10 Flaws: The Covenant (HALO)

hello and welcome back to another episode of generation films my name is American Ben listen I feel like things might have gotten just a little bit carried away in the course of doing this strongest alien series the demagoguery against aliens has to stop so that humans aren't led to do horrible things to the xenos when in fact they do show up I want to be more responsible with my words and so from here on out I endeavor to promote peaceful tactics in dealing with aliens and if you out there are another peace-loving individual with compassion and decency go ahead and comment down below and let me know that you stand with me I'll give you a second to do that done great thanks for revealing yourselves you human betraying Zeno loving scum your information is going to be forwarded directly to the UNSC s Office of Naval Intelligence has the humanity first codebook States human compassion towards non-human ETS is weakness and will lead to catastrophe wherever it happens be compassionate towards your fellow humans but do not spend the energies of your heart on the Z no even if the Zeno is incapacitated injured and/or dying the Zeno is a dangerous enemy kill it by any means necessary see aliens will not show you the same mercy you intend to show them the humans in the Halo universe didn't ask for war after war with the Zeno scum but they got it anyway because the Zeno is violent today we are going to cover the flaws and advantages of the Covenant one of humanity's most bitter enemies please remember if you enjoy the video hit that subscribe button and notification bell we start with the advantages there are problems endemic to covenant society but they do have an organized system of governance and hierarchy of power that for the most part allows the species that make up the covenant to avoid total disarray at the top of covenant society is the High Council which is responsible for legislative executive and judiciary power below the High Council there is the Council of Concordance responsible for enforcing public decency of the unn go have been known to urinate in the streets the council of deed and doctrine or religious body and the Council of masters which consists of the highest-ranking individuals in the covenant Navy now yes the san shyuum and sang Healy make up almost the entirety of the ruling authority on these councils as they are the highest and second highest caste respectively so not all voices are represented but compared to many other alien societies there is still much better organization of power which lets them direct their society effectively at least towards its militaristic goals covenant weapons aren't perfect but they are very effective a varied and certainly much more advanced than the weapons available to alien species like arachnids and Xenomorphs who boast only biological weapons the Covenant used some pulse laser particle beam antimatter and chemical crystal based weapons but for the most part their weapons arsenal consists of plasma based weaponry their plasma weapons are highly effective against human enemies despite having some overheating issues they also enjoy the benefits of certain melee weapons that are so lethal that they are practical in firearms based combat such as the energy sort of fitting xena weapon as the humanity first codebook states to know whether or not an alien will stab you in the back ask yourself do you have a back the Covenant also have highly advanced anti-gravity vehicles built from a special purple metal that is superior in strength to any elements that humans have at their disposal their vehicles are often faster than that of the UNSC and thanks to the anti-graft tech are more stable on rough terrain as well the pride of the coveting army is of course their ships the Covenant fleet has tens of thousands of ships in its ranks of many different shapes sizes and types from carriers to destroyers to cruisers to support ships their ships built all sorts of terrifyingly powerful weapons as well including pulsed lasers turrets plasma torpedo launchers and a variety of planet crafting weapons known as energy projectors defensively covenant ships are some of the strongest as well often being fortified with nano laminate plating Armour is strong enough to stop many UNSC naval weapons and additionally covenant ships have energy shields protecting their exteriors which are some of the strongest energy shields any alien Navy has to offer perhaps the pride of the Covenant Navy is their CSO class Supra carrier a 95 thousand foot long capital worship that arrivals the best ships in any space Navy faster than light travel capabilities is an important part of assessing any alien Navy strength we haven't focused on it as much during this series because we are covering alien races and species in general and many of the aliens we've looked at so far don't have particularly superior FTL technology but the Covenant do actually they have very nearly mastered it if you don't know factions in Halo use slipstream space for FTL travel an alternate dimension of space-time from real space for travel through slip space you need a slip space drive and in the case of the Covenant they have a really good one that allows covenant ships to avoid suffering from the temporal fluidity that human ships do as we've explained before on this channel covenant ships can cut a very fine hole in the fabric of space-time enter slip space at a precise point execute a series of micro jumps through slip space an exit slip space at a precise point in time this allows the Covenant to travel through interstellar space at a rate hundreds of times faster than humans and most likely faster than most alien empires as well superluminal communication is another very important aspect of any space Navy but in this series there hasn't been much to rave about so far but yet again the Covenant have achieved mastery in this regard the Covenant have designed something called the prostitution Network in this system the Covenant installs communication relays on some of their ships and planets that enable communication between them these relays transmit messages automatically from ship to ship or ship to planet immediately upon a ship's arrival or departure from a star system and with all the ships in the Covenant fleet this means rapid communication across their entire empire the system is called the prostitution at work because another benefit of the system is that covenant prophets stationed on high charity that now former covenant mobile capital city can communicate with their armies across space and ensure their continued obedience okay so