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– I genuinely believe that Google would offer you a job, that Stan’s Pizza Shop wouldn’t. I think we’re in this bizarro world where so much is happening that it’s not the box that
the three of us grew up in. This portion is like with me so I think this is when
you need to get selfish. You need to ask your question. (upbeat music) Hiring is guessing, firing is knowing. You’ve got to go fast, that’s how you get shit done, that’s how you figure stuff out. This is the television and the television is the radio. For 4D’s, mother fuckers. Let’s actually now get into
like some detailed questions. This is the time to go very narrow, very narrow to your business. – [Male] So this year
I found out for myself what is the most important thing or what is the engine
of a successful company. In my opinion, it’s a company’s culture. So this is in my opinion the engine that makes successful
companies so successful and in my opinion the base for it is open feedback culture, then to be creative, to give room for experiments and on the other hand, reward the senior
persons for what they do. And I wanted to ask if there
is something more you can– – Well first of all, I
love what you just said for a lot of reasons. One, I agree. Two, I love that you gave both a social, a democrat and a republican
answer which is right which is why I like, the fact that you understand that culture and soft things matter but then also the merit and rewarding, that is what America, and Germany for that matter, and many of other places in
the world are struggling with which is the answer is both and everybody for some reason thinks it’s one or the other and they’re in contrast. I think you’re on it. I think you’re on it. I think the last thing that
matters, in my opinion, is that it’s being
built for the long term. Obviously, you’re listened
to different stories, you’ve gone through the
scenario of selling something. When you were the CO of that company, based on when I was
listening to the story. Maybe or maybe not, doesn’t really matter, but probably you I came in with knowing that that was a viable option and if that was the case, then he was building towards that. I don’t care about VaynerMedia’s EBITDA. I’ve never thought about it once, ’cause I’m not selling it, ’cause I’m not selling it. So all of a sudden, almost every single employee here is not a functional PNL operator, like my CFO probably doesn’t want any of the people in this room to be here because it’s not to the core
revenue driver of the thing but that’s not the mission that I’m on. So I think you’ve got it, at least from what I heard, and anything we add is really just adding to the left or the right, and intuitively I can hear you’ve got it. I would say the only
vulnerability you have to culture is if you and your founder are thinking about selling
this company to BMW, to Harley Davidson, whatever, I’m not educated enough but the only thing that can fuck up somebody that understands
the balance of left and right is that all of a sudden,
they’ve made a switch and they want to sell
the company in 24 months which then changes a
lot of their behavior. If you get an offer cold and some banker hits you up and they’re like, we’re
gonna pay you $23 million for this business and you’re excited, we made this up five years ago, can you believe this? And then all of a sudden, you go to the next phase and you’re like, okay, they’re offering us 23 because they’re offering us 7.3 times our three million profit. What if we wait a year and get it to six million in profit? Then we’ll get 45, and that’s where shit
gets fucked up in culture. Oh by the way, you guys
may want to sell it for 45. But that’s the only other
variable in this conversation. It’s the balance of left and right and then if you’re lucky
enough to go in perpetuity, you can really build something like I am, but that also isn’t for everybody. Maybe you have 43 other ideas that you want to do and that’s the beauty of
getting to choose your path. It’s the only other variable left. – [Male] Cool, thank you. – Yeah. – [Bob] I’ll fill in
another part of the story. I’m interested in hearing
your perspective on it. So when I was in my second
stop as a public company CEO, I was shitcanned by my board, and went through a very
deeply personal attack. – That’s how it usually happens a board member decides to– – [Bob] I’m not gonna go into it– – But it got ugly? – [Bob] Yeah, but it got ugly and we had a guy that went rogue on us and we were charged by
the SEC as a company, et cetera, et cetera. We remediated it, actually, we self reported, we did all the right things but at the end of the day, they hit us with a massive fine. – And you have to carry that, kind of at some level
with a scarlet letter? I understand.
