$112 MILLION Lottery Jackpot Winner Uses Visualization and The Law of Attraction To Manifest Wealth!

$112 MILLION Lottery Jackpot Winner Uses Visualization and The Law of Attraction To Manifest Wealth! in regards to my life it’s been a
whirlwind and still going on micro is there any way can be adjusted to look
okay just lie here alright okay oh yeah that’s much better when I stop to think what I was
listening to the seminar things that she was saying in regards to the
accomplishments I am humbled because to me is I’m just me you know I didn’t set
out to accomplish those things I just might my purpose was just to take care
of my brother’s kids when he passed away I was in a corporate executive just
doing my thing living my life being a single person and he was hit by underage
driver on Manchester and they were in foster care
and I knew they needed to be taken care of and I stepped up and took care of him and I was blessed of it because of that
and strangely enough this thing about how we think with our minds it is so
important I’ve been like that since I was a little girl I’ve always been one
of those thinkers that you know hmm let me see if I put something out there in a
universe how will it come back to me and it’s always been an amazing journey I’m
still on that journey about the cry so please don’t give me a moment it is it truly is my my manifesting the
lottery let’s start with that I do a lot of reading when it comes to the mind
because I believe that our minds are very powerful as you think so it is I strive to think positive at all times
even when things don’t see so I’m positive I switched my thoughts have to
we have to in life because if you don’t those thoughts that are bugging you will
have a way of manifesting in your life and so it’s always great to have people
around you to have books even the things you watch on television I don’t watch
negative TV I only watch news when I feel it’s
pertinent because those things that you put in your on your mind have a way of
showing up when I won the lottery on Mother’s Day yeah it was great but it
came with a lot of pain too I wanted but I had also lost those kids
shortly before then those kids were taken from me on April 3rd I’ll never
forget that day never forget it dealing with social services I was dealing with
the system with a woman who told me that I was not a great mom because these kids
weren’t they weren’t they weren’t going to school the way they were supposed to
they were afraid they were afraid because of being in the system
going through what they were going through but she said your kids are too
happy they don’t need to be on medication they don’t need this they
don’t eat that okay so I got my kids taken from me on April 3rd she said they
don’t need medication all right I said my prayers I chose not to curse the
moment actually I did curse let me be real I was upset then I remembered that
I wasn’t going to be blessed so I chose to forgive I also chose to forgive my
sister who I thought was odd that she chose to show up on that same day from
Vegas and laughed at me as she saw me in my pain and I forgave her to you know
Mother’s Day yeah I wanted and I didn’t God just provided it for me
it wasn’t cuz I wanted to win the money so I could be wealthy I wanted the money
so I can get a good attorney to fight the system and I was blessed because of it
and one thing that I always remembered from my reading some of my favorite
books besides the Bible because the Bible is the oldest living spiritual
Testament on the power of the mind as you think so shall it be and also power
the subconscious mind is one of my favorite books what I remembered was hmm
I have to be positive have to stay in that mindset so then bless me annually blessing me as we
thought of that but I did get my kids back in a time
that I said I was gonna get them back another thing you got it you have to be
really clear when you say that you’re gonna do what you plan to do when I won
the money yeah I did intend to win a hundred and twelve million dollars – I thought that was interesting everything about what I’ve realized – in
life is it comes to you when you say I’m more than you need it and sometimes it
just comes serendipity and like I surrender but trying to say work
correctly when it’s supposed to it comes God always know when we need
things and we just have to trust you just have to let go notice saying let go
let God it’s it’s almost like you’re floating in on water you just have to
have that trust and that’s something that is so hard for us as humans to just
trust trusting and something that we cannot see just like we’re breathing air
we can’t see the air but we’re breathing it that’s what I had to do on my faith
walk when it came to winning this lottery to help me to get to where I am
today I’ve been able to bless many people as we thought of it and I’ve
grown from it I’ve grown to learn that regardless of what I’m going through
he’s always gonna be there and I’m not perfect
there are times when I still get down and then they something whispers in my
