10 Things Canada Does Better Than The US

ten things Canada does better than the
US number turn education the u.s. is actually incredibly generous on
educational funding they spend around seven hundred billion dollars a year on
primary and secondary education yes America has a large population part of
the u.s. also commits the most funding per pupil in the world dedicating
$16,000 to educating each student up from college
that’s more than Canada at around thirteen thousand dollars and way more
than the global average of ten thousand dollars the problem though is that
funding isn’t translating into success according to the program for
International Student Assessment Canadian youth are 4.8% better it’s
reading 8.2 percent better math and 5.4 percent better at science than Americans
so what’s the problem well diagnosing any definitive simple
solution is hard but one reason could be that in Canada teaching is seen as more
valuable career teachers are paid more meaning that the role is more attractive
to higher educated university graduates meanwhile in the u.s. the low pay and
long hours mean becoming a teacher doesn’t appeal to as many graduates who
have more alternative career choices than ever
number nine vacation America has some of the most beautiful tourist destinations
in the world the Grand Canyon Bourbon Street the world’s largest ball of twine
with such a land of incomparable Beauty stretched out before them it’s a shame
that most Americans will never get to see it unlike most countries which have
mandatory minimum holiday days US government doesn’t link companies offer
any holiday on the other hand in Canada the minimum varies by province in some
it’s ten in others it’s 20 most American companies do voluntarily offer some
holiday but usually only around 10 days for newer employees on average an
American has to work at a company for 20 years to earn an increase hard a packet
that reaches 20 days and because of a culture that encourages always being at
the office even though it’s way less efficient than allowing a point to take
breaks the majority of Americans don’t use all their limited holiday days
number eight international diplomacy Canada is statistically the most beloved
country in the world the u.s. not so much the reputation Institute tracks the
International opinion felt towards countries for six years between 2011 and
2017 Canada came out on top with a positive opinion consistently in the
eighty percent region the US meanwhile frequently has around fifty to sixty
percent positive responses that means the u.s. is still broadly liked but they
aren’t nearly as popular as their likable neighbor to the north and what’s
more the US has never topped that chart now admittedly Canada slipped into
seventh place in 2018 the first time it’s been out of first or second place
since 2011 but with a 79 percent positive opinion the world still loves
Canada more than the u.s. number seven ice hockey you’re on YouTube right now
which means you’re only a few clicks away from hour after hour of ice hockey
fight compilations but hold off for about ten minutes okay
yes the NHL is increasingly devolved into UFC on ice but it still hasn’t
stopped the sport remaining the closest thing Canada has for real national
religion mainly because watching people beat each other up and ice it’s kind of
great now it’s worth mentioning that a Canadian team hasn’t won the Stanley Cup
in 25 years but that’s because so many of the country’s best players go
stateside for a bigger paycheck across the NHL 50% of players are Canadian born
and bred as opposed to only 25% from the US whenever the Canadian players have
come back to play for their homeland like for the Winter Olympics for example
it becomes clear how commanding the country is Canada has absolutely
dominated the Olympic ice hockey taking only cold 13 times the US only three so
what do you think hockey fans does Canada have the edge over the u.s. in
this regard let me know in the comments down below
number six the American Dream America is famously the land of opportunity you can
come to the US with nothing but if you’re willing to work hard you can pull
yourself up and claim your riches this idea of the self-made man is a huge part
of the American mythos and understandably so who doesn’t like the
idea that success is earned and hard work leads to a fair reward but the
problem is that the US has relatively weak social mobility
according to the Economist Americans have
7.6 percent chance of moving from the bottom paper burners to the top fear now
Canada Canada nearly doubles that with 13.5 percent
similarly fewer of the American rich will fall out of the top to make way for
new blood 61 percent of US citizens born to parents and the top two-fifths of
income will remain there as opposed to 52 percent of Canadians so here it’s
weird to say but it’s true if you want the American Dream go to Canada
number five health care Canadians on average live longer than Americans the
