11/09 – NY

Take a pic of me it’s recording Look her making up No boy, stop with this Hey guys, whats up? I’m here in New York Finally I had a break So, I will record a lot of videos more NY tourist videos So, keep watching the channel I know that it was a mess the last weeks, because I had finals and I was producing a christmas video and if you haven’t watch yet, I already published and there is subtitles in portuguese look that’s beatiful there is subtitles in portuguese so I will put the link in somewhere here in the screem to you click and watch the video and today I will show you the 11/9 memorial here in NY so keep up with and the channel will back with the normal schedule video every week but this week that I’m here in NN I will post more videos but, it will be more short videos but cool videos 😀 keep up with I’m here at the 11/9 memorial It’s very beautiful but in the same time it’s very sad there is the name of all the people that died and it’s a respect place like you can see it’s beautiful but it’s sad the atmosphere here it’s tense and over there they are building a train station pretty cool and over there it’s the 11/9 museum where there is like curiosities about everything that happened here and I liked that it’s a big square and there is another square in the middle but I would like to know what means because I didn’t understand but it’s very beautiful and very depth when I saw the pictures I tought that it was shallow but it’s very depth it’s like two swimming pools replacing the buildings and in the middle of the memorial there is the twin tower museum

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