there is no high charity anymore so it's debatable as to whether or not it should be listed here but if it was built once it can probably be built again at least equal to what it was before given that the covenant cannot innovate only mimic but more on that later anyway high charity was a massive Space Station that serves as the covenants capital city religious center and as home for billions of covenant aliens the 314 mile high 216 mile around station was powered by the engines of the decommissioned forerunner dreadnought and though it was a massive target for enemies to hit as it was mobile it was still better than a planet for a capital and it was combat capable itself it had weapons built into its bedrock with firepower surpassing that of even the most powerful covenant ships it was armed with 32 super-heavy plasma Lance's 1900 plasma beam emitters and multiple types of energy projectors then it was further guarded by a rapid detection network of slipspace probes that could track even the smallest objects coming into close proximity of the city and marked them for obliteration and if that's not enough the station was protected by some of the biggest fleets in the covenant Armada High Charity was a truly protective location for the Covenant for a long period of time until the flood infested it and humans blew it up I love when humans blow stuff up you know if we don't blow ourselves up first I have high hopes for the blowing up we're going to do of alien in the future this is the point of humanity first people we're trying to avoid the self-owned so we can get to the fun stuff let's kill aliens in peace together all right we can't go on like this talking well of these zeroes that have long waged war against human society any longer it's time to talk about their flaws first off the Covenant don't have much in the way of a rational society founded in logical decision-making their entire culture is based on worshipping the forerunners now I can say that some of the most intelligent alien races including the Protoss and Eldar have strong religious principles religion can encourage devotion in followers give them a higher purpose to fight for a feeling that their causes the name of something metaphysical and illicit and unmatched ferocity on the battlefield but in covenant society faith is a way for the political elites to control the Covenant masses in the covenant government the only thing above the three san shyuum hierarchy is a forerunner artificial intelligence known as the Oracle that is supposed to bless any new hierarchs before they are appointed but the Oracle didn't speak for over a thousand years at one point so the truth is that the hierarchs rule over everything and speak for the so-called forerunner gods manipulating all of covenant society through religious deceit from the top down the covenant empire is riddled with bribery blackmail lies and other corruption the Covenant masses believe they are fighting for the honor of their gods but truthfully they are only fighting for the political interests of the elite classes in their society it may be true that this has produced a powerful militarized society but also one that while maintaining an appearance of organizational structure is poisoned fractured and falling apart at the seams this flaw might come as somewhat of a surprise to you given the superior technology we've already discussed but in the long run covenant technology is not an advantage at all see all of their technologies imitative instead of innovative they simply reversed engineered forerunner artifacts to produce their advanced technology additionally religious doctrine prevents them from investigating the ways in which the forerunners were able to create their technology so all they have weapons and chips way more advanced than that of the UNSC they don't know how to improve or evolve any of their tech or innovate from their own ideas their tech is advancing at a much slower rate than that of humans and eventually will be surpassed again covenant society is well organized but isn't really a society that is well built to bring out the best in its subjects the covenant piously believe in working for the empire and sharing goods among all the reward for such devotion after all as they are told is salvation yet like any good communist success aya T the reality is much more bleak with a rigid caste system holding down the lower species and discriminatory behavior of upper class covenant denizens towards those of lower classes being pervasive many of the lower covenant species were actually inducted into the covenant through capture and enslavement these captured species are then forced to adopt the covenant religion and their labor is exploited in various ways thus the flaw here is twofold first there are questionable loyalties at the lower levels of covenant society with the maltreatment of such species leaving the door open for unrest and rebellion and just generally a population that doesn't much care for the cause and secondly the oppression of lower species means that covenant society is not fully commoditizing the skills and talents of its lesser subjects or letting individuals from such species reach their potential in a free society on one hand this isn't terrible for simply creating a warlike society but on the other as it operates is hard to believe the covenant Empire can ever truly flourish finally just as their technological innovation is lacking so too is their innovation of strategy whereas the technologically inferior humans have been forced to carefully map out their battle plans and have had to constantly out thing can outsmart their enemies in order to just survive let alone achieve victory the Covenant have not been forced to be as creative in war I don't want to give any absolutes here but covenant tactics are very straightforward for the most part they stand their ground and fight to the death hoping their superior weapons and ships will prevail this is why the UNSC has repeatedly been able to defeat covenant forces their leaders have constantly been successful and out thinking their covenant counterparts and as human technology improves the covenant will only find themselves losing more and more often okay my friends it's time to rank the covenant on a scale of one to five please click in the top corner in order to do so and let me know down in the comments below what you think of the covenant and what you think about what I included in this video or didn't include remember to hit that subscribe button and notification bell for now my name is an American Ben and I'll catch you next time Generation films peace

