15 Campers and Caravans that’ll make an Impression

– [Reacher] Although necessity
is the mother of invention, there are those who like
to think outside the box and create something
different than expected, shunning the societal norms
ingrained in all of us from the moment we’re born. I’m Reacher, and here are
15 most unusual campers, caravans, and motor homes. (intense music) – [Voiceover] Number 15. – [Reacher] Including a
popup on a camper trailer of this size doesn’t seem to
be a feature on current styles, but then again it may not have been that prevalent back then. Either way, it’s worth mentioning just for being so over the top. And yes, the pun was intended. The addition of the
popup allowed the bedroom to be located above the main floor. This opened up extra space
below for a small garage which provided an optional
use as a toy hauler. And this one also had a standard slide out because why not? The benefit of the extra
room shows in the layout, which has a spacious
kitchenette and dining area, a full size bathroom with a
tub, and sleeping accommodations for more people than you
probably wanna be around. (light gentle music) – [Voiceover] Number 14. – [Reacher] Old school hippies
who are actively buying VW vans and turning them into campers might find it offensive that this company actually reproduces all of
their parts in a factory. This flagship model has
a floor space measuring 60 square feet as well
as having a popup roof that increases the internal
height to just over six feet. Standard features include
an L-shaped kitchenette in the front, a dinette in the rear that converts to a queen size bed, and a cabinet which hides a
removable cassette toilet. (light gentle music) – [Voiceover] Number 13. – [Reacher] This next entry serves as a transport and a camper, allowing the user to haul any outdoor gear and then transform it into
a shelter once on site. The box-shaped trailer has gull wing doors that open to reveal a space just large enough to sleep two people. The bed is stored in the
ceiling while driving and then lowered into place when needed. Along with the doors there’s
an optional canvas panel that can be connected to offer added protection from the elements. (light gentle music) – [Voiceover] Number 12. – [Reacher] Truck bed campers
with a roof that raises are fairly common in the industry. So this one shouldn’t stand out too much. So if you’re wondering why I included it, I like how the whole thing is set up, and I absolutely love the
way the side door’s beveled to allow access to the camper
even when it’s lowered. In fact, that door is unique enough to carry this whole thing. Really though, it should have been on a list of my favorites instead. So feel free to comment below and tell my boss I
cheated a bit on this one. (light gentle music) – [Voiceover] Number 11. – [Reacher] This little
caravan was manufactured over a 13-year span by
German-based Schafer. And before you ask, it’s
not the same company that makes the beer. Four different models were created, with all of them using plexiglass
instead of actual glass due to the curved shape of the windows. It’s developed somewhat
of a cult following with about 300 of the trailers
still in working order. This seems like a high number considering that only an estimated 450 to 800 of the caravans were ever built. Two cool things work mentioning, though. The first is that the company actually made a floating version, but
it never reached production. The second is that the
design was the inspiration for the later production of
the also popular Orion Campers. (light gentle music) – [Voiceover] Number 10. – [Reacher] The low
profile look of this one hides the true nature
of what it has to offer as what appears to be
a standard camper shell opens to each side with
triangle-shaped panels at each end. All told, it only takes about one minute to completely set up. It manages to house
everything needed for travel except bathroom facilities. The design allows for it
to be parked in places other truck bed campers can’t as well as having an extremely low wind resistance while driving. Unfortunately this one never went beyond the prototype stages as the
estimated cost of production was too high to compete with
other campers at the time. (light gentle music) – [Voiceover] Number nine. – [Reacher] This is what a
teardrop camper looks like if it can take steroids. Not only that, it’s named the Migrator. So yeah, the name is on steroids, too. There’s a total of four models available with two of them in the off-road category. They both have the same features including a queen size
sleeping area with a skylight, a built-in sound system, and
gull wing doors on both sides. Like most teardrops the
kitchenette is located in the rear, but unlike most, this one allows access from inside as well as out. That in itself puts it hands
down above the rest in my book. The differences in the
two models are minor, relating to the allowable towing speed and the battery capacity. But the price for both is the same, so it’s just a matter of what you need. (light upbeat music) – [Voiceover] Number eight, – [Reacher] The Monaco
composite body on this one hints at a vintage style while providing the modern luxury you’d expect. The dual-axle trailer has
an interior length and width around 13 feet and six and
a half feet, respectively. In that space is a front
dinette that converts to a sleeping area for two people. The rear has a kitchenette
along the wall of one side while opposite that is a
wet bath and storage space. The large rear hatch
swings up to allow the user to load larger outdoor gear