– Yeah, so what happened was at the very end, chairman bought it, chairman called me on a Saturday, I was out golfing with
my son at Morris County and they say, listen we got to talk. And I said, okay. But I had actually, we had disclosed I. So I had a week where I was out there basically telling everybody that I was, the buck stopped with me, it happened on my watch, this is what happened. So I had client problems, we had all kinds of, we had shareholders who were clients. So we were in the equity business. – Understood. – [Bob] So they came to me and said, listen, Bob, it’s nine years, we had a 10 year succession plan, maybe it’s time to make a change. Said, great, no problems. Oh, by the way, we’re not
gonna honor your contract. And I said, there’s two words for you. – Is the second one you? – Yeah.
– Okay. – [Bob] And it just turned
into an all out war. So C1 in the journal Monday morning, (mumbles) board fired, and so it was a very public, so I went through a year, and for me, I was lucky, because I had a lot of
friends who stood up for me and ultimately employed me. But a year of that, a vacuum in being able to
tell my side of the story. So I went into arbitration and I won. They had no choice. This was a public company
board running for the hills, threw me under the bus. So that was about four years ago. But it’s one of those things– – That still hovers? – [Bob] Yeah, well actually, not in my new business. Nobody cares, nobody knows. – Right, it’s not like
the first result on Google that you’re worried about, kind of thing? – [Bob] Well– – It probably is up there. – [Bob] The first result is
I was hired by Barclay’s. So the second one is– – I understand. – [Bob] And they never
really fully reported my– – I understand, I’m not
even too worried about it. I want to know where you’re going. – [Bob] So where I was going with it was that’s four years and it’s something you
wake up with every day. It’s just something you
just, gnaws at you– – Gnaws because, you can
feel your own behavior being affected by the concern
of something like that again? – [Bob] No, I think I learned
a lot right throughout this, despite the fact, I had been a public
company CEO for 11 years and never saw it coming which I’m very disappointed in myself but, but it’s that reputational
kind of how do you go about reconstructing your reputation
after something like that? I don’t know if you’ve
done crisis management. – I have real thoughts
on this, real thoughts. It’s really simple. It’s offense, not defense. You need to, if we were best
friends from the Jersey shore, we would have dinner and this is literally
what I would say verbatim, brother, I have no fucking idea how much true or how much not true of any of this is, ’cause I don’t, you need to go on crazy offense and produce unlimited content on podcast and LinkedIn about this. I only have one advice as my best friend, 100% the truth, so if you’ve been kind
of keeping one percent from me and your wife, one percent, you are completely
vulnerable to one thing, the margins in which you’ve
kept every one of us, I’m really getting goosebumps, it’s in the margins of what you kept. And you’re talking to somebody who desperately understands
human behavior, desperately. That is your vulnerability, that is your jail. That one percent, could be 50%, it could be fucking completely lying, I have no idea, but– – [Bob] Could be. – Honestly, life is life. My level of judgements these days, I was never good at judging people. Now that our entire culture
is only about judging people, I think it pushed my .01 left to zero. That’s all we do. All we do is go on Twitter and judge each other left and right, judgment, judgement, judgment. I mean a woman in the UK today said I’m a terrible person ’cause she sqeeched out
one Glassdoor review and decided that’s the truth of what’s going on in these four walls. That is what we live in. That’s fine. But now I’m at zero. Outside of the core egregious
things in our society, I can’t, I’m like in tilt. So the answer to your question, and something I watch very carefully, and I think a lot about personal brand, I also know that one day
every person on Earth’s gonna know who I am and I have to start
already mentally practicing for when I’m a human and I do human things and make a mistake, what my move is gonna be. Your only vulnerability is that percentage that
still isn’t out there from you acknowledging, accepting or even the money is shot, saying something that isn’t out there. The core honest truth that the Lord of the Lords understands is what you have to put out at scale, and then you’re fucking
free as a fucking bird. – Well that was that week. There’s never been Wall
Street CEO on the planet that has ever taken full responsibility for anything that’s
happened with this firm. I was the only one. If you look at Blank Fine, Diamond, you go down the list.