31 thoughts on “10 Flaws: The Covenant (HALO)

  • 3:36 The “metal” used in making vehicles, armor, and other tech in the Covenant Empire is called nanolaminate. It’s built by nano machines. 11:23 Also the Covenant Empire lasted over 3,000 years so I’d say despite the flaws the Covenant still had a really good run.

  • It is funny how you are always against even tactical/strategic alliances of convenience. Cuz' why let the xenos fight each other, we can just throw people into the meatgrinder. Humanity first indeed.

  • Sisko: Your caste-based society makes you ineligible for joining the Federation.
    Covenant: REEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

  • You should start a what-if series after this one is done. Like what if a Warhammer 40k imperium dreadnaught suddenly showed up in orbit of the earth during the human covenant war from halo.

  • I've always wondered.. are Elites reptiles or eel people? Its necessary to know you enemy so we can properly carry out extermitatus or use them as food, I mean.. how should we cook suck heretical xenos? FOR THE EMPROR

  • One major flaw would be that their extreme religious beliefs blinded them to strategy and basically see what’s going on socially in the covenant

  • Ooh, idea. Sell book covers that look like humanity first code book. That’ll confuse the Xenos, they’ll never find the real one!

  • I laugh at this whole humanity frist nonsense because it didnt work in the halo universe it just lead to war, which lead to humans fighting humans which leads to dictators which leads for warhammar empires which leads to oblivion, so go ahead be a simple minded human, becasue in the eyes of any other race were the aliens and their doing the same thing your doing BEN or should I say spook becasue your frist contact rule would most likely lead to war, yes a outer system world would be ideal to make frist contact but to quote dr halsey "anyone could stick a radio antenna out and find earth easy." Just saying been if their out there they know were to look.

  • If I ever know someone or become someone working with nasa I will put a disc with all the generation tech videos on it and send it into deep space

  • The wars with the Covenant are my favorite human v alien conflict in fiction because of just how real it all feels. You could make a mockumentary or a war film in the same tone as Platoon and, if the people watching didn't know better, could be passed as the real thing.

  • First rule of religous wars it's never actually about religion. Everyone's always motivated by other things. The second you delude yourself into thinking the people helping you fight said religous war are doing it entirely for religious purpose is the second you lose control. The profits made this mistake the Sangheili showed them.

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