in the open floor space as well as providing a much
needed wheelchair access point. This is a feature every
camper should have. So if any designers are listening to this, feel free to run with that idea. (light gentle music) – [Voiceover] Number seven. – [Reacher] The teardrop
shaped body of this trailer has more than its share
of space at just under nine feet in length and six
and a half feet in width. The distinctive design is
highlighted by yellow accents as well as the round doors
and porthole style windows. Along with the queen size mattress, the interior sports a
heater, USB charging ports, and a portable sound system. The rear kitchen includes
a single-burner stove, ice chest, and storage areas. A 120-watt solar panel
provides power to it all including the LED lighting
for the interior and exterior. (light gentle music) – [Voiceover] Number six. – [Reacher] I’ll admit, I
don’t know much about this one that’s verifiable other
than what the photos show. The interior seems to have the
standard setup and features while the exterior is fully covered in a polished stainless steel, giving it the look of chrome. The added effect of the
color changing lighting coupled with that shine creates something I felt looked too amazing
not to throw on this list. It sold on eBay in 2013, so
if anyone has anymore info, feel free to let me know in the comments. (light gentle music) – [Voiceover] Number three. – [Reacher] Honestly, just looking at this one does it justice. But I get paid to talk so I’ll say a few things about it anyway. Manufactured by German-based
MOST Mobile Specials, this luxury camper is a
prototype of what may come. The front has a multi-level layout with a bedroom up top that has two beds, while below is a lounge area,
kitchenette, and bathroom. A centrally located
staircase provides access to the roof which doubles as a deck area that has a built-in jacuzzi at the rear. Below that is a garage area
that has room for a sports car. Each one will be customized
to the needs of the buyer with an estimated production
run of 100 total vehicles. (light gentle music) – [Voiceover] Number four. – [Reacher] Manufactured by Australian-based Ultimate Campers, this one could almost be the brother to our upcoming number one. It has everything you’d
need for the outdoors packed into a space
just under 14 feet long and six and a half feet wide. The interior houses an
L-shaped cooking area stretching the length of the trailer while opposite that is a sitting area in the form of a U-shaped bench. A large popup tent covers the whole thing with a platform extending
out from the side that holds a king size mattress. Additional features include an external detachable shower head, a 160-watt solar panel, and
awnings on the front and back. (light gentle music) – [Voiceover] Number three. – [Reacher] This one
looks like the designers got together and decided to
see how much storage space they could get out of a trailer while still having a
fully-functioning model. Trailers of this type usually
only offer a storage space with a rack above for a popup tent. Apparently that wasn’t
enough in this case, so a swing-out kitchen area was attached to the inside of the tailgate with a slide-out fridge in the front area. The top rack is big enough
for a king size mattress, while the tent itself goes
beyond the normal popup by including a large annex on the side. I tend to shy away from
this style of trailer, but I would reconsider on this one, as the standard inclusions are what you would normally pay extra
for from other companies. (light gentle music) – [Voiceover] Number two. – [Reacher] This double decker was built around the Imperial 880 model as a one off for the company’s 60th anniversary. It comes in at just under 15 feet high and just over 30 feet long. The main floor houses a full
sized kitchen in the front, a centrally located living
room with a loveseat and sofa, along with the bedroom and bathroom taking up the rear of the trailer. A staircase to the upper floor brings you to an indoor lounge area with the door providing
access to a spacious balcony. On a side note, the CEO of the company has stated that this one could be built if they were to receive
a minimum of five orders. (light gentle music) – [Voiceover] Number one. – [Reacher] The sleep design
of this off-road hybrid coupled with the compact approach is exactly what I imagine
a caravan would look like if it were designed by NASA or SpaceX. The interior includes an L-shaped
kitchenette in the front, a queen size bed in the rear, along with a centrally located dinette that separates the two
areas with extra space provided by a popup roof that increases the standing height to
six and a half feet. Exterior features include
a slide-out kitchen unit and facilities for showering
because nothing defines camping better than being that close to nature. (light gentle music) So what do you think about my latest mix of unusual campers, RVs,
motor homes, trailers, or whatever you wanna call them? Let me know in the comments
what your favorite was and any unusual suggestions you
may have for a future video. As always, thanks for watching. (light gentle music) – Hi everyone, and thank you for watching. I’m Chandni with Minds Eye Design. We’d love to hear your feedback, so please leave some comments below, and let us know your
favorite from this video and why you liked it. If you have an idea for a future video, leave another comment and let us know. And then if we use your
idea we’ll give you a shout-out in that video. But don’t leave yet. Keep watching because there’s more. (rock music)
(light gentle music)

