1997 Busch North – Burnham Boilers 150 @ Watkins Glen

we can get out of here now here at Watkins Glen it’s not only how fast you go sometimes it’s how fast you stop right now Betty that’s because pit strategy is so important here one reason fuel mileage Jeff bodean won this race the Winston Cup races last year on fuel mileage Ricky Rudd won last week at Indianapolis on fuel mileage there’s three distinct piss vanity so there’s going to happen here today some of these guys will run halfway and hit put fuel in their car and put tires on therefore they’re pretty fresh on tires for the last half the race some of these guys are going to go all the way to the end before they stop put on fresh tires or maybe just gas and goats and some of these guys are going to pit early when the first window happens the first pit when it happens about 15 to 18 laps they’re gonna pit gas may be tires and hope for a late caution and those other guys pit they’ve got track position and they’ve got a shot at winning the race don’t mention he wants to win two titles in 1997 Stefanik aside brian wall former SCC a national champion he’s a road racer back in row two Ted Christopher who finished third here in the modified feather-light event here last month and Dale cordially the former Superbike AMA ace back in Row three formula 1 hour I should say Trans Am driver Brian’s Simo alongside the first ever lady to run in Busch toward competition Kat Teasdale back in row four Bobby dragon a former winner here and beside him Jerry Markey a three-time winner in 1997 and back in row five last year’s Rookie of the Year Bradley alongside the wounded robber in push North Series history Kelly back in row 6 we find Jeanne Spitzer’s little brother Paul Spencer alongside Jeff berry in row 7 and it’s Santa that Bill Weber were just talking about and Ric Bell back in really Brad Bennett and Eric float on the cousin of the boat is Winston Cup photons back in row 9 Russ bound brown and Lou Retton Meyer in row 10 Brett Rubinek and Mike Olson back in row 11 Martin Truex alongside their the current series point leader in last year’s champion Dave Dion back in row 11 Scott to where and John Preston side by side row 12 leading Rookie of the Year candidate tracy Jordan and Denniston moves out of Shelburne Vermont back in row 13 back and row 14 there is stuff Patton 63 years made to be 64 come October and three-time Series champion Jamie Obi back in row 15 there is Tommy bold in the car number 76 alongside him is Kim Baker former SEC a Corvette challenge road racer back in row 16 car number 37 that is al Chapman and Bob Bernal Oh 17 the car number 28 Billy pitbull dance to Jones making his very first start in a stock car and back in roll 18 the provisional starter’s car number 30 Dennis Doyle and the car number 26 her truck and row 19 carnival Oh fie that’s Brio alongside the car number 42 of top carry NASCAR push door series cars what are they will show you they’re basically very similar in a lot of ways to the Busch grand national South cars Benny the wheelbase is the same they’re american-made steel body production sedans last three year models not on a half to one compression they do allow some v6 in a single 390 four-barrel carburetor but Benny there are some differences well share are some differences it will [Music] CV they use McCreery bias-ply tires all the cars have McCreery tires roof flaps are optional not mandatory they can use a v6 engine and the weigh 200 pounds less than our big brothers down south all right 38 car is getting set for great and very very critical race we showed you the point standings just six events remain after today mike Stefanik just two points behind Dave Dion’s the panic on the pole Dion starts way back outside the top 20 back in 21st position they Beyond will start 21st that’s correct mr. banek on the pole and never cease to panic there’s the Faneca car beside a stream the right side is brian wall there’s Ted Christopher starting back in the third spot as he looks up horsy and there’s the outside pole set of brian wall pace cars pulled away getting sent away the green flag plays the green so we’re underway at Watkins Glen hence the penny with awesome contact already planned Tech Christopher and pop on the starter the less cares kitchen machine Christopher found himself mired back in traffic [Music] already stub fatten already pulled he beat the pace car off the racetrack boy tough break first up fat in 63 years of age you saw it currently he was 10th in the points and they are side-by-side red 19 rich cap Teasdale as she tries to pass fifty-five bar Bradway chip and the clinton car follows in folks watch this start this is normally let’s show you replay looking at about six abreast the Greek car I think is that killing more that’s court inside corner yes that’s quarterly Dell quarterly goes down makes contact with Brian wall this time the contact contact is significant enough that quarterly spins now let’s watch from Brian walls in-car camera [Music] and once again sometime tank look out the back on the six car is all feel the two is does not in a faint Brad minute no shooting [Music] and before that pimp was there a couple of years ago pending in cars but I just sauntered through that grass right on down them to the Armco barrier that gravely puts loading it up now be able to get back in see if we can see what happened to Bennett oh wow he’s sideways look at this it goes between cars across the racetrack through the gravel pit that’s the gravel pit that Jerry was just talking about and he slows down right in front of Russ brown car number 26 getting a driver change the herb-drug who started the car will climb out and Scott Bullock will get in we are told in at car number 26 as the leaders head up out of turn 10 for turn 11 on the back bumper and booty we’ll go a lap down he still is not on the fence and his that kept Teasdale that’s yes the red car is the young lady the Canadian cat Teasdale and Brian wall is backing up they have a problem that they had to scamper to put an engine in this car just after this morning they were really in a thrash pretty to get a motor in the car in the fresh the drive shaft or something Dylan well they’re not exactly sure what it is but he has radio danny is limping down pit road about 937 this morning Jack Roush found metal shavings in a filter at 11:16 with a new engine in the Marwa cam they had that car back on pit row fortunately now early on the race once again well we have a lead change up front Bryant’s emo is just rocketed by Mike Stefanik seem oh boy the Trans Am series as one car there into Brian wall car and has done the rest down on pit road but lead changed the moment ago as evil be able to make the move going down to the in early Simo gets position on the inside till outbreak the 51 car of Stefanik classic road race smooth out breaking the cars in the and jury I’m really impressed with his third place car used it you know they call her cat her name is Katherine mr. first-ever Bush girl a woman starred in Busch North racing competition but her background bidding is all road racing in some factory Pontiac World Challenge Seca competition as you see now Bryan wall getting unhook to climb out of his car that’s too bad they were really scrambling this morning trying to get that engine in the car Elsie Greenwood before the Pittsburgh Steeler one of Representative players is there one thing this morning back to the leader Brian Simo as he comes off [Music] sorry blue car this rate 62 left 152 miles a hundred and forty three thousand nine hundred twenty-five dollars in spec today and the Burnham ballers 150 an orange car the number twenty-nine you saw him back there ahead of traffic to look at the top animal that’s Gary Marquis the card from 15 the winningest rival through this year three victories in nineteen thousand seven there is D on the card of a 29 he’s being shelled back in 20th position [Music] while the seven took our John Preston is beautiful man by 10 [Music] he’s talking to Greg Zipadelli zippy his crew chiefs who might panic was just talking to a moment ago said I’m not even gonna make this again and indeed he is not he’s gonna pull off in the grass so what was a closed point race with just six events remained could open up alright there’s Brian seem oh no cautions out the caution is out at sea Moe and Teasdale but one