10 Times Rich People Took It Too Far

we can all use a little bit of luxury in our lives maybe you splurged by getting extra guacamole on your burrito or by buying two-ply toilet paper instead of one ply but some people take treating yourself to the next level in this video we'll show you some ridiculously expensive versions of items that we all use every day during the video we'll treat you to a fun trivia question don't worry it won't cost the thing but be sure to keep an eye out for it it may not be dipped in platinum or studded with rubies but the subscribe button will make sure you don't miss any videos from the riches if you're already subscribed make sure to hit the notification button and join our notification squad bottled-water while some people can't wrap their heads around paying a couple bucks for a bottle for water others will happily pay for the convenience however since disposable water bottles create a lot of waste many people are starting to rethink the way they hydrate and invest in high-quality reusable water bottles instead artist Fernando Altamirano took it a step further and created a water bottle that he priced at sixty thousand dollars although he did intend for the proceeds to go to charity it's known as the aqua decrease a low tributo a Modigliani and it's not filled with any old spring water this bottle contains spring water gathered from France and Fiji combined with glacier water from Iceland to top it off just a pinch of gold dust is added the bottle itself looks like a work of art and a forest it's crafted using 24 karat gold Altamirano drew inspiration for the bottle by looking at art created by the late Italian artist Amedeo Clemente Modigliani imagine being able to pull this water bottle out of the gym if your bench press doesn't impress your fellow gym goers maybe this oculomotor bottle will do the trick Pizza many of us think of pizza as a guilty pleasure it's greasy cheap and we can get it delivered right to our door being able to order food online and having someone else bring it to us for some of us that's the ultimate in luxury although we do also enjoy occasionally going to a restaurant and investing in a quality slice it's hard to imagine paying 850 for one pizza but that's what you'll pay if you want to try this CNA pizza from Richmond British Columbian residents Steveston pizza each pizza is handcrafted by the restaurants founder Nader Hitomi the shop prides itself in using high-quality organic ingredients to create incredible flavors a glance at steve's and pizzas menu will make it clear that these are no ordinary pies some are topped with everything from Alaskan king crab to caramelize duck confit but none are quite as extravagant as the seen a this 12-inch pizza is covered with tiger prawns lobster ratatouille and Chilean smoked steelhead salmon if those swanky seafoods aren't fancy enough for you the pizza is also topped with Russian Osetra caviar and Italian white truffles so while soap is something that we use every day well most of us do anyways it's not something we usually spend big bucks on we may indulge in a particularly pleasant fragrance or get a body wash that promises to eliminate wrinkled and exfoliator skin but most of us don't want to invest in something that ultimately gets washed down the drain one family-run soap business and lebanon set out to create a soap that was fit for a king or anyone who could afford the massive price tag con al Cebu invader Hassoun & Sons has been making soap for hundreds of years and specializes in natural and organic beauty products their qatar royal soap is known to be the most expensive in the world it's infused with diamond and gold powder and uses virgin honey and olive oil to soften your skin one small bar of this soap will set you back $2,800 according to the company that produces it it was designed to showcase the quality of handcrafted items available from Lebanon it is also meant to make fabulously wealthy people feel even more extravagant than normal for the rest of us we will just have to settle for regular old Body Wash bathroom some of us might refer to the toilet as a throne but jeweler lam Sai Weng took the term a bit literally he was actually inspired by a quote by Vladimir Lenin who claimed that a golden toilet would be the ultimate symbol of capitalist waste although it wasn't supposed to be taken as a challenge lam Sai Weng decided to create not just a gold toilet but the most expensive bathroom in the world it's located in a jewelry shop in Hong Kong and to use it you must first buy over $100 worth of jewelry oh and you'll have to take your shoes off before you enter to avoid creating any scuff marks if taking off your shoes to use a public bathroom makes you cringe don't worry this bathroom is a little nicer than the one at your local gas station it features two 24 karat gold toilets encrusted with gemstones almost everything in the bathroom is gold including the toilet brush toilet paper holder mirror and wall tiles thankfully the toilet paper is the old-fashioned kind to top it all off a rubies sapphires emeralds and amber were used to decorate the ceiling it's estimated that this bathroom costs over five million dollars to create soup soup is usually one of the first things we reach for when we are feeling under the weather we associate it with feelings of warmth and comfort and there are a few things better than a warm hearty bowl of soup on a cold winter's day especially if it's a delicious homemade soup although most soups don't take three whole days to make this insanely expensive tube also has an insanely awesome name the Buddha jumps over the wall soup is one of the most expensive soups in the world it got its name from legends claiming it is so delicious that Buddhist monks would leap over the walls of their monasteries in order to break their vows and consume meat because this soup is just so amazing it originated in the Fujian province of China and can contain up to 30 different ingredients depending on the recipe at China's Shang calais restaurants some of the ingredients include chicken fish ma abalone sea cucumber ginseng bamboo pith deer tendon wolf berries and mushrooms other restaurants are known to add ham quail eggs and even shark fins a single bowl of this soup will set you back around $200 we wonder if its foods are cold better than our classic chicken noodle soup the cheapest thing on our list is actually free enjoy a free trivia question