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  • Great video I loved number 5 the most old age has more to do with it than anything but a great selection all round. 👍👍👍

  • all very cool in their own category and really neat to see and dream about all of them. Thanks for posting!

  • My favourite here in Australia has long been the Bolwell Edge since it was released 5 years ago. I recently suggested to Bolwell that they offer the interior layout of the Cotswold based Barefoot Caravan, with a stylish a compact ensuite toilet/shower. The Edge only has an external ensuite tent at this point. They have advised me that there are no plans to expand the range at this stage.
    Pity. Lightweight, Stylish, Rugged with internal shower & toilet.
    This is the Holy Grail of Caravans for exploring Australia with a more ecofriendly rig with a smaller tow vehicle when you 'Go Bush'.
    The 'clamshell' Ecotourer ensuite off road is the next best option but lacks the external slideout kitchen.

  • The German's … Be Angry If You Want To – But From Bach Forward, It's The GERMAN'S Leading The Way

  • What happened to No. 5 it's missing entirely, and why did you count down from 15 to 6 then to 3 then to 4 then to 2 and 1? Was somebody a little drunk when they edited this video?

  • Top 8 were great. Will have to scour the description to see what I might afford. Keep up the great work Reacher.

  • Nothing better than transforming your own SUV into a camper. Upgrading from a tent And not spending a arm and leg for a trailer Then having to find storge

    My Chevy Blazer I removed the rear seats, Torn down the plastic trim on the walls, Spray foamed from the floor to the roof. And put in cedar flooring and walls My bed frame is wood slats and a foldable top. Above the wheel wells Which we are able to fit a queen size 4" thick memory foam matress. And lots of storage under the bed Leftside behind the driver is My spare tire and jack And inverter Rightside 2 car batteries each with 190 reserve cap 200W solar panel fixed to the roof LED interior lighting And electrial outlet I have 3 sources of incoming power Solar, Upgraded Alternator, And outside hook up cord I have Thick drapes behind the front seats which hold heat in the rear longer and at higher temps

    Last fall in the Canadian north We spend 3 days 2 nights in -15C weather We did not need any heater source And only 1 of the 3 heavy blankets I also travel with a 5 gallon water jug For drinking and light cleaning While camping we still have room for a big cooler for food and all chothing, fishing gear, laptop, cooking utensils, Hatchet, tarps/ropes 100ft of power cord …And in case of bears keys are left in the steering wheel ..Something you can't do in a trailer lol

     (side note: I tested a small electrical heater on low I get 3.5 hrs of non stop heat from the 2 batts 2hrs on full which i really need a thermo timer because it gets too hot and im sure i could get 5 hours and 3 hrs set to room temp in the cold) The battery system set up lets me run power off the 2nd And 3rd battery But not use the 1st one And if the first one ever gets drained I can get power of the other ones to start

    This year we are driving to Baniff to see lake louise from the Toronto area Can't think of the gas with hauling a trailer Or pulling over tired and setting up a tent ..I might get a small toilet There is room for one Not so much for camping as we do mostly parks with set ups and bathrooms but for the long drives And you get that pain and nothing around for 40 kms at night

    Hope to post a video in the next month or two

  • would need overheight permits for number 2, at 15 feet (5m) tall it's too tall to get under some bridges and most power cables, bummer!

  • Have you ever considered a video of teardrop for hunters/deep woods. Or even for a "buyout camper" for " prepers "?

  • Every use an Amphicar? I did. They overheat in winter in ice. Had the radiator go off in my face. I lucked out. We would turn on the boat lights, a red and a blue on stalks, and we did manage to stop a couple of girls. On the street. The only thing an Amphicar should pull is more water, Which is ironic, really,.

  • Every trailer should have a handicap ramp? Why is that? If you need a trailer to go thru rivers, up ravines, thru hell and high water, you need to think a little. Why are you hauling Thousands of pounds so you can have a bed, a stove and maybe an outhouse?

  • I recommend the maximum height of number 2 to be at 13 foot in height in order to be legal in the USA to fit under 95% of all bridges and power lines.

  • My favorite was the extravagant one with the deck on top and the hot tub, probably not practical for those on the go having to drain the hot tub to travel I'm guessing but still gets the nod.

  • I am not Neil , love that Orion Suleica Caravan that floats , my dream rv would be a cross between this camper and a GMC rv , with a skylight entrance to the roof , with a fireplace , with insulation good enough to live in all year , with built proof glass for protection from falling trees or burglars , with back up camera with night vision with cameras on each exterior wall . with a canoe mounted on top , with part of the top as a patio , and solar power and a 12 v fridge . a compost toilet , with a wheel chair ramp that could be pulled out at the main entrance , with a back door to a slide out cedar deck , on top a few small flower pots built in to grow fresh vegetables for salads . I bet that such a rv would solve the homeless problem in a fabulous way , if only governments would spend money on making cool year round RVs instead of waisting money other things . I would rather see the homeless in a safe place . most people are just one paycheck away from being homeless and that stress in my opinion is unacceptable . I believe that if the public had better choices then we would see less suicides in the world and an explosion of creativity if stress of life was reduced . its fun to dream . I would rather have this than a house or condo or an apartment . I think an rv would be a safer choice to live in during earth quakes , and such a design that floats on water would make water damage a thing of the past , such could be designed with fire proof materials as well . it would be like a mini yacht you could drive on the roads .

