10 Times People Won At Snapchat

with over 800 million users there's a good chance that you've heard of snapchat but just because you may use the app it doesn't mean you're a snapchat winner it takes a quick eye and a little imagination but these people have the perfect combination to create snapchat gold if you're a first-time viewer click the red subscribe button and enjoy because today we're discussing ten times people won at snapchat all the single ladies one of the best things about school field trips is getting out of the classroom but if that field trip ends up being at a museum it can be a total bore fest thankfully this snapchat user found a witty way to entertain themselves and their followers while at a local museum they were able to snap a quick photo of a sculpture that looks like it's channeling Beyonce's single ladies and it is hilarious we're sure the original artist would approve who wore it better everyone knows sitting through a long lecture can get a little annoying but when this teacher turned her back in the middle of her lecture she probably wasn't expecting to become Internet gold one of her students noticed that she resembled their highlighter and posted it on snapchat for the world to see the resemblance is uncanny even down to the teachers hair and the highlighters cap Ellen selfie people dream of meeting their favorite celebrities and documenting the meeting with a quick selfie sadly not everyone gets the chance to meet their idols but that apparently didn't stop this snapchat user instead of actually meeting Ellen she decided to draw her into a selfie instead and the results were not only hilarious but pretty impressive as well fake friends everyone has been there bored at home with nothing to do so why not play around on snapchat that is exactly what this snapchat user did and they even made up fake friends to keep them company but it looks like even his fake stick-figure friends couldn't stick by his side and cure his boredom as he documented them walking out the door this snap story gave a new meaning to no new friends flamingo duck there are a ton of ways people try to fit in and blend with the crowd so it's not surprising when animals do the same luckily for everyone this snapchat user got to see an animal trying to fit in in action this snap of flamingoes is impressive on its own but when you look a little closer it seems like there's an imposter the imposter makes it clear when they call out this poor duck who thinks it's a flamingo which goes to show that even animals have big dreams heartbroken come back there was a particular snapchat trend at the end of 2016 that had guys using cheesy lines to hit on girls one girl had enough of the trends and used her snapchat story to post her comebacks to all the heartbroken guys the snaps featured her using puns to get her point across such as all these lights but I want to turn you off which not only makes it clear how she feels but also makes her every girl who has dealt with unwanted pickup lines hero unicorn killer have you ever wondered what happens when you run over a unicorn well look no further because this snapchat user answered the question with this funny snap they proved that carwashes cannot only be cleansing but can raise creativity as well all of the colours of soap must have reminded them of the Internet's obsession with unicorns but sadly it looks like a unicorn was harmed in the making of this cheeky snap panda hug there are people who become uncomfortable when they're around public displays of affection also known as PDA so this snapchat user came up with the perfect solution snap affectionate strangers and use your talent and the snapchats paintbrush feature to create a masterpiece in this case this lucky stranger is seen hugging a sweet well drawn panda who wouldn't love a panda hug science lab what better way to make science more interesting than adding animals to the mix this snapchat user made everyone envious when they snapped a photo of a Labrador Retriever in their science lab but it was the caption that won the internet science lab in a science lab which hopefully inspired every science lab in the world to adopt their own science lab FIFA girlfriend women all over the world have become second in their boyfriends life thanks to the invention of the Xbox one girlfriend took to snapchat to display her disappointment in her inconsiderate boyfriend we can see the stocking clad girlfriend and her FIFA playing boyfriend as she suggests he choose to play the game instead of having sexy time with her we're pretty sure with a photo like this not only did you win snapchat but she also won the hearts of several guys who wouldn't dare to choose video games over her thanks for watching please check out our friends at the hub for amazing list videos about incredible people science technology and extraordinary events we love these guys and if you love them too please subscribe what do you think about these people who won at snapchat react in 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