courtesy of the riches according to the Guinness Book of World Records what type of sandwich is the most expensive in the world shower while showering is something we do all the time it can be tricky to get the temperature just right especially if you're using an unfamiliar shower at a hotel or friend's house it can seem like you're trying to solve a complex puzzle when you're fiddling with the knobs however if you've got $100,000 to spare this Philbert AG shower is a much easier to use option instead of manually turning a knob you control this shower with a color touchscreen the touch screen controls 18 different showerheads that are aimed at certain zones on your body these thick zones are over your head shoulders upper torso lower torso upper legs and lower legs you can adjust the temperature and pressure of each individual zone so if you want your body to be nice and warm but you don't want to dry out your delicate facial skin by using hot water on it you can just make the water from the overhead zone cool and everything else piping hot you can also use pre-programmed sequences or design your own and in case that isn't awesome enough it can also be configured with lights sounds and even aromatherapy shoes whether we need them to play sports protect their feet or just look great on a night out shoes are something most of us use every day the most famous pair of shoes are the ruby slippers worn by Judy Garland and featured in the movie The Wizard of Oz while Dorothy had to drop a house on someone to score her pair of glittery red shoes he'll have to drop a few million dollars if you want your own at three million dollars these ruby slippers are some of the most expensive shoes in the world in the novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz the shoes were silver instead of red but the red shoes featured in the movie have become iconic former head of Harry Winston Inc Ronald Winston spent two months creating these gorgeous shoes for the 50th anniversary of the Wizard of Oz while the original ruby slippers were decorated in sequins these slippers are covered in 4600 rubies and accented with diamonds so far the only person fortunate enough to wear them was Judy Garland herself perhaps because genuine ruby slippers are out of most people's budget although that's a shame because they look amazing paired with the next item on our list purse if there's one thing we love as much as our precious shoes it's our handbags and if diamonds are a girl's best friend this purse might be enough to forfeit the rest of our purse collections altogether of course you'd probably have to sell off all your other purses to afford the 1001 nights diamond purse this exquisite handbag is officially the world's most expensive according to the Guinness Book of World Records it's estimated value is an incredible 3.8 million dollars it's in an eye-catching heart shape and is encrusted with 4,500 seventeen differently colored diamonds 105 of which are yellow 56 of which are pink and the remaining 4356 are colorless the total amount of diamonds weight and amazing 380 1.92 carats the bag itself is handcrafted from 18 karat gold to create this masterpiece ten artisans worked 1100 hours over a period of four months it was unveiled at the Doha jewelry and watches exhibition by the House of Mawlid where it was an absolute showstopper Coe guardian of the House of Malwa stated that the purse is designed to mesmerize with its lavish attention to detail and elaborate workmanship incorporating thousands of diamonds and we'd say the purse accomplishes that although some may find a multi-million dollar price tag even more mesmerizing coffee how would you like to sit back and relax with a nice warm cup of cat poop coffee no well what if we told you that it costs $80 per cup fine stick with your boring beans while we pour ourselves a cup of Kopi Luwak coffee also known as cat poop coffee or civet cat coffee as opposed to regular coffee beans the beans in this hot cup of gross are partially digested coffee cherries that are found in the feces of the Asian Palm Civet the civet cats eat the ripe coffee cherries and then excrete the coffee beans which they are unable to digest fans of the coffee claim that this unique fermentation process gives the resulting coffee its unique flavor after they're collected the beans are washed dried and roasted and just as free-range chicken eggs taste better than the ones from a factory farm it's said that the coffee from free rein civets is superior to that produced by cage civets while a domesticated civet will eat anything you put in front of it a wild civet will select only the finest coffee cherries for your drinking pleasure it's recommended that you drink this expensive coffee black two fully savor the rich and hearty flavor as you contemplate the journey those beans had to take to get into your cup frittata don't be fooled by its name the zillion dollar lobster frittata isn't really a billion dollars that would just be crazy this delicacy can be yours for the much more reasonable price of $1,000 it's sold at the restaurant Norma located inside the ler Parker Meridien Hotel in New York City not only is this the world's most expensive omelet but you'll have to bring a friend or two to help you eat it because it's both quality and quantity you may be used to a two egg omelet but this is made with a half a dozen eggs added to the eggs are ten ounces of exclusive sevruga caviar cream chives and an entire Lobster there is a smaller version available for a mere 100 dollars but that's not nearly as opulent as dropping a grand before noon it's also reportedly quite tasty while some expensive dishes rely on gimmicks such as edible gold leaf chefs at Norma want their patrons to feel like their money was well spent by creating a dish that tastes as good as it looks so what type of sandwich holds the title for most expensive sandwich it's a grilled cheese sold by the restaurant serendipity 3 the quintessential grilled cheese is sold for 214 dollars if you were to create your own award-winning expensive sandwich what would you put in it would you add caviar and foie gras or try to reinvent the classic peanut butter and jelly tell us about it in the comments thanks for watching the richest and don't forget to like our video before you go if you decide to stick around we have a lot more great videos for you to enjoy see you soon

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