  • The Kabe would be scary in America since most bridges on freeways are only 16 feet high so no sunbathing on the roof while driving.

  • so i assume the rv builders want us to wear adult diapers? dude let me put it like this, its all about a queen size bed in ac, and a way to poop and wash the poop hole, period! out side that goal its just animals in the woods!

  • Nice info , here because I am looking to buy. Thanks for showing me a bunch of awesome Caravans that I can not buy. Caravan Teaser…..or…. "15 Campers You Can Not Buy"……would have been a better name for your video. Please make a video of 15 Campers you can purchase in the country you live in.

  • Sadly enough I didn’t think they were as good as the 1970 ish Steury camper. I had possibly the only one in the UK. It was brought to the uk by an English family who lived in the US for a couple of years and the best way to get their belongings home was in the steury camper, then we bought it. It needed a full breaking system for the uk but then we were away. Slept 8 but there were only 5 of us so lots of room. I’m still looking for something as spacious.

  • You know, when speaking to an international audience – it might help to use international units for sizing.

  • I like the 1st and 2nd to the last campers the are pop up tent trailers. They are designed to expand beyond the tent trailer giving it more space. I've see canvas pop up tent trailers even with a heat and A/C option to keep you comfy all year round camping.

  • I want a camper than can pull a boat and have a car or something to pull the boat and not have to tear down camp every time I want to put the boat in the water. Something like the Vario

  • I'd have left out those without a toilet.
    A sliding fold-out tent covered toilet/shower wouldn't be hard to fit into almost any smaller size camper-trailer, without which it's just a 5h!tty design.

  • I see all the innovative design & then I get hIT w/ the price tag…. lmao, it stops me cold but it doesn't stop me from
    thinking up designs in my own build? A used box-truck gets you started & I'm looking at one now. Videos like this
    spark ideas & I ty for uploading it…. peace

  • Future video: a collection of RVs designed with heights, widths, lengths that are out of the norm, particularly those that can accommodate folks that aren't average! (6'7" or taller, or those requiring assistive devices like walkers, wheel chairs, or the like. Kudos on the wheelchair entry point in the current video! It becomes a real challenge when you combine needs. Husband 6'7", wife in wheelchair with oxygen unit!)

  • Looking for small-midsize complete living quarters in a trailer. Good weather & bad. F150 Crew hauler. Mainly my dog & I, maybe occasional 'guest'. Kitchenette, bathing/shwr facility. Solar. Off grid type thing.

  • The baby roma is a English gypsy trailer they average between 20 and 30 ft long also buccaneere makes the same model the newer ones are not chrome but white or cream very heavy to tow

  • number 2 did you say 15 feet high. sucks to be the dumbass that buys that for the simple fact is you cant go everywhere with that RV i can right now see the dumbass that buys that then drivers under a 14 foot bridge and peels that RV open like a sarden can. the standard hight of a 18wheeler box trailer is 13 feet 7 inchs for a good damn reason. 13' 5'' when loaded 40tons makes ya sqat

  • When it comes to extended camping, I like those little artsy craftsy wooden cabins on wheels, (Inspired by nature, or hobbits, sheepherders and gypsy artist. DIY.) that aren't morphed into a cookie cutter, rubber stamped, production 1/2 House models that stole the name "Tiny House" and ruined the tiny village idea, which really means 70 grand.

  • #2 would be awesome but it's too tall. It needs to be 13' 6" or less otherwise you'll find a bunch of RV travelers smashing their campers on bridges in cities.

  • 15 feet high? Most overhang bridges are set up to accommodate a standard big rig and then some for larger loads but there are many that will only allow for the standard. Which is 13.6 feet btw. Seems risky to me.

  • Yikes!!!! No.2 trailer is just a little too tall for the U.S. D.O.T. would have a fit because the highest allowable height without special permits is 13’ 6”. That’s from the top of the road surface to the top of the vehicle. And I couldn’t even imagine trying to get in a camping site, low hanging tree branches, etc.

  • Societal norms are not ingrained in us when we are born – then are learned behavior. Constant repetition by parents, teachers and others give us those. Think religion for a start.

  • Not sure If Y'all know this but people/me are building our Tiny homes/Motorhomes out of retired school buses. The safest thing on the roads, We call our homes Skoolies. you should check them out If you don't know about them. Also If my Motorhome don't have walls and a locking door I would never sleep or camp in popups! Have you ever seen a Camper after being in an accident, not much I can tell you that!

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