too Bobby Dragon is fourth and Kelly more is fair showing five laps complete and that’s the reason for the caution Mike Stefanik has pulled will stop at the end of the am standing here with brian wall with the players inc car you had a great head little contact there on that first lap what happened there and then what what seems to be the problem to put you out of it well you know the brakes are a little cold early i didn’t mean to get into dale but uh you know he you know it was a little early for passing like that but i mean no you know that’s racing and i tried to war up a little bit but uh you know i just couldn’t get us all down the brakes were cold so i apologize to him for that but uh you know the motor blew up we had the problems morning with the motor we had in it you know I want to thank Jack Roush and Dave Dion and his crew I mean they are all over there this morning we changed our motor and we pushed it on line with about one minute to spare so we had it in our back of our mind that we might have some problems and you know lo and behold we did have the problems but the crew did a great job you know players Inc they come down here with us and I spent a lot of money so at least we qualify well form I wish we could have run a little longer for him but uh just not to be today and you know we’ll come back next week and get him like he said he’s got a lot of people helping him out here and he’ll be back next week it looks like you’re done transmission yeah it’s a shame that burning boilers car was running good we were just gonna kind of sit back and save it for the end and I guess it sounds like a transmission we heard him tell you a little bit about what happened at it bottom out or did he say no I just said he went to ship the denied guarantee felt the vibration that was it then you know more forward motion I know you guys really want both championships obviously this is a critical blow yeah we got a lot of races left we’ll be able to pick it up pieces from go on okay well they’re packing things up down here and they’re not very pleased very disappointing of 62 laps I was leading this event right now and he probably feels pretty good but I was talking to his girlfriend before the race started my job working for ESPN is to go around and talk to other drivers girlfriends and stuff and she says that he’s fighting the flu and that after this race is over during happy hour they’re gonna take him back over in the infield into a Motorhome and they’ve got a doctor waiting is gonna give him some IV solution because when this race is over he’s got another race to run he’s got to run the Trans Am race this afternoon and he sports a fifth in the points and he’s chasing that championship so he’s gonna be a tired little puppy when this day is over with you can better see this day over no doubt about it they didn’t restart lap ten that cautions like last Simo the leader and secondly having a change for third position on the restart body dragon made a move by jerry marquis to take third spot away kelly moore is still in fifth position Paul Spencer Jeff berry Santa and Bell round out the top 10 now down through 9 [Music] the right side can only pass to the left keep that to the right that stood never even been in a stock car until 30 here so he probably wasn’t that familiar with the restart ruling and he stinks emo has about a 10 count it’s over Teasdale from Bobby dragon [Music] Olson and Eric vote on in the 21 [Music] [Music] they shuttle back in the pack [Music] Wow having some provinces meanwhile the 23 at rest behind med Christopher trying to work this way back in the dust someone there had to be a rent well someone made a little excursion through the travel to the guqin travel a bit now we have a chance for second position that is Bobby dragon in the car number seven and one that very first push north event here and Watkins slammed back in 1993 he has gone by cat Teasdale to take second spot away there is Seema going by the yellow bar that comes dragging the skulls are brand new Mike Laughlin road course car for Bobby dragon here today [Music] ten Teasdale the Canadian leaving the race to yell Carson [Music] we’ll watch and see what happens is Teasdale is second place that we see dragon the scar on the inside the same spot that we saw Teasdale make the pass earlier he gets down gets position and paints the spot away [Music] if blue car is Bradley Jerry Marquis the 15 car right in front of me I become that leader the leader Siva has blown [Music] coming off the SS you know last one SIBO rebel 200 bush south of in here qualified 19 that was making a move and had a public just like this about 8 laps in with a lost an engine so he saw synthetic park just but parts of our parts back there break well as if I can see exactly where it might have happened well we see the smoke and man it is it is big-time engineer up ssin so I’m sure the NASCAR yes we already have a full course yellow they’ll have to go out and make sure there’s no oil to the su sir that’s a very fast part of the racetrack probably dejection on these guys faces whenever they heard it they just took their headsets off and then they put them back on and they talked to him for a minute they were running so well what happened over there on Kyle we blew another border we blew two engines through practice on on a matched pair of cars put one inch and together out of it and just prayed but Brian had qualified so well that we knew he could really run well if the engine could stay together but we were basically running on some pretty used iron here well you guys did a great job putting it back together man all right AJ Parker the car owner from Brian cimoli Karl Wegner the engine builder yes and there is Simo over talking to NASCAR’s Gary Nelson that’s Carrie on the right side of your screen the Winston Cup Series director and Brian says gosh I had them covered today bidding it’s got to be frustrating yeah we start throwing the helmet up in there that’s disgusted that’s frustration his brother Mark Simo tried to qualify for this race and blew an engine on Thursday they didn’t even make qualifying so at least Brian to qualify and lead this race that’s what mr. Park was talking about the mentioned that mark blue and the engine that Brian blue had practice they put those two together to make this engine today all right so the young man climbs over the wall to get back in his car for an assist back to the pit he led nine of the 12 laps we completed the stop the way they’re doing gas now they have this nice stand where they set the gas on the gas guy walks over he picks it up and set the right height where it doesn’t really hurt his back they these guys even have this over it that they put this reflective thing over so the gas didn’t get hot because when the fuel gets hot it’s not as good and not as productive as it is when it’s cold they’ve got their catch can they’ve got everything sitting here this is where they do their fuel stuff as we go over to another pit over here you can see the disparity between one crew and another these guys have got theirs propped up on jack stands they’ve got it leaned up against her air tank and they’ve got one leaned up against a wall now obviously the car that we talked about first is leading the race right now Kat Teasdale this other car over here she’s running second or third wherever the other car over here is a little bit further back in the pack so that could have a little bit to do with it maybe when these guys get their gas cans set up right they’ll run a little bit better I can every a little bit helps I guess you get style points in the pits nowadays I think they get more and more sophisticated week after week after week yes they do and they see something that the master once cup guys do and they’ve got to copy them tour Bobby dragon a leader kept Teasdale and Succot Kelly more marki is fourth and late [Music] banded out the receive bradley the blue car and are all trying to find mercy or position at Marquee is going Spencer what a surprise Anna Spencer Rebecca will be 510 on the scarf [Music] inside was leading a bowl together brought the caution out Brian Simo while he’s standing by with Kyle Petty talked about going next thing you know you’re standing here beside of me talk to me they said you didn’t feel that good out there today honestly your girlfriend so I got