9 thoughts on “1976 The Price is Right "This is Your Strife" Part 6

  • 5:29 Bob: Well, two overbids to wind it up, but thank you both for being on the show and I hope you enjoy the prices you had won. Bob Barker saying Goodbye Everybody!

  • One thing I never liked about Win TV…the "trivia" tidbits were often wildly incorrect. That's very much the case at 2:30…for a network dedicated to game shows, you'd think they'd at least be aware of Family Game.

  • OK I admit it, Janice is officially cuter than Holly, but that's just me! Holly was adorable too, but still!

  • 2:30; Bob has hosted more than two television shows throughout his career. He also hosted "The Family Game," a Newlywed Game variation produced by Chuck Barris, as well as "That's My Line," CBS's answer to such shows as "Real People" and "That's Incredible".

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