air quality is higher in Canada they eat less and the northern nation is
marketing less violent for reasons we’ll get onto later
but those aren’t the only reasons Canadians out with their neighbors to
the south Canucks also enjoy universal health care although some specific
procedures and treatments needs to be paid for health care is free at the
point of need that means Canadian citizens are free to combat any
illnesses they face early on without having to worry about the cost in the
u.s. though 70% of all bankruptcies are caused by health care bills considering
the quality of life improvement of not having to worry whether or not you can
afford to keep ran alive this is a way which Canada clearly outstrips the u.s.
number four manage its debt so Canada spends more on
big government programs like health care than the US but critics of that approach
would argue that such government largesse comes at a price of higher
taxes ethanol personal liberty and plummeting a nation into debt and to all
the others who can be argued at lakes and their doubt will be the comment
section down below there’s no debate to be had over Canada in America’s debt the
u.s. runs on an annual deficit of nine hundred eighty-five billion dollars a
year Canada runs on an annual deficit of
nineteen point four billion dollars a year now obviously that’s massively
skewed by the population difference but even factoring for that the u.s.
accumulates more debt per citizen than Canada way way more according to the
CIA’s World Factbook America’s overspending averages out to $3,000 per
citizen that’s six times and $500 per citizen debt Canada built up annually so
the US isn’t opposed to spending outside its means it built up more debt every
year than Canada if only there was some way they could cut spending
number three lower obesity if there’s one area in which the US can definitely
outdo everyone else it’s eating on any given day more than a third of Americans
will eat fast food that’s according to the National Center for Health
Statistics and eighty four point eight million Americans commit to shoveling
Baconator cheese whiz and fret I mean freedom fries every single day with that
kind of commendable commitment to cardiac season cuisine it’s not
surprising that the u.s. leads the developed world for obesity although we
should be fair and point out that American obesity rates are still way
lower than nearly every Pacific island according to a survey by The Lancet
there are 78 million obese Americans that means 38 percent of their
population is obese and nearly three-quarters of American men are at
least overweight Canada meanwhile has a 25 percent obesity rate that’s not great
and still 38 in the world but another 13 percent of Canadians would have to do
some serious eating just to catch up with the old US of A but then again
maybe just because the US has tex-mex deep-dish pizza and Kansas barbecue
whereas Canada’s national dish looks like a pigeon took a dump on soggy chips
number two safety both America and Canada allow you to grab a Garmin goes
blast some moose so why do guns and violence and to be a much bigger issue
in the US well while guns are legal in both nations Canada has far more
restrictive regulations of firearms in the US the guns are still available but
processes like background checks prevent the most dangerous people from getting
their hands on them this leads to Canada having barely a third of the gun crime
that America faces and guns on the only way in which Canada is safer in the u.s.
either the American murder rate is four times that of Canada rate of assault and
burglary are also lower in Canada two in Canada your biggest search is probably
being mauled to death by polar bear not blood recommended either number one
happiness we’ve already covered how Canadians are healthier more well rested
and safer than Americans and with all that going for them perhaps it’s no
surprise that Canadians are also happier according to the 2019 World Happiness
index the people of Canada are an average two ninth most upbeat population
on earth Americans on the other hand they come in at 19 that wasn’t an
anomaly either the people of Canada are routinely ranked in the top
happiest national populations on the planet sometimes reaching as high as
third place behind Norway and Sweden a similar study the world happiness report
had citizens of every nation ranked their happiness out of ten
Canadians have an average of seven points seven out of ten to be fair
Americans were fairly happy to responding with an average of seven out
of ten still it seems you’re more likely to smile if you’re a Canadian than an
America so that was ten things Canada does
better than the US which one do you agree with you would disagree with any
of them let you do let me know in the comments down below also give this video
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98 thoughts on “10 Things Canada Does Better Than The US

