some ecological disaster that they had encountered the prophets and elites immediately classified them as a slave race placing them at the bottom of their social hierarchy they looked at the Grunch diminutive stature and laughable technological abilities and didn't account for the fact that as a species they were far younger than the prophets and elites and necessarily inferior but just didn't have enough time as a society to develop in advance to the level that they were at as a matter of fact both the prophets and elites advanced technology wasn't due to their own intelligence or ability as species but because of their interaction with the ancient forerunner races so by forcing the grunts into slavery they were actually living the potential of an entire race which actually made a pretty large percentage of their entire society the natural progression for highly advanced and efficient species is usually never slavery of organic beings and that's because organic beings are naturally unable to cope with these kind of circumstances it's far more efficient to use AI tech in machines that replace organic workers machines don't have the desires and biological impulses that organics did and we're much better at doing quote-unquote slave work and because of the suppression slavery and mistreatment that grunts time and time again would rebel against the Covenant which made them a really big security risk for the entire faction this was especially a huge problem for the Covenant Navy because almost every ship employed grunts as basic security forces and maintenance crews so as a covenant leader I not only have to worry about enemy forces in a battle I also have to worry about the fact that my entire crew is made up of individuals who potentially could mutiny because of the mistreatment placed on them by my culture so it goes without saying having this caste system significantly decreased the efficiency of the Covenant Navy the grunts were basically the equivalent of gang press sailors that the Royal British Navy used to use the first Marines that were employed by the Empire weren't actually trained for storming beaches but for ship security and preventing armed mutinies on their ship also by creating a caste system you naturally create barriers for advancement for certain races for the lower races like the grunts and jackals this created low morale I mean why would you risk your life in combat for the Covenant if in fact they are oppressing your entire race as we've seen in our own history typically free men make far more effective combatants than conscript forces that were deployed by dictators militaries made up of volunteers and free men typically have let's to worry about when it comes to the desertion and morale issues while conscript armies spend a ridiculous amount of energy enforcing discipline in discouraging their soldiers from abandoning their duties it was this lack of fear of their own soldiers that made free armies much more flexible in the battlefield because you have talented NCOs who had more control in the small unit level the Covenant just didn't had this ability the caste system also created natural infighting within the Covenant Navy this is because it encouraged and exaggerated the differences between the different races to the point where each alien race fought for their own species rather than the Covenant as a whole in two thousand four hundred and sixty two decades before the human and covenant first contact war tensions between the jackals and grunts reached in all-time high so much so that on the Covenant home station of High Charity the jackals poisoned our common recreational drug use by the grunts which almost sterilized their entire population in retaliation there grunts attacked the jackals nests and killed a lot of their eggs the High Council made up of elites and prophets saw this as a minor annoyance and basically ignored this whole situation which led to further rebellion by the grunts who were generally just fed up with the situation this was especially problematic for the Covenant Navy again because you actually had certain ships that were crewed by just one type of alien first contact breeding the human in the Covenant was carried out by a jackal missionary ship which was just like this so when one alien race mutinies you're not only worrying about infighting but you're also worrying about losing a significant portion of your war material this infighting eventually led to an all-out covenant civil war known as the Great Schism and it's not all that surprising after the prophet of regret one of the leaders of the High Council was killed by Master Chief the elites a science of protecting the Prophet was blamed for their lack of ability and so the Prophet aliens replaced the elites with a more brutal and aggressive brutes who had only just recently joined the Covenant at the same time the brutes replaced the elites in high command positions in the Covenant avian army they basically became field masters and ship masters overnight which completely screwed up the entire command oh and they did this in the middle of a war against the humans the Covenant naturally underestimated human beings at the time our Navy was relatively weak in comparison to their our ships also lacked shields we lacked true energy weapons and used kinetic energy weapons and outdated projectiles but the Covenant also underestimated humanity's natural ability to survive and also evolve in the face of great strife and adversity we as a species have made great leaps and bounds in technology when we encountered any threats through our existence what the Covenant didn't realize was that with each encounter with humanity with each piece of technology that they lost to us we were quickly learning and adapting their own technology into our own military force a great example of this was the energy shield found on the Spartan 2 armor design it was clearly reverse engineered