to say that had to be feeling good the way you were running yeah we had a great race car really pass off to the team that Tigers team those guys tent up all night with that car back together last night and last practice and boy those guys have some heart now it’s a shame but there’s always next weekend hey there’s this afternoon man go get some Branson come back late I’m Clyde Simo fending off the flu and now suddenly a fumble in the agent of his part of an old tree that was the early leader for nine left [Music] troubling that but he’s not falling back go back to the lead we see dragon the leader Teasdale we are told the corner of a 15-2 Clarkie right there gets tacked a little bit by the 71 car we are told that Markey is down a cylinder he’s lost a cylinder now on seven as Kim Rik Mayall as he leads by Colson here’s where the marquee cars really gonna be suffering almost seven cylinders watches the car [Music] and Ted Christmas almost contact bling crisper that’s a white cross great shots from our pens all copter Kim high above the inner loop there you see them as they make that a sweeping right-hander that has turned number nine and they get come back to fourth gear for the short sprint of the turn 10 it’s a left-hander and Chris for a net third-place dog and we see another car smoking back [Music] [Applause] [Music] State Deon talking to his brother Roger Deon who is the crew chief and now Dave comes down and will try to pull the left foot fingered away a two-time winner this year at New Hampshire at holiday arc as he heads to you bill ever while you heard him calling in they’ll go to work on the left front crew on the wall signboard is out Dave beyond the points leader by two limping down pit road he has a very first pit stall all the way near turn one [Music] comes to a stop that go around to the left side we could see the sheet metal is been about the tire condition premiere you guys but they’ve got they put in fuel with the caution laps near on we may be able to go to distance upfront from here a lot of speculation about fuel mileage because of all the caution laps have already run in this great rise want to come in between 18 and 20 with a fuel window open some guy stopped in that early working on the left front car still on the jacks takes about a minute 20 seconds to get around here use a tool to pull the sheet metal away from the left front tire watching for the field here they come never make it he’s gonna hustle down pit row but he’ll never beat the leaders that’ll lose a lap right Davion there’s Bobby dragon the carniverous 7d on try the whole evolve he did [Music] that’s the question we’re gonna answer right now we don’t see any smoke so far that left front on Dion’s Ford at the Ford Thunderbird I really thought that made a mistake in not they still put the new tire on they tried to bend the tire defender away from the dark we could see right in the southern part [Music] tough day beyond all we told you there have been five different changes at the top of the poorest Anderson motion or comment in the last five weeks there are the points that are dated twenty nine Stefanik finished 37th [Music] there’s now in seven spot and Bradley is a huge body [Music] right now all the way to the lead as san tear was only 35 points behind the leader Dion coming incident easily take the boy lead black flagging 1 Karthik many the night charts title there [Music] quite by the boost north his pontiac grand prix now makes the hard right hander or come down pit road 35 miles an hour they read while dealing a pretty pretty good job trying to hold off Kelly Moore and Bobby dragon Kat Teasdale the front three cars that dragon is our leader there’s the where’s car coming Walt there is ad on dragon smoothly it’s you’re not falling but Deon he’ll tell you that he will tell us not a road racer he’s a short track specialist they’d be I’ve been doing this for many many years realizing right now that the championship could be at stake he’d beaten staying for that green car [Music] three years he’s been involved in a racing and here’s a car that stopped just right pass into the chicane the inner loop the car number 18 that is Russ Brown and that could cause a car spike the car is running and Russ is slowly moving okay he is moving I’m told under Bush North rooms ever seen knocks down the corner father Dragonfire NASCAR pushed rules or through at the interchange the interlude you miss the entry you have to stop stop normally they let the car slow down and go back to where they were stop so many therefore simply goes down the backstretch our camera right now teddy and you know he qualified third but had a problem at the start cow what was it Jake we went down there and talked to the guys in the pits they seem to think they’ve got a brake cleaner somewhere at the right front caliper or something has a small pinhole and goes and runs he has to constantly pump the brakes it’s pumping fluid out he’ll run hard all of a sudden they get hot he has no brakes so he’s just looking for a clear place to run so that he could try to save the things and they can get in here and tighten it up if to get a caution three laps to go these stars can when somewhere [Music] Thank You field so they get from lap 35 old deal-making French time and that’s their stock for the day but let’s go and there’s Dave Dion still still hanging on now the window for some cars was lap 18 and said if we get past 18 left we can pin it we may be able to make it here’s one car coming down pit road Martin Truex the clown seafood car and right in front of him is the third place car and this is probably stop certainly is a lot of guys thought the first guy in [Music] away in just eight seconds Benny about 42 laps the 55 cars also on pit road but we’re going underneath the car to examine that all right up in a strategy here we talked about jewel window they had to get past lap 18 years 55 cars ran late and then two extra physics car they race side by side back down toward the esses in turn one so already some people saying okay I’m gonna roll the dice here from lap 18 stop he can make it the rest of the way they stop in the concert back up front that means they’ve got to go 44 laps folks a hundred and ten miles and they make it wet Pontiac dealers grin free if Jamie Opie has come to rest in the gravel pit exiting turn one and that means full course caution for the third time today at Watkins Glen International and whom will that help you got to believe it this guy right here on the point leader Dave Dion gallantly right in front of our leader Bobby dragon and now we’ll get to make up that ladder [Applause] try to make it the rest of the way probably not they probably everyone have to stop and we see and dissent tear the stop what they what’s going on down there bill well he stopped and got his fuel Benny and now the pit port is out the stop so the field bunches up so he got in before the field all caught up to the leaders oh he’s being held at the end of pit road but he’s made his stop see a lot of people thought the window there’s a stop sign at the end of pit road a lot of people thought the window was lap 18 that’s when we saw some of the guys pit a moment ago you saw Kelly more pit on lap 18 now we’re at lap 22 so most of the guys could make it the rest of the way here that’s what it’s time to go ahead and come on the pit road the big question was what you posed many lap 16 is when de dion stop could they make everybody alright third caution flag today here and the field will line up behind the safety car and I’ll bet you will see some more pit stops momentarily we’ll come back and comfort comes in the corner we see as he goes down the corner loses control and watch this gravel stop this car boom is that great or what 94 is in please Dale Kyle Petty she came down pit road second stop Dan on her mark they’re cleaning the windshield changing right-side tires that give her a couple takes a big she’s screaming for something to drink inside this car but put two cans of gas in and she’ll be back out there whoever Robbie dragon right on the sign getting his duel a clean windshield first man is in now slowly and he stalls it grief buyers and rolls away it squeezes by the 87 that’s Paul Spencer he was trying to get by now that will stop him with the stop sign there and bill a moment ago and he sent tear pitted and they