– Fine, so? – [Bob] This happened
deep inside the firm, blah, blah, blah. So that’s something I feel very good about which is it was all out in
the open in the public domain, it was me. – Who’s opinion do you
care about at this point? ‘Cause we’re all humans,
I understand that, who’s? The people that search your name? That’s why I went there. You need to produce content at scale. I highly recommend, as a friend as a Jersey boy,
I’m already your friend, to really, really, really
go there with one manifesto, really go there, further than it is my responsibility. – [Bob] Delicacy is the NDA. – Respect. Then like allude and reference and then produce content at scale so that, look, it’s very hard to trump the Wall Street
Journal and Google. So you’re gonna have to
put out a lot of content for a long time but look, I’m gonna say this, and this might be a, this is the actual, back to the real game versus, the tactical game is content at scale that eventually allows enough other things to offset it, right? Actually, I’m glad I
referenced it, Glassdoor. Glassdoor, I could encourage, I have six employees here who genuinely know me as a human being and love me as a man, fuck a boss, who have not left a positive
review on Glassdoor. It’s very easy for me
to spend seven minutes to get 100 reviews. The punchline is the truth is the game. And so you can either get tactical or you can get real macro on this and actually understand
this biggest truth, I think that second result, and I get it, is no different than a 14 year old with a huge fucking pimple
going to high school. She and he are so fucking scared about that pimple and walking into school, what they don’t realize is everybody’s got their pimple. Brother, nobody gives a fuck. Prince died and he got
24 hours of a news cycle and that’s it. If you think anybody gives a fuck, if you think your future kid’s in-law, let’s go deep, everything, they don’t give a fuck. You’re gonna have six conversations and you’re on your merry fucking way. Nobody gives a fuck. The reason it’s so easy for
me to take so much criticism is ’cause I don’t hear the
criticism or the praise. – [Bob] Right, right. – That’s the game. Nobody cares, bro. Good news, there’s so much egregious shit happening in our society that they don’t give a fuck. They don’t care. They don’t care the way we grew up. It’s just changed. And if you feel like you’ve
put out everything you can, I would challenge you between the it’s fully my responsibility and the NDA in a LinkedIn post around
something macro of like, a manifesto of like things I’ve learned in the last decade, and you put it in there. See where I’m going? – [Bob] Yeah. It’s interesting ’cause
I was just asked to speak to the biggest security industry group about being a public– – I think you go 100% accountability. But you know what I mean, listen, we’re talking it up here, I think where you can
really win these games is it’s human nature to spend
eight percent of the time to 50% of the time on the board member that really wanted you out because they’re shorting
the stock behind you, whatever it might be, whatever it might be, I think the unlock is 100% accountability. I got too high on my own supply and I didn’t pay attention. I kind of knew, real shit, I should’ve went with my fucking senses. I kind of felt there was something brewing but I got caught up in the rat race of every 90 day numbers,
like real shit, real shit. Real shit. – [Bob] Put it out there. – Put it out there, you know? It’s not fun for me to
put my shit out there but I don’t want anybody to have leverage. You know yours is real fun for me because I think you have
this wildly fun blank canvas and I actually think it’s a very practical exercise of a PNL. I think you literally, first of all, I would highly recommend moving to a place that
is not expensive to live. If your arbitrary thing
is America and outdoors, I get really into Idaho. And maybe you’re a little bit too Calgary, fuck that, I don’t want
to be a cowboy anymore, I don’t know but to me it’s like when you’re a generalist, I actually think it’s a strength because it means you’re comfortable into many different things. I just think it depends on how you want to make your money. But like, add on to the context so I can give you more. – Yeah, it’s funny ’cause I forget who you were on a podcast
with the other day but basically said you’re a psychologist and what’s been helpful
for me is the language ’cause I realized that
when I was growing up is I have entrepreneurial tendencies, doing the snow, going crazy when I got a
Mark McGuire, Jose Canseco, 40 cents, I’m gonna go sell
this right now, going crazy and then even like I never got past division III basketball because
I wouldn’t play defense. I was like, I don’t want to play defense, I just want to shoot the ball.