  • Lmao cute opinion, Canadians don't have rights like America, you get arrested in Canada for saying pronouns and criticizing refugees

  • Considering we have to maintain a military on a massive scale so that most other allied countries don’t have to (looking at you Canada) and being the big pointy stick which is the only thing giving the UN any real military power, I doubt we will cut military spending anytime soon.

  • "the US is so generous with education they spend $700 million anually"
    Isn't the military budget like 5 billion lmaoooo

  • Holy Shit I hit this video whilst thinking I love facts like "fact boy" Sam from 101 facts and apparently he's doing all time 10s!

  • Watch all the Cons that come to the comments that believe giving the 1% more money will fix all their problems lol They are destroying the US and loving it.

  • Mexico, United States, AND Canada are all on North America, they are ALL AMERICANS. North Americans.
    North and South America are CONTINENTS like Africa, Asia, and Europe, not countries.
    if someone is from ANY country on a specific continent, such as France, they would be European, just as someone from Spain.
    People from Egypt AND Sudan are African. You never hear the Chinese call Russians "Asians". I never hear the Swiss refer to the French as "Europeans".

  • polar bears to stay in their Russian jail

    if you know what I mean !!!and with all of them I want them I wish them to become cat food …

    who let them escape from there rusia !!! has made me feel like they have a mede tha big mistake in their lives … :-(((

  • As a Canadian…we do road cleanup better (Michigan lookin at you and all your dead deer on the highway). But America is great on the whole. And your hospitals and doctors see patients faster than we do…The negative to our system is also it's benefit because everyone goes to the ER/doctor for basically everything that people in the USA wouldn't go in for clogging the system. If it's a real emergency they'll see you right away otherwise wait times to be seen can take hours. My worst wait time so far was 3h.

  • Canada number 1 exporter of asbestos to third world countries, yea, treat natives like crap, healthcare, go to Sarnia, Ont. and you’ll find crappy healthcare, long waits in Er, long, long wait for CT scans, hospitals with out dated equipment. So if you like socialism, the dollar worth 20% less than US, paying twice the amount for gas, high taxes19% gst, then Oh Canada is da place fur you eh. So excuse me I’ve got to go to the church of Tim Hortons and pray for Tim Bits!

  • a third of the gun crime but ten times less populations. hmmmmmmmmm weird. Better healthcare? They wouldn't have shit unless we paid for the R&D for it, only possible because we don't communize it and allow free market to seek profits from development.

  • even the idea of 20 days vacation a year is still enormously shittastic…… 20/365…… thats 5%

    people should have more time off than work time…… or at the very least, half and half.
    Especially in our modern age, where machines can do most, if not, all, of the hard work, tedious work, and dangerous work……. imagine if 95% of your life was spent unconscious, and only 5% conscious…….. its pretty much the exact same thing.

  • I know this is all personal and not proving any of this wrong but I still find it funny

    1: From my first year in kindergarten to graduation my teachers were on strike every single year which I mean did give up plenty of extra days off but still funny also lots of examples of rather unprofessional teachers like my 6th grade teacher explaining to the class as fact that black people have bigger dicks because they need to please more women also in middle school my principal was caught having sex with some students mom in the change room and in high school our mechanics teacher was caught watching porn DURING CLASS

    2: While its a nice thing like maternity leave I don't see a benefit to forcing companies to give people so many days off simply because theyd like to it forces a lot of smaller companies to struggle a bit

    3: I'd honestly say thats a bit out of jealousy (boom) I don't think what other countries feel about you should affect how well your country is doing at all I mean everyone complains about the guns and police in America…While amazingly being wrong with every single point they bring up choosing to instead believe what other countries are saying about it and not actually looking into the country itself

    4: We Canadians typically do like our hockey (not me) although my fellow people living in B.C might like it too much I'm looking at you Vancouver with your damn riot

    5: Eh I guess but Im pretty sure the rich in America have it way better than the rich in Canada and the average person probably has a better time in the US given it has many more large cities with lots of work opportunities while in Canada were a lot more spread out I mean I live in a super tiny area on a rather small island and have to move to Alberta next year because its damn near impossible to sustain yourself here

    6: And heres the reason I started commenting I knew this would come up..Canadian health care…Sucks ass I dont understand why people think things are good simply because its free? If I gave you a turd sandwich and said well in another country theyd pay for a normal sandwich but Ill give you this crappy one for free would you consider it a good deal? If you get sick in Canada you gotta wait like 4 hours in a clinic to maaaybe see a doctor…if you pick a good time also there are no damn doctors here….also if youre like me and dont rush to the clinic every time you have a stuffy nose youll lose your doctor with absolutely no warning..which was a bit concerning when I had an infection in muh face knowing I have no doctor now…Again personal story but my mom had whooping cough for months and went to the clinic and hospital almost daily and they kept sending her home because they thought nothing of it…she was puking and couldnt breathe pretty much all day every day oh also whooping cough for those who dont know is super contagious and possibly deadly for older people AND SHE TAKES CARE OF OLD PEOPLE AND WE LIVE IN A RETIREMENT TOWN THATS LIKE ALL OLD PEOPLE even almost 2 years after getting it she still has breathing problems…Also she injured her hand to the point she couldnt move it (she was a waitress at the time) and it took them like 5 years to…well they never fixed it just kinda fixed itself so she had to wear a brace for years living in pain any time she moved her hand (again waitress so thats all the time) and her hand would become so swollen it look like she was wearing a glove and this pain spread to her entire arm and all they did was occasionally give her painkillers then sent her back CANADAS HEALTHCARE IS ABSOLUTELY AWFUL please stop using it as some example Canada is better than…well anything hell if you got stabbed with a knife after you waited your 4 hours theyd probably tell you its just allergies then send you out