held him but they held him for a reason because pit road was closed he pitted you early I haven’t had a chance to check with the crew where this is a big mess down here at the end of pit road now the go sign is revealed in the field slowly rolls away but the 44 car Sentara pitted to early end of the longest line on the restart we’ll check with the crew and you can add to that into the longest line the corner of 59 Lou read the fire he also pitted early so a moment ago when pit road was supposedly closed along with sand tear so we’ll see those guys having to make a move back up through the field this is gonna really really shovel this deal up Wow interesting to see what’s going on as this race unfolds how it’s going to play out can’t kill him or make you can’t Bradley can they make it the rest away on the field why about 29 Dion and Teasdale the young lady in that 94 car how many cars can she fast as he tries to get back to the front boy she has been impressive and I was told that if she was impressive today she might have a shot she told me herself she might have a shot at driving it Whitakers car in the busch series of it next week at michigan would be her first Super Speedway starts he certainly has been impressed today on the road course there’s cats on board her name is Katherine they call her cat Teasdale she’s from Canada and she has been impressive here in the early laps of the Burnham boilers 150 back with more from Watkins Glen in just a moment stay doctor [Music] jocular position that in turn one [Music] there’s Tom carrion starting back in 38th position our split fire progress [Music] just kidding look at this weather but the old man is so far never seen a saboteur [Music] is it fun of the seven car now once again there’s teams down [Music] Davion is being shown in 11th position just got his lap back and now with that is all these pit stop he is almost back to the top 10 ever see beyond we’re talking about 20 car right in front of this room so far so simply first eardrum women there you go a couple of joeys Chitwood style 364 billion no caution and a lot of cars that they thought the car supplied would come out so they’d open the pit see the cars on pit road but there is no caution flag let’s show you again what happened to billiard this moment ago Billy pin fold card number 28 comes off the corner he gets a little bit too far just in the dirt tries to save it around and around and old Billy I mean he tried to give me a t-shirt yesterday I saw his kids and and about the leap ah the tic-tac car is making a charge [Music] anymore the 1995 Bush nor Series champion as we check in with Bill Weber Bradley back on pit road he’s got obvious right front quarter panel damage if China now far back in the field all right Kerry and more side-by-side Kerry the 42 more the 47th [Music] still can’t make it and that car that I saw coming out fit because he had to or some damage to the right front [Music] that’s our outside [Music] tip it over [Music] Kelly more xlvii tries to get my kid can’t quite make it [Music] the points leaders moved into sixth place [Music] well I great run up toward the front but these two guys carry and more he backs off otherwise he turns him around [Music] [Music] there are the speeds with a top ten at the line [Music] we slid the left-front going down the corner he’s got his car a little bit out of shape Mike if he does get getting more the opportunity to get by and now the 71 car trick belt tries to close in [Music] a step a magnet for spot they used a 22 car so you went over to Kelly Morris garage pits and walk away with a pocket watch [Music] okay [Music] and RIT Bell trying to get by great shot from liable with our pensall copter cam the sweeping right-hander at the very end of the backstretch they come back up the short chute to turn 10 it’s a left-hand turn got to move here trying to make a hole inside of Gary make that spot Jeff been trying to show you try it outside ever since sweep out to try to get position so I can outbreak probably get some assorted good [Music] car number 22 a berry there it’s Bell carry and berries Nell in the 71 and look at D on here named Dion is shortened position he was almost rich you going to be left with a caution came out now back in fifth spot he’s a scarf for second but can he make it the rest of the way that is all we got a correspondent [Music] and he’s faced no electric I know that’s not a very good spot to be in his camo blast machine Chevy Monte Carlos all right and and what about Andy centare who had to go to the end of the longest line now working his way back into the top 20 let’s check in in their pits with Bill Weber and with crew chief Dave McMaster obviously you’re in a hurry to get into pit road because you wanted to get out but it didn’t work out for you did it well we didn’t know where is that right that political time and I guess giving me options what was going on in him well we do that all next thing you know we’re coming down pit road so we just to make mistakes on all of that so hopefully we get back with Brian he was unaware pit road was closed yes sir morning rounds full course yellow now guys all right Dave McMaster of an aging builder and also the crew chief for that car right here Mandie centare that is the reason for the cause of life yeah she was not able to get that car started started and the pitiful Ackman up at that end he had the pits closed and that’s him the NASCAR Busch Series flagged him behind that pole and at the other end they’re holding a stop sign now they say he can go we check in once again with Bill Weber well we talked about how Dave Dion hit it because he had that tire damage in the sheet metal damage well the question is now can they make it on fuel and they’ve had about five or six guys over here punching numbers into the calculator they’re not giving away the answer right now but they’re really hopeful we’ll be able to make it or hope into those early caution flag laps and that these laps being able to go the distance but he’s got a long way to go you guys it’s like everything else bill looks like the woman’s doing the work down there well she’s the one knows how to operate the calculate exactly that was Roger de on Dave’s brother on top of the toolbox he’s a longtime crew chief for Dave Dion he’s been racing now for some 33 years this might be Teasdale’s first Busch north race but she learned quickly how to put that arm out to win and get that fresh air inside the car all right 29 laps complete working caution as we check in once again in the pits bill okay Roger what’s going on over here well we’re figuring the fuel mileage and the word is we can make it assuming we can take as much out of the solos we anticipate we can we know what the cell holds but it’s a little new to us how much you can get out of a fuel cell on a road course so if we can get as much as we think we can out of it we should be okay you got a lot of people working on it but looks like the lady’s doing all the figuring here you know she’s the only one with the brains you know and we know he loves Road course racing doesn’t it oh absolutely that one at time of his life okay all right well good luck okay so maybe the numbers are in and maybe Dave Dion can make it and turn racing bad luck into racing now you saw on her shirt she is the team manager that’s because as you heard watchers say she’s the one with the brain she was the one doing all the calculating in the pits and maybe if she figured right Dion can get a good top-five finish and continue as the point leader here in the back in the NASCAR Busch tour series tour if you’ve never been to Watkins Glen you owe it to yourself to come here and visit not only the racetrack for the surrounding area a little village of Watkins Glen the area of Geneva New York but you can’t rent our Pennzoil copter Kim to see the area because that’s our pins all copter cam alright let’s check back in the pits there has been some serious fuel calculation going on right Kyle the 71 car I’ve been down here talking to these guys they pitted on lap 22 they’re convinced they can go the rest away I’m gonna have to eat a little crow here because there’s was a gas cans that showed that we’re probably on to the of the jack stands here so obviously the jack stands work just as good as anything else these guys have a borrowed car they have a makeshift crew