– Interesting, interesting. I understand. – And I’m okay with Division III ’cause I don’t have to
worry about playing defense. – That’s cool self awareness. – It’s one of those things like, it’s one of those, ’cause now I can put language to it, that when my dad died about 10 years ago, ’cause we didn’t have a
good relationship at all, and then I realized that, and that’s half of America, right, so that’s neither here nor there but I realized through that I cared way too much, especially older men, and the way they sought after– – Yeah, it makes sense. – And so like I did teaching and then when we moved to Canada, I actually started working
for my father-in-law who owns an insurance business. It was great, I never did business before, I loved it and it was a ton of fun but then I realized again it was kind of the golden
handcuffs, paid me really well, but it really wasn’t my culture. So I left that, been a pastor and it was a super fast growing church and that was a lot of fun and then but getting back
to Saskatoon, where we live, we’re not the right fit for the culture. And so now, it’s one of those things like
what’s most important to me, that language, is that I, in order to reach that
happiness for me and my family, my wife and I talk all
the time about this, is that I can’t worry about
what other people think. And that’s always been my thing. And so now it’s a bit of I’m trying to figure out how do I make people aware, the right people, aware of who I am, ’cause it’s one of those things like, and I have sought out to apply for jobs but when I’m such a generalist and like, everything could be fun for me. I’m not locked into one thing but right now, I have done
some content over the years, whether it’s vlogs, I’ve done podcasts, and so I got a website, thisisrobclark.com,
basically it’s my full resume with different things that I’ve done, whether it’s professional or just for fun. Now I’m trying to very practically how do I find the best
situation for my family? – Volume. My entire thesis on creative is my thesis of what you should do. I think you should apply to 7,000 jobs. I think you will get there quicker by applying contextually to 7,000 jobs then spending the time to think about which five places
you should apply to. I really think that. I really believe that. It’s interesting how it works. And there’s a couple reasons, it’s fun to go back to back. I think one of the things
that I think I do well that’s really helped me is contextualize the moment. I understand what’s happening currently. I’m a complete creature of the market. I really am deeply, and I think right now, it’s wild to me who’s, I genuinely believe that
Google would offer you a job, that Stan’s Pizza Shop wouldn’t. I think we’re initial this bizarro world where so much is happening that it’s not the box that
the three of us grew up in. Everything was so fucking rigid. I really mean that. I’m completely convinced of that, that there’s so much progressive debate that literally right now
at Amazon they’re like, we need more pastors from Canada. That sounds ludicrous but I literally believe that. Back to like emotional intelligence, if you just think about the conversations that we’re having in this room, I think the thing that, actually, it’s so funny,
I keep bringing it up, ’cause I really appreciated
the compliment from A.J. and it was a very structured
conversation we were having around something I’m passionate about and sometimes people
put things into words. Tom Bilyeu, my superpower
is not judging myself. I think what’s making me resonate is I take something
that’s completely gray, but it’s black and white to me. All the answers were actually the answers but they’re not the ones that are obvious. – [Bob] But it’s funny, something I talk about
all the time with folks is you got to embrace the ambiguity. A lot of people are so unsure and so afraid of ambiguity. So over time– – Yeah, or– – [Bob] Over time, you’re
gonna wake up one morning and you’re gonna say, it’s black. – And you’ll appreciate this, or you just have to
change your perspective to even see it. And this is why words matter, which really helped me help. Spending eight minutes and then he can say to himself right, offense verse defense, it’s just to easy to understand. I literally am not joking, literally from what I’m hearing, and you’ve got to keep feeding me, I’m excited ’cause I really want somebody to play this thesis out, it seems as if this becomes a game of where do you guys want to be? To me, this becomes a bigger conversation around Chattanooga, Tennessee or the outskirts of
Cleveland, Ohio or San Diego, and again, you mentioned it quickly, the 6’11 son, how old is he? – He’s 15. – And so Jesus. – He’s just getting into ball now and he wants to play– – Just now? – Just now. So he wasn’t passionate about it? – Exactly. I played and so I didn’t
ask him to play basketball until the day he wanted to play. And now he’s turned it on. And he’ll be okay, but I want to put him in a position too where he’s just gonna have opportunities. – Is he coordinated? – He’s pretty good. – So you’re thinking about it more of like this is