    7: Because we have insanely high taxes on everything lol they want to put a carbon tax on everything and take a massive chunk of your money (btw our healthcare is faaaar from free)

    8: Probably because we cant make enough to eat a lot while also risking our lives since our healthcare is such garbage to be fat is a death sentence

    9: Guns arent a huge issues in America you know how many people die a day from them? like 30 are murdered…30 in a land with 350+ million people…is nothing we destrooooooy the US in our Overdose deaths and that doesnt get nearly as much attention also ironic you put no guns as a positive toward safety since its your only way of defending yourself did you know if I shot someone on my property who could have acted violently toward me I would go to jail? sounds like freedom to me! You cant even threaten to use a damn gun if they break in unless theyre like in the middle of stabbing you..but youd probably still get in trouble

    10: I dunno most the people I run into are dicks or miserable hence why everybody is on drugs here which Canada supports because you cant complain if youre out of your mind on something take away the drugs and wed be bellow Venezuela or some shit

    Yes I am Canadian and experience all these on a daily basis Canada is okay but not great and not even close to America get this weird happiest place on Earth image out of your head…It kinda sucks here

  • One other thing, Crown royal is hands down better whiskey than any American counter part. I think our southern friends agree with us, considering it’s the most sold whiskey in America

  • This dude says health care is better there. The wait times are so long people die before they get seen

  • I immigrated from the US to Canada to be a teacher in 1974. The difference was amazing. Despite higher taxes, my income took a big jump. Teachers in my hometown in Oregon cost their school districts more per year because they had to pay for health care insurance which drove the take home pay of teachers far lower than higher Canadian taxes did mine. The retirement plans were also better. Lastly there is status as you mentioned. Teachers are respected by students & parents while being treated as professionals by the administration. I was always given far greater control of what I taught & how to adapt lessons to local or individual needs. I also found the willingness of parents & community members to help out with special learning activities or events.

  • Healthcare isn’t free for foreign residents. When my sister broke her leg, the hospital billed her $500. It was a public hospital.

  • Idk about healthcare… sure it’s free for the most part but when you’re in extreme pain and have to wait an insane amount of time to see a specialist? Not sure if it’s that much better.

  • I live in a pretty popular tourist destination province. And not all Canadians are friendly. I know it's not all of them, but it seems 90 % of people from Quebec, are the most rude, entitled, ignorant, spoiled group of people ever.

  • Even if the average taxes tend to be higher for Canadians, it still provides a stress free Healthcare system and much cheaper schools
    in the US you absolutely must pay insurance in order to avoid to pay the large cost of medical treatment.
    I'm not sure if it's accurate but I heard that the insurance bill tend to cost more than the taxes the average Canadian pays for the same access to healthcare

    Though, the benefits of taxes is that you don't have to worry if you lose your job and can't afford paying bills anymore

    Interestingly enough, American do pay Healthcare related taxes, it's for Government officials and Military personal (only if they were injured on duty)
    I heard the poorest of the poor has access to free healthcare too but I think it depends on the states or something

  • You're off by a mile on hockey man. Canadian players don't come south for bigger checks, all NHL teams are subject to the salary cap, so there's no more money available on a US team than there is for a Canadian team since. Russia or other European countries could safely make that argument, but not Canada, who's professional teams are already in the same league as the US. That was a really dumb statement.

  • Gotta check back in here on another stupid statement. You start the 'Land of opportunity' segment pointing to a place where people come to the US for opportunity (of which there is no greater for an immigrant in the world) and immediately conflate that with people who are born here and their potential upward mobility. Nothing about that makes sense. Strike two.

  • It's me again, this is a quick one. Go to Canada and enjoy waiting 6 months for an MRI while whatever it is, hopefully not cancer, continues to grow inside you, but hey, it's free!

  • Ugh, of course Canada spends less, it's the US that has to protect the entirety of NATO allied nations and thus spends almost 600 Billion dollars on Defense. Let's pretend Canada knew they had to protect themselves against foreign enemies… not sure how that would get accomplished on 16 billion dollars. Another Fail.

  • The U.S. is fat, but I guess we'll rule of the much larger relative percentage of Canadians living in rural areas without access to fast foods or the requirement to squeeze in meals during busy office hours, etc.

  • The methodology of the World Happiness Index is a farce. 1,000 people cannot truly put forth the full view of the 1/3 of a billion people. Further, there's no stated parity methodology for this poll because there likely was none enforced. If you stand in one place and ask a thousand people a question, obvious trends will emerge, due to geographic and associated socioeconomic conditions. If you truly spread this pole around a 1000 people from a 1000 unique places in the country, you would arrive at useless, trend-less data. Not great.