they brought their own toolbox from somebody’s garage and Benny they told me to tell you guys this is a car that doesn’t have any water within it it runs on this evidence cooling system whoever we have to do it this way this is Deanna Welch because she was gonna turn around if I came up to her so you did all your the team manager but they say you do it all including work on the car you are doing the calculator numbers earlier and what did they come out to say not to say that I make it so we’re gonna hope for the best David’s doing a nice job out there and you’ve told him there’s an eggshell under that accelerator right no it’s okay he’s doing great you’re not nervous about being on TV or you actually yes okay how about you nervous about the win in here well that would be wonderful but I think we’re just gonna go for a real good finish and get your points and go on to the next one one of those round tracks nice quarter-mile ovals that we love thanks Deanne good luck thank you she’s the team manager for the guys down here say she’s really one of the guys helps out and everything the team does and they have work the numbers again down here and they say Dave Dion can’t reach the finish and they’re not sure how many other guys have that ability Wow Wow and Benny that is not a barbecue grill on the right side of the helicopter to the camera Benny got except thought they might be smoking some burgers and that’s the camera that pod off the right side there’s and there’s George our cameraman wait wait a minute George there you go wave another right side of the Pennzoil helicopter and give us these beautiful shots and high above Watkins Glen what a crowd they told us up last year some of the media estimated at this weekend on Sunday for the bunch of Lynn had over 150,000 people you know what the record is here Benny the Guinness Book of Records from crowd at Watkins Glen 500,000 back in 1973 for rock concert some of your favorite roots Grateful Dead was here all the brothers as they come down and they will get the halfway this time by 31 of 62 laps complete and Kelly bar is our lead star robbers as they go down in position get the board trying to drive away what are it’s not [Music] crazy to tell this it’s called non-aqueous propylene glycol okay thank you just folks I know it ain’t water that’s [Music] up in four-spot why they Dion he’s getting pumped they say an X Games Dion is stoked he’s ready to run for that top five all-time winners take a look kill it more leads the list he hasn’t won in two years in Bush going competition but he s 15 wins overall Bobby Dragon 1 win this year at keep Raven who runs a pushing Budweiser Chevrolet down hey butch south regular to change fence and Jamie Ozzie a three-time national champion post the top five all-time winners [Music] the decision [Music] it’s a Hewitt’s Autobody machinery farm twice I get it revolved in a very precarious there they see the smoke puffing out things out to get to be fired puts it back in gear and pulls away for the car number 28 of Billy pin fold and yes also have some damage to the front of the car we rented the tires [Music] but it does hit third spot who says he’s not a road racer that gather round the around oval track racer from years ago did a pretty nice road racing past there and Dion in third position Barry back and forth the 56 bar being shown in fifth spot [Music] you see ten fish for that white car trying to dive to the inside of Bay [Music] [Music] [Music] he’s talking to Roger deonna’s brothers they said Turk the hood off as you bring [Music] also the 71 car we see the damage back to the left rear where he made contact with Dion or did beyond made contact with him I should say there’s the Evans cooling system Grande Pontiac Grand Prix of Rick Belle and what a tough break from belt a great run going in that machine so frustration so frustrating meanwhile let’s watch as he go in the corner this is a left-hander Dion dives down to the inside trying to get to make the guy think he’s there he does elint Dion locks up the brakes and just swerves right in the side of Bell boy Baylin was just an innocent victim within the car just abruptly turns white [Music] that’s the situation he goes down the corner tries to use the brakes harder than he has before and they locked up Wow tough tough break for a points leader they be on how about Ted Christopher’s view he was right behind him from his in-car camera less care kitchens [Music] man we check in the pits with Bill Weber bill well before the race we talked about Dave Dion and how he really doesn’t care much the road horse racing his goal was to get his points and get out of here well he’s not gonna get much of them now they’ve removed the hood it’ll be a modified the rest of this race they’ve cut away some of the front fenders sheet metal they’ve got bungee cords and tapes holding his car together so a very disappointing image a no target for the left-hander talking about the position of the pace car on the track so they can beat him out so he won’t lose any more track position but obviously very disappointing I believe that when he went back out and that looked like their pit strategy was going to work out that he got a little fired up that he thought he could have a really strong finish here on a road course looking for maybe his third win of the season but unfortunately that’s not gonna happen and he will take his points and then go on to one of those little oval tracks next time I can get by and that’s when all the trouble started as we see Bell being pulled out of the sand trap and we see him walking out of the track the firemen they’re walking along with them he is still in the car they will lower the hood on Rick bells Evans cooling system Pontiac under caution for the fifth time today coming out a lap thirty at Watkins Glen like a magnet and what’s happened is the rear bumper the rear fascia is off the car is torn up from the left side they bungee corded it they’ve taped it they taped the left side of the car everything else looks good the guy checked the cooling the seat whatever that word was you guys used instead of water to make sure he’s temperatures for by these tough workers fine basically they’re just going over the car checking at an interval sitting back up a tough break for Rick Bell you see again what happened to bail up in turn 10 that’s Deon once again is he slams on the brakes he just locks him up and swerves right in the side Bell and and Ted Christopher that 13 car the white car goes by says that’s the easiest two spots I’ve ever picked up in my life he’s not running in the second spot say that’s two I don’t have to be gravel off the pin of the car number say that’s a gravel it was inside the car when the car came will stop and they raised the hood they were able to shake some gravel out when they dropped it off dropped it out the jab hit it you say you’re set to go yeah you know we concentrated last practice yesterday on fuel mileage and we figured we’d short put these guys and see if we couldn’t get up front right now it looks like we’ll be all these yellows and stuff was set to go again you know feels real good so hopefully this will be our day you know the crews worked real hard and they really deserve this you know so we’re looking forward to it what’s your uncle Brad doing today oh he’s in this race isn’t he yes he is you know it looks like he started off well now he looks like he’s banged it up a little bit so hopefully they’ll patch it out and he’ll have a good run also okay that’s Larry Layton his uncle Brad is in the 55 car and I asked him are you sure you can make it to the end he goes yeah I’m almost positive almost positive and that that severe the driver change down there just a moment ago Jeff barring the 22 car I guess is so hot he got out and the fellows driving the 42 car Tom Carey has gotten in so Jeff berry out of the 22 car they had some ice packs on his back there’s a car number 22 being shown and was being shown in third position before and what about Ted Christopher Kyle Petty those guys say they can go the rest of the way on fuel there’s no worries they said they had a little bit of a brake problem with it we talked about earlier a little bit of a transmission problem but seriously he’s running good and it’s all fixed itself he’s not complaining about anything and the car number 29 new Dave Deon