his key to opportunity and so him playing at, is he a smart kid? – He’s super smart. – So this is like Ivy league potentially? – No, not Ivy league smart
but no, his goal is– – Yeah, what does he want to do? – He wants to work for Disney. – Interesting. – Yeah no, it’s super interesting. – Super cool. – And so like for him he
wants to play pro ball just to make enough money, whether it’s in China or wherever, just to make enough money ’cause that’s his passion and he’s already started
a podcast on Disney. – Good for him. – So the thing is is there a way to arbitrage that a bit? – His or yours? – No, no, us. – Yes. – I mean so yes, 7,000,
8,000, just keep applying. How do you arbitrage that in such a way like, I would say we want to be
in the south to southwest. And so like anything east of Illinois, not really interested, anything north of Illinois,
not really interested. – Man, this is super, honestly, this is such a fun blank slate, all I really want to do
right now is look at, like I want to play 800 arbitrages. I want to like go to a place that’s an emerging market
that fits that demo then map the 150 businesses in the area that are viable, that could afford whatever, then figuring out the
minimum salary you need. Bro, you’re in an incredible spot. You do understand that people
spend their entire lives to put themselves into a box and you’re at a point in your life where you’ve created something that is a completely blank slate. I think that you literally go home and you and your wife, or
with the kids, whatever, decide in, literally have the
fun pizza dinner that says what are the 15 cities we want to be in, put them in order, map the businesses that are viable, and then create a contextual video to the CEO of every one of those companies and email it to them on LinkedIn. – Yep. – Dear Rick in Santa Fe, I love your tire company. Let me tell you about how I sold lemonade. I don’t know what else to tell you. I genuinely think that’s how it works. Here’s why I really like it, in listening to you and just even getting your energy, my intuition is that’s
exactly what you need to do because you have to find
your match in a boss that will appreciate you. – [Male] Totally. – Does that make sense? I apologize, you rarely jump in, why did you just do that? – [Male] Because he’s a unique bird. You need to find your
match more importantly than finding a career that pays you enough to do, a place that’s both. – I think that’s what’s really working for a lot of people in this company. I’m a uniquely different guy, thus a lot of people are succeeding here that won’t succeed
elsewhere, and vice versa. There’s a lot of people that come in here that are confused by why they get fired ’cause it worked everywhere else. It’s bodies and organs. And to your point, you’re a kind of organ that needs to find the right body. – [Male] That’s exactly
right, that’s the thing and that’s why, I’m trying to figure out, that makes sense. – By the way, for example, I hear you talk and it’s very gray, and it’s very and I’m like in love. I’m like ah man, too bad we’re not, what about LA? – [Male] LA’s number one. – Well great. By the way, you can flat out
email me your lowest number. LA’s a little expensive, my running thesis is you need
to go like to somewhere weird because then you’re really in the game. There is an arbitrage
between emerging city that fits your profile but has enough businesses that could actually, and I
don’t know where that is, I don’t know if that’s the
number three city in Arizona, I don’t know if that’s– – [Male] Salt Lake. – But that’s the Mormon mafia. – [Male] Yeah but huge
growth in Salt Lake. – In a great way. And the Mormon mafia’s awesome. I go that as a positive to do you have a best friend that played at BYU? Literally, it’s all arb. It’s all looking for
patterns and white spaces. Do you have a sense of
how low the number is? It obviously maps to
the housing cost, right? – We’re at a place, my wife and I, and we call it a season of drought where we’ve been back in
the city she grew up in for the last four and a half
years that we’ve been there, and this video’s gonna
get out at some point and a lot of her friends
are gonna be like what? – She just doesn’t want to be there? – She doesn’t want to be there. – That’s great. Her friends subconsciously know it anyway. – Yeah, yeah. So ultimately, we’re at a place where, ’cause she’s Canadian, the rest of us are American, the immigration process we’ve started, we paid the money, the lawyers are working on it. So soon as that’s done– – You’re going. – Then we’re going, even if there’s a job or not. – 7,000 applications. And make it fun. Enjoy it. – And that’s again, getting
to that language is realizing, and I feel so bad because we’re blessed, Rochelle and I have a great relationship, kids are healthy, they’re great kids, everything’s great but
still we’re unhappy. – You just need to change your environment it sounds like. You’re unhappy about the micro. The macro you’re set which is why your actually