ear that’s not how you’re supposed to think and I’m glad that that happens so
it reminds me stand up and be strong cuz you need to
be there and pull others to help them remember so my lesson in terms of
manifesting I visualized I see it I first see what it is that I want I see
it first because as you see it so shall it be we’re blessed if we are able to
have sight see these kids dad my brother was deaf he couldn’t hear it so I knew
sign language and I used to always think that is a I’m blessed that I’m able to
hear the things that we take for granted I don’t take for granted so visualizing
I visualize all the time and as you visualize I visualize all the time that
I was going to be holding a cheque for 112 million dollars written across it
I even visualized myself wearing my little favorite green top which I don’t
know where in the heck it is now it served its purpose I wore it out that’s
what happened and I remember thinking I’m gonna wear that top I’m gonna hold
that check and I’m gonna be so happy because that what you put your strongest
feeling into has to manifest it has to good or bad so why not manifest your
best and that’s what I strive to do all the time and oddly enough it’s written
in the Bible these are things that I started realizing as I I’m 50 I’ll be 52
in a few months that Wow just the stuff my mom had been
teaching me for years all I had to do is look and see it we would have changed
things in my life but I know it now whatever it is you want the sooner that
you understand that mm I may not have much right now I don’t mean anything
because I’m wealthy the moment you start saying to yourself
I am wealthy wealth comes to you wealth is an energy just like poverty is an
energy when you say you’re poor it will circulate in your life when you say you
were wealthy that’s what I did I just started saying I’m wealthy I started
singing it I’m wealthy I say I’m happy in fact Pharrell the
happy song that’s my song that was a song that I was singing to
myself because I tend to well I’m going through certain things and there were
people who don’t like the things I say universally so they want to attack me
and I would sing this I’m happy and my husband heard it on the radio one day
because he would hear me sing that song and he’s like hon your song is on the
radio that’s like oh wow okay so be careful because depending on how
powerful your spirit is you can go out the world can hear it and come back but
be positive is my point strive to be positive because what you
put out will come back always even when you put out negative he’ll come back so
I always strive to be in a positive and by the way the social worker who said
all these negative things apologize because she realized she was wrong
because I forgave her the Bible says to forgive your enemies to love them you
don’t have to like them but you do have to forgive if you would expect to
receive your blessings it’s the truth and yes it took a lot for me to do that
to visualize always speak things into the positive with positive energy and
you have to fill it strongly and be your best and what do I call it cheerleader
like just cheer yourself on see yourself is like the best on this planet and
don’t hang around and have people around you they want to pull you down okay
because they will do that they will be there and uses us have to look at them
and say okay they’re not at the same level that I’m on and god bless you in
fact say prayers for them and keep moving on sometimes you might have to
let them go and release them release them let them go and keep moving have a
smile on your face saying that McDonald saw put a smile on and keep it moving
but that’s what I do I don’t allow the negative around me and
I’m constantly being blessed I wake up every day and I say today is a good day
and it is I say today is a great day and I have great days I’m constantly constantly saying that
I’m blessed because I don’t know if you guys believe in heaven well sure you do
I know that there is you know God I called him Jehovah Jah his son Jesus
there Satan he’s out there to make us think that we are not powerful and we
can’t have the things that we want and I’m a testimony that we can we’re not
here to just be less than we’re here to be powerful to be the best as we live
and breathe every breath I take on sand and I’m powerful I say that I’m healthy because as you say it so shall it be
that’s what I say all the time God can only be in your life when you
allow him to be in your life and you will be tested that’s part of life but
the test starts to get a little less once you realize your power it is a
great it’s great to realize to understand the power of the mind and how
powerful the mind can be when you are in this in this space of manifesting your
will it’s awesome you think my voice oh my gosh when I was living in
Hawthorne this is something I found what’s interesting I can remember looking for a house and my real estate
agent was just kind of I told her I wanted a house foreclosed house in a
particular part of how far that all the houses are born for about five hundred
