$120 Goodwill Thrift Haul, PART 1 | Will I make my money back??

if you saw my stopping video over on the relic recoverers channel you probably came here looking for my haul video on my home videos I talked a little bit about everything I pull out how much like paying for it how much I think I can get for it in this case we spent about three hours at the goodwill and about 120 dollars but we made out really well and I'm gonna tell you exactly why my family calls it my superpower it's my ability to see value in things that other people might overlook sometimes I go picking with my boyfriend sometimes it's my best friend Sue and sometimes it's my kids but at the end of the day it's all about having fun and hopefully it just maybe making a profit one of the items we purchased was this ridiculous hat that I'm wearing on my head that I tied I prom told her that if you bought me to have I wear it in the video so this is me following through on my promise but I actually I posted the Hat on Instagram and one of my local friends and former co-workers was like I have to have that hat so she was getting the hat but I paid $5.00 for the hat it's ridiculous but she has something coming up that just the hats perfect for so um the Hat is going to her funny the things I find you know people love them so the Hat is one of them but anyway um this is everything that we got today and I'm gonna go through it real quick bear with me because it's late at night but I I just had to do this I had to get it over with and get it done otherwise I don't know but it was fresh in my mind and I wanted to just get her done so here we go we're gonna start at the front of the table and work our way back because we have a lot of stuff to go over this is gonna be a long video but I think we can get through it together I should have made some coffee but I didn't but we're gonna make we're gonna make it okay we're gonna start right here in the front and those of you are subscribed to real nifty vintage may know what this thing is no I saw it and I knew exactly what it was because I watched videos from time to time every time I don't always have free time but I do occasionally um this right here you wouldn't know what it is unless you knew what it was it is your Franciscan ivy pepper shaker I know it's the pepper shaker and not the salt shaker I know you can tell by the number of holes but honestly I don't think my family ever had salt and pepper shakers they had the grinders we were a grinder family um but the way I can tell is because there's still pepper in there so um this is a pepper shaker I scoured the shelves could not find a salt shaker but this is a Franciscan ivy pepper shaker fortunately I did not have the complete set I scoured the shelves and I liked it fun as this little guy so um him alone he sells for ten bucks so I paid two dollars for him I'm gonna sell him as a replacement for somebody maybe like through there are the one off the table and a mat fit of rage so they can replace the one that they lost okay um moving right along I got these mugs I don't know why I like them they're kind of hunting themed they have deer on them and the other ones have ducks on them I know the key word is really far away today so it's really hard to see stuff I'll give you guys some close-ups I'll do better today I'll go in and get close-ups for you and I'll put those in on top of it but these mugs I like I like the detail of them so I bought them there are no marks on them I can't find any like them but I like the quality of them so I bought them and I believe I paid you don't really put one sticker on the four of them to find a single sticker I paid four dollars for four of them so they were another piece I think I'm going to ask 15 to 20 bucks for because I like their kind of wildlife hunter themes I think that's good I think that's a positive thing so moving forward now these bugs it really really likes these and I actually didn't realize that they do have a mark on them I bought them they're hand-painted did not realize there was a mark because the Goodwill sticker directly over the mark on the bottom so as soon as we were in the checkout I'm stretching off the mark like you know they're scratch off tickets and I'm like this is so exciting I'm like I feel like I'm gonna be a winner you know so um the lady at the goodwill she's like looking at me like this woman is absolutely crazy first of all I'm buying all this stuff and then I'm like scratching furiously at the bottom of the mugs and she's like she's crazy they're marked halt which is great because halt Howard me these Winkie Santa mugs and stuff that are worth quite a bit of money but the thing is these aren't marked halt Howard this one is marked port Howard 1965 but one of his marks is H H that stands for a hole Howard and this one is marked H H so they're kind of a contradiction I do believe that they are holt Howard I think they messed up mark to be honest I really do the flowers are awesome the color is awesome they're just fantastic they don't sell they're mine I think I do need to put that disclaimer I but somebody suggested camel member hood is an I apologize suggested that I put a disclaimer in my videos that I reserve the right to remove any me listing at any time because I'm including it in my court and it's mine I might do that I bought this little Bowl here it's a purple glass I believe it's somewhat modern but it's hand-painted and it's just real pretty and petite and I like that I like the flowers I like the gold design I paid a buck for it I think you could just put a little candle in there or something I have little um bobby pins or it's good thing I do this in every video just um anyway it's just a cute little dish so I got that um drew picked this up I'm gonna end up like just elbowing these when I was trying to take a pull-through picked this up this is a little long meat in Japan or my glasses on oh this is made in Japan it's just a little I wanna see just a little jewelry trinket box made in Japan it's got a really cute design on there so it's that it's not velvet lined but it does have a lining in there and a padding so paid three dollars for this I'm thinking I could probably get maybe 