fans he stayed on the lead lap despite all that damage all repair that Roger and the crew did in the pits picking up backing up he’s in the top [Music] once again green flag waves back to competition here and we see the seventh or Bobby dragon just moved up to the fifth spot maker starter all the way back in the 30th [Music] [Music] Michelson in 61 car isn’t sick that’s it many that’s cast puppy they’ve been playing tuba [Music] for the leave he does not have potentially going on no remember what happened last time Kristopher looks in the insider turn 11 for more [Music] best carrot kitchens but merge the people arms [Music] first for watching so Ted Christopher Big Joe is our leader finished third here last month in the NASCAR fan I have applied a bit and coming up next at the conclusion of our race USDA whether that worker championship final round [Music] Oh got some pretty serious contact that’s Dale quarterly has come into contact but looks like the guardrail and come to rest to get some of those foam barriers up in turn 10th or so something obviously wrong with the seven car and Kyle Petty has caught up with Jeff berry who had to get out of his car just a moment ago but now you standing here with me but I walked up the report water oh he is checking your clothes are you okay first thing I’ve ever had to do in my racing career is get out of that car take in the car was but the clicking overheated when it overheated it would sell the car up and it slowed me up and thought I can’t believe how hot it was my foot they’ll do a good job for us almost embarrassed to get out but I mean I was gonna probably hurt myself or someone else if I stayed in there I had nothing left it’s a tough call to make but it’s a smart call he’s standing in here safe and sound now catties Dale has had some trouble come in the pits Sam looks like she may be changing a right front tire on the car number 94 if their great run for Katherine Teasdale ran up front early on they get pissed off that caught back in heavy traffic now she makes a pit stop and she shouldn’t lose a lap by coming on the pit road she is moving down pit road at 35 miles an hour 94 as we’re showing 23 cars still on the lead lap she would be the last car on the lead lap and she hexed the pits we see Dale cordially coming home but with some damage to the right front of his car and here doesn’t that come the leaders I remember coming up next the USGA Women’s Amateur champion firing rounds we get the golf come up conclusion we’re about 23 laps away and Bobby dragging the snow Korean song you start bitching the picture he’s telling is true that is a flat tire Kyle Petty they’ll quarterly come in here with I guess both sides flat this thing looks like he has been up against the guardrail somewhere I don’t know where Vinnie said he comes down pit road but this thing’s wiped out they’re just beating it back back out right now whoever flat left front for Bobby Dragan they’ll change both left-side tires you can see the left front is flat from where I’m standing so they change the left sides got it in contact a couple laps ago wanted to stay a pollutant they talked about it had to bring him in and they put on the left side tires and all head on back out but was running up at the front now he’s got the whole field and the whole track behind him well tough break for Bobby dragon who won the very first road race competition and how to devil quarterly damaged his car while we selling a moment ago up against the guardrail in the styrofoam up in turn 10 here’s where how it happened it’s almost like no he does that break because he stops it they’re going in turn ten for some reason the car goes straight the damage he’s gone back on the racetrack a modified Darlington stripe he got a watkins led stripe all the way on the white side of his car well Ted cursor is our leader first friends had to do it the hard way from the back to the pack [Music] we started third one man entering turn one and down his back [Music] so hard save it have something near the end so Brooklyn cars big group of cars coming into League [Music] the six car Brad Bennett that’s no pressure behind you got 15 carlin get a rhythm full-course yellow yellow [Music] they’re proved through team and spotter protect Christopher that is the sixth time we’ll have a full course caution and check Christopher will be able to slow down behind the safety car well gee miss and they playing golf this week I did today all right well let’s change the angle that’s what I call a spotter a full-service spotter not only tell you what cars to pass but what camera you’re on so you can wait let’s see if Benny can talk to Ted hey Ted Christopher this has been a Parsons up ESPN this has been a farce up ESPN you read me this is Benny Parsons do you read me Ted this is Benny Parsons you read me all right we’ll try later all right that is Ted Christopher 38 years of age and we are told that Ted may run for Rookie of the Year next year in the Busch South competition so now they’re on the air watching in the pits on television let’s go to Kyle now you guys are on TV they’ve been talking they’ve been talking to tan telling him everything that’s going on every camera angle and how he was on TV all of a sudden they switched to it and I don’t think they realized it was the back of their heads they’ve never seen the back of their hands before this is something new for them guys so they’re pretty excited down here to be up front all right just a reminder we’re going to go golf when they’re pretty soon after the conclusion of this Birnam bowlers 150 the USGA Women’s Amateur Championships final round coming your way back in Watkins Glen in a moment – only Burnham ballers 150 or in second tracks all the way from 21st spot to third campaigns are starting to 30 he is currently replay see what else they charged out of the corner [Music] my goal sit in the car 61 moment ago we heard about the possible small town on the 44 car Mandy Santander what about it go ever Jerry David Master the crew chief says they are golden and they are good to the finish and they’re still convinced they have to win this race and they thought so even when they had to restate talked about all these guys that have been moving up from 30th he was last on the racetrack and Eason this race is six remember he’s one of these guys and his liver and a ride down south next season but there does appear to be maybe some smoke coming from that car up the right rear so we’ll go back and check with them again but they said they’re fine the magnetar smoke oh the 76 car in 75 follow center that Center sender revenues sheetmetal there and they received the 2105 has blown down the I guess this is down the other backstretch committee sponsored by bully Hill he fires it up try to get back and that was a mistake and now a big plume of smoke out of Eric boudin Chevy Monte Carlo and one turn ahead of this moments ago here’s something else we had a little action with that’s my coast on the 61 car that stub Patton’s grandson he and the 10 car of Kimber ger get together and did he save it yes did not hit the guardrail but look at all the positions that he’s losing as the cars go by and just ahead of it this happened well there’s the 87 car around he goes Paul Spencer in the course of about 20 seconds we have all that action that’s Jimmy Spencer’s younger brother Paul so all simultaneously around this road course action happening in different part L train spotter talking to Ted Christopher car number 13 the lesser engines machine there’s Kelly tic-tac Pontiac Truax back in the 56 car March 2x [Music] eighty-six cars one by a dentist the nurse him we’re coming up next u.s. g8 Women’s Amateur Championship golf run a little bit over here a lot of caution flies on a cold horse yellows first back to this year but brighter engineers NASCAR Busch Series top [Music] the back bumper of Ted crisper Teasdale back on pit road again captain Teasdale the Canadian making her first start at Busch Nord competition she had been running in second spot for so long they have jacked up what looks to be a transmission problem yeah you thinkin the transmission that reject the other side of because that’s where the linkages but pasta they’re gonna have to outside is crispy fries for a second spot Truex Ken Baker and the Center star is Tracy Gordon alright we’re being told it is the