thousand I said what I only want a house for about 150 thousand I needed this
particular square but it’s just like oh I’m not gonna be able to find it I said
yes she will she said well I’ll see I said you’ll find it you’ll find it in a
few weeks I’m kind of intuitive too so I didn’t tell her that
and so um within a few weeks she found the house and she was scared to call me
but she called me and told me she found the house and oddly enough in that house the house had a book in there because
the man who I well the man had passed away older gentleman that lived there so
there were some things left over in that house and one of the books that I found
in a garage was has something to do with the dynamic power of your mind your
subconscious mind or something like that and I thought huh this is interesting
I’m always constantly being reminded that the power of my mind and yes I did
get the house at the price I wanted which is nice what you say is what you will receive
and I’m always telling my friends you know if you say you want something for
free be that it you know don’t put it out there that you know I’m gonna you
know do this at this particular time when you really want it now you want
something right now say you want it now don’t put it off into the future because
the mind hears you and the subconscious mind doesn’t take jokes
don’t joke with yourself don’t say oh I’m so stupid because all of a sudden
you start being stupid I just I say to myself I’m the most brilliant person on
the planet because what you say up here is what your mind believes so we have to
be careful of what we say if you’re in the entertainment business and you want
to be you have to be that person who say I’m the next star whatever because if
you don’t and you listen to other people telling you that you’re not someone
important and I think everyone is important we all have a role you just
have to choose what you want to be and you have to choose though you have to
make the choice no one else can make the choice for you because the mine will
open those doors for you and so will spirit our minds are so powerful that’s
how God created us you said I’m just saying well you know what do you think
if you don’t have to do that I got my quick plan with me you know my dad loves
playing he’s like oh okay you saw that what what if you have all the money you
need I’m like I’m just waiting for him to tell me okay and he did finally and I
felt the relief but yeah you know it is it was just such a great feeling but
this is something that I already kind of knew but just going through it the house
of it and that’s another thing too when you want to manifest something don’t ask
how just put it out there don’t ask how it’s gonna happen like for me I just I
had several waves of bringing wealth in that just happened to be one of them but
I had other ways of bringing money into my life that answer your question okay yes hi so I have a question with all of
this newfound freedom and wealth is it easy deciding what to do with it uh at
first it wasn’t I was like a kid in a candy store
after I got them when you do manifest the wealth that you want what I say to
people especially when I do interviews is be prepared in fact what I started
doing before the money came was talking to financial advisors get and good with
wealth which means steady wealth steady wealthy people and because wealth will
stay around you when you say you’re wealthy talk to lawyers talk to other
people who you if you have people around you who are wealthy but make friends
with wealth it’s important and be comfortable with it when if you’re
uncomfortable with wealth they won’t stay you’ll leave you it’s an energy it
is definitely an energy hi hi my question is before you got the children
before your mother if a brother was killed was there a consciousness within
you that was already in action and the consciousness of what you’re living now
in other words had you paved the way before any of this ever really happened
because I think there are many times seeds have been planted where our our
future long before it comes into manifestation so do you remember your
consciousness when you were a child when you were coming up how you felt about
children period you know what you would ever do if something should happen to
anybody in your family and I know it’s a big question but I think I’m trying to
find out what consciousness were you living in at that particular time when
you got the children do you remember what age were you what
age age I was in my they were three and four I received those two first and then
a year and a half later I got the other three so kids I do yeah I had an idea I
was gonna get them and I know I’ve been on this planet many lifetimes
okay and I Know Who I am and I have an idea of who I’ve been in many lifetimes
but I’ve also been there mom in many lifetimes did you see that the
social worker was the read the finances was the problem the social worker felt
like you weren’t doing a good job was it was the finances that was that the
social worker felt like you weren’t doing a good job no she didn’t like the