10 to 15 bucks for that now these guys I really liked they're really hard to see they're square shapes you can probably see that at least the bottom is blue the top is a pale pink now a set of 16 of these sold recently on ebay for a hundred and fifty dollars more than likely it's because of the mid-century modern lines and the design of them I'm thinking I could probably get eight to ten bucks a piece for them they were a dollar for this ramp so I made out pretty good on those pretty good profit they're not chips that are not broken I'm gonna shoot high on those I'm pretty pleased with them know this drew pick this up this design is the blue tulip it's crewman I believe and it was sold by a and P I do repeated this up his dad worked for a MP for a number of years and he actually has a museum to a MP in his in his house it's pretty amazing something I'll give you guys a tour of that but if you pick this up it's not worth a ton of money pay two bucks for it it's probably worth five to eight bucks not anything amazing but it is pretty I love the color I love the design I told I'm just thrown in the card probably not the best decision but this is a lesson right here and just because it's old doesn't mean it's worth a lot of money that's an important lesson right there follow my own rules no this is the first thing I picked up at the good well the very very first thing I walked in I started putting on the shelf I picked it up and I said oh I want that I paid a dollar for it it's just a cute little piggy planter I can see like little succulents growing out of his back he's just so charming I'm not sure who made him he is pottery just too cute no chips or cracks I saw some online that were listed the legs were glued back on the ears were glued back on they were painted and the paint was chipping off he has no paint he's completely paintless he's not chipped he's not damaged and he is just cute pig wouldn't mind getting stuck with him either I'm moving right along no I got these the salt and pepper shaker I'm not really sure about these guys I paid $3 I don't usually buy salt and pepper shakers but I'm branching out I'm trying to get into other things salt and pepper shakers are scary for me but I like cats a lot as you guys probably noticed in my previous video with my awesome shirt cats are my thing my boyfriend wasn't deathly allergic to cats I would have seven at least maybe more a lot of cats anyway so I picked these up it's to cast in a basket for three dollars and I just thought it was darling now somebody obviously cared about these because each of the cats are set in the baskets with paper towels so they don't like knock around and there's cushioned remember safe I'm not sure how much I can get for it I'm thinking 10 to 15 bucks I don't know I haven't researched it I don't know much about salt and pepper shakers except that I like cats that's really all I know about those okay so moving on we've got these votive candle sticks those are brass I thought at first maybe they were made in India because a lot of the time you'll find this brass and it's usually me and yet I don't know if these are made in India but they've got tulip shades frosted tulip shades probably little tea lights go in there at their tiered small medium large their opinion a buck apiece for them and I'm thinking I could probably get 20 to 25 optimistically maybe 18 I don't know only $2.00 difference but it sounds better uh i removing right a lot so I got this suit this jar maybe four dollars for this I like glass you guys will notice I pick up a lot of glass work mm-hmm it's diamond points like similar to this one I'm not sure the maker of this one off the top of my head I do know that one but I don't know this one but I like the green glass I like it just you know it reminds me of something that would sit on grandma's counter and that's what I like about it so I paid four dollars for this I'm thinking 20 to 25 bucks so I'm making money on that okay um no Andrew picked this up I have no idea anything about this but it's um new old stock still in the box super retro which is nice paid $5.00 for it it is a savings bank that's got this cool retro packaging and it's got all these different I mean they're like slots and ones gifts sundries heard that no I'll Sentry's clothes bank records records gotta say for those records kids how do you give it's just it's so much fun um so and you just you turn this thing around and you move it to the different slots where you where you'd like to save me you are budgeting your money it's basically what I'm saying early budgeting for like a digital basis so okay so here to pick this up we paid $5.00 for it I'm not sure how much it'll be on Etsy eventually when I figure out how much I wanted for it and this guy instant I saw it my first thought was Lladro cuz Lladro made clowns okay and it was it's actually pretty well made I'm not going on that joke it's pretty um pretty well made it's not one of those like you made in Japan wannabe lladros so I grabbed it and to be honest it's a true no it doesn't it's discussed another it had a sticker on it and to be honest if it didn't have this tag on it I would have well I would have put it back because Lladro is usually marked but I just my first impression was how do you hide room on the shelf and I just snatched it up but the tag does say Paul Sebastian fine porcelain feelings and it's the clown usually don't buy clowns Cowen's kind of freaked me out he is going to live up here in the office and nowhere else in the house until he's sold I'm doing 20 bucks for him that's what I'm seeing them sell for so I paid $4 $20 on him so if you haven't already make sure you go check out the shopping video over on relevee covers where we found all of these goodies at the goodwill don't forget to Like and subscribe and if you spotted something that you just can't live without don't worry I've put a link to our at the store down in the description

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  • Your so much fun to watch . Love you share your passion with others and helping us learn something along the ways . Keep it up you rock ! Thanks ๐Ÿ˜

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