34 thoughts on “19 people killed in suspected terror attack in Manchester

  • I find it weird that you cannot Find one Video of the Actual explosion, but I million after the fact. Something is not right about that.

  • not to mention the recent trial of the muslims who used underaged brit girls as sex slaves. as oer usual the muslim conmunity has been shown in tv saying how they are concerned of reprisals and hardy mentioning the attack.

  • Why pay millions for security agents when they can't even stop a muslim man in an entire arena of young fangirls.

  • http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/this-only-beginning-sick-video-10480115


  • Seems like every fucking week something like this happens, when is Europe going to finally learn? Islam is NOT compatible with western society and never will be.

  • you people saying Muslims did this and Muslims did that. have you ever thought to yourselves this was staged by the people who you trust everyday ,have you thought this could be someone who is non Muslim. maybe this is a distraction or staged. Stop blaming everything on muslims.

  • Don't y'all remember the Crusades? The thing where there were religious wars in order to spread the word of Christ or something??? Did everyone forget this??? Commenting on how Islam isn't a religion of peace, um, guys Christianity isn't either???

  • Look, before you idiots who think you can base your judgements on your own opinions and thinking, just because these groups do this shit doesn't mean the whole fucking religion should be blamed. Religion, Christianity also, in general, is to be blamed for countless of wars, and for humans to hate other humans for being born the way they are. I hope, to God, that people aren't stupid enough to judge religions, races, ethnicities, just because of the stupid people in them.

  • I'm not sure if you noticed the Manila Bulletin logo at the corner of the screen. No this isn't CNN, and if it's your thing this isn't FOX news either. Heck it's obviously not even American. This is clearly just some footage of the immediate aftermath of the this tragedy and nothing more. The very last thing you'll see from this channel is fuel to the fire of the incessant squabbling of the U.S two party system. With all due respect, the world doesn't revolve around the U.S alone. Everyone is in utter shock and many of us are concerned as well.

    You are free to say what you want but do note that what you have said has sparked a contrived dissension. This situation is terrible as it is. There is no benefit to these arguments. I believe that the victims of this incident (most likely children) deserve better.

  • "DRIVE THEM OUT of your places of worship.
    DRIVE THEM OUT of your communities.
    DRIVE THEM OUT of your holy land, and

  • I'm confused a explosion goes on the stadium looks fine everyone terrified and now it is saying people are dead???

  • come on guys​ these cowards would love to hear someone arugueing for somthing that's killed children.If we gotta blame anyone make it the coward's that did it and give the families some respect and hope that they will be caught soon and have there little nuts cut out and stuck up there sorry ass'.es to the family's I'm so sorry for your loss. and pray that God will bless you and help everyone find the ones that caused this
    as soon as possible.

  • Honestly want to know which came first, terrorists attack Western countries or Western countries bomb the Middle East?

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