winning and happy. So cool, fucking fix the micro. Make 7,000 videos. Somebody’s gonna click, I’m positive. The game is changing. – [Bob] Yeah, well I used to say, how many Yale lacrosse
players can we hire? – You ready for this, I don’t now a single school that anybody that works for me went to. I think Nick got kicked
out of fucking Ryder for smoking weed one day in. I think Drock went to something that looked like Mount Ida College. There’s like three people, I have no idea where, I have no fucking idea. – [Bob] But now they’re hiring kids with associate
degrees, which is awesome. They would never have done that two or three years ago. – It doesn’t fucking matter. – [Bob] Doesn’t matter,
doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter. – Really doesn’t. It matters if you can do something, like matters if you’re doing quant work, if you know how to do math. – Even then, I mean I wasn’t a math major– – Nah, because you went up higher. – But I was numerate enough. – Well that’s the point, right? – [Bob] ‘Cause I think what happens is, this is the problem, Wall Street mystifies
the business romantically but at the end of the day, it’s pretty simple, even the derivates
businesses are pretty simple. – Everything is super simple. I don’t think there’s a single job I could hold at VaynerMedia besides the one I have. I’m pretty sure. Maybe if we had a sales team, like just couldn’t, just don’t have the grammar
skills to begin with. I would’ve never got into this place unless I interviewed directly with me. Can we sneak one or two more in? I know we’ve got one or two minutes. – [Male] How ’bout a from Germany. Anything else? – [Male] Huh? – [Male] Anything else? – [Male] Yes. I have a question to you talked about the gray and
the black and white opinion. So I’m thinking about with
my team and the company, we’re doing at the moment some grayish stuff, you know? – From a marketing standpoint, culture? – [Male] No, in social
media, social media stuff. – So marketing. – [Male] When we are
working on the platforms, doing the DMs and posting in the feed and commenting and all that stuff, but we figured out with our capacity it’s not possible to do anything because then we’re doing
it like half and not full. And so I want to cross out things. – You want to stop doing certain things. – [Male] Yes. And I wanted to ask so we are community based, so the community isn’t the focus, but when we are on YouTube,
Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok, what actions on the certain platforms I should do not anymore? – Which ones don’t you
like the most right now? – [Male] At the moment, the most capacities have direct messages but what we heard before, direct messages are in the future maybe. – I want to make sure I understand. What behavior are you doing right now, in the way that you’re
asking the question, what behavior right now
that your team’s doing, that you can’t do everything, because it’s half pregnant, you’re not getting the full value, what are you doing that you don’t think
is bringing you value? Forget about what we
think the future’s about, forget all that. What are you guys doing right now that you don’t think you’re
getting the most value out of? – [Male] The direct messages. – Okay, I want to make sure what you’re doing on direct messages. Give me an example from beginning. Somebody tweets something
or replies to something, give it to me exactly. – [Male] Yeah, Instagram
direct hey what’s up and– – So somebody leaves a comment on one of your pieces of content, and then you click that person’s face and you send them a direct message? – [Male] Nope, they DM us. – They DM you? Hey, love your stuff and you don’t think you guys can scale replying to that person saying thank you. – [Male] Nope. We say thank you, thank you for your comment, we appreciate it. What are your wishes in the future for our future content? So we try to do a conversation but the problem is that
all the comment stuff that the other people
see in the news feed, like under the feed stuff, gets not so much attention. – You’re doing more
attention on direct messages versus in feed? – [Male] Yes. – Why? – [Male] It happened. – That’s a great answer. So I think, couple things, one, it’s an interesting debate. Obviously, replying in the
comments on the public post I do believe creates more brand value because all of us see it and there’s an inherent
unconscious feeling of oh, this brand cares. That’s number one. It also encourages more people to comment, which can help you in
the algorithm or growth. Two, if you can’t do both because you don’t have enough people, one of the things to think about is becoming more of a global company. So for example, the truth is you could hire somebody in Vietnam at two dollars an hour or four
dollars an hour, or Poland, these are just true conversations. There’s a lot of
arbitrage in going global. Or, and this is where Europe sucks, it might be harder for you to have interns or lower cost employees to scale. Everybody can scale everything by hiring more people,
if they can afford it. Being able to afford it is tricky. California’s harder to
afford it than Iowa. Germany’s harder to