  • You posit that teachers in the US are worse because they are lowing paying jobs, and while this is well known in our country, I think it shows those who pursue this profession are not doing it for financial benefits, but rather desire to teach. I would more likely point to the urban areas with poorly funding school systems as a likely cause for the gap in the statistics you describe.

  • Not sure where this came from but even entry level positions in us business are handing out 25 PTO days to be used as pleased. I guess we should apologize for working harder than Canada?

  • The world loves Canada more than the US – see my NATO argument. If Canada rolled up their sleeves and put their 16 billion dollars in defense funding to actually put in some dirty work, they'd see their numbers drop too. Is easy to be the nice guy hiding behind the neighborhood bully USA, but who will Canada turn to when someone really doesn't like them?

  • Your more likely to be killed by a deer then a polar bear. Canada also has a better trained army. A single regular soldier from Canada gets the same training a us ranger or special forces would get. This is because our military is smaller so more work is put into an individual unit.

  • I live on the border near Niagara Falls, NY. I absolutely love being an American. I also love Canada. Take vacation there every year. Own a cottage on Crystal Beach. A lot of Canadians come over here to shop/work and vice versa. No country is perfect. Both of us have flaws and both of us excel in different areas. But I think if you talk to most people that live on the border they will have similar opinions. So please stop trying to pit us against one another. BTW, you might want to enlighten your editor by telling him/her that the shot of the Falls you show is on the AMERICAN side. The Horseshoe Falls would've been on the actor's right side had they been in Canada. Oopsie.

  • The main reason why other countries love Canada more than the US is because Canada doesn't spend billions invading other countries and bombing the crap out of them lol.

  • ONE thing canada does worse than the U.S is the tax. people in canada are taxed 70%. that is pretty much communism.

  • People liking USA is going to be 0 in another couple years when the people that don't know find out about the how corrupt they are and how they're the biggest terrorists of all time. When the world slowly but surely finds out about what the USA did to countless helpless nations and their people they're going to despise it. Forget about what they do to other countries, them killing over 3000 of their own citizens on 9/11 as a false flag is bad enough for nobody to respect or like Satans favorite child

  • Hey, that pigeon taking a dump on chips . That's mean. Poutines are fucking amazing if made right. I would know, my profile picture is of a poutine

  • I’ve been to Canada and known people who have been and known Canadians. Everything in Canada is super expensive like crazy expensive there’s no good food in most places. I don’t know why they enjoy a reputation for being friendly because everyone I’ve met was not at all they were fairly rude and abrasive especially since I was an American. The whole country didn’t seem like I would want to live there. In the USA most gun violence is in a handful of cities meaning the vast majority of the USA doesn’t have the gun violence people think we do. Same with education large cities full of morons bring our average down. Hell I live in the middle of nowhere and have 2 cousins who live within a few miles of me who became doctors my bother is also going to school to become a doctor. Basically the USA is great if you avoid large cities

  • We been knew Canada was better than the US, now they just need to get to the bottom of the disappearances and murders of the Indigenous people and women.

  • Our health care is fucking garbage in Canada. Turns out free shit isn’t always better. If someone has a serious urgent problem they are often flown to the US because the process is faster, people would rather pay the bill than die sitting in a waiting room for 8+ hours.

  • As a Saudi person only one thing got my attention in the video🙂
    In the minute 8:26 Saudi Arabia is pretty green = happy! But why many people around the world are convinced that we live miserable lives with no rights!💔

    Is it because we are in the middle east?
    Sorry but the middle east isn't just Syria and Iraq.

    We have alot of💰💸 we buy happiness😁 jk

  • Well as a Scot I can definitely say that I have a mainly positive opinion of Canada and a mainly negative opinion of the US, and would much rather visit canada

  • Nr10: Wrong! Best universities are in US.
    Nr9: Wrong! Vacation is subjective.
    Nr8: Wrong! US most influential country by far.
    Nr7: Icehockey? Whatever.
    Nr6: What a joke.
    Nr5: Wrong! US has the best hospitals and treatments in the world.
    Nr4: Wrong! Despite the debt, USA is much richer.
    Nr3: Who did the research?
    Nr2: Subjective
    Nr1: Again very subjective.

  • 2 # Big surprise you had to put a leftist holier then tho spin on it.
    It's not the guns that are killing people it's "certain" segments of the population……guess which one.

  • All u had to say was weed is recreationally legal and i would have left hopped the fuckin border it's only an hour and a half away

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