10 Minutes to Financial Freedom (Full Video)

Welcome to FreshStartForms we call this
how to live debt free in 10 minutes I’m gonna show you how to pay off your
thirty-year mortgage your car student loans credit cards and any miscellaneous that you have in
15 years or less the ideas for you to be able to pay off
your debt without getting a second job or working overtime you see since the
beginning the credit age we’ve had one specific strategy for paying offered at and that is when we get paid we send
additional money to our creditors 5,10 15 dollars to each creditor why?
Because we know and understand that if sned just the minimum payment will pay infinitely and ultimately that
is a strategy that has is paying with no progress this strategy is flawed has is dividing
our forces we divide our money when we spread it out so thin we won learned a strategy that’s gonna
teach us how to unite our payment in our efforts to pay down
our creditors in ultimately gives the opportunity to
maximize the benefit have every dollar earned let me give you different example say
you’re one of these candidates in your given the overwhelming task of
convincing everyone on this grid that you are the
number one candidate for the job to accomplish this task you’re given 100
volunteers so the question is how do you accomplish
such a great task with such little resources? Would you
propose taking all your one hundred volunteers
and spreading them out along the border the United States does it seem like the most effective
strategy to win this campaign? Not likely he seem clearly we spreading ourselves
out way too thin we’re trying to be everywhere at the
same time and this is what we do with our
creditors and with our payments or creditors when we sent five ten and fifteen
dollars each of them what we want to do is use a strategy
that’s far more effective and we wanna unite our efforts keep our volunteers
together so we can be more effective and gains momentum so we’re gonna put
them all together instead of spreading them out. So let’s say we started the tip
Washington we begin their and with in a short period of
time not only we gaining momentum but we’re also bringing in some
additional support we now have some extra volunteers and as we move on to the next state or
the next debt we have more momentum and more
volunteers joining our campaign by the time we move into Idaho were in
full swing and this momentum is now carrying us through with the power momentum that we need to
pay down olive your outstanding debt now you’re beginning to see the value
I’ve keeping your resources and your money together in
going after one creditor time as opposed to dividing it let me show you how we do this on paper
of course we have a program at FreshStartForms that does these calculations for you
I’ll give you a payment schedule now teach you who do pay went to pay and how much to
pay on a monthly basis it takes the guesswork are paying down
debt but that’s not the purpose of this informational video the purpose in this video is to teach
you how you can do this on your own with a sheet of paper and a pencil and
let’s get started see here we have a simple grid on the left hand side we have the name
all the creditors from this specific dates in a row his Discover
credit card several credit cards a mortgage and are alone in total this
couple has 179 thousand dollars two hundred twelve
dollars in debt and a second communist all the balances
as their provide for you on your statements
to discover as a bouncer 1250 the cars 1500 with second mortgage 39,000 the
first mortgages 123 up at the top we have our 100 volunteers that’s right because we don’t want to
divide up remember the previous example we were sending five ten fifteen dollars
to our creditors we want to keep all that together now if
you’re thinking I don’t have a hundred dollars extra to pay towards my creditors bear
with me because the following video I show you
how you can use this exact same strategy with just one dollar you will still get
the maximum benefit all the income you bring home on a
monthly basis and you’ll see that you’ll be received tens of thousands if not over a hundred
thousand dollars have that by just using a strategy and one
additional dollar with this hundred dollars we also got to this couple’s budget by using the ban
process and in the other region video we show you how to use the budget audit
and monitor process to regain control of your financial
independence from your budget take the money that’s being siphoned out
if your budget on a monthly basis from your creditors and apply it towards paint on your dad
are building a savings the next step is to list the minimum
monthly payments to discover has a minimum payment 26 dollars the car payments 121 the mortgage is a
twenty-two and in total this couple is sending 1400
eighty dollars on a monthly basis to your creditors this is not include
gas light groceries those are all living expenses
what we’re looking at right here just your debt payments and this is what
they send their creditors month after much so let’s start at the
top and we want to go discover we’re gonna
look at their balance of 1250 and a monthly payment 26 dollars we
wanna learn how long it’ll take us to pay off this debt at a rate of twenty six dollars roughly
when you divide 26 hours into 1250 we get forty eight
months NATO long it’ll pay this off why do we need this information what we
wanna learn is which these accounts you can pay off the faeces and which one take the longest to pay
off in this case the mortgage or take a hundred fifty months and MasterCard will take forty seven so
we’re gonna give a payoff priority to the debts that we can finish the
faeces in this case sacred gets priority number one the
mortgage is priority number ten in the fall through like this massacres
number one star card is number two the cars number
three and so on so you’re gonna do is go after the first