from a jackals personal shield while the UNSC Navy advanced in leaps and bounds during the human covenant war they come in at Navy's technology stagnated the Covenant clearly underestimated humanity their only chance to really defeat us was a quick swift blow before we were able to adopt their technology because at the end of the day human culture is superior far superior to the covenants by limiting an individual station in life and ability to advance they really made their culture stagnate the Covenant Navy was full of officers appointed based on the race rather than their ability while the grunts were physically quite pathetic they were actually intelligent species the notion that they were stupid again was caused by stereotypes and Prejudice from the elite class and profit class after centuries of suppression it was just expected that the grunts would be subversive and quiet but we've seen as with the case of grunts like the Deacon dad Deb that grunts could be quite intelligent when allowed to the same could be said about the Jackals who were quite intelligent as well but by limiting high command positions only to elite some brutes the Covenant were also imposing limits to their own recruitment polls and overlooking talented grunts and jackals now the Covenant government is a theory this means that religion dictated the rules and laws of their governments and that affected everything in covenant society all the way down to its Navy now we've already mentioned many times during the covenant human war humanity advanced very quickly while the Covenant forces basically stagnated this wasn't just due to infighting in the Covenant Navy but because of how their entire society function and was structured around the worship of an extinct alien race known as the forerunners most covenant technology was derived from or as they thought gifted to them by the forerunners by placing this mystical and religious connotation to things like energy shields plasma cannons and slipstream generators it prevents proper scientific research from being conducted on them as humans find out relatively quickly therefore runners weren't gods for the flawed species of aliens and at a biological level were no more special than the Covenant or the humans again I can't help but draw correlations between the sci-fi universe in our own actual real world we've seen time and time again nations that don't have a separation between religion and state have huge societal and economic problems countries like Iran Sudan Yemen and Afghanistan all are at a severe disadvantage on a global stage because of this it's not that religion is bad or even that it's bad for society there are many positive things that religion brings along with it but a theocracy is fundamentally flawed because its basic rules are judged by religion and religion you know at its core is a very abstract idea every individual interprets their relationship with religion from different points of view and then again you have individuals who aren't religious at all and they basically don't fit in your theocratic system in that way which is why theocracies are rarely established on a predictable and fair set of rules and laws and usually have oppressive directives aimed to quell the centre's and portions of the population and that's exactly what the Covenant air cranek government does it places its own people into religious casts it also limits their technological discoveries and abilities and it's also started a holy war against humanity which is never a good idea and the cap things off the religion that this theocratic government is based on is completely false and completely misunderstands who the forerunners actually were the first through species that encounter the remnants a forerunner tech in the Covenant where the prophets and the elites the lead Senate more hands-off don't touch it approach while dealing with the forerunners while the prophets incorporated for a run a tech into their own military which is why they were able to defeat the elites when they first contacted them but again the prophets biologically speaking then possess superior intelligence at all if anything they were quite stupid and closed-minded based on their actions for one they completely misunderstood the purpose of the forerunners and the purpose of the halo arrays they thought that the halo arrays were the pathway to their salvation when in fact it was just a gigantic super weapon that was designed to destroy all sentient life in the galaxy in order to prevent the spread of the flood this is something that Master Chief and Cortana we're able to figure out literally days after first encountering a halo ring this is also why the prophets saw Humanity as such a threat to them we basically proved that their whole religious Society was bogus and that includes their caste system which is the only thing really keeping the prophets in power the Covenant were really just first adopters of forerunner technology that a creating value and progress would that technologies that they sought to control other beings and suppress other beings in order to protect their own power this is why the Covenant are evil and their society is completely flawed so guys those are the 10 flaws with the Covenant Navy if you want to see more technical information about the Covenant Navy and their individual ships I'm sure Ben is gonna be talking about that when he discusses their advantages because you know in all honesty they have a very advanced Navy that's the truth also guys don't forget to rate the covenants in this video right now you know right I'm on a scale of one to five and we're gonna be using that writing to finally determine which faction wins our best space Navy series anyway guys don't forget to subscribe hit that notification button so you don't miss out on the rest of the series as usual my name is Alan writing you that life is a movie and you are the protagonist