fact that I knew how to okay she looked at how much money I was receiving right
and she thought well you’re getting too much money you’re getting more money
than I am and I’m like that’s not my problem that’s your problem and I’m like
these kids have and you know they have an issue and I’m just receiving what I’m
supposed to get for them she didn’t like that okay and you really answered my
question because what you answered for me is that you raised your consciousness
to a lever level higher than what her consciousness was not to have a conflict
with her yeah you keep yourself on purpose yeah okay thank you to piggyback with Tommy had said just
kind of tip um to piggyback what Tommy was saying in a sense how did you help
the kids cope with the loss of a father how did how did you help them cope with
the loss of a father how do I help you guys cope I loved them
as much as any person could I gave him the best that I could with what we had
when they would ask for things I would if I had it to give I would do it and if
not I would say well not yet but give me a moment we’ll make it happen and it
would happen or strangely enough someone would give us something or it will just
show up in our lives I always stayed in the positive to make sure that we would
have the things that they won’t want and we would sing and dance a lot we love
music and I and I and I love being I like having fun it keeps you young
you know so she never lied to them tattooed she always told them the truth
yeah yeah because lying is the bad vibrations it ages you it makes you it
it gets in your soul and takes from you I’m very clear on what you said about
the hundred and twelve I’m very clear that you manifested that one hundred and
twelve by the visualization my question is how did you duplicate it I understand
you a won the lottery twice is that correct I didn’t like that I went twice
no but I’m about to win again you Cynthia you’re smiling broadly and why
shouldn’t you be you are one of the richest women in America and also the
reason you might be smiling is unlike so many lottery winners you’ve managed to
hang on to your cash how have you achieved this double miracle Prayer simple as that the power of prayer yes
obviously I always good to have a good financial advisor – yeah we’re gonna
come to it – more on on how you manage to do this let’s go back to when you won
cuz it’s 2007 he’d had a pretty tough few years before you became a foster
mother – five nieces and nephews when your brother was tragically killed by a
drunk driver and you were really struggling and then
everything changed you won a hundred and twelve million dollars in a California
Mega Million lottery that moment you knew you’d won where were you and how
did you hear I was having lunch with the kids and I heard kind of secondhand
through my dad he had told me that I should probably check it cuz I didn’t
even check the numbers and decided after a few days maybe I should and it with us
I love how happy you are somebody looks free one who’s end up miserable you seem
like one of the happiest people have ever interviewed I stri choose to be
happy yes I saw is definitely a choice for all those lost free contestants out
there obviously this huge amount of money tonight somebody may walk away
with half a billion dollars nearly what is the best advice you would give them
obviously you’ve done incredibly well – to not squander the money and you’ve
done so much work for charity or one of the biggest philanthropists in America
now what is the advice you would give for people to win the lottery and stay
happy I would tell them to live their life definitely it would put them in a
position to be charitable that is a great thing to do because it also brings
that same energy back to you I’m a believer as you give so shall you
receive so giving definitely helps but also get some a really good tax attorney
and finance by someone that is reputable that can
help guide you along the way because it’s going to change your tax bracket
it’s going to change your life and so you need to be prepared for those things
to well listed is so good to speedy and so nice to see somebody who’s so happy
because you keep hearing these terrible stories about lottery winners whose
lives end up miserable yours clearly has had the complete opposite effect and
Cynthia like congratulations but lated Lee for the win and for
managing to do so well with it great inspiration to anyone tonight who may
suddenly become a billionaire that’s my girl
one last question have you bought a ticket for tonight not yet not yet I
think I’m gonna let one of my kids go by for it love the fact you’re still
playing the lottery that’s my Cynthia Oh save this time
really good to talk to you thank you thank you for watching this video my
friends I hope you really enjoyed it make sure you leave a comment below and
please subscribe to this channel I want to give you so much more thank you and
I’ll see you next time $112 MILLION Lottery Jackpot Winner Uses Visualization and The Law of Attraction To Manifest Wealth!

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