10th anniversary of the European Local Democracy Week

each year the Congress of local and regional authorities coordinates the European local democracy week around the 15th of October the date of the opening for signature of the European charter of local self-government in 1985 the week is a real opportunity to engage with and reach all citizens in particular young people and it's an efficient way to start citizenship education at the closest level to them the organized activities are then described and promoted through the week's website and social media the website contains general information somatic ideas reference texts events from previous years as well as a toolkit but also logos posters and leaflets downloadable in several languages the eld W is also an opportunity to share and learn good practices from local authorities all across Europe here are two examples of initiatives which have already been implemented the Minerva pentola democracy locality on formidable occasion the diffusion the Principia democracy univer territory Allah is COC informative location – la promotion de la siguiente Activa speaker service activity kunafa – laguna port of artemis federal code of acrimony soon as one little bit on the Katowice soho see all the schools only de wa the present ella problem in the dissident this cable of the problem the eld w is based on a network of national coordinators throughout the 47 member states the role of national associations and coordinators is to disseminate information to all local and regional authorities we inform them at our assembly meetings through our website via emails and newsletters and we encourage them to visit the Council of Europe European local democracy week website where they can find further information 2017 is a special year in the history of the European local democracy week as we are celebrating its 10th anniversary so this is a good occasion for us to take stock of the achievements of the initiatives and draw our lessons for the years ahead so in 2017 on the occasion of the 10th anniversary I invited local and regional authorities their associations all citizens besides this opportunity and join the European local democracy week family you

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