afford it than America. But one of the advantages that I think European-based
businesses have over American businesses is they do think more global. Americans are funny. Half of us don’t even have a passport. Half of us don’t even
realize there’s a world outside of America, truly, it’s like amazing. – [Bob] Particularly Asia. – Yeah, so couple things
run through my mind, things I think about, building up capabilities in other places where the cost goes down. These are things you can debate. Listen, when you’re talking
about touching a customer, it’s always a good idea. – [Male] Because the
customer pays our salary. – No shit. So to me I’m a fan of DM’ing and, that’s why I hired Z. We haven’t scaled it yet, but I’m unbelievably uncomfortable that we’re not replying to every person that replies to me. – [Male] I also love it too when I do it on Instagram because you get so much
information out of the customer, it’s just about, in the
beginning, how you ask. – It’s the singular reason
I think I’m the guy. There’s nobody who has the
scale of audience that I have that reads as many comments as me. I know it to be true. – [Male] And the community, they write us, like hey, why
you don’t have a backpack and I say, hey, how should
the backpack look like? And they send pictures and all that stuff. – They are R&D. They’re the research and development. And you have fun. Sometimes you ask them what it looks like and other times you’re
like, what do you mean, wait till next week, presale on the backpack. Of course, of course. There’s a reason I’m right a lot. It’s ’cause I listen. I think you should scale that. Why not? Find a way. – [Male] Always I have to question myself when it’s not working as I want, maybe I’ve done something wrong before. – Well, I think the question becomes what’s your KPI, what’s success look like? When you say it’s not working, what’s not working? You want to convert more
of those people into sales? – [Male] Yes. – That’s where you’re getting caught. And I appreciate you saying that, ’cause that’s the punch line, you replying to people and DM’ing, which then inevitably on
the fourth interaction leads to would you like to buy this, or whatever it may be, or you don’t do that but you analyze if any of
those people are buying, that’s sales versus what I think ultimately leads to the most sales, which is branding. You can’t measure the fact that you replied to him and he went out to dinner
with the three of us, and said, you’ll never believe this, you know that motorcycle gear that I buy, I DM’ed them and they said thank you. And he’s like, oh that’s fucking awesome, what’s it again? And they follow it on Instagram, you can’t measure that. Math fucks up a lot of people. – [Male] But the world is
not just about math then? – It sure isn’t, but it’s a big part, it’s a big part. But this is an equal
game of left and right black and white verse gray, math verse heart. The friction of those
two things is the magic. But if I had to pick, it’s always 50.1 to
the gray, to the heart. That’s why this is
called the honey empire. When I try to articulate
what we’re doing here, what’s the vision, honey empire, honey over vinegar, kindness, empathy, care, culture but we’re a fucking empire. Not trying to fucking build
a dream land of hypothesis. We’re trying to win out here. That balance is hard. That’s why the people that can do it build big fucking ass things. You got to figure out
how you’re measuring it. Make sense? – [Male] Yeah. – And this goes back to
the most important part ’cause I think you got
a lot of things right. I can feel it from a mile away, you just have to understand timing. Again, if you and your partner want to sell it in the
next 24 to 36 months, I’m going into the empire empire. Got it? I’m okay with you dropping everything and maximizing, that’s life. But if you’re not sure and you want to build the most leverage and maybe for a much longer time, that’s when you have to
not score those things. – [Male] Yeah, in the last five years, I made so many favors. So I think with every favor, I challenge the matrix more. So they ask maybe for some last advice, because with this motorcycle lasts a year, I want to be the number one in the world. So what do I advise– – Who’s number one, in your opinion? – [Male] Number one is (mumbles) or Fox. So 400 million. – And are you judging
number one based on revenue, which is fine, I’m just asking? – [Male] Number one on revenue and the experience they
give to the people. So I want to give the
people the best experience, they get in this whole motorcycle garage. – That’s what I would
spend all my time on. – [Female] Which goes back to the DM’ing. – [Male] And I know where we get it because you said we have plenty of time. So I have enough time. – That’s right. – [Male] And this takes all the pressure. – And then you spend all
your time on the consumer. – [Male] Because two years ago when I woke up in the morning, I was like, oh, I have to do something. I have to hustle. I have to hustle every day but not like with this pressure. – Listen, work ethic matters. As much as it’s being demonized and as much as I don’t