rear in on Teasdale’s car we were in leaking on Carnival 94 [Music] 50 cars Reuben echo the car is slaw stage Tommy Tolle’s has lost an engine he can’t start this car to go ahead another cars got into the all these backing in the face and that’s right that’s a car number six a minute the Auto Palace sponsored machine he got on the oil and spun back into the fits and turn 11 and now we’ll have full course caution again because they opted out is they have to get the oil and have to get the safety crews out to turn 11 number seven and ever see Tommy Bo’s losing the engine as he goes in the corner he broke the block or something oil fluids gets on the racetrack he gets in the fluid around he goes now he’s putting fluid on the racetrack there’s other cars and that was the 25 car that we saw the damage went in ran in the back of the car Brad Bennett the six has been all four stars Tommy balls talking to the NASCAR Busch official tell them what happened to the car and there’s Jamie Hobie and the car number 25 in New England Pontiac dealers he is mired heavy into the gravel there he was in the gravel pit up and turn ten earlier now he’s in the gravel pit down in turn one this take Lord of Sandwich I think this is about a full 7 hour to get out of this end now they bring the cable over from the wrecker who will not pull it in the end of the sand and try to pull that car number 25 out Jamie Obi 44 years of age pummeling they got into overseas in game against Jacksonville they were handled pretty easily done in Jacksonville Florida Oh Brad Layton has some serious damage to the nose of his car co-ed sportswear and also 74 car Oh somebody’s done that must be the front of Jamie Obi’s car all the damage we saw Toby’s car that must be the front of obese car these yep following around there think he’s gonna let get black flag well they’re gonna come by we’ll see if possibly mr. horvath will black flagging Don Horvath and at the foot nor series flag but they are waving the caution flag as Traci Gordon in the 74 car he does not make a any entry to pit road and so far the NASCAR officials are not or sits atop the pit box here is scoring for her team as her husband goes by currently in second place and this team is very confident they might be able to get by the current race leader the 13 car pick up a win here by the way Benny I found these for Jerry so good I’m gonna have one of the guys run him up there real quick Benny said he got his whole lifetime supply of Tic Tacs yesterday so are you implying and I need tic tacs been denied no I see okay here’s Fred Bennett on pit road in the Auto Palace machine he’s one of the cars that got caught up in the oil coming out of turn 11 and he’s also overheating this team have some of that heavens to it systems that stuff that don’t boil well I think the hotdogs are ready because we’re starting to see some moisture from that little funnel and the argon a black flag guy told the car number 74 Tracy Gordon who was the leading Rookie of the Year contender [Music] I’ll check in with Kyle the six car that got in the oil up there backed into the tire barrier and couldn’t get it cranked if you finally got a crank and brought it back down pit road what they’ve done they’ve just bungee cord at the rear fascia on these faces cracklins from the metal and they just want to flap around back there they taped it back on bunch of corner tobacco [Music] back up there’s this epic wait aren’t your car show that just a moment won’t you talk about sure I got a mouthful tick-tock Silver Star isn’t the bush NASCAR Busch North officials may be displaying the black bike gorgeous gel and sent winner and get Jamie August running off the back of your car as if we have sand and gravel today you’re gonna see a little more action from the sand coming up next USGA woman’s it just leads you to believe because we did see only making contact with someone and I believe this is group of cars that he was running with this Brad Layton 74 car Tracy Gordon that would be an educated guess just a wild guess in other words from us here drivers signed in as Rookie of the Year contenders they take the best 10 finishes in Bush north competition in the south I think the best 15 finishes [Music] there are the rookie points we’ve got pretty healthy comfortable lead over Dennis tumors Tom Kerry lead Sherwood and Dale quarterly the current 1997 Bush North rookie point standings with six events left after today the importantly is driving the Ocean Spray car we saw them earlier I think he’s out of the race and our having some trouble but the one that driving the four car the old Shaw was driving fourth he’s now moved down south to drive for James Mitch in the finished construction number four as he wants the action in the pits let’s check in and sit in the sand tear pits with Bill Weber and Dave McMaster obviously you guys are very happy with how your car is running you’ve come through almost the entire field currently fifth I feel real good right now last lap there for this caution who is about two seconds faster and leader just getting catching up with them and be able to run with him that’s gonna be the next thing you know getting by him so it’s gonna be the real hard back now so we’re real happy right now we’re doing the job and you can explain that smoke we’re seeing off the right rear of the car well basically it’s it really when we get into a left-hander they are evidently we’ve got a tire that rubs just a little bit and that’s the only place that seems the ball though so it’s nothing it should put us out of the race by any means is he aware of it yes he is yeah and during a pit stop we looked everything over everything looks fine good luck yeah thank you very much okay in case you weren’t with us earlier they pitted when pit road was closed and had to go all the way to the rear of the field well he’s worked his way back up to fifth only got four more spots to go and he’s Sentara finished second here in 95 finished first year last year one of only two drivers that have more than one top-five finish in Busch North competition at Watkins Glen the other one Dale Shaw who’s already made to move down south san ter should follow him in 1998 coming up to green [Music] to beat 47 car turn one [Music] white burn off 100 to get the cartridge bar now boy Savion will go by Teasdale that car she would go by what a tough break for Kevin Ayers Christopher the leader and there is Kim Baker behind him that was Baker that got into contact or in return one in third spots Antares fourth you receive down in turn one Kim Baker goes down Kelly more doesn’t realize he’s any place in the world just slight contact on the right rear and around goes the tic-tac Pontiac all the way back to the rear out of the field watches [Music] here’s kit bag remove down down to the inside [Music] we’ll see another angle comes off the corner he goes I tell you Kim Baker is making his first bush north start in 1997 former SCC a Corvette challenge and EMSA world challenge driver to secrets for now dancing through the esses he is driving with him right now tear and forth six spot and of Lakeville Connecticut in the carnival are trying to get inside a Laker fulfill John Preston back in 70s Mike Olson is next oh we got a car going around the zero five car blend Rio and he was smoking a moment ago they got a wonder if he had a problem or just wanted that’s when Breo 26 years of age Chevrolet Monte Carlo and this will probably bring out another yet another caution flag if he’s not able to get this thing refined and it’s yours don’t see any sign of it refine the leader does go by it’s a signal 10 left to go for the NASCAR flight when you ever see it coming down in the corner I say you got a little help on this spin out you got a little bit of help some contact from I think it was Billy pin fold yeah 28 car about a Gandhi from behind and don’t see anybody behind Ted Christopher calls there’s no one back there for quite a ways closest competitor Kim Baker but now they’ll close up because we are being told full course yellow full course yellow coming up for the eighth time today number 52 we are just Teasdale the 94 cars having some kind of problem she does have his verse and the masks are official or the course workers asked her to please pull behind the guardrail she’d be out of the way and that we’ll be able to have more green