10 Things The Rich Do That The Poor Don’t

Whatever you want in life, you need to
study. So for example if you want to be rich, then you better learn what rich
people do versus poor people. My name is Kris Krohn. I was financially free at the
age of 26 because I bought a bunch of properties. Today, I’ve done 4,000
transactions. Nearly a billion dollars worth of real estate and I love creating
millionaires everywhere. Today’s video is dedicated to you and understanding 10
things that wealthy people do that poor people don’t. And if you’re broke is
probably because you’re still doing and thinking in some of these ways. So here
goes nothing. Number 1, rich people believe in the
law of income. They want to put effort in and then they want to get a result out.
They are results-oriented people. Which means if they do something and if they
create value, they expect to be paid. So in other words, rich people get paid for
producing valuable results. Poor people, they don’t care about the result. They
literally want to get paid for their time. I put time in and I get paid. And
that will keep you poor. So, lesson number 1, results Trump hardwork. Alright.
Number 2, rich people are voracious readers. I mean
think about it. Mark Cuban reads 3 hours a day. Bill
Gates 50 books a year. If you step into Warren Buffett’s home, he says that he
reads 500 pages a day. Bottom line is that when you compare that to poor
people, they don’t read. They’re too busy being acted upon. They’re being paid to
do stuff. But people that are wealthy, they know that they have to nurture and
nurse their mind. They have mentors. They’re reading books. They’re getting
access on that information that you can’t get anywhere else. They’re heading
to the seminars. They’re learning they’re growing they’re feeding their mind. So,
lesson number 2 is that leaders are readers. And people that make a lot more
money that are the influencers that change the world are readers. Number
3, the rich see opportunities where poor people see obstacles. Like literally,
they could be the exact same thing. And one says, “Oh, my gosh this is so amazing.”
And the other one says, “Oh my gosh, this is still horrible.” Most people on this
planet are trained to think and be like poor people. Where it’s this negative
mindset of no, no, no, no, no. And the rich are trained to actually ask, “Where’s the
silver lining. Where’s the opportunity? How can this be leveraged for something
good?” The take-home lesson is that the rich look for opportunities in
everything especially obstacle. Number 4, the rich associate with other
successful people. They’re always reaching up and asking, “How can I get to
person that has achieved more? How can I let that rub off on me? But you know what
the poor people do?” They hang around their same group of friends that
tolerate the same inadequacies that are basically
in that same water of stagnation. And if you check out stagnant waters like a
pond where there’s nothing floating through it. Versus a mighty river that is
rushing. That’s the difference between rich people and poor people. Rich people
are always out there networking moving and shaking and they’re reaching up.
It’s what my friend Tony Robbins talks about when he says its proximity to
power. You’ve got to get proximity to people that are shaking and going places.
Number 5, the rich are willing to promote themselves their ideas and their
values. You look at the difference between rich people and poor people. And
rich people will put themselves out there at great risk. Poor people, they
don’t open their mouths. They keep to themselves. They keep super quiet and
they don’t want to rock the boat. Rich people in an effort to create value will
really put themselves out there vulnerably. And poor people are not
willing to do that. So, the lesson for number 5 is that the most successful
people, the rich are the people that put themselves to share the most. Whoever
shares the most, wins the most. Number 6, rich people grow bigger than their
problems. I mean listen life is going to have problems. But you either believe
that you can overcome them or that they’re gonna overcome you. And rich
people don’t believe in circumstances that are bigger than them. Poor people
they’ll succumb. They’ll bow down and they’ll basically say, this is where I
got beaten down. And that’s that victimhood that comes out in poor. And I
know this is really crass to be talking about rich and poor and such labels. But
I want you to understand that there’s really a different mindset that a rich
person will take a big problem and say, “How can I turn that into a solution and
a business that helps other people?” A poor person is too busy being overcome
by whatever problems are facing. So, lesson number 6, rich people grow
solutions instead of growing problems. Number 7, the rich think in terms of
both and the poor think in terms of either. As in literally the opportunity
cost of life when given an option a poor person that says, “Well, can I do this one
or can I do that one?” And a rich person says, “How do I get both?” And they think in
that both mindset. I’ve got a podcast out there called “Have It All” And it’s all
about, “Dude, you don’t have to sacrifice your health to have a happy relationship
or a thriving business.” Like you can have health, wealth and
prosperous relationships? You can have it all.
And that is that rich mentality that says, “Why would I limit myself when a
poor person is too busy thinking how limited they are?” The lesson: Find a way
to have it all. And lesson number 8, the rich focus on net worth, not working
income. You know, poor people, they’re just really busy in that trading time for
dollars and that exchange. But they’re wealthy, they’re not interested in being
paid for their time. They want to get paid for perusing result. They want to
get paid for an outcome. So, when they’re negotiating a deal,
a poor person says, “Well, how much you going to pay me per hour?” A wealthy person
says, “How much equity your ownership am I going to get by being a part of this?”
So, they think in terms of ownership. They don’t think in terms of dollar per hour
trade. You know, a different way of stating that is that the rich think like
business owners. And the poor think like business operators. Because they can both
be in business. But one of them owns a business that works for them. and another
one works the business even though they’re the owner. So, the lesson at the
end of the day is be an owner not an operator. Number 8 the rich invest in
themselves and poor people don’t. Rich people believe that this is like the
greatest gift they got and how can they take care of this body. How can they
invest in themselves. I think Kobe Bryant invests one and a half million dollars a
year from what I’ve been told into just maintaining his body with
massage and chiropractor and doing the things that he needs. Are you worth
investing in? Because poor people, they won’t take themselves spend money on
themselves to go to seminars events or get mentors or training. They should if
they want to break the cycle. But the rich people, they already get it. They
want the best of the best. So they’ll fly out but get on a plane. They’ll meet the
people. They’ll make the investment and take the time to invest in themselves.
Number 9 take-home lesson, invest in yourself. And number 10, something that
the rich people do that the poor people don’t. Rich people invest heavily in real
estate. They love the leverage, they love the tax advantage and they love the cash
flow. 3 things that they can get in business but they can’t get in any other
investments. Poor people are putting their money in 401ks and IRAs and things
that produce really small pathetic results. Meanwhile
the rich are making money hand over fist. Because they throw themselves in the way
and in the action of asymmetric wrist investments. Investments that have
massive returns. Ironically, just as available to poor people. But it doesn’t
work with their mindset. So, the rich invest in real estate. Thank you for
watching today’s video. That is 10 things that the rich people do that the
poor people aren’t. And I love understanding things like that because I
want to emulate the successful in life. Meanwhile, this book which for item
number 10 on making money in real estate. This book has been used to create
so many millionaires and take people that started out poor…Like I did when I
had no money when I was deeply in debt and help me create wealth for myself for
my family. The freedom that it’s given me is priceless. The way I’ve been able to
donate and give back to spend time with my wife, my family and my kids. Travel the
world. You can’t put a price on that. And I feel like I’ve been given the gift of
having so much time that could have been lost at a job where I used to be just
mentally poor. This book and the information and here was written to help
rise people out of that. So, if you’d like to actually develop that mindset for how
to create wealth, you can get this book for free. And I’ve got this other book
that I wrote. It’s a best-seller. It’s called Limitless. This is the mindset of
the wealthy. And this book is also for free. So, you can have your pick on which
book you’d like to get. I just ask that you cover the shipping. And other than
that, I’ve already bought the book on your behalf. And I look forward to
sending these out to you. Right brain, how to actually build the wealth. Left brain,
how to process that level of income coming into your world. Take care, see you
on tomorrow’s video.

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