30 thoughts on “10 Flaws Covenant Navy (Halo) | BEST SPACE NAVY SERIES

  • The San'Shyuum were not stupid. In fact, they are very manipulative, but under the influence of religion, an intelligent individual can become narrow-minded.

  • Funny, humanity fought off the Covenant with a) an alliance with the Sangheili. And b) Humanity actually exploiting planets.

  • Flaw #11, they didnt know humans have plot armour. And human's literal existence caused political instibility between the religious factions within the Covenant.

  • 5:43 The Grunt Rebellion was sparked when Jackals spiked the Grunts' recreational drugs with a sterilizing agent to reduce the grunts' rather substantial reproduction rates. Prior to the rebellions, grunts didn't have a combat role in the covenant military. It was their ferocity in the rebellions that earned them a place on the battlefield in the covenant military, their collective status slightly elevated. It's why there's arguably more bad blood between grunts and jackals than between the brutes and elites.

  • Theocracies have always been culturally retarded. Look at the Middle East. And i mean retarded in the technical sense, not the derogatory sense. Do you really need me to provide a definition?

  • The Brutes used to be a space faring race but put themselves back to being a primitive race from war.

  • Stop using Spartans vs Persians as an example of a free army vs a slave one, because it's not. Spartan society was built on slaves to were as Persian society frowned or even was against it. The average Persian troop was moderately trained, lightly equipped, and did fairly well against most enemies of the empire, it's just greek hopiltes were usually much better trained and better equipped. Light infantry vs heavy infantry when the light infantry was only used to fighting other light infantry.

  • The biggest flaw of the Covenant is their military hardware and just how badly designed some of their equipment is. Also their over-reliance on plasma is a huge draw back because plasma can't do everything and is easily stopped with a magnetic field. You don't even need a super strong magnetic field to stop plasma (a mag bench to inspect parts produces a magnetic field that is many times stronger than Earth's). Admiral Cole took advantage of this when he lured a Covenant fleet into a gas giant's magnetosphere and rendered their weapons useless. Then there is the fact that when it comes to long range engagements, plasma is the worst thing to use simply because it will start dissipate as soon as it leaves the barrel. Just because they use plasma doesn't mean they're advanced, it means they're stupid for using only 1 weapon system that can easily be counter-acted. The wraith is a horrible vehicle to use as an MBT and it shows and the Seraph is a horrible vehicle to use as a space superiority fighter. When it comes down to it, the UNSC is actually superior since their coil guns and rail guns fire projectiles that don't suffer the same way as plasma as well as fire different types of ammo (MACs can fire guided munitions) and can do damage that can be impossible to stop without the mystical energy shield that defies even the universes' own rules.
    Hell, even fucking Star Wars has more weapon system diversity. Take the Imperial fleet for example. They have vehicles and starships that carry not only the usual blasters and variants of them (ie ion weapons), but also several different types of missiles, mass drivers (shoots out a solid projectile) and beam weapons which allows them to fight efficiently and effectively against whatever comes their way. I love your videos but you kinda missed this major flaw about the Covenant.

  • Due to them seeing that mendicant bias (the forerunner military AI commander) went againt it's master after getting the logic plague, the covenant refused to develop AI systems and replaced them with disposable grunts.

  • The Prophets didn't fear humanity because we knew the true purpose of the Halo Array. The Prophets feared humanity because when searching for religious artifacts and stumbling upon Harvest, they found the planet to be lit up with artifacts, which turned out to be the humans themselves. They didn't want their positions in the Covenant to be usurped by what they thought to be the descendants of the Forerunner, so they declared a crusade against humanity.

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