at we’re gonna grab for 100 volunteers we’re gonna add this to our regional
payment 36 hours remember that the balance have 1705 at
thirty six dollars a month takes forty seven months to pay off but when
we at our volunteers to 36 dollar payment we’re going to get a new payment 136 and
now we’re able to finish paying off this debt in just thirteen months see that one
year and one month at addressing different than forty seven
months which is almost 4 for years meanwhile everyone else
continues to get the absolute minimum because again we’re
going to get the benefit of not spreading ourselves up then in trying to be everywhere at once we’re
gonna concentrator forces in gain momentum after you pay off this
debt we wanted that number two Morgan and 136 to the 27 dollar minimum
payment have the second at let’s back up for a
second because most of us don’t make a pass
this step we don’t make it to that number two what do we do when we have a hundred
thirty dollars back into our budget well we’re very creative we find ways to
spend it was time to get the new laptop or entertainment center or maybe it’s
time to get the flat screen TV so we don’t want to do that we wanted to
use keep the momentum going as the same way we move into organ and
ultimately into idaho we want to keep the momentum going
Sorgen attitude at number two and 18 gives a new payment have 163
month and instead have been finished in forty eight months we’re done in just eight months and
we’re gonna do the same thing with that number three we’re going to pay me 163 to 121 that gives the new payment 20 284 and
the vehicles ultimately paid off completely in 21 months it’s a lot faster than the
original forty eight months that were scheduled that’s how we pay off number two number
three number four now we’re really picking up some speed
now showing his payment strategy to find any says wait a minute that sounds okay but were sending a lot
of money to my creditors what if I have a financial emergency
what if my car breaks down as it is an excellent question what if
your radiator in new vehicle breaks down need six hundred dollars to repair or
what if your water heater breaks down any nine hundred dollars to repair you
seem look at where we are word that party number five were sending this creditors 329 every month but the
regular minimum payment is ninety dollars you can do the math 329 minus nineteen
dollars equals three hundred ten dollars instantly emergency funds this means
that if you need six hundred dollars to repair your vehicle you can bail yourself out at this
financial emergency within just two months have three
hundred and ten dollars back in your budget all you have to do send the creditor the
regular nineteen dollars if u’d nine hundred dollars to have your
water heater replaced and a new one installed you can tell
yourself out within just three months you see the alternative to this is
without this type of strategy we would be left with the option of just
using a credit card are getting a loan or borrowing money from someone we know
to pay off for this repairs ultimately heading to monitor that we
have so this financial disappoint teaches you how to be independent if your credit cards and
break that cycle so we pay off that number five and we
really gain financial independence in nineteen we can bail ourselves out in the moment of an emergency weepy of
six 7 8 9 ultimately get down to the tent that
which is a mortgage at this point we’re sending them one
thousand 500 eighty dollars thirty-year mortgage is going to be paid
off in six years and six months it’s a lot faster in the initial 150 month scheduled at
this rate payment now summer you may be wondering word is
this 1580 come from well if we remember it starts out with
the 1400 maybe dollars’s couple ascending every month to their creditors we just
didn’t find new places to spend the money we kept the chain going we moved all the
way down our debt and yes we added are 100 volunteers that would give us his payment in total
this couple will be completely debt-free in just 12 years in nine months imagine that you thirty years old in you
just purchased your first home and you can use this strategy you know
that in 13 years you’ll be completely debt-free without
credit cards vehicle payments and certainly without a
mortgage I meet 15 eighty is back into your budget every
month you can use an entertainment you can use it on your children’s
education you can certainly use it to build your retirement fund see this does require a lot of financial
disappoint but in between you can give yourself a
break when you’re sending the mortgage company 1580 original payment is only e22 that’s roughly seven hundred and fifty
dollar difference that means it if you take two months of the plan you
instantly have fifteen hundred dollars back into your budget cash she can take
three day weekend adding your water park with your family
enjoy yourselves for all your hard work and effort or if you take four months of you can
have three thousand dollars instantly available she can fly
somewhere nice and nice warm destination and gain the benefits in the fruits of
your labor CD here’s a you able to find your
vacation cash without relying on loans in credit cards and that’s a benefit a
sticking with the plan like this sure you may differ your plan by three
months or four months if you do differ by for months you go from being debt free in 12 years
9 months to 13 years and one month it’s far
better than the original plan that the lender set up for you of thirty years so the difference here
is having a plan versus no plan you want to live cash improve the
quality of your life you become your own safety net and you
build your own retirement fund you just learn how to live debt-free
share this video with someone you know and teach them how to live debt free

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