flag racing or will quickly have green flag racing and the wreckers have been deployed we were told that Kat Teasdale a moment ago had a problem with fluid leaking from her rear end she was on pit road and had the car jacked up so now they’re trying the old five trying to get the record and give me a boost so I can get going again since come on give me a shove and now the records are there to give him a little of a boost and then get the car refire we’re talking about Glenn Brio former short track ace ran the Monadnock speedway in pro stocks and late models up in Keene New Hampshire for a number of years running the fold Bush North Series for 1997 his best finished 11th at Stafford Motor Speedway three weeks ago well under caution for the 8th time the eighth full course caution coming out on lap number 52 so we’ll come back with more hopefully the follows down so they went they go back about a couple hundred yards and put it in the inner loop and that gets the car slowed down probably 2030 miles per hour to get to that spot back there they used to go in just barreling in that’s where Tony Kendall banged up his legs chigamik death went in there so they wisely decided they would slow the cars down some before they get them I was turned now he’s turned nine used to be turned five entering that baby at about a hundred and seventy miles per hour before now the end of the inter loop that probably 150 60 miles per hour there’s our camera there’s a camera platform there’s where Chuck is there’s a wave to his Chuck up there at you know Baxter there is Chuck give us a big wave Chuck wheels back there to get into the Baxter it’s coming out of the inner loop oh yes and let’s take a look at Chuck shot there is the shot at the Chuck gives us coming out of the inter loops and that great action off Chuck Mills camera all right getting set for the restart eighth caution flag for 25 laps getting set for the restart Ted Christopher trying to hold on for Bush North career we lap 56 activists on the inside of it he moves our watch that movie [Music] [Music] got a four-car link leader even thing or now you’re moving away good job the audio pausing as it accelerated down this backstretch use sign Patti good line in the during 2007 Bobby dragon the back bumper Paul Spitzer that’s nightspot [Music] dragon once again London [Music] the smokestack as they raised on the turn run by Bobby dragon good luck by Paul Spencer edge [Music] Dennis the burners are what Shelburne Vermont just came flying in a turn one Wow baby our pizza that male side boy all the way down at turn one a second session away at night and here’s what happened as the rookie came into turn one on his inside once again that’s a boot guard Dennis to the doors and watch this he comes down it passes both guards and boom once it grow up off they’re all four tires off the ground and the cars going straight through the sand or slow down enough that when they got to the barrier they slowed down enough to be able to drive the car now from our pens all copter camp high overhead watch the right side of your screen d’amours on the inside boom while Spencer said Wow see the styrofoam in the backside of the kitty litter box here the gravel and sand pit there where they slow the cars down that that’s a safety barrier they put up the Watkins Glen and De Dion is down to the answer Gilligan into position never see the lead he has no a Ken Baker [Music] Red Lake being shown background [Music] four-carbon it’s no worse than [Music] mark chillax the third spot sponsored by blousy [Music] still under power they have a local waving caution up in the inner loop at no more force yellow as a lapse are clicking down I’m Brad Bennett trying to get the Auto Palace car tree fired as Christopher continues to lead the car number 10 of Kemp Baker by about five Horlicks position is Michaelson faces month [Music] that is sixth seventh and eighth you’re looking at there also Rubinek in sixth and seventh number six has not gotten fired as here come the leaders tech-49 [Music] they’re up in the inner loop Christopher Baker like the top five just go straight through the dirt no damage no doesn’t fear to me baby on back in our lemon spa you saw moment killing more has gotten by the 17th after being tagged on the restart note the field summary where your favorite dramas running but also the checkered flag way and you’ll be able to see results and hear interviews on rpm and of course on the we airline Birnam ballers 150 we’re going to go quickly out to golf for the final round of the Women’s Amateur Championship USGA golf coming up in less than you and the green flag is out of the start-finish line there’s a battle [Music] five Frio Frio is got some free it is small [Music] black bar the dark Nardi is a second place job [Music] it’s Breo and the caution flag is out and they won’t put out the caulk ship has a full-course yellow bitties you said that wrecker back there in a very precarious position across the racetrack trying to get the car number six tree fired and let me tell you this that under Bush NASTAR Bush nor through the race will not in they will have a green white and checker so if you we’re concerned about fuel mileage you make me a little more concerned because you’ll have to run a couple extra laps so caution on the racetrack for the ninth time coming out on lap number sixty feet wide and checkered and the concern might be now in the pits those that calculated our fuel mileage based on 62 total laps make it a little bit concerned it could be in problem Ted Christopher the leader stopped on lap 22 he was figured on fronted 40 laps felt like he could do that now he may have to run 41 or 42 what will that mean as far as does he have enough fuel to finish some of these cars no doubt we’ll run out of gasoline okay here’s how they’re running Christopher Baker Truex and tear and Layton the top five you see Olson Rubinek Preston Spence up had to give you a Fanta wave over here they’re cared for you ad on up to tenth spot now he’s the current point leader Kelly Moore back up to 11th you see there are just 17 cars here the body don’t worry on the lead lap warning Ted Christopher about what happened on the restart a moment ago between Kim Baker and Kelly Moore that in turn one as you see the field summary of the cars that are out of the race are running some 26 laps down let’s check in and the Christopher pit with Kyle Petty we’re talking to Ted March the crew chief for Ted Christopher you know they pitted on lap 20 there was a gamble they did the early put pit window let’s put him up front just like the strategy was supposed to play out I asked him I said can you guys go the rest of the way if they run a few extra laps and he said definitely maybe they’re a little bit concerned down here they’re not so sure they can’t go if they run much over 62 laps so they’ve all got their fingers crossed in the Northeast we saw a stub Fadden on the very first lap pull off the track well he’s been you know back home pit road a few times but I’m happy to note that step is now running in 25th spot only 11 laps down so two spots caught napping [Music] good at 62 the question is can Christopher hold them off and another question do they have enough fuel to go the rest of the way why play next I’m fine Baker SCCA compliment Ted Cristo that away bye-bye 12 to 15 car lengths there are the first three cars nose to tail [Music] say those tail is falling down and he knows I’m from behind come on baby [Music] 390 carpenters 9 to 1 compression well II just last yeah good job no pressure but the checkered flag you’ll come under the bridge and turn eleven and get the white flag and he did the dead white flag let’s do it I break it home though and he I’ve got a real well car going down the back friend or one inside [Music] there’s the car 71 slowing in the backstretch that’s Rick bell [Music] here comes the leader crisper on the final lap [Music] [Music] daddy milk gets out of the way so all the cars can go by as you can tell there’s waters all around the race that don’t have one spot of you this way to hold pressure night and folders based all the way around the racetrack [Music] good job agent spoon [Music] [Music] has picked up his second career NASCAR Busch grand national in the let’s go ga the results of here at Watkins Glen

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