12th Anniversary of 9/11, 40th Anniversary of the Chilean Coup

really offsets it is the September 11th obviously the twelve-year anniversary I guess love the attacks on this country the in some respects maybe we are now how to
love the the their shadow love that day as
evidenced by the I am the hesitation up the american people to sign on to an
attack on Syria I important to remember the people who
died on that day and the first responders remember also how the Bush
administration lied about the air quality in lower
Manhattan which caused the no other way fav above problems for first responders and
also important to remember how that day was exploited and led to the deaths love tens of thousands if not over a
hundred thousand innocent civilians in Iraq it is also the 40-year anniversary I love the coup
that overthrows did the overthrew Chilean President Salvador
Allende installed pinochet with the help I love this country the nixon
administration important to remember you know just as
many people died in that in that COO as as died here in this country on 9/11 I am not gonna say much more about it i mean
you know they’re still I think some outlets that are engaging
in the sri the porn I love the tragedy of that day I am but I think the it’s it’s it’s a
different era in New York City at least and I think it
around the country and I am and in in to the extent that that day was used
to justify I think they were still living with
including the overreach if the national security state I’ll hopefully that tide is turning a little bit text

17 thoughts on “12th Anniversary of 9/11, 40th Anniversary of the Chilean Coup

  • Wouldn't it also be worth taking some time today to examine the international behavior that the US engaged in that provoked said attacks?

  • I wonder if a lot of these interventionist pushing for a strike against Syria have called out Kissinger for supporting South American dictatorships that used Nazi war criminals as "advisers"?

  • The Chile affair is right up there with "manifest destiny/ trail of tears" when it comes to the US gov acting like a total hypocrite to its founding principles.

  • As a former exchange student in Chile in 2002 I can say that most if not all of the people I met there resented Pinochet and the US is some fashion for our support of their dictator who killed thousands of "deseparecidos" during his reign.

  • The cold war was just a convenient excuse to crack down on movements toward national & economic autonomy throughout the 3rd world. These juntas that the US helped install, in turn protected US corporate interests in their despotic kleptocratic states. CIA = Capitalism's Invisible Army.

  • It's the actual reason. The US government didn't want a socialist president in the southern hemisphere. It's that simple.

  • Why didn't they though? Was it because they were deathly terrified of a bolshevik revolution sweeping the Americas? Or was it because US multinationals felt their bottom line being threatened by such radical notions as a minimum wage, pensions, public services, or even democracy, in Latin America?

    Also, when the fuck did might become right?

  • Because they wouldn't have influence in that part of the world. The US uses other governments as pawns. Russia does as well.

    Might became right since the beginning of warfare.

  • Then you're a massive hypocrite when it comes to universal human rights. Apparently you only get those if you live in the world's foremost military power (and even then only if you bow your head to authority: see manning). If you happen to be born outside the US apparently, your human rights are secondary to the economic interests of the US aristocratic elite.

    Bow your head to your corporate masters!

  • No, but your complacent "that's just what happens" attitude clearly shows you're not particularly outraged by it, which you should be if you believe in the democratic enlightenment ideals enshrined in your constitution.

    People like you, who just accept the corruption and hypocrisy of the state /political institutions as a fact of life are part of the problem, because it's by your lack of opposition that these power structures stay in power and expand their control.

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