use the word as much so I can balance out the message to make sure people aren’t confused, work ethic matters. I’m sorry. But understanding what you’re up to and putting yourself in a, where work ethic can get very dangerous is if it leads to you being unhappy. Happiness has to be the north star. – [Male] If you’re not happy you cannot make the other happies and if you cannot lead yourself– – You’re finished. – [Male] How you can beat the others? – 100%, no shot. No shot. Yep, but it’s about the number one thing I’m trying to think about
how to articulate now is to help people put time in perspective. I’ve come to realize, why at 15 did I used to
play a game with myself which said, oh my God, in seven years, I’m gonna finally be able to work, but I’m 22, right? No, my parents are gonna
push me to college. And then okay, and this is me at 15, okay, seven years ago I was eight. Okay, eight, that was ’83 in Edison. Oh, that doesn’t seem that far. I’ve always done that. I do it today. I’m 43, I’m ’bout to be 44. Okay, I’ve lived my whole life. When I’m double, I’ll be 88 and I’ll still be hungry, and that’s probably when
I win the Super Bowl and okay, fuck man, I’ve
been around for a long time, that’s a lot, from the day I
was born to now is 44 years and I’m gonna do that again. Geez, I think so much of my happiness comes from contextualizing time better than most people. I think most people are macro impatient and I think I’m macro patient. – [Male] Macro patient, micro speed. – And I think in the
micro, people are slow. People are fucking working
for three and a half hours or producing or creating
for three and a half hours in a 24 hour day but they don’t know why shit
hasn’t happened this year. And I’m fucking on fire, like I feel stressed that I’m already four minutes over here, literally right now, I feel tension that I
know I’m four and a half, five minutes over. But you’re here and I want to deliver but I’m talking about 44 years from now. So in the micro, I’m faster than fuck but in the macro I’m slow as shit. And so I’m literally reverse. And that’s why I think I’m gonna get everything I want. – [Male] And I think this will only work if you cross out things, like I will not do this, I will just focus on that. – But you have to cross out based on your paradigm, not what people told you is right. The amount of shit I do every day that makes no fucking sense would blow your mind. But I think it’s right. I have a major fire
over here with a client where I could lose three million bucks but I’m gonna do this Jets podcast. Think it’s right. – [Male] Because it makes you happy. – It makes me happy and I have a macro plan. It’s another 15 Jet
fans I’m gonna convert. And like I’ll make up that revenue. And it’s gonna actually be all right ’cause Katie’s got it and if she doesn’t, it’s
a good read on Katie and all these other variables. Almost nothing matters, almost nothing. And I can see you’re picking
up what I’m putting down, like it’s why I’m happy. What? what? Make payroll. Right, you understand this, I heard you very loud and clear, this is basic shit. So people outsmart themselves. Play the actual game. And this is where strategy really, the thing that we always talk about is the one thing I’m not
putting out to the world is that I’m smart ’cause I don’t think that
brings you any value. I don’t know how to make that valuable to the other person on the other end. I’m strategic. What’s that gonna mean? I can’t tell you to be ore strategic, be smarter really hard. That’s why work ethic
was my first batting, that is the number one controllable thing. Everybody listening and
watching right now could, if they’re so hungry, if they have such big ambitions, if they’re gonna achieve so much, if they have the audacity to
ask for a one percent life, they could work an extra hour instead of doing dumb shit instead. They could. That felt controllable. But it goes way deeper than that. It’s getting the ability to see it, ’cause you’re in it, I do it to myself too, which is why I’m good, I analyze myself but I’m still myself and sometimes you’ll hear something and it’ll help you trigger. But for you, it’s just so simple. It becomes so clear
that you’re like right, that is actually what’s happening and now you get to make a decision. Even if you decided to stay the course and decided to hold your breath because you appreciate your lifestyle in the three to five
year window, you decided, and it goes wrong, just the fact that you
knew you were doing it is still gonna feel better. That one percent, right? Same game, which is like, hey brother, if there is a .03 cent, I’m telling you right now, and fuck the excuse of the NDA, you know where you can go
and where you can’t go, get it all out that doesn’t get you sued and even if it’s .3, that’s the magic, that’s it. And the you’re fucking, then what? Eight Mile. Fucking love that, I bring it up all the time. I know you guys consume
my content all the time. Real tougher clearance to diss him when he fucking dissed himself. Yep.

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